Smoltz speaks out on behalf of Glavine

DETROIT — When you think of Tom Glavine, the first two names that come to mind are John Smoltz and Greg Maddux. The three of them formed one of the best rotations of all-time throughout the 1990s. So when Glavine was abruptly released by the Braves on Wednesday, it was unsurprising for reporters to swarm Smoltz for his opinion. The right-hander — now with the Boston Red Sox — delivered, pulling few punches.

Did Smoltz speak with Glavine after the news broke?

“I did [talk to him],” Smoltz said. “Like a lot of things lately, they handled it, let me just say, in a very interesting way. One that leaves you scratching your head. It’s unfortunate for Tommy. Obviously, you know, I’m using a very soft word of disappointed because that ain’t right. To go that far and to rehab and then right before the time, you know, do that. That’s not my problem anymore. I just feel bad for a teammate of mine that I had for a long time.”

Was the move financially motivated?

“I know too much,” Smoltz said. “Let’s just put it that way.”

Smoltz appeared to be as upset at the Braves over this, as he was back in January, when he signed with the Red Sox after getting what he felt was a low-ball offer from his former employers.

The righty seemed sincerly stung by what happened to Glavine.

“That’s just not how you treat people. He didn’t have a chance to fail at that level, if that was the issue or concern,” Smoltz said. “It’s just not how you go about it. They’re in control and they made those decisions. They’ve made a lot of them lately.”

On the situation in general, Smoltz said, “They’re going to go on and Tommy’s going to go on and do whatever he decides to do. It’s just too bad for a guy that, first time working his way back, and then pitched fairly well. To talk about his velocity is kind of funny. No one has ever talked about his velocity before.”

Does Smoltz think Glavine will pitch again this season?

 “I don’t know,” Smoltz said. “I think he’s at a point in his career where this was probably going to be the only situation that he would have gone and worked this hard to try to come back. I don’t know. I just know he didn’t retire.”

Smoltz is expected to debut with the Red Sox during the series against the Florida Marlins June 16-18. The way the schedule is set up, Smoltz could face the Braves twice in June. The teams play at Fenway June 19-21, and in Atlanta June 26-28.

Ian Browne


I can certainly understand where Smoltz is coming from. It used to bother me when former Red Sox greats were given the shaft at the end of their careers. There was no reason for Dewey Evans to finish his career in Baltimore, for example, or for Carlton Fiske to play longer in Chicago than he did in Boston (he certainly wasn’t at the end of his career, but the treatment was about the same.)

Now I feel, with the current ownership group, that they have a different philosophy than the bad old days. Jason Veritek would have been history if the previous regime still had been in charge.

So now we see that the Braves, long considered one of the classier organizations in baseball, are starting to treat players like Smoltz and Glavine like yesterday’s news. Obviously I hope Smoltz shows them that they gave up on him too quickly. I also wouldn’t mind if the Red Sox made a pitch for Glavine. Having Smoltz on the team could be the key to bringing him here. He could be had for a low-risk investment, so the upside could be huge!

As a lifelong Braves fan, I’m shocked. I’m just as excited as the next guy about the beginning of the Tommy Hanson era and all, but this was a really backhanded, ******* way of going about this. To have him do all that rehabbing, and pitch very well in those rehab starts at that, and then cut him loose when he’s inches from rejoining the team he loves? That’s about as low as it can get. That may be acceptable if the guy is Mike Hampton or something, but we’re talking about ’95 WS MVP Tom Glavine here. They owed him better than that and they know it.

I have watched with disgust as Wren has shredded this team in the last year. I gave him major props for the Renteria/JJ deal, but good lord- ever since then he’s been a freaking nightmare in the front office. This is just the most recent in a long line of offenses he’s committed, including but not limited to pissing away Tex for nothing, signing Garrett “lollygag” Anderson, signing KK rather than finding a bat, and thinking Nate McLouth, a career .261 hitter who’s never had 30 HRs or 100 RBIs in a season, is the big time power bat we need to make this lineup crank, enough so to overpay for him at that. The reports are that the Pirates weren’t shopping the guy, and he’s having a down year compared to last year anyway. That means his value has taken a small dip AND we had to pry him away- that means we could’ve gotten a better, already available hitter, like maybe a Brad Hawpe, for that same package, give or take one prospect. The sooner the Frank Wren era ends in Atlanta the better.

wow…….. i have nothing to say, except WHAT THE EHLL IS WREN THINKIMG?!?!?!?! scratch that, i dont think he is thinking at all. any braves fan would join me in apologizing, Tommy, after all thats happened. good luck

This really is shocking news – I can only imagine how Smoltz must feel about what happened to both Tommy and he. I wonder – could Glavine be headed for Boston? That would be very interesting! I hope to make it back later for at least some of the game.

