Looking for spark, Tito switches lineup

With the Red Sox doing close to nothing offensively in the five games that preceded Sunday’s finale in Toronto, manager Terry Francona switched around the lineup to try to change the results.

Dustin Pedroia was moved to leadoff. Jacoby Ellsbury moved to eighth. And for the first time in his Red Sox career, J.D. Drew batted second. This, with lefty Ricky Romero on the mound for Toronto.

Youkilis is hitting third, with Jason Bay in the cleanup spot, followed by Mike Lowell, David Ortiz, Jason Varitek, Ellsbury and Nick Green. Lugo is on the bench again, with Tito feeling that Green’s range is necessary with Lester pitching on turf.

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Looks like I’m leading off here today! I like that Tito is shaking things up a bit. I’d still like to see Mikey back at DH and Papi taking the day off. But I hopr that this does something positive.

I hope the Ellsbury move is a good one. 38% of our runs have been scored in innings where Jacoby has lead off the inning.

Ellen – I’m with you – I think Big Papi needs another day off.


Dave, Thanks for the b-day wishes but its not for another 2 weeks.. I’ll be like Dan-O and McGarret from the 70’s tv show… Hawaii (5-0)…. Or maybe thats gonna be the score we beat the BLUEJAYS by today… or maybe its how many hits the RedSox will get today or maybe….. lol


Julia, Hows your sanity today??? Was fun had by all at the party yesterday?? We missed you around here..
I’m not doing a pre-game cheer today, i’m doing my part to change things up a bit.. I think Tito got the “shake things up” idea from me, lol… I stated earlier on the last thread that the cheer wouldnt be here today.

Back in a minute, have to finish setting my line up for the fantasy leagues I’m in..

Come on guys get on the board early and OFTEN!!!!!

It was a great day yesterday Ellen! my youngest is very happy to be in his last ‘tweener year! And I like that – we need to shake things up – of course the first 2 Red Sox going down in order is NOT a good shake up!

YOUK!!!!!! YAY!!!!! I LIKE that Shake up!!!

Round trip for YOUK!!!!!! Go SAWX!

JBAY!!!! Come on MIkey!!!! Bring him home!!!


What is this? One run, two hits already? Are we binging today? Or is this an attempt to actually be a LINEUP? Hmmm!…
Good to see Youk get the early homer. Glad Tito shook up the lineup again. Papi needs to sit, though, at least for now. GO SOX!
I’ll not be on much. I will be checking in from time to time, though. (Even though I’m packing for a move, y’all ain’t gonna get rid of me THAT easy! I’m moving about a mile away). I hope all of you are well. Julia, get rid of that poison ivy already! How’s your eye? Keep the fruit baskets coming! GO SOX!

Well that was a less then brilliant defensive play! COME ON GUYS!!!!

Hi Greg – good luck with the move! The eye is good, the poison ivy is doing better – my husband found some spray for it that is helping and the fruit baskets are still coming! I’ve asked everyone to go to the Red Sox Insider’s Blog today on my blog and lobby for re-signing JBay – everyone go and comment on his blog! We have to keep the pressure on!!!

Nice K Lester! Let’s get some more!!

Okay – not so nice now Lester! Stop thinking and JUST PITCH!!!

The game is tied – just great…….


Okay – we got out of that! COME ON BOYS!!! WE NEED TO GET THAT RUN BACK & THEN SOME!!!

It’s time… it’s past time… Have a seat Papi… If Tito wont do it, you need to be professional enough to do it YOURSELF.

I can see there will be a few of my 64 calorie cold ones “downed” this afternoon… BAD BASERUNNING!!! BAAAD.

Come On JON LESTER!!!!! Pull yourself together… and keep it out of the freaking dirt.. that KILLED us yesterday.

I see Tek and Lester meeting on the mound.. I would laugh my butt off if Tek just jogged out there and slapped him.. “SNAP OUT OF IT KID… THROW A STRIKE!!”

Maybe that is what Lester needs Ellen! He is thinking to much and not just pitching!



Better – we got an out! Let’s do it again boys! WE NEED OUTS!!!!

I just got that visual as Tek was jogging out there… made me laugh!!!

DUSTY!! Yes – 2 outs! One more Lester – YOU CAN DO IT!!!

ian, Now that you are a twit-erer (lol) you wont forget us here will you?

Good job! Now let’s get some runs!


Ian’s on Twitter?? What does he go by there so I can follow him and get all the “dirt” lol!

Nice Double Papi!!! Come on guys bring him in!!!!

BIG PAPI!!!! WHOOO HOOOO!!!!! Let’s get this party started!!!!


Nice job Tek!!! COME ON ELLSBURY!!! Let’s bring them home!!!!

Who is that in the booth with Orsillo today???

Nice bunt!!!!

Some guy from Toronto. They said his name but I don’t remember it and I didn’t recognize it.

The Yankees are losing 4-0 to PAVANO!!! and Cleveland! How sweet it is!

Great job holding up Green!


