Game 2 in the OC

Can the Red Sox win a third straight game without Pedroia and Youkilis? We are about to find out, as manager Terry Francona has once again posted a lineup that has Julio Lugo batting second, Jeff Bailey batting seventh and playing first and NIck Green batting ninth at second base.

Chris Carter is in Anaheim, but not at the ballpark. The left-handed hitter is staying back at the hotel in case the team decides to add him to the roster for either tomorrow’s game or the weekend series in Seattle. Do stay tuned.


Tough life for Carter. Hanging out in So. Cal. at a 5 star hotel. Where do you sign up??? LOL!!

I’m first tonight, Julia must be asleep! Then again, does that girl sleep? LOL!!

Nice try, Mike! Great start for the Sox! Nice job, J-Bay! GO SOX!

No, Brian, Julia does not sleep!

I is here!!! WHOOO HOOOO!!!

Nope – never get enough sleep Brian!!

Way to go JBAY!!!!!

By ellenc on May 13, 2009 10:13 PM
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Hi All!! I can’t watch the whole game – have to teach tomorrow!

At least it is a day game tomorrow – the B’s & C’s!

Come on, Wake! GO SOX!

Julia..Your like the Jon Gruden of bloggers!

Come on Timmy… (still fel like I’m talking to Lassies master)
You go get em bubba!!

Good game so far. I’m sad that Julio Lugo didn’t contribute but he will on the field and showing heart.

I cant watch tomorrow, but i can follow on Game Day….

Hey, sorry – missed the start of the game — but I will watch the rest — Lets Go Lugo!


Are you telling us you might actually get some sleep tonight?? Why start now.

Another big day for Boston sports tomm. Red Sox in Disney Land, Celtics in Disney World and well the Bruins are in Boston—#1 sports town in America!

Thanks Brian!πŸ™‚ Would hate to disappoint you all!

Let’s hope we get another W tonight. Toronto lost and we could move up.

I noticed that, Julia! Who knew we could pull for THAT TEAM to help us against Toronto?!πŸ˜‰
Nice job, Jacoby! Get some runs for Wake, guys! GO SOX!

I want to know out of th eNON contestants in this challenge, who you guys are betting on!!! COME ON YOU HAVE TO TELL NOW!!!

Well, I suppose I should disrespect Lugo a little for that pathetic at bat with Ellsbury running. At least let Ellsbury steal second before you pop up. What an idiot.
Feel better folks?

Come on JD… get on base bubba!!! Go !!!

Ortiz with a base hit…at least it wasn’t the other way.

JD gone quickly? How’d that happen? Hmmm!….;)

JD???? What are you looking at? 3 pitches, 3 strikes. GRRRR!!! Maybe try to foul one off???? AAAAHHHHH!!!!

WALK THIS WAY!…Talk this way!

My man Drew is up! I echo what my fellow Florida resident says…..get on base bubba.

Brian – I always get SOME sleep! I’m usually up at 4:30am.

My computer is acting up tonight – so sorry if I’m slow answering

What an excellent at bat by Julio. He’s reserving his strength to kill the opposition. We love Lugo!

Good question, Ellen. I suspect Dave is going to have a hard time not being his usual “Optimistic” self!πŸ˜‰

Come on, Kot! Let’s get another 2-R HR! (Rant and Grant?) GO SOX!

Come on Jeff Bailey.. get it done!!!!!!!!!! Get on base…

BB! That works! “Walk this way, again”… GO SOX!

Walk this way.. again!!!

Hey, since I missed the beginning of the game — how did Elsbury get caught stealing? was it a botched play? what is up with that? could have been 3-0?

Of course I’m entirely optimistic. With Lugo in there…we will win. Go Lugo…Go Sox!
(Julia in case you’re wondering we’re all in a contest and we each picked our favorite player to compliment.”

My caputer is on tape-delay again, also! SNARL!

Rant and Grant is a GOOD thing! Liked the two walks!

Way to go NIcky!!!!

GREEN!!!! Nice hit!

Julia—Some sleep is good. Your up at 4:30 a.m.—I’m usually stumbling home at that hour. LOL!!

My guy Drew will get them next time!

No Greg – I’m watching the game on NESN – my computer is slow leaving comments.

Way to go, NICK! RBI 2B!! GO SOX! Get some more! YES!

Well Wake is getting bat support tonight… GREAT. Kepp it together Timmy!

Well – I have to make sure my boys get up for school Brian – so stumbling home then would probably be bad!

Well, so is mine, Julia, it’s enjoying kicking me off, and then laughing at me! SNARL AGAIN!:/

Oh boy. Lugo is UP! That’s a run for sure!

Did anyone read Rocco Baldelli’s comments – he wants a chance to come in and pitch!

Jim Palmer should be pitching for the Angels and not this Palmer! Let’s go Sox, get them early!

Hmm…you might have been wrong about Lugo Dave. Maybe you meant next time.

Well, 2 more runs! Nice job, Sox! Come on, Wake!

Come on SAWX!!!!!!!! Come on Wake!!!! (Dave Roberts is calling Wakefield “Wakey”, sorry , can’t do it!!)

If Jim Palmer comes in to pitch, will the Orioles win??? Hmmm!…

Toronto lost tonight

Lugo is just warming them up Julia. He’s such a power presence at bat. It’s really breathtaking. Go Lugo.

Nice hitting by Green. He continues to impress.

WAKEY?? Is that like “My WAKEY breaky heart”?! ;/

That is ok Lugo — you can get it next time when there will be more there will be more one man on base. And besides, we need this game to end before 1 am.

I know that the f/o’s policy about negotiating contracts is that they dont do that during the season,, but they HAVE TO WRAP UP JASON BAY!!! A little positive reinforcement goes a LONG LONG way!

Green may be impressive Arnie but Lugo will always outshine him with his natural talents.

UGH!!! We need Dusty back!!!!

Yes Dave, I see that in Lugo!πŸ˜‰

OK Wake, let’s get some outs! Get him some help, guys! GO SOX!

Come on guys!! WE NEED OUTS!

I agree Ellen – WE NEED TO TIE UP BAY!!!

Julia,,,Dave Brian and I have a little contest going on… Can someone else enlighten Julia… my spelling sucks tonight.

