Big Papi, meet Mendoza?

When you go to the fabulous baseball site,, the players David Ortiz is compared to are: Lance Berkman, Richie Sexson, Paul Konerko, Derrek Lee and Mo Vaughn.

But at this juncture of the season, with Ortiz still in a slump of epic proportions, he just sunk to a new low. Ortiz, 0-for-2 in his first two at-bats today, is batting .199 on the season.

In baseball speak, anyone batting under .200 is below the Mendoza line. Mendoza was Mario Mendoza, who was clasically a light-hitting player, who played from 1974-82 and finished with a career average of .215.

Back then, the batting averages were in order in pretty much every major Sunday newspaper around the country and you would have to keep going down on the page to find Mendoza.

Anyway, the Papi situation is ongoing. He didn’t take any of the desired momentum from the big homer on Wednesday, other than the double two at-bats later.

In the last four games, including those first two ABs today, Ortiz is 1-for-13 with six strikeouts.


Oh dear. Tim slipped on the ice.

Wake up Tito! Wake doesn’t have it– pull him if you plan to win this game.

Can’t drain the bullpen guys. You know that.

Oh man on the road again. Sox never get a break.

Wake doesn’t have enough right now, and neither does Papi. If we don’t want to get swept today, Dave, we may have to use more of the bullpen than we would wish.

Hey, where is everyone?

Some are still on the previous thread, Dave!
Nice hit, JD! Get him HOME, SOX! GO SOX!

You hsve a bull pen to come in when your starter needs to be replaced– that’s what they there for.

Ian’s headline says ” Big Papi, meet Mendoza” How about ” Big Papi, meet the 8th spot in the lineup”. If that doesn’t work, “Big Papi, meet the bench”. Nick Johnson rumors will heat up even more. The Red Sox don’t even need Ortiz to hit H.R.’s–just get some base hits, guys will score and not be stranded.

I think most of us agree that something has to be done with Papi. Tito has to make a decision. There comes a time when loyalty has to take a back seat to winning a ballgame. Papi has gone way, way, way, way beyond that line.

Sox feel so helpless out there. It’s depressing.

Has anyone seen Jason Giambi and David Ortiz in the same room???????? Now I know what Yankee fans were going thru with Giambi. Similar situation, Ortiz’s contract isn’t as bad and Ortiz helped Boston win 2 titles but other than that, not much difference folks. Millar says Ortiz’s runway should be longer, I agree but how much longer????

Unfortunately, Brian, the 7 or 8 spot in the lineup will be generous for Papi. Grabbing some bench will probably be what has to happen.
Nick Johnson, unfortunately Brian, has the same problem JD Drew has–he is also made of paper. We don’t need that issue again.

Good job, Wake, 1-2-3 inning! Get Wake some RUNS, guys! GO SOX!

I think JD and Nick Johnson use the same recycler.

Probably should have left this posted on the last thread, so few would have read it, but BoSoxBrian comment’s on TBS advertising touched a chord with, so you all can ignore me on this… pasted below:

BoSoxBrian, don’t get me started on advertising and campaigns, its pernicious and annoying in my book, and — oh yea, and how do you let your kids enjoy the game with all this advertisement, just parade one problem after another and the drugs you never knew you need (and really don’t) in front of you and your kids constantly. Maybe I should start a PPV games service with no advertisments!!!!

And I am probably sure that many of you will disagree with this because I know the cause is good, but does MLB (if they really want to give Mom’s a break, assuming the Mom’s want to go to baseball game on Mother’s day — have to make that one day about fighting a disease thought to be associated mostly with women). Do women really enjoy that subject matter paraded in front of them on Mother’s day? I don’t understand it — I think its unkind — can’t you pick another day or two to for that campaign?

Come on, KOT! Nice 2B! GO SOX! Get some RUNS!

I think that most of us feel that when Lugnuts is in the game it has a profound effect on the team. Papi being in the lineup seems to be having that same depressing effect. He can be carried for just so long. What has to be done is up to Tito. But something has to be done. Tito can’t just keep sitting on his hands.
Wakefield seems to have settled down. If the Sox ever regain the lead I would bring in a new pitcher to start the next inning. Wake , for some reason, can’t hold a lead.


Quite true about Nick Johnson, he does get hurt alot but I think he would do just fine in Boston. Johnson’s approach at the plate would fit right in. Also he is the nephew of Larry Bowa so there would be some toughness in there as well. What would Boston have to give up??? The million dollar question. Also I think Jack Wilson of the Pirates would be a nice move at s.s. but what would Boston give up??? Theo has a history of dealing with the Pirates.

I don’t like the idea of Green bunting. Swing away! Francona doesn’t know when to bunt or when not to. Even if Green put down a perfect bunt, I would say the same thing!! Swing away! This is Tim Redding not Tom Seaver.

While I disagree with you, DGN, about the Mother’s Day campaign, I think you are generally on track about advertising. It is annoying at best.

Of course another name that will be mentioned will be Victor Martinez but the Tribe will want everything in the deal. Perhaps they’ll ask for Tom Brady and he could q.b. the Browns. LOL!! Shapiro ( tribe g.m. ) is the brother in law of Mangini.

I agree with you about Johnson’s toughness, and I like Nick Johnson as a player. I don’t think this is the right place for him, though, and definitely when we are attempting to keep our own players healthy, let alone productive!

Drat, Papi! Gotta get the RUNS IN!
Yes. New Yankee Stadium RF=WIND TUNNEL!

Thanks for the heads up guys!!
and Thanks for the new thread Ian… We appreciate it.


I’m not against or for Nick Johnson, it all depends what goes to the Nations capital. It’s a name that will be tossed around from this point on until he gets dealt, if he gets dealt.

I think Wakefield should be watched very carefully, his day is coming to an end.

I remember Carl Everett! I liked him.
Brian, like I said, I LIKE Nick Johnson, and it’s certainly true that his name will come up. I just think he’ll have similar injury issues as Drew.
Come on, Sox, we need to get some OUTS!


OK guys, SO or DP! GO SOX!


Please don’t say you liked Carl Everett, I think Everett should be locked up!!

I don’t know about off-the-field issues. If he needs to be locked up, do it.


That’s the way to do it, Wake! GO SOX!

What was Green thinking??? My oh my. He had no chance to get Beltran at third. Green had a guranteed out between first and second. The s.s. position is hurting the Red Sox in another way today. Luis Rivera where are you???

Well, got it done, the hard way. Now get some runs, guys! GO SOX!

Come on, YOUK! GO SOX!

Sooner or later, you’d need a taller foul pole than your taller foul pole. Sorry, Dewey, that doesn’t solve anything!

I think Ellsbury should hit 4th, Ortiz makes the last out in the inning quite a bit, doesn’t he???

Why did it take Joe West so long to go to replay??? It’s too close not to look at it.

H.R. for Youk!!

Once again, how do umps miss H.R.’s???

I think that HIT the Bud Light sign! If so, that SHOULD be fair! Hmmm!…

I think what baseball needs to do for these H.R.’s. Is have umpires hustle, what do you folks think??? West just stands there and says foul, have another doughnut West!

Hi All – just got home and watched Youk’s hit – the reply they just showed on TV looked fair.

So much for instant replay. Oh, well, get it done, Youk!

It looked like it was clearly a H.R.

Hey Julia! Yes, it looked fair here also, but not even our “savior” Instant Replay, changed the call. Oops!…

I agree Brian, it sure looked like it hit the Bud Light sign, and should have been a HR.
Sorry Dewey, I think the OPPOSITE is true. It makes the umps/ refs lazier.

I’m amazed umpires on bang bang plays at first are right about 99% of the time. This H.R. by Youk was missed, how does that happen??? Last night’s H.R. was clearly a H.R. as well. These umps need to hustle out there and not just stand there. West has been around wayyyyyyyyy too long!

Nice job, JD! Stay healthy, would you? PLEASE?!

Come on, MIKE! Hit another HR! GO SOX!

Hi Greg – yeah I think they got the call wrong. Dwight Evans is in the booth today (boy is he MELLOW compared to Eck!) and he thinks they either need to extend the pole or put a camera on the top.

Nice Hit Lowell!!! I see JD has been hitting today also.

Tough at bat for Youk. You hit a H.R.–it goes against you. Highly unlikely you’ll get a hit after that.

The crew chief in this case ( Joe West ) should get a fine or something for missing that call. M.L.B. is watching and I’m sure someone in Selig’s office will call Cowboy Joe West after this game.


That would suit me fine, Brian. West should be fined, both for lack of hustle, AND for missing it on replay!


A taller pole wouldn’t solve that issue. What they need to do is have umps move a little out there. Enough of that, my gripe of the day!

YAY!!!!! Great hit George!!! WHOOO HOOOO!

We need these 2 runners HOME! NICE JOB KOT! Got one home, get the others home now, guys! GO SOX!


Agree very much! It should be made public if West does get some fine or whatever will happen.

Kottaras with some good swings today.

Wakefield should be on a very short leash in the 6th. Boston needs to win this game today.

The call for YOUK SUCKED!!!

dg – don’t get me started on the ads (sorry – I’m late to the game!) Trust me – I have teen-aged boys and those ads are even MORE embarrassing because they understand what it all is about!

My point also, Brian. I couldn’t disagree more with Dewey on that one, Julia. Sooner or later, that taller pole will not be “tall enough”. The umps have to do a better job, instead of letting Replay do their work for them!

The pole could be 500 feet high, what difference would that make???

Brian, If jerr west wasnt so damned fat he could have run a little ways out there and would have seen what NESN showed… fair ball.. home run!

We still need the runners home! Get Mike home Nick!
WAY TO GO, NICK! Nice running Mike and Kot! Not so much for Nick on the rundown, though! But we got the RUNS! GO SOX!

GREEN!!!! At least the run scored!!!! And we PLEASE keep Green in! He is not idea at Shortstop but better then the alternative!

And I agree Greg – umps need to move around – but I wonder if a camera on the pole would help.

Green against Green and Green came up MONEY!!

Boston showed alot of fight/spunk that inning. The inning started out with Youk getting the short end of the stick on the H.R. It all started with 2 outs by J.D. Drew!

My computer keeps kicking me back over there!!

True enough, Ellen, but I think (speaking of egos) that his ego is equally fat! That should have been a HR!
I’m glad I was right on cue for Nick! Now if we can avoid bad base running!…

Sooner or later, that camera will be knocked off the pole, also! I just don’t buy the gimmicks (and that’s what I think they are!) that give the umps the excuse to be lazy!

Great inning Wake!! Let’s get some more runs boys!


T.B.S. showed it was a H.R. as well. I don’t know how West missed that one. He missed it twice, once live and the other time in the replay. Unreal. How does that happen???

I remember last year when A-Rod hit a H.R. at Yankee Stadium and it hit the wall in front of the bleachers in right center but the umps called it a double. It was clearly a H.R.

Wakefield comes out throwing strikes. Nice.

Nice 1-2-3 inning, Wake! (He might get the win after all! YAY!) GO SOX!

Let’s get some more RUNS for Wake, guys! GO SOX!

This guy is 40, he looks about 25 years of age. 40 year old rookie. Gotta love it.

Finally back in stride here…
LET’S GO REDSOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hey Mr Met.. I just stuck a great big BBQ Skewer through you!!! YOURE DONE NOW BUDDY!!!!!

Skewer the giant baseball Mr. Met, eh? Does he make good shish kebab?😉 GO SOX!

We miss ya, Alex! Can you play SS for us? (AHEM!) GO SOX!

Nice walk Dusty!

They are talking to Alex Cora on NESN – he misses the smack talk with Dusty, the atmosphere and the fans!

No that was a weird balk!


Now there’s a thought Greg! And he likes us fans!!!



Boy is Dwey different from Eck in the booth. He is almost too laid back.

Bummer for Papi!! Dewey’s right–you hope he doesn’t get too down, to where you don’t do ANYONE any good!

The Yankees have just tied the score up in the bottom of the 9th. Just great…

I sure like Dewey in the booth!

So what’s new, Julia? The Yanks have been doing so lately, going (I think) 9-1, most of those on so-called “walk-offs”! SNARL! GO SOX!

I thinkit’s tiome to resume the discussion regatding moving Papi down in the order or sitting him. Before long its going to be too late, rather than still early, to make this change. i now it would be an ego hit for Papi, but he’s a big boy, a professional, and should in turn be treated like any other batter who is not performing. Its not like we dont have a bat to slide into the 3 spot, JD, JBay, could easily do the job and if Papi steps back into his regular sweet swinging style, then make adjustments… but it has to be done.
That said come on YOUK!!!

COME ON, YOUK! Don’t LET em call you out! GO SOX!

Mark my words, when Francona decides to drop Ortiz in the order, it will happen when the Red Sox are on the road.

Ortiz is totally lost at the plate. He has ZERO confidence!

I can’t believe they keep doing this Greg! What is up with that????

Yes, it is, and Papi does need to move down, if not out, of the order, AT LEAST for now!

Great job Youk!!!!

Let’s go BAY!!!! YOU ARE DO!!!!

Nice BB, Youk! Get em HOME, guys! GO SOX!
Come on, J-BAY!