Every pitch Green swung at was a ball.!!!

Way to go PEDEY!!!!!! I— LOVE— YOU—!!!!!!

HR!!!!!! 3 runs!!!!

Ginny/Canuck is at the game today – she must be bringing them luck!! WHOOO HOOOO!!!

Way to go Pedey!!!

Come on JD… keep it going!!!

Let’s hold them Lester—NO WALKS!!!!

IanMBrowne is his twitter name

Good to see we actually have a LEAD! Can we PLEASE HOLD IT this time??!!! GO SOX!

Good job knocking it down Lowell!

Dustin hit a HR? That would be a good thing! (Since he was asking for more Offense!) GO SOX! Esp. with the Yankees losing!

Rance Mullinkins is in the booth with Donny-O

OK Lester, we can’t keep giving em BASERUNNERS!! COME ON, JON! GO SOX!

I liked Mulliniks when I heard him the other day. He was good!

NICE JOB LESTER!! Sorry Millar – you know we still love you!

I dont care what anyone else thinks.. I still think you GOTTA LOVE MILLAH!!! He’s just so likeable.. My Sean Casey as well.. and I think I heard Don Orsillo say that they would be activating Kotsay on Tuesday… I see a change on the horizon now….

LESTER!!!! This is what we want to see!!


Mulliniks is even more laid back then Dave Roberts. Did he use to play of the Jays?

Let’ keep the offense going– let’s get some more runs!! Let’s not sit on our hands and wait for them to catch up. Go Sox!!! Yabks now down 4-2.

Okay… 2 walks… good break. but only if we take advantage of it!!!!

New pitcher! Let’s hope it helps! GO RED SOX!!!!

Hey Ellen,
I’m replacing my wife’s IBOOK laptop LCD screen and I turn on the computer and the Sox are kicking TAIL. YES!!
I also have to say that since my eyesight isn’t age 22 anymore, it’s much harder to see those tiny screws and connections. I think my days of laptop repair are coming to a close. I use reading glasses but that AIN’t NO FUN! However at $400 to replace a $100 LCD, I can hold off a bit longer.
Ellen, when you turn 25 what will it feel like (LOL)

MIKEY!!!! That’s what I’m talking about!

ugh Papi! not good…

Sox are on FIRE today. What is going on? I know — replacement of an LCD screen — actually I think the lineup change did some good. It was smart. Moving Ellsbury down in the order ups the bottom of the order and moving Dustin up top wakes him up a bit. David, as I suspected is starting to hit. I think we are definitely going to see Ortiz on fire from now on!

Question for you guys…
What determines the LOB number. Is it ONLY when the inning ends and you failed at getting the runner home…or if you fail to get a runner moving forward to home plate at ANY time.

Damn! It was a hard hit! Curse you Millar! lol!!

I have no idea Dave.

GREEN! UGH!!! We should not be leaving bases loaded!!!

I like your positive line of thinking Dave… and speaking of eyesight… mine hasnt been 22 in about 30 years, and I’m 49!!!

That’s what happens when you take a day or two off from the Red Sox. This teams gets to you!
Now Ellen, you are 24 turning 25. I checked the log books (LOL)
As far as my eyesight, I’m 45 and it went down about a year ago (reading only). Very annoying but I’ll take that over being nearsighted.

I think that LOB is just that.. however many are left on at the end of an inning…

However Ellen, it eliminates my ability to repair laptops anymore and make a dollar at it. It’s just too slow when you get older.

9 K’s for Jon Lester!!!! EXCELLENT JOB… Keep it going JON!!!

oops!!! I spoke too soon.

Looked it up on Winkpedia. LOB means ONLY when the runner fails to score. The last batter who gets the third out inherits the runners (e.g. they get the LOB number). If it is less than two outs then the batter will not get the LOB number unless he ends the inning with say a double play.


OK folks — here’s a brain teaser. You have two coins. One is NOT a nickel. They add up to .50 cents. What are the two coins.

Lester is back to his old form. High on the pitch count, but I’ll take it. This may be his last inning. He’s at about 100 pitches.

I only have trouble with reading (newspaper and books), so not a candidate for laser eye surgery… My glasses drive me nuts.. I tried readers but they say that the longer you use those (nonprescription) the more eye strain and diminished eyesight you get.

Lester is back to his old form. High on the pitch count, but I’ll take it. This may be his last inning. He’s at about 100 pitches.

2 quarters Dave? 25 + 25 = 50

Lester is back to his old form. High on the pitch count, but I’ll take it. This may be his last inning. He’s at about 100 pitches.

2 quarters Dave? 25 + 25 = 50

Ouch…I meant .55 cents. My typo. Can’t make it take easy on you Julia.

Ellen try dealing with a laptop with glasses…it’s very frustrating because I have to take them off after a bit. They’re uncomfortable because of the weight.

A 50 cent piece and the OTHER is a nickel!

