Youk: Lay off Papi

Clearly, Red Sox players are getting tired of talking about the ongoing power outage of David Ortiz. In other words, they can only imagine how tired Ortiz is of talking about it.

What will it take for Ortiz to bust out?

“Well, I think if everyone would stop asking questions about David Ortiz and left him alone, maybe he’d start hitting a little more,” Youkilis said. “If everyone just leaves him alone. Maybe talk about the weather outside or something. Maybe get off baseball convo and talk about something else, maybe that will help him out.”

“I don’t know. It would bother me if everyone was talking negatively about me every day. As baseball players and athletes, there’s nothing more frustrating than when you’re going through a slump. You’ve got to deal with it yourself. Then you have added pressures on you and people talking around time. David Ortiz wants to get out of the slump as much as you guys want him to get out of the slump and as much as the fans do. I think there’s a lot of added pressures there all around.”


Youk has Ortiz’s back and I like that.

I beat Julia, WOW!!

Whew — go Youk!
Brian, we need a contest winner. What do you suggest we do?


p.s. Sox have their work cut out for them. This guy is NASTY and then there is Brad Penniless.

Sox will really show us some toughness if they win tonight.

Sort of a squander there. I am happy to see a new thread however! GO SOX.

In a way. Lowell looks like he’s struggling at the plate as well. I think only Ellsbury and Youk are hitting right now — not enough bats.

Ellen — Yankees are on FIRE. I knew they would. Too much talent on that team. I think the are NOW going to be brutal to beat and we face them a ton of times. Toronto I see fizzling but I could be wrong.

I like what Youk said…

Ellen we need a contest winner here!

Come on BP get a DP!!!

I let you Brian! LOL!! I’m just glad we have a new thread! YOU GO YOUK!!!!

Hey Carlos. I agree with you about Joe Castiglone. I don’t subscribe to MLB TV, so he is my source for the game broadcast.

I wont trip up tonight.. JD is not in the game and I’ve truly been trying to change my attitude toward him. no joke..
why should I hate on of our guys??

Dave – there is a lot of struggling at the plate. Do you think Dustin is being effected by Ortiz not hitting behind him? Is he trying to hard to get on?

Penny – settle in! Almost got him at second.

We dodged a bullett there. GO SOX.

A few players were asked: If you were to pick someone else close to you to sing on “Idol,” who would that be, what would they sing and why?”
Justin Masterson answered: “Javier Lopez, even though he just got designated. He’s pretty good. He’s got a good voice. He would sing something with a real nice low tone. He does a pretty good ‘God Bless America.’ The Ronan Tynan version with the whole beginning part.”

Glad we got out of that!

Let’s get some runs boys!!!

At least Loopy can sing!

Come on Tek, be the one to figure this guy out!!

Our brave contestants are required to refrain from being rude and negative to their least favorite players. The time frame remains to be determined, it started out as a week long bet.
So let’s say you choose f—ing Lugo: you would be required to be even handed and not critisize him. You can’t type in things like: F—ing Lugo, you suck!! You should be in little league!! My grandma makes that play in her sleep!!
If you choose JD Drew you would have to stop commenting on his fragile, glass-like body. JD is a little china doll, but you wouldn’t be allowed to say it.

You in??

Still on the road — just got in — have to gameday it again — Lugo hasn’t had his at bet yet — he will put us on the board — just wait and see.

TEK!!!!! WHOOO HOOOO!!! GO Captain!!!

yeah TEK!!!! you go Tek-er!!!

My man, TEK!!!!

YESSSSSS!!!! Tek!! Tek!! Tek!!

Boy Tek sucks huh???

I was darn close — one batter too soon!!!

Come on JGO!!! Get on base!!!! YOU CAN DO IT!!!

Question Arnie – if I join the contest – do I have to be nice in my blog also??

The contest ends tonight. That’s what everyone agreed too. I personally would like to nominate dgenubert — and this has NOTHING to do with his choice of Lugo since I am quite neutral in the catagory having loved Lugo since he came to Boston.

The contest ends tonight. That’s what everyone agreed too. I personally would like to nominate dgenubert — and this has NOTHING to do with his choice of Lugo since I am quite neutral in the catagory having loved Lugo since he came to Boston.

yes!!!! I’M TWO FOR TWO!!!!

LUGO!!! HE almost got an HR!!!

The bats have come to life! GO SOX.

