Big Papi on Manny, himself, his wrist

David Ortiz talked about all kinds of things today. Most interesting were his thoughts on Manny Ramirez. For the first time, Papi spoke at length about his Manny’s suspension, even calling out his friend for not speaking yet to the public on what happened.

Interestingly, Ortiz is very upbeat these days about his own struggles, feeling it is just a matter of time before he becomes a dangerous threat again. And in a display of just how popular Ortiz is, he said he got 50 to 70 text messages from around the league Sunday night after ESPN showed him looking very despondent in the dugout after an out.

And during the game, a 4-3 victory by the Sox Tuesday night, Ortiz was belted on the left wrist. Wouldn’t you know it was the exact same spot where the injury occurred last year? Big relief for the Red Sox, as Ortiz said by the end of the night he was fine and he expected to play Wednesday.


I was not able to stay up and watch the whole game (can’t do that and teach!!) so I need to say – GO TEK!!!!!! YES!!! Another Hat Trick for the Boston teams last night! I’m glad that Big Papi is okay after getting hit. And we have Wake going tonight! GO RED SOX!!!


Do you sleep??? You watched the game last night and you posted around 6:00 a.m.—I am impressed. LOL….

I didn’t see 1 pitch but a solid win by the Red Sox–winning without Youkilis and Pedroia. Varitek with the game winning hit, players need to step up when your big stars are on the shelf.

I would love too see Shields’ numbers against Boston, the Red Sox seem to give him problems every time they face him.

Ramirez is looking like Okajima in 2007. It might be a little early to talk about it but Ramirez will look good at the All Star game this summer.

Ortiz got 50-70 text messages on Sunday night—-I’m guessing none of those text messages were from a pitcher. I’m guessing there are alot of pitchers in baseball that are smiling inside with Ortiz’s struggles.

Hey! Garry!

How much do you really know about the Bosox and beer, at least old time. Do you know the rest of the “Gansett” jingle? I’ve written it out on this blog before, but lets see if you know it.

Also, back then, the Sox were also sponsored by the Carling brewery. According to the Sox announcers, Carling Black Label beer (Hey! Mabel! Black Label!) was brewed on the shores of what lake in Greater Boston? Ironically, Black Label got much of its US start in Cleveburg.

Hey! BosoxBrian!

Boy, I agree with you about Ramirez, and yet, during Spring Training, he looked like so much 3 day old bread. By the same token, Chris Carter, Jeff Bailey, Jon L and Josh B looked like world beaters, and now they are struggling to find their respective form. Strange how unrelated ST performance can be to the regular season.

When do you think we will see Daniel Bard. The Sox snuck one out last night, and are now 9 games over .500. By the Benjamin plan, they only need to win one more than they lose the remainder of the month, and they will be at the “Benjamin Progression” — 5 games over .500 each month — ten games over after May, 30 games over at the end of the year — 96/66 = the play-offs.

It was good to see both Tek and Drew contribute significantly to last night’s success, as well as Justin M having another solid outing. Lots to be hopeful about!!!

D. Benjamin…

Ramirez did get off to a poor start in spring training but he did turn it around towards the end. I was at the Sox–Yankees spring game in mid March and Ramirez looked good that night. Francona played a situation with Ramirez that night. He came in against Matsui with runners on and Ramirez got Matsui to fly out. I have said on here a few times, Ramirez is one of the best pick-ups in baseball. Trade or free agency. He struggled against lefties last season but not the case this year. His change-up has been very good against lefties this season.

I’m guessing Bard will see action in the next game or so. I assume Francona wants to break him in slowly and doesn’t want him in the game when it is very close. He wants to ease him in for his big league debut.

95-97 wins is what I think they’ll end up with. I’m with you on that one. No team in baseball has the pitching depth like the Red Sox have. Also there is no team in baseball has a bullpen like there’s. They have guys that can get lefties and righties out–late in the game and that is when most games are decided!! Saito and Jones are the only guys I don’t trust with a lead.

BoSoxBrian — does that mean you trust Pap with the lead?🙂 — he has flirted with a blown save on virtually everyone of his 9 saves — but he keeps pulling it out — but definitely living on the edge.

When Masterson returns to the pen, who do they send back down, perhaps Bard or Jones? If Jones, doesn’t that leave Oki as the only lefty in our pen — that would point to Bard.

Brian and DGN, I’m not sure I would trust Pap with leads right now, because DGN is right–he keeps pitching as though he were TRYING to lose the lead, and then seals the deal, almost in spite of himself!
I’m not surprised, though, that Ramon Ramirez struggled during ST and is playing lights-out now. He had, after all, just been traded, and was having to adjust to his new team, and was working on his pitches at the same time. I’ve been impressed, on that basis, with how well he has settled in here! Way to go, Ramon! GO SOX!


Would you have Papelbon as your closer if you were Francona??? I know I would.