Very good Julia. I threw that at a bunch of people yesterday and I got things like .25 + .25 + five pennies or a fifty cent piece and five pennies, etc. It was hysterical. I said two coins yet everyone tried everything but the obvious. Well done. You get today’s No-Prize as Stan Lee once coined it (no pun intended).

Thank, thank! I have teen-aged boys how are always trying to stump me so mom has to think quick! lol!

I am impressed with Lester today! Let’s hope he can keep it up!

LESTER!!! 12 Ks! Welcome back Jon!!

I’m not worried about Lester…and I never was. He’s got too much talent. All he needed was time. Anyone who gets a no hitter isn’t going to fold unless there is injuries.
I’m also excited about Beckett. I’m also not worried about Dice-K. He’s too good a pitcher to fold as well. Give him a few more starts. We’ll get him back.
David is also looking MUCH better. Ortiz is on his way back.

Damn – Yankees have tied the game at 4.

As Tito would say, don’t worry about New York. You win games, you’ll make the playoffs.

I can’t WAIT for Lowrie to come back. We will have a shortstop AT LAST.

Mikey! Second double! YAY!!!

I like this move… walking Tek to get to Ellsbury!!!! COME ON OBEY WAN JACOBY!!!

Who would of thought – walking Tek? Let’s go Jacoby!

Well that wasn’t good….

Here’s to a “Masterful” outing!

Nice job Mikey!

Great outing by Lester!

Hi everybody!!!
The Sox are winning!! Yes!!! They needed to step up. Cmon boys, get ‘er done!

Hey,,, ever wonder what chefs and professional cooks eat? It ain’t gourmet food, that’s for sure, although I’ve known a couple snob chefs who ate that stuff. Anyway, Sunday morning one of our cooks will stop at the Safeway next door and get some food to cook up for everybody. Today our designated shopper came in with 2 packages of bacon, a huge sack of foot-long dogs and 2 boxes of Rosca’s cookies. She carefully wrapped each hot-dog with a perfect spiral –or HELIX for you DNA freaks—of bacon, covered it all with Monterrey Jack and popped ’em in the oven!! Yum!! Pork products, grease, sodium and sugar, the four main food groups.

Ian – I tried your twitter account – IanMBrowne and it can’t find you – is that correct? I am werbiefitz on twitter.

Every year the Yankees go through a phase when they can’t lose no matter what, then they fall back to Earth after a while and all’s well again in baseball. Don’t worry about them. It’s just early this season, they usually wait until July.

Arnie – EVERYTHING is better with bacon!

For my son’s birthday yesterday – for one of the apps, I made a version of a corn dog – the hot dogs were were covered in a yeast dough that had cornmeal in it and was baked in the oven. It was a hit with young and old!

Good job Drew! Maybe this shaking up the lineup was a good thing by Tito!

YOUK!!!!!! #2!!! YAY!!!!!

Youk does it again!!! Good Job KEVIN!!!!!


4 HRs today!! YES!!!!



Well that is a bummer….

Hey, all. Good to see the Red Sox are getting some offense, and WINNING! I see we’ve had a couple more HRs today, and Lester appears to be getting the job done! WAY TO GO GUYS! GO SOX!
I’m testing out my new laptop, so I can FINALLY get rid of this piece of CRAP caputer! THANK GOD!
I’ll be checking back in to see if we’ve sealed the deal, and if the Yankees decided to lose, for a change! GO SOX!
I’ll see y’all later!

YOUK!!!! One more inning boys!!

Arnie, is it that the One IS a 1/2 dollar and a nickel??

It is tied in Cleveland – bottom of the 9th – Indians have 2 on and 1 out!


Hope the new ‘puter works Greg!

I like seeing Tito Shake!!!! Shake Shake Tito… (sounds like a Latino song!!)



2 more outs boys! You can do it!!!

Get it sone BABY!!!!! Bounce Back!!

YES!! One more out!!!

1 More!!!! COME ON BABY!!!!

Yankees lost! YES! Now, finish our own win! GO SOX!
Julia (and everyone else!), I’ll be on here a little while longer, until June 9th or 10th, when we actually move (actual move date is the 12th). I hope I’ll be off the blog for only a short time at that point, but we’ll see! I’ll still be following the games! GO SOX!

Come on Ramon!!!! 1 more out.. 2more strikes!!!

okay – get the next one!

Where are you moving to Greg?




Great to see a win! Great job Jon! GO SOX!
I hope to check in with y’all later tonight!

Only 1/2 game back now! WHOO HOOO!

Okay – day off to rest up and Tito – keep shaking them up!

Have a great evening all!

I will tell you all something… I really cant think of too many ways I’d rather spend a Sunday afternoon watching the ReedSox.. with all of you!!!!

See y’all later!!! Off to cook Stuffed peppers with a mexican twist!

Mark this day on your calendar. This will begin the ascent of the Sox and the decline of the New York Yankees. We’ll look back on this day and say,”This was the day the Yankees ceased to rise and the Sox began to heal.” From now on Sox rule!!!