Julia, I thought the same thing about Evans, but we haven’t heard anything about a certain dairy product all day, whew!! thank God…
Good Job JBAY!!!

Way to go, J-BAY! Way to pick up the runners! Keep it going, guys! GO SOX!

Bay with another clutch hit!



Toronto is losing!!!!

Way to get em home, JD! Keep it going, Mike! GO SOX!

We haven’t heard about Jacks or Gas, either!

Evans said it earlier: Get into the Mets pen and we should take over!!!!

I know Ellen – but after listening to Eck all week I miss him! lol!!

Any hairy balls today Greg???

Not Wake’s best day, but we’ve been able to get the runs for him! Nice work, guys! GO SOX!
OK, DelCarmen, we need Dr. Feelgood today!

I think youre right about Papi in the order Brian!! You dont want to do that at home…. its sort of like a vote of “no confidence”. but it DOES have to happen.

Good God, Julia, I HOPE NOT!

Leave the hairballs to the cats!

Good job, MDC, two more! 1-2-3 inning, let’s get it done! GO SOX!

Ya gotta love 3 pitches, one out! One more, Dr. Feelgood! GO SOX!

Come on Wake strike him out!!!!

I meant MAnny!!!

GREAT WORK! 1-2-3! GO SOX! Get some more RUNS!

Had to go break up a fight on my from lawn…2 mockingbirds beating up on a baby squirrel… the squirrel eats here twice every day, so its like he’s my lil pet.. I know how nasty they can be but still… They come up on the table outside my dining room and wait for p-nuts every morning…. CUTE..

Sounds like Mountains weather!😉 GO SOX!


Manny Delcarman is now the pitcher I knew he would be given patience. He’s amazing.
Ortiz is a serious problem and not for the reasons mentioned. Everyone is behind David and removing David is going to affect the team. They are behind him.
Love Dewey. He was my FAVORITE player growing up. Amazing fielder and the only one I knew that could target the plate when throwing home. Nobody got many sacrifice flies off of Dewey.

In case you needed any evidence that closers are a different breed?!…
Nice job, KOT! GO SOX!

And I am THRILLED that DelCarmen has been doing so well, Dave!
I loved Dewey growing up also! He was a favorite!
Not so good that time, Jacoby! We don’t need to run ourselves out of an inning! GO SOX!

Pedroia really needs to just get a hold of one….. BAM!!!

Nice job!! Nice to see that Sheffileds(YUK) arm isnt what it used to be…

Nice hit, Dustin! Way to go, Nick! GO SOX!
(I think it was Kot who was tagged out! :/) Oh, well…

David Ortiz is now 0 – 2000?

Hey Jerry West…. IS THAT ONE FAIR… I THINK IT IS!!! YOUK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GREAT JOB

Youk, Youk, Youk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How are ya, Dave?
Come on, Sox, let’s get the runners home!
(Take THAT, Jerry West!)

Now the pressure is OFF the bullpen and we can use the less critical bullpen guys to win the game.

12-5 looks a little better!

Jbay seems to be in a little rut himself… he swinging at a lot of 1st pitches… patience my dear, patience…

Dewey said it best — David has got to keep swinging and figure it out. Benching him won’t fix him.

Sox have to figure out how to win basically two outs in the inning when Ortiz hits.

Hey Greg, Hey Ellen. Great to see them WIN once in a while.

Keep up the good work, DelCarmen! GO SOX!

One more, MDC! Dr. Feelgood has it working (on very few pitches, no less)! GO SOX!

Just get the final out, DelCarmen! GO SOX!

Yesh, J-Bay is in a bit of a rut, but he’ll be fine. GO SOX!
Get the final strike, MDC!

Nice job, Dr. Feelgood! 2 solid innings! GO SOX!
Dave, I’ll take this Manny DelCarmen ANY DAY!

Nice job MIKE! Nice 2B! Get him home! GO SOX!

I don’t know about anyone else, but I have been pleased with Kottaras to this point. We have a relatively small sample size to base him on, but I like what I’ve seen! GO SOX!

OK, Saito-san, get the final 3 outs! GO SOX!

Nice play Youk! 2 more! GO SOX!

Good team effort today. NICE to see Lowell swinging. he’s been looking sloppy as of late. NICE to see GREEN in there. Wow, what a relief. Lugo just annoys me (not that I have a problem with Lugo of course) LOL
I don’t care about first place right now (although it will be nice) but I DO care about consistency.
Right now Beckett is starting to look great, Penny is BETTER but he’s gotten lucky, Lester is still struggling but getting better, and if Dice-K can turn it around, we will have a great lineup of arms. Dice-K just came of the DL and this was his first game so I’m ignoring that game entirely.
My concerns are obvious and we’ve beaten them to death so no point in bringing it up again.
Dewey is a BIT too relaxed. He needs to talk a bit more instead of being prodded by Don but still the same, he’s a great alternative.

One more, guys! GO SOX!

Oh, good, the Red Sox win, the Yankees lose! Way to go, guys! GO SOX!

Great game. Now the Sox are in first…and I’m always glad. So sad to hear that Dewey still feels pain over 1986. Wow poor Dewey.

Just got here during the 6th inning. Whoever it was that said Night at the Museum was pretty good was right. It was a very entertaining flick. I guess I’ll have to watch the Youk call. I was recording it so I should have it. Couple of thoughts on some previous comments……. Brian, the “bang-bang” call at first base is the easiest of all “close” calls to make. The umpire only has to move about four steps to be in perfect position, but more importantly, he has the benefit of sound of the ball hitting the glove and the foot hitting the bag which contrary to what most will tell you, is the key factor in making those calls……..It’s time for Papi to sit. He is hapless at the plate and I think he is so down on himself right now that there’s no hope for immediate recovery. The Nation is getting impatient and the boo birds are starting to come out. The question becomes, who do you stick in there? I think you could consider NIck Green when Lowrie comes back. Anyone know what Kotsay’s situation is? He could be an answer too………….Finally, a good win for the Sox. Today shows this is a team of character to come back strong after two really disheartening losses that could have been wins……..Now, to look at the Youk replay.

Oh, I’m sure they all do feel that way about 1986–they played the game that year, after all. That won’t change. But Dewey said it right–the monkey is off their backs! Good to hear from ya, Dewey! GO SOX!

Boy 2004 was so critical Greg for ending the pain in a lot of team players. I’m sure Rice felt that way as well. Boggs might have but he is so entrenched with New York he’s moved on. Too bad. I liked his hitting. He was great.

Dave.. benching him wont fix it, but do we keep him in the 3rd spot til he figures it out?? Not in my opinion. Move him down in the order and let him figure it out there. From what I read, he’s still ripping the cover off the ball in BP. This is something pyschological it seems and we cant afford to keep leaving 2-3 guys on base everytime he comes up in that spot… luckily it didnt hurt us today, but it has in recent games and will in the future.. I love Papi as much if not more than anybody, but there comes a time when you take one for the team and move out of the way and let the ones who are getting it done comtinuue to get it done.

Greg, I think that Kottaras has done a great job catching Wake, and I also think he’s hit a comfort zone at the plate. That cant do anything but build his confidence and selfseteem which in turn will lead to better AB’s… Its apparently an awfully tough job to catch Wake, so my hat is off to Georgie Boy!!!

Garry, DelCarmen is winning me over. I LOVE what I see from him this year, and I hope he keeps it up all year! 2 solid innings from him on VERY few pitches! NICE JOB, DELCARMEN! GO SOX!

…Julia..I hoping for a case of Laryngitis for Eck.. he’s starting to be like nails on the blackboard… and from what Evans said.. he’s a definite breed unto himself…. wow.. another fallen hero.. to think I wasted 3 weeks of my teen years having a crush on him!!!! But I still havent gotten over my crush on Dwight!!! I think he’s more handsome now than when he was playing.

Ian suggested a few posts back that Papi perhaps had hit rock bottom. I disagreed then–and I don’t think he’s there yet! When it comes, I’m afraid it won’t be pretty!

Greg, I have said for a long time that Delcarmen has the best arm on the staff. His problem in the past has been command. He’d walk people and be pitching from behind in the count. This year he’s getting on top of hitters and he is devastating when he does that. He has an unbelievable changeup which he’s using very effectively. If Pap and Beckett could develop that pitch, they’d be twice the pitchers they are…… so I’m right with you on him.

Now I have watched the Youk replay and I have determined that there was no way to make the call on that play. The problem is the ball was up over the foul pole and there’s no way for anyone to tell whether it’s fair or foul when it leaves the park if it’s up over the pole. The third base umpire has the best look at it, but unless he’s standing right under the pole at the wall, even he can’t tell for sure. The two replays I saw were definitely inconslusive. The one the Dwight Evan talks about the ball being seen in the Budwiser sign was an angle from the first base side of the field, so there’s no way you could conclude anything from that. In the absence of proof positive, the umpire did the right thing sticking with his call. All of that being said, the replay system is crap. If MLB is going to adopt replay, then they should ensure cameras that can provide a decent replay angles for those kinds of calls. If they can’t do that, then replay shouldn’t be allowed.

I know you’ve said that about DelCarmen, Garry. I had that comment in the back of my mind in writing what I did. And DelCarmen is proving you right. I’ll certainly give credit where it is due–and he deserves it!
The angle I saw of the blown HR seemed to show the ball hitting the Bud Light sign–if so, it seems to me it should have been a HR. I agree with you on Instant Replay. I think (same as in the NFL) there is a fallacy around that it will “solve” disputed calls. Nothing could be further from the truth–and this demonstrated it very well. I wish it had never been adopted.

Hey everyone! How are you guys??? Im so excited to be back! Yeah I know I vanished yet again….personal demons. How are you all? How are you Ellen??? How are you BoSoxBrian??? I just recently added an entry to my blog that I believe you guys will find rather interesting.

Here ya go!

Greg, two things about the Bud Light sign. First, there is a lot of the sign (most of it) is in foul terretory. Second, the other view shown by NESN showed the ball dropped significantly in front of the sign. I think there is another factor in this call too. What I really think is that the umpire lost the ball in the sky, very much like the camera did. By the time he picked the ball back up (when it was dropping in front of the sign), the ball was well on the foul side of the pole. He almost had no choice but to call it foul. In any case, I think we agree that if there is going to be a replay process, it should be set up to work.

Hey CHMAN!!! How have you been and where have you been?????? Good to have you back!

Greg- as far as it not being pretty, it cant get much more ugly for the Big Guy!!! The only thing that I can imagine being worse is if he breaks down and cries at home plate while playing the Yankees….

Garry, you obviously know more about the sign than I do, as I have never been inside Fenway. I’ll take your word for it, as it sure appeared to ricochet off the sign. As for Replay, I am going to deny the “if”. Period.

garry, they showed a shot of Youks homerun with the budlight behind it sign framing it and it was FAIR!!!!!

Well, I will stand up (virtually) and concede fantasy victory to our own Judge.. He kicked my a*s*s!!!! Good week Judge!!! All I can say is… someone intercepted the naked pictures of Roseann and Oprah that I sent to your team… If they had gotten those, they would still be wretching in the john!!!!
Goos Job Judge! I’ll get you next time!!!

Ellen, I don’t think we want to test the idea that “it can’t get much worse for Papi”. I still don’t think he’s hit bottom.

Great game today. Good hitting, great relief pitching. Great day as well with the Yanks, TB, and the Jays losing.
I had taped the game and from I could see it looked like Youk’s hit was a HR.
It is hard to believe with the sensor systems that are available today that the “foul” pole cannot be fitted with sensors that could determine if a ball is fair or foul no matter how high it passes over the pole.
It is just a matter of $$$$ and concurrenec with Major League Guru’s ,the Ownwers, the Unions etc to at least try it out to determine it’s feasibilty. Change in BB is hard to come by.

Ellen, the angle of the shot they showed with the ball in the sign was from down the first base line. There’s no way to tell from that shot whether or not the ball was fair. If you looked at the very same picture, looking directly down the third base line, I can guarantee you it would look very different. I feel confident the umpire saw that very same shot we saw and could not overturn his call based on that.

Garry (or anyone) questions,
I notice a great deal of conversations between opposing teams especially when a runner gets on first base. J.D. Drew is especially gabby to any first baseman where Youk seems to react vs. converse doing a lot of nodding. Ellsbury also blabs a lot.
What is that all about? Is it just water cooler **** chat or is there strategy?
If a player is grounded for the game, why does he have to show up. For instance, Wakefield will not be pitching tomorrow night but he’s always in the dugout watching it. You would think they would welcome the rest. Is this team spirit or is there a strategy going on?

moanin….nt ellen…u will have a chance at revenge later in the season…well is anyone startin to panic yet…i mean it is painfully evident that papi is gonna take a longtime to snap out….we still have a well rounded team….but…..i wonder if something is mentally bothering him…like maybe he knows something were not privy to….i mean…him and manny were best friends…i hate to hint at something but if you go back to the time of testing….welll u get the idea….i pray he wasnt involved….anyhoo….the sox are in 1st and its time to make hay….judge

Well Ellen, you can say I hit total rockbottom this year, faced death literally, and I have returned. I am doing better now though. How are you? I am glad I wasn’t forgotten. You guys are simply the best. Its great to see the Sox in first place, and funny thing is, we are doing it without all of our guys really at their best. Beckett is getting there now, Lester hasn’t yet, Dice K just got back from injuries… When they all hit their strides, we will be real dangerous. Also think, when papi breaks out, he will break out big. We are in my opinion, the best team in the American League.

