The Mets are in the house

It’s a lively Friday night at Fenway, and a nice hot one (84 degrees at game time) with the Mets in the house.

Dice-K and Johan. Good matchup, good way to embark on Interleague. Sheff just hit a moonshot against Dice-K. The always-entertaining veteran is now 7-for-12 lifetime against the Dice Man with two homers.

CF Jacoby Ellsbury extended his 17-game hitting streak after his infield single.

With each home run by Jason Bay, you wonder two things. Is he going to be a top five MVP candidate? And are the Red Sox going to re-sign him? today reported the approximate contract figures the Red Sox and Bay exchanged during the spring. The Red Sox offered Bay somewhere in the neighborhood of $10 million. Bay and his agent countered were looking for $14 million a year. Also, Bay was hoping for three-four years and the Red Sox didn’t want to go that far by the time the sides decided to break up talks. There has been no rekindling of the talks since then.

Clearly, Bay has hit more like a $14 million to start the year. But will that continue? Can the sides find common ground or is some team going to blow Bay out of the water  In this economy, it is very hard to judge. But I’m sure that Red Sox fans — who are falling in love with Bay — will be upset if he leaves. Perhaps not as upset, however, if Theo pays the freight to bring Matt Holliday to town.

Why no Rocco in right field tonight? Because Ellsbury is on fire, Drew had a day off two days ago, and Santana is every bit as nasty against righties as he is against lefties. Baldelli will make the start on Monday afternoon in Minnesota against Francisco Liriano.

In Jed Lowrie news, the shortstop is doing a great job with his rehab and remains on track to get back in the lineup in late June or early July
“I don’t think that’s a surprise,” Red Sox manager Terry Francona said. “He’s young and a very hard-worker and he’s very diligent in what he’s doing. When we were on the road, he was going over to see [rehab trainer] Scotty Waugh at 7:30 in the morning. Things he doesn’t have to do. But I do think young kids heal quicker than older guys. That’s just the way it is. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s right on time or a little early.”

Lowrie was taking some grounders on Friday. “He’s been out there with Bogey doing the throwing and everything. He’s just doing a little more every day. One day I went down to go to the bathroom in the fifth inning. This is back a few weeks and he had the bat in his hands. He gave me that look like, I got caught. All good players do that.”


Nice catch JBAY!!!! WOOOOWOOOOO!!!

Nice catch JBAY!!!! WOOOOWOOOOO!!!

Great job Bay!!!

Atta boy JBay! He is a solid defensive player as well as being a great offensive player.

Yes Carlos – the contest is still on!

Repeat from last thread – the Jays have sent Cecil down to the minors.

Thanks for the new thread Ian!!!

Nice hit Dusty! Let’s go Papi! Bring him home!!!!

Problems??? we dont have no stinkin problems!!!!

no Papi! sigh…..

Let’s go Bay!!!!!

papi’s gonna get thrown out of the game!!! He is NOT HAPPY with the umps calls and neither am I…. nor is the Amic-er strike zone

Try that again – GO YOUK!!! hmmm.. maybe I didn’t need that last glass of wine! lol! But is went so well with the grilled oysters! lol!!

I think there’s no doubt how important Bay is to the Red Sox. He’s gold glove caliber (in my opinion), hits well, hits for power, and hits in the clutch. Plus, he’s a very positive influence in the clubhouse, a hard worker, and chances are he’ll be consistent in all of the above throughout his carreer. Signing him to me is a no-brainer. I guess it’s just a matter of negotiating a figure.

Papi is pissed!

On NESN they are showing video of the Red Sox pitchers practicing hitting. It wasn’t pretty.

I would agree Carlos – we need to do what it takes to keep him here.

Youk! UGH!!!

Yankees down 3-0, Toronto is in a rain delay.

That’s ok Julia, we cheer for all Red Sox, regardless of if they’re at the plate or on deck!!

Thanks Carlos! It was a LONG week and the wine is going down way too smoothly! lol!

Good thing to only get a double out of that.

Carlos, you are dead on with all your comments about JBay.

Nothing quite like a well deserved drink at the end of the week to help you unwind.

Hey, Julia, !Oye, Carlos! How are we doing tonight? Anyone else on?
Doesn’t get better, except if we’re throwing strikes, and are leading instead of tied (and not getting BB!)! GO SOX!
Dice-K, find the strike zone, please!

LugNuts couldn’t get that one? Who knew?!

Ah oh — same of Dice-K surfacing (it is the 4th inningπŸ™‚ — or maybe its a good thing with 1st base open and Sheffield hitting.