A critical game for the Red Sox. FINALLY they were able to get some runs and hits in. Whew…now the next game is Tuesday giving them a BADLY needed day off. Fortunately it’s in beautiful Detroit so there is lots to do there like…like…ah…gee I used to live there so…ah…well…ah…you can drive over the bridge and see a great view of Detroit from Canada and…ah…well…well the point is they get a day off!
p.s. Hopefully Dice-K returns to his former self. Hopefully.

I might also add the Sox have a nice airport in Detroit…sort of…ah…well…you know…they might have cleaned those 20 year old carpets that look like…ah…well…they have a great hotel to go to…hopefully…ya…well…ah…gonna be a long road trip…did I mention that?
Oh wait…there is the Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield village…of course that’s not in Detroit but…then there is Binder Park Zoo…that’s quite a drive…but there is the Toledo Zoo…well that’s a really long drive…ah…I really think the Sox should stay in the hotel room.

Dave, isn’t the Upper Peninsula nice this time of year? The guys could spend the day fishing. And how about some sailing on the Great Lakes for a little relaxation? Hey, now that I think of it, isn’t Montreal close to Detroit? Relatively speaking. Beautiful city. Dave, maybe you could drive up there and show the boys around.

Julia, I just saw your question. I am moving just up the road, about a mile away, then another mile up another mtn. Still in the same section of town, here in Asheville. Just a downsizing move.

Oh, and Dave, you can HAVE the Detroit airport! NO THANKS!

I hear they have a nice film room at Comerica Park for the visiting team.. I vote for that!!!! and hey they can find a nice dinner… if they order room service… maybe….

Davecgs – Going into this season, I was hoping Daisuke would be able to take the next step, you know, clean up his command issues and trust his stuff a bit more instead of nibbling and losing a lot of hitters that he should be putting away. But considering the way things are going, I’d be more than satisfied with the bullpen-killing walkfest of last season. Five good innings are better than none, right?

The U.P. is great this time of year — minus the cold. It gets summer around July 4th before winter sets in. Montreal is fantastic as well but not as close as you think but if I was hanging with the Red Sox — driving there — no problem!
To be fair the airport in Detroit has two parts. Part 1 is frightening in its ugliness and the nicer bigger part designed to burn off those calories as you scramble to get through it to make your flight with its needless idiotic design that makes you walk miles to get to your plane.
I’m sure all of here on the blog want Dice-K to pitch allowing for a more efficient output but Dice-K is certainly stubborn about that demanding he control the game. I wouldn’t call him arrogant but I think he feels what he has works. It does but it burns through his arm as well. In many ways I wished the Mets picked him up but he did give us some big games when we needed him.
Comerica Park is a bit of a sore spot with the city of Detroit. The city of Detroit PAID for it and it was PROMISED not to change the name until a bank came in, dump a little bit of money (like .01% of the building costs) and suddenly the name is a commercial name. Now it sounds like Comerica built the park. However, I’m sure its a nice park. I saw one game in the old park and thought it to be classic but pretty run down and terrible when it comes to seeing a game — the visuals were awful. To be fair, Fenway Park has its awful viewpoints as well (I once sat literally behind an I-BEAM having to turn my head left and right to see the game. I think a film would be great to see at the Detroit park and I just remembered there is a zoo as well which while NOT in Detroit, it’s not that bad a drive.

When you consider the proximity of Detroit to Montreal you must take into account the circumstances of the players. If you are faced with a day in beautiful downtown Detroit verses a day in the car driving to Montreal, I guarantee you THAT makes Montreal look like Detroit’s next-door nieghbor.

Detroit is America’s Lugo. With Newark NJ as Lugo Jr.

I’m assuming that someone, e.g.,Farrell, Tek, Tito, etc. is giving Dice-K some direction. I’m also assuming that they are telling him to get ahead of the batters and that instead of nibbling at the corners, that he should focus on putting them away. If so, either he doen’t understand the translation or he chooses to ignore them. Either way, he should either shape up or they should plan on a trade. He should be made to understand that they need more than 5 innings from him. Last year he had a good record for a 5-inning pitcher for many of his games. This year he isn’t getting away with it. Let’s hope they can convince him of what he is required to do. Let’s also hope that the Yanks lose tonight!!!

I think the difference with Dice-K this year is that his velocity is down and his pitches are not as crisp, as in the movement, and he’s getting hit much harder. Last year he held the opposition to a very low batting average, his troubles were by far self-induced. Maybe he just needs to get stronger. If he wants to have a long career he’ll have to learn to be aggressive. All that nibbling will catch up with him.

Hey Arnie,
Good points on Dice-K. He is in an interesting situation. he’s making boatloads of money and performing badly. His style doesn’t translate well to America. It was a bad move but at the time the Sox wanted and needed pitching. Now they have boatloads of is so Dice-K isn’t so spectacular. I’d still prefer a Johan Santana over a Dice-K. I know the way he abuses his arm that his life will not be forever.
I’d dump Dice-K but at his salary…again, it’s going to be tough. I like Theo’s new approach. Don’t buy anyone expensive. We’ve gotten more out of a Kotsay or Penny than we have a Dice-K or a Drew or a (you know who at short). I think you buy cheap.
Personally the Sox now have their next Papelbon in Bard. I wouldn’t mind seeing Papelbon go if he’s that greedy to the Yankees and you KNOW they are looking at the next closer.

