Another day, another injury

Continuing the theme of the week, J.D. Drew is out of today’s game with a sore legs, which include a barking quad. In actuality, he might not have played today anyway, as Kazmir is pitching for the Rays. But given Drew’s game-winning homer last night, it might have been nice to see if he could take that momentum into today.

Kevin Youkilis is also out of the mix for the fifth straight game, and likely won’t play again until the start of the West Coast trip on Tuesday. “We’ll try to use the day off to our advantage,” said Red Sox manager Terry Francona.

And in a display of the selflessness that has come to mark this team, Youkilis said this morning that he’d have no problem with Jason Bay continuing to stay in the cleanup spot, even when Kevin is back in the lineup.

“He can hit there,” Youkilis said. “If he’s going to hit the way he is, he can stay there. I’ll hit anywhere in the lineup except for leadoff. I don’t mind. I’ll hit sixth, I don’t mind. I’ve hit there before.”


Well if we can take this series, while missing some key personnel, that is a strong statement and confidence builder.

Hey! Folks!

Love to see the Sox in first, even if its only by percentage points. After this weekend, they will have played 15 of the 36 games scheduled vs. the Rays and the Yanks this year. Meanwhile, the Blue Jays have played a grand total of none of the 54 games they have scheduled vs. the Sox, the Yanks and the Rays. Now you tell me who is in the driver’s seat?

Ah, JD. Another day, another injury! There are others who can take his place. Yeah, the Jays are playing so well but it is only a matter of time before they stumble (I hope). All teams go through their slumps. Just have to play throught them. The game of the week today. Lester and Kazmir. Great match-up! GO SOX.

GO SAWX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Come on Jon Lester!!! YOU CAN DO THIS baby!!!

Never a dull moment in RedSox Nation… Bartlett needs brake lights on his a*s*s*

Rare non-hustle by Lowell — he could have beat that out even in his condition – if had just run it out straight — cost us a run at least.


My husband even picked up on the Mike Loweel “run” to 1st…

come on Tek-er!!

Text book!!! JOB WELL DONE!!!

Come on RatBoy!!

Poor base running by Bailey!

news flash…nancy has pulled a muscle in her ******…more news on this injury in the coming days…judge

ok how bout womb?….not quite what i typed but close lol

big bad jon..

That seems to be the only way to keep Crawford from stealing… (minus the 1st inning)… Strike him out!!

Excellent inning for Lester… Now if we can stop the LOB’s we can be in great shape… As it has been lately, alot of the UN-usual suspects getting it done!!

He get’s closer and closer each time…

What a quick inning! Both pitchers doing their thing!

Looks like some one lit a fire under Lester!!! LOOKIN” GOOD!

Lester has found his groove! Youk would have had that base runner. Bailey threw from a poor angle. Go Sox.

I spoke too soon regarding Lester.. Fire went out. LIGHT IT AGAIN!! GET EM OUT…..

Things are starting to come apart here! Lugo had a chance to keep that ball in the infield.

Rays are definitely in Lester’s head — he doesn’t pitch well to them since they started beating him last year.

Looks like we are going to need another Mother’s Day miracle tomorrow — its going to be tough taking another series lots to these guys — sure hope things are different in August.

Looked like there were 2 plays Lugo could more or less easily have made…instead of the mess this inning has become, it could have been 2 outs & no runs

Lugo just isn’t fit enough in the outfield to play effective short stop…

I’m not sure what Francona is waiting for. Lester should have been pulled long ago.

Our starting pitchers seem to be only able to make it through the 5th inning! That is all she wrote for Lester!

Well,,,, All I can say is…UH, I dont know what to say.. Come on Hunter???
I know… we still have the 6th inning to come…. lol

Julia, Are you at Fenway again??

What the hell is going on on the left side of the infield?? It cant be all Lowell….

Funny, is she is — she definitely can’t go anymore !!!

I’m going to feed my bluejays and doves… I cant watch this right now…

This game is over — our only hope is that Madden will pull Kazmir unexplainably as he did in the ALCS🙂

Nice dance Lugo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What the hell does McCarver know>>> He keeps saying how we were Uncomfortable with Jason Bay because he want Zazu… I was comfortable with him from his 1st AB!! Screw you Timmy McCarver.

chip..chip… little baby steps..