I’m glad you do Julia because Lugo is all about deception and he is a very powerful presence on the field. Go Lugo!

Bad on Greg!! Wakey Breaky…..

Good catch Ellsbury!

Nice job, Jacoby! Nice D! GO SOX!

Arnie help out Julia because I can’t say certain things with the contest on.

Fill me in on what? And my spelling sucks also.

Sorry Julia, that is just BEGGING for it! Not good for Dave Roberts!

WHAT???? What am I missing?

Great! bases loaded!


NO walks – STRIKES WAKE!!!

Come on WAKEY (I’ll try it) get him to ground into a Double play

They are referring to a wager of their own, Julia: who can go the longest without “going negative” on one of our “favorite” players.

NICE K!!!!

WOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Nice K Wakey!!!

Julia we have a contest on that lasts a week. The basic idea is that we reverse how we feel about certain players creating a more positive atmosphere. The winner gets to write a rant on my blog expressing their feelings after a week of ‘supression’ of feelings. The loser gets to write a 100 word positive essay on their player. I picked the great Julio Lugo.


Good Job JD!! Nice way to work out of this WAKEY!!

Great job by Wakefield!!!!!!!

Phew — did anyone pick Wake? I thought for sure he was going to give up a 4 run johnson!!

Ahhh… I see! Carry on – I’m sure you will all be pleasant and cheery this evening!


Got out of that one!!!

I do admit a certain added pain that I fear will increase by the second unless I properly complement Lugo in every way possible for his fine play.

Phew — did anyone pick Wake? I thought for sure he was going to give up a 4 run johnson!!

Sorry all, can’t do this “wakey” thing!


Beckett was signed during the season ( July ) back in 2006. The Red Sox do make exceptions. Bay’s $$$$$ total goes up as the season moves on. I think Theo and the front office has dropped the ball on this one. I think Bay will be signed eventually but for more $$$$$. Oh well, it’s not my $$$$$. LOL!!

Who do you all have? See my favorite is no longer with the team.

Now THERE’S an OPTIMIST! Nice job, DGN, playing the “I’m Optimistic Wake is going to screw up!” Now, for our next contestant!…

Bay had better sign with us!!!!!

I ain’t got NOBODY, Julia! No dice!

BAY!!! Speak of the Devil!

More Johnson talk, oh Ellen—are you there??? Julia??? lol!!

DP! CRAP! Come on, Wake! GO SOX!

Bummer!!! hate those DPs

Smart move Greg!

Julia–I have Drew! Drew is the MAN!!

I am only on the hook for Lugo — have we changed the rules?

I is still here Brian!! Did you miss me?

Nice Choices! Who do you have Ellen?

Bay HAD better sign with us, or we are going to “go negative” on Theo in a HURRY!

“What you talkin about, Willits”?

Good night Nationers!!! I’m off to the comfort of the Comforter!!! See ya in the morning!!!!!!!!!!

I will start sending Theo more fruit baskets in my blog tomorrow!

Technically — I think a Johnson is reserved for a 3-run home run – so I might have missed spoke — can’t say for sure though, need a larger sample set from Eck.

NIte Ellen!

Perhaps some one needs to take on Green and his fielding skills!

Come on, Wake! SO or DP! Nice try, Nick! GO SOX!

Eck has been a riot in the booth.

Did they have him out at 2nd?

Come on, Wake! Keep going! GO SOX! Back Wake up, guys!

Julia, you want to get in on the action?? Pick a player who you sometimes critisize and be extra nice to him until someone blinks. Then you win a date with either Arod or Johm MacCain PLUS the opportunity to dis the player of your choice on Redsoxfunhouse.
Lugo is the #1 choice of bloggers here.

Good, Julia, because Theo does not want tomatoes to be thrown his way later! GET IT DONE, THEO! GO SOX!

Hmmmm… that’s tough – Lopez was my player of choice….and I’m not sure I want to date either of those men…okay – can I pick someone that someone else already has?

Greg – you might not have read my blog during that period – but when I wanted Theo to resign Tek and NOT trade Mike Lowell I kept sending him fruit baskets.

Who ordered all these runs for the Angels??

Not good, guys! We’re gonna need some more runs tonight! GO SOX!

I hope we get some more runs. We are going to need them I think. Wake flirted with disaster the last inning and this inning is going south. Go Sox.

Oh – how lovely. The Angels are winning…..just great!

Oh, I remember it well, Julia! It worked, so keep up the good work, and help get Bay signed!

Now there is a 3-run Johnson for the wrong team — looks like Wake is on his new streak.

Hi Oki!

And there are NO outs yet! Just lovely!

I will start tomorrow Greg! One everyday until Bay is resigned!

Hey, Paul! How are you?
Yep, it is going to be a long night for Wake and the Sox! We’re going to need those extra runs! GO SOX!

Hey Julia. One out anyway. Wake can fall apart in hurry!

Maybe we will see Daniel Bard tonight — why not — lets see what he has got?

This bloody caputer does NOT want to work! SNARL!

I hope, regardless of the outcome, that we do see Bard tonight. I hope to see what he’s got, also!

BARD!!! Hunter is warming up right now. I wasn’t thrilled with him the other night.

Hey Greg. I agree. Apparently Buchholtz is pitching well down at Pawtucket. Maybe is is finding his groove. Go Sox.

Two outs now! Yes Paul, sadly Wake can fall apart – BUT I think the guy was out stealing second so that would have helped.

How lovely – he walked another batter.

Bloody caputer STILL isn’t working! SNARL!

And Dave Roberts was brilliant in his comments – Wake is not throwing a lot of strikes right now. I did not notice!

YAY!! Out of the inning!

Wake got out of the inning but a lot of damage done. Got to get the bats going now. Go Sox.

Okay – brace yourselves – I AM GOING TO BED!!! I know, shocking really – but my 2nd graders will thank me tomorrow if I do!πŸ™‚

Paul, I hope we see Buch up here soon, also!

Some of the announcers really come up with some gems don’t they!

I’ll be watching the game tomorrow afternoon if anyone is around – and the fruit basket campaign will begin! RESIGN BAY!!!

That they do Paul!

Night all!


Hold down the fort without me!

