Pedroia, Kotsay and Twitter

Here we are live from Comerica Park, where Dustin Pedroia is again leading off for the Red Sox. J.D. Drew is again hitting second. Youkilis is third, Bay cleanup, Lowell fifth, Ortiz sixth and Nick Green starting at short for the third day in a row.

The way the offense is going now, Terry Francona feels that he needs his best on-base players at the top of the lineup. He even mentioned the new look being at least partly a by-product of Ortiz’s on-going struggles.

Mark Kotsay is on the active roster; Jeff Bailey has gone back to Pawtucket.

And just to let you know again, I have joined the new wave known as Twitter. There are a lot of times where it’s going to be quicker for me to Tweet something than to post a whole new blog entry. Just to be clear, I won’t be blogging any less, so don’t worry about that! There will still be at least one new thread every game I am at. But you will get more info from me — and more timely info from me — by also following me on twitter.

So all of you should get in the habit of following me on twitter.

@IanMBrowne is where you can find me.


HI everyone… Ian, I wouldnt know how to twitter if you asked me!! lol, so I guess that I’ll just stick with the blog.
ANYHOO… Once again, I am going to forego the cheer tonight and see if the continuation of the “changing-things-up a bit helps..
Besides, it’ll give all of you guys a break fromit!!
I hope that Dice K pulls his head out of his butt for about 7 innings tonight. Maybe I can get Tek to jog out to the mound and slap the poop out of him and say… DICEK-SAN, JUST THROW A FREAKIN STRIKE!!!!!
Go Sox!

I found Ian on Twitter finally! Yay!!

Let’s get it done tonight boys! Dice-K we need a win!


Hey Ellen,
First Bailey. He was put in a difficult spot and did it with class. Sadly he never found the bat to keep him up there but he was doing his job. Great to see Kotsay back…FINALLY. Wow I really missed him. His team presence will help out a lot.
Second, Green at short. Green is getting better and better at the position. I want him to do well. If he didn’t have the bad base running play syndrome he’d be an all star. I think he will turn it around for himself. Those plays he made last game were VERY impressive and I have no doubt he’s been putting extra time into his defense.
Finally, go David Ortiz. With a nasty arm now is the time to humble the Tigers.

Ellen — FYI — go to and sign up. It’s that easy.

is it just on cell phones or computer too??

Dice-K (0-4 ERA 8.8!) up against Romero (5-0, ERA 1.5). I am not holding out too much hope for tonite — maybe I will just check in tomorrow and see if we are 2 games behind the Yanks or if the Yanks throw us a bone tonight. Plus my man Lugo is not even playing, so I get another free pass contest wiseπŸ™‚

Twitter is very easy Ellen! everything you want to say in 140 characters or less! lol!

Still have the mixed up lineup – I like that!

(in Jerry Remy’s absence) BUENOS NOCHES, AMIGO~S…

Darn, Eck is back!!
Good job Pedey!!

Twitter is on computer!

NICE hit Dusty! Great start!!

I’m glad that Eck is back in the booth.

Ellen I limit cell phone use to calling people myself — call me old fashioned. I just find the whole texting, etc. a waste of my time.


Up by 1! I like that!!!

Go JD… they used to call that an “excuse me” single..

Bummer Youk!

I VERY rarely, if ever use my cell phone.. Its main purpose was in case my Mom needsd to reach me… and all my cell phone does is make and receive calls… no camera no text etc… Cell phones are a REAL pet peeve of mine.

Bay! Bummer! They need to get use to seeing this kid for the Tigers

To be honest I hate cell phones. They are MUCh more likeable with an iphone but I’m not paying the bucks…sorry…no matter how cool it is.
IMHO we’ve become chained to the electronic devices that are supposed to make our lives easier.

This pitcher is NASTY. I’ve checked out his record. He’s going to be very tough to beat. Sox got lucky and Dice-K has NO control right now. He’s got to find the plate. Beckett has the same problem but found his groove.

