Papi out of lineup

Obviously the news today has been all Manny all the time. But we just got word that David Ortiz has been removed from tonight’s lineup because of a stiff neck. There was no mention of this at any time in the last few days, so I’m not sure when it cropped up.

The Red Sox shifted around their entire lineup, which is already minus Kevin Youkilis and Jacoby Ellsbury.

Lugo — DH
Pedroia — 2B
Bay — LF
Lowell — 3B
Baldelli — CF
Drew — RF
Bailey — 1B
Green — SS
Kottaras — C

Wakefield SP


Hello????? Anyone home????? Is there a baseball team around here somewhere????? Tito is going to have to put on his spikes and go out and play himself.

Obviously Big Papi lost his connection. Hasn’t hit since Manny left. When notified of Manny’s suspension Papi turned his head to fast and said what the?

When I was in the Navy, I was subject to urine tests all the time. In fact, as a Chief Master at Arms on a ship, I was also responsible for collection and processing of urine samples (a very pleasant job). Part of our process was to ensure we knew when people were taking medication at the time of the test. If a Sailor was on medication which would be illegal without a prescription, it was disclosed at the time of the test, and documented with medical records. I don’t understand why MLB tests aren’t handled the same way. That process is designed to protect the players. After the fact explanations just don’t get it. Zazu was wide to accept his suspension and not make an issue of it. He might have faced the same stuff as Clemens. He’ll miss his 50 games, and that will be that. What an idiot!

OMG!! That’s the line up??? Well, run it up th eflag pole and see if it flys!! Lugo as DH?? Well I guess he cant commit any errors there!!

I wonder what Ians take on the Zazu situation is…

When I heard that Zazu had waived his right to appeal, I figured this had to be true.. I guess thats about as close to an admission as we’ll hear. One really scary thing about todays news is that the one person that seems to be 100% upfront and truthful about this is Jose Canseco.. WOW!!
Enough ZAZU speak… Time to play and WIN a game… That’s right WIN!!!!!
Let’s see just how scrappy (and that’s SCRAPPY with an S) this line up can be… I assume that They are holding Papi Youk and Jacoby out to make sure that they have theuir “A” game against the Rays tomorrow night and for the weekend.
Let’s hope it works!!!

Beat them like that drum they play at Progressive field.

Somehow I fail to understand how the departure of ZAZU can possibly determine how Ortiz hits the ball. Could it possibly be that Big Papi has seen his best days. It would be too bad but it has to be considered.

Say day for a lineup.
Lugo batting first — DO (designated out)
Everyone else is either exhausted, not hitting or new. Lots of pressure on those kids. Bailey has to have a cast iron stomach. I’d be stressed out of my mind in that position.
Wish the Sox well.

Come on Dave!! Positivity… Think Positive

Dave very positive. It’s sunny out and that means it’s going to rain. Dave always positive. Hmmm…Dave talking in third person…Dave didn’t get sleep last night because oldest daughter have bad stomach…Dave now very punchy. La, la, la.

Nice inning for Wake… Lets Go SAWX!!!! Give him the run support he needs!!!

Nice inning for Wake…Lets go Sox. Dave really punch Ellen. Sleep Dave need. Younger daughter cranky. Being parent hard.

NICE!!!!! A triple!!!! Good Job!!! Come on Pedey drive him in!

Good Man Pedey!!!! 1-0 Sox!

Lugo get hit? That not possible. Something wrong with the universe.

Come on Wake keep em down…
Sorry ’bout your daughter Dave.. Hope she feels better soon.

Thanks Ellen. That’s much appreciated. She will be fine and is feeling better. It worked out well. She was sick and exhausted and we had to get the carpets cleaned anyway so it was a good time for me to lose work time anyway.

You’re the best Ellen…now if I can stay awake so that I get back on normal sleep schedule. I thought that parents got good nights sleep when the kids get older — BEFORE they become teenagers. It was a LIE!

Dave look at it this way… If nothing else tonight s game will give you plenty of material from Lugo.. Like running in place at the top of the dugout steps!!

Nothing like a bad stomach to get the carpets cleaned!!!

Ellen — YOU READ MY MIND. How in the world did you read me mind like that. That’s classic.
You are right. It was one heck of a collision of problems. We’ve been sitting four dogs and we didnt realize how BAD the boys were. Well we called in the cleaners and got cleaned and my daughter gets a small stomach virus. Well…I don’t want to repeat this day!

I’m afraid the odds of you reapeating it are pretty high if you have other children.. Not this year but next year, or the year after, or the year after that!!lol

Nice DP turned by Lowell and Pedroia. Go Sox.

all i can say is wow….manny a juicer….whos next…..i mean its pretty easy to go around the league ans see whos production dropped off ….and the ones who are huge … actually surprises there isnt more pitchers involved….the thing is also that no matter what they test for there will always be a new one or some way to mask it….ask the olympic commission….when u are dealing with as much money as these guys make its very easy to succumb to the evil….its to bad that this is ruinin the best game on earth…how on earth can they compare todays plrs to ones of the past who put up REAL numbers….what a mess this crap has created….very sad…..judge

Hi All! It was great to be at Fenway last night – but a win would have been better! NO Papi?? Hmmm….

And dear Zazu….clomid??? Oh please!


its makes u wonder about players who were going nuts…then fall off…and start havin injuries because that stuff destoys as much as it helps….quick cure for longterm difficulties…but the money made during the juice era is immense…i guess they are all guilty till proven innocent now…anyways….go soooooooooooox

Hi all!!!
I’ve been super busy, but I took a look at the lineup for tonight and I gassed up my old truck and I am on my way to Fenway. Just now I am passing under the arch in St. Louis. Should be there soon.
If you see a skinny old dude wrestling Lugo for the lead-off spot, wave. it’s me!!!

nj timmy

Great throw Mike. Took Wake off the hook. Go Sox. Paul

Buenas noches, amigos! Arnie, very funny stuff. I actually laughed out loud, and I’m still at the office.
Lugo DHing… Who’da thought?

Carlos!! How have you been?
Hey, do you cheer for the Futbol team called the Chivas? All my staff here at the restaurant except my business partner(Mexicans all) love the Chivas. My partner says they are like the Yankees. They have tons of money and buy all the best players.

Bad news. A run on a PB. Wake has a pretty high pitch count already! Paul

Wakefield can’t seem to control the ball. Let’s not let the game get too far out of hand. Time to pull him.

I’ve been good Arnie, thanks! I’d say Chivas are much more like the Red Sox, because they are more into developing their own talent and buying or trading for only key star players. And like the Sox, they do have a ton of money and fans. The Yankee equivalent in Mexican futbol is a team called America… they have and spend the most money, are poorly runned, and are hated by more people than any other team in Mexico. Personally, I do like Chivas, but am a fan of Club de Futbol Monterrey.

Hi Carlos! HI ARNIE!!! How’ve you been???

Hi Ellen! Still untouched by the flu, thank God! So if Tito needs me to DH tomorrow, I’m ready!