Hello everyone long time reader, first time poster on the blogs. Seems to me that Dice K would be more comfortable pitching to Varitek. (Not dissing on Kottaras or anything, I admired the way he got that runner out while taking that body slam @ home the other game.) It could be that the language barrier requires longer time for Dice K to become comfortable with the catcher, or in a culture where deference towards seniority is a big thing, Dice K just has greater respect for Varitek as a senior team player and Captain. (Btw, one thing I find amusing, what exactly do catchers talk to Dice K about at the mound without a translator, lol?) Other then that, even Yankees radio sport pundits all believe Dice K will come around, so I’m not worried either at this point.

Hi athas.. WELCOME.. But thats a load of poop.. he’s been in this country how many years now??? He has a translator.. he has Okajima and Saito if there is a language barrier… Tek has been his battery mate since he came over here… He’s just isnt pitching well this season, he’s getting older, he gave more to Team Japan than to the Sox… He hurt his arm and didnt even bother to tell the Sox…
I don’t dislike the guy, I just don’t think he’s the good fit as a pitcher that everyone thought he would be..

Dave, I went through that god-forsaken airport at Detroit too many times when I was in college. I went to school in Milwaukee, so I either had to go through Detroit, or O’Hare. Because I had (too often!) to from one end of that Detroit airport (often with a carry-on bag!) in 10 minutes or less, I came to LOATHE that airport! (I don’t know who the scheduling geniuses were that set up those transfer times, but…) I actually preferred O’Hare–and it wasn’t close!

In retrospct, I guess one must realize that in Japan Dice-k was a superhero. Here in the US he is just a good pitcher- clearly not in the same class as a Santana, Beckett, and many others. It may be difficult for him to realize or accept this situation. In any case, if he doesn’t perform, whether it’s a communication problem or whatever– trade him and get the best deal you can.

You don’t know suffering. Try CARRYING three HEAVY bags and two car seats (we have two kids) from airport luggage check in to the car OR for that matter to the check in…in the middle of winter of course so you’re stuffed with clothes so you’re boiling hot once you get inside. Then run across the airport to that carpet that even the rats fear to sleep on and sit there while everyone treats you like you’re annoying them and wasting their time. Of course if you want something like food like a salad or fruit, be prepared for the rejects from last years cattle drive as your main course paying $10.00 for it.
I LIKE O’Hare. A much better airport BUT I did have a time of plane changes and had to RUN across that airport but man Detroit’s O’Hare (which of course is NOT in Detroit — go figure) was a place an utter slob would loathe. Of course who is the ONLY carrier — U.S. Mail…oh sorry U.S. Air but I can never tell the difference when I fly them feeling like I am a piece of mail.
I like the airport in Nashville immensely. It’s small, smart in design and easy to navigate with decent facilities. It’s probably one of my favorites (relatively speaking) but the airport in Vegas wasn’t bad either considering its size and easy to navigate.
What’s your favorite airport (relatively speaking)?

Sadly Dice-K is stuck with them. He’s too expensive and NOBODY will pick up his tab. In addition he’s shown he is rather average relative to his salary. In short, he was a waste of hard earned money.
Nevertheless, we’re stuck with him. Penny is doable as is Smotz as is Lester but the Sox will not part with Lester and who can blame them. When Lester is in the grove, he’s as good as you can get.
Right now a trade would be good. Sox are overloaded with starting pitching and need some bodies that can hit and a great catcher. Varitek won’t last forever.

We must also not forget we have Clay and Jason Gabbard (It’s KASON) as well. Jason…er…KASON will never be a solid starter but I see him as an excellent bullpen guy. He gets ground ball outs and is good for a stretch. I would love him as a three to four inning bullpen guy. He could do that easily.

Welcome aboard to the boards. We’re very friendly and utterly insane so it’s a good mix for a Red Sox fan base.

Hi athas! Welcome to Brownie Points! Make sure you stop in during the Red Sox games – you’ll usually find some us chatting during the games.

Ellen – I think you might be on to something on Dice-K. I asked the question on my blog today – should we be bringing Buchholz up and sitting Dice-K for awhile. Just a thought.

The midges are flying in Cleveland – let’s hope Joba is eaten alive tonight. That game is on ESPN.

Thanks Greg – so not too far away. Good luck with the move! Is your daughter excited for it?

I wonder what the batting order will look like for tomorrow night’s game. I like that Tito shook it up yesterday.

Still am concerned about Big Papi. Is it time to “find” an injury and send him down for a while until he can get things right?

