Ortiz back in there, and in a familiar spot

Yes, David Ortiz is back in the lineup after his three-day break in Seattle. No, manager Terry Francona did not move the left-handed slugger out of the No. 3 spot in the batting order, where Ortiz has been almost exclusively since the beginning of 2004.

Ortiz declined to speak before the game, but he seemed in a good mood.

The true answer of what the break did for him will come a little after 7 p.m. tonight when he steps back into that batters box for the first time since last Thursday in Anaheim, when he went 0-for-7 and tied a franchise record by leaving 12 men on base. Ortiz is hitting .208 with no homers and 15 RBIs in 130 at-bats.

The Red Sox are playing the American League East-leading Toronto Blue Jays for the first of a three-game series at Fenway. Speaking of the Blue Jays, they are not only off to a great start, but they have an old friend in Kevin Millar, who is batting eighth tonight and DH-ing.

Millar and Ortiz were always very close in their three years as teammates so Kevin of course is aware of the slump his friend is in and can definitely relate. Here is Millar talking about Ortiz:

“You know what, he should have a longer runway then most players here just because of what this guy has done, all the big hits he’s had. You feel terrible for him. I want to talk to him today. You have to understand, it’s baseball and there’s struggles and when you start out this way, it’s magnified and it’s brutal. You can go do this in August and go 80, 90, 100 at-bats without a home run – it happens. But at the start, it gets magnified and becomes more mental than physical.”

“I think, David, physically, looks good. I think he’s obviously still very powerful but I think once he gets that first one, you’re going to see him hit 10 in a month, then seven in a month, and you’ll know he’s back.”

“No doubt about it. We’ve all been there. I remember one year in ’05 or something, same thing, I started out and didn’t hit a home run for whatever, but once you hit the first one out of the way … “

“He’s the best about that, Tito. He’s not going to move him down and say he’s not going to do this. He’s going to stick with him and he needs to.”


Good luck Papi!

Wouldn’t it be fab if the Sox could cop an attitude and sweep this series. Send a message.
Go Papi!!!!!!!!!!!!
Go Sox!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I typed that post on May 15th in anticipation of this series with the Jays. It just posted. Perfect timing, I’m not having any trouble with this site. Go MLBlogs!!!

I’m calling it now. Jays will win 2/3 and add to their lead on the East. Best of luck. as if being bruins and celtics fans hasnt been hard enough this week.

Hi everyone.. and IAN THANK YOU FOR THE NEW THREAD.. WE ALL REALLY APPRECIATE IT, I even speculated that maybe Papi had thrown you in his locker, locked it and walked away, leaving you in Seattle.. Glad to see that you fould the key to the lock!!
I have a little stuffed blue jay that I’m holding hostage and I have my turkey pins standing by in case I have to use the old voodoo technique..
GOOOOOOOOOOOO SAWX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Welcome back Ortiz and also a big welcome back to Ian as well.

I wrote on here last week–When Ortiz returns to his familar 3 spot in the Red Sox lineup, the fans at Fenway should give Ortiz a standing ovation. The fans should show the baseball word what being loyal is all about. Make me proud Red Sox fans. Without Ortiz, the last title would still be 1918!

Time for the Red Sox to show Toronto who is boss in the East! Some home cooking should do the trick.

Hi All! Hey a new thread! WHOOO HOOOO!! Ellen – my second graders sent letters to Big Papi today!


GO WAKEFIELD! I love listening to Eck!!!

Oh good…. we get to hear about “cheese”y “johnson” paint tonight with Eckersley in the booth.. I think Orsillo should have left his neard, thought it looked good.


Good news for the Red Sox but the news isn’t good for pitchers, Youkilis will be back tomm. night. Also I heard Smoltz is making a rehab start in Augusta, Ga. ( I wonder if Smoltz will be golfing there as well??–lol )

Will Bard make his Fenway debut tonight??? Masterson is going back to the pen…..the pen will be that much stronger. Dice-K is returning soon, that can only help this struggling rotation.

Nice throw by Kottaras.. Good inning.. NOW BATS, BIG BAD BOOMIN’BATS!!!

My best and GOOD LUCK TO PAPI!!!


What happened??? Someone else is leading off tonight. Is Julia sleeping at the controls???? LOL!!

I think Ellsbury was safe!

I try to share the wealth! And once in a while I have to be nice to my family – do things like cook dinner……lol! Acually – had to pick my car up from the shop.



Good eye David!


Brian, you’re supposed to lead off!!! You were the good luck charm for that last season!


Come on Wake! We have to hold them!!!!

Mikey!!! Great catch!

K!!!! Love it Wake!!!!!

Shhh… Ellen – Brian didn’t lead off tonight!

oops my blonde!!