Sounds as if there are alot of Mets fans in for the game tonight.. They can be heard trying to out-shout the REDSOX fans….

Nice post on the blog, Julia! Are those “clones” the ones delivering the fruit baskets? (Is that why they don’t include bananas?)πŸ˜‰ SIGN J-BAY, THEO! GO SOX!

No No Greg, that blade of grass got in Lugo’s way…

I was not happy to have Dice-K pitch tonight.

And no, the ball floated…that’s why Lugo did not get the DP

Oh, and by the way, the “drink of choice here is coffee, the REAL black gold!”πŸ˜‰

grrrrrr come on Red Sox! Let’s stop the bleeding right now!!!

LOL!!! Thanks Greg – and I LOSE IN THE CONTEST!!!

LUGO!!! You cost us a RUN!!!! grrrrr….

WE NEED ****!!!

Boo, hiss! They should have turned two there. Now the run is in. Things are sort of coming apart for Daisuke. GO SOX.

Hey, Ellen! Hey, DGN! Doing all right tonight? (Apart from scores and botched DPs?) GO SOX!

Sorry Greg – I actually don’t drink coffee.

okay – those *** said “****…hmmm” the filter doesn’t like that???

okay – I said “A shortstop” using the SS for it and there was a space between them! geesh – the filter is WAY to sensitive!

You’re not the only one, Julia! Phil was right, though, that this will be something of a test run for Dice-K (Not so good a test so far!)
Hey, Paul! GO SOX!

NICE THROW DICE-K!!! ugh!!!!!!

It is still funny to me which words get filtered and which ones don’t though, Julia!! HMMM!!!!…

Wow talk about a reversal.. I know that the ump isnt helping matters, but Dicce K looked great out of the gate tonight… now he just cant get anything….
COME ON DICE K………….. and he nearly throws it away!!!
oh man!!
I hope they have some long arms in the pen tonight…..

‘Hola Greg! Bienvenido.
What’s with our SP this year? Dice-K, Lester, Beckett have underpreformed. Penny and Masterful I guess have done more or less as expected, and Wake of course has been outstanding. But to have your 3 aces do this bad makes it tough!

Last time the Mets were at Fenway, the Red Sox swept them back in June of 2006. Crisp made one of the best catches I have ever seen at Fenway, he took an extra base hit away from David Wright. The Red Sox have done well against the N.L. in the past, I hope that trend continues.

Sheffield a former team-mate of Francona way back when, they played together in Millwaukee. That’s when Francona had hair and Sheffield wasn’t on H.G.H. or P.E.D. or whatever he took.

When the Red Sox outbidded everyone for Dice-K ( posting fee of 51.1 million ) it was the Mets who finished second, many millions behind the Red Sox. If there is one organization I hate in all of sports, it is the Mets!! A big market team that has sucked for many years, with all that $$$$$$–they should be ashamed of themselves. My gripe of the night!! In the past when the Sox went to the N.L. it was always what to do with Ortiz. That is simple this year, have Ortiz watch like me!

You don’t drink coffee, Julia? How the heck do you “sober up” then?πŸ˜‰

!Por Fin! ‘Bout time! Get some runs, guys! GO SOX!

Yeah my “animal friends” deliver all the baskets Greg! There were so many comments about me having “clones” that I had to put that one up!

Gee – is the inning over????? LET”S GET THOSE RUNS BACK!!

Julia! What’s with the fowl language? Wine really kicking in? lol

Hey, Brian! GO SOX! Get some RUNS!

Hey Greg. How are you doing? Thank goodness we are out of that inning! Have to get those bats cranked up now. Go Sox.

NO!!!! I wrote “A Shortstop” but used SS for shortstop and even with a space the filter took it out….. No A and then the letters SS!!!

Hey Julia, have you seen the movie “Multiplicity”? Right up the alley! (Esp. when the clone clones HIMself, and ends up with a half-wit!)πŸ˜‰

Let me get this one straight…The Sox offered Bay 10 million per season but this is the same g.m. that gave Matt Clement how much per season??? He gave Lugo how much per season??? I rest my case! Bay should get 12-14 million per season for 4 years! This team has $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ up there you know what. They were willing to give Texeria how much per season??? Bay a 10 million per year offer, WOW!! Theo wake up!! John Henry wake up!! Get it done!!

Hi Brian! I lost the contest – I HAD to rant at Lugo! The missed DP cost us runs!! grrrrr…..

