Papi sits against Dontrelle; Lugo back at short

Day game after a night game, with Dontrelle Willis pitching, Terry Francona has given David Ortiz the day off. Papi did take two of his best swings in a while last night, producing a 420-foot out and raking a two-run double.

Despite his unique arm angle, WIllis has struggled far more against lefties this season than righties. Lefties are hitting him at .370, vs. .271 by righties.

Julio Lugo is back at short, with Nick Green sitting for the first time since Saturday.

Drew is DH-ing. Rocco is in right.

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Welcome to the new post. I’ve decided to start this on a positive note. Welcome Julia and everyone else.
I just want to know that while I am crushing my hand with a fifteen pound hammer, I am NOT upset about Lugo being back in the lineup.
That is all! Good fortune to the Red Sox. They have certainly earned it.

I have checked out the Tiger’s pitcher. Going to be a very tight pitcher’s duel today (LOL). Wow, how can you have an ERA of 14

Yes, I have no problem with Lugo back in the lineup. Green appears to be a better SS than Lugo becuase of his great ST and limited plate appearances with the Sox. It is actually a six of one and half dozen of the other. Sorry dave.
Lugo is a overly paid average, ok below average SS and Green is a career minor leaguer and a Yankee reject. Take you pick.

ellen u better change ur catcher in fantasy…hes sittin today

I have a bitter bias against Lugo therefore Dennis Eckersly with a diaper on playing shortstop would appeal to me more than Lugo playing shortstop. That’s just me.

Actually Dick Cheney in a wheelchair drooling playing short would be preferable to Lugo playing short…but that’s just me.

Actually A large piece of rotting wood covered in termites at short would be preferable to Lugo playing short — but that’s just me.

Actually a large bag of radioactive uranium spraying alpha and beta particles into the atmosphere would be preferable to Lugo playing shortstop.

OK, Dave, I’ve got your point. What did Lugo do to your family?

Just to be clear though if Jennifer Lopez, Jody Foster and Angela Jolie came and said “we’ll do anything you want for a week…if you like Julio Lugo” I will of course reconsider my options.
In fairness thought I started despising Lugo after his wife abuse incident. That to me crossed the line.

Sorry if I got carried away. I’m taking the Lugo issue too personally. I need to calm down about it.

Russ, Which one??… I sat saltalamchia earlier today.. I have Russell martin in.. do you know something I dont??

Strangest series I have ever witnessed. How do you get three runs with ONE hit. Amazing.

Seems my “no cheer” rule before the game is working…
Good inning, but here’s a drawback… Dontrelle Willis is one of my fantasy picthers… care to guess who is opposing him today… my other pitcher today is Tim Wakefield!!!

I must be missing some game.. I see Willis is already out, and so is Cabrera.. along with Jim Leyland!! What happened??

Hi everyone… so, how do you get 6 runs from 2 hits? wow. No more cheer Ellen?

Well.. Before Tito changed the lineup I decided to not do my everyday pregame cheer and since then the Sox have been doing the non-losing thing… I’m not superstitious… MUCH!! lol

D Train derailed at second stop. How? Hit batsman, BB, BB, BB,….hit, BB, hit…

What happened to Cabrera and Why was jim Leyland ejected??

Mr. Francona, protect the 3 run lead. If Wake is in trouble, you know what to do. Don’t you?

Hey Ellen,
strange game. Kotsay is back. Oh how I missed him.

Hey 007,
How are you. I’m back…better…calmer. Lead helps. Glad this road trip is OVAH.


Same here Ellen. Cept my stick figures are lagging and telling me Sox down 2-3 still… Leyland was ejected for arguing balls and strikes

AND why youk is out of the game… PLEASE SOMEONE KEEP ME UPDATED..

Ellen: I am watching gameday also. Don’t know what actually went on there.
Dave: I don’t blame you. I didn’t know Julio is a wife beater, very, very bad. I hate wife beater.

thanks.. that helps me.. but I’m worried that Youk has got a more serious injury than what was previously thought from that stomp he took on the bag last night… 007 and Dave… ARE YOU WATCHING IT?? AND IF YOU ARE HOW ABOUT AN UPDATE FOR THE LESS FORTUNATE….??????????