I think the issue with Papelbon is all mechanical.

I sure don’t like the way he’s gotten it done, but Pap has gotten the job done. And I don’t entirely trust Saito to close a game, but there isn’t many better backup closers in the majors. Ramon could also close out games when Pap is resting, so that’s an alternative if Saito confirms our fears.
About Papi, I think he’s putting too much pressure on himself. Maybe a week in the Minors would help him get his groove back, take the pressure off, and hit a few homers in an actual game. It could help him gain some momentum that could carry upon returning to his usual spot.
Just an idea.


If you don’t trust Papelbon with the lead, who would be your closer? What role would Papelbon have?

The thing that scares me about Saito is he is coming off of an injury and he is 37 years old. Not a good combination. The day Saito was acquirred—I wrote— Is Saito Mike Timlin in Japanese???

Arnie called it my best writing yet. Check it out:

I think Pap’s doing pretty good, actually. Sure, he’s flirting with disaster and you could say that it’s only a matter of time before the wheels come off. However, I kinda look at it like Pap is really struggling right now with pitch location. Perhaps his new mechanics are making it hard for him to spot his fastball… to me, it looks like his arm looks like it’s dragging a bit behind his body which would cause him to miss high as well a fatigue the shoulder. Anyhoo, given this, I think he’s actually doing very, very well. When most mortal closers struggle, they blow the save or lose the game outright. But Pap’s still getting the job done despite all his problems which is remarkable. In short, instead of viewing it as a sign of impending doom, it’s possible that we’re just seeing Papelbon’s low point – his struggle before it all comes together for him.
Also, like Greg, I’m not surprised by Ramirez. Except for a poor 2007 (probably because of an elbow injury) he’s been very good over in the NL. He won’t be this dominant over the whole year but he is a quality arm that’s going to help the club. My real question is: is this Delcarmen’s year to finally harness that electric arm and turn himself into a fireballing, lights-out setup man?

Saito cannot be the closer. End of story. Not until he shows he can still get hitters out and throw strikes when he needs to. It hasn’t been pretty when Pap pitches this year but the bottom line is he has gotten it done. Until he starts blowing games he should close. Even then, he should be given a lot of leeway. He’ll blow a few guaranteed, but he knows how to scrape the you-know-what off his shoes and finish the job.

Fantastic to see Tek get the game winner! He has taken a lot of heat here and elsewhere for his poor hitting the last couple years, but he can still be clutch.
And JD is beginning to make me think more highly of him. Go JD!
I like what the Sox are doing to win games; everybody contributes. Well, almost everybody; we still have Lugo, the Error King.


I’m guessing Varitek will not hit higher than .250 but when you mix in some clutch hits with that .240-.250 avg.—I call that productive! His grand slam against the Yankees was another huge hit! I have said my negative thoughts regarding Varitek on here in the last year or so, I like it when he proves me wrong!! Lugo is hitting o.k. but he has done nothing at the plate and in the field….We all the know the story there. I think Glenn Hoffman has more range than Lugo, Hoffman is around 50 years old. lol.


Can Saito close a door in your kitchen???

Yea, regarding range (I try not to bash our players, and as a rule don’t, except for Lugo, my one, as yet, breakdown point) — but seems like way too many ground ball hits between 2nd and 3rd base are suddenly out of the range of Lugo? would Green or Lowrie have fielded more of these — has Lugo’s range been restricted by his surgery? some of the balls haven’t been bullets either, and it looks like he is either always out of position, or can’t get too them (which never use to be his problem, fielding and throwing maybe, but not range). If this is so, between Lowell and Lugo, the left infield might be porous this year (or at least thru July).

BTW — I am again going to try to quit berating Lugo. All this negative thought directed at him certainly can’t help him. Someone pointed out on this blog — that he still gives it 100%. You have to admire that (at least a little) — anyone who has faired so poorly, and knows that millions of fan know it, and want him gone, and still he gives it his all — you got to admire that — too bad that didn’t rub off on Manny. So we will see how many games I can get thru without criticizing Lugo🙂 .

dgneubert — I’ll give it two innings.


You will not make it past 2 outs. LOL…

dgn: over under is coming in at 2 1/3… lol
I wouldn’t make through him being on deck…

JD Drew is to me what Lugo is to dgndave.. and yes I know that Drew gets key hits.. my bitch with him is lack of hustle in right field.

I am glad you all have so much faith in me (or in Lugo) or both, LOL! Lugo is batting 2nd — so it might be a stretch for me.

Ellen, Drew hustled from 1st to 3rd last night to score the winning run (after having singled to put him on base in the first place).

Care to wager — Ellen-Drew, me-Lugo, anyone–player of choice (too bad Lopez is gone)? Who can go the longest without whining? Wait that is not fair, cause my task would be much harder, as my player will most likely not be hitting clutch hits, scoring winning runs, or making errors….. hmmm, have I already lost the wager?

hmm. I really whine alot about Lugo as well… after this post I take your wager….. what would you care to put as the wager??