Fowl language, you mean “Chicken Man” has resurfaced, or “Pollo Loco” (aka, LugNuts)? Hmmm!…

Ok, one on, none out. I like this.

Lowrie taking grounders at s.s.—I don’t care if Lowrie doesn’t hit more than .250 as long as he can make plays at s.s. because Lugo and Green are stuck in the mud at s.s. They have no range at all. Bring back Glenn Hoffman. LOL!!

Yep, Julia, that’s happened with me also, so it will “asterisk” 4 spaces instead of 3!

HEY!!!! And what are you implying????? I’m already getting enough comments on my blog about it!πŸ˜‰

Brian – it is crazy that we aren’t giving Bay the money he wants! If we don’t someone else will.

Was it worth losing the wager, Julia, to be able to rant at LugNuts?πŸ˜‰

So Eck doesnt like to touch fish but he likes cheese and gas… makes you wonder about that guy!! lol

I believe you Julia. But still, I do concur on that we need a shorstop that doesn’t play like a “female donkey”

No Greg – I actually call Posada of the Yankees “Chicken Man” – the way he moves his head reminds me of a chicken.


I’m alive and well in the contest. The Cal Ripken, Jr. of the Red Sox is the man!!

Drew will win it late tonight, I can feel it all the way from Florida.

And we know who that “Somebody” is, don’t we, Brian and Julia?! THEO, get it DONE!

I know, Julia–making sure Posada isn’t making a cameo!

Good Job Mikey!!!! Need to get those runs back…..

Yes Greg- it was worth it to RANT!!! Ranting is SO good for the soul! And after this week at school I need to RANT!!!



The team that will give him the $$$$$ is the team that plays in Gotham. Money talks, we all know that. I still think Bay will end up in Boston but Theo and the Red Sox haven’t played there cards right in this one!

Nice job, MIKE! 2B! Come on, Tek! Get em HOME!

TEK TEK TEK TEK-ER!!!!! go baby go!!!!!!!!!

YES Greg!! I will keep the fruit baskets coming to Theo!!!

Come on Tek – you want another 2 HR game!!!

NICE ONE TEK! 2-R 2B! Way to get em home! GO SOX!

YESSSSSS Jason!!!! You go baby!!! I’m your Captain, yeah yeah yeah yeah!!!!! (grand funk railroad 1971)

TEK!!!!! HE IS THE MAN TONIGHT!!! Those fruit baskets were worth it for him!!!

Greg: “Pollo Loco”! lol love that nickname for Lugo!
Brian: you are soooo right about the salary numbers and the necesity of signing Bay. I did hear that John Henry has had a very bad year with the economic situation. I think it was on MLB Home Plate on XM radio that they said they didn’t pay Tex the extra 10mill. because they couldn’t spare it. I don’t know if I buy that, but I guess it could be.

Brian – shhhh…I’m working hard to make sure that Bay does NOT go to the evil empire!

Varitek’s divorce is behind him and I’m guessing he thinks the baseball is his ex-wife’s head. LOL…Call me cruel but………

You’re right, Brian! The Red Sox FO should give Bay $14 mil a year if that’s what he’s asking! GET IT DONE, THEO! GO SOX!

I sent him a side of beef and a keg of beer!!!

My gripe!
Nick Green makes some errors and is basically kicked out of the lineup. Bone headed Lugo makes a thousand errors — one per game and can’t hit out of the batters box and somehow he’s ‘our star’ This guy is like the walking plague. No matter what happens he’s in there poisoning the game. He’s like a living Titanic ship smashing into a iceberg and liking it!
OK…on with the game.

… and her lawyers head too!!

Bosoxbrian — that was seriously cruel (LOL)

Okay – nice work boys! We need to hold them.

Carlos – John Henry has taken a hit – and we have a smaller ballpark – but I have to think we can find a way to pay Bay want we need to.

Julia, are those lovely little 2nd graders making you gray before your time?? or is it the parents?? lol

OK guys…divorce is a painful thing. Let’s seriously change topics here.

Drat, not far enough! Get some more runs, guys! (I’m glad we have gotten some runs off Santana!) Dice-K will need ALL THE HELP he can GET! GO SOX!


Henry was more than willing to give Texeria 170 million or more—guranteed $$$$$. Also if the Sox inked Texeria, they would have signed Derek Lowe. The Red Sox always have the $$$$$$, N.E.S.N. brings in a bus load of $$$$$$–not too mention other stuff. The Red Sox and Yankees can never ever cry poor mouth!

