Ellsbury makes history

While all the buzz at Fenway Park was over David Ortiz ending his home run drought — not to mention the Red Sox belting four homers in that same bottom of the fifth inning — center fielder Jacoby Ellsbury set a club record for an outfielder with 11 putouts and then tied a Major League record by collecting putout No. 12 on the final out of the game.

In the sixth inning, the speedster recorded his 11th putout of the night. Four Red Sox outfielders had made 10 putouts in a game. Who held that record previously? Ted Williams on Sept. 4, 1948, Tommy Umphlett on Aug. 16, 1953, Fred Lynn on June 4, 1978 and Lee Tinsley on Aug. 14, 1995.

Ellsbury made several fine running catches at the wall, helping along Brad Penny, who turned in his best performance in a Red Sox uniform.

The 12 putouts tied Earl Clark of the Boston Braves (May 10, 1929) and the Twins’ Lymon Bostock (May 25, 1977) against the Red Sox

“Good thing he stretched,” said Red Sox manager Terry Francona. “He had a lot going on.”

“I got off to a busy start. What was the total?” Ellsbury asked.

He was told it was 12.

“It didn’t seem like that many,” Ellsbury said. “Just got quite a few from the get-go. Brad was getting a lot of flyball action and I was tracking them down.”



WHOOO HOOO!! The family just came home from Boy Scouts so I had to fill them in!

Yeah, Ellen. This is great having two new threads in one evening!

I am loving this game so far… CONGRATS TO PAPI !!!Andto Jacoby (obey wan jacoby)

I’m moved over now! (One post tardy!)πŸ™‚ GO SOX!

That tardy will not be marked against you Greg… You ae excused… ooh.. I should have left that for the teacher (Julia) to say… lol

I believe that Jacoby Ellsbury is going to become one of the best in the game!!

Penny pitched good enough to win, yes. I’d still like to see him (and others) not be so shaky after their offense has given them a big lead (and taken some time to do it! AHEM!) GO SOX!

Welcome back Youk! I’d say he is feeling better!!


That’s okay Greg – school is out for recess to enjoy the game!!!! WOOO HOOO!!!

I’m late too. Another record breaking day in Boston! Another quality start, Papi goes yard and Tek has (at least) 2 HR’s in a game….perfect!

I am SO happy the Make-A-Wish Foundation exists!

(Esp. the Swiss cheese, Eck? It has SOOO many holes in it!)πŸ˜‰

It sure is good to have Youk back in the lineup!πŸ™‚ GO SOX!

The Make-A-Wish Organization is great.

How long will you be in Japan Mike?

Yeah, but to get to Lugo? That’s not a huge surprise!

They are walking Tek????? WHOO HOO!!

Oh Mr. Lugo – could we please have a hit??

No No Greg – it is wonderful, base-hitting Lugo

That was not his fault – the moon light shown in his eyes….

LugNuts popped up? Who’d have guessed that? Hmmm!…

True, Youk was definately missed. Maybe the press gets off Papi’s back too! 6 run lead or not, we’ve got to stop leaving dudes in scoring position, especially when they get there with less than 2 out!!

Bard!!!! Welcome to Fenway! You’ll be great!!!

Looking forward to seeing this kid really get great!!!

Usually it it the batter in front of Tek that gets put on! Who would have thought that Tek would have a higher batting average than Papi?

Okay – not a great start…get the next one Bard!

hmmm….not how we wanted it to start.

I’ll be in Okinawa for a month! I can’t believe they pay me to do this! Guess they’re trying to make up for the trips to Afghanistan!

well – one out.

Come on, Bard! Get the job done!
I hope DelCarmen will be able to go again tomorrow, since he threw so few pitches!
Not a good beginning, Bard! Get the outs! GO SOX!

The kid will settle down.

Overbay is hot, good test for Bard.

Come on, Bard! Let’s get the outs!
Yes, Mike, I’m sure Bard will do fine in the long run!! Just gotta get him through this inning! GO SOX!

Hmmm…this is not good guys! WE NEED OUTS!!!!!

Not good! Come on, Sox! We need to squelch this rally! GO SOX!!


The kid’s throwing strikes and heat. He’ll get through this inning with minor damage.

Great job, Tek! THAT’S what we needed!
Come on OKI! Get the final out! GO SOX!

I don’t like this move — I am afraid we are over using Oki again — we pace everyone else on this club — why not him — hopefully its for one batter.

Greg – I think they made good use of Bard. Bring him in with a big lead and let him get some of his jitters out. We need him ready to take on the Yankees!

What are they paying you to do, Mike? Recon the Japanese Leagues, to find the next Dice-K?πŸ˜‰ (Seriously, no need to answer!)

Pulling him was a good call, he got some work and things aren’t out of hand. Way to go Tito!!

Come on OKI! We are not out of the woods yet!

After 25 years…I get paid to drink coffee and make bad decisions….

Yea, I agree with pulling Bard, just think we are using Oki too much.

Good stuff. That could have been dicey. GO SOX.

Oki – great job! But yes – dg – we are using him a lot!

Very much agree on how well they used Bard, Julia, esp. in this situation, with a lead to work with! Good work by Tito indeed! (We just needed to make sure the Jays did not duplicate our rally!)πŸ˜‰
Way to go, OKI! Finish the game guys! GO SOX!

That is a risk, DGN, esp. from the beginning of the year. Oki has had some shorter outings lately, though (same with Ramirez), so IF the starters go farther into the game (as tonight), Oki, et al, SHOULD be fine! If the starters don’t go deep again, though, it will become a problem! GO SOX!