Dave, oh, yes, I do know that suffering. BEEN THERE, DONE THAT! I just didn’t have two kids or a car (THANK GOD). Carrying heavy bags? I might as well have done that for a LIVING, as often (and as heavy!) as I’ve had to carry them! ALL THE WAY ACROSS AIRPORTS BY MYSELF? Tell me again, what suffering don’t I know?

Fair enough…but then add TWO car seats and across the airport BUT I didn’t do it that often compared to you so you take the prize for Detroit Airport Suffering!
Did you know the official flower of Michigan is the orange an white stripped construction bucket? Did you know that the two seasons of Michigan are July 4th and winter!
Did you know Detroit has failed to find an honest mayor. It was depressing knowing that Kilpatrick was a complete thug…but at least now he can spend his time in a place where he won’t do anybody any harm anymore.


I’m not sure that I’d characterize Matsuzaka as being average – even for his salary. While he didn’t go deep into games last year and seemed to be in constant trouble due to command issues, he did manage to go 18-3 and post a sub 3.00 ERA; a fantastic year by most metrics.
Also, I really don’t think that his BB problem is due to arrogance or anything of that sort. Rather, I think it’s partially a mental block – a sub-conscious lack of confidence in his stuff from being roughed up in his first year in the league.

Since the 11 winning streak, the Red Sox has been playing sub 500 ball. Lack of timely hits and a viable bench player were the main culprit. Our regular DH is an automatic out and still in the 6th hole of the order or in the lineup at all is mind boggling. It is imperative that the Sox trade for a bat to remain competitive with the Yanks. The Sox have to hit and pitch to win. Do not expect Francona to manufacture a run which in most cases enough to win a ball game. Looking back that so many RISP left stranded with one or none outs …………..Sigh!

moanin,moanin,moanin….so …how long do we have to wait for a deal…..2 games back….3-4-8-12?…………… what do we need…not much in my opinion….it would be nice to have…a serious homer threat…..a dunn type plr,or….helton ,young,a pure hitter type…..or peralta….fill 2 holes….decent hitter who plays defense….maybe derosa….all around utility….the tribe will be packing it in soon….watch for the stankees to try and grab lee….if they do something like that…the sox will have to counter with a serious bat….maybe holliday….helton or young…..i think tx might hold onto young tho…..all and all…..a deal is imminent unless papi has a massive turn around….kotsay commin back wont solve our OF spot either……i wonder if holliday would like to be a dh and rotate maybe in rt once and awhile….lets hope a deal comes sooner or later….podsednik woulda looked great in a red sox uni….good spark plug…..i like the idea of peralta myself…..and yell at me if ya want but dunn can flat out bash the ball…..a dh in the fens for sometime….and the nats need pitchin….maybe guzman and dunn for a blue chip and a couple lesser prospects maybe…..go get em theo…..judge

I’m going to voice an opinion here that some people may not like and may not agree with, but here goes:
If our DH were anyone other than Papi, and was mired in a slump like this one, would he still be our dh??, or even in the line-up? Everyone here knows (or should know) how much I love and admire and respect David Ortiz. Theo is the one who was the key in getting David the extension and Papi knows this and said at the time that he would forever be indebted to him… I think that Theo is the one who doesn’t want Papi pulled. And you all know how intelligent I think Theo is.. I just think he’s got blinders on with this one… He’s the one who brought Papi here and I think he wants to be the one who sticks with him until he pulls out of this.. I can understand that to an extent, but it has already started showing results iin the standings… and it will continue to do so until someone else is in his spot, hopefully temporarily…
I think a stint down at Pawtucket will get Papi back to normal… I feel so disloyal saying that after all he did for us. BUT: The RedSox, in recent years, have not had a problem with “what have you done for me lately”… why is it SO hard for them and US to take this view with David????

Ellen: I am with you. With runners on 2nd & 3rd, he popped out. I don’t care how hard he hit the ball. The reality is Theo or Tito is not going to sit the $12.5M DH for now, not until mid June perhaps.

By mid-June, It may well be too late….

no matter what papi does the rest of his career he will always be one of my top 5 sox of alltime….and for a person who eats,breaths,sleeps and lives for the sox that is saying alot….in 04 there were alot of heros ….but he was THE HERO…..he absolutely told the yanks ” u will not beat us this year”…..i was in my mid 30s then and he brought me to tears many times that season….u are the man papi….u made history…the only team that ever came from behind down 3-0…and to boot it was against the hated yanks…..now…..that said….rt now its not happenin….maybe he will break out….maybe not…..a deal is needed….if he eventually breaks out….then we have a welcome problem….too much offense….but rt now….a deal is needed…oh ya i forgot earlier….m tejada im sure is avail….hmmmmmmmm…….judge

Devil’s advocate here,
It’s obvious to me that David is LOVED by that team. He’s not only a great hitter but also a great guy and supports that team. I think we still have some time with David. He’s starting to hit again with some doubles. He’s starting to find his stride. I want to give him more time. Do I have blinders? Guys, you know me…Mr. Negative here but this is one guy I make exception too. I would feel the same with Youk or Pedroia. If anything is shuts up Johnny Damon’s retarded accusation that the Sox don’t stand by their players. That’s just NOT true.
Now as for a trade, there is talk about Penny so I know something is going on. With Smotz and Clay in the words we have ammunition. Frankly the Sox are overloaded with arms. I think the plan was Tim Wakefield would fall and they would have a backup — who would have thought hu!
Right now we need a catcher (long term here) and a monster bat. No question David can BE that bat. I still believe in him. I still believe he will figure it out.