With Julia around, a very rare chance to lead off. I sleep but I don’t think she does. lol. She is too quick for me!

Just me being around is good luck not only for the Red Sox but everyone on here! I eat my Lucky Charms every single day. They’re magically delicious. LOL!!

I am sensing a David Ortiz H.R. tonight. Game winner???

Nice inning guys! Let’s get some runs!

There you go Mikey!!! Come on JD!!! Get us a hit!!

Good hit Lowell! Let’s keep it going boys! WHOOO HOOO!

Moi? No – sleep is not in my Vocab! And Brian – I can FEEL the magic here….or is that the wine I’m drinking? I never can tell them apart! lol!

Buenas noches amigos! Good evening Ellen, Julia, Brian, et all. Great to see the Sawx back at Fenway, and to hear the crowd greet Papi so warmly. I’m still at work so I’ll be off and on, but I’ll try and keep up with the game and comments! Hope the flutterball dances like Mr. Bojangles!
LET’S GO RED SOX!! (clap, clap, clap-clap-clap)

Come on JD!!!!

have not posted in a while, however straight from a florida red sox fan tonight ortiz goes YARD!

!Oye, Carlos! ?Que’ tal? Hey Ellen, Julia, how is everyone tonight? GO SOX!

Good to see we’ve got a new thread going! How’s the speed on the blog tonight–better, or still living in Turtletown?


As long as your feeling a positive vibe, who cares whether it is wine or some crazy magic!Then again I’m glad the Magic left Boston, they spanked the Celtics on Sunday night.

Unable to watch the game but the Jays will wish they were still playing the Central. lol.

Come on Julio, get on base!!!! you can DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!

Good vibes all around in blog world–Of course Red Sox fans only!

‘Hellorio, Gregorio! Nice to see you! How is the weather in your kingdom these days?

BAILEY!!!! Good job running Lowell! Let’s get some more home!!! GO RED SOX!!!

Good Job Jeff… 1-0……Keep blooping…

It seems the speed is working well. for a change! Let’s hope it continues! YAY!
Nice job, Jeff Bailey! GO SOX!
Come on KOT!

Buenos noches Carlos!!!


The system is moving like Ellsbury tonight. Perhaps this Mark guy was afraid of Ellen. LOL!!

Hi all. Great hit and run executed perfectly! GO SOX.

Hi Greg! Hi Carlos!

Brian – I watched that game Sunday…sigh…. But I’ll take the Red Sox Magic! Let’s go Guys!!

Tallett shouldn’t see the 5th inning. Boston should pound him. He has no bussiness being in a rotation.

I think Mark is! Great job Ellen!

Hi Oki!!

WHOOOO HOOOO!!! Love the Jays’ fielding!!!

Heads up running!!

Heads up running!!

I’m glad we’re not facing Doc this series

2-0! Way to go SOX!

Brian, if Mark was afraid of Ellen, she is to be commended! Maybe we need Trixie to do so more often! Nice job, Elln/Trixie!πŸ™‚

Tough break Ellsbury!

Let’s have another great inning Wake!


I watched the game on Sunday night as well, Red has turned over in his grave hundreds of times during that game. The Celtics looked worn out and dead tired on the court Sunday. Enough of them…

Bottom of the order driving in the runs! I like it. Bailey’s last game with the Sox ( Youk will take his spot tomm. night ) so he might as well go out with a bang tonight. After tonight, A.A.A. for Bailey.

Okay – I miss Millar!😦

I hope KevLar’s take on Papi is on target! We miss you, KevLar! Come on, Papi, we’re pulling for ya! GO SOX!


Mark is a smart man for fixing the problem, he knew what was best for him. Ellen would have hunted him down and Mark wouldn’t like that, then again maybe he would. LOL!! It looks like the problem is fixed. AMEN!

COME ON. WAKE! Keep the momentum going! SO or DP! GO SOX!

I remember someone saying—H.R.’s are like bannana’s, they come in bunches. I hope that is the case with Ortiz!

Let’s hope we don’t get over 500 comments again, to test that theory, Brian!

We’ll have to stop at 499…LOL!!

Well done, Dustin! One, more, Wake! GO SOX!

COME ON WAKE!!!! Let’s get out of this boys!!!

I don’t know how often you’ve blogged during the games in the past, Brian, but that really was getting to be a problem, to even TRY to post during games!

Nice job, Wake! GO SOX!

We got out of that! WHOO HOO!

Sox finally capitalized with on some runners on base. Don’t know why Lugo didn’t bunt them over with none out. However runs scored anyway. Let’s keep it going.

Brain – I think Mark WOULD like it if Ellen hunted him down!! lol!!

Greg – should I send Mark a fruit basket?? lol!!

PAPI!!! Bummer!!