I don’t think we’ll see Oki on the hill in the 9th. I think he was brought in to snuff any rally.

And I’d rather have Oki (And Bard, frankly!) compared to Loopy!

Almost a second on for Big Papi!!!!! GO DAVID!!!!! Double!!!!


Youk is not happy! Okay – three more outs!!!! GO RED SOX!!!

So, Mike, they only let you near the coffee and the bad decisions after 25 years, eh? Gotta get some “good decision” years under your belt (and some Japanese tea?) to even out for the bad decisions??πŸ˜‰

Youk wanted to get Papi in! Bummer for him! GO SOX!

I would agree Mike – a much better place to go! I’m sure you’ll have a great time!

Nice play Saito!

Nice play, Saito-san! Finish the game! GO SOX!

Jacoby is welcome to tie or break that record!πŸ˜‰ GO SOX!

I hope Lester does well tomorrow! And please – can the Yankees lose!!

Great job J-Bay!!!



And the Mets this weekend – they are having trouble now.

Get it done tomorrow, Jon Lester! Have a great game tomorrow! GO SOX!

What Greg???

One more, Saito! Get the final out! GO SOX!
Painting with cheese? Art Nouveau? Hmmm!…

My good decision years are behind me. I gave up tea and took up saki! I have the best dudes on the planet working for me, so the times where I have to get involved with the nuts and bolts are rare. The bad decisions are mainly the ones where I have to negatively impact somebody’s life to meet the mission and I have to decide who gets the call. I wouldn’t rather do anything else!

Hit a fly ball to Jacoby! He can tie a record that way!πŸ˜‰

Mike – no one wants to make those calls. And saki? There are far better things to be drinking that that!πŸ˜‰

Let’s not walk him!!! GET THE OUT!!!

SAITO!!!!! Let’s get this DONE!!!!

Good for you guys, Mike! I can’t do the Saki, though!
You still need just one more out, guys! Hit it to Jacoby! GO SOX!

Truly I prefer beer, but, it’s customary in Okinawa to share a saki. Far be it from me to break from custom. Saito neds to shut the door on this thing!

RECORD FOR ELLSBURY!!!!! He ties the record for putouts!!! WHOOO HOOOO!!!

It’s about time they listened to me and hit it to Jacoby for that final out!πŸ˜‰ NICE HR PAPI! Nice fielding Jacoby! GOOD WIN, GUYS! GO SOX!

Can you share one saki and then move on?


BIg Papi!!!

What a great game! Let’s hope they can do it again tomorrow for Lester.

Y’all can have all the saki, all the beer, etc., Can’t do it! All yours!πŸ˜‰
GOOD WIN, SOX! Have a good night, all!

I usually have a warm saki and a beer immediately following. I keep it to one, otherwise walking becomes a challenge…

Have a good night brother!

Night Greg! See you tomorrow!

Mike – when do you leave for Japan?

Nice glass of wine for me – or if not driving – a manhattan with a fine bourbon.

I leave in 14 hours!!

Have a great trip! So you’ll be back to cheer on the Sox when you get back?

14 hours is 12 noon here. What time will it be there in Korea?

Night all! GO RED SOX!!!!

I was playing bartender last weekend (I had duty so I couldn’t drink), I made this thing that tastes like a Gummy Bear and bites like a Grizzley… Over ice…2oz Southern Comfort, 2oz Amaretto, 1 oz Melon Liquer, splash of Grenadine and fill with equal parts Orange and pineapple juice…dare you to try one…

0300 Fri morning here…it’s 1120 am Thur. here now.

Good luck on your trip, Mike.

Hope Lester can keep it going tomorrow. It would be great to see the Sox only a half game out after their bad start and the Jays great start. Since starting the season 2 and 6 the Sox have gone 22 and 10. Pretty good, I’d say. Once the starting pitching gets dialed in this team will be hard to stop. And the pitching seems to be coming around.

Back from dinner. Good effort from the guys. Ellsbury did just great in the field. Saito’s wind up looks a lot like Matsusaka’s. Maybe had the same pitching coach. LOL. I am out of here. Night all.

Thanks! Should be a walk in the park. Tomorrow Lester will be lights out. He’s at home and he typically fares well at Fenway!

Mike, safe travels to Japan! Stay safe and strong there–you and your dudes! (Have you converted any of those Yankee-fan dudes, yet, though? That might be your most-important task!)πŸ˜‰
Paul, you are right that Saito’s delivery looks a lot like Dice-K’s–many of the Japanese pitchers have that same delivery form (including some of the ones I saw on Japan’s WBC team!). I think that is very intentional, and very programmatic. Okajima seems to be a rare exception! Same with the batters. If you compare the swings (if not the results!) of Fukudome and Ichiro, they also look very similar in form. Again, that appears to be very intentional!
Congrats again to Big Papi (Keep the HRs coming!) and to Jacoby (glad you tied the MLB fielding record!)! Great game tonight! GO SOX!

A great night for the Sox! H.R. Derby at the old yard and to my surprise–Ortiz was involved. Someone once said–“H.R.’s are like bannana’s they come in bunches”. We’ll see if that is the case for Ortiz. Props to Francona–sits Ortiz and then his second game back, the big D.H. goes deep. More importantly Boston is sending a message to the Jays this week at Fenway. If Boston wins tonight, the Jays would have gone 1-5 against Boston and N.Y.–safe to say that record against Boston and N.Y. will not get the job done in the East. After Halladay this Toronto team has nothing on the mound. I’m amazed the Jays have done this well, props to Cito Gaston.