Sure I’m in, sounds like fun!
Would sarcasm count as criticism, though?

Stiiinking Lugo got it done. Didn’t get thrown out going to second. I’m speechless.

WE can bunt????

Oh – is the pitcher hurt??

Dave,,, unless I did it last week, I didnt agree… I think it should go until someone gives it up!!! Whats wrong no one can go longer than a week?? I can do that watching JD 24/7!!! lol

never want to see ANYONE get hurt.. well not career ending hurt anyway.. oops am I being bad??

Yea, I think dgneubert is a good choice — he has single handedly turned Lugo around (for the short term, anyway) — I should bet some credit for that. I think I better stick with it, and make my next case Mr. OrtizπŸ™‚

I managed to get on at the beginning of the game, so, nothing is my fault today! I missed the contest, but, since I haven’t said anything at all about anybody…this inning is what we’ve been waiting for!

Come on Pedey make good contact and KILL THAT BALL!!!!! We need runs runs and more runs!!!

I am with Ellen too — I am going to stick with this anyway — until opposite voodoo seems warranted.


‘Cause Penny is a real ace, you know. He’s Cy Young worthy so far, and I love him.

Oh sigh….we it was another run.

Just take your time and get back to the Papi we all know and DEARLY LOVE.. You big sweet eyed man,you!

Tough way to get a run! Dustin looks like a little kid with a clean face! Cecil was way ahead of Big Papi.

Arrgh, hitting into DP has to be at near the bottom of the list in bummer feelings in baseball — at least hitting into a triple play is something you can brag about as a fairly unique distinction — two tonight already.

Evening everyone. How’s Penny looking tonight?

Amen. DP’s are really deflating.

Thank you Jacoby!!

Hi Ginny!! How are you??

Alright…how are you doing? I saw the lovely fruit basket you gave Theo…pretty nice – think it’ll work??

Hey Ginny. I am liking Brad Penny. I think he has been a welcome additon to the pitching staff. A good choice by Theo. GO SOX.

Heading home, friends. I hope I get a chance to sign back in before the game’s over. Either way, have a nice evening!


I hope so! Hey – what are some food from Canada that I need to put up for Bay?

I’m thinking Penny is going to be a very nice addition this year. He better keep it up! Go Sox!

Hey Julia. Wild Pacific salmon! Nothing better!

Bye Carlos!

Julia – He’s from BC….ask OKINTHEOK! Maybe some Kokanee, maple sugar treats, and don’t forget the Timmy’s coffee!

mmmmm…..pacific salmon, yes can’t forget that!….thanks, now I’m hungry!

I’m cooking some on the grill tonight. Yum!

Okay – good! Thanks Ginny & Oki! I’ll have some food selections up for JBay in the next couple of days.

Useless Ontario sports broadcasting fact of the day: Did you know that the Memorial Cup (Junior hockey) is more important than a Jays/Red Sox game? So important that we must pre-empt the baseball game???

Lowell is having a tough night.

I cooked beer can chicken tonight Ellen. It was yummy!

No sarcasm, Carlos. And no obviously false praise.

Dave, the contest has been continued because there was no loser yet, or not enough losers to denote a clear winner.

Julia, you can enter. Say what you’d like on other blogs. What goes on at other blogs is none of my concern. What is it with these blogs anyway? Having a MLBlog is like having a cell phone now. Everybody has one.
I’m missing the game typing in all these rules.

On the grill…mmmm…..that’s gotta be pure heaven right there!

Nothing against Baldelli at all — but I don’t like taking Drew out against lefties all the time — you sort of training him to tank against them — he does a fairly good job of hitting lefties anyway, doesn’t he? Baldelli hasn’t fair that well anyway.

You’re kidding Ginny? No baseball?

Arnie – I had a blog before I found you guys. Okay – I’m in – LUGO is my new best friend!!πŸ™‚

hey Arnie, I was just talking to my brother in Colorado… AND, I kept the secret of his present!!! It’s always been hard for me to keep anything from him.

3 DPs…. sigh.

Hey Ginny. There are a lot of useless things in Ontario. LOL. I have to try that beer can chicken. It sounds great!

Julia – yeah, go figure. I guess the guys running the SportsNet are hockey fans after all.

I’m going to go onto NESN’s website and BEG them to make ECK stop saying those stupid terms OVER AND OVER AND OVER.. Gawd… I’m sick to death of his crappy color……

Ellsbury is doing it all!!