Oh – SI listed the Red Sox owners as the best owners in baseball! The link to the article is on my blog today.

Such GOOD hitting we are seeing right now! These guys really know how to run to first, and then to the dugout!

We won’t re-take the lead that way! Go Sox.


We won’t take the lead THAT way, either! Hmmm!…

That was right in his wheelhouse and Hunter didn’t make any mistake. Where is Tito?

This is a test. My posts are not going through. It’s Lugo’s fault.

Mine aren’t either, Arnie! THIS IS ONLY A TEST…

Not many posts now. I guess you down easters have to go to bed! You can see how the Sox won tomorrow! Go Sox.

Maybe I am being a little optimistic! That was another quiet inning for the bats. I have no trouble posting. Go Sox.

I’d been trying to post something 3 times, and it kept kicking me out! Here goes nothing!…

The Sox are looking deflated after scoring 4 runs early and having Wake struggle. Maybe they can work on Palmer’s pitch count and get into the bullpen. The Angels BP hasn’t been too sharp.

Hey, Paul, maybe the computer is favoring the Canadians right now?πŸ˜‰ GO SOX!

I am sort of surprised that Wake is back out there! I guess Tito doesn’t want to get into the bullpen any sooner than he has to but this is really looking bad.

I’m VERY surprised Wake is still in there!

We’re a little tardy, there, Tito.

Maybe Tito was hoping that Wake could make it through the inning. Oh oh! Guess not. Bye Wake.

I hate that holding runners on base, especially when its 2nd base – I know why — but it cost you more runs than it saves you — that was easily the third out had we not had Lugo holding the runner on 2nd base. It seems like that happens a lot.

I agree, DGN!

This game is so momentum sensitive – how can we banging a pitcher around — then we have one bad inning — and suddenly we can’t hit the guy anymore at all? Give the pitcher a 1 run lead — and suddenly he gains all his confidence back and shuts us down — we aren’t even running his pitch count up anymore either — oh well — lots of innings left — up hill again.

Especially since we have such an OUTSTANDING SS there in Lugo!πŸ˜‰

I am sure he will spark our next rally — he started a 12 run inning in Cleveland, do you not remember that?

Some times you gamble and more often you lose. It is certainly not too late for the Sox to overcome this lead but they have to get at it! Go Sox.

J-Bay is welcome to keep THAT up! GO SOX!

I seem to have heard something about that 12-run inning, somewhere! Hmmm!!…;)
Seriously, DGN, sorry about the name screw-up earlier! GO SOX!

A very non-productive inning for the Sox. My earlier optimism is starting to fade. Not going to win many games with five hits! Go Sox.

Yep, leaving Wake in was a gamble, also. I don’t blame Tito for taking that gamble, as it often has worked, but not tonight! GO SOX!

Here goes again. Hmmm…

Just got in and turned the game on in time to see a ground ball go by Lugo for a base hit to score a run. He has the worst range of any shortstop in baseball. He is always on his heels and gets no jump on the ball. He is absolutely horrible out there.

It would appear the early magic of Hunter Jones has disappeared.

Good, at least we can see how Bard will do. Tough situation to be brought into–here’s a test for him! GO SOX!

Well Greg. You got your wish. We shall see what this young man has going for him.

Julio Lugo has totally ruined my night. He jinxed Wakefield, messed up this site so I’m having trouble posting, he’s giving the other team confidence. He casts a toxic shadow over the Red Sox. What’s next I wonder?

Garry, Lugo unfortunately was having to hold a runner on 2nd base.

Cool that we get see Daniel Bard tonite — too bad for the reason, and even worse — the home plate umpire has no clue what a strike is — probably some of Wake’s problem tonite.

It seems each year, the MLB umpires get a little worse? Is that my imagination, or is there some truth to that?

Nice start by Bard! GOOD JOB! GO SOX!

I’ve thought umps have been fair to poor for several years now, and this year is no exception! Worse? I don’t know.

Several of us have been wishing for Bard to be brought up for a while now, Paul–it wasn’t just my wish! And the fact that Loopy Lopez was DFA’ed to make room for him made it sweeter–no matter what pitcher they’d have brought up!

I agree. Bard looked pretty cool out there. He can really throw heat! We have an uphill battle however. No baserunners for several innings now. Go Sox.

Hey, even though my guy (for the contest) is Lugo — if we don’t crawl out of this deficit tonight — its not on him — Wake and the home-plate umpire tie for those honors — it has not been a good night for either at all.

I am not sure about blaming umpires and referees, especially when you lose. You have to play around that stuff. The Sox haven’t helped their cause tonight.

dgneubert: I saw he was up the middle a little. I also saw he took one step, fell down, and didn’t come close. Some might say it was an attempted dive, but it was awful. He did the same thing last night. He’s horrible….

Wake didn’t have it, no question. But you can never say for sure that it wasn’t Lugo’s fault. Look at it this way: if you had Lugo standing 20 feet behind you the whole time you were working you might have a bad day also.

I don’t subscribe to blaming umpires or referees in most cases, especially when you lose! They are just doing their job and you have to play around their decisions when they go against you. I don’t think it is going to make a difference in this game! Paul

Paul is right, though–no matter how the umps are calling the game, or when they blow a call (with or without instant replay!), the teams have to adapt if they are going to win. The Sox have not helped our own cause tonight!

I wonder if Josh Bard’s old uniform fit Daniel Bard? Hmmm…

You still need just one more out, Bard! Get the BATTER!

You’ve got to be kidding me……. Bard was still in the set position when Figgins took off. Man these Sox pitchers are getting some good instruction at holding runners on base. They are the absolute worst……. all of them, except maybe Lester.

What a game. A tough loss for sure but I’m really glad we have the fielding machine of Julio Lugo in there. He will be missed if Francona foolishly pulls him out of the game on Thursday.

Nice job, Daniel! Keep up the good work! GO SOX!

Bard has looked OK in first major league start. It is such a big jump from AAA to the bigs so you have to cut these guys a lot of slack. He is probably done for tonight anyway.

Good night folks.

Buenos nachos amigos!
Just 4 runs, come on guys you all know we can come back from that!

Nice catch by Rivera.
!Alla’ esta’s Carlos! ?Que’ tal?