Thanks Judge… you could have rubbed it in alot worse and I thank you for being a gentleman about kicking my lowly scum sucking teams butt!!! lol
But Like AHHNOLD says; I’LL BE BAHK!!!!
CH: We’re glad youre back, and want you to stick around, so chime in here often, your comments are insightful and valuable, we all need a place to hang!!!!
I read on the Remy report that they would be discussing the Papi situation (dropping him in the order and possibly also giving him the day off today) on the plane to Minnesota. We should know by game time what decision they have come to.
Is anyone going to be around today for the game??, or are y’all going to picnics and BBQ’s for Memorial Day?

Speaking of Memorial Day.. I’d like to thank all of the Service Veterans who served for The United States of America, those gave their lives for our freedom, in all of the Military Conflicts that we have been engaged in. Thank You, I thank your families for the sacrifices that they have endured and I thank the men and women and their families who are currently so. You allow us all to sleep easier knowing that you are there giving for all of us here.

Ortiz not in the lineup today, AMEN!!

I think when facing a lefty, Ortiz should hit 8th. Have Varitek hit 7th, we all know Tek hits better from the right side. When facing a righty, Ortiz hits 7th. Obviously Drew should be in the 3 hole, he thrived in the 3 hole last year when Ortiz went down with his wrist injury.

Can Penny go deep into the game yet again????

The Metrodome has been a house of horrors for the Sox over the years. There final trip to the Metrodome in the reg. season.

Garry….I don’t have a doubt that was a H.R. by Youk! West missed that call twice.

Sorry that I wasn’t able to be in a chat with you. My internet was down over the weekend. I was excited to be in this chat. To bad the Mets don’t face the Sox again this year and they won’t for 3 years but they will face each other next spring training.

Morning everyone on this cloudy and rainy Memorial Day (at least in Nashville).
chman712, welcome back and I’m glad you’re OK. We missed you. I also have a blog to cheer you up.
The latest one is about Helen Keller (just read it, it’s a great piece).
Sorry to hear David is out of the lineup. I feel for the man. Nobody is trying harder than he is…unlike Lugo who doesn’t care at all that he’s burning the team to the ground…not that I don’t like Lugo of course (LOL)
Sox have had a tough time in the Metrodome. Not a pretty stadium and not a good time either with them finally in first place. Of course what does New York get — The Rangers. What does Toronto get — Baltimore? Do we EVER get an easy team __ NO!!!!

Brian ….. I saw nothing from NESN that proved to me conclusively the Youk’s ball was fair. I think it would be pretty tough to miss a call like that on replay if the evidence was conclusive. None of the shots they showed showed the ball as being fair simply because you couldn’t tell because of the angle.

Dave…… Cooler talk is a good term for the blabbing that goes on between opposing players on the field. In all the time I played, it was never anything but a little friendly BS-ing. Players show up for all games, whether or not they are going to play, because they get paid to do that. It’s also part of being on a team and enhances team chemistry. Ultimately though, every player is eligible to play. We have seen extra inning games when every position player on the bench has been used. In the event someone then got hurt, you might see Wake in there playing right field or something crazy like that. I have seen that kind of a thing happen. If a team cannot field nine players, they would forfeit the game.

Hey Dave, Hey Ellen. So far im enjoying the holiday. Hope you guys are doing the same. Thanks for all your love and support, it truly means a lot to me. Dave, im checking out that blog right now man. Hopefully we get a chance to play Baltimore soon.

Hey Dave, Hey Ellen. So far im enjoying the holiday. Hope you guys are doing the same. Thanks for all your love and support, it truly means a lot to me. Dave, im checking out that blog right now man. Hopefully we get a chance to play Baltimore soon. I am actually relieved to see Papi benched. I say try Drew at the 3rd spot too. You never know, worked last year and he’ll see good pitches with bay and youki hitting behind him.

Hey Dave, Hey Ellen. So far im enjoying the holiday. Hope you guys are doing the same. Thanks for all your love and support, it truly means a lot to me. Dave, im checking out that blog right now man. Hopefully we get a chance to play Baltimore soon. I am actually relieved to see Papi benched. I say try Drew at the 3rd spot too. You never know, worked last year and he’ll see good pitches with bay and youki hitting behind him.

Hey Dave, Hey Ellen. So far im enjoying the holiday. Hope you guys are doing the same. Thanks for all your love and support, it truly means a lot to me. Dave, im checking out that blog right now man. Hopefully we get a chance to play Baltimore soon. I am actually relieved to see Papi benched. I say try Drew at the 3rd spot too. You never know, worked last year and he’ll see good pitches with bay and youki hitting behind him.

Hey Dave, Hey Ellen. So far im enjoying the holiday. Hope you guys are doing the same. Thanks for all your love and support, it truly means a lot to me. Dave, im checking out that blog right now man. Hopefully we get a chance to play Baltimore soon. I am actually relieved to see Papi benched. I say try Drew at the 3rd spot too. You never know, worked last year and he’ll see good pitches with bay and youki hitting behind him.

Hey Dave, Hey Ellen. So far im enjoying the holiday. Hope you guys are doing the same. Thanks for all your love and support, it truly means a lot to me. Dave, im checking out that blog right now man. Hopefully we get a chance to play Baltimore soon. I am actually relieved to see Papi benched. I say try Drew at the 3rd spot too. You never know, worked last year and he’ll see good pitches with bay and youki hitting behind him.

Hey Dave, Hey Ellen. So far im enjoying the holiday. Hope you guys are doing the same. Thanks for all your love and support, it truly means a lot to me. Dave, im checking out that blog right now man. Hopefully we get a chance to play Baltimore soon. I am actually relieved to see Papi benched. I say try Drew at the 3rd spot too. You never know, worked last year and he’ll see good pitches with bay and youki hitting behind him.

Hey Dave, Hey Ellen. So far I
m enjoying the holiday. Hope you guys are doing the same. Thanks for all your love and support, it truly means a lot to me. Dave, im checking out that blog right now man. Hopefully we get a chance to play Baltimore soon. I am actually relieved to see Papi benched. I say try Drew at the 3rd spot too. You never know, worked last year and he’ll see good pitches with bay and youki hitting behind him.

sorry 4 the multiples. mobile internet sucks lol

Hey everyone,
Garry – Thank you for the answer. Makes sense.
Lugo is in the lineup. Yet another day of precarious shortstop accidents. Will Lugo make the play or let it go through?
Interesting choice of Lowell for DH. Not a bad idea. Sorry to see David out of the lineup. He himself doesn’t want to be removed. Bad blow to him.
Let’s see if Penniless Brad can get it together today.

Garry another question.
What’s a typical day like for a player. I assume you fly into town, do batting practice, etc. and then do the game. You then shower after the game and just…hang out?

CHMAN: we’ve been having some trouble with posting on here, we are all just trying to be patient with the submit button.
I have no idea what their Mascot is.. but the Twins better hide him, I’ve got the voodoo pins here.. and I’ll get him!!!!!

Hey Ellen,
Red Sox at it again. Ellsbury went down quick. Wow, three strikes. He was hungry.

The Twins pitcher really throws strikes. I like him. Sox could use him.

yessssss!!! Eck’s out of the booth line-up today.. Mr Roberts is with us!!!!

Wow he mowed us down hard. Gonna be a tough game. Penniless better be on his game. Two strike outs with two hot hitters. He also throws strikes and goes after hitters. He reminds me of Manny Delcarman.

Ellen, I think you should start a campaign to get Shawn Casey to do color commentary!

Go Penny. I’m impressed.

come on Brad… Get it done!!! 1-2-3 for you!!!!!
we need RUNS, RUNS AND MORE RUNS!!!! and then some more runs and a few stolen bases in there for good measure!

Good way to start the inning, Mikey! Come on Tek-er!!!

oops.. I meant Rocco!!! Good job..
NOW, come on Tek-er!!!!


dave– I read your article– Great job. I tried to comment but was bounced a few times and then I had to go. Keep up the good work.

Now, if Lugnuts had some kind of dream/vision- maybe he could be helped. I doubt it–but who knows.

Lugnuts needs to go away. Another strike out and an end of the inning. Does he wear diapers?

Thanks…I’ll see what I can do about comments.

Can we do a trade for Minnesota for Penny? I like this Twins pitcher. He knows how to get the job done.

The Sox ought to be ashamed of themselves. Second and third and none out and the next three batters couldn’t even hit the ball in play. Hope it’s not a harbinger of the rest of the game.

DOUBLE OUCH!!!! 2 lob… that hurts.. Liriano looks good, but erratic, Sox need to capitalize when they can…

Way to go Brad…give up a homer…I want that Twins pitcher right NOW!

Coem on. thats the 1st hr hes given up since Cleveland… its the 3rd inning…

Sloppy Ellsbury. Left handed pitchers are TOUGH to run off of. So far the Sox are sloppy.

Hey Dave Who peed in your lunch box?? lol.. Come on try to be a LITTLE bit positive…

Ellen, you’re right and I would have been but LUGO is in your lunchbox.

Pedroia has 2 hits.. good job!

good Job Youk… good baserunning too!



Bay…where’s the home run you promised! (LOL)

yessssss!!! another steal!!!

I love you Lowell!!!!

YESSSSSS!!! I’m liking this line-up … Come on Rocco!!!

Shawn says hello. He wants to see you again…something about doing some home cooking with you!

DAMN Tek took that one long WAY!!!!..

When you get Shawn….PLEASE send Jodi Foster back down with me. Clothes are optional.

DAMN Tek took that one A long WAY!!!!..

Way to go Sox. Let’s hold them down. Good shot Tek–could have used that before!!

How nice it is to get a little production out of the DH position. Great idea by Tito to give Mikey a break and DH him. That turf can’t be good for his hip anyway.

Tek ALMOST got it but I knew that play was going to happen. Outfielder was too confident in his run.

3 run inning! Looks good! I see we had some issues with LOB earlier in the game. Hopefully we can get rid of that idea and duplicate that 3rd inning!
How’s everyone? I saw Dave, Ellen, and Phil–anyone else?
Special thanks to the servicemembers, both those on the blog, and those currently serving around the globe. Thank you.

Hey Greg,
Game looks a bit sloppy but when you’re in the lead who cares. Brad Penny is vicious — I like it!

Does anyone else think that Liriano and DelCarmen share a resemblance? Maybe I’m off my rocker, but..

Yeah, and I’m glad that Brad has been doing better for the past few games. He hasn’t been a gem, but the offense has given him some good support.
Glad Mike is DHing on that gawd-awful Turf. Way to go Mike! GO SOX!

Oh Lugnuts is up…two outs.

Lugnuts is out. Well, he’s consistent.

Congrats on Jacoby on his hitting streak. Rock on!

Wow that look from Lugo in the dugout. Looks like he’s ready to kill someone.

Way to go, Jacoby! Get him home, guys! GO SOX!

Is the Twins park the Ugliest…no I’ll give that to the Florida Devil Rays. I hate domes…baseball isn’t played indoors.

Hey, Garry. Are you still on, also?

Nice job, DUSTIN! GO SOX!

Oh the top of the order is deadly.

WAY TO GO YOUK! 2 more runs! YES! GO SOX!

Don’t take this guy out! He’s fantastic. Best Pitcher the Twins have…

We NEED this game. Both the Yanks and Rays are playing bunny teams.

Dave, I’ve watched baseball in two domes. I saw a game between the Orioles and Yankees in the Superdome a long time ago. I have seen several games at the Trop in Tampa. The Trop is awful. While the seating is good, it is incredibly noisy with all the rock and roll crap they play in there along with those idiot Rays fans and their cow bells. It’s not a very nice place to watch baseball.

I’m with you, Dave, on Domes. The Trop takes lowest honors in my mind, but the MetroDome and the Rogers Centre aren’t far behind. I’ll be interested to see what Minnesota’s new park will look like once it’s done–I think it will have a retractable roof, but not a permanent dome, and a different turf. (GOD, I HOPE SO)! (I got that info from a Twins blogger).

Unfortunately, while the Minnesota stadium is well underway (since before the economic downturn), I don’t see the Trop or the Rogers Centre going anywhere anytime soon. SNARL!

Well guys, so far so good! Lugo…ugh he reminds me of my ex on her bad nights…. limp n dead. -_-

Interesting jersey and cap combo for us today. I hope that is VERY temporary!

Not sure I can watch too much of the game today — will have to check in tonight — family activities.

I thought I was going to have a free-ride contest wise, but I see Francona has changed to line-up again, putting my back in play for the contest. I didn’t know Ellen had a direct line to Tito.

Hey, chman712! How goes it? Good to read that you are doing better these days. Take care of yourself.

I agree Gary. It was a nice idea I suppose — no rain delays but the noise is awful and the beauty of the field is lost. Devil Rays and their cowbells are evil. What a miserable place to play baseball. Must also be tough on the player’s bodies pounding that awful turf.