Yanks is losing 5-1. Please please protect the lead. Get Masterful ready in the event Wake shows sign of anything other than the dancing knuckleball.

The only think I know is that Lowell worked last night and today and with the lead, they’re giving him a rest.
I have no idea about the manager. Umpires are becoming a bit on the defensive side slamming anyone they don’t like. I’ve know the Tigers for a while living in Michigan and he’s NOT known as the angry kind.

Thanks Dave.. I’ve only ever heard GOOD things about Leyland. He was the Marlins Skipper down here a while back..

I’m with you.
I guess this particular incident reflects Lugos’ attitude — he doesn’t take responsibility for his actions. He needs to grow up and do that — he’s got a kid now.

Hey, all. I’m following the game, but not watching it. Good to see we got Wake some run support. Good to see the Yankees losing also. We got next on Texas.
Smoltz’ take on Glavine is interesting to me, being in the Braves market area. His comments give you an insight into why Smoltz finally left Atlanta.

Not that I hoped Yankees would win this particular game, but was kinda pulling for Wang, hate to see a player not recover from injuries like that. He’s out. On a good note Wakefield seems to have recovered from 2nd inning hiccup.

I can go either way on this. Like to have Wakefield preserve the bullpen but we NEED this win.

I will be SO glad when we leave Detroit. For some reason this entire series has been ugly. Anything can happen in baseball including squirrels.

Oh, Athas, you mean “Wang Chung”? “Everybody have fun tonight!” I was happy to see the Rangers do well against him. GO SOX!

Looks like Wang will get off the hook, though! Rangers can’t hold a lead!

Judge and Andy007, I saw your comment on Tito and binging Beckett back in for the 8th. I suspect Tito simply asked Josh whether he could go another inning, and that it was BECKETT who pushed to get back in. If we had fielded behind him like we ought to have, we would not (or should not!) be questioning it at all. I’m glad he went in for the 8th! It irks me when we let “pitch counts” determine whether a pitcher goes back into the game–such is modern baseball, though!:/

I find it interesting on the Red Sox article about the excellent BP we’ve had this year (which is certainly true!) that the pitcher that was featured was Pap, who has been the most inconsistent of all of them! Hmmm!…

CRAP. Bases loaded, can’t drive anyone in. That won’t cut it, guys!

At least the Rangers made it a tie game again 6-6. well greg, wang didnt do great, but didnt do horribly. I was hoping they’ll let him go against Beckett next week, you think it’ll happen now?

athas: I nEVER want to see Yankee pitcher do well…. that mens the Yankees do well and as close as this division is yer in and year out, I cant root for anyone on that team.. I dont root for him to do badly… I just dont root…. although I ALWAYS ROOT FOR THE YANKEES TO LOSE… It’s an inborn thing!!! got it from my Daddy…

Athas, it would suit me just fine if Wang and Beckett were to be the pitching matchup. If Beckett pitches like he has these past 3 games, he’ll take Wang’s lunch money.
I wanted Wang to recover from his injury. I DO NOT want him to do well on the mound! BIG difference!

Ha Ellen, np with your attitude, I like it. Unfortunately I live amongst the Belly of the Beast, so have lots of buddies who are of course Yankee (or Mets) fans. Lot of them are class acts and I remember how much they pulled for Lester after coming back from cancer, so that’s how it goes for me too. But wishing a player well has nothing to do with their team, believe me!

I wish Wang and ALL of his family eternal health… but you know…..

I was wondering where everyone was — good thing or I would have been out of the contest.

Ellen, I am really getting tired of this contest, plus I don’t even know if it is still on, or if Brian is still in. Should we call this silly thing?

I was encouraged that my man Lugo hit the ball almost all the way to pitcher with bases loaded and no outs. That is good progress. Keep working, keep improving!

and I do understand you’re position re your friends.. I think its wonderful that you have some classy yankee friends.. Makes the rivalry that much better… and I’m not REALLY a nasty **tch, just sometimes regarding the Yankess.. oh and DENNIS ECKERSLEY…I’d still like to choke his a*s*s* for talking about the NO NO last night in the 6th inning….

