Rocco bangs into the wall

Just when Rocco Baldelli came back form a sore left hamstring to hit a home run, he had to leave the game in the bottom of the fifth with a contusion of his left knee. The injury was sustained when Baldelli banged into the wall going for a foul ball. X-rays proved to be negative.

Meanwhile, the epic David Ortiz slide continues. The big man went 0-for-4 on the day with two K’s, and is hitting .185. This the lowest Papi’s average has been since April 19, when an 0-for-4 day put him at .170.

Typical Brad Penny performance today. Six innings, 10 hits, three runs, no walks, five strikeouts. Ramon Ramirez allowed the go-ahead runs in the top of the seventh .The offense continues to be sputter on the road trip, scoring three runs or less the last five games and producing just four hits today.


Bummer that Rocco is out again. He just can’t stay healthy. Sox haven’t hit since the 2nd? No wonder the Jays caught up! NOT GOOD! GO SOX!

Drat, Jacoby! We need to untie this game! GO SOX!

Why do all of the games in Toronto start at 7 minutes after the hour???

Bummer! Come on, Ramon! SO or DP! GO SOX!

I wish I knew, Ellen! I hate it! I’ve never understood the 8:08, 7:37, etc., start times! (And they are PRECISE about it!). Maybe contractual with the TV networks? Anyone?

Ian, do you think that some time on a rehab to Pawtucket or Portland would do anything positive for Papi?? He’s not the only one, but he continues to strand runners…
I can really see the Sox going after a big bat now…

Toronto is not the only one to do so, either!

Maybe we’ll bring up a bat from the minors, like Lars Anderson? Ian? (I hope we don’t get a Rent-A-Player for a big bat!)

Who else has the odd 7 after start time?? I dont recall seeing it anyplace but here…

Hey Ellen! How are you? Are you the only one on? Still getting t-storms, eh? Even WE have been getting them! (Usually the mountains stop t-storms coming in from the west!) Unusual!
Bummer, Ramon! GO SOX!

I’ve seen odd times like that often–perhaps only when Toronto is playing in a particular place (I don’t have statistical data!), but I see 7:37, 8:08, etc., times a lot! I don’t know why, either!

Unusual to see Ramirez not doing well. That sucks!

It is not a good thing that we have two players at RF who are injury prone! Not good!

Looking at the schedule today, the games start at :05 or :10 past the hour. I don’t understand that, either, but it is not as ODD!

One pitch, one out! Way to go, OKI! Get em in the 8th!
Come on SOX! We need some RUNS!

Only 3 hits today. Not good at all.

Come on, J-BAY! GO SOX!

So much for that! Come ON, Sox! We need OFFENSE! Brad did not pitch that poorly–help him out!

Get well, Rem-Dawg!
Come on, OKI! GO SOX!

True enough. Oki always looks like he’s going to give himself whiplash when he pitches!

You still need just one more out, Oki! GO SOX!

Not sure I understand that pitching change, either! Oki did his job, though. GO SOX!

I’m back.. had to take some brownies to my neighbors son… 15, straight A student, respectful, great pony league pitcher and 2nd baseman (plays on a team assigned with the Sox logo!!!) good kids are few and far between it seems these days and since we dont have kids, he’s our borrowed child!!!

Goot it done. OK, guys, one more chance to resemble an offense (something we haven’t had much of today! Ahem!) GO SOX!

Hey Greg, I just pulled out that little bluejay doll I have and my turkey roasting pins and I’m having a voodoo session… lol
I’ll stop at nothing!!!!

Good for him, Ellen! You have not missed much! Hmmm!…:/
Great start, MIKE! GET HIM HOME! GO SOX!

Good Job Mikey!!!! Maybe you could do that Papi??? COME ON GET A FREAKING HIT AT LEAST GET A WALK!!!!

Are you going to roast the blue jay for dinner, Ellen?😉
Bummer, Papi! Get Mike home, guys! GO SOX!

What is the word on Kotsay???

When in June is your birthday, Ellen?

This is so damned depressing… papi is driving me to drink…
SIT HIM!!!!!


The 14th… I was born on my parents 12th anniversary..
I hate to say it but Papi is bringing a cloud down over this team… almost like Lugo.

Undortunately, you’re right, Ellen! Papi would drive a fan (let alone a mgr.!) to drink!

I need spell check!
I’ll wish you a happy birthday now, Ellen! This is not the last time I’ll be on, so I’ll wish you a Happy Birthday closer to the day. We are moving (nearby, so still in town) on that day, so unless we get internet access somewhere, I’ll be off the blog for a while, starting around the 10th. (We’ve been packing for about a month, now.) I’ll be back on ASAP, because I am still having too much fun (in spite of LugNuts and Papi!). But I’ll be off in mid-June.

I haven’t heard anything recently on Kotsay. Got an update, Ian?

The one good thing when we do move is we are getting rid of this CAPUTER! YES!

Hi all. Another workman-like effort from Penny but nothing to show for it. You don’t win many games with 4 or 5 hits! Tallett made Papi look terrible when he was at bat. Tallett was a little rocky to start but certainly settled in after that. I thought that we would take advantage of an open dome today. LOL. Hopefully we can bounce back tomorrow. GO SOX.