Thanks Carlos. I know when the Chivas play America it is big news here. Thanks for clearing that up.

Hi Ellen. I’m very busy. How are you?

Arnie, I came up with a very tasty and very simple grilled chicken/pasta dish: marinate boneless skinless breasts in Lite ceasar dressing.. grill. boil water for pasta(bowites or penne) (when thats done, drain and set aside) put olive oil in a sautee pan.. a little chile pepper flake and 1 bag of pre washed spinach. As the spinach wilts, put a 2 teaspoons of minced garlic in, let finish sauteeing. set aside. dice up 1-2 chicken breasts. Put pasta back in empty pot, add spinach. chicken, about 3tbsp of the lite ceasar dressing and toss. Add about 1/2 cup of grated romano cheese toss again ….
Really tasty!

Nice grab Rocco!!!

Arnie I’m good, I’ll be sending you the check for the gift card by Saturday… I’m sure my brother will LOVE IT!!!

Get something started!!

Is that Eck with Orsillo???? He’s really making some moronic comments about this steroids stuff. He said he thought Boggs was doing it…….where did that come from? He’s way out of line. For a guy that was in the big leagues for a thousand years, he sure doesn’t know much. LOL! Talking about Sowers……. “How can you not get to a guy like this? He has nothing on his fastball.” Dude, you sound like me! I could be a color commentator. Apparently, anyone can.

Come on Red Sox! Let’s get some runs!!!

Come on Sox let this be OUR inning…


Walking Mikey to get to Rocco!! MAKE HIM SORRY!! MAKE HIM PAY!

Yaaaay JayBay!!

Telecasts aren’t nearly as fun without the Remdawg!


Hope all of you are doing well. Dave, I hope your daughter is feeling better.
Get well Rem-Dawg. We’re praying for you, and we’ve got our rally caps on for you! Stay strong.

Come on JD!!!! MAKE IT GOOD!!!

YESSSSSSS!!! Way to go, Rocco!!
Let’s go Red Sox!! (clap, clap, clap-clap-clap)

That is a strange-looking line-up. Nice job getting the run home, Rocco! Welcome back to the lineup!
Glad we got the lead back. I was just reading comments about starting out with the lead, and giving it back. So, guys, CAN WE PLEASE HOLD A LEAD???!! GO SOX!

Hey Greg!! How’s it going?

Hey Greg! Just in time! Nice to see ya.


Bases loaded AGAIN, NO OUTS! YES!



Way to go NICK NICK NICKY!!!

YEEAAHHH!!!! Awesome job Bailey!


Hey Arnie, Are you at the Fens yet??

Way to swing those bats guys. So nice to see. Go Sox.

Bad throw is good for J-go!!

Greg and Ellen thanks.
My daughter is feeling much better tonight. Now I gotta tell her school’s on again! (LOL)
I do have one more daughter Ellen but she gets different problems — two cavities at age 5. Dental bills!
Bad to see Lugo swinging the bat. That’s a bad…really bad sign. Can’t have Lugnuts up there. It’s too frightening. That is obvious!


I am not seeing any Lugo bashing tonight! I wonder why that is.

Wow. Way to rally guys, and we’re still bases loaded no out.

I see I’m still missing the excitement! 8-2, now 10-2! Good job guys! Way to avenge last night’s loss! Still no outs! GO SOX!

iam a psycho, oops I mean psychic!! I said this was our inning!! Trixies intuition!

By the way, Julia, after last night, we officially banished you from attending Red Sox games! We need your shamrock shoes to do their magic on-line!πŸ™‚ GO SOX!

Oh, and Judge, you don’t really want to know who will be next on the Roids Roll Call, do you?:/

We knew you were also psycho, Trixie! (Ellen, probably not, but TRIXIE…)πŸ˜‰

Hey Greg. Wondered where you were. The Sox are rocking tonight. What happened to the Bruins last night..

We knew you were also psycho, Trixie! (Ellen, probably not, but TRIXIE…)πŸ˜‰


It must be working tonight Greg!! I do out to run some errands – we are down 2-1 and now it is 10-2???????? Maybe I need to leave!! BAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe I need to leave again!!!

Hey Greg. Wondered where you were. The Sox are rocking tonight. What happened to the Bruins last night..

JASON BAY! And he does it without the juice!πŸ˜‰


Blammo! J-Bay goes deep.

…And all without PEDs too.

My daughter was just inducted into the Junior Honor Society, Paul! Slightly more important! (But I made it back!) GO SOX!

CONGRATS GREG!!! That is wonderful for your daughter!

Hey, 808sf, how are ya?
Uh, oh, all of a sudden they’re getting OUTS! This can’t be happening!πŸ˜‰

Hey Carlos, Arnie, Ellen, Dave! Is Garry there also?

Ok, does this break the Lugo jinx — does he get credit for starting an 12 run inning?

Dennis Eck…sounds a bit immature on public announcing. You don’t berate another team for a bad inning. It’s not right.

Okay – I’m leaving – it must be me!

Good stuff Greg. You bet it is more important. Congratulations.

With this kind of a favorable reversal of fortunes — we should bring Lopez in to close the game out!!!

Why not put in Lopez? It’s a blown game?

I’ll give him credit especially since he got a triple in the 1st!!!
I’m glad Wake is going to get the “W”!!!

Well, Papi is not in the lineup, and Lugo is, for better or for worse on both counts. But it’s 13-2 now, so the linup shuffle worked for tonight, at least!
Come on, DelCarmen! We still need you to be Dr. Feelgood! (And not Doogie Howser!)
Good job WAKE! Nice job, and a shorter outing this time–I think he has earned it! GO SOX!

A good effort by Wake tonight! The BP can`t possibly ruin this! Go Sox.

Wow 12-run rally. That’s got to be one of the biggest Sox rallies I’ve seen. What’s the biggest each of you remember?

Greg, That’s great about your daughter. Sounds like you and your wife are doing it right!!
Evening Julia!!!!

Greg congrads! I’m proud of that accomplishment! Awesome stuff.
Lopez should end the game and get Pedroia out of there. He NEEDS a night off!

Greg, Look at DelCarmen from a side view… looks like one of the old werewolf movies!! or teen wolf!!

We can put Loopy Lopez in, DGN, if we want to see if he is capable of closing out a game! Here goes nothing…

Also kind of weird to see a DH leading off!
Nice throw out of the runner! GO SOX!

Jbay! Nice throw… a bullet!!!

Okay – why did he try to streak that into a double? Love Bay’s arm!

Hi Ellen!!

You are absolutely right, Ellen, about DelCarmen. Michael J. Fox as Teen Wolf? Can Fox pitch?πŸ˜‰ GO SOX!
Nice inning, DelCarmen! And thanks for the help, Indians runners!

We’re just so used to seeing our DH hit for power, we forget he’s there just to replace the pitcher, Does that make sense??

Congratulations on your daughter’s accomplishment, Dave! Good to know the princess gets good grades.