Carlos, “Pollo Loco” came up in a previous post regarding Lugo. Phil (Pangelotti) and I were discussing him!

I think Henry is being honest. Economy is down and they’ve frozen prices as well. I think Henry is pinching pennies but one way to dump payroll is to GET RID OF LUGNUTS LUGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brian – you might be right about Tek….hmmm…Hey – did you all see? Smoltz got married again last weekend?

Hey everyone by the way!

Yes, if Theo and Henry were willing to give that much money, in an already down economy, doing so for Bay is NOT a stretch! GET IT DONE, THEO!

I bet if John Henry personally sends the official citizens of RSN an email explaining that he needs us to pitch in to re-sign Bay, he would get the 14 mill and then some! I know I would donate 50 bucks more or less!

Brian.. you dont think youre going to get me to lose this thing do you??? You’re not married are you?? NO… IWONT GIVE UP THE FIGHT!!! (actually i should.. then youd have to go out with Roseann and Phyllis Diller)

Yanks are losing…Toronto on delay is tied at zero.

Nice job, Youk and Mike! Nice DP! Murphy was greedy and paid for it!

Ah…hey everyone…did I do something wrong here?

Ellen – the schools in our town – we have a number of cases of swine flu, tons of kids out sick with all sorts of things and we are sanitizing everything! Making sure the kids are using Purell all the time – spending more time on that then anything else!


Okay – the Mets can’t run either!!

Hey, Dave! Doing OK?

Hey Dave I read your latest installment… Really good… where do you get this stuff??

Hi Dave! I don’t think you did anything wrong….

Ellen thank you! That means a lot. Please leave a comment and thank you.
As far as getting the ideas, well…I just think of things that might be interesting and write them. I have NO idea where the ideas come from…they just do.

Dusty – we must hold da ball! It is very important to “hold da ball”

You need just one more out, Dice-K! Get the out!
Yeah, Dave, I’ve been reading your entries! Good stuff! You come by your “Crazy Dave” name honestly!πŸ˜‰

Julia… thats gotta be a pain in the tush!!! Stay well!

Eck is saying this will probably be Dice-K’s last inning – he is near 80 pitches

Ellen thank you! That means a lot. Please leave a comment and thank you.
As far as getting the ideas, well…I just think of things that might be interesting and write them. I have NO idea where the ideas come from…they just do.



I am not married ( serious girlfriend though ) If I had to go out with RoseAnne or Phylis Diller, I would jump from the Tobin Bridge!! LOL…Is Phylis Diller still alive??? I thought she was dead long ago.

Santana mows down the N.L. but not that easy against the A.L.

Santana is one of 2 pitchers I would give a long term contract to, the other, who else–Halladay. 6 years and no other pitchers.

BETTER! Get some more runs, guys! GO SOX!

Thank you Greg…but actually the latest entry was serious material. I’m proud of it. That one was NOT crazy Dave.

Thanks Ellen! My boys middle school (in town) had 122 kids out – over 10% of the student population. I have never used so much Purell in my life! One of our teachers just recently found out she was pregnant and she is sick – so some of us when it to her room today and cleaned EVERYTHING!


Good job Dusty!!! WE NEED RUNS!!!!

Let’s Go Red Sox!

Dave – I have to go over later and read! I was at school until late and I’m behind on all my reading!

Hey, since I came in late, are there any more “Eck-isms” that need “translating”?πŸ˜‰

Masterson is warming up.

Well if she is no longer with us that would make your date all the more interesting!!! LMAO!!!!

Come on, PAPI! Get the HR! We’re pulling for ya!

No – Eck has not done any new ones tonight Greg. We just heard cheese once.

Hi Dave!
Julia, the best advice given south of the border is to constantly wash your hands, but do watch out for people sneezing, coughing, or speaking too close to you. Schools are a risky place to work (I’m sure you know) because viruses spread easily there. All schools and universities in Mexico were shut down for over a week to stop the virus from spreading. It’s a curable disease, but still very serious.

actually I meant to say Joan Rivers!! lol same-same!!!!


I’ll have to check it out, Dave! GO SOX!

oh the cheese has been spred more than once tonight by Eck!!

Thanks Carlos. The CDC in the US changed it’s policy about closing schools – they are not longer recommending that it be done. Some still are; the ones in my town have not. We are reminding all the kids to sneeze into the upper arm, not hands and yes – handwashing! I’m in an elementary school and it is hard – you get so close to the kids when you work with them. The flu has been less “deadly” here in the US but the rate that it is spreading is troubling.