The Red Sox don’t believe in sacrificing an out to move runners up. Not sure why.

Come on Papi! You can do better than that!! We still believe in you!

BAY!!! Nice hit!!!

Let’s go Mikey! YOU CAN DO IT!!

Nice piece of hitting Jason. Home boy is making us proud up here.

Come on, MIKE! GO SOX!

Mikey!! ugh!! We need to keep moving guys around the bases

Hey, Paul, how are you tonight?
Come on, Wake! GO SOX!

Tough break for Mike, hit it hard, nothing to show for it! GO SOX!

Okay – I just missed that whole play on NESN!!! They came back after it was over!

Ells,Mikey etc have hit some hard shots right at people. Eventually they will get through. Papi still looks real bad. Let’s hope he turns it around. Let’s go Wakefield- keep up the good pitching– remember-NO WALKS!!

I wouldn’t sacrifice an out to advance a runner. That’s one of the few things I agreed with Billy Beane in “Moneyball”.
Nice job, J-Bay! GO SOX! SO or DP!

Julia, if it keeps the speed of this blog moving, send as many fruit baskets as necessary!πŸ˜‰ GO SOX!

Hey Greg. Doing well my man. I thought the Bruins would move on to the next round. Carolina played well though.

I will Greg! If it works well tonight – there will be a fruit basket for Mark tomorrow!

NICE JOB!!!! Let’s get some more runs!!!

how bout that old man?

Keep the baskets going to Theo, Julia!πŸ˜‰
Nice job, WAKE! GO SOX!

Wake seems to be in his groove so far tonight. GO SOX.

There is another one up for Theo tonight Greg! A lovely basket of strawberries and pineapple!

I thought the Bruins would advance, also, Paul. Carolina’s a tough bunch, though, so I am not surprised they did advance–and now that the Bruins are out, I will GLADLY pull for the Hurricanes! Cam Ward is a VERY under-rated goalie for the Canes! (Doesn’t live too far away from you out there, Paul!)πŸ˜‰

If and when Lugo bunts he has a good chance of beating it out. Heck, Jeter does it, why can’t Lugo? Scoccia will move them up as well.
I didn’t see Lugo’s error. Anyway it didn’t mean anything.

If they bunt for a HIT, I have no problem with it, either, Phil. And you are right, Lugo CAN beat them out–so I would have NO problem with him trying it!

I also thought this was the Bruins’ year. The lose in sudden death was just terrible…..

I did see that, Julia! Keep up the good work!πŸ™‚ And if it keeps Mark happy…;)

Hey, DThatcher, how are you? Welcome!

Yeah, good to be back. I wasn’t in Seattle, so wasn’t blogging. But i’m here every game of this homestand!

ugh!!! Not good guys!

Let’s hold them Wake!!!


Hey, Ian, even if it’s a short post, and you can’t otherwise blog, it still helps if we can keep the threads shorter, so the time-delay doesn’t kick in! That would help all of us A LOT! THANKS! We love your work!

Millar! I love you BUT not THAT much! ugh!!!! 4th HR for him off of Wake

Well, it wasn’t a GS, but KevLar’s still hot! GO SOX! Come on, Wake!

SMART MAN, J-BAY, taking that fly ball! GO SOX!

Kevin likes what Wake has to offer!

Keep it going Wake! Come on, Sox! Get some runs for him! GO SOX!

I agree Greg! Ian – a little something each game day helps. I have to think that 800 comments do effect the site.

Wow.. you still gotta love Millar even though he just cut our lead in half!!!

Eck’s right–“knuckleball, fly ball…knuckleball, fly ball..” Pretty ordinary stuff to analyze!

Nice digging it out Bailey! Let’s put some runs up now guys!!

C’mon Sox- let’s snap out of our complacency trance. Let’s get something started and get some runs.

Keep it fair, Kot! Nice contact! GO SOX!

Ugh!!! We’ve got to stop STRIKING OUT!!!

One year since Lester’s no-hitter.

Hey Greg. What kind of background does Gil Velasques have? Would it be worthwhile giving him a start do you think?

Way to go, Jon Lester! Keep up the good work! Go out there and just pitch–you’ve got the stuff to do it!
Nice job, Jacoby! Get him in, guys! GO SOX!!

Jacoby! !4`game hitting streak now! WHOOO HOOO!!!

OK Ells- let’s get to second!!

I don’t know enough to answer that, Paul, but he seems to be doing as well, with the bat and the glove, as anyone else we have, so why not give him a regular try? Can’t get a whole lot worse!

Referring to Velasquez, Paul. Why not?

Bummer! Dusty is having some trouble!

BIG PAPI!!! Fans at Fenway are doing a great job supporting him.