Hey DGN! We’ll see you whenever you check in! Take care.

The new Twins stadium is not covered. It’s going to be very nasty playing games there in early April. There will be some snow days, no doubt.

Well Gary, Tim Wakefield always says that cool air gives him energy. and with real grass it will feel more like baseball.
Penny is starting to labor a bit but getting the job done.

BTW — Phil Hughes shutting out the Ranger offense — how is that possible? Phil seems like a nice guy — don’t like it when the Yankees have nice guys on their team, much prefer Joba and A-Rod types.

UNless the Sox do something stupid they should win this game!

Lowell is HOT!!!! (oh, and I think he’s hitting well. too!!)

Way to go Mike! Keep up the good DH work!’s sound is out. SNARL!

Ellen — I thought Shawn Casey was your man! What happened?

oH NO….LUGNUTS is up. Three outs!

Okay checking out probably for the remainder of the game, but apparently our qualifications for DH is a batting average at or near the Mendoza line. Any applicants here?, Garry they need you.

Way to go Lugnuts…what are you now 0 – 45?

Finally, got sound back! SIGH!
Yep, the Twins ballpark models show a completely open stadium. That will indeed be interesting in Minnesota! HMMM!…

DGNDave: I got his email and twitter #
…. BUT… I think that the Sox are going in the right direction with this line-up…

It’s a nice lineup BUT the Sox NEED to use Green in the lineup.

Penny is pitching a gem…so far.
another question -> what’s with all the spitting in baseball. It’s just kind of gross for lack of a better term.

DGN, until the end of this “Artificial Turf Roadtrip”, Lowell will qualify just fine as a DH hitting above the Mendoza Line! Nice work, Mike! GO SOX!

Hi all. Hope you are all enjoying your holiday down there. I like Penny so far today. Very efficient.. am also sort of happy to not see Ortiz in the lineup. I know that some of you think that the sun rises and sets on him but he is just not performing so far this season.. will see how is doing by All-Star break. GO SOX.

I spoke too soon about the sound. Good to know my Caputer and are still keeping things “interesting”. (Ahem!)

Their CF has made some NICE plays for them–including that catch of Tek’s ball.

Great center fielder. He’s got Fred Lynn talent!

Big storm moving in off the Everglades.. lots of lightning and thunder… Its tough to blog right now, I keep geting kicked out.. back later!!!

No, Paul, the sun certainly does not rise and set on Papi, but we’d like to see him do much better. I think very few of us are optimistic of that, though, and it was time to make that change. Giving the DH spot to Lowell, to rest his hip some, was a very good move. GO SOX!
I hope you are well, Paul!


Ellen be careful out there!

I understand there’s been a LOT of rain in the FL area these past few days. True? Is that true where you are, Garry (In Jacksonville, is that right?)? How about you, Brian, in TSP? I recall you said you needed rain, there!

That error shouldn’t be on Baldelli. Pedroia should have cut that throw off. Somebody in the infield has to be talking and in that case it should have been Lugo. Lugo was covering the bag and should have seen they had no chance to get the runner and should have yelled for Pedroia to cut the throw. A bad looking play that in my opinion falls directly on the shoulders of probably the worst shortstop in baseball, Lugo.

Man, those red hats are really, really ugly!

Penny is DONE. Get him out of there. With you on Lugo Gary…he is the most useless PLAYER in the entire HISTORY of the GAME…IMHO.

Buenas tardes amigos!

We’ll see if Brad can make it through this inning. Time to have the reliever warmed up.

Penny is DONE. Get him out of there. With you on Lugo Gary…he is the most useless PLAYER in the entire HISTORY of the GAME…IMHO.

?Que’ tal, Carlos? How goes it?
Yep, it was time to make the pitching change.

Lugo is an idiot. He should have fielded that ball. What a useless piece of crap on the field.

Hey Carlos!
Sorry you have to witness another brilliant inning with Julio Lugo.

I would pull Penny out now before it gets out of hand. Our bullpen should be rested.

Greg, here in the Jax area the rain started right after I finished playing golf last Sunday (not yesterday). I rained almost continuously until Saturday afternoon with some periods of very heavy rain. I got to golf yesterday and this morning, but out on the courses and around the area there are trees down just because the ground is so wet and the roots can’t hold them up any more. I don’t know how much rain we’ve had, but it’s been a lot. Last night we had another brief thunderstorm. Today has been nice so far, but the clouds are building for what looks to be like thunderstorms typical for this time of year.

The red hats, along with the red knee-highs, are NOT a good look! I hope they don’t see the light of day again!

Penny went into the toilet rather quickly.

Very nice play by Youk on the short hop to get the lead runner.

Youk is amazing. I’m glad he’s with us for a while.

You’re not in drought status, are you Garry? We just recently got out of drought status altogether (from severe).
Got one, anyway. Good work, Youk!
LugNuts was certain to blow that play. Green MIGHT have made it, but that would not have been a certainty, either!

if the sox win games I don’t care if they wear flower dresses with purple ponies on them!

Hey Phil! Welcome to LugNut’s blooper reel.:/
Nice job getting out of the inning, guys! Get some more RUNS! GO SOX!

ACK! Thanks for the visual, Dave! Strobe lights do bad things to my brain (literally), so I don’t need anything that glows in the dark like that! HMMM!…

You are correct. That was disgusting. What I meant was ‘Red’ fluffy flower dresses with ‘Red’ ponies and bright red boots with red roses in the hats. How could I think of a fashion statement without red on it. So unpatriotic of the Red Sox.

Actually this gives me an idea for a blog entry — the new fashion arrangements for the Red Sox.

Nice job, Rocco! I hope he’s all right. Get him home, guys! GO SOX!

Signing off folks. Talk to ya later.

Greg, we are not in a drought here. We needed some rain, but we weren’t that bad off. Just north and west of us is where they are having real problems with water shortages.

Ay, Dave, you’re way too much for your own good!😉

Hello Dave, Greg, and everyone! Happy Memorial Day. Though I am not a US citizen, some of my family is and I am also very grateful for the sacrifice of military men and women and their families.

Yeah, that’s what I thought, Garry. So had we (for the past 2-3 years) until VERY recently! We are saturated now!

Good to know that is SO screwed up!:/ NO SOUND AGAIN!

I really, really like Ramon Ramirez. I love the way he goes right after hitters. He doesn’t screw around …… love that in a pitcher.

Come on, RAMON! Ono more out!

Hi Carlos! Thats a really nice sentiment….
I’m back for a bit.. lightning has stopped temporarily.. I knew it would rain all this weekend since I had scheduled Friday and Tuesday off for a long weekend.. It started Wedneday night, was okay Thursday til about 4 then started and has been off and on off and on constantly and HARD since,,,, We drained 3 inches out of the pool Sunday afternoon and got 4 inches yeaterday… drained it again this morning and we’ll have to do it again tomorrow!!@
Want a rainy day?? just ask me to schedule a day off from work!! lol

Come on, RAMON! One more out!

Nice work, RAMON! GO SOX!

Ramon as usual is looking sharp. Tremendous acquisition there.

Hi Carlos! Thats a really nice sentiment….
I’m back for a bit.. lightning has stopped temporarily.. I knew it would rain all this weekend since I had scheduled Friday and Tuesday off for a long weekend.. It started Wedneday night, was okay Thursday til about 4 then started and has been off and on off and on constantly and HARD since,,,, We drained 3 inches out of the pool Sunday afternoon and got 4 inches yeaterday… drained it again this morning and we’ll have to do it again tomorrow!!@
Want a rainy day?? just ask me to schedule a day off from work!! lol

I love that about Ramon Ramirez, also, Garry! Just attacks the hitters and the strike zone! He’s become a favorite with me! WAY TO GO RAMON!


Hi Carlos! Thats a really nice sentiment….
I’m back for a bit.. lightning has stopped temporarily.. I knew it would rain all this weekend since I had scheduled Friday and Tuesday off for a long weekend.. It started Wedneday night, was okay Thursday til about 4 then started and has been off and on off and on constantly and HARD since,,,, We drained 3 inches out of the pool Sunday afternoon and got 4 inches yeaterday… drained it again this morning and we’ll have to do it again tomorrow!!@
Want a rainy day?? just ask me to schedule a day off from work!! lol

Good job Jeff Bailey!!!! not so good by JGO

Good job Jeff Bailey!!!! not so good by JGO
Now… GO PEDEY GO!!!!!!!

Hi Ellen! You be careful out there! I hope the weather there clears up soon.

WAY TO GO , JEFF! 6-3!
Ah, have sound again–maybe for the next 5 minutes. That seems to be’s limit today! (Taking a holiday, I guess!):/ GO SOX!

Ellen, quit pushing the send button! LOL!

Greg if you click on the Twins feed they have sound. It seems to be a NESN feed problem. There announcers are good.

Here we go Oki!!

Hey Ellen, I’m going to be down in your neck of the woods on the weekend of June 5th. I’ll be down for a jai-alai tournament at Dania Jai-alai. I know several of the guys who play there. Have you ever been to Dania Jai-alai? It’s a fabulous game to watch.

Nice work Ramon! Come on, OKI! GO SOX!

Garry, Dania Jai Alai is about 7 minutes from my front door!!!
Give me the specifics and we’ll be there.. wait are the Sox playing that night, lol!

Hey, Par4aja. Yeah, I’ve been listening to NESN–been wanting to listen to Dave Roberts. Glad the other feed is working–I suspected it was the NESN feed–although I don’t put anything past my Caputer!


Good job, Oki! One more! GO SOX!

Nice work, Oki! Nice 1-2-3 inning! FINISH THE JOB, PAP! GO SOX!

Great pitch to strike out Morneau, but I gotta tell you that plate looks about three fee wide this year.

Way to go! 1 2 3!

Sounds like that is par for the umps this year, Garry. Hmmm!…

That pitch looked like it was almost a “waste” pitch. Better lucky than good? Hmmm!…

Wow, that really is a wide strike zone the ump is granting!

Jbay gets ahit!! You go bubba!!! I dont want him falling into a slump.. Mikey seems to be adapting well to the DH spot… 4-4!! GREAT!!

Nice work, J-Bay and Mike! Nice hitting! Get em HOME, guys! GO SOX!

Garry’s right, though, Carlos–not even CLOSE to the first time that’s been the case this year! Both in our favor, and against us (Consistency???)!

Come on, JD! GO SOX!

DRAT! Come on TEK! GO SOX!

OK, Pap, shut the door on em! GO SOX!

So it looks like I got home in time to see the Red Sox win! Hi All! Boy does the lineup look different!

Yes, Greg and Garry. The umps have been consistent. When they call a wide strike zone, they call it wide for both teams. I guess that’s why Youk didn’t even bother to argue.

Ellen, I’ll be at the fronton all day and all night except between performances when I’ll take a dinner break. Hope you can make it over. If you do, I’ll have a surprise for you.

Hi Julia! Just in time!

Let’s go Pap!! Win this one!!


Hi Carlos!

NO!!! A Hit!! NOT GOOD PAP!!!


Let’s go Pap, don’t mess around!

Not a good start, Pap! Get this batter! GO SOX!


How is the rain in Broward County?? I’m not sure if you have told us yet, LOL!! Send it again Ellen! Please send it again.

If Ramirez continues to pitch the way he has, he’ll find himself on the All Star team in July! I think he has been the best pick up of any player this past winter. I think Ibaneaz ( Phillies outfielder former Mariner ) has been the best pickup.

Penny getting it done again, not bad for a 4th or 5th starter.

Iwamurra out for the remainder of the season, suffered a knee inury during the battle of Florida. The Citrus Series. Of course most people in Florida—–Could give a s–t. Fill in the blanks folks. HA…HA…HA….

Nice K!!!! Two more outs guys!!

YES!!!! One more out boys! YOU CAN DO IT!!!!

We need this last out, Pap! Don’t screw around! GO SOX!

Yessss two down. Strike out Mauer!!

I like Tek’s camo catcher’s equipment. Wonder if they will auction that off also?


Garry…..If I show up, what kind of surprise would you have for me????? LOL!! It would almost be worth the ride too find out—- driving across Alligator Alley, the worst road ever!

The Twins without Mauer, Sox catch a break. That kid would look good in Boston, dream on but why not dream???

Just great! At least that didn’t tie the game!!!



Brian – you spoke too soon!


That was WAY to close!

Come on Pap!! Just get this last out!!

Why does Paps make it so hard on himself? I guess a win is a win. GO SOX.

Oh, I’m sure I could find something appropriate for you Brian! LOL!

Yankees won, the Jays lose!

‘BOUT TIME! We got the win! GOOD! GO SOX! Win tomorrow’s game!
I might check in later. Take care, all!

In the words of Brian: Things that make you go HMMMM…

YESSS!!! Still AL East leaders!!! Nice win boys!

See you all later! Enjoy the rest of your Memorial Day!

Garry, You guys are coming down to watch jai-Alai?? Is someone playing that you know??

A good win despite a flawed Pap save. His save record may be good, but I don’t think he has had a good year. He has allowed a lot of baserunners.

Well, see you all tomorrow night.

oooh!!!! I love surprises!!!!!