Diller is 91 years young, alive…I thought she was long gone like a Bay H.R.

Drat, J-Bay! GO SOX!

Santana – don’t going messing with Youk – you will lose!

Okay guys – we have to hold them!!!!

Did Eck just say what I thought he did…? :-p

I missed it – what did Eck say? And welcome Raj!

Do take care, Julia. That goes for all of you Brownie Pointers. Go straight to the doctor if you get a bad cold with a high fever. Better to be safe (and on time) than sorry.

Masterson is in! Let’s go Justin! Today would have been his start day.

Maaasterson-son-son! He’s our pitching sensation! Masterson-son-son! A Jamaican magician!

Come on, Justin! We need Masterful tonight! GO SOX!

Thank you Carlos; I will! It’s my boys I’m most worried about. (They are both in middle school)

Hey Julia,

Not really much of a welcome, as I’ve been around for a long while (some of the regulars can attest to that), but I’ve been busy a lot with work and class so I don’t have a lot of free time sadly.

Eck I think was saying what Youk was saying about getting beaned by Santana; a four letter word that begins with s and ends with t.

Okay – not a good start.

Eck is still going on about Lugo missing the DP

I haven’t seen Phyllis Diller since Match Game in the late 70s! Hmmm! As for Rivers, never is too soon to see her again! Thank GOD she did not take over for Johnny Carson!

Come on Justin!!! GET IT DONE BABY!!!!!!!!!!!
he looks like he’s still in jr high!!! lol

I don’t like lead-off walks! Grrrr1

Hey, Paco. Haven’t seen you in a while. Good to see you again!!

With Eck – I wouldn’t doubt it. And I offer my “welcome” the first time I see someone each night.

Good try Tek.

Will keep you and your sons in my prayers, Julia. As well as Brownie’s Brigade and families. I’m sure with the proper precaution we’ll all be fine.

Come on, Justin! SO or DP!
Nice job, Youk! GO SOX!

Hang in there Julia.
Eck — beat up Lugo…I’m all for it!

TB is winning 13-1 over the Marlins.

Nice force out play!

Will keep you and your sons in my prayers, Julia. As well as Brownie’s Brigade and families. I’m sure with the proper precaution we’ll all be fine.

I’m sure some of you have already discussed this, but I’m curious: what do you all think of the alternative home jerseys and dangling sox hats?

TB and FLA, not exacly an “in-state rivalry” right now! Hmmm!…

Nice KO, Masterson! Let’s get one more!

Thanks Carlos and Dave!πŸ™‚ Having a long weekend off for Memorial Day, we hope, will help. That’s why we were so busy cleaning today – to kill anything we could so it wouldn’t sit there all weekend and multiply. Last weekend at the middle school they brought in a special cleaning crew to the school.

Nice job Masterson!

And don’t worry Dave – Eck will NOT let Lugo forget!

Hey all — Just got in from my road trip and train ride in — looks like we are recovering to make a game of it — Masterson — not good for Dice-K. hmmm may have to read some — but it looks like — I might have been booted from the contest, were it not for cell phone reception on my laptop — did our short stop, not turn a double play — that resulted in the Met 3 run inning?

Why is Dice-K out so early? somethings seem like they never change — if he is going to lose it — its usually in the 4th inning, looks like he was right on schedule — yes/no?

Anyway, going to turn on the tube now and try to watch these closing innings — hopefully we can get into the Met pen (not supposed to be good) and pull this one out.

I like the red jerseys (not so much the road jerseys–Dave has a good “Tito commentary” on those jerseys on the Red Sox Humor site–HILARIOUS!). I don’t like the “Hanging Sox” caps AT ALL! Oh, well, as long as they play well in them!…

YESSSSS!!!!! Thank you Masterful!!!

Yanks play a good team and they’re losing late, what a surprise! NOT. Wang came out of the pen tonight, I guess Guidry wasn’t available.

Nice job, Masterful! Keep it up!
DGN, Dice-K is out because he was wild, and high in the pitch count (aside from the unhelpful missed DP!). GO SOX!

dg – you would be right – our dear SS did NOT turn the DP – and I lost so I could RANT at him!!

Greg- I also do not like the hanging sox hats! My oldest son bought one and I hat looking at hit! They just look so wrong.

JD!!!! Not let’s make something out of this BOYS!!!!!

Hey, as long as the Yanks have Wang Chung, who needs Guidry!πŸ˜‰
Nice hit, JD! Get him HOME, guys! GO SOX!