Come on… Same ol Dice K!!!! GET THESE GUYS OUT!!!!

Just great. The stress headache starts early tonight……

Double play helps. Dustin is so consistent at second base, we forgot how hard those plays are.

I know Dave – for a young kid he can pitch! And Dice-K? How long can we wait for him to find his groove? When we have Buchholz in the wings? And Smoltz soon?

Good to see we’re leading! Dice-K has not control, Dave? Who knew? HMMM!…
I don’t even HAVE a cell phone! I have little desire to do so, either, let alone Twitter, etc.!
I’ll check in later on the game! GO SOX!

Oh man…that didn’t take long but in fairness he faced a tough at bat. Oh well…

Oh great! Is it too early to have the bullpen warming up????

no really – can we get the bullpen warming up……..


Let’s get it back boys!!!

BIG PAPI!!!!! YES!!!!

TEK!!!! Let’s keep it going boys!!!

Way to go Tek-er!!!

YES!!!! Bases loaded! Let’s get some runs!!!!!

Well, Itried to find Ian and failed..


Let’s not waste bases loaded!!!!!!

That was a mess! WE CAN NOT LEAVE BASES LOADED!!!!!

Squirrel in right field with JD Drew!

Come on DiceK… 1 down 2 to go!!!

4 wild pitches?…. JUST TONIGHT??? OMG………

That inning was a gift from God for us!!! Man.. He’s Houdini re-incarnated!!! They better get someone up in the pen EARLIER than usual tonight…
COME ON YOUK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A squirrel in RF with JD? Is that a refugee from Ellen’s yard?πŸ˜‰


BAY!!!!! WHOOOO HOOOO!! And a good thing! The Yankees are up 2-0!

Does Houdini win? Maybe we’ll have to get a tightrope!

Way to go, J-Bay! 2-R HR! GO SOX!

The squirrel is now laying out the outfield wall. I think he is going to nap there! lol!


Nice K Dice-K! Let’s do it again!

He might be rudely re-awakened, Julia! Ellen, ya gonna help out your squirrel friend? Or send one of the blue jays (er, blue BIRDS!) to help him?πŸ˜‰

a Squirrel??? How did I miss that??? Oh mannnnn!!

So I gather that Dice-K is being “effectively wild” again? HMMM!…

Hey… this is a joke, ok?? I cant be penalized for this… have you ever heard the saying about something being very obvious.. Even a blind squirrel could find that NUT!!!? Well he found his!! lmao!!!!

3-1! Let’s get some more runs! GO SOX!

Hey guys,
Sorry I’m a bit late. How funny was that squirrel on the field? Did you see it all sprawled out on the ledge in the outfield? Great to see Bay continuing as Mr. Dependable. We all know that Mr. Epstein is a genius (yeah, I’m referring to the re-signing part). Check out my periodic updates on Twitter.

Jacoby! Nice Hit!!

Julia.. did I miss something?? the yankees being up 2-0 is a GOOD thing??

Yankees are losing 3-2 now! Let’s keep it going boys!!!

NICE steal Jacoby!!

Yeah, I heard that one often after we won in 04.

I didn’t say it was a good thing – we needed runs to catch up. The Good thing was Bay HR!

Drat. We’re going to need those extra runs if Dice-K is going to be “effectively” wild!:/ GO SOX!

Good to see Kotsay is active again. I hope he does well! GO SOX!

Please – BULLPEN!!!!

Hey, Elizabeth! Good to see you over here again!πŸ™‚ GO SOX!

It will be good to have Kotsay back Greg. It will give us more options.

We’ll take take K….

OK, Dice-K, that’s one. Get the SO or DP now! GO SOX!


DREW!!! Looks like the squirrel left. lol!!

And that was a double play??? Bad base running for the Tigers.

That suited us jsut fine! Nice work, Granderson!πŸ˜‰

Ian – nice Twitter updates! Thanks! I am on twitter – @werbiefitz

let’s get some runs boys!