He actually was safe guys. Bad call by the empire.

When the Indians beat the Yankees 22-4 earlier this year, they had a 14-run inning!

Not Dave, I meant Greg!! Sorry!

It was a bad call Dave.

I suspect he was safe, Dave. Eck’s take is true, though–kind of like not getting the borderline strike calls when you are not pitching well!–“He was out, simply because he should not have been running!” GO SOX!

Agree Julia. Was he the same empire that did the balls and strikes in NY?

The instant replay showed he was safe by a long shot. Bad umpire calls are a bad thing because it haunts you as a team. Bad umpires are bad umpires.

Well, that is the origin of the DH, Ellen, but that’s not what the DH is now. Whether it SHOULD be or not…

It does make you wonder Dave.

Okay – now Eck & Don are wondering if the Indians will have a positional player come in and pitch!

!Gracias, Carlos!

I remember Larry Barnett the umpire in 1975 that failed to call interference in game 3 against the Red Sox. He was the same idiot that called Cecil Cooper’s triple into a home run and when 2nd basemen…ah…I Denny Doyle but anyway he dropped the ball and still Barnett called him out. Earl Weaver should have been #$#$.

Was the ump calling balls and strikes in NY part of “The Good Empire”? Combatting the Evil Empire? Hmmm…

THE LEAD MIGHT NOT BE BIG ENOUGH!!! LOPEZ!!!!!!!!!!!! Grrrrrrrr…..

Well friends, I’ve got to go. Keep enjoying the game, hope to see you all tomorrow. We’ve got to sweep the Rays!! Get that monkey off our backs!

More details — Game 3 I refer to is Game 3 of the 1975 World Series that proved the start of the downslide. The other game I refer to was against the Baltimore Orioles in September when the Sox needed to win that game,

Thanks all, for the congratulations! She is working hard, and she’s earned it!

Night Carlos!

!Luego, Carlos!

Night Carlos!

12 runs in one inning!!!! I’m on the Mass Pike now. Maybe the Sox won’t need me. Dang!

Ellen, that is very similar to a dish I used too make for one of my dishers. Grill the chicken , slice it. Toss garlic, a little onion one chopped fresh tomato, one diced jalapeno into a saute pan with olive oil. Add fresh basil(lots) and some seasoned salt, add white vermouth and a little cream. Toss in the chicken and pasta. Add a bunch of Pecorino Romano. Fresh Italian parsley.

Why have we not traded Lopez yet????

Arnie – that sounds delicious! YUM!!!

I wish I knew, Julia! Phil Pangelotti is attempting to get Lugo and Lopez to patrol the other side of the border (Any success with that Phil?)–I’m not sure what Carlos thinks about that though!πŸ˜‰

Saito is not the best one around right now, but I’ll take him over Loopy!

Arnie, I’ll come eat! Where and when?πŸ™‚ Good Red Sox game fare, no? GO SOX!

Maybe there is some deserted Island that needs to be guarded Greg. We could send Lugo and Lopez there!

Come on guys – just get the last out!!

BAY!!!! YAY!!!! GO RED SOX!!!!!!!!!!

One more out, and this game is OVAH! Get it done!
Nice win, guys! 13-3, good payback for last night! Let’s do the same against Tampa! GO SOX!

I just arrived at Fenway. Looks like the game is over. But that’s OK because I got a job sweeping out the dugouts. For gas money. I’ll be back home in time for tomorrow’s dinner rush!

Nice to see a laugher for a change! Let`s hope this carries over to the series with Tampa! Back to Fenway! Go Sox.

Good to see Wake get the win. 4-1 record, when the rest of the starters are struggling. Great job, Wake!
Ellen I’d take you up on your recipe, also! When do I eat?πŸ˜‰
Arnie, have you made it to Fenway yet, or are you stuck at the Big Dig? Hmmm…
Julia, let’s find that island (Fantasy Island, maybe?), and we’ll get Loopy Lopez and Lugo LugNuts on patrol! Go get em, guys!

Glad I got to see some of the game, anyway! GO SOX!
Rays are leading the Yanks again, 6-4. Let’s see who wins!
Night all!

Greg, that’s a perfect story line for Dave. “Fantasy Island” with Lopez Montalban and Lugo Villachez . You’re a genius Greg.

Say hello to my little friend.

Maybe Lugnuts and Loopy can be used as guards at Guantamano. That assumes that the inmates will be transferred before the contracts of the Deadly Duo ends.

Julia, I’m no Arnie, but I came up with a simple grilled chicken/pasta/spinach dish!! NUMMMY

Glad I could help, Arnie!πŸ˜‰ Go Dave!
Mariano Rivera just got pulled in the 9th after surrendering 2 HR back-to-back (after Damon had just re-tied the game!) Mariano has got to be LOVING this New Yankee Stadium! Hmmm…

By the way, that 14-run inning I mentioned was a larger run total than ours, but it did not all come (as ours did) with no one out. This was their summary:
The Indians’ 14-run second inning against the Yankees, which took 38 minutes, set the Major League record for most runs in a second inning.
Batter Pitcher At-bat Result
Hafner Wang Single to 3B Scored (Choo)
Peralta Wang Single to LF Scored (Choo)
Choo Wang Homer to LF Scored (Choo)
Garko Wang Popout to C First out
Francisco Wang Double to LF Scored (Cabrera)
Cabrera Wang Single to CF Scored (DeRosa)
Sizemore Wang Double to RF Scored (DeRosa)
DeRosa Wang Double to RF Scored (Martinez)
Martinez Wang Single to RF Scored (Peralta)
Hafner Claggett Double to CF Scored (Peralta)
Peralta Claggett Double to CF Scored (Cabrera)
Choo Claggett Walk Scored (Cabrera)
Garko Claggett Single to CF Scored (Cabrera)
Francisco Claggett Strikeout Second out
Cabrera Claggett Homer to RF Scored (Cabrera)
Sizemore Claggett Homer to RF Scored (Sizemore)
DeRosa Claggett Strikeout Third out

Get that bum Lugo out of the lineup! Lugo must go. LOL

Well Lugo did start the 12 run rally, and had two hits in the inning — interesting though still no RBIs — but he hit well last night. And one could argue that Bay killed the rally by clearing the bases, LOL — were it not for the home run, we might have scored another 12 runs keeping the line moving.

One of my criticisms of Lugo has been that he never ever, even once, sparked the team, ever — I can’t say that anymore, he has now — once — that is a start.

I liked your impression of the Rain Man at the beginning of this blog. Ha Ha!!!! Garry, I can relate to your perpetual urine tests ….when I was in the USAF I worked around nuclear weapons for about half of my career. We were on a program called the Personnel Reliability Program (PRP) and we were not even allowed to take over the counter drugs without getting permission to include stuff like Advil or allergy medications. When we were prescribed medication we were not allowed to work around the nukes and they had to find some other duty for us until we were back off the meds. I agree, I can’t see why teams just don’t let the players know that if you are going to take something….check with us first. I am thinking most guys do and those are the guys you don’t hear about. Of course, if you know you aren’t supposed to be taking something, you certainly aren’t going to ask if it’s OK!!!!! Those are the guys who are saying they did not know it was illegal. Ignorance wasn’t an excuse in the USAF either…lots of guys got popped on the urine tests and booted out.