Varitek is cold as ice again — that was ball 4 by a mile.

We could have climbed back into this game — now its going to be really tough, we have wait on the 6th again —- the only good thing in Varitek swinging at ball 4 for an out is that Lugo will start off the 6th inning now — he started the 12 run 6th against the Indians🙂

Not many posts today! Tampa Bay wishes that they could play Boston all the time. I am out of here> Paul

Red Sox got there lunch handed to them by the Rays today. After tomm. night the Sox don’t play T.B. for a while, that is a good thing. LOL..

Longoira feasts on Boston pitching, the Red Sox have no clue on how to get Longoria out. He is wearing them out.

I wonder if all the innings Lester pitched last year is effecting him this year. Of course 25 years ago that wouldn’t even enter my mind.

Anytime Saito is on the hill means nothing but bad news for Boston. This guy has nothing on his ball.

Will T.B. end up with 20 hits????

Is Van Every warming up??? LOL…..

Can Theo sign Carlton Fisk for the remainder of the season??? He can’t do any worse than Varitek at the plate. 2 automatic outs in the Sox lineup—Varitek and Ortiz.

Great catch by Ellsbury.

Hi All – gee what did I miss??? Ugh!!

LUGO???? A home run???

You GO JGO!!!!! Lugo now has 1 more HR than Papi!!! If that’s not incentive I don’t know what is!!!!

Oh there you are… I asked if you were at Fenway again!! lol

Nope – I’m home! I can’t take the blame for this one!

Is Pedey auditioning for the lead in a remake of the Werewolf of London???

Well.. It hasnt been pretty as you can verrry well see!!
is here things are very likely to change!!!
Come on Julia.. give me one…….
GO GET EM RED SAWX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just tuned in the game. I’m glad I didn’t suffer through it. That Longoria is truly a good ballplayer. I don’t know how long he is signed for, but at the end of his contract, barring any injuries- the Sox should really make a play for him. By that time we will need a replacement foe Mikey and he would really fit the bill. The Yanks would probably stiil have their multi-millionaire Rodriguez so they proabably won’t be vying for him.
The yanks will probably focus on their farm team- the KC Royals — and look to pick up their phenom, Greinke.
Tito should prabably pull some of his walking wounded e.g., Ells and Mikey. He should salso bring in Loopy as it doesn’t matter anymore.




Yeah the walking wounded just got a base hit… Nice optimistic attitude there Phil!!!!

Just great! COME ON GUYS!!!

…and see Phil you got your wish!!! Senor EZ is now in the house! Becareful what you wish for……
Maybe he’ll prove you negative attitude WRONG!!!

Ellen- I’m not citicizing Mikey- I just think the Sox shouldn’t risk him getting hurt as it looks like the game is a bit out of reach and it might not be worth that risk.

BAY!! I love you man but UGH!!!! The Green Monster is playing a role in the game today.

No worries… Its a bad day

Oh good – we’re only down by 9……

That ball was off of JBAYS GLOVE>>>>> wow.. the DevilRays spirits are among us!!!

any way we can get another 6th inning….??

Well in some binary language 6 has to be coming up so YES!!! We can have a “6th inning”LOL!

GO RED SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The only way to answer this game is to break Garza’s psych tomorrow and show him that we can beat him — though I have serious doubts we (Josh) can do that right now (i.e. tomorrow). The Rays are looking at us the way we use to look at them — as an easy series win — hmmmm — any lessons there?

I don’t think the players think that yet, sure hope they don’t — but so far this year, we really haven’t played well (through an entire series) when we played them, so hopefully by August, that will change and we shall see.

I have said it before (sorry to bore you all again) but I really think the Rays have the best offense in the MLB, and certainly the best 3-4 punch in baseball — so the only way to knock them off is to out-pitch them — and with our big horses not pitching well yet — we haven’t been able to do that, and will continue to lose to them until we finally out-pitch them — which we should be able to do — even as good as their pitching is.

The Rays really played poorly in the WS last year — I don’t understand how they let Philly beat them so easily. Its sort of like they only care about beating the Sox and the Yanks.

His foot was OFF THE BAG!

Thank you oh Fox announcers for telling us OVER AND OVER AND OVER again how badly Big Papi is playing!