The player that drives me nuts the most is Delcarmen. The reason he drives me nuts is he has talent. The season he is having this year, I was expecting that last year. A guy like Lugo doesn’t really bother me to much because he stinks. My expectations for Lugo are far below the radar screen. Is it Lugo’s fault that Theo gave him that insane contract???

After Delcarmen it is J.D. Drew without a doubt!! Him standing there and taking strike 3 right down the middle and then having a paper cut and he is out for a week. A very soft player!

That’s why I love guys like Pedroia, Youkilis, Beckett, Lowell and others because they love to compete and it shows!! Youkilis got a great compliment last year during the All Star game when Ernie Banks approached him and said, I can tell from watching you on t.v. that you love the game! I’m guessing Youkilis was speechless and had chills up and down his back. J.D. Drew will NEVER here that compliment from anyone!!

Are you sure, both our comments on the blog may drop by 80%, others will wonder where we have gone? — I don’t know, maybe the loser has to make only polyanna comments for a week as penance for judging harshing another🙂 — and has to agree with everyone this blog (I guess you could criticize vicariously that way), except for BoSoxBrian and Dave of course, we have to be reasonable here. What do you suggest?

So I am the lone JDDrew defender — he does look bad when he strikes out. I guess I like JD because I am such a blabber, I have always admired quiet people. If you say, you can’t blame Lugo for his contract (well yes, sort of) — then you can’t blame a player (necessarily) for being subject to injury. No not playing (like Manny) no defense there, but being injury prone (if it is true) — is back on Theo as well, is it not — you can’t blame a guy who is gifted in baseball wanting to play, even if he is less durable than others — that’s a roll of the dice on Theo’s part as well. I give JD slack, because he has always been one of our better/clutch players in the post season so far — hasn’t let us down when it really counts.

Sounds like you need to join the wager with Ellen and me — we can all have a Seinfeld thing going one — be “masters of our commentary”

Sorry, I meant to address the previous response to BoSoxBrian (and everyone as well).

Drew’s back won’t let him play the field with reckless abandon!

as far as the pollyana coments… with the exception of Drew and Lugo, I make ALOT of those already!!

Ellen, we can start our wager, still having no idea what we our wager is, — that would be bad to lose or win before the bet is placed though, which is a definite risk in this case.

I too officially start with this post🙂

that very well could be true Bob… and if thats the case, well so be it… dgn, any comment?

Yea, the polyanna comments would be for me — we need to come up with something for you.


Drew has never played with reckless abandon, even when he had a good back. He isn’t that kind of player.


I don’t blame guys like Drew and Lugo taking the $$$$$. If the Red Sox want too bid against themselves, nothing they can do. I’m not a fan of Drew because he looks disinterested. He shows no emotion and no fire at all. He is such a natural athlete and I think that is part of his problem. Drew is made of paper and I can’t spin that any other way. I’m guessing he doesn’t play in more than 110-120 games. He is not made for long haul. All the Red Sox hope is he is ready to go come September and get his bat going for October. Drew has been clutch in Boston and I give him major props!!

This is a statistic, not a slam. Jd Drew has averaged under 110 games per season throughout his career.


I am in on the wager!!

Okay Bri, davedgn cant be mean to Lugo, I cant be meant to Drew and YOU cant say anything bad about Lugo OR Drew!!!

The only way to send Papi to the minors is on a rehab assignment if he sustains an injury.

I cannot take the wager sadly. Lugo just grinds my teeth to the root. It tears me to see him play. He’s the ONLY player that really digs at me. Drew has natural talent but can’t take the play. Drew bugs me less because of that talent. He’s given something to the team. LUGO HAS GIVEN NOTHING TO THE TEAM AT ALL.
OK. I feel better.

True. But this was all known before drew was signed! The most “emotion” he’s shown was his dislike for Philadelphia!!!


Did Drew actually show emotion towards Philly???


I can’t say anything bad about Drew or Lugo??? What do I do now??? I guess I’ll have to pick on Delcarmen, then again he might be consisent this year. Bring back Lopez!!!! LOL….

Be back in about an hour — I am in though – good thing we are starting this on a west coast tour — sleeping through a game doesn’t count🙂

oh.. sorry.. okay DelCarmen…. haha!! thought I’d get you there!

DGN (for when you get back in! ;)): I fault Theo and the FO as much, if not more, than I do Drew, Lugo, or Lopez (or Gag-Me, for that matter!) for the contracts they signed. As much as I am not a fan of any of the players I listed, yes, the FO is to blame any time they bid against themselves, or bid against another team, for the wrong player(s). I by no means let Theo and the FO off the hook for those contracts, but the players don’t get any CREDIT for it either!