Plus, Bard got to make his debut, and it was pretty good. Gotta think positive.

‘Hola Greg! Tough night, eh?

It was a good debut, Carlos, esp. considering the runners on when he came in. I hope he gets more opportunities!

Hey Carlos. I thought it was noches? Pablo

Yep, esp. since we got off to such a hot start, it looked like we might have a good night! But…

By the way, Carlos, I’m glad the nachos son buenos!πŸ˜‰

Palmer is looking like a Cy Young award winner! What has happened to the bats? We will take the rubber though. Go Sox.

We can use a Papi HR right about now! GO SOX!

Haha! Glad you caught that!
Hey, Wake was bound to have a bad night sooner or later. The knuckleball is a coinflip.

The bats, Paul, went to the belfry, I think! Hmmm!…

Carlos, I use a “Sanford and Son” “butchering” of Spanish all the time: “Yeah, well bones and notches to you too, pal!”πŸ™‚

Monster part of the lineup to lead off the nineth.
Come on, Tessie!

I hope you caught my unintentional butchering of Spanish on the Funhouse Page, Carlos!πŸ˜‰ GO SOX!

Delayed call, but correct. DRAT!πŸ˜‰

lol bones and notches!
You should try some free hole eat those, or some talk eat those.

Palmer gives up 4 R, yet is trying for a CG! Go figure! GO SOX!

Unfortunately, I can’t claim original credit for that one, Carlos! Oh, well! ;)…

Palmer pitched very well, but he sure had a ton of help from the guy in blue behind the plate. His strike zone was four feet wide.

Nice pitching. He did get some help at the end by the ump and the batters, but great job nontheless.

He did, but we (as mentioned before) did not help our own cause, Garry.

Palmer was awesome! It was like a pitching clinic! Not many complete games these days but threw a beauty! Paul

!Pues, asi’ anda la vida! (Such is life!) !Luego!

If you’ve got, they’ve got a doozie in Minnesota. 9-9 in the top of the 13th!

Pff 10-9 Tigers lead on a balk. That’s no way to end a 13-inning game.
Well Greg, hope to see you tomorrow night. These west coast trips are tough but at least this is the last one (in the regular season)πŸ˜‰

So I go to bed and missed all the fun! Okay – not all fun😦 (Brian – it’s 5:41 here! That would be AM! lol!) Bard! I like what I read this morning! The Angels are one of the only teams that has Wake figured out this season. Penny today…..hmmm..I hope that is good….

GO RED SOX! I should be home from school just after the game starts today!

See you all later!

Thanks for the comment Greg. We will probably be talking a lot a week from tomorrow when the Mets go to Fenway. Citi Field has been really nice. I have been there a couple times. It really has been a pitcher’s park. Expecially early in the seaon the Mets were getting as many triples as home runs when playing at home but now there are starting to be more home runs. I am not sure how it will play over the summer because just like at Shea, the wind swirls around. The flags sometimes blow in a different direction then the ball.

I didn’t watch the game but I don’t understand how a team can come out of the gates swinging like the Red Sox did last night and then all of a sudden forget how to hit. It was a rookie last night, when you have a guy like that on the ropes, deliver the knock out punch! I read some of Wakefield’s numbers in Anaheim, not good!

Also here is a shock, Napoli hit a H.R. against Boston. Almost a gurantee when he faces the Red Sox.

Bard with a great debut! Just how Francona wanted to break him in. Also I can’t believe Saito pitched a scoreless inning! That is AMAZING!!

im new to the redsox….i havent watched them for 35 yrs…and i havent seen timmy pitch ever ….tito i guess is the same as me….someone told me that when timmy doesnt have it…he doesnt have it….the wheels come off…thats the way off a knuckler….o well….just give a game away its ok we have Alot more….sarcasm….yes….man oh man….i mean i could see if it was a guy u didnt know but geez….next time tie a piece of seal meat to his butt and throw em in the bay tito….same result….eatin alive….i guess the bp is exhausted and that game didnt mean anything rt?….blah blah blah…..i know i shouldnt say anything bad about our fearless leader….atleast bard got his shot…… we get to look forward to penny-less….6 man rotation….maybe buch could get a shot…..hes pitchin pretty good guys…..knock knock….u hear me ?…..judge

Its the smog in LA — it flattens (de-knuckles) the knuckle ballπŸ™‚

Given Wake’s tendencies (over many years) — we all know what to expect — hot streaks and no-clue-streaks. Many others see the upside in this more than I do — its too up and down for me.

One observation, at least over the past few years, when the wheels come off, they usually come off — that is, Wake doesn’t seem to recover within a single game often anymore. So I would have long relief pitcher lined up for any game he is going to pitch, and pull him at the first time of trouble.

After loading the bases (I believe) in both the 1st and 2nd inning, the hand-writing was on the wall — couldn’t miss it. We should have put Daniel Bard in inning three — with a 4 run lead — the signs were already not subtle in this game.

Because Wake is either on or off — and then too, once the switch goes to off — it never recovers (anymore) before it is too late — you have to pull him very early — take advantage of his incredible hot streaks, and recognize a cold streak early (which unfortunately seems just as certain) — and so get out early while you can – maximize the upside, minimize the downside.

Wake-up call! (how to win with Wake)

Follow the advice of (ella or billie? for jazz aficionados):

Accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative, don’t mess with Mr. In-Bewteen!

like i hinted at very profusely dg….i love wake but anyone who knows him…if it isnt there it wont miraculously appear…yo tito ….u hear us?…..anyhoo…wake is very very valuable…personally i would use em out of the pen..long relief…it seems masterful is locked in at starting so use wake in LR…..then….let buch pitch….now if he hasnt been brought up because of the june arbitration deadline(money) thingy…..then shame on the sox FO ….and….u know how hard it would be to adapt to a knuckle ball in mid game….nearly impossible….but…..if wake cant throw strikes in relief thats a danger too….normally long relief is a bad situation tho anyways so u dont have much to lose …judge

Hey all…good morning. Was a tough night but a great spot was of course seeing our new Pawtucket master take in the sunshine. he looked great and it was nice he could go in on a no-win game. All he had to do was impress everyone and he did. His slight wildness was an obvious sign of energy and desperation to please. Who cares. Once he settles in Bard will be dynamite. No question about it.
Now, starting pitching is a disaster so far. Tim I can forgive. Beckett I can forgive and so can I forgive Lester and FINALLY I can forgive Penny who FINALLY admitted he’s been sloppy instead of being Mr. Denial. We’re only in May but I suspect that Farrell and friends are going to turn things around. They have too if the Sox want to complete. They had an easy win last night get away. Tonight should be an easy win if Penny can hold it together.
In accordance with the bet I made with the group, I’m of course deeply crushed that Julio Lugo won’t play tonight. Dustin is OK but nothing can complete with Lugos’ superb mastery of the infield. It will be a great loss.