OK….LOL! Yeah, remind me again why I moved here? Oh yeah…hubby is station here. sigh.

Ellen – What is he saying tonight???

Ellsbury is developing into a fine outfielder! Go Sox.

Ellen, I hate to admit it — I like Ecks vocabulary, I think its hysterical. However, I have to admit — it one found it irritating, it would be really obnoxious because its constant.

Besides, you shouldn’t trash the guy you get a date with, should you win the contest!!!

Beer can chicken is great! I cook it on the grill – the chicken standing up on the beer can.

TWO HR FOR TEK!!!! WHOO HOOO!! We love the Captain!!!


Maybe Tek can rub-off and ignite Papi



WHAT!!!! WHY DID HE RUN!!!!! Ellsbury – you’ve got to stop this!!

please big papi….please…..

Personally I’m making a phone call tomorrow.

Mailing Address:
480 Arsenal Street, Building #1
Watertown, MA 02472
Phone: 617-536-9233
FAX: 617-536-7814

WHOOO HOOOO!!! HE DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BIG PAPI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Whoot There it is !!!

Ellen – what is the address for NESN for??


Wonderful! Just great to see Ortiz hit that one out. Hopefully that will turn things around for him. GO PAPI. GO SOX.

Well, I’m tired of Eckersley and his stupid terminology… Bring in Roberts.

BAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!!!

What a night for the bats!!!! YOU ROCK JBAY!!

WAY TO GO PAPI! I get in just in time to see Papi has hit a 2-R HR! YES! I hope the Big Fella took a curtain call! Good to see he’s not the only bat working tonight, either! 5-0! Get some more! GO SOX!πŸ™‚

That HR set off about 6 car alarms!!!! Its a 6 alarm dinger
NOW MIKEY!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hey Julia. It must have been the salmon!! LOL

Oh I wish I could hear Eck now!!!!!!

Somebody please send me a transcript!!!

I think its time for the Sox to take over 1st place in the easet… RIGHT WHERE THEY BELONG

Way to go J-Bay! (Is he signed yet Julia?!)πŸ˜‰

Now 8-0! YES! GO SOX!

Hey Greg. Yeah, everyone is getting in to the act tonight.

You’re right Oki!!

dg – Eck is going crazy!! But he does feel sorry for the Jays pitcher – young kid he said who should have been lifted earlier.

Way to go, Mike!! GO SOX! Keep it going!

Hey Everyone: Can I get an “IDOBELIEVE” from all of you???
come on Let me hear it….

good job Rocco!!!!!!!!!!!

YES! ROCCO! Get him home, guys! GO SOX!

I wish he was Greg!!

EVERYONE is finding their bat tonight!! What a game!!!

I’m another one who gets a kick out of Eck’s commentary style. But I’m quirky like that, so what do I know?πŸ™‚ GO SOX!

What an inning! GO RED SOX!!!

I like Eck! The stinky cheese was a bit much yesterday, but I love that he is unpolished – you can tell he LOVES the game!!

O’s have scored 3, cut the Evil Empires lead to 5-3.

Dead Central
Rocket, rocket,rocket
Smoked to right central
Jack jack jack jack
etc etc etc

I’ll give you one Ellen. IDOBELIEVEIDOBELIEVE!!!!! GO SOX.

Hey, Ginny, how are you? How’s everyone else tonight?
I think DGN should be commended for single-handedly turning Lugo around, as was mentioned! (Let’s hope he doesn’t revert to form and we have to call him LugNuts again!)πŸ˜‰ GO SOX!
Come on, Brad, we’ve given you a LEAD! SO SHUT THEM DOWN!

I forgot:
Ortiz went bridge.

Jacoby has tied Red Sox record for most put outs in a game – he has 10 so far.

Come on, Brad, SO or DP! You’ve got to learn how to deal with prosperity! We need you to shut them down!

I’m doing great Greg! And I agree – Brad either get them out or we need a new pitcher! I wonder if the wait affected him?

Ellen, I’ll scertainly “settle” for Roberts! (Esp. if he avoids “Wakey” terminology)!

11th put out for Jacoby – one away from tying a Major League record.

Hey Greg. Penny is doing well tonight. As I said earlier, he has been a great acquisition by Theo.