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm what could that be Garry??? Enquiring minds need too know. LOL!!


Me speak to soon??? Never ever. HA…HA….

Mauer should have stepped up with him being the potential tying run. He was wasted in my opinion, even though he knocked one out for a H.R. Mauer is one of the best players in the game. What a combo they have in Minnesota, Mourneau and Mauer, the best in baseball. Ahead of Longoria and Pena and of course A-Rod and Texeria. A.L. only here.

Yep, good win, but not because of Pap. Not a good year at all for him. Well, later, guys!

Hi folks,
First of all, thanks to all veterans out there. Thanks, thanks, thanks.

Nice to see the Sox take the first game on the road.
How does Penny do it? He throws mostly fastballs with very little movement and somehow he’s been getting it done. Ramon looked really relaxed out there today, just throwing strikes. Nice job Sox.

See you all tomorrow. Have a nice day!

Thanks Greg. Sox all the way man. Lets go!

OKay… Garry… Is your picture on teh Brownie Brigade??? I lost the link to the site. Does anyone have it??
I’m just wondering how I’ll locate you??

Hi Arnie!! happy Memorial Day to you.. any bbq’s or picnics on your schedule or are you open and working??

Ellen, the site link to Brigade is:

Hope it helps. Happy Memorial Day!

Hey everyone…wow day off is almost over. Never lasts long enough.
Glad to see the Sox win this one. Wow, Penny had a stomach problem and STILL pitched a gem of a game. I couldn’t believe it. This guy is starting to impress me.
David Oritz will be back in the lineup on Tuesday. I hope he finds fire. I wonder if he is having eye problems…seriously. Could that be it?
Lowell is off tomorrow and that means offensive weakness. If Lugo is in that means a lot of weakness in hitting. Lugo is an automatic out in addition to being shaky in the field. Oh boy, gonna be an interesting game tomorrow. I really hope Green is in at short. Green does some dumb things but he’s got the rookie label for a very legitimate excuse.

In 2008….Papelbon pitched 69 innings and walked 8. Already in 2009 he has walked 11 including 1 intentional walk. That is too many walks! Only 20 innings pitched so far in 209. He is on pace to walk around 35 to 40 in 2009— that is HORRIBLE and that is asking for trouble. His track record shows to me he’ll figure it out but when??? Hopefully soon!

It also sounds like Ortiz will be dropped in the lineup. I think he should hit 7th or 8th.

Ortiz ( when a righty is on the hill )
Varitek ( swaps with Ortiz when a lefty is on the hill )
Green—Lowrie—Glenn Hoffman–Jody Reed—Julio Valdez or Julio Lugo–Whover is the darn s.s. for the Red Sox in 2009. Jack Wilson????

I’m hoping Lugo sits alot in Minnesota, that ball moves too quick on the turf. Then again the ball moves too quick for him in quicksand. LOL!!

Lowell was not in for the defense yesterday and the “d” didnt suffer in his area.. the only thing that I would make different is replacing Lugo with Green. Youk at 3rd, (Mike has trouble with stiffness playing on the artificial turf) Bailey at 1st.. and if Papi has trouble at the plate, replace him with Mikey!

moanin all…well we are very close to tradin time…yeeeeeehah…..some interesting plrs im thinkin are avail…..i wonder how hard it would be to pry loose gonzo from SD…they are in need of just about everything out there….if you think texeira is worth money….this guy can do it all plus….he is a nasty clutch hitter with power and almost as good if not better 1st baseman….so… 2 minor blue chips for em?….not sure….i know one thing i cant see papi climbin out of the hole….i like mikey battin dh also….so let s get a 1st baseman that can rip the ball….buch almost had a perfect game….we also have some other nasty minnor league guys….the injury hasnt happened to bring him up…i still think the move of masterson to starting was dumb…if buch had been up…and excelled….then what….so do u leave this kid in the minors or do u trade penny to team that needs a 5th starter and bring up the kid or what….i know ive learned that if you have value….either use or lose it….trade or promote…judge

Morning all,
There is rumor in the rumor mill of a trade for Manny Delcarman for a hitter. I hope that doesn’t happen. Manny is valuable and is finally showing us his pitching ability. That depends on what happens to David Ortiz and I smell release of David if he doesn’t turn it around. I can see the handwriting on the wall and I’m concerned.
Tonight will be a BIG game for Lester who has been beaten up lately. I hope he can turn it around. A good egg.
I also hope that Lugo suffers a hip displacement. I’m so tired of that player. David Ortiz I’ll fight for but NOT Lugo. This guy has been a parasite on the team.
Hope all is well.

How about that Cleveland TB game. Indians down 10-0 and pull itout 11-10. Couldn’t happen to a better team.

Let’s see what Tito’s lineup is tonight. Hopefully Lester can pitch like we know he can and that the Sox give him some runs.

How about that Cleveland TB game. Indians down 10-0 and pull itout 11-10. Couldn’t happen to a better team.

Let’s see what Tito’s lineup is tonight. Hopefully Lester can pitch like we know he can and that the Sox give him some runs.

another very strong rumor is that penny is on the market…not sure how much the sox could get for him but room is needed for buchholz with smoltzy in the wings also…hopefully we can get a decent ss for penny…judge…i also agree with dave that delcarmen should be held onto unless the deal is really sweet…i mean real sweet…..judge

i almost hate to mention this constantly…but…..yoing in tx is very available and i know he has huge money….but….he can play ss and 3rd and is an awesome hitter with a gold glove…..yes hes pricey…but why would we care….we dumped mannys salary …young in our order would put us over the top…..he has some pop also……hell i would take hardy at this point also for penny….judge

Saw some highlights of the game. Madden did the wrong thing. he went through his entire bullpen trying to hold the lead. He had a decent ground ball pitcher in there and pulled him because of a THROWING error (e.g. he did a Lugo) from shortstop! What was that all about?
Rays look like a different team, sloppy, anxious and unable to execute the basics. The Sox will have a field day with them.

I wouldnt mind having Young… seems to have a good head on his shoulders as well as all his tools.

they arent going to release David Ortiz with whats left on his contract I wouldnt think…. Isnt he here through 2012??

As I said during Spring Training, the Rays will not get their Mojo back from last year. The AL East will come down to the Sox bullpen verses the Yanks sluggers( Tex and Arod). The starting rotations are pretty even with a slight edge to the Sox for depth. The NY bullpen is poor. The Sox need a little more hitting. So the question will be: can Tex and Arod power the Yanks to enough victories to beat out the very balanced and talented Sox bullpen?? I think not, because hitters will go into slumps, but it is unlikely the entire Sox bullpen will be slumping. Advantage : Sox. This is , of course, assuming all things being equal injury-wise.

You guys are getting me all jacked up with the talk of Young — but I don’t see it happening. Texas is still in 1st place aren’t they (well after the Yankees leave town, probably not) — but what they need is pitching — and they aren’t going to trade Young for Penny, and three short-stops🙂 — so who else would we’d be willing to pony up — Penny and Delcarmen, Bucholtz, Bolton, or Jones? I can’t see the Sox parting with any of the pitchers the Rangers would really want/need (who if the Rangers have any sense at all) maybe Delcarmen. I would do a Penny/Decarmen trade for Young, but not sure Theo would.

No wonder Penny has had a sour look on his face most of the year. He probably knew this was going to happen all along.

But if it could happen, at least the Yanks can’t block or steal this one at all? Where would they put him, unless they plan to put him in left field and send Johnny packing, LOL.

Better yet, I would trade Dice-K and Delcarmen for Young — that might even align up financially better, which is probably not good, Rangers would probably want to pick up some cash, not trade expensive contracts — but hey, they need pitching, and we need …. well I can’t finish this thought because I am in silly contest.

Hmmm, maybe they are planning to move Buckholz, perhaps that is why they have been keeping them in the minors, (a) we are going to have to do without them, and (b) keep him looking as good as possible.

Michael Young is NOT happy with the Texas management: They moved him to 3rd so the could bring up their new shortstop sensation Elvis Andruss.. so maybe he is a possibility.. and the Texas ownership is NOT one that is hurting for $$$.. so they may not want/need a cash consideration…

… When we played the Rays earlier this season, ALMOST everyone was ready to declare them AL East champs and I kept bringing up the question “if they are SOOOOO good, why is it that they are only beating the Sox….” no one EVER challenged my question… I think that with losing Percival (not so great this year) AND Iwamura for the entire season, unless their mgmnt pulls a rabbit out of their, well, hat, they are REALLY gonna struggle the rest of the way…. Iwamura was a BIG part of the Rays success and with him gone…….

I hope that Ian puts up a new thread tonight.. its starting to kick me out again… and my submissions are taking alot longer….

It’s getting close to game time.. I hope Jon Lester goes out there and just puts it to the Twins tonight…this is his 1st start since the anniversary of his no-no.. Hopefullyl there is some REALLY GOOD KARMA hanging around. You know, I remember that his Dad had been diagnosed with some form of cancer last year.. I wonder how he’s doing… All Good thoughts and prayers for that!!
Come on Jon Lester let’s shake this sophmore swoon. Let’s make it the SOPHMORE SIZZLE!!!! GO JON LESTER!!!! WE LOVE YOU BUDDY!!!

I’ve got to take the dog for a walk, so let me get this in before I go… (sorry if you all are getting tired of it…)

Come on Jon Lester!!!!! JUST BEAT THE TWINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can’t believe that Green isnt playing tonight the way the ball gets action on that turf!!

Good one jacoby!! 21 game hit streak… but shhhhhh dont tell anyone.

Jacoby! Great way to start the team! WHOOO HOOOO!!!


Ellen, I was wondering the same thing, not a nice way to reward a guy for playing well. I think its because you told Tito about our contest — either that or perhaps there really is some trade in the works, and they have to prove his worth in the package. No further comment on that logic.

BTW, is Brian still in the contest, how many more of less, I am starting to want to speak frankly — and my player is so much harder to stay quiet on there yours. I should be declared winner on that basis alone, LOL!!!!

Nice steal!! Just don’t hit him again!!! grrrrr……

COME ON DREW!!!! Show way you are hitting third!!!

Nice walk! I’m out of the contest dg. Went off on Lugo the other night.

WDGNDave: I forget, which guys cant you talk about>> I know mine is JD, and I’ve seriously tried to make a change and get behind him.. (got a walk btw) It was past time for me to put my grudge re Trot behind me… after all it wasnt his fault they didnt sign Trot again…

LOL Julia, he’s hitting third cos Tito told him to!!!

LOL Julia, he’s hitting third cos Tito told him to!!!

Hey guys.. I only hit submit ONCE!!! time for a new thread

ugh! We couldn’t get anyone home! Let’s go Lester!!!!

My guy is Lugo🙂


dgn: ok… sorry I forgot..

You go DUSTY!!!! WHOO HOOO!!! That’s the way boys!


Lester does not appear to have a “put away” pitch tonight. He was lucky on the Mauer swing that the ball was hit right at Pedroia. Papi better do something tonight or the bottom half of the order is going to be pretty weak………. LOL! Lugo is such a clutz. He couldn’t catch a ground ball if his glove was covered with crazy glue.


Good start for Papi. Glad to see that!

Wished I could have seen that one? on a train again, — did my guy Lugo, deflect a hit into center, that Morneau tried to stretch into a double — then Pedroia threw him out in the attempt?

Aint that a kick-in-the-pants! Ortiz would have had an RBI, if he had done that batting in the three hole tonight!

Good to see Papi got a 2B! Maybe the move to 6th in the order will help him, and us! GO PAPI! GO SOX!

Yes dg – that is what happened with Mr. Lugo! We need a new thread Ian! It is getting hard to post!

Hi Greg!

dgn: That’s exactly what happened….. the ball went off Lugo’s glove (he should have fielded it), Pedroia hustled and picked it up and tossed it to Lugo who dove to tag out the sliding Morneau.

Just great! David doubles and NO ONE CAN BRING HIM HOME!!!!!

Hey, all! How is everyone tonight? I’ll be off-and-on for a little while–I hope to be on regularly pretty soon! GO SOX!

A new thread would help, Ian? Please? Take care.

High, hanging, breaking pitch…… bam! Lester can’t find the “knockout” pitch……… Lugo saved by Bailey.

Lester needs to stay high and hard on Young.

With the San Diego Padres being as cash strapped as they are right now (the owner is going through a VERY MESSY divorce) I think I heard that they want to trade us their bat boy for our shortstop, they feel he would be an asset at that position for their team. Sorry dgn.. couldnt resist…

Hey Lugo’s batting average at (.254) is 50 points higher than Ortiz’s and 60 points higher than Bailey’s. Lester better pitch a shut out tonight — runs may be very difficult to come by.

I hope Smoltz can join us before long!
That’s better, Jon! GO SOX!
While the furor over Smoltz leaving the Braves has died down here, Braves fans are not going to be over that for quite a while.

That is ok Ellen, I need to speak vicariously through someone.

Hi – I think I’m going to be signing off. I have poison ivy on my right eye – it’s swollen and I’m just having trouble typing. I started some meds today so I hope to be back tomorrow! GO RED SOX!!!! Cheer them on for me!