Well I can only say that I’ll be on for the 1st couple of innings tonight, then I’ll be watching from bed..and I will think beautiful thoughts about JD Drew!!!

Be careful what you wish for, Ellen. Jason (NO IT’S KASON!) Gabbard returned, Lopez can always resurface! Not a positive concept!

Hey, 808sf, how ya doing? I’m hoping that DelCarmen does continue his performance this year. I have been a big critic of his, and I hope he continues to perform the way he has, and REALLY proves me wrong! (Come on MDC, do it!)
Ramirez MAY not keep it going all year, but he COULD! Oki did in 07, and if Ramon is the Oki of 09, MAYBE he can do so also! Let’s hope! (And Oki, apart from one really bad game, has looked pretty close to the Oki of 07! I hope he keeps THAT up also!) GO SOX!

Let’s face it guys, if it wasn’t Lugo or Drew or Delcarman or… we’d complain about someone but I think the essential pattern is we want talent and grit and if they do that then we’re mostly happy. I say mostly because obviously if a player is in a slump, we’re unhappy. David Ortiz is in such a slump. In essence we want a winning team. We are tired of 67, 75, 78, 86, etc and just want to catch up on lost time. I understand that but imagine the pressure that everyone feels on that team — UG!

am I allowed to unleash on Lopez??? huh, huh, can I???

Does picking on Pap count?😉 He has been quite a target this year!

Who is Joyce?

JonBon hasnt been picked on … What has been said recently is not picking on him…. on a scale of 1-10 (on the picking-on scale) JonBon’s has been hovering at around a 1 1/2 maybe pushing a 2, when it gets up around 6 1/2- 7 then its considered picking on… lol

I have certainly been griping at Pap enough!😉

maybe but compare it to what we’ve put Drew Delcarmen and Lugo through and its still in the rookie stages lol

Oh, I didn’t say he’s gotten past rookie stage, but he may be next in line after LugNuts! And if he keeps walking that tightrope…


Joyce is my last name. I guess Kramer got mad at me and called me by my last name. I like too say…. call me anything but please don’t call me late for dinner! LOL….

DGN, the arm mechanics are exactly why Garry and I (among others) have been getting on Pap’s case. And in Garry’s case (understandably) he’s been getting on pitching coach Farrell for the problems he’s having. As lights-out as Pap has been he should not be dinking around with these side pitches that detract from getting his blazing fastball across the plate.
Pap has a history of shoulder problems, and those–and the ways the Sox have worked to “manage” them–have been well-documented. It worked well in 07, when the Sox won the WS. It almost seems to me, though, that they have pushed past that effective management, and have begun tinkering with something that ain’t broke. That is where I agree with Garry’s criticism of Farrell. He (Pap) is flirting with disaster with his pitches, whether it is speed, location, pitch selection, or over-usage. Even if he doesn’t blow a save (which is certainly likely to happen if he keeps walking batters, etc.!), he is likely to end up on the DL more than once–and then we have to depend on Saito, or put Smoltz in the pen, or come up with Plan F. And Garry is right, I believe, on this one–this is a disaster that when it happens, will point back to Farrell’s “over-management”!

All bets are off as far as I’m concerned. F—ing Lugo!!! If he wanted to give 100% and fail, he could do us all a favor and move to Pawtucket. Stupid Lugo!!!!!!!!!! We don’t need no stiiiiinking Lugo!! Down with Lugo!!!! (wow! I feel better now!)

As for Drew, I find myself liking him more lately, but he needs to make a greater effort when he plays. I don’t care about him showing no emotion, but he needs to show me more effort.

Hey, maybe I can be here for the game tonight, so I will diss both those guys for you all, if you don’t mind. Then you can have your bets and still get some good Lugo/Drew trashing too. Everyone’s a winner!

Brian, right now I would love to see how Ramirez fares in closing situations. It may suit him, maybe not, but I suspect he would thrive in that situation (like Pap did, before his head started getting too big!). Also, depending on how his rehab continues to go, I would not put it past Smoltz to close games! I’ve said before that he would be effective in that role were it to be needed.
Pap might be someone at this stage who could rotate closing games right now, but I am not convinced that he is the everyday closer we want him to be. If he gets his head screwed on straight, and his mechanics UNscrewed, and starts getting his fastball up to the velocity where he should have it, I would be happy for him to close games. But right now, that’s a lot of “ifs”!

Not mad, just reciprocal!

I thought the Ks against the Rays were a positive sign. Will Bard push Pap? It’ll be nice to find out!


I’m glad I didn’t make you mad. I’m not sure what this other word you used is. LOL…


Papelbon is the closer, nobody should even sniff that position. When Papelbon isn’t available, different story for sure.