Oh, Sorry.. I must have read it incorrectly… my mistake..

Well Ian, I signed up for Twitter, but the only Ian Browne I could find was a music composer. So when did you start playing?

Difference between Dice-K this year and last is that this year he’s giving up bunches of hits to go along with the walks and high pitch count. He’s been lucky tonight because the Tigers are having some really good swings at him, plus they are brainless on the bases. What was Granderson thinking about on that fly ball? Dude looked like Julio Lugo out there on the bases.

How is everyone tonight? Dave, Ellen, Julia, Elizabeth? Anyone else? GO SOX!

That’s very un-Youk-like! COME ON, YOUK! GO SOX!

Yankees error free streak is over – error charged to Posada.

Hey, Garry! Haven’t heard from you in a while. Doing OK? GO SOX!

Error by Posada? Bummer, dude!! How about “Chicken Man”, Julia?πŸ˜‰

Wow – Detroit is changing pitchers already?

Hey Ellen, I will be down at Dania Jai-alai this weekend. I’ll be there Friday night and all day Saturday. My cell phone is 904-881-2231 if you want to call and drop over to say hello. I’ll likely be down in the front near the court.

Love that Chicken man! Nice way for him to come back to the Yankees huh? And they had to beat our record didn’t they! grrr..

Hi Garry!

To find Ian on twitter – send a message to:

After it sends, click on his name & you can follow – for some strange reason you can’t look him up.

I did this and it worked.

I’m werbiefitz on twitter – what are you garry?

Come on, MIKE! Get the runner home!

I’m with Dave–can’t get into this Twitter thing! Oh, well, the things I miss out on!

Doing fine Greg, thanks. Like the squirrel in the outfield, I get exhausted watchin Dice-K pitch.

To me, it looks like Dice-K is just going through the motions. He seems to have no life.

Hey everyone…just got back from my walk with my daughter. It was steaming heat from the humidity. I see I’m not the only one steaming. I agree Dice-K has some SERIOUS control problems. I think he is desperate to please…but I don’t know. All I know is that Dice-K wouldn’t survive the Yankees one inning the way he is pitching AND I’m sure he knows that.
In fairness I suspect it is digging at him. However…we waited for Beckett, we’ll have to wait for Dice-K


Walking the first two hitters and taking 13 pitches to do it. How much more unproductive can a pitcher be?

garry… My husband (David) and I are already planning on going.. We’re looking forward to meeting you!!

Yep, here we go with the melt-down in the 5th — Francona should know by now, just bring in the relief pitcher in the 5th, at the first sign of trouble, for lets see Dice-K, Wake, … I hope Lester is out of this pattern.

You can’t hit a ball much harder than Polanco just did. That ball was smoked.

Great Ellen, look forward to meeting you guys as well.

Wow, Dice-K should feel a BIT humiliated. $100 million to last five innings.

Okay – Dice-K got it done BUT could he just make it easy ONCE!!! PLEASE!!!

Well…that was a stomach ache but he got through it.

Phew, living on the edge, Francona definitely has more guts than I do.

As we all know, Julia, “easy” for Dice-K means only two walks, and not 3! Relative term!

Hey, DGN! Let’s hope Dice-K is DONE! GO SOX!

For the life of me, I cannot figure out why teams are still shifting on Ortiz. Of course, I could never figure the logic of those shifts any way. Everyone knows he can’t get around on a decent fast ball……

PFP! “Par for Papi”!:/ GO SOX!

It’s a sad day indeed. I’m heartbroken but at least he’s getting some hits finally.

You and I both, with Dice-K, Garry!! Glad he made it through 5 IP, but I’m tired of “good enough” from him! GO SOX!

Garry, I think the teams are still pitching to Papi the way he USED to hit, not with what he’s presently doing! (Whether that shift was ever a smart idea, though, is another question!)

We’ve gone from cheese to salad. Pass the croutons! HMMM!…

Bases loaded again! Let’s cash it in! Come on, DUSTIN! GO SOX!