Night all!

It looks like Lester is JUST missing the corners

.250, .191, .181 are the batting avgs of the 7,8,9 batters for the Twins. That should help and add nice symmetry to this game tonight🙂 Man, Twins fans must feel about Delmon Young the way most of us feel about the Gagne and our other favorite trades — what a bust of trade that was — to give up Garza and Bartlet for that guy — how did they ever get suckered into that — I suppose Garza wasn’t pitching that well back then.

These pitchers give Tek no chance. Lester takes a long time to deliver the ball. He could have picked Span easily if he was just watching. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, this is a pitching coach issue.

Feel better Julia… and dont touch it!!!!! Thats got to feel
Thats for you Julia!!!!!

Wouk, Wouk,,, there you go YOUK!!!! Come on REDSOX!!!
Come on JBAY… be patient bubba!!

Delmon Young’s mom lost her battle with cancer last week… Rest in peace and my thoughts are with him and his family…

Jeff Bailey is in the line-up to make Ortiz feel good — man he sure isn’t taking advantage of his time in the majors.

Pulling into NYC, may head for ESPN-Zone — signing off for now.

Nice job, Jon! Let’s get him some run support! GO SOX!

Way to get on base, Julio! PROGRESS! Get him home, Jacoby! GO SOX!

Nice steal, Jacoby! GO SOX! Get him home!


DGN and Ellen, I wouldn’t be surprised if I were to read about Lugo being traded for a bat and ball–let alone the bat boy!

Drat, Youk! 1-2-3 inning Jon! GO SOX!

66 pitches, now 3 hits? Not bad!
OK, Jon, SO or DP! GO SOX!


That was an amazing catch by Ellsbury. That ball was ripped and was tailing away from him. I’m amazed he caught up with it.

Are we surprised Lugo didn’t get that play? Uh, no.:/ GO SOX!

that batboy trade is looking really good about now

Jacoby’s made that catch before–still amazing, Garry! The inning would be worse than it is without that catch!

Lester doesn’t seem to have anything on the ball– no movement. Tito should pull him ASAP!!If Ells didn’t make that great catch the game would have been blown open. The inning is still not over. Let’s go Tito!!!

Tito shouldn’t wait too long before pulling Lester. He doesn’t seem to have much movement on his pitches. Don’t wait too long.

They said its the one bad inning that bites Jon Lester, but its the one bad inning by SanDiego’s future batbay!!!

D–N. I see Tito moving in the dugout. Maybe he finally woke up. Let’s try to hold them.

I wish that LugNuts/ Batboy trade were looking good to THEO right now!:/
Not good at all, Jon! He’s still not pitching the way we’re accustomed to seeing!

One out too late! NOT GOOD! We’ll need some RUNS now, guys! GO SOX!

Man, I don’t know if you can hit a ball any harder than that thing Morneau hit. Lester is in the same boat as Papi. He’s having a tough time and nobody can figure out why. A couple of cheap hits and he’s, one mistake, and he’s four runs down. Big question mark here with Lester.

Let’s start a rally of our own, J-Bay! GO SOX!

What the hell is going on with JBay??? No patience,,,

Nice play by Harris.
I still shake my head over the “long rally inning” building “rust” for a pitcher. Yes, I’m sure that can happen. I still think that pitcher would rather his offense score that many runs for him! He MIGHT be able to find a way to stay loose in the interim! Hmmm!…
We still need RUNS guys! Let’s have a new pitcher in there! GO SOX!

Lester’s back in? This can’t be good! Hmmm!…

Evening all. Just checked in to see Lester hit his 5th inning wall! Our bats are not exactly knocking the walls down either! This is not out of reach however. GO SOX.

From Tito’s actions he looks like he gave up on this game. Let’s hope the Sox players can turn it around.

Hey, Paul! Hey, Phil!
Yeah, Paul, Papi got a 2B earlier, and no one drove him in! SNARL! GO SOX!

It’s the first time in Pap’s career he’s given up HRs in back-to-back games, yes. The way Pap’s pitched this year, though, that was BEGGING to happen!
Nice catch AGAIN, Jacoby! Way to go! GO SOX!

Busy guy, that Jacoby fellow! Great work! GO SOX!

Hmmm!, would the Twins want Loopy? He might help their BP–or not!

Lester SHOULD be frustrated! If he’s not, we should be more concerned!

Nice hit, Jacoby! Now, let’s get him IN please! GO SOX!

Way to go, Dustin! Get em HOME, guys! GO SOX!

You know.. here’s an idea… How bad would it be if we left s.s. open and skipped Hugo Lugo’s a/b??? Couldnt be much worse!!! Pedey covers a mile already.. another 1/4 mile wouldnt be asking too much…..

GOOD! Got a run!! Now, if Drew had gotten on base…:/ GO SOX!

Lowell was 4/5 yesterday and he’s sitting.. They cant be so stupid as to sit a hot hitter to spare Papi’s feelings, could they??

Well Ellen, unfortunately you can’t do that. You have to field a team of 9 players, or forfeit. I think Nick Green should be playing. Lugo is not only a bad shortstop, but he’s also a baseball moron. It’s like he’s in another world sometimes…… kind of like J.D Drew was on that bad throw to first. What was he thinking about. Good hustle by Ellsbury to get in before Drew was tagged out.

OK, Bard! Not such a good start! Let’s go, guys! GO SOX!

I think the Sox are testing your “sit the hot hitter” idea, Ellen. Yeah, we need 9 guys, but Victor Hugo would be better than LugNuts Hugo. LugNuts is definitely not the brightest bulb in the hardware store. Nice hustle by Jacoby, indeed! GO SOX!

Earlier they showed Youk (after the sac bunt) talking to the umpire. I wonder what he was saying to the ump–it sure did not look like it was “small talk”! Hmmm!…

You still need just one more out, Daniel! (Good thing Mauer chased!) GO SOX!

Way to go, Youk. Way to not play ump!!

Way to finish the inning, Bard! Get some more runs, guys! GO SOX!

That was a great catch by the Twins play by play guy on the Cuddyer ground ball. He was exactly right about that ground ball being foul right off the bat and then never being fair. Pretty sharp guy right there. These guys are among the best announcers in the league.

Nice to see those runners left stranded. Hey Greg. I see that Carolina is done for this season.

Come on, YOUK! Start a rally! Drat! Missed! Hit one FAIR now! GO SOX!

Hey everyone,
Ellen — Lowell was due for a day off as part of the schedule. Sadly it came when he was hitting hard but I suspect his hip is giving him some pain so Tito is being smart.
Lester is having the ‘big inning’ problem but I remind myself he’s still a young pitcher playing for a demanding team. If he were playing for the Padres he’s be their ace. I can be patient with Lester.
Ortiz got a double and a walk so far…much better.
This game’s not looking good for sure…but it happened in Cleveland…maybe it can happen here. Be nice for the Sox to overcome their road woes.

Yep, Paul, the Canes expended all their energy against the Bruins, it appears, and seemed to not have much left in the tank. Until next year for the Canes, also now!

That was a great play on words with Lugo. I loved it! Victor Hugo is better than Lugnuts Lugo…beautiful stuff.
All I can say is when they handed out stupid, Lugo went back for thirds.

Might also add I’m trying to get through Les Miserables so it’s an appropriately timed joked.

Oh well, we have tomorrow night. Joba is pitching tonight. Don’t you hate it when the jerks have the talent?

Good Night all!! I’m going to watch the reaminder of our future win from bed… Take care all!! See y’all tomorrow!!

Yeah, Dave, Lowell was due for a day off. It would have been nice, though, for him to get some more “half-days off” (as he called them) at DH! That would have been somehat easier on the hip on the Turf. Well, maybe he’ll still pinch hit.

OK, Saito-san, let’s see how you do tonight! GO SOX!

I LOVED Les Miserables, Dave! Both the book and the Musical!

Agreed some DH’ing would have been great for Lowell and give David a rest however if he hits like he did tonight, he’s showing some promise.

Man, was that a quiet at-bats for the Sox! I am not optimistic that there is going to be the miracle come-back in this game. Nine SO’s!!! They are saving it for tomorrow night. I’ll check in then. Ciao. Paul

I just love playing with words, Dave! Glad I could help!😉

Just got to my hotel, glad I didn’t stop at ESPN Zone — not a good line up tonight — you can’t have Papi, Baily, Lugo, and even Varitek (power, but low average) in a row and expect to move the line — although Papi and Lugo have two of our few hits tonight — so there you go.

I love Les Miserables but it is a bit…DEPRESSING. I have to take it in bits but the characters are so RICH and it makes me want to see France just to see the locations of the book.
Jean Valjean is such a great lead character. Man you feel sorry for him and Cosette and how she is drawn out are extraordinary. I really appreciate the broad sweep of the book covering such a history of France.
In between that one I’m reading Oliver by Dickens. It’s a great read but also depressing but Dickens has something that Hugo doesn’t have which is a wry biting satire that alleviates the pain.
Greg have you read any other Hugo such as Hunchback?

Lowell DHing still could happen, Dave, esp. as he seems to have a hot hand right now. I hope Papi does better in this new slot! I’m pulling for ya Big Fella!

No, Dave. But I did like Hugo–a mix of the uplifting with the sad. My favorite musical! I don’t read much fiction, but Hugo, for such a thick book, I found to be an easy read. I’ve seen the musical, Oliver, but haven’t read O. Twist.

Read Oliver Twist. You’ll love it. It’s both grim but really has a more biting satire that really gets you through the read.
I find Les a bit harder to read than you. The situations were so painful sometimes and I must confess sometimes when Victor goes off on a tangent it gets a bit on the dry side but wow does he pull you into a story.

Well, this old man is heading for dream land right after the game. If I get up now and head in the general direction, I’ll be there at about the time the game ends. See you tomorrow.

Good night Garry and I’m signing off too. It’s almost 10:00 pm where I am.

Dave: LugNuts as Oliver Twist: “Please sir, I want some mo’!” (Errors, that is!)😉

LugNuts got a hit!! His OBP is going through the roof! What is it now? .0004?

Nice catch out there of Jacoby’s fly ball. DRAT! Take care all!

Are we comparing Victor Lugo with Lugnuts??? I think Victor Lugo is the better hitter and fielder.

Well, “All’s well that ends well”. Everyone else lost- Toronto, Tampa Bay and the Yanks. Tomorrow is anothet day.

I hate to blame Francona for last night?s night. But Francona should have pulled Lester a batter or two sooner when Lester?s pitches were ?flat?. But again if Francona had pulled Lester and either Bard or Saito surrendered a 3 run HR, we would have blamed Francona for pulling Lester too soon. Anyway, scoring two runs won?t win a lot of games.
Back to the Santana Dice-K match up 5 days ago. Santana was great and was unhittable. But the baseball god wanted to give the game to the Sox but the Sox refused to take it. I don?t know whether someone has commented the situation where runners on 2 & 3 with one out and your No. 9 batter (Lugo) came to the plate in late inning. You let Lugo swing it away for the second out with no run scored? What about pinch hit, safety squeeze. The Sox missed so many chances on Mets’ errors.

garry, about not having a s.s. (well we dont anyway when Hugo Lugo is in the lineup) how about we put a cardboard cut out at short?? wouldnt be much different.. Oh, wait yes it would… he wouldnt blow throws and miss balls!!

Hey everyone and good morning,

Tough loss for Lester but I’m going to play the ‘he’s still learning’ card and this is just his second year on the major league circuit. I have confidence he’ll turn it around. It was also nice to see David Ortiz swing at something for once. Nice turnaround.
Loonie Lugnuts was at short again. When are they going to take him out?
Dice-K is going against a VERY tough arm tonight. Going to be interesting. I hope they win it and I hope Toronto doesn’t start turning itself around. Now is the time to take them.


The lineup is in. Ortiz in batting 6th followed by Lowell, Kottaras, and Green.

Jack Wilson?

Looked up his stats. Wow, a shortstop that hits about .200…I guess it’s been so long I’m kind of stunned to hear about that. Green is decent but I’m dying for Lowrie to come back. That will put some fire into the lineup including actual defense.

Evening All!! or as a certain RemDawg would say “BUENOS NOCHES, AMIGOS” I do miss him. and we havent seen Wally either.. makes you wonder.. HMMMM..
I know we’ve got another hour before game time but I have some time right now, laundry is in the washer…
What’s that I smell??? It’s smoke… Must be Joshua warming up.. I’m feeling another good game from and for him tonight, this time we need to have the run support to back him up. And I hear that Lugo is not in the lineup tonight.. aww darn. NOT
Here’s hoping for Big Strong bats and a flame thrower on the hill!!!!

Its taking forever to get back to the blog after a post… I think we need a new thread…

Hi All! Ian – when do we get a new thread?? This long one is making it tough to post!

GO RED SOX!!!!!!


Hey Julia,, How;re feeling with the eye infection??

Go Dusty! Love that steal!!!!

Dont know why I thought that Beckett was on tonight…. Must have been the smoke from Dice-K’s warm-up I was smelling earlier..

I’m doing better tonight Ellen – thanks! The Meds are helping a lot. I suspect by tomorrow I’ll be doing a lot better.