Great – I got home from school in time to see Papelbon WALK a better! Just great! PLEASE!!! the day was bad enough – can we just end this in PEACE!!!

Uh, oh, Julia! Rant and Grant time?

Great job Dusty! Two more guys!!

Heck yes! END THIS NOW PAP!!!!

NO!!!!! What is up with Papelbon????? This is WAY to much stress AGAIN!!!

Ah oh — here we go again — with 9 inning taunting — when is it going to bite us?

Pap is making life, shall we say, INTERESTING again?!

this is crazy! What is wrong with Pap this year? He doesn’t even look as intense as he was!

Thank you Kotsay!

Hey – AJ Burnett got suspended? WHat happened?

ONE MORE PAP!!! You can do it!!!

Julia, I think you may have missed the 8th, when we had bases loaded (again!) and didn’t bring home ONE RUN!:/
Good thing we had the 6-run inning!

YES!!!! Thank you Lugo!! Okay – that just sounds wrong!

I did miss that Greg! UGH!!! How did Wakefield do today?

Burnett was suspended ( 6 games, ala Josh) for throwing at a batter in retaliation for the Rangers’ Padilla plunking Tex. I think Padilla had hit at least one other batter before Tex. But Burnett gets suspended.

I wonder if Padilla didn’t get suspended because the Rangers are looking to release him.

OMG weSWEPT the Tigers!!!! Didnt they have like a 3 game lead in the Central??? Good Job Sox!!!!
Since there is no game tonight looks like I’m doing more laundry! I’ll talk to y’all later!!
Let’s go huntin’ us some RANGERS THIS WEEKEND!!!

Good, we won, sometimes in spite of ourselves! GET YOUR REAR IN GEAR, PAP!
I didn’t see most of the game, either, Julia. I came in about the 6th, and followed off and on otherwise.

I was teaching – and only saw the bottom of the 9th. I’ll have to catch a replay later on NESN – 6 runs on only 2 hits in the 3rd? Crazy!!!

Oh, they are, and they’d be wise to do so. But that is not what the LEAGUE should consider.

The Rangers should release or DFA Padilla, that is!

The league does bizarre things. I wonder – if he was suspended – would that effect the Rangers ability to release him?

I’ll be checking back in later. Take care, all!

Yankees just won. Still tied. See you all later!

Good question, Julia, but it shouldn’t be a consideration for the league!
I’ll see y’all later. GO SOX!

Not used to seeing Ellen’s cheer at the end of the game, but if Francona can shake it up, so can you! Baseball’s all about the groove thing!

I haven’t posted much recently – I was scared after a few nights over here when my posts tended to coincide with Red Sox losses…so, silence for the Club!!

So – it may be obvious…but, from over here, it seems as if the roster of starting pitchers may be starting to pitch to their potential. We’ve been carried by our astonishing bull-pen (I still think the management’s efforts in putting together this bull-pen haven’t been fully appreciated – it’s been a glaring weak spot for a number of seasons – now, transformed), but our season will be defined by the effectiveness of our starting pitchers.

Championships are won by pitching – Boston has the best pitching staff in the big leagues. I still think this season carries the potential for our beloved Red Sox to achieve something very special…if the guys on the mound deliver.

Last season, June was special because of the way Drew created the momentum to power the Red Sox towards the post-season. This year, my hunch is that our pitchers will do something similar!