Lymon Bostock, my older brother had a R.C. Cola can with Bostock on the front of it.—long ago my friends.

This is one stat in baseball I am not impressed with. Ellsbury made some routine catches out there, he did make a couple of nice snags though. He does cover alot of ground out there. Kelly Leak ( the burnout playing baseball ) from the Bad News Bears would be proud. Didn’t he have all the putouts for the Bears way back when??? LOL!!

The Jays just had 1 win out of 5 games against the Boston and NY as we know. The Jays have yet to play the TB. After all said and done the race will predictedly be between the NY and Boston. The NYY ( 8 winning streak) are on fire right now and are approaching the Boston’s winnng streak at 11.
With Big Papi’s HR, he will be secured at 3 hole for a while. The difference is having Youk back at the lineup.
Who would have thought that the Sox’s 4 & 5 starters have more wins and more reliable than Beckett, Lester and
Dice-K combined thus far.

Well, I never doubted Ellsbury’s ability to track down balls.



I don’t even think about the Yankees. I have stated on here before, if Boston plays the way they are capable of..Boston should win the division with 95-97 wins. The biggest difference between the Sox, Yankees and Rays is the Boston bullpen. The Red Sox bullpen is stacked, the Yankees and Rays have big questions with there pen!! The lineups are pretty much equal.

Beckett, Lester and Dice-K need to step it up and pitch the way they are capable of. Masterson will make that bullpen even stronger! As of right now, Saito and Jones are the weak links in that pen. Saito has had some scoreless appearances as of late, a very good sign. Jones has done a decent job so far but I wouldn’t trust him with a lead, not yet!

The Jays are a nice story and Gaston has done a terrific job but Toronto is fooling themselves if they think they can contend. I have heard some people say they could be the Rays of 2009, dream on as I say! I’m guessing the Jays end up with 85 wins.

Boston also has Smoltz ( just got married ) and the youngsters waiting in the wings. Alot of options for the Red Sox when it comes to starting pitching. The Yankees don’t have those options and T.B. has Price waiting in the wings, he will be special for years, everyone knows that. T.B. made a mistake in the off-season when they dealt Edwin Jackson. Joyce ( no relative of mine ) who they got for Jackson is hanging out in A.A.A. Strange trade by the Rays.

Hi Brian: Agree with everything you said. Hunter will likely be sent down to Pawtuckett after tonight’s game to make room for Dice-K. If Beckett, Lester, and Dice-K were back to their shape and form 90%, the Red Sox are unstoppable. If the Jays can’t beat the Yanks and the Red Sox, no way the Jays are the Rays of 2008. The Sox pen looks more awesome with Masterson’s return,
Rumors were that the Sox were shopping for Aubrey Huff or Nick Johnson. Big Papi’s blast last night might have put the thought to rest for a while. Go for the sweep.

Lymon Bostock, now there’s a name from the past.. signed a huge contract, I think with the Angels didnt perform up to his prior level and GAVE BACK part of his contract… Could you see that happening in todays Baseball?? … then he died way too young…

Eckersley was interviewed on ESPN Underground and said:” If Lester puts the hammer down and pours gas on his cheese it will be King Crimson for the Sox tonight. And now that Candyman(Papi) has his candystick smokin’ it will be all rainbows-over-the-monster from now on. ” Wha…….?????

Did he really say that?? I really wrote to NESN last night and expressed my displeasure with his baseball vocabulary.

oh I see… ESPN underground… lol got one by me..

The other day with a man on first and third and two outs, Eck said that if Lugo, who was at first, chose to steal second, and was caught. Then it wouldn’t matter much because Ellsbury would leadoff the next inning. Except it always matters, but it matters more when there is also a runner on third. If Lugo was going to steal then he better not get caught and take themselves out of that inning.


So then Eck says: “Baseball’s not rocket surgery, the pitcher tosses a seed , you plant it in the felt between the lines. If you’re on the hill you hurl back and unscrew a BB through the hole in the joker’s swing. Gas, we’re talking gas here. If I’ve got the hot cheese there’s no ropes off the boards.”
Ellen, can you translate?

Hey, Arnie, maybe we need to tie in a link to Brownie Points called “EckSpeak”: Translations of the various Eck-isms, for the average listener, to follow along with Eck-Analysis! Hmmm!…Sound feasible?

Dave could write a satire with Eck interviewing the ghost of Casey Stengel. Lugo could translate for Eck and Stengel. Until Ellen shows up with a bazooka and the hijinx begin. Dave??? You up for it?

For example: “rocket surgery=rocket science” (as if the rocket actuallly needed a bypass procedure!)
“Seed=ball”, “plant it” (since seeds must be planted to grow!) between the lines (i.e., fair ball–foul balls cannot yield results (hits/runs, etc.). “Unscrew(=”throw”) a BB though the hole in the joker’s (read, Batter’s) swing” (the pitcher simply pitches the fastball past the batter) Gas=higher speed on the fastball, to blow it past the batter. “hot cheese”= “gas”=”speed on the fastball”–so the batter cannot “rope”=”laser”= “hit hard” the ball off the “boards” (i.e., the Green Monster)=no 2B or HRs.
How’s that? Does that work for translation? Does that enhance our “baseball lexicon”?πŸ˜‰ Hmmm!

Does that interpret Eck well enough? Does it also tell you something about the way MY mind works, that I actually cann decipher some of this garble?πŸ˜‰

Arnie, Is your email the hotmail address or are you at yahoo…??