Incidentally, the Sox are facing a NASTY arm tonight. Dice-K better be on FIRE for sure. This guy, on average, gives up ONE run per game as of late. He’s brutal. David…good time to break out!

Thanks for the welcome guys! Yeah I noticed it can get a little insane here, but I have to say, reading these blogs during game time are the next best thing to being in the stadium, you guys channel the same energy. I’m more laid back optimistic type, (not to mention I like JD Drew, lol) so we’ll see if my posts fit in with the crowd here, heh. Whatever problem Dice K has, here’s hoping he comes around because 1) he has the talent, and i think alot of his problem is mental 2) he attracts prospective talents from japan who wants to come play for Red Sox 3) His no-trade clause tailored towards Red Sox (he only wanted to play for Red Sox) means we’re stuck with him for better or worse. Other then that, heartily enjoyed reading the being “nice” to lugo contest. Keep up the energy~

One more thing…
With all the talk about David Ortiz, it’s shadowed the real problem on this club — Julio Lugo. He’s a walking disaster. He’s like a tick. He contributes nothing and takes the Sox money. He can’t play the field, he can’t hit, he can’t think and makes dumb mistakes.
Granted, Nick Green has made so awful mistakes of stupidity on the basepaths and at shortstop but he was shoved up there to bandage the wound left when two shortstops went away. I forgive Nick entirely. He’s under a lot of pressure and the LAST game the Sox won, Nick made a couple of spectacular plays at short that showed he’s capable of being a big league player.
I say get rid of LUGO NOW!
Nuff said.

Judge – I’m with you that we need to get a bat before the Yankees disappear over the horizon. I’m not sure about Holliday, though… his .808 OPS this season might be just him adjusting to the league or it might indicate inflation from playing in Colorado. Also, are you really serious about Tejada? Personally, I’m not crazy about acquiring low character guys like that.

Dave – I wouldn’t be so quick to declare the Sox awash with pitching. Penny, Saito and Smoltz have had serious arm problems. Beckett has actually proved inconsistent over the entire duration of his stint in Boston. Matsuzaka lived on the edge all of last year. Lester’s off to a slow start. Bucholz, Bard and Bowden have tons of potential but are unproven. The starters in general haven’t done a great job (Wake leads with a 4.55 ERA) and things can get a lot worse in a hurry so I’m not too keen on dumping too much pitching.

Time for David Ortiz to go Tiger hunting! Say, did you hear that there is a movement getting started to re-name the Tigers the Detroit Endangered Siberian Tigers!! I guess some zookeepers think it will be a good idea to raise awareness of the plight of the Siberian Tiger. The name’s a little cumbersome, but it’s worth it if we save just one tiger. You can send donations to: Arnie’s Tiger Recovery and Redistribution Fund. We’re going to raise tigers and redistribute them throughout Siberia. No check is too big!!

Judge~~ I understand how you feel about Papi.. I too think he will be forever cherished by all (or most) reasonable RedSox Fans…. I was just stating an opinion… and Judge…

I love Papi – but maybe he needs a “break” (PawSox?) until he can get his head straight? If our DH was anyone else we would NOT be having this discussion. It is a tough problem to solve.

Dave – YOU ARE RIGHT!! If we do not address our shortstop (ie – LUGO!) problem now we are going to be in big trouble. I’m not sure even Lowrie coming back is enough! We need a deal for a shortstop and a DH/hitter and we need it before the Yankees get even more together! ugh! It will get ugly soon if it isn’t addressed!

Pitching – IF Dice-K can not pull out a win/really good start tonight then…..do we bench him and bring up Buchholz??? I know he has been “hurt” – but shouldn’t he have a win by now? Isn’t it amazing how on “paper” a starting rotation can look like it rocks but in reality???

See you all for the game tonight!

athas: By no means is this a be NIce to Lugo contest… it is a don’t be nasty to Lugo for dgnDave and dont be such a *itch toward Drew for me, contest. Bosoxbrian also has Drew as well… We cant be overly nice (you know, the kind of nice that’s oozing sucrose sarcasm…) but definitely can’t be mean… and oh yeah, If we could harness the energy that flows on this blog, we could put Florida Power and Light out of business~!!!!!!
p.s… Has anyone heard from Garry this week??? He’s supposed to be heading my way (to the jai Alai tourney)
or does anyone have his email address??? if so could you email him and tell him to contact me??? ellencullum@bellsouth.net

(said the little 5 year old girl who lives inside of Ellen) “I WANT A TIGER!!, can I have one??? please….. lol