Wang came into the game? Do you think they brought him back too soon?

Ugh!! Lowell!

Good evening, DGN. “Bienvenido”.
Dice-K started off pretty good, then kind of got rattled with the botched DP, and I think Tito wanted to keep him on a tight leash regarding # of pitches.

Greg thank you for the plug! It means a lot.
p.s. everyone congratulate my daughter on finishing 3rd grade AND being a kid again for the summer. She’s so much more relaxed — (and Ellen she’s sleeping at night again!)

Well, he TRIED to screw that catch up!
As I said, Julia, your son can HAVE those caps!πŸ˜‰

Phiilies have 4 HR in Yankees stadium tonight.

Are things going Tek’s way or what???

Good to hear, Dave! I hope she stays well!
Nice throw, Mets! Way to go, guys! Get em home, now! GO SOX!

Yeah baby!! Come on Lugo, hit a homer!
lol that’s wishful thinking!

It looks like their SS position is a little suspect as well!

All of the HRs to the RF wind tunnel in “NEW Yankee Stadium”? Hmmm!…

Man oh man, the Mets are killing themselves with their errors. I feel bad for Santana.

Come on Ellsbury, get a base hit!

I am SO glad that the Mets did NOT get the memo on fielding! lol!

I know Greg – but he bought the hat with his own money when he was at Fenway! So….

Congrats to your daughter Dave! We don’t get out until late in June and then I will have an incoming High School student! ugh!! How did he get that old when I have not aged a day! LOL!!

yanks losing 8-1… Wang gives up a big johnson to Ibanez!!!


I don’t know about Wang. It seems like the BP work is intended to “warm him up”–we’ll see. Maybe Scott or Bob would have a take on that, Julia!

Excellent news, Dave!! Congratulations to you and Naomi! It is Naomi, right?

Get the hit, Jacoby! We need the runs! GO SOX!

Come on Obey Wan Jacoby.. keep your streak (and theh Sox) alive!!

Oh so everybody remember that “Keep Mike Lowell” petition I started?

Think I should start another one, except this time for Jason Bay? :-pπŸ™‚

I’ll ask Greg. I might drop Scott an email when the Yankees game is over! ;-D

Damn! GUYS!!! We have GOT to stop leaving runners on base!!!!

Hey, his choice, Julia! Can’t account for a kid’s taste sometimes!πŸ˜‰

More runners LOB! Come on guys! GO SOX!

I’ve got the fruit baskets going Paco! I did it for keeping Tek and not trading Lowell. You can check it out –

No I can’t Greg – but if that is the worse I can complain about then all is good!

Ugh!! Tek! WE NEED OUTS!!!!

Theo can use all the help he can get to “encourage” them to sign J-Bay, DGN! Julia’s got one going, we can use yours also! GO SOX!

One out! Let’s go guys and get more!! Don’t let them score!!!

Great news Dave!!!! Tell your daughter to have a WONDERFUL SUMMER!!!!

I’ll sign every petition I see to keep Bay. And I’d certainly keep my word and donate money if the Red Sox asked that of RSN citizens.
It’s my duty as the self-proclaimed unnofficial RSN Ambassador to Mexico! hehe

You mean the Mets can’t go to Church anymore? Hmmm!…


I’m silent for now and going to play backgammon for a bit!!

A hit to the SS pays off? Who knew? Hmmm!…

Hey Dave, maybe your daughter can sell cookies during the summer to help raise money to resign Jason Bay!

We need to make you the official RSN Ambassador to Mexico Carlos!

Okay – 2 outs! COME ON BOYS!!!!

I want to sign a petition to KILL LUGO!

Can we get the petition signed to trade “Pollo Loco” LugNuts, Carlos? PLEASE?!


Thanks Ellen…NOW KILL LUGO

Good, bleeding stopped. Now LET’S GET SOME RUNS!!!

Thank you Bay! Dave – I will sign that petition! LUGO!!! grrrrr…..

Good job, J-Bay! We can still win this game, guys! Get some RUNS! GO SOX!

Let’s get some runs boys!! You can do this!! Let’s go RED SOX!!!!

4..3..2 that is how close I am to bowing out — thankfully two others are beating to the punch and I am some how hanging in there…..

oh by the way — one of the ground rules, is that you always respond with statistics — plain factsπŸ™‚ I may resort to that soon.

Hey Dave, have you sent any more chicken and peanut butter to LugNuts yet?