Come on, Papi! “Accidentally” hit one! (I’m sure Eck is right about that!)

NO!! Come on Big Papi! We know you can do this!! You have to believe that!!

Hi Everyone! How’s it going tonight??

Re: Papi. Has anyone been to Fenway and seen Papi during batting practice?? If so, how is he hitting?? Is he getting good wood on the ball and driving balls out of the park- or does he seem to be dragging in practice as well??

Ten AB in 9 games over the past 2 years for Velazquez, Paul. Not a whole lot of sample size to gauge. He seemed to do OK in ST with the glove, from what I saw of him.

Ginny! How are you! WE’re winning!!

I didn’t see BP when I went to Fenway.

Nice job, Wake! 2 More! GO SOX!

Nice threw Dusty! Less bobble next time!

HEY GINNY! How are you doing? Thanks for your reply!πŸ™‚
Nice job, Dustin! 1-2-3! Nice going, Wake! GO SOX!

Good recovery Pedey. Let’s give Wakefield a break and score some runs!!!

The couple times I’ve heard about Papi’s BP sessions, Phil, Papi’s hit the cover off the ball. I don’t know if he’s doing that CONSISTENTLY in BP, though. Makes me think he still CAN hit for power if he gets things straightened out!

JBay looks like he’s not being as patient as he usually is… deep breath… relax, be patient…


I think J-Bay has been pressing a little, also, Ellen! Come on, J-Bay! GO SOX!

I’m doing great! Glad to see the score is going OUR way!

That wasn’t a strike.

Come on, JD! Get on base (or all 4 bases!)πŸ˜‰ GO SOX!

Not good guys! Let’s hold them again! GO WAKE!!!!!

No it wasn’t a strike, you are right, Julia. When you’re going well, though, and the pitch was borderline, you’ll often get that call. (Not the first time that’s happened!)

Hey Brian. Tallet is still around but this was probably his last inning. He pitched well enough though. Our starters haven’t exactly been dominant lately!


NICE CATCH GEORGE!!!!! Call it next time guys!!

Hey, Stone Hands/ LugNuts caught one! Nice! GO SOX!

Jays have someone warming up in the pen.

Okay – did NOT need to see A-Rod’s HR from tonight – thanks NESN

Good D, guys! Get some O going! We need some RUNS! GO SOX!

1-2-3; like that!!! Great job Wake!!! Let’s get some runs boys!!!!!

One of the advantages of MLB.com, it seems, is that we “miss” those updates, Julia!πŸ˜‰

Wake’s been doing great, just that one bad ball! Nice quick pace to the game, also! Get some RUNS for Wake, guys, he needs some cushion! GO SOX!

Yeah – I could deal with missing them also Greg…

New pitcher for the Jays! GO RED SOX!! Knock him up – GET SOME RUNS!!!

BJ Ryan is warming up in the Jays Pen

Come on guys! Too many Ks tonight! WE NEED HITS!!!

Okay Eck – enough with the stinky cheese!!!

Come on KOT! Let’s get a rally going! GO SOX!

Hey Julia. What is knock him up? LOL

Does the cheese have holes in it? Or is it sliced?πŸ˜‰

okay – that is NOT what I wanted! getting close to rant & grant time!

hahaha!!! MEN!! forgot the “audience” I had! LOL!!!!

Both teams are playing as if they have a 9:00 plane to catch. Hmmm!…

No hits- no runs- NO NOTHING!!!!
Wakefield is going great, but I would have someone warming up. When Wake goes bad it happens real fast.

Bard & Ramon are warming up!


Come on, Wake! SO or DP! GO SOX!

Wake has pitched very well but he has had virtually no run support tonight. Have to get those bats cranked up! GO SOX.

GOOD! We should be in good relief hands!
NICE JOB, KOT! How about him with the glove? NICE?


Stupid fan!!

WHAT!!! Little league play now!! UGH!!!! COME ON BOYS!!!

C’mon Pedey- you should have taken charge!!!

Come on, Wake! Get the SO! GO SOX!
OK, whodathunk we’d hear “Brad Penny” and “String of solid starts” in the same sentence?
BAD NEWS, DUSTIN! DP still gets it done!

Too often when Wake is pitching well the bats are dead.

YAY BAY!!!!! Come on boys! ONE MORE!!!!

BETTER! Good going, J-Bay! GO SOX!


And come on guys – Rant and Grant time!!!


LugNuts what the HELLO were you doing out there? Nice job, again J-Bay! GO SOX!

Who’s pitching for the Jays??

Great job, Wake. C.mon Sox let’s do something!!!!

Greg – I think LugNuts is jealous of Bay!

New catcher for Jays? BJ Ryan is pitching.

And Bunt???