You’re not use to Dice-K being back yet.

Hey Julia, Hey Ellen,

Sox blew a great opportunity but they tried hard.
Julia, I had an eye infection once that almost blinded me. Nothing to fool around with so I’m glad you’re OK.

I think Dice-K is going to kick tail this time around. I can feel it. He rocks. I feel it and Green being in the lineup takes the heat off of the shortstop position. Lugnuts Hugo Lugo needs to go on a long vacation.

Ok Dice -K gave up a leadoff hit. We’re done.

Thanks Dave! It’s poison ivy that spread up to my eye. I have it on my right arm, neck, chin and the right side of my face. The steroids are helping a lot. I have 8 more days of meds – I step down one pill each day – start with 10 and work down. Last night it was just too sore to watch TV so I just went to bed early to rest them.

You heard it here first……. Dice-K has nothing tonight. Now I hope he makes me a false prophet.

Dave – I want to believe when Dice-K is pitching but he makes me so nervous! ugh!

Funny thing, in my old house in Michigan I did an excavation project and got so much poison ivy that I had NO skin on my legs, just ***** cracking…well you get the idea. I had a month steroid treatment with oatmeal baths. Man…my wife was diligent about poison ivy control after that!

Hey Gary,

Hey a question for you. I’ve noticed the entire arm ice packs that are used on pitchers. Is it really that necessary to cool off the swelling in the arm?

Garry – from your mouth to the baseball gods ears…we need something! He is NOT looking good so far.

OK Gary you are wrong. Dice-K is now killing the Twins.

That was quick. Now two runners on, a walk and a wild pitch. Spoke too soon!

The funny part Dave – I was weeding in the front of the house where we have never had poison ivy before. Along the woods in the back of the house we get it, but never in my front flower beds.

Did Dice-K get the memo NOT to bounce the ball?? Will he make it out of the 3rd inning tonight? Let’s go Red Sox!

DICE-K has got to get his crap together… I’m just goign to post once at the end of each 1/2 inning.
Just go ahead and get someone up now!!! This looks like its going to be a short stint for Dice-K

Great – Yankees are up 3-0. Toronto lost their 9th straight today!

The old Dice-K! Put players on and drive us crazy!

Well they don’t call it poison ivy for nothing. They even named a famous Batman villain called Poison Ivy who has the ability to make plant material come to life as evil snarling monster plants that kill anything in sight. You can’t make this stuff up!

I know he was the Houdini of Fenway last year but it kills me that he throws so many pitches per batter… I’m sure that he leads that category… Come on BIG BATS!!!!
has anybody picked up on anything different about JBAY?? he’s not getting any hits and he’s striking out a lot too…
Way to go Mikey!!!!

Come on Dice K 1-2-3 inning for once…

This just did a speed jump for some reason… I’m not complaining…!!!

Dice-K is crap…but what are ya gonna do. Every money dumping player Theo gets…is junk (Drew, Lugnuts, Dice-K, Lugnuts, Colon, Lugnuts, etc. ) Theo is saved by the farm system that is producing an incredible amount of talent no small thanks to the likes of Dwight Evans, Tommy Harper and Luis Tiant who still hang around and help the Sox out. It’s a great sense of continuity.
I miss Tiant. He was one unique pitcher. He had a fastball, curve and changeup and that was it but he was masterful because he had pin point accuracy in his prime. As he got older he lost that ability and become a batting practice pitcher.

Sox bats are DEAD, DEAD, DEAD. What’s going on!
I’m signing off for now. Check in later.

Hey – maybe you all discussed this last night – but the last time Big Papi hit sixth was in 2004 when we won the World Series – so maybe this is a good sign! GO RED SOX!! Let’s keep getting outs Dice-K!!!!

Bye Dave!

That would be 22 for Ellsbury. All I’m saying…..

This thread is getting to be a little much! Is Ian on vacation? Hope he gives us a new one soon. Our bats seem to be on vacation as well. GO SOX.

Well – that lead was short lived. sigh…. Dice-K and George do not seem like a good combo.

This is going to be a long, painful night…….

A really….really….long….night…..

I just have one thought… THIS SUCKS!!!! get Dice K the hell out of there… he needs to be our #5 in the rotation…
I’m coming down with a cold that my big boss decided to bring to the office even though he can work from home…. so my thanks to him….
I’m off to bed.. good night.. but can y’all give me all the gruesome details>>??

Good night Ellen! I hope you feel better! I don’t know how much longer I am going to be able to handle this pain! ugh!!!

Hi all,
This is my second attempt to say “Hi” to you all. First time I got kicked off not just Brownie Points but also out of MLB tv. What’s up with that?

Anyway, Dice-K is giving me indigestion again. I’ve got the Pepto, Tums, Milk of Mag, but nothing works. He looks like a Little Leaguer out there throwing the ball all over the place.

Julia, poison ivy in your eye??? Ouch, a big ouch!! Take care of yourself. Poison ivy is one thing I don’t miss about New England. You seldom see it out here. Anyway, be careful with that.

Go Sox!!! Cmon guys!!!

Thanks Arnie! I will! The eye is feeling much better tonight – the meds are helping – but my arms is driving me crazy!

And yes – Dice -K is NOT being kind to any of us!!

Hey all. I’m finally here. I see the site is being a pain in the **** again. Methinks we need a new thread!
Sox are still trailing I see, also! SNARL!
Julia, I’m glad your eye is improving. I have never had poison ivy, and I don’t plan to start now!

I was quite wary of Dice-K returning to the rotation. He has lived up to my low expectations! NOT GOOD! Come on, Dice-K! (I’m with Ellen, put him in the 5 spot in the rotation, if he is going to start at all!) GO SOX!



Hi Greg! Thanks! Dice-K is not good tonight! And the combo with Kottara is not a good one!


WAY TO GO, J-BAY! 3-2 now! Drat, Papi! GO SOX!
I will also be glad to be rid of this caputer soon! YAY!

Way to go, MIKE! Get him home, guys! GO SOX!

Come on George! Let’s make something happen!!

Unfortunately, Dice-K seems to be par for Dice-K–but not par for the Red Sox! His pitching works for whatever reason in Japan, but doesn’t (or hasn’t!!) translate to MLB! HMMM!… So we need some RUNS, guys! Get Mike home! GO SOX!

That did not look right! Hmmm!…

SLOWEY–now THERE’S a name for a pitcher! Hmmm!
We still need RUNS, guys! GO SOX!

Kot seems to be doing well with Wake, and with some of the other pitchers. I wonder why not Dice-K! (Then again, who has caught Dice-K well?!) GO SOX!

I’m with Dave on his earlier comment–I miss Tiant! Our FA acquistions, including Dice-K, have not done so well for us–he’s right about that also! GO SOX!

OK, DelCarmen, SO or DP! We need Dr. Feelgood tonight! GO SOX!

No one can pitch tonight for the Red Sox! Just great….and the Yankees are winning! NOT a good night!

Good job, DelCarmen! One more! GO SOX!
Looks like Garry was indeed prophetic about Dice-K! Who’d have guessed that? As if going to the BP after 5 innings from Dice-K is new! Uh, not.

I don’t think Delcarment wants to be traded!

Great job Delcarmen – NOT!!! Let’s go Masterson!!! GET THIS DONE!!!! The game is still very winnable!

Come on, Justin, one more out! We need Masterful right now! GO SOX!

Let’s get this done Masterson! WE NEED THIS!!!!

Sox are playing like the Washington Nationals on a good day. It’s depressing. Say goodbye to first place. Dice-K – crap. Lugo – crap, David — sadly hurting, Drew – Crap, Varitek — crap offensively. Lester so far – crap. Sox can’t keep acting like idiots with the second highest payroll in the league.

Just great! Nothing like hitting a pitcher to walk in a run!!! UGH!!!

Bullpen tonight – crap.

I’m sorry, I just don’t understand brining in Masterson for Delcarmen. What’s the advantage?

Spoke too soon there, Dave! Can’t do that! You jinx em that way! NOT GOOD!


Wow, this is some of the sloppiest pitching I’ve seen from the Sox in a long time. If I was Kotteras I’d want a suit of armor out there.

I don’t understand this game Gary. Could the Red Sox have burned themselves in the feet more completely. This is like little leaguers playing.

Ellen, did you make it through the game tonight, with J.D.s performance, you still hanging in there?

I think the SOX have streakier hitters over the past few years, probably beginning after 2004, when their hitters were more consistent. Manny R. and Ortiz shielded us somewhat in the past years because they were less streaky. But Youk, Pedey, Els, Drew, even Lowell to a lesser extent, all tend to be streaky. Overall they produce good numbers, but they come in waves. We will see about Bay — seems less streaky. Varitek and rest of the team, generally never get real hot, so they are less streaky in a sense. The result unfortunately is the offense can go really cold, when too many of the are off, which exaggerated by Ortiz’s two month slump, really hurts some times.

Speaking of streaks, I hate to go into Toronto greeting a team with a 9 or 10 game losing streak. You just know who they will want to take it out on — the team that started it all for them, who happen to be the Sox as well.

Yanks are going to be in first place for a while very soon. That is really going to be majorly annoying. It eems inevitable to me, and also seems like the whole team is feeling too sorry for Ortiz and as a result, starting to hit like him.

I don’t see what the point of the change was either! DelCarmen was going to be as capable as Masterson at getting the 3rd out. (Whether either one would get it done or not, that’s another question!…)
OK, Sox, we need RUNS! We can still win this game! GO SOX!

No Dave – I think most little league teams would be doing better!

Let’s get some runs!!!

it’s not a jinx…it’s bad playing of the game. You either respect and play the game right…or you move aside and let somebody else take over. Yankees have proven themselves worthy of first place compared to us — as PAINFUL as that is to write.

Ellen went to bed earlier dg – she isn’t feeling well!

I’m headed this after this half of the inning…..oh – I guess that is now.

Good night all!

Not good! Swinging at the first pitch doesn’t particularly help–makes for short innings!:/

Of course it’s bad playing of the game, Dave. That goes without saying.

Oh Greg…what would Victor Hugo say at a time like this to comfort the souls forced to bear witness to this atrocity of a game?


What would Hugo say? How about “Send In the Clowns?” (Don’t bother, they’re here!):/ GO SOX!

Nice one Greg — you always have a great line — so how about writing an article for my blog. Please, please, please…I’m suffering a mild dry spell right now!

I’ll see what I can do–not going to have much time to do so, but I’ll see what I can do!😉

That’s more like it, Justin! Get some runs now, guys–we can STILL WIN! GO SOX!

One out already? Good grief!! I step awaay for a minute, and ALREADY one out?!
Come on, YOUK! We need RUNS! GO SOX!

Oh First place was such a nice thing while it lasted. Hello pinstripes….AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

6 WPs? That is NOT the way to win a game!:/ GO SOX!

Here is one idea — throw a Dr. Seuss style poem using your immense talent with words. I’ve wanted to do that myself but I don’t have your talent for rhyme.

Yep and a new record was established with that number. Shouldn’t the Sox be ‘proud’!

DPs will also not win any games!:/
Dave, you know who wrote a GREAT Dr. Seuss style poem (about baseball!)?–Julia! REALLY COOL!

That’s better. Now can we get some RUNS, please?! GO SOX!

Good grief. The Twins have left 14 LOB and are still leading 4-2! We are starting to suck! Maybe tomorrow we can come back and at least salvage a split in this series. I am out of here. Ciao. Paul

0-3 for Papi? Par for the 2009 course! Hmmm!… GO SOX!

Me too…good night all. Greg — you can top it with one about the Red Sox…PLEASE!!!

Par for the course again. SNARL!
Come on, Mike! GO SOX!

That seemed to be a fitting end to a very subpar game, from the offense and from Dice-K. We’ll have to see about that series split. If Beckett pitches well (like we know he CAN!), we’ll have a shot. But, nothing has come easy this year, so here goes nada! GO SOX! Night all!

What a pathetic effort by the Sox. They need to start playing like major leaguers on the road. 6 wild pitches! Are you kidding me? Hopefully this will be the last dubious record they tie or set this year.
We’ll get them tomorrow.

Why are they not putting Ortiz on the DL and let him go down to the minors and get his confidence back. It is done with the Pitchers all the time, sending them down to work things out. This year look at the Yankees with Wang and the Rays with Kazmir. Yeah they had injuries!! That would be the best solution for the team and the organization.

The Red Sox are consistent, consistently scoring 2 runs in each game. lol. As I have said, 2 runs aren?t going to win a lot of games. Just an observation and by no means a criticism on the field management, I would have started Masterson instead of Delcarmen in the 6th.
Big Papi is not in a slump. He is in the inevitable decline. His bat speed can?t catch up with the fastball any more. I suggest either move Ortiz down to 7th or 8th spot or take him out of the lineup completely. Sorry folks.

Beckett looks dialed in so far today. We really need him to be sharp. Strike out the side in the first,,,nice.

Hey, you guys still trying to be nice to Lugo??? What’s the point, he hasn’t improved because of the good vibes. And the prize: weekend with Roseanne, is no motivation…… what’s up???