I was very surprised last night that Lowell cut in front of Lugo to make the play at short. Lugo is such an excellent shortstop that it’s amazing Mike would be so rude. That’s depressing…oh…I feel those painful stomach cramps coming on again…when does this bet end???

Dave – no, no. You were right. It was so very rude of Mikey not to give Lugo a chance to shine. I am sure then when they got back to the clubhouse Mikey got down on bended knee to offer his humblest apology.πŸ™‚

hey all!! Finally a little free time to blog… (3 full days of applicants in MY office waitinf to be interviewed!! FUN!!!
So how are my Co-horts (and yes thats HORTS) frm the challenge???? I’m doing okay today. I;m going to read and catch up on what I missed after the sandman called me last night.

Hey, all. I’ll be checking in every once in a while, but will only be keeping an eye on the game. See you from time to time! GO SOX!

So… Someone tell me, Did my guy JD go 4/4 with a couple of stolen bases??? Go JD!!!

Well, I tried my best to balance the excessive positivity on this blog regarding Lugo last night but it didn’t help. Chalk up another “L”. L is for Lugo, L is for loss, is it any wonder?
Anyway, as I understand Newton’s 1st law of physics (or was it second?) every action has an equal and OPPOSITE reaction. So if you give someone positive feedback they respond with an opposite reaction and do bad things. That’s why all the negativity here was helping Lugo be a better player. Didn’t he recently start a 12 run rally?? See, it’s working. So all bloggers here please keep up the abuse of Julio Lugo—-except you contestants— it can only make him a better short stop.

Yea, most of us will get a free pass on good behavior today.

I am not batting expert, but it seems to me that part of Papi’s problem is that he is trying to lift everything to moon — when he should just be squaring up and driving the ball. His swing looks more like a golfer than a batter at times — well not that bad — but it does look like he is trying to lift with every swing rather than just hit the ball hard.


sorry for my blonde fingers again…

I am SO glad I just turned the game on !!! UGH!!!!

1-0! Just great!

Oh – HI ALL!!

Penny couldn’t have struck out Hunter??

OKay guys, come one and score some runs… We’re only down 1 so let’s get it together and SCORE SCORE SCORE!!!
(did Someone ask for Trixie??lol) Day games bring out the pom-poms in me!!

Stooopid Penny!!!!!
There, that will help him out.

Hey, its very good news that we didn’t score first — that didn’t work out well yesterday — hopefully that will counteract the fact that this is the “other” (as in every-other) game for Mr. Penny.

MIKEY!!! Love that double!

Don’t you go hittin’ our players!

Seems our batters have trouble seeing third strikes!!

TEK!! Come on guys – let’s not waste Mikey’s double!

Oh yay – LUGO!!!! UGH!! COME ON!!

WHOOO HOOO!!! YAY!!! Who was that? It couldn’t have been Lugo???

My man Lugo — comes thru in the clutch — way to go Lugo!

Look at that! Friggin’ Lugo just got an RBI single!!!! It’s working folks, don’t let up on him now. Go f—ing Lugo!

You Go LUGO!!!! (He’s not my guy) good job!!! 1-1 now lets get it going

Well we tied it up! Good start!

Hey dgneubert…that was great of Lugo but not surprising. He does this all the time for the team. He’s always surprising us with his natural talent…oh my stomach…hurting…pain…gonna die…
Anyway…go Lugo!

Lugo stole second with such blinding speed that they didn’t even make a play for him!!!!

Brad Penny gives up a run in one inning but since I’m in the contest I have to say go Penny…oh getting an ulcer…need medical help!

BAY!!!! What a great catch!

Nice Play-Bay!!!

Ellen…help me…

Ellen…you there?

I like the way Lugo didn’t even try to catch that ball in short center. He didn’t want to confuse Ells. He felt that Ells could use the exercise.

Dave – can we get you some Tums?? lol!

Great catch Ellsbury!

Penny settling down, Lugo has an RBI. All is right with the world. Sox will bust out and take the lead for good in the next inning or two, I can feel it coming.

Tums are not helping Julia…it’s too hard…pain…unbearable…but Arnie is right. Penny had a great inning and Lugo was masterful. What more can you ask from this great…man.

The ball WAS fair! It is the wrong call!

HEY! They got it right! lol!!

Dave – we are here for you…..and we’ll try to not to laugh…at your discomfort! lol!!

Ellsbury needed the exercise anyway. I’m sure glad Francona keeps putting Lugo in there so that we can each and every day admire the great Lugo. I love Lugo. He’s so great.

What caused the on field delay??

Just want to mention in an unrelated incident I have the strange urge to explode some large amount of munitions.

Okay – good sac fly!

Nice shot Papi!!!

GO JBAY!! Good job – drove in Dusty!

I want to cry and thank Jason Bay for like LUGO…I mean Lugo, we have our heroes.

Good Job JBAY!!

Okay – I’m not playing the game – so for all of you – PENNY!!! WE NEED OUTS NOT HITS!!!!!!!

Why Julia I have always lauded your enthusiasm but just remember that Julio Lugo will save us all with his range and his natural abilities given to him by the God Zeus himself. You are awesome Lugo.

Oh Dave – You are so right – did you not see that B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L catch that Lugo just made???

I will save my rath for 1 cent man!

Julia…I feel like the time Hawkeye on MASH had to deny himself telling jokes for a week. I can understand the feeling now.

OH JOY!!!!! The Angels went ahead….

AHHH….Julia this is KILLING ME!

I just want to say it is because Julio did not make the play that we are now two runs down. Praise Julio…

LOL!! I remember that episode Dave. I’ll help you out and “encourage” our players for you.