Lugo must go! That bum started the game with a triple.
Rocco made the diving Ellsbury like catch and Bailey’s leaping catch at first took extra bases away. Unreal. It is hard to believe that only Lowell and JD were w/o a hit. Tonight is the test to see how good the Sox are.


Your job sounded like a real pisser. LOL…

I didn’t watch the game last night but the bats were alive and well as I like too say. All those runs without Youkilis and Ellsbury. I’m guessing Youkilis and Ellsbury will be back tonight and ready to go.

Shields usually has a tough time at Fenway. I’m guessing tonight will be no different. I really like what I saw from Brad Penny in his last start. Throwing that fastball on both sides of the plate for strikes. I am hoping he can duplicate that outing tonight. This rotation is coming around, slowly but surely!

How much do the ball players in the minor league make annually on average? AAA, AA, A? — do they make decent livings compared to the norms of society — or better or worse? Do they have any negotiating of substance at all?

What incentive does a 28-30 year-old (for instance) who has not yet broken into the major league ranks have to stick with it? — just holding to his dream, or is it still a pretty good living all-in-all? I would think the minor league tours are pretty hard to take unless you really love playing baseball — without other incentives?

Yeah Craig, I’m very familiary with PRP. No room for BS in that arena. You screw up, and people die.

To be very honest, I’m very surprised at the Zazu revelation. He is not one of the people I ever suspected of doing PEDs. Neither his career pattern nor his body were indicative of that kind of thing. I think the best thing he could possibly do at this point would be to put the whole thing out on the table if he is telling the truth. He could do that by coming forward with the doctor who prescribed the medication to talk about the medical condition for which it was administered. Of course, since they found him with elevated testosterone levels, that condition could be very private, but revealing you have something like erectile dysfunction or some other thing caused by low testosterone is worth $7.6 million, 50 games, and your reputation, don’t you think? I’m not defending Zazu, but I’m thinking Boras has some accountability here too. First A-Rod, now this? You can’t convince me he didn’t know!!!!!

I never thought about Zazu, but the one guy I was always concerned about was David Ortiz. Here you have this guy who became a hulk and whose home run production went off the charts and since the real beginning of rigid testing, we have seen his production fall off significantly to where he can barely get around on an average fast ball now. That may be a grossly unfair concern for a genuine good guy, but it is something that has been in the back of my mind since he hit those 54 home runs. It’s really too bad that we as fans, because of the antics of A-Rod, Bonds, McGwire, Palmeiro and the rest of those clowns might question the integrity of guys like Ortiz, Thome, Pujols and even Ken Griffey Jr.

BoSoxBrian — if the Sox lose tonight — you better purchase your ticket to Boston — that is all you need — since you are a mo-changer apparently (until proven otherwise).

There is restaurant/bar called The Bleacher Bar — which opens up on center-field (grass-level). No ticket for the game required, its just a restaurant — so you can bring your TampaBay hex voodoo to Boston for the mere price of a Southwest plane ticket (fly into Providence RIπŸ™‚.

Of course, if they win, I am sure that most of us would prefer you stay home.

I did a quick web-search to my question of minor league salaries — found an answer — I assume this is fairly accurate:

$316,000 is the major league minimum salary ($300,000 in 2004). The minimum minor league salary for players who play on teams with 40 person rosters in their second year or who have played a day in the major league is $52,600 ($50,000 in 2004).

Major league players can negotiate to get salary hikes and can use the union to negotiate after three years of service. There are stipulations that allow a second year major league player to do this (see the contract below) You can see this information in the collective bargaining agreement
for major league baseball at

The Major League Baseball office handles minor league contracts. It states:

“First contract season: $850/month maximum. After that, open to negotiation

Alien Salary Rates: Different for aliens on visas–mandated by INS (Immigration).

Triple-A–First year: $2,150/month, after first year no less than $2,150/month

Class AA-First year: $1,500/month, after first year no less than $1,500/month

Class A (full season)–First year: $1,050/month, after first year no less than $1,050/month

Class A (short-season)–First year: $850/month, after first year no less than $850/month

Dominican & Venezuelan Summer Leagues–no lower than $300/month

Meal Money: $20 per day at all levels, while on the road”

It looks like minor league contracts are open for negotiation as are major league salaries so its impossible to really say how much more than the minimum salary caps can be earned. For example, a 4th year Class A player cannot be paid less than $850 a month but there is no
salary cap to determine what salary a club can pay that player. The only salary cap is for the first year of minor league service (see above).

To answer your question, it does not look like there is a specific formulary based on getting more years of service. The Major League Union is against salary caps and everything seems to be based on performance pay, negotiation and arbitartion.

Meal money “$20/day while on the road” — they sure can’t buy roids on that allowance — where are these guys eating? I assume they don’t have to pay for three meals a day?

Garry — I am sure we have all at least privately wondered about Ortiz for the same reason you stated — however Ortiz was still very hot (if not hotest of all) in 2004 and still in 2005 — when the testing was on and I assume rigourous. It was not until he published his book that his numbers started to drop off noticeably. I have always suspsected that his book upset his mental balance just enough to take him off his game — and I was afraid of this as soon as I heard of the book coming out, before his numbers dropped – but unfortunately (to my observations) his numbers have noticeably declined and/or leveled off at lower plateaus ever since his book. Translation — its all mental in his case.

mooooooooooooooooooaaaanin……well if u ask me the dodgers should have added a morales clause….i mean with zazus past history what moron wouldnt….i guess now we know why zazu took so long to sign….he figured he could juice in the offseason and be ready for S T …..eeeeeeeeehhh….wrong…..good enuff for them…i wonder if the sox maybe knew he was juicin and thats why they dint wanna sign his last 2 yrs….funny how clemens,pedro,manny, all got dummped unceremoniously,and nomah….and all have the same syptoms…body breakin down all of a suddenand production….hmmmm…..judge…..btw great game by the back ups….im not sure why rocco is with team but o well….id prefer on e of our homegrown boys from minors…i wonder if papis injury is steroid related….i hope not but he fits the stereotype…lord pls say it isnt so…im not accusin but it has me worried….tell me someone who is dominican with a storied career who isnt onthe juice list?……judge


85 and sunny in Florida, this just in…I am going nowhere! LOL…Perhaps Sunday night I’ll go…Garza is on the hill, we all know how that usually goes.

Shields struggles at Fenway…Lester on the hill tomm. afternoon, I think Lester is getting his act together. Garza against Beckett on Sunday night, edge to Garza.

What Ramirez did last year towards the end of his Red Sox career is worse in my opinion. He QUIT!!