Hey everyone,
Bailey is becoming quite the go-to guy for the fill in. Now he’s playing left field. He should feel pretty proud of his role and if he can get his bat going he will earn a spot on the Sox rotation.
Beckett is finally back to himself. He’s worked at it and I welcome it.
Ortiz and Lugo are sadly useless but I love David Ortiz. He’s carried this team for four years through painful injuries always supporting the team and the Red Sox. He deserves a season, IMHO to get his act around. He’s that respected by me.

Arnie…pick a winner so they can write a post on the blog!

Wow…Beckett came undone quickly. Another lost game.

Anybody home???

Well signing off..

Well signing off..

Its not just Lugo… it was each person (Myself,DGN,and Brian) it was a bet to see who could go the longest without chastising a particular player. I have JD. DGN I think has Lugo and Brian also has JD… We arent doing it to improve their play. I’m doing it because I need to stop being so out and out hateful towards a RedSox player.. It wasnt his fault they didnt re-sign Trot. I don’t know what the motivation is for the others but its still a contest… None of us has slipped up but Brain has gotten precariously close to the edge with the reverse sarcasm.. You cant just declare a winner.

Dave your negativity is really getting bad….. I think you may need to seek some negativity treatment…

I mean, it was all of the 2nd inning when you posted that…. come on at least give it a little while before you go all minus on us….

Come on Josh… be lights out tagain…

Come on Josh… be lights out again…



Still no clear winner in the contest. I just wanted to see if anyone was still interested in continuing. Looks like Ellen has her eyes on the prize, for sure. A date with Sean Connery if she can hold out long enough against formidable foes, DGN and BSB. Is anyone esle in the contest?

The way the Sox are playing is almost as aggravating as continually being bounced off this site. I am going to hold off posting any mor comments until a new thread is implemented. Hope to talk to you soon!!!

Ian PLEASE!!!! My queendom for a new thread!!! My 1st born male child.. for a new thread!!!!
Josh seems to be settling in nice for the moment… GO SOX BIG BATS!!!

The captain comes through!! Tie game.

you go tek-er … the homerun, the dinger.. the YARD BALL!!!

Good at bat by Lugo(the Ignorant).

Looks like we have turning into the Jays supporting Halliday.

Tek Homers TWICE?????YEAH BABY!!

What did the Twins catcher do to get ejected???

dgn…???? what was that?

Hey, all, I haven’t been able to watch the game, but I see that Tek has homered twice and Beckett has allowed 2 hits (1 HR) through 6, leading 3-1! Way to go Josh! Way to go, Tek! Keep it up! It looks like it’s been a pitching duel for the most part, which is what I normally have expected from Josh when he pitches. I’m glad he’s delivered that to this point! I’ll be checking in later, but it sure looks good! GO SOX!

Oh, Arnie, are you sure that is not LugNuts the Terrible?! HMMM!… GO SOX!

What the heck???? I just got home in time to see Tek & Tito get ejected and they say that the Twins catcher & Manager were ejected???? What is going on?? It the home plate ump that tightly wound???

Ellen, that was in reference to the Jays giving Halliday no run support — I think he lost a game 1-0 recently. At least Tek is doing his part — looks like controversy at home plate? will have to watch replay after work.

At least Beckett got out of that! The home plate ump is a jerk!

Waht the heck happened??? I’ve got gameday only… SOMEONE FILL ME IN PLEASE!

As far as I can figure out – (I didn’t see the Twins get ejected) but a Red Sox player was sliding in to home and according to my boys he was out by a mile and the ump called him safe. Twins catcher & manager get ejected in top of 7th. In the bottom, Beckett threw a ball that the ump had called a strike a day and this time he called it a ball. Tek threw the ball to Beckett, Beckett slammed the ball into his glove, Tek turned to complain to the ump, before Tito could even get to home plate, Tek was thrown out and Tito was thrown out in seconds of making it to home plate. Home plate ump seems out of control

Saw replays — Twins thrown out for arguing a bad call at home plate that gave us our 3rd run — Baily was tagged out at home, and missed home plate anyway — and the ump called him safe — Twins catcher and manager out.

Tek and Francona out for arguing a none call third strike that Becket threw right into Tek’s glove. Ump must be doing a terrible job, not a good way to thank an umpire that just gave you a gift 3rd run, especially with Paps coming in🙂

Thanks dg! I didn’t see the first play but my boys said that Baily was out.

And Pap has given up a hit! Can he ever make this easy????


I’ve with you Ellen!


Great win. Good to see Josh go 7 innings! Oki and Pap got the job done. Great job, guys! Way to go, Tek! GO SOX!
I’ll check in later.

Glad that Beckett is back to Beckett of 2007. Great win!
Guys, read Dave’s new post Nick Green?s Nightmare and your truly?s comment. You?ll love it.

Nice to see the Sox salvage a split. And it’s GREAT to see Josh getting back to his old form. Now we have Wake, Josh and Penny pitching well. Time to get Lester on board and Dice-K. What a mess Dice-K has been so far. He needs to get into a groove and get some wins. Cmon Dice!!!!!!!!!

Tek with his power game going, gotta love it.
Go Sox!!!!!!!

I hope we can get Jon Lester on board the Winners Train! If he can get past “hitting the wall” that one inning, he’ll be in much better shape, and so will we. Hopefully, he can do that, and Josh can kepp his solid pitching up–he might end up with a respectable ERA if he can do that! I’m not so optimistic about Dice-K–I think he got way too lucky last year, and it’s is averaging out this year. Hmmm!…GO SOX!

Glad there’s no game tonight… This blog would drive me crazy if we had any kind of traffic on it…
I saw the replay of Our Captain getting tossed… That ump had to have said SOMETHING to him, because he
!!!NEVER!!! reacts to an umpire like that. Man in a heartbeat Tek was right there in his face and just as quick, Tito was there defending Tek!!! GOOD JOB SKIP!!!
See y’all tomorrow, though i wont be blogging during the game, at least until late, we start our bowling league tomorrow night… Wish me luck!!!

Beckett looked great today! Glad he held it all together after Tek got tossed.

Ellen – good luck tomorrow with your bowling league.


I’m thinking Dice K goes in a trade and they bring up Buchholz.. We could get a great SS plus other “stuff” for Dice K!!!!

Thanks Julia… Hows the poison ivy doing.. hope uyour eye feels better..

Fiirst of all Dice-K is going nowhere!
I didn’t watch the game today ( work got in the way ) but I love to here that Beckett went deep into the game, again. That is 2 excellent starts in a row. Boston needs the other two ( Lester and Dice-K ) to strut there stuff.

Does it really matter if Ortiz is dropped down in the lineup??? If you can’t hit, you can’t hit. It is that simple. A combo of a bad wrist and something else that will not be mentioned. Hmmmmmmmmmmm I wonder what that is. LOL!!

Boston gets a split. I’ll take a split in Minnesota, Boston usually gets there butts handed to them. A graveyard over the years! No more Metrodome, AMEN!

Lester had that 1 bad inning….again. For some reason when he loses it this year, he caves in. I don’t know why. Last year when he got in trouble, he buckled down and would get out of it and never look back. In fact, he would get stronger as the game got deeper. Certainly not the case in 2009!

Brian: It doesn?t make sense for Ortiz to bat after Bay and in front of Lowell. Sorry Papi ideally belongs in the 8th hole of the order. More appropriately I would put Ortiz on the DL like the Yanks did to Wang. Send Ortiz to Pawtucket for rehab and see if he can hit AAA pitching. If he can?t, a decision has to be made albeit a tough one.
Yes, Dice-K is going nowhere. Dice-K has to nibble to be effective. Lol
I have never seen both managers and the catchers got tossed in the same game. Must admit Tek is a pleasant surprise thus far.

Well, all I can say is, Good Game. Great to see Beckett performing. I have to admit, I don’t really like Dice K. He gets under my skin the way he pitches. I cannot stand seeing him pitch most times. He is straight up annoying. I wouldn’t mind him getting traded. Hopefully pick up some good pieces. Lugnuts is just lugnuts. Doesn’t do good as always.

Hey, chman712, how’s it going? I can understand the dislike of Dice-K. I was not anxious to see him reactivated from the DL, myself! Not many of us have cared for his pitching–it hasn’t translated (so to speak) from the Japanese game to the American game as well as the FO had hoped! We might want to rethink the idea of acquiring Japanese pitchers! (Dice-K was awfully fortunate last year!) Hmmm!… GO SOX!

The lineup’s in. Ortiz is in the 6th hole batting after Bay and in front of Lowell. It makes great sense. The opposing pitcher will pitch to Bay knowing Ortiz is on deck. Pick of the poison, right?

Evening all!! I’m on my way out the door to bowl.. I know that there is an hour til game time but I’ve got to get this in.. withdrawl sets in if I don’t do this!!!

ps.. glad that Francona is okay!! My blood pressure would have spiked after that fiasco too!!!
I’m bringing my little blue jay and pins with me tonight so, they better not ry to pull anything.. other wise they’ll look like Thanksgiving Dinner!!!! ONLY SMALLER!!!!!

About Dice-K — I was having similar thoughts, for a variety of reasons, ranging from he hasn’t been able to endear us, not a warm personality (that we reconginize, but neither is Mr. Penny endearing🙂 — he seems (to some of us) like he cares more about his Japanese national pride (his success in the WBC) more than he does about delivering on the mound for the SOX (his dominance in WBC and his refusal to change his pitching ways for the SOX, nibble incessantly, never go deep, never or rarely pitch solidly for an entire game…, and he doesn’t seem to be buddy buddy with his teammates (but who knows)….. Oki seems to reflect more care than Dice-K…. but that is perception (at least to me)…

Then I see a few screen shots of him, when he is not pitching.. he has nice expression on his face, and he genuinely looks like he cares, especially when things go wrong for others…

So I am changing my mind (but that doesn’t mean I don’t think he would be part of great trade for ****) — but I think he is doing his best, he may just be playing at a level that is a challenge for him. His success in the WBC is probably reflective of the fact that many MLB players, just won’t play it all out — they don’t want to risk injury, are just beginning training, etc…. so its probably not so much a reflection “of why then and not now, or why for Japan, and not for Sox” as it is, an appreciable lower grade of offense than in the MLB season.

So bottom line, he does seem isolated. I wish I got the feeling he fit in more, was more chummy with his team-mates, maybe he is, but doesn’t look so. Its got to be tough to spend 7 months a year far away from your home. If he felt more comfortable, maybe he would pitch more comfortable.

Whatever the reason, I keep hoping he will figure it out, and have a dominant year. More and more, I am beginning to think we are seeing his best…. and its not what we hoped, but so far, its been just barely good enough… which is a lot better than bad…..


I’m with you regarding Ortiz, he should be hitting 8th. I agree with you with Ortiz ending up in the minors ( mystery injury ??? ) Perhaps working on some stuff down in the minors will get his act together. Somehow someway someone needs to build up his confidence. I really don’t care about the H.R.’s If he could just come up with a base hit or double, runs will score. At the moment, he is nothing but dead weight on the Red Sox.

Dice-K is Dice-K. What we saw last year will probably be his best season. He’ll pitch some gems here and there but overall nothing more than 6 innings and 5 hours later. I would have too say he is the most over-rated player in the big leagues. Boston paid over 100 million dollars for his services, my oh my! 51.1 million dollars included. The Lions over in Japan are laughing all the way to the bank. Thank you Mr. Henry! Some people will say that Boston won it with him back in 2007 and that is true but I believe they would have won it without him. He is not the ace that Boston was talking about and this just in…Not even close!

Hey guys. Well greg, I am alright. Yourself? Thanks for asking! Well Dice-K, I wouldn’t call him a total bust, but in a way, he might be a bust. Ugh I hate that! EVen I thought we were getting this dominant force from Japan back in the 2007 preseason. I really do not think he will get any better or change his way of pitching. This is his 3rd year in the league and he is almost 30. No way he is going to change now.

No, chman712, I would not consider Dice-K a total bust–he was instrumental (even with offense!) in helping us win the 07 WS. But he was 15-12 that year, and that is what I would expect, pretty much, out of him this year–assuming he’s healthy. The 08 season was more good fortune than success and skill on his part!
No, he will not change anytime soon, and age has little to do with it–give us a younger picher (Kenshin Kawakami, of the Braves, for instance), and we’d have the same pitcher, nearly–even in style, pace, pitching motion, everything! It shows how system-oriented the Japanese leagues are–everyone pitches or hits in nearly the EXACT same style! (Oki is an exception!) If you compare, in form and style of hitting (results aside!), say, Ichiro and Fukudome (of the Cubs) their hitting styles are SO MUCH ALIKE! It is like watching Xerox copies of the same pitcher! HMMM!…

New thread! THANK YOU, IAN! See y’all there!😉 GO SOX!

Big Papi and Mo Vaughn are 2nd cousins and they being honored by the Red Sox with a new inaugural award on Weds. June 9th with a special celebration after the ballgame. Where pitchers are recognized with they Cy Young Award, These 2 Red Sox will be christened with the new award “Sayonara” presented by teamates Daisuke Matsuzaka, Hideki Okajima and honorable guests Jose Canseco, Sammy Sosa, Rafael Palmeiro and Manny Ramirez.

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