The submision speed is starting to lag… Ian is another thread possible>>?

Arnie… my aim is bad with a Bazooka.. just give me slingshot and some stinky cheese or a pea shooter with some poison seeds!!! lol I could also drop a bucket of paint on them.. oh and the paint is made by Jack Johnson…Maybe Yogi should be in on this discussion too.
rocket surgey=brain science….
The one thing that made me really laugh last night was when Eck was talking about how when he saw Nolan Ryan throw for the 1st time up close. He said Ryan really had the gas that day and from that day forward Eck has had a fascination with gas… (I know what he meant) a bit weird if you ask me…. me??? I try to stay away from anyone who has gas!!!! LOL

Hey, Ellen, did you ever make it far enough up I-95 to fire that slingshot with the stinky cheese?πŸ˜‰ Did you hit Eck with it? By the way, aren’t you glad I’m not color-commentating at NESN, if I can translate Eck? Hmmm!…;)

Yogi should definitely be in on this discussion! Supplement some of the AFLAC commercial comments in there (“And they give you cash, which is just as good as money!”) I BUST A GUT every time that ad would come on!πŸ˜‰


Hairy ball! Eck said “hairy ball” last night! That just sounded wrong! lol!

Excellent translation Greg. You have the job.

I’m in awe of your genius!!! So you speak Eck, English, and Spanish! Any more?

And don’t forget… I stil lhave the little bluejay and the turkey pins…

He also speaks Redsox-ese!!! Lobstah, Ovah,Chowdah, Pahk. Dawg etc

I speak Pun, Kramer!πŸ˜‰ Seriously, as my wife is blind, I read and write Braille (She taught me)!

I miss Remy saying “Buenos Noches, Amigo’s” and hey its pretty conspicuos.. Since Remy has been out, there’s been no Wally!!!!

K #1 for Lester… here’s to many more tonight!

I do read and write French (better than I speak it), I read some Greek and Hebrew (from my seminary days), some Latin, and some Farsi (the Persian language). I took entire classes in Spanish in my seminary days (all texts and assignments were in Spanish). I have also, with my study of Chuch History, read a lot of Latin and French.

I’ll be on and off the blog tonight. Go Lester! Get some more HRs Big Papi! GO SOX!

Nice job getting through the inning, Jon! Limit the base-runners! GO SOX!

Was Lugo not WONDERFUL making that catch!!!! Hi all!! Let’s get some runs!!! WHOOO HOOOO!! GO RED SOX!!!!


The Twins beat the White Sox 20-1????

Great job Jacoby!!!

NIce job, Jacoby! Get him home, Dustin! GO SOX!

I guess so, Julia, beware the Twins, eh? Hmmm!….


Greg – VERY impressive!!!!

Come on, PAPI! Get Jacoby HOME! GO SOX!

Nice job, Sox! Get some more! GO SOX!

Hey Julia!!.. how’s everything going with you and yours??

And RBI for Big Papi!! WHOOO HOOOO!!! Let’s go YOUK!!!!!

Yeah Greg – I couldn’t believe it when I saw the score!

But the Twins missed the Extra Point! Did they try for the 2-Point conversion?!

BB for Youk right after Eck re-referenced Beane’s “Greek god of Walks” theory! Hmmm! Co-inky-dinky? GO SOX!

Man, Bay is patient!


WAY TO GO J-BAY! He does it again! HR! YES! GO SOX!
I’ll be catching up with y’all later! GO SOX!

BAY!!!!! YES!! Fruit basket and wild salmon up tonight on my blog!!!!

Let’s Go JD keep it going!! alot happens with 2 outs lately!!

No – 2 TDs and 2 field goals Greg! lol!!!

LUGO!!!! You’re the man!! πŸ™‚

Joba Chamberlain was taken out of the Yankees game tonight hurt – I think he was hit by a ball.

ohh gee… Poor Joba??? Can anyone say Poetic Justice or Sweet Irony???

Good way to get out of that!!

Let’s get some more runs!!!

No kidding Ellen!

Buenas noches amigos!
LET’S GO RED SOX!! (clap, clap, clap-clap-clap)

I’m in and out here… cleaning the house because I’m off until Wednesday and I dont want to spend my weekend doing it!!!
GO SAWX… Come on Jon Lester… get ’em out!!!!

Hi Carlos! Clean for me too Ellen! lol!

Let’s go Lester!!!

Come on, Jon! Get the last out! GO SOX! 3-0! Way to go–get some more!

You still need just one more out–get it done, Jon!
Hey Carlos! ?Que paso’? GO SOX!

Let’s do it Jon!!!! You can do it!!!

Hi Julia! Hi Ellen!
Ellen, as long as you’re cleaning the house, you might want to keep that broom handy to sweep out your stuffed blue jayπŸ˜‰

Lester – THAT”S THE WAY TO DO IT!!!!

Let’s get some more runs boys!!

Good Job Jon.. not perfect but the job got done!!!

THAT’S how you get it done! Way to go, Jon! GO SOX! Get some more RUNS!

Joba was taken out, but the Yanks still lead! DRAT!!

Sorry, Bob, meant to use your name instead of your surname! My bad! Take care!

‘Hola Greg! ‘Vamos Boston!

Nice job Dusty!! GREAT slide!!!

Ocedar makes our lives easier!!!

Way to go, Dustin! 2B!
“Grab some wall”–I love it! Like Hawk Harrelson’s “grab some bench”!
Good advance, Dustin! Get him HOME, guys! GO SOX!