This is a very sad display of major league pitching. Three walks and a hit ……. the Sox need to punish the Tigers for that.

I’m Likin’ that!!!! Come on JD!!!!

HBP for Youk? Well, he’s on base! He’s a tough cookie!
2 more runs! GOOD! GO SOX!


Well that’s one way to get some more runs! GREAT JOB GUYS!!!

The Sox got two, but not a good inning. That was minimum production by the heart of the order in what should have been a big inning scenario…… How many have they left on base now…… bases loaded with less than two outs, twice!

Let’s go Delcarmen! You can do it!!

Yep, Garry, speaking of getting tired of “just good enough”. We have to get more runs in those bases-loaded scenarios!

OK, DelCarmen, we need Dr. Feelgood! GO SOX!

JD’s been busy! Keep it up, Dr. Feelgood! GO SOX!

Delayed call. Way to get it done, DelCarmen! GO SOX!

GO TEK!!! Great job!!!

Nice catch Drew! Let’s keep it up Okie! You can do this – one more out!

Hey, Julia! Are you enjoying the EckTalk about cheese? Esp. with a salad on the side?πŸ˜‰

Nice catch, Jacoby! Way to go, Oki! GO SOX!

Eck is TOO funny! He makes the game entertaining! lol! But what – no “Hairy balls” tonight?? LOL!!

Thanks was a nice inning!

Come on, DUSTIN! Get a rally started! GO SOX!

He must have left the cats, with their “hair balls” at home, Julia!πŸ˜‰

Ever wonder if Eck is chronically HUNGRY? Hmmm!…

Sox winning 5-1…sweet, Dice-K still hasnt blown the lead. HOLY COW!!! And yes, fo ranyone that doesnt have a twitter account but has a MLBlog, its practically the same. I like facebook better. Now for the Yankees to lose…

Hey, Holly. How goes it? GO SOX!

Way to go, MDC and Oki! Come on, RAMON! GO SOX!

Just got in awhile ago. watching the rest of the game and hoping the Yanks lose. whats up with you?

“Not have to work so hard”? WHAT THE?… Is this Little League or something??!

Packing to move later this month! OH, JOY!

Nice 1-2-3 inning, Ramon! GO SOX! We can still use more runs! (Pap needs all the help he can get these days!):/

little league is 10 time more intense…trust me on this. If only Papi can hit a home run already…Arg

Just watching Ellsbury make that catch reminded me he still has not committed an error as a major leaguer. He is now in his 249th game. I wonder if that’s the longest current consecutive streak?

How is the packing going Greg?

That was a good inning for us!

I played Little League, Holly!πŸ˜‰ Been there, done that! Big Leaguers should be able to handle a little “hard work”!

Bummer, Mike! GO SOX!

come on papi…bring something in here…

A win tonight by the Red Sox would be #500 for Tito! Win it for the Skipper!!

i did to for like 8 years…long years and my bro still plays…yea, your right, big leaguers need to step it up…they make my cousin look good at the plate.

Packing is almost done, Julia. (But we’ve been doing so, literally, for about a month now!). Mostly sifting through things that we have had in storage for eons now.

they will win it for tito!!! papi…you have stuck yet another knife in my heart…how rude

OK Pap! 1-2-3 inning–is that too much to ask? DON’T SCREW AROUND!

Come on Pap! Let’s finish this up!

Moving is such a pain Greg – all the sorting…ugh! Good luck!

Sorry I didnt participate as I usually do.. I was doing laundry!! cant scare everyone in the office and go to work naked!!!

I hear ya…i still have boxes in my attic an dme and my family moved into this house a year ago…good luck greg!!! atta boy pap!!!

NO!! No hits!! OUTS!!!

Laundry – GOOD Ellen! lol!!!

Are we trying to make this adventurous again, Pap?:/
We’re doing all this sifting and tossing (and recycling up the wahzoo!) so that we WON’T have 100 boxes in our attic!πŸ˜‰

NONONONO!!!! PAP!!!! END THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! grrrrrrrr….