When I was at the Sox–Rays game about 10 days ago or so. Papelbon was throwing in the pen about an hour or so before the game. The Red Sox had home plate set up about 5 feet or so in front of the normal home plate ( 60 feet 6 inches ) Papelbon threw for about 5 minutes–under the watchful eye of John Farrell and bullpen coach Gary Tuck. After Papelbon threw he spoke with both coaches for about 5-10 minutes. When they were talking Papelbon was doing his motion as if he was pitching and was pointing to different things and Farrell and Tuck were nodding there heads and also pointing to his legs and shoulders. When this was all going on, you didn’t have to be a genious to figure out what was going on. It seems to me like it is all mechanical. That is an issue that will be figured out!!

One of the things that is alarming to me about the Red Sox this year and nobody on here has touched on it. How many times is a runner going to steal a base without a throw???? I have never seen a team just let baserunners steal at will. I think there are certain situations you let them run and don’t throw but not all the time! Look no further than the Sox–Rays game ( the final game in St. Pete ) T.B. had a runner on second base ( Bartlett was the runner ) and he stole third without a throw. Crawford was at the plate and he had an infield hit and Bartlett scored from third and T.B. got there insurance run in the 8th and lead by 2 and that was the game. I don’t understand that thinking at all. Perhaps someone on here has mentioned that but then again I don’t read all posts by everyone on here.

Brownie Survivor Wager (if you want in) —

How about this for ground rules?

(1) Declare the player(s) you have been habitually berating, and state you are in
(2) See how long you can either refrain purely negative comment or better yet, comment as if you actually were on the team and his teammate
(3) Since (2) would be absolutely no fun at all to some us, any statistical comment is fair game, make your point in numbers
(4) Stats within a single game is off-limits (a violation) — hey man you are 0-4 tonight, way to go — is a foul.
(3) Anyone on this blog is umpire, and can flag a violation — a 2nd blogger concurs — your out.
(5) Last one standing wins — we need to figure what distinction or reward (good or bad) that individual has earned.


Participants so far:
(1) dgnDave – Lugo
(2) Ellen – JDDrew
(3) BoSoxBrain – JDDrew and Lugo
(4) Others?

BoSoxB — sorry for the name mangle — but I sort of like it.


Drew would be the one I would have to be in on. Lugo doesn’t bother me because he sucks and I have accepted that long ago!! LOL…


So far on here today I have been called by my last name and now a brain. What’s next??? Then again, do I want to know??? LOL…

thanks Arnie, I’m glad that you’ve got my back!!! I knew that I could count on you. That will relieve my withdrawl greatly…

Ok, Brownie Survivor (so far):

(1) dgnDave – Lugl
(2) Ellen – JDDrew
(3) BoSoxBrain/Brian – JDDrew

You know this feels like an old Seinfeld episode. George was caught in the bathroom doing you-know-what. The foursome made a bet that they would avoid such behavior. Kramer lasted about 4 minutes. dgnDave — when Lugo blows a run with his usual incompetence, you will surely have a very difficult time holding back…but I wish you well!

Thanks — I am hoping the line up is favorable tonight (I almost lost the contest before tonight’s game even started — then cleverly re-phrased my comment🙂

You guys are great. I wish you well on that bet. I would last about 2 minutes. Lugo is my vent. Even though Mike Lowell last night had a problem with throws and Papelbon has his share of sloppy throws to first and Varitek can’t throw out anyone with his weak arm…somehow Lugo is the refreshing taste of ‘GRRRR’ that soothes my anger and somehow reconciles and simplifies the reasons why the Sox lose games. In short, he’s the quintessential embodiment of the term ‘scapegoat’

So you are volunteering to play the role of Kramer for us?


Do you mean Kramer on here??? Kramer on Seinfeld??? LOL…

Ha…I suppose I am the Kramer role. Lugo is TOO tempting but I am writing a variation of the Seinfeld plot with the Red Sox making the bet.

Face it, Lugo sux!! No amount of sugar-coating it will change that fact. Lugo is to baseball what Mother Teresa was to boxing. They just don’t go together. However, having said that, I will miss him when he finally departs. Who else can single-handedly be the cause of all our woes??? Who else gives us the therapeutic primal scream opportunities with such regularity?? I hope he never plays another inning in the field or wastes another at bat, but never have I seen a Sox player be the goat with such reckless abandon. He’s the anti-Christ of RSN. He’s Kryptonite on the field and even in the dugout! He is the absolute pinnacle of hopelessness and failure, and for his ability to have contributed ZILCH to Red Sox baseball with so much consistency, I salute him!

Greg1969 — just to let you know, your comments in response to the post on pitching mechanics, was actually posted by BoSoxBrian, not me.

I wouldn’t know how to judge whether a pitching coach is over managing or not — I always thought Farrell was held in very high regard. I know I questioned Dave Magedan (once) — noting the increased amount of slumps and prolonged lengths of time (when in slumps) since he became the hitting coach (given his reputation of being able to correct hitting problems) — and Ian staunchly defended him — the only time he ever responded to one of my comments🙂 as perceptive as they are, LOL. Ian said the Magedan was one of the hardest working coaches in baseball.