The original plan was that you couldnt say anything bad and couldnt use drippy sarcasm… like my dear old mama used to say, “IF YOU CANT SAY SOMETHING NICE DONT SAY ANYTHING AT ALL!!!

F—ing Penny!!! Just when I compliment him on settling down he gives up the lead. Moron!!!!! Idiot!!! Get some outs!!!

Brad Penny has one pitch which he throws the same speed, at the same angle, with no movement every time. His curve ball isn’t very good as it seems to just roll over and hang. He doesn’t change speeds at all. If he had a decent changeup, he might be unhittable. Tori Hunter just sat there and waited on a fast ball he could handle, and he got it.

Yep, I think Dave is out.

Good job backing up Tek’s throw to second, Lugo. You’re still an idiot but good job.

Thank you Ellen. I need to breathe the fresh air and take a break. This is too much excitement for me.

Brad forgot to put the stickum in his hair — he keeps running his hands through it, but it is having no affect.

Actually Dave – it’s only 1 run! lol! See Julio is divine!

Arnie – it is time for Penny to go!

take the lead back and then hang on to it for dear life!!!!

Thank you Julia. You’re a great friend to what’s left of my sanity!

I think it’s time to send Penny on a well-deserved vacation to subby Pawtucket. Maybe Bucholz can do him the favor and sit in for him while he is gone!!!

That should be “sunny” Pawtucket!!

Yea, Santana next inning, with a pitch count of 50+ already, better not suddenly becomes Cy Young, cause the Angels have the lead again.

HE IS DIVINE!!! He magically dropped that ball in. All hail the mighty Lugo!

Lugo with another hit.

Dave – I am here for you! At least until I lose it myself! lol!

AND it is tied up! GO DUSTY!!!

Arrgh, Baily and Tex out on two total pitches — how can they walk into that — just what I was afraid of — come on guys, drive the pitch count, and get hits like Lugo!!!


Clutch hit by Ellsbury……should have been his second. He hit a screamer that was snagged by Figgins with a couple of runners on earlier.

How does Lugo not get to third base on that base hit?



There is a time for everything and papi, my buddy, my bro, you big ol’ sweet eyed man…its time for you to voluntarily step out of the 3 spot… please.

Okay – show of hands – should Ortiz be benched or moved down in the order?

I think Big Papi is also due for a nice vacation!!!

I vote that Papi first be dropped down in the batting order. After five games if that doesn’t work- bench him for 10 games!!!

Okay – was that play just weird! But hey, it is an out! lol!!!

How can you score more runs if you regular DH is an automatic out at 3 hole? Do we like to see Bay AB with bases loaded?

O-M-G!!! Was that Mr. Divine??? Dave – he did it for YOU!!!

WOW!! Lugo must have jumped twenty feet to snag that line drive!!!

Bay should be take Ortiz’s spot!

Okay – that was a better inning!

LA must be baffled with Lugo’s play. They are not like us- as we have come to take it for granted!!


Let’s go Mikey!!!

yes Lugo…good play. We love you LUGO! You’re saving us all from ourselves.
Julia and Ellen — thank you for your support.
However for David…he needs some time off. No question about it.

I am so excited that Bay got that double because of course we have a lineup that always comes through driving in the clutch hits…

Dave – we’ve got your back!πŸ˜€

And Mr. Ortiz is starting to hurt us.

I see where Tito is now taking some sage advice from Lugo!!

That was smart of the Angels. Walk Bailey to face Varitek?

And we leave Bay on base………grrrrrrr…….sigh……..

Well…I guess it was smart.

Great. Bay was followed with a double. One batter too late. It would have cleared the bases.

Twice now Tek has swung at the first pitch. He must be trying to take it easy on Santana.

Well…I guess it was smart.

Off topic — can someone in simple language explain to me the ‘Infield Fly Rule’ Thanks…

Well that was a better inning! I’ll be back and forth now – have to be nice and cook dinner for my family! lol!

I’m glad Dustin is back in the lineup! He already is making an impact! GO DUSTIN! GO SOX!

I don’t know if I would be that quick on the benching trigger, Phil–players usually need to get accustomed to a new role. That said, I would lower Papi in the order now, if not yesterday! Come on, Papi, we need you to step up! GO SOX!

Good! We are tied again! Last I looked, we were down, 3-2. GO SOX!

OK after David’s strike out who do we have — BAY!

That’s a little frightening. I predicted a strike out and it happened.

greg- I allowed Papi five games to adjust. I guess I’m not Tito- I pull the trigger when someone doesn’t perform. In Papi’s situation it would have been done a while ago.

Man, it better “be darkest before the dawn” for Ortiz. He is just hitting awful right now. If it were another player, we would be blaming him for costing us the game.

In 6 innings already 6 LOB for our DH. The Sox better win the game or else I will be………………I’d rather see Lugo in that spot today. Sorry Dave.

I had enough. Talk to you guys tomorrow morning!

Andrew — of course I think Lugo should be in there. Having made this contest bet to support Lugo I will endorse your decision completely.

Dave – Here is the Infield Fly Rule. There must be runners on first and second bases, or the bases may be loaded with less than two out. If a batter hits a fair ball in the air which the umpire feels a fielder can handle routinely, he can call the Infield Fly Rule. Once the call is made, if the ball remains fair, the batter is out, whether the ball is caught or not. If the ball lands is not caught and lands foul, it is a foul ball. On the Infield Fly Rule, runners may advance at their own risk.

Infield Fly Rule Part 2 – The purpose of the rule is to prevent fielders from letting pop ups drop to the ground for the purpose of setting up an easy double play.

The call is not automatic on every pop up. The umpire must judge that the play on the pop up can be made with a routine effort.

Let’s hope the Sox don’t fall asleep now. We are still in this game. Maybe Papi’s continued failure is taking a psychological toll on them!!

Thanks Gary. That makes perfect sense. Playable balls should not be dropped just to get the double play. This forces the fielder to make the play but it costs them as well — no double play. Sort of a balancing act. Well put!

Gary another question:
Is there a reference guide to all the crazy signs the manager and coaches give the players for certain actions (e.g. bunting, etc.) I’m sure that it’s different for every team but there must be some standards.