Come on Dustin!!

lol ok so let’s sum up the petitions we need to start:
Re-sign J-Bay, Kill Lugo, Drop the Dangling Sox hats, and make Carlos the Official RSN Ambassador to Mexico. But especially Kill Lugo. Any other suggestions?

I really feel that Lugo’s “off” year in LA with the Dodgers should have been a sign of things to come.

I’m sorry Theo, but your “love” for Lugo really hasn’t panned out. Great guy and all from all accounts, but it seems he can’t really play under any real pressure.

NO!!!! UGH!!!!!

DAMN! Didn’t quite get that ball far out enough! Come on Papi!

The Carlos petition should be #1! lol! I think that covers it! Do I need to send fruit baskets for all of them also???


Can I get a “not good boys!” UGH!!! WE HAVE TO HOLD THEM THIS INNING!!

Well, Paco, the FO finally DFAed “Lefty Grove Redux” Loopy Lopez, so maybe he’ll figure out that Lugo is Wile E Coyote! (SUUUUUPEEER GEEEENIUUUS!) HMMM!…

OK and the “Kill Lugo” junk is a bit much guys. Come on now.

You think the team will hurt Putz and/or K-Rod?

I mean, the team has gotten to K-Rod and tagged him for runs in the past.

Forget everything….KILL LUGO….life will just get better. Better yet…bring back Rick Burleson. HE WILL DO BETTER!

Paco, you are right on about Lugo.

Carlos, the Road Jerseys should probably be added to that list. We don’t need relics of the Curse Era! Hmmm!…

O.K. Lugo is a complete idiot and NOT a nice guy. The man was arrested for beating his wife. He only didn’t serve jail time because his wife said the account was “exaggerated in court”. I HATE LUGO

But Paco – we wouldn’t be in such a hole tonight if it wasn’t for Lugo! He is NOT good at SS and he is not good at the plate!

Lugo is NOT a nice guy. You don’t smash your wife’s head against the car. No way man.

Greg – they are better then then the camo shirts that the Padres have. What are they all about???

The account on Lugo’s arrest is available as a google search. It’s out there.

Daniel Bard is warming up.

Ok, Masterful, SO or DP! GO SOX!

If I am elected as Official RSN Ambassador to Mexico, my first assignment will be to get one of the drug cartels in Mexico to kidnap Lugo, contage him with swine flu, and lock him in the Yankees clubhouse to see how many of them catch the flu too.
Can we start the petition now?

Carlos – where do I sign???????

And how do we get you elected???

Dave, is that true about Lugo hitting his wife? If so, I am completely shocked and disgusted.

Julia, the Camo jerseys for SD are tribute to the troops based there. Not the best look, but I give them a pass. Their road jerseys? NO! “Uh, San Diego County Jail called, they want their jump suits back…” HMMM!!…


Carlos…you are now my number one fan!

Wow, nice toss Tek!!

Carlos…you are now my number one fan! While you are at it, have Lugo’s head “accidentally” smash into a car door like his poor wife did.

Okay – I too will give them a pass on the jerseys Greg. But I will agree on their road ones! bad, bad, bad!

Yankees have just lost.

Maybe Ian can put a word in for me to President RemDawg and VP Regular Rob!
Sweeeeeeet Caroline! Oh oh oh! Good times never seemed so goooood. So good! So good! So good!

Julia, they always look like the entire Padres team has made a jailbreak! NOT GOOD!

They will seem soooo much better Carlos if we can score some runs! GO RED SOX!!!

Aw come on now, LET’S GET SOME RUNS!!!

So the center cut of cheese is going 100mph?


Did you see Kaybee’s write-up on the Padres’ roadies, Julia? Good entry!
We’ve got the Cheese, the Gas, and the Center Cut! Now we’re ready to fire up the fondue again!πŸ˜‰ Arnie?

You’re right Greg. Makes you wonder not only who designed the uniform but who decided that they looked good.

That was a quick bottom of the 8th! How many messages got in, 4?

I did Greg. Kaybee does a great job writing about the Padres.

FONDUE!!! I’m in! lol!!!


They aren’t giving us enough time to type. How dare they! lol!!


Come on Bard! Give em the heat, the cheese… anything you want to throw at them to make em go down in order! Heck, you can even throw Lugo at them if it works!

Masterson did his job, do yours, Bard! GO SOX!

We need 1-2-3 boys! DO IT!!

Carlos – we can’t throw Lugo!! It might hurt Tek and he is doing well!