Bosox Brian is Manny D. (which is easier than dgndaves and mine, because he’s not in as much!!!

What I want to know is of the people who are not in the “survivor challenge”, who is betting on who to win, and who is betting on who to lose??

Ellen, BoSoxBrian changed is to Drew as well (I thought)?

Ellen, Brian, you all may be toast, because what you may know is that before I started watching too much baseball, I was a truely very nice person. I just need to return to my pre-NESN ways and this will be a piece of cake for me.

oh… oops my blonde!!! I nust have missed that one… dgndave and I would have had to have gotten a handicap had he stayed with DelCarmen… but maybe we should check with him 1st??


I changed it to Drew because Manny D. is a reliever and I don’t think that would be fair.

I think D.G.N. has little chance here, after all he picked Lugo. What do we win??? How about a date with Roseanne?? HA…HA….

If that is prize, I will lose in inning 1 on purpose!

Hey Greg, I know that you have stopped visiting my site. Was it something I did? It doesn’t really matter but you used to be one of my top readers. Stop by if you have a chance.

It would be really bad for the Sox if Papi is unavailable. He is a real important bat.

David….You picked Lugo so the chances of you going beyond the 1st inning is remote at best!

I will not be able to watch any of the games until next week so I have the upper hand, then again Drew will probably be hurt by then anyway. LOL!! If Ellen wins…she’ll get a date with ?????????? Who could we pick for Ellen??? Woody Allen?? Julian Tavarez???

I dont think I’d want a date with Roseann!! lol

Hang in there, DGN. I know from personal experience Roseanne is well worth the effort. Hahaha…

Pedroia is out of the lineup again. I’m guessing with the day game tomm. he could play again on Friday in Seattle.

NOT THE ORIGINAL SENOR EZ!!!please please noooooo!!!
If I lose I’ll have to go out with Migrane?? or worse yet… MC CARVER………… OR JOE MORGAN ABSOLUTELY NOT.. MY HUSBAND DOESNT HAVE THAT MUCH BAIL MONEY FOR ME!!!


Who do you want as your date??

Remember DGN—beauty is a light switch away! LOL!!

Damn.. Pedey out again… I hope he gets better soon… he’s out of my fantasy lineup too!! OUCH!!!

Does that work for women too>>>???


Migrane would be a rough date for sure. How about Staats???—the play by play guy for the Rays on t.v. Grab his hair and find out if it is a wig.

Thanks, DGN, for setting my own head back on straight. Sorry about that! I have what is called CRS disease (Can’t Remember S—), so if I scramble your name again, just set me straight!
I was commenting not just to Brian, but further in response to 808SoxFan, about the mechanics issue, and the Alphabet Soup got to me AGAIN! Thanks, DGN!🙂

Ellen, I guess we should tell BoSoxBrian the contest has already started? — its start with your declaration that you are in!

Should we give him some slack on his comment about Drew being hurt by the time he gets to watch the next game televised is his area? Be careful how you respond — cause you are already in as well.

I vote +1 for counting that as his last warm-up comment.

Fantasy lineup Ellen??? My fantasy lineup has Halle Berry on it.

I’m not in on the wager, y’all. I’m just going to be an onlooker!

or do I need a double brown paper bag and a quart of Grey Goose?? The bag for them the Jack for me!! lol


It has started, oh no! I am in big trouble.

J.D. Drew is the best player I have ever seen in my life. I love his passion for the game! The man will play the game with a broken leg, he doesn’t care. He is TOUGH!!

I say Ellen’s date should be Eck — my wife and I call him hair-boy — how can you resist a date with man that will woo you with cheese, paint, brick, yard, johnson🙂

I changed it to goose… not Jack

DGN…The D.L. is the disabled list not the Drew List.


I’m guessing Ellen will love it when Eck mentions his Johnson. LOL…Eck hasn’t changed for one moment. He has looked the same for years and years! What is his key??

I have never laughed so hard in my life guys. I LOVE this contest!

Dave in Nashville—You need to be in this contest!! You will get us laughing as always!

I can’t… I’ll lose. It’s too HARD NOT TO hate Lugo but I changed my mind. I’m in. I’m going to PRAISE LUGO To death!

OK I am in. I will not say anything bad against Lugo because he’s such a hard working man!

BoSoxB — I feel pretty much the same way about Drew — and I also predict that Lugo is going to bat over .300 this year, and wind up with fewer errors this year as a RedSox than Lowell🙂

But when this contest is over…watch OUT!

Dave F.

How long do you think you’ll last?? With Pedroia out tonight, Lugo is in his spot–yikes!!

OMG — Kramer (authorDave) is in — if you can hold out for 4 minutes after the start of tonights game — you will not come in last!!!!