Here we go again, Pap! GRACIOUS! GET AN OUT, PAP!

Holly – if you haven’t opened a box in a year it can be tossed! We did that when we moved. As long as it wasn’t “papers” that we needed .

Pap is on his way to another 30+ pitch mop up job which will render him useless for the next two games. Why is he even in there? Saito should have been brought in to finish.


“Jonathan Papelbon’s Excellent Adventures”?! SNARL!:/

UGH!!!!! WE NEED OUTS!!!!!

Unfreaking believable


Bot that’s the way to close it out… Correct me if I;m wrong, but isnt that why they call him a CLOSER>>>>???

I’m not sure Saito would have done much better, though, Garry! SNARL! GET THIS DONE PAP!

Come on Pap, bring in your A game, not your S****y 1 come on this game is crutial here!!! Oh My God…someone tell me when it’s over…

Pap isn’t fooling anyone.

But greg.. you’ll never know now, right???

Maybe Pap is misunderstanding his role. They are not supposed to get CLOSER and CLOSER!…GET THIS GAME DONE, PAP!

I hear ya…i still have boxes in my attic and me and my family moved into this house a year ago…good luck greg!!! atta boy pap!!!

Why should he chase? Let’s put Eck in! He can throw some hairy cheesy balls!

This game is making me sick…COME ON PAP!!! Geez, don’t blow it…

No, but I’m not sure I’d want to know the “Saito Answer”, Ellen!

Detroit announcer is right on …… Pap doesn’t have the kill pitch tonight.

Thanks, Holly and Julia! GET THIS DONE, PAP! We don’t want “Pap Smear”.

Uh, no kidding, Garry!:/

How many balls in this at bat???

Watching my cat jumping in and out of boxes is distracting me from the mess Pap left

Same pitch, same speed, over and over and over. What a good changeup could do right now!!!!


Is it TOOO much to ask for another one?????


More than about time. Get in gear, Pap! YOU HAVE A LEAD, in case you’ve FORGOTTEN!

I’m going to allow my superstition to take over here,,, I’m going to bed to watch the end…
See y’all tomorrow… G’Night Nationers!!!

Night Ellen!!

YES!!! Can anyone make this easy????



Congrats Tito!!! #500! Nothing is easy with this team! #1 for Dice-K!!!


Well, Pap took himself out of tomorrow night’s game, but you gotta give credit where credit was do. He sure found himself to finish up.

Night all, see you tomorrow night.

See you all tomorrow!


Congrats Tito! You got #.500 the HARD way! Thank goodness we had some run support tonight! GOOD JOB, SOX!
Night all! Back to packing! YIPPEE!

Our starting pitchers are starting to come around, Beckett, Lester , and Dice-K had great outings. Our bullpen is solid. OMG Pap had to get the job done the HARD way. Great win last nigt for Dice-K and the Sox and Francona. The Sox need another potent bat and our DH !?

Gotta tell you I am SO glad we won, but I’m seeing a lot of sloppy baseball on both sides of the fence.
First the Tigers. Did they get the Nick Green school of base running? That was just embarrassing. That was NOT professional baseball. You ALWAYS check out the outfielder to see if it’s catching that fly ball. You don’t just run like a bullet. Little leaguers know that but it did help Dice-K and his control issues.
Second the Red Sox. You can’t load up the bases and fail to score. What happened to sacrifice flies or patience at the plate? It’s bad baseball. The Sox should have destroyed the Tigers last night.
Finally Papelbon. I’m GLAD he got the side out but he needs a good changeup and drop the slider. His splitter, once his strike out pitch is becoming his wild pitch. You can’t survive on just the fastball. He needed over 30 pitches to get through one inning. The Yankees would have destroyed him. He got lucky but I give him credit for pushing himself through it.
There is NOTHING like a clean game with a solid team. It feels great to the game and for the team…but again…I’ll take the win.