Nice move by Beckett, with the “Beckett Burger”! (Sounds a little like the “Roethlis-Burger”! Hmmm! Good cause, Josh! GO SOX!

Youk just picked up where he left off!!!

GREAT JOB, YOUK! GO SOX! Get some more RUNS!

YOUUUUUUK!!!! Way to go Red Sox! Let’s keep it going!

Hey, Julia, can you send me some of that wild salmon?! I’ll eat!πŸ˜‰

Not that time, J-Bay! Go Jon! 1-2-3 inning! GO SOX!

Will do Greg – IF it helps us get Bay signed!!! lol!!

OK, Jon, SO or DP! GO SOX!

Are the DK Murphys going to do the promo for Josh’s burger? HMMM!…

Eck’s song was “Bad to the Bone” when he played! LOVE IT!!!

That was fitting for Eck!
Nice job, Jon, 2 more! GO SOX!

Yes they did! It looked yummy and HUGE!!!!

Gotta love “Sharp Dressed Man!” Get the ZZ TOP working!
You still need the SO or DP, Jon! Get it done! GO SOX!

DP! That’s the way to do it! GO SOX!

Brownie Points is #11 on the Latest Leader’s List for Pro-bloggers! Great job Ian!

Hey, joining late again, still on the road — looks like its going well? Is Eck serenading Ellen tonite again?

ZZ Top is great!

A little story for you guys…When my wife and I moved to Asheville, we of course expected to get the ususal Southern drawl. So we moved into an apartment complex, and we’d say hi to everyone, and outside of the Rental Office/ Maintenance Staff, NO ONE (literally!) who was “White” spoke to us–just the Black folk. These White folk all spoke Russian or Ukrainian (very similar languages)! I found this out from their teen-aged kids who spoke SOME English! NONE of the adults did! I later had many of these people as my ESL students, so I learned some Russian as I taught them English (some of their kids were in our GED studies). But you talk about culture shock! That was something else!

Asheville still has a HUGE Russian and Ukranian population!

Thank you Millar – you helped dear Lugo make it to base safely!

Nice inning, Lester!
Nice running, LugNuts! Nice fielding, KevLar!πŸ˜‰ GO SOX!

Hey, DGN! I’ll be on and off tonight! GO SOX!

‘okay… I’m back for a while.. break time… Lugo is hitting .304!! not too shabby.

Get Jacoby home, guys! GO SOX! We need some more runs!

Sharp Dressed Man… Isnt that TBS announcer guy Craig Sayer theme song?? (NOT)

Nice running, Jacoby! GO SOX! Get him home, Dustin!

Good Job Jacoby.. but nice back up by theh Jays


I’m Ukranian Greg! And Polish and Irish!

Good night, Ellen! I hope not!

Do you speak Ukranian or Russian, Julia? You’d be RIGHT AT HOME here!


Great job, Dustin! Nice run, Jacoby! Get another, guys! GO SOX!

Come on, Papi, another HR! GO SOX!

Nice job, Papi! Get em home, guys! GO SOX!

Its shower time for Rey… Come on RedSox!!!


I don’t Greg. My Dad’s parents made all the kids learn English and they only spoke English to them

BUMMER!! I was hoping that Youk’s was going out!

Nice try, Youk! Great contact! Get em home, guys! (Nice running, Dustin!) GO SOX!

Bummer, Julia, that “learning English” would mean “NOT speaking Ukrainian”! They are not mutually exclusive!

GOOD GRACIOUS! That’s a piece o’ meat and bread!

Just got home. We have a young manager learning and it’s better to let her do it while I’m not there. It’s so weird to drive home when it’s still light out. Looks like the Sox are well on their way to making the Jays suffer.

Finally! 1-2-3!!!!

Yes, you understand, but the batter’s (nor the pitcher’s!) job is not to play ump!
Nice job, JON! GO SOX!

Hey, Arnie, how’s it going! Jon’s doing well tonight! GO SOX!

Kevin looked alot better in a REDSOX uni!! not bad as an Oriole,, but that BlueJays uniform does nothing for him… but you can always tell just by looking, even from afar that its KEV-LAR… He may have played for teh Marlins, Oriloles and Jays, but he’ll always be a REDSOX in MY heart!

Now it’s our turn to disagree with the strike zone!

Nice one JD!!!

Absolutely right about KevLar, Ellen! GO SOX!

Come on, MIKE! Get on base! GO SOX!

Good job, indeed, by JD! GO SOX!


Josh isn’t eating one of his burgers? What’s up with that?!πŸ˜‰

The players all look so happy in the dugout! Hi Arnie!

The players all look so happy in the dugout! Hi Arnie!

Not good hitting or baserunning there! GO SOX!

Keep it going, Jon! Get the next 2 outs! GO SOX!

Greg – did you see the Tech guy they have eating it? He will NOT make it through it!

Uh, no–and speaking of bad visuals, Julia!…
Finish this inning, Jon! Get through 7 strong!
Get well Rem-Dawg!

Get the SO or DP, Jon! GO SOX!

Pitcher change! Let’s go RED SOX!!! Lester did a great job!

You still need the SO or DP, guys! Get em Ramon!
Nice work, Jon! Well earned! Get him the win, Sox!

Greg, my grandparents are all from Germany and eastern Europe and they at first spoke German at home until they realized their mistake when my oldest aunt came in the house crying that the kids would only speak gibberish to her. So after that they only spoke English at home. It was a different time, there were immigrants everywhere but they spoke so many languages and there was no way the “locals” could accomodate them all by learning 10 languages. Plus, all my grandparents knew they were here for good(unlike my mostly Mexican staff who think that in a few years they’ll go back home) they had to learn the language and blend in, become American as best they could. I’m not saying that a second , or in your case 11th, language isn’t a good thing, but the times were different.