Of course being in the contest, I cannot help but express excitement that the washup of Dustin Pedroia is being replaced with the stellar athlete of Julio Lugo. I might also want to mention that in an unrelated incident I am experiencing staggering stomach cramps.


Lugo will lead the league in hitting and also make the all star game and be flawless in the field. I think Theo should lock him up for another 4 or 5 decades!! LOL…Sounds logical to me! I also love it when Drew makes an out and slams his batting helmet!

BoSoxBrian, regarding Eck — I was wondering if someone would make the comment you did, I haven’t stop laughing yet! Our apologies Ellen.


What will you do about those staggering stomach cramps??? That is important to me, enquiring minds want to know.

I never knew Lugo and stellar could be in the same sentence. LOL…Great line!

Decades Brian — with future Hall of Farmer Lugo in there, there is no doubt in my mind that the Sox will wear the ring this year. I love Lugo for all his wonderful accomplishments. His tenacity and his drive and his stamina. Yes…all of this is sincere flattery.


I read that and cracked up. Eck and Johnson, enough said. Ellen??? What do you think?? Don’t kill me please.

OOHHHHH Baby!!! Id go out with Eck in a heartbeat… HUGE 15 year old crush on him when he was with Cleveland!!! I thought he was such a “BABE”!!!!

They are of course related to eating year old fish that I happened to leave rotting in the sun. I mean nothing else could cause such sadistic agony. Mmmm…just want to keep eating the fish nevertheless. Don’t ask me why!


LOL!! Sincere flattery—that is funny! I can feel your love for Lugo all the way from Florida. Absolutely no sarcasm! LOL!!

Yes as much as i LOVE talking about Lugo I think talking about Eck is so much better. Of course he does not match the talent of Lugo but nevertheless he’s a great player.

But on the date with Eck, I’d have to tape his mouth shut!! I guess that is probably equivalent to a paperbag!!

When it comes to my love of Lugo…nothing can get…in…the…way….of it…yes…I love…Lugo’s talent.

yeah… His Johnson…things that make you go…” hmmm”??


I never heard of a female having a crush on Eck, never knew that existed! It must be the hair.


Leaving fish in the sun will get you all the time. Believe me, I know from experience. lol..

I am setting up a Paypal account for the three contestants. If you should care to vent your rage at your chosen player, email me and I will post your rants. For a small fee of course.
If you lose, look forward to an all expenses paid trip to the Bahamas with Newman from Seinfeld. Start practicing your “Hello, Newman”. See if you can get the correct inflection; one that drips with distaste.

Absolutely no apologies necessary.. I heard him say that the other night and I thought the same thing you guys did!!! (DONT FORGET I HAD 3 OLDER BROTHERS. you guys really CANT make me blush!!)

Yes Brian…that is why I am now experiencing unbelievable agony in every cell in my body. IT IS THE FISH that is KILLING ME RIGHT NOW.

Stomach cramps huh Dave… remember, you just had your carpets cleaned!!!


I think Eck’s johnson might make you go hmmmmmmmmmm but not me. LOL…


There you go again, mentioning the word talent and Lugo together. Never knew that was a possibilty.

Yanks up 5-0 on the Jays. I hope Boston can win tonight with the Jays on the short end of the stick at the moment.

Hmmmm, do we need a rule for tooooo much sarcasm? We do need to have contest here, don’t we? It does need to be challenging, doesn’t it? — how about no sarcasm during games? before and after — you can let loose a little.

Remember anyone on this blog is an umpire, and 2nd blogger agreeing — constitutes a violation — and you are out. So I guess you can sarcass at your own risk (during games).

Ah…I have a question. What about the future Pawtucket player Yooleo Googo. Perhaps he might deserve some complaints — which of course is NOT related to my dream player Julio Lugo.

Arnie, I have to tell that I am probably the ONE person in the world who NEVER saw 1 episode of Seinfeld… Never liked him… my bad


Watch Lugo tonight, that will help your stomach cramps! LOL!!

Googo, Dave, is that the present tense of Goo Gone?😉 Hmmm…

BosoxBrian — will Yooleo Googo count? He’s playing at AA…Red Sox.

Bosoxbrian…that is a GREAT idea. I really appreciate your thoughts. That REALLY made my cramps go down.

OKay… who is in the comtest.. we need to put a time limit to enter.. 8:45 eastern time? and who is betting on who to win and lose! ‘fess up guys…….

Have to hold off for about 1/2 hour. I have to walk the dogs with my daughter.

CAn I say things about Lugo and vive versa for the guys vs Drew??

Good thing this isnt a spelling bee!!lol

if you drink Goo Gone that’ll really make them go away!!!

the woman I was dating at the time the Seinfeld show was on was a TV addict. She had every line memorized. If I missed a show she would take it upon herself to recite the whole episode. That’s one relationship I don’t miss.

Ah gee Arnie and she sounds so well informed!! lol

Arbie, Do you remember Cousin Brucie???