I’m starting to think Julia is just a tad in LIKE with Bay tonight! Hmmm……

Wolfe warming up for the Jays.


DOUBLE!!!! WHOOO HOOOOO!!! Great job Jacoby!!!

Way to go Ell’s. Let’s get him in!!!

Hey all, on the road this week, just checking in, great to see the 1 run league — have we been getting by “by the hair on our chinny-chin-chin? — looks like more of the same offensively, score one inning? and Ortiz in “familiar spot” (pun intended). Has Toronto pitching been that good, or are did we decide to make another rookie pitcher look really good.

Wakefield thru 8, wow — pushing our luck — what will Tito do next inning — he has gone this far? we better hold it for him?

I is always in like with Bay!!! lol! It’s all the fruit baskets! We have to resign him!

Come on, Dustin, get em HOME! GO SOX! Get another run!



That cost us!


Hey guys. Interesting game. Dustin is slumping, Poor Ortiz is again doing his usual, Lugo is doing Lugo, Drew is not doing much. Frankly the bats are a problem BUT I am really glad to see Ellsbury hitting. He is my favorite center fielder since Fred Lynn. The guy is amazing.
Tim as usual is amazing. Anyone should realize by now how Tim is giving his services away to the Red Sox. He really is a bargain and a master pitcher.
Sox need a hot bat right now. I’m so GLAD Youk is coming back. I miss him.

The out at third cost a run! Boo.

Man, I hate Ryan. He’s so ego-centric and ANNOYING!! Someone hit a home run please!

Jacoby, not a good play (even if the ump had missed the call!) Come on, PAPI! GO SOX!

Elsbury needs to smarten up on his steal attempts — he gets caught too many times for his speed.

All the fans at Fenway are standing and chanting for Big Papi!!

Hey Julia. Hey everyone. How are things going?


NO!!!!!!!!! Man – what can we do with big Papi?????

Julia – Maybe the friut baskets aren’t enough. You need something more…something to remind him of home in BC!

On MLB gameday tonight — was Elsbury safe?

Come on, J-Bay! Get him HOME! GO SOX!
I’m glad the fans are still cheering for Papi!
Come on, Pap! 1-2-3 inning! GO SOX!

Another nail biter. GO SOX.

What should I do then Ginny?? Any thoughts????

Hey Dave! How are you?

Papelbon has GOT to win this one. I’m nervous about our ‘OTHER’ starters for this series.

HI Dave! How are you??? Didn’t see you there! Sorry!πŸ™‚

Ginny – I’m sending the fruit baskets to Theo like I did to get Tek resigned.

No, Ellsbury was not safe, unfortunately. Eck was right, though, with as good a throw as it was, and as bad a jump as Jacoby got, the ump would have called him out with merely an “in the vecinity” tag. But he was out.

I hope Pap is the “good” Pap tonight! The game is FAST but stressful! UGH!!!!

Julia – Appeal to his Canadian side! He’s been in the US for a few years….think Canada related stuff for his next gift!!!

How are you, Dave and DGN? Fast-paced game tonight!

Hey everyone…I will FEEL much better if Pap’s wins this one!


Come on, Pap, we need a solid 1-2-3 inning tonight. No screwing around! Great start! GO SOX! Get it done for Wake tonight!

Come on JON BON.
Hey who’s this guy with the glare and the blazing heat??? oh YEAH!!! It’s Jonathan Papelbon… the JON BON OF YORE

I will also Dave! Hi DGN!!

The game is VERY fast tonight!





Wow…Papelbon is on fire tonight!

Damn…. How fast was that one??? Light speed??

Okay Ginny – I include something Canadian for JBay. Fruit for Theo and something from home for JBay!

That’s what we’ve been asking all year, Eck! (And it didn’t work!) GET IT DONE PAP!

Pap WANTS this game! COME ON YOU CAN DO IT!!




1 done 2 to go!!! A W for Wake!!!



Solid effort. Pap looked good.

Way to go Wake, Paps!!! Let’s keep the pressure on Toronto going!!!

Oh no way….it’s 0-0 in Tampa and Shields is back for the 9th!!! (Just had to say something about it!!)

Come on PAP shut them DOWN!!

Okay – everyone do okay commenting? Do I need to send Mark a fruit basket tomorrow??


We need a old new theme song — Everything We Got — We Got The Hard Way. Nice W — one usual suspect, two ununsual (Bailey and Kateras — knock in our only two runs).

Tim Wakefield is my favorite pitcher. He will always be my favorite.

Hey I love Mary Chapin Carpenter too!

Hey Dave – I might get some sleep tonight! lol!!!

Send him as many fruit baskets as possible! The posting was great tonight! (And since we were right over 200, that should be good–if we keep it below 300, we should do better!)