NOT a good start for Ramon! Can we PLEASE GET AN OUT!!!!

Yanks still hot — O’s making a game of it though — the good news (I suppose) is that the Yanks are still giving up a fair amount of runs — perhaps that means they still aren’t that tough when you have decent pitching.

Arnie – my Grandparents were the say way – they were proud that their children spoke English. Was a different time.

Good out! Let’s get one more!

DAMN!!! Bases loaded! GET THE OUT!!!!!

I am well aware of that, Arnie; my folks, both being of German descent, had the same thing happen. I understand the dynamic–I’ve witnessed it closely with my former students. They are still not mutually exclusive ideas–learning English, and retaining your own language. But I VERY WELL understand the tension!

out comes the little bird!!! and the PINS!!!!


I also understand the idea of “blending in” and being proud that your children speak English! I get it! I am troubled, though, when they lose their home language.

Let’s get some more runs! Nice try, Lugo! GO SOX! Get some more runs!

That was very mean of Wells to take that hit away from Lugo😦


I don’t know about “tension” Greg. It was more a matter of,”We’re Americans now. We don’t need German anymore. Time to move on.” It wasn’t as if they had left a place that was all sweetness and light, they were leaving a bad place full of poverty and with no chance for advancement. I also remember the old relatives speaking German and learned some myself, but it just wasn’t important. They had a different outlook on things.

We did our best trying to create offense, without succeeding. DRAT! (And if Lugo or Ellsbury bunt for hits, that’s GREAT!) GO SOX!

For the first time all season, the Red Sox rotation has had 1 turn thru and have gone into the 7th inning, AMEN!! I never ever thought that it would take this long. Boston continues to dominate at home. I would love too see them go on the road and win some series! With the pitching they have, that should happen more!

Bay needs to be inked but I have said that way too many times. Theo should have inked him up during the winter but couldn’t. Not a good move by Theo and the Red Sox. I will not write that on here anymore, I have said it too many times. It frustrates me, my gripe of the night!

I am NOT happy with our bullpen tonight so far!

It is a different outlook on things, no question. It is a tension where I worked, though, where people (esp. the Russians and Estern Europeans) were VERY proud of their language and culture. Same with the Latinos I worked with, would want to retain their culture, and wanted to learn English. I admired both groups–some of the hardest workers I knew. But yes, it was, and is, a tension.

We have “cheese” and “sizzle” from Eck!!

Thank you Ellsbury!!!!

Ramirez doesn’t seem to have it tonoght as he had in his past relief roles. They seem to be getting good wood on the ball and he doesn’t seem to have the control he had previously shown. Let’s hope he gets back in his groove. Tito have someone ready.

Tough day for old friend Bartolo Colon.

WOW!! We got lucky there!

Nice way to finish the inning, Ramon! GO SOX!
“Cheese and sizzle”, what language is that?πŸ˜‰

Oh, Bartolo “Semi-Colon”? I remember him!πŸ˜‰

Phil, if that is what a “rough night” looks like for Ramon, I’ll take it!

Come on, Papi! Get another HR! GO SOX!

Bummer! I thought Big Papi might hit another one there!

Yeah, but if you “turn on” the “gas” that leads to explosive situations! Hmmm!…

Good wood on the ball Papi– too bad it wasn’t hit to the opposite field. You have to try and keep them honest!!

Delgado’s on the DL for the Mets, I understand. I think he needs surgery.

Papi’s been hitting it hard tonight, Phil! I hope it helps him get his swing back on track!

Bad call on Youk!!!

Come on, Pap! Lock this one down! Don’t screw around! GO SOX!

greg- all’s well that ends well– let’s hope it stays that way!!!

Yeah, Phil, it will if Pap doesn’t screw around! Ramon should rebound well in his next outings!
2 more, Pap! GO SOX!

Greg, what you see as tension with a negative connotation, I see as people working with different skills and and different ideas about things, and trying to make the best out of the fantastic opportunity they have here. I see it as a positive for everybody. But it isn’t the same society as when our grandparents were here. There will never be a time of smooth sailing when everyone gets along. But the folks I work with are trying their best and I give them a lot of credit and respect.

That works–1 pitch, 1 out! Keep it up, Pap! GO SOX!

Come on JONBON let me use my broom for something other than my 2nd car!!!!

Not so much that time, Pap! Get the SO or DP! GO SOX!

Okay – Does the ump really stink or what??? Eck is calling him Marvelous Marvin! lol!!

Boy.. Non Bon’s got gas tonight!!! lol

Boy.. Jon Bon’s got gas tonight!!! lol

YES!!! SWEEP!!!! Great game guys!

Rios didn’t like the call. Neither did Youk. The calls were consistently bad. Good job Paps. Let’s keep it going!!

I said it would be great if they swept and the Sox giveth me a sweep!!!!! Yay!!! 1/2 game out of first, boys. Good job!! This site is taking a hundred years to post tonight.

Let’s start a new thread.

No it isn’t Arnie. It was a different time when our grandparents were here–their language was a security blanket (and their culture) that insulated them from a hostile world, real and perceived. Once they all began to speak the others’ common language, and demonstrate that they “fit in” they were more and more accepted, and there was less fighting among those disparate groups–whether German, Irish, Italian, or otherwise. The fact that we still refer to our own cultures, and where we came from, demonstrates what I mean, though–we lose something when we lose that part of our heritage, like we were losing something of our identity. The students I worked with all felt that to one degree or another, even as they were PROUD to learn English. And yes, they see it as “for the best”, no question. I chose the words I did deliberately.