Send a big donation Ellen, really big, then we’ll ship a tiger your way. Beware!! Those Siberian tigers are 9 feet long and can weigh 600 pounds. Kinda like Roseanne.(the 600 pounds part anyway)

Ellen, I am not sure a trip down to the minors will be enough for Papi, but it’s worth a try. Tito (and I’m sure everyone else on the team!) doesn’t want to do that. You are right–if our DH were anyone else other than Papi, we would not be having this discussion–the benching (if not a trip to the minors!) would already have happened! Ellen, I think you are right that Theo doesn’t want to pull Papi, but Tito is on the same page. But Judge said it very well–we remember well what Papi did right, in 04 and 07. That is the Papi we are (as an org.) waiting to re-emerge. Unfortunately, I don’t see that happening (and I’m less optimistic by the day). We do, with that in mind, need to get a bat up here (I am not keen, on a Rent-A-Player, though, unless we SIGN HIM. We made that mistake with Orlando Cabrera, and our SS situation has not been right since. If we are going to pick up a bat, SIGN HIM!). And no, I’m not keen on Dunn, or Tejada. All the more reason, we need to get J-Bay signed longer term. (GET IT DONE, THEO!!! We KNOW the Yankees will!) As for SS help, I’m still willing to trade LugNuts for a ball and bat. Orlando Cabrera, where are you? (We needed to sign THAT Rent-a-Player, instead of Rent-er-ria).
Arnie, as long as Papi is going Tiger hunting, do you have any tiger recipes?😉 Does that Siberian Tiger taste good with seal oil?

Are you trying to get into trouble with the Sierra Club, et al, with all this tiger hunting?😉 If we had tried to do that with the Indians, what kind of trouble would we be looking at?😉 Hmmm!…

Julia, I think bringing up Buch instead of Dice-K would have been smart. If we had simply not gotten Dice-K off the DL, and we’d brought up Buch, I’d have liked our predicament a little more.
Welcome, Athas. No JD Drew is not a big fan favorite (and you have read why, since you’ve been reading the blog), but he is a MUCH lesser problem this year than other players right now. If he comes up clutch like he has before, he’ll be the least of our complaints.

You mean the Cleveland Hindustani’s, don’t you!?!? I can’t believe you’re so insensitive!!! (Don’t worry, the Sox will hunt them down, too)

Will these Indians be shipped off to Alaska, Arnie? Maybe they can play baseball there! They might want to avoid Kashmir, though!😉

I have an idea!! Let’s re-name all of the Sox’ opponents so that they have more thoughtful names. Take the Blue Jays, for instance. Many people don’t like blue jays because they chase away the chickadees from their bird feeders. So in the spirit of more loving, sensitive and appropriate team naming, I suggest we change the name to the Toronto Tragically Misunderstood Blue Jays. Now the kids can sleep well at night. It’s fun being a do-gooder!!!

We could just re-name them the Bluebirds, Arnie! They are blue, after all! And yes, that pools them into the “kinder, gentler” lot of the standard bluebirds, so maybe that way they will be “cuddlier, nicer”–and quieter, perhaps!;)– Toronto Blue Birds! Maybe they’ll not hit as well either!

Red Sox
1. Dustin Pedroia, 2B
2. J.D. Drew, RF
3. Kevin Youkilis, 1B
4. Jason Bay, LF
5. Mike Lowell, 3B
6. David Ortiz, DH
7. Jason Varitek, C
8. Jacoby Ellsbury, CF
9. Nick Green, SS
— Daisuke Matsuzaka, RHP

007… didnt you post the line-ups alot last year?? Someone did and I’ve missed it.. Thanks!

I have lots of blue jays at my house… I feed them p-nuts and bread they mingle with my didgeons (part dove part pidgeon.. actually they are cuban doves w/white ring around the neck) and my wood peckers… they all tolerate my squirrels…. Just call me Dr Doolittle… hey we could name one of our shortstops that!!!

Hey, if the Sox can take two of three from the nasty, flea-bitten tigers they will be 5 and 5 on the road trip. Our friend Eckersley said that if the Sox could just play .500 ball on the road they’d be in great shape. Here’s to the Sox being in great shape!!!

Cmon Dice-K, throw a strike!!!

Hey, Ellen, we were talking about strange start times, like the Jays’ 7:07 start time (which they have again, at home against the Angels). There are some of the other strange start times tonight, also–like the examples I gave: Royals vs. Rays at 7:08 ET, and A’s vs. White Sox at 8:11 ET (7:11 CT). To me, those are just as strange as the 7:07 start time for the Jays! I wonder if it is contractual? Hmmm!… Anyway, those are the kinds of start times that I was thinking of! Equally strange, if you ask me!

I know the White Sox (7:11 Central) is paid for by Seven Eleven Stores!


That explains that one, Bob. Thanks. I suspected it had some kind of contractual or spnsor-driven reason to it, because it otherwise makes so little sense!
Good to see we’re leading already! GO SOX!

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