Me too…NOW HELP EXPLAIN TO ME WHY MY EIGHT YEAR OLD DAUGHTER IS NOT SLEEPING for the seventh night in a row. It’s been 12 – 1 every night. I’m clueless. The stress of school wore her out in addition to violin, gymnastics and girlscouts. I guess we overloaded her. Now what can we do to calm her down

My daughter is stressed enough with just school, swimming and girl guides. She’s only 6. What time does your daughter go to bed? Maybe you put her down too early or too late?

Daves for Mary Chapin Carpenter!– yea, she has some great songs (some of my favorites), then got a little too moody, then found true love and happiness (really), then quit writing songs and singning — can’t blame her — still happyt, good for her. Musicians are sometimes like that — don’t ask me how I know.

Conthemountainmonger hates Tim… But we havent seen him since Wake keeps winning…..

I wish I knew, Dave. My daughter has always slept better than I have–I’m the one who doesn’t sleep well, so I’m the wrong guy to ask. But she drops right off to sleep!

Dave – she has too many things going on! Is there any activity that she is unhappy with? Maybe drop that one. Also – has anything changed at school? Maybe a bully? Girls at that age start to exclude other girls

And we miss him SO MUCH! Uh, NOT! Wake doesn’t miss him, either!

Nite all!!! Good game and it was over before 9:30!!!!! Wow… Imagine if Wakes fast ball was faster!! lol
See y’all tomorrow…
Good stuff with the blog tonight! No problems. THANK YOU IAN!

Red Alert — have you seen the Yankee schedule the rest of this month verses ours? Its going to very difficult to maintain our one game lead on them this month. After spotting them a 5-0 lead head-to-head, its going to be really annoying if they pass us up and move into 1st or 2nd — its so annoying when they are in the top spot — but it would see highly likely looking at the paper schedule.

However, their last three games this season is verse the Rays — while we play Cleveland four at home. You never know how things will go — it would be nice for one of our foes to knock out the other out in the last three games.

Greg – You are so lucky, you know that?

Nite Ellen!

PS… Dave.. maybe she just needs to be a kid for a while??? Maybe things are just a bit too scheduled, That could do it to me.. never mind an 8 year old.. Good luck!!!

See y’all back here tomorrow! Get em again tomorrow, SOX!

That Yankees just opened it up over the O’s – I think they are up 9-1

The Rays will knock out the Yankees! Bye Bye Bronx Bombers! Just hope they do it before the last 3 games of the season!

The O’s are doing so well at keeping the basement clean…let’s let them stay there…

See you guys tomorrow! Have a good night!

See you all tomorrow! GO RED SOX!!! WHOO HOOO!!

Have you tried the golf channel?? Tailor made for getting rid of stress. In fact, the golf channel cures any form of consciousness and/or wakefulness. Try it.

Speaking of wakefulness, how about Tim Wakefield??!!! Pitcher of the year so far. For the starters anyway. And Bailey , Kotteras getting the only RBI?? Who’d a thunk. Go Sox!!!!

I was out tonight so I didn’t get to see the game live. However, I did record it and watched it without knowing the final score.

First and foremost, a great effort by Wake. He’s amazing when he pitches ahead in the count. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many popups. Second, Papi continues to look hapless at the plate. It’s getting to be very painful to watch him hit. I really hope he snaps out of it soon.

The Sox really need a shortstop who can field a ground ball and make a good throw. Lugo and Green are both horrible out there and it’s going to cost the Sox. On the Bailey/Pedroia fiasco, Bailey has no business going to his right for a popup. Anything to his right belongs to Pedroia, period. Nice throw by Kottaras to get Rios stealing. It’s about time.

Ellsbury is hitting well. He had two hits and hit the ball very hard his other two times up. I don’t think he should have been stealing with nobody out and Pedroia up there. Pedroia has too much bat control and Ellsbury can score on any base hit. That being said, he was safe at third.

Toronto pitcher was pitching to a strike zone three feet wide. He was getting strikes six inches off both sides of the plate. That’s because the umpire was on his knee and couldn’t follow pitches to the outside. Guys like that are guessing, which is why they aren’t consistent. Mike Lowell was called out on a sequence of pitches and none of the called strikes were in the strike zone. Umpiring gets worse every year.

And finally………. I just found out I’m going to be a grandfather………again. See you tomorrow night.

Garry – What great news! Congrats! How many grandchildren do you already have?

I would agree with the umping issue – it DOES get worse each year! Something needs to be done about this!

I heard that Dice-K will be starting against the Mets on Friday. I don’t know how I feel about that. I hope he is ready to come back.

It will be great to have Youk back tonight. And as much as I love Big Papi – he can not be batting in third tonight.