Nice job, Pap! Good win, guys! SWEEP! GO SOX!

and that would be Bartolo Colon-ostomy!!!

We will need a new thread if we’re not going to be too slow next game! My computer was on good behavior tonight! Whodathunkit?πŸ˜‰ Night all! GO SOX!

Greg, you and I will have to agree to disagree. What you see as negative–all the struggle— I see as positive, as working to get a better life.

Arnie, in short, you can take my “connotation” however you wish. I have taught many people like the ones you work with, and the ones I’ve lived around, to love and respect the English language. I want more than anything for them to adjust to American life, and to appreciate the opportunities they and their kids have to learn English (or “American”, as opposed to British, as we referred to it!). They were, and are, some of the most industrious and studious people I’ve known, and I have so much respect for how hard they worked to learn English. I do find it frustrating when the children (whether in Asheville or LA) of many of those parents have lost their language, and have to go back and learn their native language in schools! Our minds have great capabilities to learn more than one language, and we Americans get chastised (rightly, many times) for not learning another language, when it would often be in our interests to do so! THAT more than anything, is what drives me to help people learn English, and work on my part to learn other languages!

Wonderful to sweep the 1st place team!!! See y’all tomorrow..
GO SAWX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Quite a lively discussion regarding “other” languages.. I for one get really tired of seeing (in south florida) people, mostly hispanic and haitian who have been in this country for a great many years and who refuse to learn the English language. If you were to go to a foreign country say, Crazil, Venezuela, or even Paris France and wanted to take a drivers license test, do you think that they would administer in in English? No, however here in South Florida you can take it in Creole, Spanish, French etc. We make it too easy for people here NOT to learn English. Some roads signs are bi/tri/lingual. In the same breath, you must learn the language in order to become an American citizen, so therefor it tells me just how unimportant it is to so many people here to become American Citizens; they won’t and DON’T learn English. You’ll see a man or woman who has been here in the USA for 30 years being interviewed on a local newscast and they have to bring in an iterperter for them….. Makes me VERY ANGRY!! Welcome to America, NOW LEARN THE LANGUAGE!!! (she steps away from the soapbox)

How sweep it is! What is the FO waiting for? Give JBay the contract. If he wants the moon, give it to him! Theo, listen to the theme song from”To Sir with Love”.
When Ellsbury gets on base, Pedey should give him a chance to steal. The 5th run was a manufactured run.
If the Dice-K can provide 6 strong innings tonight and Masterson, Oki, Saito are ready, another win is like a bird in the hand. Santana’s ERA is above 6 in Fenway. Can’t wait to see Santana, Dice-K match up.

That would be BRAZIL

I’m very scared. I’m hoping that Dice-K is at 100%… I heard Tito on ESPN Radio yesterday and he says that he wouldnt have him on the schedule to pitch tonight if he wasnt absolutely 100 percent. I have to trust the Skip…
It would be wonderful to beat Santana tonight!!

smolty lookin good ….we add this guy and his character to that dugout is an immense uplft to already awesome team…go soxxxxxxxxxxxx…..whoop those mets…judge

I went to see Cirque du Soleil last night so I didn’t see the game live. By the way, if you haven’t seen that show (and there are several different shows) and you have the chance to see it ……. see it. Pretty spectacular stuff. However, I did record the game. How great it is to be able to watch a game in a little over an hour.

Lester had a pretty good outing, but still got banged around pretty good. He was lucky to escape only giving up one run. The Jays are a good hitting club. Despite his home run, Papi is still pretty much flailing haplessly away at the plate. Maybe he’ll start to hit, but so far, I don’t see any significant developments. You gotta be swinging pretty late to foul a ball off your back leg. Not to take anything away from the moment of his first home run, but a wind blown fly ball doesn’t qualify as a prototypical Papi gargantuan blast to me. I hope the big guy can get it together.

Looks like Lugo is beginning to shape up as the every day shortstop. That’s a little scary. I would say he is at least a step or two slower this year and his lateral range is down to about zero.

Reading through some of the comments above, I’d have to say Eck is one of the worst around. His cheese and gas, which initially were mildly entertaining, are starting to stink. He can’t tell the difference between a fast ball and a breaking ball and as he would say, “I don’t want to talk bad about him or take anything away from him, but he’s terrible.” You see, I can identify with Eck because if I were in there with Don Orsillo, I would be exactly the same. Listening to him is like listening to myself while I’m watching the games. I’m very critical, no room for error, and can’t understand why the Sox can’t pound a guy with an 88 mph fast ball and a rolling curve. Also can’t understand why a Sox pitcher would ever walk a guy or fall behind in the count. Just doesn’t make sense. Aren’t you all glad I’m not up there with Eck?

uh… YEAH!!

If you were with Don, garry, you wouldnt be here with us and that would be aloss!

ummm trix…never mind…im not gonna mention fantasy yet…but ….lol

I agree wholeheartedly with you, Ellen. It drives me crazy that folks (from any country) would come here and NOT learn English. We don’t need to give them reasons not to learn OUR language–esp. if they want to earn a living here! On that point, Arnie and I wholeheartedly agree!

I’m nervous about Dice-K myself! He was the definition of “effectively wild” (and lucky) last year. I don’t know how successful he’ll be against Santana. But I don’t see him being more successful than he was in 07 (when he went 15-12) if he is still that wild.