The major league baseball minimum for 2009 is $400,000. Players during their first three years of major league service are entitled to this amount, but can be paid more if the team desires to do so. After three years of major league service, players become eligible for arbitration, which is when they can start making the big bucks. Teams can avoid abitration by making a long term deal like the Sox did with Pedroia and Youk, or a one year deal like they did with Papelbon. In Pap’s case, he has to go through the whole process again next year. If he has a great year, he can choose arbitration, or make another deal with the Sox for either long or short term. If he gets hurt, or stinks up the joint, the Sox don’t have to deal with him, but he can elect arbitration, in which case he would likely take a pay cut.

Minor league salaries are a little more complicated. Any player in his second year on the 40 man roster, or who has at least one day of major league service, receives a minimum of $65,000 a year. Below that, it gets pretty scary. The minimum salary is around $1100 a month. However, players can and do make more money depending upon how long they have been around, what level they are playing at, and what the big league team thinks of them.

I can tell you when I signed my contract in 1969, I received $500 a month. Oh yeah, and we only got paid for the months we played, and we didn’t get paid for spring training. In those days, we loved being on the road because we received $12.00 a day for meals. In 1969, you could eat like a king for $12.00. It was cool because we would get it in cash before we jumped on our rickety old bus to hit the road. I had escalators in my contract. When I moved to AA, my salary jumped to $750 a month and if I stayed there for 60 days, I recived a $2500 bonus. Never got that little tidbit.

I played with some guys that were in the minor leagues for years. Some of them made up to $2500 a month, which at the time was good money. You have to understand that there are two types of players in the minor leagues and the teams need both. There are prospects, and there are those who are not prospects. Those who are not prospects basically take up room on the roster to enable the prospects to play and develop. Non-prospects who continue to play minor league baseball are valuable because they can provide leadership and guidance to some of the younger players, so clubs are willing to pay them a little to hang around. Of course, every once in a while you hear about a guy who spent 10 years in the minor leagues who finally makes it to the top and enjoys some success, but not very often. Then there is always the non-prospect who was underestimated but who develops quickly and gets to the top. Those guys are a real bargain for teams.

Wow — thanks Garry — very enlightening. Sounds very much like the life of a musician or artist — you do what you love for a living, but on very meager compensation unless you make it big.

The meal compensation really surprised me — since ball players obviously need to take care on their diets. Are you really supposed to eat three meals a day on $20/day including tips? Most corporations have daily allowances $50/day — and more typically $65/day — though that is excessive unless your are trying to finance alcoholic drinks.

Since you would know — what kind of hotels do minor league ball players stay in? do you really have room-mates? room-mates in the major-league? That has to be tough if you are pitching the next day, trying to get a good night sleep and your room-mate is snoring a way?

Garry, Sorry, but I am not surprised that Zazu was using.. I am SHOCKED that he was using STILL after all the Arod stuff.. What a MORON.. I guess he really did believe himself to be untouchable. NOT!!
as far as the HCG (a FEMALE FERTILITY DRUG) I have never heard of it being a drug that is prescribed for E.D…. I think the “pesonal health issue” was that his bank account wasnt “HEALTHY” enough for his liking. Sad to think that most of us called Canseco a liar regarding his book. I dont like how he did it, but EVERYTHING he has said has been the truth. Last month he spoke to a group of teenagers and said he was 99 percent sure that ZAZU was on the list, and he pointed that out as a reason that he had trouble getting the HUGE contract he wanted this past offseason.
I think that his ego just got tooooooo big for his own good!!


The reason why Zazu had a hard time getting his big contract is how his tenure ended in Boston. He QUIT!! Why on earth would a team give him a long term contract after QUITTING on his team??? That is the reason and you don’t have too look any further than that. It has nothing to do with steroids/HGH/PED or any other name you want to call that illegal garbage alot of the players are taking now or have taken. I feel sorry for the legit players out there, there are many out there…We don’t know who they are and never will. It’s a shame, once again the fan getting SCREWED!!

I was surprised that Zazu was taken some illegal stuff. I have always thought he was legit, I am dead wrong on that assumption!

When it comes to Ortiz, I have no doubt in my mind. Nobody call tell me otherwise. If you don’t think he has, I have some ocean front property in Nebraska for sale! Nail me for writing that but it is my opinion. I know there will be some people on here that will say otherwise but if Ortiz was a Yankee, all Red Sox fans would be saying he has done something illegal.

If you look back, no one even offered him a one year deal other than LA.. I realize that the RedSox fiasco had alot to do with it, but other things figured into that equation… You tube Canseco about manny and listen to it.

I am of the same opinion Brian.. its sad to think…. and there will be more…

Hey Garry. Very interesting post about the minor leagues. I assume AA was as high as you went. We had a AAA franchise in Vancouver in the early 60’s. It was the feeder for the Baltimore Orioles at the time and I saw some good players move through to the major leagues including the great Brooks Robinson! I believe Vancouver currently has a AA franchise but I am not sure who the parent club is. Paul

Zazu and the Dodgers are in big trouble now…..once he comes off his 50 game suspension he will go on the DL because he will be about 3 months pregnant.

Just think about it…..Scott Boras and his buddies all capatalize off their clients putting up big numbers. Wouldn’t be surprised to hear that they are involved when this all comes out down the road. Certainly they would not discourage it but I would not doubt that they could have a hand in getting it to their players without a paper trail to follow. BTW…I have never had more respect for the guys who were hitting 50+ homeruns back in the day then I do now. Babe Ruth, Willie Mays, “The Mick”, Jimmie Foxx, Hank Greenberg….the whole lot of them. That’s just plain talent!!!!! Go Sox!!!!!!!!

Just think about it…..Scott Boras and his buddies all capatalize off their clients putting up big numbers. Wouldn’t be surprised to hear that they are involved when this all comes out down the road. Certainly they would not discourage it but I would not doubt that they could have a hand in getting it to their players without a paper trail to follow. BTW…I have never had more respect for the guys who were hitting 50+ homeruns back in the day then I do now. Babe Ruth, Willie Mays, “The Mick”, Jimmie Foxx, Hank Greenberg….the whole lot of them. That’s just plain talent!!!!! Go Sox!!!!!!!!


I think your 100 % correct! More reason to dislike Boras and other agents!

Aren’t we forgetting something here???
Dom Dimaggio died today. To me that’s a significant event. I read a book recently talking about the friendship between Ted Williams, Dom and Johnny Pesky. Apparently it continued their entire lives.
Obviously Dom was before my time and never got the publicity of his brother but he played on an all star team of greats and I think it would be nice if we note that. Sure Johnny Pesky is the one we know but Pesky and Dom were tight and I’m sure it’s been a hard day for Johnny. One line in the book I remember is Ted Williams saying “you’ll only get one good pitch.” That was Ted Williams. He was always straight to the point.
Therefore, I will start:
— To Dom Dimaggio — thanks for the Red Sox history you made!