Ian – can we get a new post up later to help us tonight during the game? Fewer comments seemed to help last night – the system was faster and almost no problems. Thanks!

See you all tonight – and DAVE – please note – I did not post really early this morning! I might have been up early but I waited! LOL!

Godd afternoon everyone… Just taking some time on my lunch hour to check in. The “W” looks good in our column. But I can hear footsteps and they arent walking.. They are starting to run… and those are Yankee footsteps… I am concerned and I think with good reason. Our Sox really need to take their game up a notch and then another notch. I dont know if its because of the teams they have been playing but the Yankee bats are SCORCHING>>>> but we need to start really putting some runs up early ad our pitching needs to start burning the other teams early.
I hope that Brad Penny, who seems a bit steadier with each outing, haas a great game tonight….

I dont know how much more we as a group can take Eckersley…. paint, cheese, johnson, jack….. Get the freak over it…
I hope that Jerry Remys recovery is coming along well, I TRULY LOOK FORWARD TO HIS RETURN, even more so now!!!
I LONG to hear Buenos Noches, Amigos and Pedroi-er and the Amic-er strike zone… etc etc etc!!!!

Our contest ends tonight Arnie so who is the winner. Is it me (no I lost but I already posted my comment). Is is greg or ellen or bosoxbrian? Let us know!

Hey Dave, how can you leave me out of the contest? I am the won who started this silly thing with a challenge to Ellen. That said, its too easy — we need to wait until one of our sponsored players costs us a game (in our eyes) — like if Green the other night had been a certain other short-stop — maybe one of us might have broken downπŸ™‚

sorry I can’t spell “one” correctly — maybe that should disqualify me — if we included spelling and grammar, this contest would end very quickly.

Seems a perfect spot for me to repeat…………GIVE BALLS AND STRIKES TO QUESTECH!!!

Ortiz moving to seventh in the lineup does make some sense. I wouldn’t give up on him, not yet anyway. But at least give him fewer AB’s while he is terrible. We will see the next few nights, in his defense, it was a lefty last night…


Sorry, I was going from memory. Tell you waht…if Arnie doesn’t I’ll pick the winner tonight so you guys can get out your writing books and write a 100 word essay on whom you hate the most and I’ll post it on my blog.

Hey Dave, you cant leave Davedgn out…. he started this vs me….

dgn: I think youre right…. I’ve found it very easy to support and sometimes defend JD. I just held a grudge against him all this time regarding the legnth and depth of his contract v what they had for much less money. i havent even been yelling at him at home ..
I hope Penny has a very good night tonight. I hope he doesnt give up any cheesey jack johnsons!! lol

joefrom: not any of us here have given up on Papi… just a ton of concern for both him and for the team… his “health” whether it be physical or just a block directly affects the teams health in the standings… and all of us are ALWAYSvery concerned about BOTH!!!

I have left the gift for our fearless leader on my blog. See you all tonight!


So, I kept hoping that old buddy Millar might, completely in a situation where one run wouldn’t make a huge difference, pull his pitcher aside and request that he throw something in Ortiz’s wheelhouse. Not in any sort of cheating way, but doesn’t it sadden all baseball fans to see a guy like Ortiz to go down like this?

Kate..He’s in a huge slump… but he is by NO MEANS DONE!!!! Look at Mike Lowell a few years ago. He was a MESS a real dumpster fire…. he thought he was done… said his 1st 6 years felt like they went by in a year and that year felt like it took 6 years to get through. Look at him the past few years….Got his game back… It can be just a temporary thing. And I’m sure that the media and fans like us putting more and more pressure on him surely doesnt help the situation… He has to have confidence to hit and has to hit to have confidence… so in a situation like that where do you start….

kate… are you kate from the fantasy league???

Afternoon all. I agree with you Ellen. I too hope Penny can give us another solid effort. I hope your optimism in Ortiz is well founded! I mentioned in a previous post that there was a possibility that his best days were behind him. Nobody picked up on it (or wanted to) but you have to consider that. We shall see how he is doing at the All-Star Break. GO SOX.

I picked up on it, but didnt quite know how to say, without seeming totally naive and “pollyanna-like”, NO NO NO.. Icant hear you (she says as she plugs her ears)!!!! lol
I do know that it is a possibility, but, I think I will take a wait and see attitude,, it may take the entire season. Like I said earlier.. Look at Mikey Lowell before he came here,,, you never can tell. So many people had written him off, I’m glad that Theo and the wallets did not. hopefully that will be the case with Papi as well.

Hey ALL!!! “Buenos Noches Amigos” (I miss RemDawg!)
Please Jerry call NESN and tell Eck to lay off all that jerky terminolgy and just do the color.
COME ON SAWX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I still have mylittle bluejay doll and turkey pins if it is deemed necessary to resort to voodoo!!