Ellen & Greg,

Thanks for saying Hi! I’ve still been reading all posts but nothing to add. Still wondering why Tito hasen’t let Papi use the glove at 1B yet, maybe waiting for interleague play next month?

Didn’t see an answer for you, but YES a runner can advance on a caught foul fly ball! I guess I’ve seen it about a dozen times in 60 years!!!

Robert — thanks — thought so — have you ever seen a deep foul ball dropped on purpose for the same reason — to nullify a sure tag and score?

This team is frustrating offensively, seems like the SOX of this year and recent years feast only on average of poor hitting, but once a pitcher settles in — its pretty much zeros until he tires or some relief pitcher starts missing his spots.

I suppose that is true of most teams, but before the FO started concentrating so much on pitching and defense (LOL), which I am not criticizing, we had teams that were more consistent or potent offensively. Push in her, it pops out there!

We have a line up of great potential, but unfortunately they are all so streaky (even Pedey and Youk are streaky), with Papi down for the count, we just don’t seem to be able to get on a offensive roll unless we are playing the Orioles.

I think Ortiz and Ramirez shielded us from this form 2003-2006, because between the two of them, one or both were often on, and we had pretty good consistency in the middle of the line up. But with (both) effectively gone this year, we can’t get any part of the order stable and consistent, so its a constantly moving on/off target.

Robert, the way Papi is hitting, I doubt he sees any interleague play this year — who in the right mind would sit Youk or Lowell (this year) for Papi’s bat. Maybe that is just what he needs, about 6 or 9 games off — and then start a new season in late June.

Yes, I’ve seen a foul let fall intentionally to stop a score!

Greg, Thank you for the early b-day wishes!!! I hope that your move goes smoothly… God Bless Your NEW HOME, I hope you have nothing but great times that make great memories there!!!

A mid-season trade for a bat is looking more imminent by the day. Anderson is struggling with the Sea Dogs and doesn’t look ready to help the big club just yet.

Let’s just hope the Jeff Francoeur rumors aren’t true.

Not only do we need a win today to keep from being swept, we need it to avoid Toronto slipping ahead of us in th standings… Both teams are 1.5 behind the Yankees.. so let’s all pu;; together today and scream for the RedSox. Jon Lester has got to have his BEST stuff and its got to be better than Toronto’s bats… Come on Jon reach way down and find it. You know that you are capable of it and you know that all of RSN is behind you. Go get em Jon!
No pregame cheer from me today, in hopes that the absence of it will change things up a bit… There’s no superstition in baseball!! lol

thats pull

moanin………..SIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGH………..well…how much u think the sox will give up for a decent bat… much for a great bat….i wonder if gonzo in SD is avail….young isnt lookin so expensive either is he….maybe one of the rockies…tulo might need a change to jump start em….i know we need somethin…..judge

Hey everyone,
I needed a couple of days to get away from the Sox. My frustration level was exploding and I needed to sit back and evaluate.
Happy Birthday Ellen. Surely 25 is going to feel awesome!!!
I have thought about the Sox so far and here are is humble analysis.
1) Francona’s stress level is unbelievable. Nothing has gone right for the poor man this season. He had a beautiful pitching staff that is only NOW getting tough. Until then he had to endure Beckett, Penny, Dice-K (Masterson) all endure struggles.
2) The infield has been a soap opera. With Lowrie down, that meant Dustin’s backup — Green goes to short giving him no time off. Lugo comes back and becomes Abbott Costello. Then Bailey replaces Youk since the back injury of yet another infield giant Kotsay. Then Dustin goes down. I’m amazed Mike Lowell has survived without getting hurt. He’s the only one so far.
3) When the pitching is great, the bats are cold, when the bats are on fire the pitching is bad. I’d have migranes!
There are no easy solutions at this point. We can only hope that when Kotsay and Lowrie return we can expect great things from them. I know that Lester is going to turn it around. He’s too good a pitcher NOT to find his grove. Look at Beckett, it took him almost two months of starts to finally turn back into Josh. We all know about David but there are eight other bats out there including Drew who WAS the hot bat in June last year. Bay and Dustin are also cold.
What is causing this — I have a two part solution.
1) Pressure — The Sox, unlike the Marlins are EXPECTED to win and when they don’t they wear themselves down to win. That is the FO attitude — Win, win, win and no other team except the Yankees gets that demand.
2) The schedule — The Sox have the WORST schedule of any team I’ve seen. Except for RARE instances, they are facing killer teams hungry for blood and grueling road trips. They DON’T get a break. All they need now is going to Japan for a three game series and then play at the Space station which at this point MLB would probably agree to do if it would wear them down even further.
I can only say the fact that the Sox are where they are is AMAZING. They have endured a lot and this road trip is just NASTY. I mean no other team endures this much demands on them. Fortunately it’s a long season and I think July and August and September we will see a different Red Sox team when the schedule gets a LITTLE easier.

Does anyone know when Buchholz and Bowden are scheduled to make a start in the Majors this season, or least a time frame for their arrival? Both have performed impressively in AAA, which pretty much holds no weight, but all the same.

I think the imminent arrival of the two signals Penny to be traded, but to where is the question? A contender, obviously, but that means we’ll get the minimum in return. Philly is the projected destination, and I have nothing on their prospects.

New thread!!

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