The Sox continuously like to strand RISP and it took a hit batsman to score that pitiful run with bases loaded. If last night’s game were against the Yanks or Toronto, the Sox might not be lucky to win. I’ll take that win.
The Sox cannot afford to fall too many games behind the red hot Yanks. The Sox conceivably can win all the games against Det and Tex bfote they face the Yanks next Tuesday.

The number of runners left on base is driving me nuts! It is a good thing that they were playing Detroit so they could escape with a win. Daisuke was okay but was only able to go his usual five innings. Big Papi is going nowhere IMO. I thought that he might come around by All-Star break but I don’t think it is going to happen. There aren’t many teams that would continue to carry a guy that is hitting below .190! I’m looking for good things tonight from Josh. GO SOX.

It is painful to watch our DH. It’s time to rest Ortiz. When Kotsay is ready to play, I would DH Kotsay, Lowell, or Youk. I don’t see any sign of dramatic turn around by Ortiz. It may never happen again, sad but true.

sigh…….ok time manage tito ole buddy ole pal….now is prob goNna be your hardest job since the zazu fiasco… do you go about benching a hero….find a mysterious injury…trade for a superstar ….slowy faze out the hero….or hope he finds his swing….a lil onfield managin is due too…a few bunts,hit and run, and so on.oh yeah….pray for a trade….or that drew starts to earn 15 mill…..i mean 15 mill is worth 30-100 rt….fat friggin chance….FIND A BAT……if the homestand thats comming doesnt see us in 1st by 2 games….then its a flop and we will be hurtin……get to work theo….plenty of thump is avail….oh yeah…a cabrera went down for the tribe….they will pack it in…how much is v mart worth?…..a friggin lot….like bucholz and a couple lessers….how bout perralta….DO IT…DO IT NOW…..JUDGE

Hey, all. With the game on ESPN, I’ll only be blogging between innings (again–OH JOY!)
Dave, Nick Green has a “school for baserunning”? Where do I sign up? I can learn to run as well as he (and Granderson!) does! Hmmm!…;)

The lineup is in same as last night’s. I’d like to see Kotsay in the 6th hole. Sigh…..

I’m glad we’re getting Kotsay back, and he should be another good option for us. Unfortunately, that will not solve the Papi problem. Judge is right–this will be one of Tito’s best jobs of managing if he does it right–“How do you bench a hero?” Well said, Judge. And it needs to happen.
I had not been on the “big bat” bandwagon, (and am only reluctantly on it now!) because I anticipated Papi not only could turn it around (which I still believe), but WOULD turn it around. Sadly, it has gone from bad to worse, and Papi has become an LOB machine. So that big bat will be necessary. I HOPE we can sign such a bat as more than a Rent-A-Player, though. (I envision the Orlando Cabrera SS carousel with this move, and we can’t afford a rotating DH year to year!) In short, this will be where THEO earns HIS $$–finding that big bat, and SIGNING the one we already have–J-BAY! GO TO IT, THEO! You have your work cut out for you. GO SOX!

One last thing. While I like Matt Holliday best of the several options batted around here (pun useful!), I am not sold on any of them. Tejada doesn’t excite me, and Dunn, to me, is a non-starter. We’ll see if Texas wants to make a move. Here goes! GO SOX!

Tazawa pitched well in Portland and could be promoted to Pawtuckett and makes one of the young arms expendable for a trade for a big bat or ****. I personally like to see a trade for a BIG bat.

isnt it fun sitting here hashin out possible trades…this is why i would never be a gm….in fantasy basebal i have as much fun makin trades and picking up would be super star free agents then i do watching my roster….BUT… honestly thinkin that by the end of this soon to be current homestand….somethin will happen….either papi will break out….or a major deal is done…im hopin on holliday,vmart from cleveland,perralta,(poss both of em…weeeeee that would be fun),maybe helton(not real impressed but somethin is better than nothing),or any of a handful of bashers throughout both leagues…..we have a bank of pitchers and you can make the argument that u never have enuff….well….u can never play them all…if a deal…the rt deal is there….then a pitcher for a bat is a good deal……ofcourse if nancy earned that money we wouldnt need a dh…let nancy dh and rotate rf’s with rocco and kotsay or van every….or get a good r/f…..JUDGE