Greg – I could not agree with you more about pitch counts. If keeping track of such a stat is a good thing, that it helps protect pitchers, why are there more are injuries now (especially to the UCL) than in any other period in baseball?
Personally, I blame two things:
The radar gun. This device has put an emphasis on raw velocity that wasn’t present before. To hit a big number has become synonymous with one’s perceived “ceiling”, how good you can be. This, of course, is asinine. The most reliable source of good pitching is nothing more than making the ball do something the batter isn’t expecting whether through speed or movement. Look at the list of the all-time wins leaders – the overwhelming majority of them did not feature mid-90’s heat. But, thanks to the almighty radar gun, the emphasis is on speed, speed and more speed. At some point you wonder if the pitchers today are destroying their arms trying to hit a bigger number than their bodies can deliver.
Modern mechanics. In the past decade or so, I’ve noticed a larger number of pitchers utilizing what can be described as a sort of “fast arm” technique where the pitching forearm remains well below 90 degrees of vertical until well after the glove side leg lands during the motion – think Dennis Reyes or Joel Zumaya. From such a position, the pitcher’s shoulder’s begin to rotate towards home plate which causes the arm (lagging far behind) to violently change direction, putting tremendous strain on the elbow and front of the shoulder. While this technique increases arm speed and allows the pitcher to hide the ball better, it also destroys the arm and decreases stamina.

Brian & Greg: I agree with you about the pitch counts. I would not bring Beckett back because of the long layoff at the top of 8th, not so much of the pitch counts. Knowing Beckett is a gamer, he would not take himself out unless due to injury. The manager had to pull him.
Danial Bard threw heat but was hit hard in that comical 8th inning albeit the runs were unearned. D Bard as good and promising as advertised has to develop another pitch or two to complement his fast ball. Eventually the league will catch with his fastball.
I just don’t understand why the Sox continuously cannot score runs with bases loaded and none outs. Just score one run in those situation, the Sox would have won more games to date.
During the 6 run inning, I was thinking what would/could happen if our DH was in the lineup? He could either kill the rally by grounding into a DP or …….Who knows.

My last post was intended for 808Soxfan and Greg.
B/w, where are you Brian? Come out of the cave. The Sox won and are in first place tie.

I havent seen any posts from Brian all week… I think he’s scared.. his fantasy team is up against mine next week.. (maybe that will bring him out of hiding) lol

Morning everyone,
Just have to say one thing — YOUK. He continues to impress me. If he could get that temper of his under control he’s be a happier person. He’s a gamer and puts up with a lot of pain to be in the game. I’m impressed.
Have a good day and let’s hope the Sox bats are doing their job.
statistically speaking, I’ve read some stats where the bases loaded situation isn’t as good a solution as perceived. With the bases loaded you have the double play to pull you out of the game so the actually MORE desired situation is runners at second and third. First base actually weakens your offense.


The Tigers manager was ejected protecting his tempermental starting pitcher from being ejected. He protects his players and his message was not about the pitcher (since he already was out of the game anyway) but about sending a message to the team that I’ll stick by you.

moanin moanin….well this could be the most important homestand of the yr….texas who can flat out bash,the stankees,and mahlins tuff pitchin staff… willing to bet that if papi doesnt break out,or mikey and nancy dont produce….we will see a new face in the fens by the end of the homestand….my buddies in atlanta think frenchy is in the works,im hopin a cleveland trade will happen….and by the gods i hope i see buchholz soon cause i been holdin him on my fantasy roster lol….kotsay,rocco,green,lugo,and papi definately would make me have the runs and flu like symptoms if i were theo…we just plain need more…maybe nick johnson?….something soon tho….gooooooooooooo soooooooox…judge

minor league blue chips….tazawa,bowden,and buchholz are flat out great ….now… much are we willing to spend….how many of you would like to see a perralta,vmart trade….that would fill a myriad of holes we have in our staff….vmart can catch and dh and for the love of gawd hit his butt off,perralta plays SS and 3RD and has some pop in his bat with glue in his glove…….i would think that cleveland is ready to packit in and deal….time to rebuild….they are halfway there but need pitching bad…oh yeah….wagner is knocking the leather of the ball in portland also….maybe bowden,tazawa,bucholz,delcahman,bard,penny,wagner,lars a, could all be involved in trade….lord i hope lug nutz name is in there to boot….more likely lowrie tho…..just a thought…judge