Arnie, Do you remember Cousin Brucie???

Sorry, no.

I have Blonde fingers tonight!! bad Ellen!!! or is it Trixie who is making all the spelling/typing errors tonight?

He is a DJ who has been around since the late 50’s and I’m listening to him now on XM radio.. lots of good oldies..

Can you listen to him thru the net?

Dave, I noticed (speaking of spelling bees and Spell Check) that you’ve dubbed Lugo a “Future Hall of Farmer”! Is he working with 4-H now, or FFA?🙂

Ellen, I am person Number 2 off the Seinfeld bandwagon! I liked his stand-up stuff, but I saw one promo for the show and I KNEW I would never watch it! I filed it under “D” for “DUH!” Hmmm!…

I always thought that he dumbed down everything….

Arnie, I’m not sure but try to log onto XMRADIO.COM there maybe a link there.. I get it because I changed to directv and it comes with the basic tv package. 30’s 40’s 50’s 60’s etc and differnet genres of music.. soft jazz jazz fusion etc. I listen to Kasey Kasom with American Top 40 on Saturday afternoon. It’s on XM 70’s and each week they do the top forty from that week in a year from the 70’s.. Memories…………

Howdy do, Greg! I’m with you: maybe Ramirez can do for the pen what Oki did a couple of years ago. One of my favorite things in a team is a strong bullpen. I remember how dominant Myers, Dibble and Charlton were for the Reds back in the 90s. Man, if you didn’t have the lead by the 7th, the game was over.

And since everyone’s hurt, NOW can I wish we had signed Adam Dunn? lol

OK….here is my suggestion for the contest
1) We give one week. The first one who breaks the rule has to write a 100 word essay on why they love their most hated character and I’ll post it on my blog! The loser must also refrain an additional week from negative commenting.
2) The winner gets to write an essay on why they HATE the person in question and I’ll post it on the blog.
Does that sound good?
If that works how about we post now the contestants?

Dave F.

I’m not sure if I can write 100 words, I don’t even know that many. LOL…

It actually sounds great to me!

Good luck with Lugo!!HA..HA…

I just got a text message from Lugo. He says he’ll try to set the record for errors in a single game tonight. He also said Drew is feeling an slight soreness in his lateral distal medial carpel tendon, so he may not be able to play with his usual enthusiasm.
Thanks, Julio!!!

JD called me while I was typing and said he has a slight sore throat due to all his cheerleading in the dugout during last night’s game.


Lugo knows how to text??? I didn’t think he was capable of that. Keep him out of your kitchen, he’ll break everything!! HA..HA…HA…

It will be a great day whenever Boston decides to ship him away! Who will be that sucker that wants him. Boston will have to pay for most of his salary and even then who would want him?? Absolutely no range at s.s. Other than that, he is great!

Arnie, enthusiam:: is that a body that Jd has that I dont know about.. if so I guess it”ll be “hard” not to play with it!!

Email from Lugo:

“Arnie, I feel like such a klutz, I was running in from taking ground ball practice on the infield and I tripped and broke half the cleats off my left shoe. I’m not sure how this will affect my footwork but tell the contestants not to worry.”

There you have it; don’t worry.

Last week was a bad one for breakage in the kitchen. If Lugo had been there we’d be broke by now.

My husband is betting that both Daves lose this…. My husbands name is David.. he has not much confidence in his namesakes!! and he lives his life by the motto: A happy wife is a happy life!!!! he also knows that he missed the fine print on the marriage license that says “from here forward the man is this union forfeits for life the right to be right” lol

OOPS Almost game time, so we all know what that means:

Dave Roberts doing guest commentary tonight… can I go out with him… He’d be great to talk to!!! There’d be no sex but great conversation!! LOL LMAO

Ok, Brownie Survivor (so far):
(1) dgnDave – Lugol
(2) Ellen – JDDrew
(3) BoSoxBrain/Brian – JDDrew
(4) dave – Lugo!
Let the games begin. We finish next Wednesday. I look forward to your essay Bosox!
Umpires are anyone viewing the blog but I elect Arnie to make the final decision.

Wow…what an excellent lineup and what a great idea to have Julio Lugo go second. I’m pleased with that decision. The heart and speed he will put into every at bat!

Arnie will be the final decision maker. I think I know how too bribe him. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm…Pass A-Grille might do the trick. LOL!!

I almost forgot there is a game tonight! Anaheim has been quite friendly to Boston over the years!

Julio Lugo pops up to second…but it was a great effort by a stellar player.

Do we want to take this positive vibe over to the new thread? Who will be the first to post? Hmmm…

Way to go JBAY!!!!!

WAY TO GO, J-BAY! 2-R HR! (Good job by Papi to get on base!) GO SOX!


There is a new post up from Ian!!

808sf: Wish for Dunn all you want. The Sox may take you up on it one day, but I for one do not want them to!

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