LugNuts might be too tempting for them to hit over the fence, Julia! Hmmm!…

Carlos – are you near where they had the earthquake in Mexico today?

Make that Carlos! My bad!
Nice job, Mike! One more! GO SOX!!

Thank you Lowell!

Good point Greg…. but wouldn’t they want us to keep him for his stellar fielding abilities?

I don’t mind the dangling sox hats for fans, but I don’t like them on the game day uni’s. I do like the red jerseys on Fridays. I don’t mind the new road uni’s, but I liked last year’s better. “Boston” in red letters just looks better.

Oh my – how is that man playing SS??

Hey, look at that! LugNuts/ StoneHands CAN make a play! Who knew? GO SOX!

I like the Friday red shirts also. It’s very sharp looking.

Oh, by the way, Julia, Ginny’s cowbells have infected the Braves’ home field, Turner Field! Do you think they’re lost? Do we need to put out an APB??πŸ˜‰

lol Greg El Pollo Loco certainly is lightweight enough to hit over the Monster!
Julia, I hadn’t heard about the earthquake yet so I guess I wasn’t close. Usually they hit central or southern Mexico, and I live in the north.




No gas Eck! We do not need to be hearing about gas!

The red jerseys are great, but they need the B on the caps–red or blue caps, fine with me! Come on, Tek, get on base! GO SOX!


Yes Greg – I think we need too!! As long as they don’t find their way to Fenway!

NO!!!!! UGH!!!!

That’s good to hear for you Carlos. There was a 5.7 magnitude earthquake in Mexico City.

The quake was outside Mexico City, Julia, way to the south compared to where Carlos is. 5.6 magnitude, from what I heard!

Couldn’t someone have pinch-hit for Lugo? Anybody! Even someone from the bullpen!

LUGO!!!! UGH!!!!!

COME ON!!!!! We can pull farther away from the Yankees!!!!

NO!!! Ugh!!! Well – not the best result.

Only the second team to beat us at home this year. We lost to in my opinion the best pitcher in the majors. We should be able to take the next two.

Oh well – Toronto is tied at 0 in the 8th.

Not so much tonight. Dice-K didn’t get it done, but that’s par for the course! Hmmm! Get 2 out of 3, guys! GO SOX!

Santana problem is the best – and our fielding added some runs. We did very well against him.

Probably is the best even! I think I need some sleep!

Take care, all! !Hasta Manana!…

Night all! See you all tomorrow! Carlos – get those petitions going!πŸ™‚

My first complete game of the season! It’s been a real pleasure, my friends.

I will work on the petitions!!πŸ™‚ Good night people, rest up and hope to see you tomorrow.

Good night!

The SS position is killing the Sox right now. It must really be getting on Theo’s nerves. At least I hope it is…I remember last year in Anaheim when ZAZU rolled on that ball in the outfield the look on Theo’s face said it all…..wonder how long it’ll take to see that look on Theo’s face again. Go Sox.

Missed today’s game. Re: lugnuts- we have to be careful. If we dub him Pollo Loco we may be sued by that chain for defamation and/or slander.
Re: Joan Rivers- she is really Phyliss Diller with a little more recontruction.
Is it true that Lugnuts cackles like Phyliss Diller???
Santana is a good pitcher- we just couldn’t put anything together. In following Gameday- it looks like Papi had another bad day.
Maybe tomorrow we can get the “good luck” voodoo dolls out and shake them, or whatever else we want to shake- and help BIG PAPI out.
See you tomorrow. Go Sox!! Glad to see that Toronto lost as well!!

I hope Theo gets that look soon, Craig. That SS position has been unstable for too many years now (re-sign Orlando Cabrera, if nothing else! He can at least play SS!)
Dave, just read “The Dream”–Jean Valjean meets Oliver Twist, eh? (Loved both! Valjean, “24601”–sounds like a zip code!)πŸ˜‰

Yeah, Phil, Pollo Loco might sue for trademark infringement!πŸ˜‰

Tough loss> Let the guilty remain nameless.. its a team effort when we win and a team effort when we lose… (i’m stretching it there!!)

… Carlos, I think we have the best pitcher in the major leagues, if he would only get back to it!!! Beckett.. Just got away from what brought him to where he was!! He’ll get back!

New thread for tomorrow! YAY! GO SOX!

Get rid of Lugo. he has never been any good since arriving in Boston. At least Green can hit. Lugo can’t field nor hit.
Sit him on the bench.

I think we’d all like that, RKelley41. Sit LugNuts, indeed!

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