Dave: Agree, I’d prefer runners on 2 & 3 with one out rather than bases loaded whereas as you said a DP can get the pitcher out of the jam. But there is no excuse not to score at least 1 run with bases loaded with no outs.
Aside, David Carradine’s death may be accidental, What the heck is he doing with rope tied to his neck and —-?

seems the sox are hot to deal for nick johnson….i wonder if we could get guzman in the same deal….that would fill our holes….very very sweet….judge

Judge I dont think theres any need to ship ALLl of those guys out… Thats sort of like selling off the furture of the club for the most part…

lol i dint mean deal em all trix…thats the list that teams want silly

im reading a kewl site where ppl post rumors from all teams and what local papers are writing….the sox main targets seem to be dunn,guzmann,a gonzo,vmart,and get this….our old friend in cinci….gonzo the ss wizard….personally…id like to see guzman and dunn…im a dunn fan…yes he strikes out…but man can he hit….and guz can play d and hit for average…..vmart is also a prayer….it would really help tito with his lineup card….rest tek and allow us a dh,1st,and catcher….he could shuffle rest daily…i personally hate the dh who cant play in the field….unless they really bash the ball consistantly….its a serious flaw to have….vmart would give us time to draft a catcher or let wagner mature….give mikey the dh role,and rotate at 1st and 3rd….im salivating at this deal….my #1 wish would be for adrian gonzalez….nasty 1st baseman,power and clutchand average….move yuke to 3rd….and let mikey dh….spell yuke here and there…..pls theo….save us …..make a blockbuster…judge

doesnt anyone else like to speculate like me lol….come on ppl…judge

Red Sox
1. Dustin Pedroia, 2B
2. J.D. Drew, RF
3. Kevin Youkilis, 1B
4. Jason Bay, LF
5. Mike Lowell, 3B
6. David Ortiz, DH
7. Jason Varitek, C
8. Jacoby Ellsbury, CF
9. Julio Lugo, SS
— Brad Penny, RHP

Sorry Dave.

Hi All! Has anyone else been reading rumors today that the Braves are interested in Brad Penny?

007 – is that the lineup for tonight? Lugo is in the game? ugh!

See you all around game time!

Julia: The Braves are not interested in Penny. Yes, that’s tonight’s lineup.
I sincerely hope that Big Papi starts to hit from tonight on or his days with the Red Sox will be numbered. It will be a sad day if that ever happens. I hope it won’t. Papi has been given all the opportunty to prove himself. And how long the FO is willing to wait?

i agree chow…im thinkin he has till the end of the homestand…from what ive been reading in the trade rumor sites….the sox are active in blockbuster talks with a few teams….judge

Think of the potential lineup:
Nick Johnson
Not necessarily in that order.

The only problem with that “potential lineup”, Andy is that we’d need to make sure we still have a utlity backup player who can cover if (no, when) Drew and Nick Johnson go on the DL–with those two, that would be inevitable. Pair those two up with what we’ve had with Baldelli and Kotsay on the IR, we’d have our own M*A*S*H Unit.:/

There’s an article on ESPN about the Red Sox looking at Nick Johnson. So – would they send Big Papi to the minors or let him go? What a sad, sad day it would be if this is how Big Papi goes out. It is just so wrong. sigh….

Julia: If that happens it will be an outright release. The Nick Johnson rumor has been floating for a while. According to Buster Olney the rumor is “credible”. It will truly be a sad day. I already have tears in my eyes just thinking about it. Let’s hope that dramatic turnaround starts tonight.

I hope so too 007. Yankees game has been postponed due to rain. With the win tonight we can take over first.

Hi all!!! No time really… On my my out the door to bowl and have to be there by 650…
No pregame cheer again tonight..
BUt I have my 6 shooter drawn and ready incase any Rangers try to cross the plate..
See You later!!!! GO SOX!!

It is starting to rain in Boston. The bulk of it is suppose to arrive before 11pm.

I’m surprised the Yankees-Rays aren’t playing a doubleheader over the weekend to make it up.

Anyone know if Ortiz had his eyes checked?

If Penny wins tonight, he would become the 30th active pitcher with 100 wins.

New thread!!

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