I took a walk with my daughter. Ellen, to quote you — I DO BELIEVE — or should I say “I don’t believe IT!” Man I almost cried when David hit the long ball. Did you see the dugout? Man everyone crowded him. What a relief! Now the press can leave him alone!

Ellen, I’ll certainly “settle” for Roberts! (Esp. if he avoids “Wakey” terminology)!

Ellen, as I’m listening to Eck with all his silly Eck-isms, I’m also listening for the sound of YOU breaking into the broadcast booth and strangling him. Are you about 1/2 way up I-95 yet? Gotten to Jersey yet?

I’m tired, frankly Julia, of the idea that pitchers are “affected” by a long offensive rally! GET OVER IT! we can always get fewer runs, if you like!

Make that 11 put outs….

I took a walk with my daughter. Ellen, to quote you — I DO BELIEVE — or should I say “I don’t believe IT!” Man I almost cried when David hit the long ball. Did you see the dugout? Man everyone crowded him. What a relief! Now the press can leave him alone!

Jacoby has 11 putouts now – 1 away from tying a MLB record.

I took a walk with my daughter. Ellen, to quote you — I DO BELIEVE — or should I say “I don’t believe IT!” Man I almost cried when David hit the long ball. Did you see the dugout? Man everyone crowded him. What a relief! Now the press can leave him alone!

Thanks arnieschmo — I laughed reading the translation!!!!

Dave – it was wonderful when David hit it! I was clapping and yelling and screaming – and when he came back out to wave to the fans! PRICELESS!!!

Who is this pitcher we have tonight. He can’t be Brad Penny?

Hey Mike Baker (shakenbake)! How are you doing over in Korea? GO SOX!

Hey Dave.. How do you like Lowell NOW??? lol

COME ON PAPI! HR #.2, how about it?! Get on base for Papi, Dustin! GO SOX!

One of the local TV stations just sent out a breaking news email – David Ortiz ends slump with 2 run homer!!!!

Eck… Unpolished?? he’s been on NESN FOR YEARS!!!

Julia, it just shows how cruel the press can be in Boston. This really is the other game. The big game is the game and the bigger game the press. I think Youk finally broke the tension.

Just leaving the Jersey Pike NOW!!!

Ginny, we’re going to keep the fruit baskets going until it DOES work! Notice, I did not say “IF” it works!πŸ˜‰ GO SOX!

come on big papi……

I even got goose bumps on the replay of Papi’s “bridge to dead central”!!

Make that 11 put outs….

Yes, Papi has the Boston Press corps, while Penny, Drew, and Lugo have US at Brownie Points!πŸ˜‰

It’s pouring rain and blowing 40! I can deal with it, I’m on a plane to Japan in 17 hours!!!

Time for Penny to grab some bench, cause he’s striking out right now! GO SOX!

I just had to come back to say ‘GRACIAS PAPI!
I was hearing the game on XM and kind of went crazy in my car. People in other cars kind of looked at me funny. Sounded like a real special moment at Fenway.

Hey, Mike, maybe you’ll catch Dice-K on a Japan rehab assignment!πŸ˜‰ GO SOX!

Can we get an OUT please!!!!! TAKE PENNY OUT!!!

Looks like Penny has lost the “temperature on his cheese”


Hi Mike! Enjoy your time in Japan!

Okay – that ball died.

It is time for Penny to go – the wait was too much.

A fine effort by Penny. I wish our other starters would perform like this. GO SOX.

The cheese fondue has gone cold, eh, Arnie?πŸ˜‰
Brad did well until that inning! Good thing we had the lead! Get it done, DelCarmen! We need Dr. Feelgood! GO SOX!

hahaha Greg! NICE job Delcarmen!!!

New thread… Thank you Ian!

Good job getting the quick out, MDC! Keep it up! (Even if we have another long inning!) GO SOX!

I will, thanks! A month in Okinawa. As long as I have SportsCenter at the club, I’ll be GTG!! Nice to see another quality start!

Come on, Bard! Get the job done!
I hope DelCarmen will be able to go again tomorrow, since he threw so few pitches!
Not a good beginning, Bard! Get the outs! GO SOX!

Big Papi needs to step back in the batters box! he’s too close to the plate and they pitch him inside all the time, so he’s handcuffed( can’t swing freely). I feel that it might take some time for them to figure it out and in the meantime he’ll get more walks. Puts him in the game more and on base. A way also to build his confidence and hit some homeaaas!

It’s imperiavte that more people make this exact point.

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