Aren’t we forgetting something here???
Dom DiMaggio died today. To me that’s a significant event. I read a book recently talking about the friendship between Ted Williams, Dom and Johnny Pesky. Apparently it continued their entire lives.
Obviously Dom was before my time and never got the publicity of his brother but he played on an all star team of greats and I think it would be nice if we note that. Sure Johnny Pesky is the one we know but Pesky and Dom were tight and I’m sure it’s been a hard day for Johnny. One line in the book I remember is Ted Williams saying “you’ll only get one good pitch.” That was Ted Williams. He was always straight to the point.
Therefore, I will start:
— To Dom DiMaggio — thanks for the Red Sox history you made!

I wish I could have seen more of Dom DiMaggio, not only from his playing career, but afterward. I still remember as a younger teen, seeing Joltin Joe doing Mr. Coffee ads (kinda redefined “Joltin Joe” if you ask me!)πŸ˜‰ Rest in peace, Dom. You have fans throughout RSN, including many who didn’t get to see you play. God bless the DiMaggios.

You can find an article I wrote on Dom at:

Ellsbury is back but Youk remains out. And Ortiz is back in 3 hole (OMG). Lugo won’t go and is batting 9th.

Craig.. If that happens then it will be Manny being Mommy!!!!

I can’t help but think that Boras has had a VERY direct impact on the game, whether it be in the salary inflations, the motivations (direct and indirect) to use steroids (whether or not any more direct distribution link is ever found!), and the fact that all of this has ripped off fans, team owners and players, and even HOF voting (since many of the “older” players’ numbers don’t look so glamorous!).

I don’t think Brad Penny is a fan of Lugo’s — he cost him one game single-handedly without question (and our 11 game winning streak at the time), and then probably cost Penny his next start (a 2nd game) as well. He better not mess up defensively tonite — we really need to answer Tampa in this series.

Yet another RedSox Star to debut tonight in the heavens…
God Bless your soul Dominic DiMaggio. Thank YOU!!

Okay… who comes out of the line up tonight?? We know that Kottaras will come out for Tek and probably Baldelli out for Jacoby.. But does Lugo stay or go???

Almost game time:
GO SAWX!!!!!

Oh, Just a little note to the RedSox Gods…. Can you please put a little more oomph into Tek throwout move??? And kind of like trip up the Rays runners??? I’d really appreciate it.
Thank You,

Said this before — but apparently I feel I have to say it again (sorry about that) only way to beat the Rays is to out-pitch them (and noticeably so — not a tie or draw). Rays probably have the best offensive line-up in baseball, they definitely have the best 3-4 punch in baseball (without question) — an advantage we use to hold for years. So we have to cleanly out pitch them in order to take this series.

hey dgn, How are you tonight?? Weather good with you?

Gotta keep Crawford off th paths tonight. That is another KEY!!!

And the fun begins again! We need a great outing from Penny tonight! GO RED SOX!!!

Hi All! I’m at home – not Fenway – so I shouldn’t jinx us! lol!

That could have been ugly!!! Go Get em BATS!!!!!


Ellen, doing great, weather beautiful — but I am seriously thinking of chickening out and bailing and going to the new Star Trek movie — come back and see the recorded result of the game! I don’t think I can stand to watch another loss to the Rays — not a strong enough start to quell my jitters — we need to jump on Shields or we will looking to tomorrow once again with these guys — BoSoxBrian better start looking into his plane ticketπŸ™‚

Sorry, kill me for this if you must, but I find myself becoming ever more discouraged about Papi. he needs to be dropped from the 3 spot… 6,7,8 but we need some more pop in the 3 spot than he’s given.

The top part of the Rays order is tough, it will be alot tougher when Upton starts hitting. I agree with Dgneubert when he says the Rays have the best 3-4 combo in the game! Longoria is downright scary and Pena will make a mistake go 400 feet!

Youkilis must be hurting for certain, he is missing another game.

And NESN Plus isn’t working in my area – the Bruins are on regular NESN and I can’t see the game! UGH!!

Great – I have to get the memo out – NO BOUNCING THE BALL TO HOME PLATE!!!

Can we please take Penny out NOW!

Way to go Jeff Bailey! Now, WE HAVE TWO OUTS! GET HIM HOME! GO SOX!

Let’s go Tek!!!

And the Bruins are down 1-0

Hey, all, just in time to catch Bailey’s 3B! How’s everyone tonight?!

Not the way to score runs guys!

Come on Penny – NO RUNS!


Not gonna shoot you over Papi, Ellen! We should be concerned, if not worried!

Hey Julia! Are you still not able to watch the game? Got it on GameDay Audio?

On TV they are showing a bunch of get well cards that kids are sending to Jerry Remy.

Was that ball really fair? And oh joy – another run…

Yep, Manny being Mommy. I hope the fertility drug worked for Zazu, and he’ll be a proud Papa (Mama?) soon! Hmmm…

It is now on the non-HD NESN plus – there is some problem with the HD NESN Plus Greg.

Tis site doesnt update comments the way it used to…
Zazu’salready a big Mother!!! lol btw.. we’ve stopped the fines on the use of Zazus aka??

50 pitches for Penny. Not good, even with the bad break on the foul line.

OK, guys, damages limited. Good job, Brad. GO SOX!

LOL! Good one Greg!

Sorry to hear about Dom DiMaggio today.

Well said, Trixie!πŸ˜‰ GO SOX!

Yep, Papi is indeed a black hole in the order right now. He does need to be lower in the order. And OH JOY, LugNuts is up!

Great Lugo! Come on Guys! WE need runs!

And considering that Scott recently did the “tribute” to Dom, Julia! Has he reacted?

Good job, Jacoby! Get him IN! Come on, Dustin! GO SOX!

DRAT! Nice catch. GO SOX!

Yes he did Greg – he wrote a really long comment on the blog that I put up today about Dom’s passing. It was very nice. And Scott’s pink hat is on the way to him! lol!

Come on Big Papi! Patience!!

I’ll have to check it out, Julia. Thanks!

NO!!!! UGH!!!

Crawford’s triple was a foul ball.

Ortiz is hearing the boo birds!! A tough crowd in Boston.

Shields looking good.

Okay… what lineup would you like to see??
here’s mine:
1 Ellsbury
2 Pedroia
3 Youk
4 Bay
5 Lowell
6 Drew
7 Ortiz
8 Varitek
9 Green

How many Mothers Day cards so you think Zazu will get??

you’re welcome Greg. That post is called “Our Baseball Family has lost another Great One”


1-6 looks really good, 7 and 8 are automatic outs and maybe Green can get on here and there.

I cringe when Ortiz and Varitek come up!

Always a tough crowd in Boston and they will soon be calling for Tito’s “scalp” if he doesnt change the order soon

Let me ask this question: If it were anyone other than Papi in this slump, that high up in the order, do you think there would have been a change already? I do.

Maybe we should all send him one Ellen!

Ortiz is getting tough to watch Brian. It was event at the game Wednesday that something didn’t look like with him.