Agreed, Andy! THEO–SIGN J-BAY! Give him whatever he is asking for! Get it DONE, Theo! GO SOX!

Hey guys,
Lugo…our everyday shortstop. The idea alone reminds me of a bowel resection. Please LET IT NOT BE TRUE. Bring back Lowrie!
Going to be tough tonight for the Sox but I have a feeling they will surprise us. They are tough to beat at home but what a rude awakening — Santana is NASTY.
Don’t forget to check out my blog…please…
It’s a labor of love and you can leave feedback now. Idiot me figured it out. I would welcome articles, stories, etc. That would be fabulous. Just let me know. Come on guys…make this blog a fantastic site to visit!

There might be a reason for pitting DiceK against Santana- If Santana is on he is truly going to be difficult to beat. Putting DiceK up may be a way for saying let’s see if he has recovered completely. If he is- then it could be a tough battle. If he is not- then it’s better to lose against Santana and take the next two against the Mets. I’m not saying let’s throw DiceK under the train but—— well you know what I mean.

Lets Go Mets tonight. I will join your conversation tonight Greg.


This is from March 16 2009 on Bay and why Theo can’t get the extension.

“You play for six years and you earn the right to be a free agent, and you don’t want to sell yourself short,” Bay said to MLB.com. “That doesn’t mean that there doesn’t have to be some concessions. But you put yourself in this position, and I think it’s in my best interest to kind of explore.”

I look forward to your joining us, Metsgl! Julia, any word about whether popejonash will be on, also! GO SOX!
Par4jsja, I think we are well aware of the reason why Jason Bay has not signed the extension. I have seen the exact quote. It will not stop us from advocating for Theo to re-sign him, and many (if not most) of us are pretty optimistic that he will re-sign with us, and that Theo will pull out any rabbit from the hat to get it done.

Par4jsja, those are interesting comments by Jason Bay and he is absolutely right. He has performed, he deserves to get paid. That being said, I think he’ll come to terms with the Sox. He fits in perfectly and has a chance to win here. He’s not going to go back to a second rate team. It would be nice to get him wrapped up for 4 or 5 years.

Dice-K is an expensive proposition in terms of wear and tear on the bullpen. If the Sox get 6 innings out of him, that’s a great night. I just feel like he has good enough stuff to not have to pitch like he does. He needs to be reoriented in his pitching style so the Sox can get more out of him. Wake gets paid a third of the money and is worth three times as much to the team.

Absolutely right, Garry, on Wake compared to Dice-K! Give me Wake any day! I don’t know if we will ever get the level of performance we expected when we signed Dice-K!

Stuck on an hour delayed packed Amtrak train to Boston, lady across the aisle is gabbing incessantly and very loudly about totally useless stuff (not meaningful stuff like Sox baseball πŸ™‚ — she is driving me batty — lets get this game started so at least I use MLB gameday and Dice-K pitching to try to block her out!!!!!

Its hard to live up to 50 mill — blame mr. borass and big money — if the contracts were reversed we be complaining exactly the opposite, probably even more so.

And adding in the “right to bid fee”, make that 100 mill.

Hi All! Greg – give me Wake as well. I am worried about Dice-K tonight. GO RED SOX!!!

Ian – can we get a new thread tonight?? Thanks!

Hey Everyone!! running late tonight!!
Ive got my little MR MET and big pins in case I need them!!!

Good start for DiceK!!! Keep it up buddy!!

Great strike out! GO DICE-K!!!

DICE-K!!! WHOOO HOOO!! Great start!

Good first innings boys! Let’s put some runs up!

Good DEAL!!! 1-2-3!!! Welcome back.. Konichiwa!! (sp)

(lots of x’s and o’s there… that’s REDSOX Nation LOVE!!!)

NICE fielding! Donny O almost burst out laughing!!!

Do the Mets understand that fielding is part of the game????


Well that’s just great! NOT GOOD BOYS!!!

Mr. Sheffield is back (and in a NY uniform) — argh.

We have “cheese” and a hit ump….how many bases do you get for that???

I think Eck wants the ump to “suck it up”!

Maybe that will make his eyesight better.. and I’m sure Papi is REALLY sorry that he got hit… only if you look at the replay nothing hit him!!!

We’ve GOT TO get taht run back!!! Come on Dice K!!!

Nice catch Bay!

Okay – minor damage!! Let’s get some runs boys!!!!

Buenas noches amigos!

Buenas noches amigos!

TEK!!!! YOU ARE THE MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tek-ER!!!!! way togo!!!!

TEK!!! Ewok did it again!!!

Hi all. Way to go Tek. He hits better right handed in my opinion. GO SOX.

Hi Carlos!!

No, No, that was NOt Lugo’s fault. I’m sure a piece of pollen got in his eye…..

ESPN Deportes just said tonight’s the 489th consecutive sellout at Fenway, and I lost track last year. Does that sound right to you all?

Hi Oki! I think you are right about Tek! Now let’s hold them boys!!! GO RED SOX!!

BAY!!! He has GREAT Offense! WE HAVE TO RESIGN HIM!!!!

Hi Julia! I see the contest is still going…
Nice catch J-Bay!

The Jays have sent Cecil down to the minors.

New Thread! Hop on over!!

I’d love to see Papi go “bridge” again tonight.

get rid of lugo. he has never been any good since arriving in Boston. Play Green. He is a better hitter and fielder.
If you can’t get rid of Lugo, keep him on the bench.

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