And no more Penny!

Let’s go Okie!!!


Beautiful dive and catch by Bay!!! You ROCK JBAY!

Another GREAT Play-Bay!!!

I couldn’t get this typed fast enough — was going to say we are going the well too many times with Oki.



The run scored but BAY!!!

If we lose 4-3, Papi is going to need some therapy!


I can’t take it anymore. Signing off.

Its up to Lugo again!

Good job J-go!!!!

Pedey Pedey Pedey!!!!! GOOD JOB RATBOY!!!! 4FOR4!!!

Dave left too early… Lugo is 3 for 4 today….
We can STILL do this…

Here we go — you would think we have the edge — gameday seemed to show that Ortiz just missed a home run — true?

Nice catch Tek!!!

Wow, 4-4, still tied! I’m headed out, so I’ll have to catch the score later! Come on, OKI! Hold the score tied! GO SOX! Get some RUNS!!

Come on OKI!!!! Get him outta there!!

COME ON BUBBA TCB… Take care of business!!!!!!!!

Ells blew that one. He should have caught it. Let’s hope we hold them!!!

Why doesn’t Francona listen to me? I told him we were going to the well too many times with Oki — arrgh.

Ellsbury is a great outfielder, but the one problem he does have is when he gets close to a fence. He seems to lose track of where he is. That’s two fly balls I think he probably should have caught out there today. Maybe it’s just that he doesn’t know the park, but I’ve seen him have the same issues at Fenway.

We should walk Hunter (too dangeours) and set up the DP.

What a play by J.D.Drew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Nice play Drew!!! Let’s get some runs!!!

Ellen — I guess I was wrong about walking Hunter — but I was right about JD!!!

That was PURE HUSTLE from Drew there…. EXCELLENT.

That is just one awesome piece of fielding by J.D. Drew – magnificent.

Papi has been so poor tonight though…

Good shout Garry, regarding Ellsbury – strange to see him miss these 2 catches

Dave – There is no reference guide for signs and signals. If there was, the other team would always be able to steal your signs. Signs and signals change all the time, and in fact may change a couple of times over the course of a game. Pitchers and catchers may change their signs a couple of times an inning.

Hah…. this is great. I turned off the game on the computer when Tek struck out looking. And now I check the score and the Sox tied it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jon Bon up and throwing…. Baldelli in for Drew and baldelli gets a base hit!!! YESSSSSS……..

I guess Nick Green can play 3rd base.

Why did Francona pinch-hit Badelli for JD Drew after he just saved the day? Is he hurt?

The way Pedroia’s playing today he could play 2nd and 3rd at the same time!!

I don’t think Drew is hurt. However, I think the Fuentes delivery might give Drew a tough time. Francona looks like a genious.

Great job Bailey! – NOT!!!



That was a WASTE!!!

Home plate ump is giving Angels pitchers every single close call. Can’t really complain because at least according to the strike zone thingy, they are strikes.

Too bad we couldn’t get to Lugo — he would have won the game for us!!!

So true, Lugo would have been our hero!!

I can’t stand watching Ortiz in the 3 hole anymore. 0-5 on Thursday? He had multiple opportunities to score people and I know the red sox are going to lose this game because of him. Please move him in the order, he is such a useless piece of crap this season.

Who is that man playing SS today? I do not recognize him???

….and we go to extra innings!!!!!!!!

And we have extra innings.

Good job Ramirez!! Now let’s get some runs for a change!!!

Yes metalsoxfan – Ortiz needs to be moved – but useless piece of crap? Wouldn’t go that far.

Ramon Ramirez has turned in yet another quality outing – what a great acquisition he’s turning out to be

Good day for Lugo, both offensively & defensively. Can he lead us off with a hit in the 10th?

LUGO!!! LUGO!!!! LUGO!!!!

GO TITO!!!!!!!

He’s otta here!!! TITO GETS TOSSED!!

Well done Tito – Miller has had a shocker behind the plate (when he’s been calling Angels pitchers)

Yeah JGO!!!!!!


Great work Lugo!!!

Way to go Lugo. Let’s move him over!!

Well – okay – Jacoby is on second

Julio Lugo is my hero now.

WOW!! “stuck in the middle with you”… that was dumb!!

Dave – are you loving Lugo now??? He must be your hero!!!! lol!!

Ells should have bunted him over!!!

Will they pinch hit for Ortiz??

DAMN!!!! (*&%**^ Hunter!

Bad baserunning twice….. Ellsbury should have been able to take 3rd…………

Okay – Ortiz should NOT have been at the plate then….

Just got to tip your hat to Hunter – great play…

But what a sad effort by Papi, to round off a thoroughly bad night for him

Something has to be done with Papi. No more excuses for Tito!!!

You guys are right — we got greedy — a bunt to get Lugo over, Lugo would have scored with despite the incredible catch by Hunter — who is calling the shots — when Francona gets ejected?

Lugo made the first out at third??? What a friggin’ moron!!!!! Lugo sux!!!

Yea, Hunter and Papi are making it very tough.

Just some plain old fashioned bad luck for the Sox in the 10th. Ellsbury hit the ball hard, Pedroia hit the ball hard and they had nothing to show for it. Ellsbury made the proper base running play. He has to play half way to be sure he can score if the ball drops. Getting to third wasn’t critical for him since he can score on almost any base hit.

Francona was justified in complaining. That pitch to Lugo wasn’t even close.

What a huge effort by Ramirez – keeping us in the game here.

Feel like we’ve got to take our chance this time…

You have to feel badly for Ortiz. He’s hit a couple of balls hard today. It will be interesting to see if he can turn it around. If things start going his way, watch out. All we can do is hope.

A couple of bad base running efforts that inning. Lugo should have gotten a triple on the ball he hit. Ells should have made third easily after Hunter’s catch. Whether it’s being conservative or not- it’s still bad base running!!!

Good baserunning andheads up ball by JBAY!!!

Nice JBAY!!! And Abreau – love the new uniform look!

Wow…what an ugly game for David. Time for a break for him. Francona’s ejection is a clear indication of the pressure he’s under. Every freakin game is a battle, a crawl to the finish. I can’t remember the last time the Sox had an easy win. Injuries are piled up and Ortiz just keeps blowing games. This is nasty. Francona needs a rest. I’d take that ejection as a break from the stress.
I would also suspect that Farrell is taking over.