Can we get Penny out of the game please!!!


Here we go again.. I had a really bad day at the office. So i guess I’m very easily discouraged tonight… HELP SOMEONE CALL THE POWER POLICE… SOMEONE HAS STOLE ALL OF OURS!!! THIEF THIEF!!!!

Here we go again.. I had a really bad day at the office. So i guess I’m very easily discouraged tonight… HELP SOMEONE CALL THE POWER POLICE… SOMEONE HAS STOLEN ALL OF OURS!!! THIEF THIEF!!!!


I think the time is coming for Francona to move Ortiz out of the 3 hole and put little Papi in the 7 hole.

Penny did well against Tampa this past Sunday but not the case tonight. Then again no pitcher will ever win a game if his team doesn’t hit or score a run.

This might be a Saito night. Oh no. Pitch him when your way ahead ( last night ) or when the Sox are behind.

Get some runners on base!

Bay was ready for that pitch from Shields.

I sure do, Ellen. Tito has said that Papi is that high in the lineup due to his past clutch performances, in 04 and 07, among others. But it is due time to make the change, since it is hurting the lineup now!
I like your lineup as you’ve written it. I’ve wanted Lowell to be higher in the order, for one. I might switch Green and Tek.

CRAP! Bummer, Mike!

Base running 101

Again, just trying to do too much too soon.
We otherwise seem to be committing suicide on the installment plan–one run against per inning! HMMM!…

It still can be! Get him home, for starters! GO SOX!

True.. about Green and Tek.

“Lugo limbering up”. Isn’t THAT an oxymoron?

I have abother question.. actually its more of a plea to our beloved team..

What time is the game tomorrow? I’ll be out most of the afternoon.

A rare mistake by Lowell. T.B. looks like a team that is full of energy and came to play! T.B. took 3 of 4 from Boston and that has awaken them from the dead.

Penny is in trouble!

Boston did get some wood against Shields in the 4th–that is the only positive I can think of right now.

3:40 game tomorrow Greg. 8pm Sunday night.


There is little good right now in the game.

On NESN they just were showing pictures of Eck through the years. Pretty funny – the uniforms and his hair.

Start something now Obey Wan!!!!!!

That wasn’t exactly what I had in mind… this could be a LONG night and a LONGER weekend!!!

Bruins have tied the game 1-1

How nice – 2 Ks. Not a good night for us

Ah, that’s called Progress! A 5-pitch inning for Penny, and a Bruins tie game! Are they trying to say things are looking up? Hmmm…

I saw that, Julia! They have the NESN feed onπŸ™‚

It time to gets some runs boys! LETS GO RED SOX!!!!


Penny isn’t the problem for the Red Sox tonight.

The bats are dead! Too many automatic outs in this lineup tonight against good pitching. Ortiz, Varitek, Bailey ( I know he had a triple but he should be in A.A.A. ) Lugo–don’t have too go further–do I?? LOL….

Ortiz coming up here in the 6th, he walks to the plate with NO CONFIDENCE!!

No, the uniforms through the years were not gems, but at least they are not San Diego’s road uniforms–er, County Jail jump suits!

WAY TO GO!!!!!! Love that double pump!

Nice double clutch! WE got a break! LET’S CONVERT IT, SOX!

I agree Brian – Ortiz looks like a beaten man. He has no confidence

A BB is about the best we can hope for from Papi right now. He still reminds me of the guys we got when he came from Minnesota! NOT GOOD!

Papi is bringing out some REALLY fould language from me…. COME ON PAPI BREAK OUT…

A walk! WHOOO HOOOO! At least he’s one! lol!


GOOD! We got that BB! Get a HR now, J-Bay! GO SOX!

Ok, I am back from shopping for Mother’s Day cards — are we finally waking up?



I can’t believe he did it again — take back our home turf!


Eck can’t find enough good things to say about Bay!!!

I love Eck’s terminology! “Sloppy fastball”! That’s classic! Is that a technical term, Eck?

Bay with the H.R.–Sign him Theo! I am still baffled that Bay isn’t signed yet. Theo should have signed him long ago!

Great call Greg…What’s the lotto number tomm. night??? LOL…

And no roids!!!!

Yes, Mike could have been out, but turnabout is fair play! Nice running, MIKE! NICE 2B! 12-run inning, please! GO SOX!

GONE!!!! JDREW!!! 5-3

How many run this innings?? LOL!!! GO RED SOX!!!!


And still no one out…:)

I going out to buy some more Mother’s Day cards, LOL!!!

The 6th seems to be our inning of late!!

Shields looks like he is going to cry — I hope we are getting to him — more runs please.

I’m not sure, DGN, but I’m still confident the Sox will throw the kitchen sink and a jacuzzi to get him signed. Theo’s not THAT stupid!

Shields often looks that way, DGN. Hmmm…

Figures. We still need runs, guys! GO SOX!

WE can’t find enough good things to say about J-Bay!πŸ™‚ GO SOX!

Buy a Mother’s Day card for Zazu, DGN! I wonder if he’s named his baby? DAVE?…;)

Zazu Jr.

Yea, we will all be surprised if 5 runs is enough — next half inning we have to keep the lid on — that will help immensely if we can.

Get it DONE, Brad! Don’t screw it up! GO SOX!

Come on Sox… HOLD EM…

Greg – I loved how earlier tonight Don was trying to teach Eck to be “politically correct” in the broadcast booth. I don’t think there is a prayer of that.


Brother. Get the pitching change done, Tito!

GOOD, Julia! Eck NEVER struck me as Politically Correct!

Drew hit that one far and deep. Shields lost it in the 6th, he forgot how to pitch.

Penny should be on a very short leash in the 7th. Penny is in uncharted waters, he doesn’t have the stamina.

FNALLY!!! Gee Eck – I think you’re right – it’s a little late to be making the pitching change!

Late, yes. Let’s hope it is not costly. Get it done, Oki! GO SOX!

After the single, Penny should have been lifted.

Bullpen time, that’s a good thing for Boston. There bullpen has been dynaminte most of the season.

Oki walks the tightrope but usually gets out of it.

I would like too see Ramirez face Longoria. Boston’s best reliever against Tampa’s best hitter!

Come on, OKI!
Good job, Oki! One more! GO SOX!

I don’t like this Oki vs Longoria match-up.

OKIE!!! Great job!

Longoria was totally lost against Oki. I am glad I was dead wrong there! Amen!

One favor, Oki! Can you do that all year, please??!

Francona genious working again so far — if we are efficient here on out — we just have to get past Pena now — and not face Longoria again this game.

Nice job, Dustin! Get him home! GO SOX!

If Longoria comes up again, I would not mind Ramon facing him and Pena THEN!
You guys realize that after this series with the Rays, we don’t face them again until AUGUST?! WIN THE SERIES, SOX!