I know that the Rays are good.. but why are they only good against us.. but have much trouble be the same level of good against anyone else… ??????????? Please break that down for me.

His foot was off the bag.

dg – I think having to go 7 games against the Red Sox in the playoffs knocked the wind out of the Rays and that is why they couldn’t win the WS.

…and I’m sorry to bore y’all, but I have asked that question several times here and have gotten no response to it.

if you look at the Rays season so far the only series that they have won are the Boston and NY series… explain that!!!!!

see.. I’m still getting no response………..

I think they feel they have something to “prove” by beating NY & Boston. They get pumped up for these games

Well – at least the pain is over until tomorrow….ugh!

Okay – now I need to go and get a large “beverage” to drink! lol!!

I am going to go and get a MGD 64.. Very Nice Idea Julia…
The adult code for those with me is an adult LIBATION!!!

I just wrote, what I thought was a great post, and this site just lost it..
Let me try again…
I think we need to rally around the guys BIG tomorrow!!!
I also think that its time (really really time) for Big Papi to be moved lower in the order. He has to realize, if not in his head, then in his heart, that he’s not doing the team any good being there in the 3rd spot. If Tito is not going to make the move, then I really think that Papi should be “BIG” enough to give one up for the team and ask to be moved down. Its not unheard of, I’m sure.
It might be a temporary thing, and that would be JUST GREAT AND WONDERFUL with me!!! If it happens that its not temporary then, well, I’m sorry but maybe its time to let someone take their shot at being the “big” guy
in the order. Everything happens for a reason, I believe.. “To everything, there is a reason, to everything, there is a season….” Its getting to be not “too early” to react to decrease in power. I know that this maybe an unpopular opinion with some, and maybe Papi will read this… With all that he has done for the RedSox, I feel a good amount of disloyalty writing this but…….

JD injured? Who knew? Hmmm…
I see I picked a good game to miss. Looks like another episode of “Home Run Derby”. SNARL! Figures.

I agree completely with Ellen’s last comment about Papi moving down in the order–and doing it himself, if need be. I also would hope it would be temporary, BUT, if it isn’t,so be it. It’s time, Tito. GO SOX!

Regardless of what does happen tomorrow, it will be the last time we face the Rays, for better or for worse, until August. GO SOX!

Well, at least the Yanks were getting spanked also! Hmmm…

Good Morning to all!! Happy Mothers Day Julia and to all of the you guys, I wish that your moms have a great day!!!! Today is kind of rough for me. The 1st Mothers Day with out my best friend, My MOM!! Anyway…
We have Beckett going today… We need for it to be “SUPER JOSH”… not Clark Kent Josh…. I truly hope that Tito will move Papi but I have my sincere doubts. Garza is tough, but we can handle it!!! (i hope, she says meekly, lol).
My dog (Boe) and my cat (roofus) have been busy, they went to the store and each got me a card and flowers. I have amazing animals, huh??? Well. I’ll be back later this afternoon.. have a good day, y’all!

Happy Mother’s Day to everyone’s mothers, and esp. to Ellen and Julia. Ellen, I hope this first Mother’s Day without your mother still leaves you with happy memories.
I again will be off the blog, except during commercial breaks, as the game is on ESPN. I’ll check back during most of the commercials. Take care, all.

Red Sox suffer yet another loss — THANKS LUGO!!!! Terry Francona even went so far to say that it was Lugo that was a largely responsible for that bloody inning.
Anyway after we lose today we can say goodbye to the Rays till August and HAVE a day off before we face LA and we know how much the LA fans love us.
Whew…Lugo once again proves to me that it’s so easy to blame somebody for your problems but the fact is that the Sox collapse with the Rays. Lugo should be DH instead of in the field. He’s a walking error factory but I admire him for admitting a mistake that the entire Fenway crowd, the network AND Terry Francona wanted to kill him for — ya real courage.
I think I’m gonna post the classic Lugo doll satire on the blog today.
Check it out.

Dave, I’m with you about getting Lugo out of the field, but DHing doesn’t excite me, either, for him (esp. in the leadoff spot!)! Anyway, Loopy and LugNuts do Abbott and Costello, “Who’s on First?”–and LugNuts is the Shortstop? ACK! Well, at least Tomorrrow’s pitching, so we can keep postponing Loopy’s adventures on the mound!😉 GO SOX!

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