Hey all.. Good thing is right Judge!! I hope you change your underwear at least as often as you change the name of your team… what will it be next week?? the “JUDGE ME NOT’S”?? LOL Trixies having a good time on that league!!

lol…ya i have fun in fantasy…im not as serious as others…its entertainment to me…i try to win but i like to have fun lol….i wonder if nancy will have a big game 2night…when i pick on her she usually produces…or hurts her left ovary lol….judge….go soooooooooooooox

Well close to game time.. It may be on ESPN but I’m watching Don Orsillo and The”ECK” Id rather listen to Cheese, jack, johnson and how he loves gas than listen to that gas bag “a*s*s clown Joe Morgan….

I Hope that Joshua pitches like he did last time out!!
No cheer again tonight….
Go Sox…

I hear ya, Ellen. I’ll be posting from time to time between innings. Go get em, JOSH! GO SOX! Catch y’all later!

Hi All! Let’s hope Beckett is in his old form tonight and we get a great outing from everyone! GO RED SOX!!!

JUDGE I just saw your comments regarding the vetoed trade.. I cant seem to work a trade to save my butt…. so I just keep picking off the garbage pile.. You and I both picked up pitchers today.. I was going for either the guy I picked (Bastardo/Phillies) or the one you picked.. only time will tell us which one is the better of the 2


GOOD ONE JD!!!! WOOOOOOO!! Beautiful!!!!

DREW!!! Congrats on HR #200!!!

That was JD’s 200th HR..Congrats JD!!!

and nancy heard me lol

Seems like JBAY isnt being as patient as earlier this season… Come JBAY get it back,,,

what do u need for a trade in yahoo trix….im always game lol

Come on MEN!!!! Get break this game open a bit!!!

I wanted Adam Jones… BEFORE we got a new manager for Pirates… then I proposed a trade to the new owner Andre Eithier, Mark Lowe and I think I had someone else in there either Juan Pierre or Micah Hoffpauir and he rejected me… I really like jones…

Iwasnt thrilled with the way Dan pushed those trades through either… by the rules or not by the rules but not both ways… I’m new in the league so I just kept my mouth shut…

I was going to try for Bobby Jenks too but when he rejected my other offer I said to hell with it…

Beckett is looking great so far! GO RED SOX!!! Let’s get some more runs!!!

Maybe I’m speaking too soon, but Mr. Joshua looks strong tonight.. (Does anyone remember the character Mr Joshua from Lethal Weapon.. I think it was played by Gary Busey..)

Hey Jules… how are ya tonight?? School out yet?

Good to see Beckett is dealing! KEEP IT UP, JOSH! DO NOT hit a roadbump in the 5th (or 4th…)!GO SOX!
WAY TO GO JD! HR! Nice to see us get Josh a lead! Get some more runs for him!
Ah, yes, back to ESPN and Rick Sut-“Drive me off a”-Cliffe! SIGH! GO SOX!

Gotta love those one-pitch-one-out ABs! What did Josh throw, 7 pitches! That will help! Way to go, JOSH! GO SOX!

Beckett is looking very impressive through three innings. He’s throwing effortlessly. So far a game of one mistake on Drew’s home run.

You gotta feel bad for Ortiz. He is helpless up there. It’s almost time for him to go to Francona and do the right thing. I’m not sure Francona will ever just sit him down this year.

Hey, Garry. New thread, I see!

I was wondering how long it would be before Ellsbury nailed a pitcher. He has been hitting some wicked shots up the middle the last few weeks.

Excellent call by the umpires.. Interference to be sure.. and nice at bat for green as well.

Yes it was, Ellen! Come over to the new thread! I’ll see ya between innings! GO SOX!

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