Day Two in the Motor City

First of all, I am truly stunned by the news that the Braves have released the great Tom Glavine. I know he had a roster bonus or whatever, but seriously, this guy is an icon. A 305-game winner and just a class act.

I will attempt to get John Smoltz’s reaction to this stunning move following tonight’s game.

There continue to be no answers for the slump that has gripped David Ortiz and turned him into a player nobody recognizes. On this trip, at least, Papi had gotten into a habit of putting together good at-bats his first couple of times up, but then staggering for the rest of the night.

“I think as the games progress, he’s still falling into a little bit of almost trying to go 3-for-1,” said Red Sox manager Terry Francona. “You see guys do that a lot early in the game. He’s been doing it as the game progresses. Maybe he has time to sit around and think, maybe he watches at-bats. Because his more productive at-bats have been earlier in the game, and that’s a little bit hard to figure because normally with hitters when you have a good at-bat, that’s when you can start stringing together good games.”

For more updates during the game, as always, follow me on twitter. @IanMBrowne


Thanks for the heads up Greg, and I beat you to the punch.

I was wondering how long it would be before Ellsbury nailed a pitcher. He has been hitting some wicked shots up the middle the last few weeks.

Correct call by the umpire on the obstruction, and surprisingly the Detroit broadcaster got it right. Even though Green sort of went out of his way to ensure the contact was noticed, Galarraga was in the way enough to make a difference by getting in Green’s way.

Yes it was the correct call–glad the Det announcers saw that. Glad Galarraga’s OK on the line drive, but that was interference.
WAY TO GO JACOBY AND NICK GREEN! Nice running, nice hitting! Excellent job sending the runners by Hale, also! GO SOX!

Yeah, Garry, since I’m only blogging between innings, MAYBE I can let that one slide, and let you have the first blog entry!😉 GO SOX!

Close play at second base, but Youk was clearly safe.

That looked like a bad call on the Youk tag for the DP. Youk appeared to be safe. Not the wisest baserunning move, though, by Youk.
Nate McLouth just traded to the Braves from the Pirates!

Good, Garry, you saw the same thing I did that time!

Wasn’t sure I saw that play as you or anyone else did!

Hey everyone, hey Gary,
Another great game to watch. I feel SO bad for poor David but I feel it’s still early. I support the man 100% and feel he can still do it. He’s got too much talent to struggle like this. He will come out of it.
Green also got a hit as well.

Excellent call by the umpires.. Interference to be sure.. and nice at bat for green as well.


Just because I know you want to be properly educated fans, the call was obstruction, not interference. Interference is when a baserunner or batter interferes with a fielder making a play. Obstruction is when a fielder interferes with the progress of a baserunner. A very significant difference in the calls is that with obstruction, the ball remains in play and alive. As soon as interference is called, the ball is dead and appropriate runner(s) are called out.

Buenas noches amigos!! How is everyone doing tonight?

Did Eck just say what I think he said… ***** bite!!!! He just mentioned the fact that, well you know!!!

I cant believe this butt head….. Now I know I have a problem with him… i would just b^i^t^c^h slap his a^s^s if I was in the booth with him.

Hey Garry, you said you have a surprise for me… want to give me a hint??

Thanks alot Dennis Eckersley… If this had been you and some announcer had mentioned the fact that YOU had a NO-NO going you woiuld have gotten your ego soaked A*S*S up in that booth and punched him out! You STINK just like your freakin cheese.

Good job, Beckett!!! A one-hitter? – Sounds GOOD to ME!!! Keep up the great work this evening!

Hey goof ball. where’ve you been??

Ellen, it’s something you might expect to receive from and old retired Navy Master Chief, but it has a little something you’d never expect to see on it.

Hey goofball! Your name’s Wendy, correct? How are you?
GREAT JOB by Josh tonight! 7IP, 1H, 2BB, 8K (I think it was 8!)! GO SOX! (And the Yankees are still losing!)


Outstanding game by Beckett! Always nice to give the bullpen a rest.

Hey Carlos! ?Que’ tal? Long time no see! Hope you’ve been well! GO SOX!

Okay.. now I REALLY have no idea!! I’ll wait!!

Hi Ellen, Greg and all. I’m usually online, always watching the games, and a whole bunch of other stuff, too! I miss Remy, so much….. Can we get a convoy together, and drop by to visit him?!!! Just imagine that… 😉

Forgive Eck. He doesn’t have that type of power. Josh is a power pitcher and Detroit has a great set of hitters. No hitters are very rare for a reason but ya I was sad about it.
Carlos…how are you! I love hearing from you!


Hey guys — Ellsbury has got a pretty good hitting streak going!