Maybe it’s just me, but I am thinking that Jason Bay would look pretty good in pinstripes. You guys better sign him because you know the Steinbrenners will be coming after him hard. By the way, I am seriously dismayed at the news of Dominic DiMaggio’s passing. I had recently done some research on Dom and I learned that he was more than just Joe’s brother. If he hadn’t gotten hurt, I truly believe that the Sox would have won the 1946 World Series, and there never would have been any talk of a curse in our lifetimes. It’s a sad day for all of baseball. Dom will be missed…for sure, but we lost more than just a former player today. We lost a legend. Goodbye and safe travels to the Little Professor. Okay, I’ll leave now and go back to Yankees blogs.

DRAT! Keep going, Sox! Come on, MIKE!

You’re right, Scott, we’ll be signing J-Bay soon enough!πŸ˜‰ Thanks for the note on Dom!


Get em home, guys! We need another run(s)! GO SOX!

DRAT! OK, guys, let’s hold the lead!

Bay would look really good in pinstripes but I’m guessing Bay wants to play for a winner. LOL….He’ll be signed eventually by the Red Sox but I think it should have already been done!

Keep it going, Oki! Get it done after him, Ramon! GO SOX!

Nice job, Jacoby! GO SOX!

Okay – not so good job now Okie!! COME ON GUYS!!! We have to hold them!!!

Come on, Ramon, SO or DP! GO SOX!

No team in baseball has the arms Boston has in there pen. Keep in mind Bard is still in A.A.A. and Masterson is in the rotation. Quite the pen Boston has. Ramirez has been dynamite!

Good job, got one! Do it again! Nice try on the DP. GO SOX!

YES!!!! Great job Ramon!!!!

Bruins down 2-1

Nice job, guys! Way to go, Ramon! GO SOX!

Our pen rocks Brian!

Up to Pap now — if he puts one man on — he has to face Longoria

That is 2 good starts in a row for Penny. I hope he can keep it up!

Bailey! We need hits guys!

Come on, guys! Get another run! Come on, Tek! GO SOX!

I hope he keeps it up also, Brian, he did a good job keeping us in the game.
LUGNUTS got a hit? Is the world still on its axis?!πŸ˜‰


good job jgo and jacoby!!

Come on, DUSTIN! GO SOX! Get another run!

Rant and Grant! Asks for hits and I got them! WHOO HOOO!!!

Nice job, Dustin! Great baserunning, Jacoby! GO SOX

Looks like we are going to bring in Pap now? probably will need him tomorrow and Sun? why not try to spare him tonight?

“We didn’t need that cooler anyway!” Hmmm!…


PAP!!!! A hit is not what we needed!!!

DREW!!! But a guy on third! ugh!

Screw the runner, Pap, just get the batters, please! GO SOX!


Great one Pap!

Let’s do it Pap!

WHOOOO HOOOOO!!! YAY RED SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tito is now tied for the 3rd most wins by a Red Sox manager!

Way to finish the game Pap! Great win, Sox! Keep it going this series! GO SOX!

I’ll be out most of tomorrow afternoon, so I am hoping to catch at least the second half of the game! GO SOX!

Hey Greg. I just checked in. Can you give me a heads-up about the game? Paul

Hey Greg. Just checked in. Can you give me a heads-up about the game? Thanks. Paul

Not sure why I got two posts?

Hey Greg. I guess you have bailed out!

Nite all!! see you tomorrow!! Great ending to what could have been hugely UGLY!!

So.. were tied with Toronto but we are +.012 up in pctg pts.. Can we keep moving ahead?? I SAY YES!

Hey, Paul. Yes, I had missed your post later on–I had checked out. Sorry–maybe you’ll catch this! (Or perhaps you’ve read the comments or seen the archived game–in which case, this will be redundant! Oh, well!…)
The game summary is short and sweet–3-R HR by Bay, 2-R HR by Drew, all (again) in the 6th, and all (again), with no one out! Is there a pattern there? Hmmm…;)
Penny was good, and settled down after getting one run per inning against him in 3 innings. Maybe this will be his start to settling in to the rotation (but we can hope!…)
Take care, Paul. GO SOX!

As I mentioned yesterday, I’ll be out most of the afternoon, but I hope to catch at least the second half of the game. Hope to see y’all then! GO SOX!

Good morning Greg. I did get all the details later. Bay is on a hot streak. People in our area are really happy for him. Another workman-like effort from Penny. Looking for another strong performance against Tampa today. Have a good day. GO SOX.

FYI, posts by SCOFID on Bombers Beat=ZERO.

Sox Inventory Questions?

Bucholtz doing really well in minor league, Dice-K coming back, Penny stabilizing (though he looks like a Yankee, not the the most endearing personalityπŸ™‚, Smoltz about a month a way — what are the Sox going to do? Move Masterson back to the pen? then what, who goes? Lopez? where is Smoltz’s spot? do we keep Bucholtz in the minor league all season, or then just sit in injury reserve until Sept? Do we have an overstock in pitching? how long can you keep Penny, Bucholtz, Smoltz on hold of one spot? and if you move Smoltz into the pen, isn’t that a bit overcrowded as well? how do keep all these guys sharp?

Kotsay coming back? bad news for Bailey, Van Every, Carter? I do like Kotsay, but I sure like to see the longer time minor leauger’s to get their chance.

I suppose its a good problem to have — but the tactical down-side is keeping all this talent sharp and tuned and ready to go with their A-game, is it not?

Those are great problems to have. I think as the season goes along, you will see all those guys fill crucial roles as injuries take a toll on the regulars.

Why is it that Yankee fans seem to covet Sox players so much??? What’s wrong with those people(Bob excepted) that they can’t be happy with what they’ve got? Why can’t the Yankees develop their own players? God, it must be horrible to be a Yankee fan. I pity the fools! Not you, Bob.

Eck Reference Card (I think)?

(1) Cheese — good pitch fast ball – if the batter misses
(2) Cheese — bad pitch — if the batter hits it (but not for a HR)
(3) Cookie — any pitch that should be a hit out of the park
(4) Paint — any pitch on the corner
(5) Jack, yard, brick — home run
(6) Johnson — minimum 3 run home run (???)

Additions welcomeπŸ™‚

Wish Remy well and the best, I have enjoyed listening to Eck add the color commentary — he is so bias and blunt and as yet unschooled in broadcasting — its down-right entertaining. I enjoy the way he says I would have done this or that, I want my reliever’s coming in with no men on — its sometimes obvious, but its the way its said, without any air of superiority or criticism (like certain Fox broadcasters), just the way he sees it — and his vocabulary (ala the above, is entertaining alone).

I still think the best color commentary I have ever heard for a baseball game was the few games that Buck Martinez did for the Rays in Tampa, I don’t know how one could do a better job than he did — tops in my book.

Thanks for excluding me! Most Yankee fans have no patience whatsoever, just like our owner. When a prospect is brought up he must produce in very short order. No chance for a guy like Pedroia to develope at the major league level.

I have no idea who SCOFID is, but I’ve never seen a post on Bombers Beat using that ID!!!


GO SAWX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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