Wow – that was a piece of luck for Bay

Again – feel like we have to capitalise on that at this stage

Come on Nicky… Jack a Johnson!!!!

Gary thanks for the answer on the signs. Makes sense.

I disagree Pangelotti, Ellsbury has to be half way on that play. His primary objective is to score, not to get to third.

If Hunter doesn’t get to that ball Ells would have scored anyway.

Pangelotti, I also think Lugo has to be conservative and was wise to stay with a double. Hunter actually got to that ball pretty quickly and it would have been a very close play at third. You don’t want your leadoff runner thrown out at third.

I think they gave Hunter his due respect.

I would not bring Papelbon in now. Aren’t Saito and Bard still out there?

Nice play Pedroia!!!

DUSTY!!! The Celtics need to sign him! He’s got hang time!!!

Wonderful catch by Petey…I can’t recall a game during which I’ve seen so many outstanding defensive plays!

Btw – don’t know if it’s been said already – but in the ongoing (& saddening) absence of Jerry Remy, what a pleasure it is to listen to the commentary of Dave Roberts

Jonathan keeps teasing them instead of coming at em hard and fast and he gives one up every time!!! CUT IT OUT DAMNIT…..GET OUT OF THIS!!!!

You have to wonder about Papelbon’s approach to Hunter. Where’s the macho closer who can throw the ball by anyone. Why not go after good hitters with your very best stuff.

I think Hunter steals second.

Not even close!

And WHAT is wrong with Pap???

How can you have zero confidence in a closer who is perfect on the year?

And he stole 3rd too! WHAT IS UP WITH PAP!!!

Neither the batters or the runners are afraid of Papelbon any longer

Given what Miller has called for Angels pitchers today, Pap has to feel hard done by when the 0-2 pitch isn’t called strike

Ramon Ramirez did a much better job than Papelbon is doing

A sub stellar effort by Papelbon which pretty much assures it will be a one inning appearance should the Sox score this inning.


The Angels are going to get 4 innings out of Arrendondo — why we go through our entire pen.

Well done Tek!

Lugo time!!!!

Dude……what kind of a move is that? Kottaras for Varitek? Is Kottaras a secret speed merchant we don’t know about? I’m thinking I wouldn’t make that move.

How many hits does Lugo have in him today?

Way to go JGO!!

LOL! I guess that’s why I’m not managing the Red Sox.

Way to go Lugo!! Now let’s get him home.!!

I wouldn’t have made the Drew substitution either — he would have ended this game innings ago — the smog is getting to our managers.

Like I was saying – Lugo-timeπŸ™‚

Kottaras did a good job to get to 3rd

Good baserunning by George!

Wow — see what love can do !!!!

bases loaded for Petey – bring ’em home, Dusty

Bases loaded for Pedey!!!!! COME ON RATBOY DO IT ONE… MORE… TIME…

OK Pedroia- let’s get at least one run!!!


redemption time for Papi?




I AM BEGGING YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

RANT & GRANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ortiz has no chance on Bulger’s fast ball.


11 base runners stranded by Ortiz.

Man this is painful.

)_(*^&^*^&^$%%^&(((&__)%$ *&**%*&^(

We can’t say that we didn’t have our chances. Lugo was fantastic. Let’s try and hold them!!!!

I thought the Angel pen was supposed to poor — we are making them look mighty good.

OK Manny-do your job. NO WALKS!!!!

Brian… Dr Feelgood has a 0.52 era… you dont like that??

Stealing against the Sox is easier than sacrificing.

However it turns out, you have to give credit to LA for executing moving the man over!

Thanks Papi!! and Brian , now I see what your bitch is about MannyD

Well there is always the post seasonπŸ™‚

Tough defeat to take – the batters had so many chances out there, & just couldn’t quite deliver

Ortiz has got to feel like a bad Disney movie, where someone else is in his body.

Lugo and Pedey had a great day.. Penny didnt have a HORRIBLE day, OKi did ok. Ramon Ramirez did great… Anyone want to know how many of the batters left on were left there by Papi?? at least 8 or 9……….. It is now PAST TIME TO YANK HIM FROM THAT SPOT.. MAYBE FROM THE LINEUP ALTOGETHER FOR A FEW GAMES.

The Angels did a good job outlasting us……..

Pathetic display of hitting with runners on. Papi left 12 men on by himself!! Disgusting!!!

Jambo, All the batters did their jobs except for Big Papi. No else fell down on the job. He had the bases loaded TWICE. This one falls on him. I REALLY hope that later this season, I have to eat all of these words, and Papi will turn things around in a BIG (PAPI) way!!

We fixed LugoπŸ™‚ we can fix Papi — didn’t he almost hit it all of the park earlier in the game — all I had was gameday to go by? In Fenway — that would have been a game winner and we would be clamouring how he finally broke out of it — different park, bitter result — plus Hunter robbed Pedroria – but he did have a very bad day.

dgn: I think he feels more like its the Exorcist!!! I think we need a Shaman to exorcise the demons in Papis body and vrain.

I think its time to start asking what the Yankees did with the Ortiz jersey they dug out of Yankee stadiumπŸ™‚ ?

I agree, Ellen, that Papi’s failure to deliver was most significant tonight (though Bailey also struggled). I’m beginning to think, along with the pessimists, that he’s a long way from breaking out of this slump – certainly on tonight’s evidence.

On the other hand, who’d a thought that Lugo could turn in such a great display both offensively & defensively?!!

Ellen, I had to wikepedia Shaman — that should help — unless they heal him of the desire to play baseball, competitive sports, or the desire to win, being at one and attune to higher purposes — we should be very specific if we enlist such help!

new thread.. wait till you see the title….

12 innings! Bummer that DelCarmen took the loss. Glad Dustin had a great night back in the lineup–and Lugo! But did I read that right–17 LOB???!! That won’t cut it! GO SOX!

I’m glad Ramon was a stud again tonight! “How can you have zero confidence in a closer who is perfect”? (I think Garry asked that rhetorically, from what I can tell!) Pap has, unfortunately, shown us exactly how.

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