Hi Greg! Yes, I’ve been away but fine. How have you been?


Is this Beckett’s best start as a member of the Red Sox? Has he broken a sweat tonight in Detroit? He is in total control of this game.

I thought it was very funny when they showed Ortiz in the dugout ( after his 1st at bat ) and he was being consoled by Lugo, that is rock bottom for Ortiz. Here’s a name Boston should look into come July, Aubrey Huff. I think Huff would be a very good fit with the Red Sox. Personally I think Delcarmen will be dealt away come trading deadline.

I’ll guarantee you this Ellen, it’s probably the only one like it in the world, and I can’t think of anyone who would appreciate it more than you.

Dave… forgive my A*s*s.. as a former Major League Pitcher he knows the code… he knows the superstitions… he is nothing but an overblown egotistical A*s*s bite.

I’m very intrigued Garry!! Can’t wait…

Hi Dave!! I’m loving the “What is Baseball” entry on the Sox Humor page!

GREAT HIT, PAPI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nice job Papi!!! a 2 rbi double, NICE!!!!!

Nice one Tek-er!!!

The Braves released Glavine??? Wow.. There’s the end of their dynasty players!!! great pitcher!!!

So nice to see Papi getting RBIs!


Yeah, the Braves also signed Nate McLouth, who’s already a great player, and he’s very young. I still don’t think they’ll make the playoffs this year, but he’ll help them get there soon.

I love AUBREY HUFF… I have had him on at least one of my fantasy teams (if not more) each season… always a solid player.. and a GREAT baseball name!!

Hi all. SOX ROCK! Nice to see them take advantage with RISP. Nice to see Papi contribute. Good for him! Josh looks like he has arrived! GO SOX.

Regular season, this may be Beckett’s best performance in a Red Sox uniform. But that 13-1 performance in 07 WS Game 1 is right up there. It gets overlooked because of the score, but Josh was DYNAMITE that game!

Dave, that “What is Baseball?” entry is very good. If anyone hasn’t read it, it’s a good read! GO SOX!

I’ve been all reight, Carlos (and everyone else!)! I’m packing for a move! (Yes, a house sold in this economy–without a stimulus needed!)

Hey, Brian! I think in the WS Game 1, Josh had 2 or 3 hits!

I doubt the Braves make the playoffs THIS year, but one or two year ahead, they should!

I think a complete game might be doubtful tonight, but it would be nice! It’s been a while!

Hi all! I’m back!

Great Game!

Ellen – just saw your question – we get out three weeks from today. School starts later and ends later here in New England!

Great game Beckett! That’s the guy we have been waiting for!

TOUGH LUCK FOR DUSTIN! First the bad play, then they don’t charge Green with the error! At least it is 10-1, so it won’t cost us, if Bard finishes the job! Great job, Josh! Way to go deep into a game! GO SOX!

Let’s go Bard! WHOOO HOOO!!

Bummer that Josh didn’t get the CG, Carlos, but Bard should finish the job! Great job by Josh! GO SOX!

No – Don’t let Youk be hurt!!!!!

He’s leaving the game!!

Kotsay is in on first

Okay – glad we have those 10 runs……

Wow! What happened here?! C’mon BOYZ! Let’s get this 3rd out, then pretend this inning never happened!!!

Get these infielders some goalie pads before someone gets hurt. This is awful.

GOOD LORD!!!! What is going on!!! WE NEED ONE OUT!!!!!

How could they not call Granderson out on that check swing? That was awful.



Youk looked like he’d be fine by tomorrow, but will WE??!

I thought Granderson was out on that check swing, also, Garry! And THEN…

No Greg – we won’t! I thought it was bad enough with Pap last night! ugh!!

Ok, let’s regroup, guys. A little offense would be cool, but then 1-2-3, bottom of the ninth. Time to end this game!!!

Nice hit – #500 for Baldelli!

PLEASE!!! 1-2-3 9th! PLEASE!!!!

Hope Youk is ok.

Carlos thank you. New one coming tomorrow!

I hope he is too Carlos! He walked off himself – WHAT!! Lowell got ejected????

Lowell got ejected for arguing the 3rd strike.

Lugo is in!!

Someone fill me in . I read to my daughters. How is it possible you get three errors? What kind of disaster is THAT!

Wow did Francona toss Green out of the game?

There is a lot of movement – Lowell got ejected – Youk is out hurt, Kotsay is on first, Baldelli in right!


Anybody there?

Thanks Julia. What a mess.

WHAT IS THE UMPS PROBLEM!!! The first one was a strike!

Is Saito trying to pull a Papelbon? This was a brilliant game tat completely turned to crap. Ok, not completely, they haven’t blown it yet.