My thoughts and prayers are with Scott Schoenweiss (Arizona Diamondbacks) and his children and family. His wife was found dead in their home today. God Bless and Rest in Peace!


Oh Ellen! That is terrible about Scott Schoenweiss. God Bless them.

YOUK!! Glad to have you back! Let’s go Penny!! WHOOO HOOOO!!!!


Sad story for sure. Schoenweiss is the cousin of Jeremy Kapstein ( Red Sox advisor ) he is the gentlemen that sits behind the catcher at Fenway–he has dark hair and he always wears a jacket–even when it is very hot! A tough day all around.

Youkilis is back and his bat/glove will HELP big-time. One thing I know for sure is Youk or Pedroia would have made that catch. Bailey was in the way.

Nice “D” by Ellsbury. Say thank you Brad. Penny through the first, but he didn’t fool anyone.

Nice first inning! LET”S PUT SOME RUNS ON THE BOARD!!!!

Penny has done well in his last 3 starts. Hitting his spots with his fastball. His fastball is being clocked around 96 m.p.h. I doubt Penny will last the season but ride him as far as he can go! I’m guessing he’ll give the Sox 20 starts and anything after that is gravy.

Good start for Penny and for us!!!

Regarding the contest: DGN is right, there has not been a good enough sampling of trauma from the antagonists. F—ing Lugo hasn’t done his usual, even though he pulled a couple bone headed moves, overall he has played pretty well. What did I just type????? JD hasn’t been looking at too many called third strikes and he has become a veritable iron man by his standards. So the bet continues.

Do I have this right???
DGN: Lugo
Ellen: JD
Brian: JD
Greg: Lugo
Dave: Lugo____disqualified due to: #1. mental duress leading to stomach cramps, double vision, migraines, shingles and high fever. #2. Overt and undeserved high praise, bordering on deification.

So the quest continues!!! Remember fellas, first prize is an all expense paid weekend with Roseanne, Joan Rivers and Nancy Pelosi.
Ellen, your prize will be a weekend get away with Arod and Scotty Borass at the mansion owned by the 70’s group The Village People, complete with acapella performances by the VP’s themselves. Ooooh Lala!!!!

Julia wisely opted out.

Come on Ratboy!!! Get something going!!!

Somebody get Papi a hooker!!

Sorry, that was in poor taste, but I grasong at straws now!!!! You never know, lol!!

Yes Arnie – wisdom comes with age! LOL!!

JD is not playing tonight – but Ellen, if you “win” can you record the VP for me???

And Dave – I have the jumbo bottle of Mylanta for you.


I heard a rumor the winner gets a free meal from a very famous Colorado restaurant.

I have J.D. Drew. The man is Cal Ripken Jr. in disguise. J.D. watches tonight–Rocco in the lineup.

I’m hanging tough with this competition, then again I haven’t watched a Red Sox game in about a week or so. I didn’t purchase extra innings, not yet anyway!

Lugo is on a roll……. one defensive play in a row.

Lugo! Oh sure – are any of the Lugo contestants here??

Careful Brian you’re falling into Dave territory now.. he was overtly complimentary toward JGo and was disqualified…
You’re getting close to the line with that comparison.


I always walk the tightrope–Dice-K does the same thing when he is on the hill.

I’m getting close but I haven’t crossed that line! LOL!!

‘Buenas noches, amigos!
I miss Remy too. Especially since the internet speed at my office only allows me to listen to the game on Gameday Radio. Still, Joe Castiglione is a real pleasure to listen to.

I think also there should have been a minimum of innings watched .. hard to lose your temper if youre not watching… nothing personal Brian..

GOOD! We got out of that!!

Good Job Penny!!
Let’s go SOX!!!!! SCORE THOSE RUNS, SCORE THOSE RUNS!!! RAH RAH RAH!!!!! (she says shaking pompoms furiously!!!)


What’s this contest you’re writing about? Sounds a bit cruel!


Welcome back YOUUUUUUK!


Good job JBAY!!!!!


The bats are starting to get some life!!!

NO!!!! grrrrr those DPs!!!

It is time to open it up! Oops. That was deflating. GO SOX.

That was a waste of hits.

Nice throw Dustin!!!

new thread folks…time to MOVE ON!

Our brave contestants are required to refrain from being rude and negative to their least favorite players. The time frame remains to be determined, it started out as a week long bet.
So let’s say you choose f—ing Lugo: you would be required to be even handed and not critisize him. You can’t type in things like: F—ing Lugo, you suck!! You should be in little league!! My grandma makes that play in her sleep!!
If you choose JD Drew you would have to stop commenting on his fragile, glass-like body. JD is a little china doll, but you wouldn’t be allowed to say it.

You in??

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