I didn’t see all the errors Dave – getting the boys from Scouts.

And Saito is turning into Pap Jr??? UGH!!!

Lowell shouldn’t mouthed off. The home plate ump is really squeeaing Saito.

Okay – that was should have been a strike out! this ump is awful!!!!!



Is it tomorrow, yet?!!

3 errors in the 8th–looked like the 2004 WS Games 1 & 2! If we had mad the out on the botched DP, and gotten ONE out, we’d have been A LOT better off! BUT NOW…

YES!!! K!!!


Lowell was arguing balls and strikes–probably carry-over frustration for his error. Will get you an automatic ejection!

What a mess. They say anything can happen in baseball but this is a disaster. Youk is hurt! That’s horrible. I’m so glad we have Kotsay. This is too painful. I mean you can’t play ballgames like this…it’s kind of disgusting.

Last I saw, Dave, GREEN IS NOW AT 3rd! (For Mike, after his ejection!) LugNuts at SS now! ACK!

Okay – that wasn’t good! BASES LOADED!!! Good Lord I need a drink!

Have they said how bad Youk was hurt? He LOOKED like he’d be OK. Is there an update?

Ellen, everyone…the pain is TOO Great. I’m sick to my stomach! I really am.

They haven’t said about Youk. They said they would try to get info after the game.

Let’s end this PLEASE!!!

Nothing on Lowell. I suspect an Xray or MRI will be done. May know nothing till the morning.

Dave – trust me I feel it!!


Bottom of the 9th in NY, 2 outs, Yankees losing!

What a mess…but it’s over.


If it helps, Yanks lost…but that doesn’t concern me. Can’t lose Youk right now. That would be a disaster but LESS so with Kotsay in. Oh what a mess.

Well, it got ugly at the end, but a very nice win nontheless!

Ok, that last inning scared the daylights out of me. Tom Glavine was released? Holy cow. The Sox should get him. Well, anyone BUT THE YANKEES SHOULD!!! I can’t believe that the Braves did that. Glavine is like the best pitcher the game’s got right now. Hope Youky is ok. My karate instructor is going to the game Sunday, so he can’t be DL-bound!!! Talk to ya all later.

Thank God THAT nightmare is over! THAT SS POSITION NEEDS TO BE FIXED–NOW!!! 5 runs on 3 hits for Detroit? That’s the Frick and Frac Show for ya! SNARL!

10-5 …….. Not indicative of the effort by Josh Beckett who was outstanding tonight. Good thing the Sox got some late runs.

There’s no excuse for what that runner did to Youk. Youk was inside the bag where he belonged and there is plenty of room for runners to get by without coming close to first basemen. There’s just no reason that should ever happen if the first baseman is where he’s supposed to be.

Good, the Yankees lost, and Beckett got his win! FINALLY!

I’m already excited about next week’s series against the yanks…

I am SO glad this is over – don’t know how much of the game I will be able to see tomorrow. If I’m not teaching I’ll stop by! Okay – night cap – extra large!!! and then bed!

Night all! Youk! We hope you are okay!!

Hey, Holly. Yep, the Braves let Glavine go, and immediately traded for Nate McLouth from the Pirates. Freeing up money to pay McLouth by releasing Glavine, it appears (he would have been due $3.5 mill if he’d remained with the team the entire year).

Night everyone. Glad that mess is over. Good news is Beckett and Ortiz shined tonight.

Take care, all! Back to packing! YIPPEE! GO SOX!

I’m gonna sign off now, hopefully I’ll be around tomorrow for the whole game. Good win, and good night!

sorry.. but YOUKY??? sounds like something in a babys diaper… as I said, sorry!!! Guess its no worse than my Tek-er…

Ellen, sounds like Dave Roberts’ saying “Wakey” for Wakefield! Oh, well! Night all!

I know that this is not possible but I tie this almost disaster to Dennis “I love a guy with gas” Eckersly.. I wish for him to be locked in a room with 12 guys with gas!!! HAHA!!! What a fitting sentence for the loudmouth…
I know I’m beating a dead horse here by rehashing this but a former major league pitcher knows better… when a pitcher goes to the dugout in between innings even in a not “no-no” situation, he sits apart from the other players usually.. and we’ve all heard the other position players say that when someones got a no-no going, you dont go near him, you dont talk to him and you dont discuss is amongst yourselves…

Please Youk… don’t be hurt…. be really pissed but dont be hurt!! Love you man!!!

Hey Ian- I can’t find you on Twitter. Is it IanMBrowne??

what other manager in the A.L.would do a dumb thing like let a designated hitter batting 185 play on his ball team?

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