Good luck Wakefield! GO RED SOX!!

Smoltz should keep his mouth shut and Tom Glavine should just go on about his business. It is funny how when players stab an organization in the back by signing for more money they say it is a business. But when the organization makes a business move, it just isn’t right. Cry me a river. We paid them both to sit out last year then Smoltz signs with another team and it is just business. I love the move!! Go Braves!!

Wait doesn’t Smoltz pitch for Boston now. He needs to worry about Boston. As for Glavine does nobody rember that he left for are hated rival the Mets a few years ago. So why should the Braves be loyal to trader Tom. The guy doesn’t throw hard enough to break a window pane anymore. Everybody keeps on saying bring Hanson up. Well did you want Glavine to block that? I just hate to see Medlin go to the pen. And do you think Frank is making the decisions by himself. Don’t forget Schuholtz is still there and Bobby has alot of influence as well. Bringing Hanson up is best for the Team. Put your best on the Field.

I am a lifelong Braves fan, and I love John Smoltz, but let me say this: I was really disappointed with the way we handled negotiations with Smoltz and I really wanted him to finish his career in Atlanta, but look at it now. He hasn’t thrown a pitch this season and we didn’t want to overpay him to possibly pitch half a season (if he stays healthy). And does no one remember when traitor Tom Glavine ditched us for the Mets? I cut ties with the traitor that second. Who cares if he got cut? The object is to win games, not make friends. Smoltz needs to refocus his energy on pitching for Boston. I hope he wins every game he pitches other than against Atlanta, but enough is enough. He should have gotten more respect from the Braves, but Glavine should have given the Braves more respect before heading to our arch rival. Would any of you Sox fans care if the Yankees cut Johnny Damon? Didn’t think so.

I’ve been a fanatical fan since 1957, when the Braves were
in Milwaukee. It was sad to see them go in 66. This is a business. Glavine didn’t give a darn when he went to the Mets.Smoltz should be quiet and try to keep healthy. There was no outrage when the Braves traded Aaron to the Brewers
Murphy in 90 or when they kept a washed up Horner. Chipper has showed more loyalty than any player in an Atlanta uniform. Chipper will retire a Brave as well he should. He will know when to hang em up, not unlike those washed up rag arms just stealing $$$$. The Braves will return to the times of the 90s and early 2000s. They realize it begins with pitching and defense. Anderson is stop-gap at best and should be looked at as a JD Drew type. Getting McLouth was masterful,
giving up 3 minor league players who were not going to fit in the plans anyway. Give Wren a chance, He knew when to get rid of a washed up A Jones and let an overpriced Hampton go, and he has gotten the best pitching in the East. Things will improve.

Last night I saw everything a base game can offer – a near no hitter, errors, injury, interference, ejection, home runs, triples, etc. Despite the Sox’s “imperfections” at SS, DH, and far too many stranded RISP, the Sox are amazingly in a first place tie.
Jeff said it right that the our DH is not the glaring problem as the Sox lineup can withstand Papi’s misery (hopefully last night was the turning point). Our SS position is the problem. Our shortstops can not only cost a game but be injurious to the physical well being of the infielders. A call for a temporary fix may be in order until Lowrie returns.
With Wake and D Train on the mound, we can expect a high scoring game at least from one of the pitchers, likely from both.

Man… this is tough but I agree with the last three post. I am a lifelong Braves fan and really felt hurt when Glavine left us for the Mets. Do you remember how much he used to be all about “business” when he was the head of the players association? If anyone should understand it should be him. If he cares about the Braves he should realize he can’t throw harder than 80 mph and he should retire as a Brave. So I support yesterday’s deals and think we did a great job! As for Smoltz, I think he was wanting to get out of Atlanta for years. The Braves offered him a deal… What we had wasnt getting it done and Wren is providing a fresh new start. Go Braves!

I am a little lost here – I am a consultant in a tough business. I cannot tell you how many times I have been ‘shafted’, but it is not about me, but the client!
Yet a professional baseball player expects better treatment?I am as good as my last project, and, well, you are good as your last pitch.
Not once have I seen anyone address the fact that the Braves are loaded with pitching options.
I have lots of respect for Smoltz. He and Maddox are my absolute favorites.
Good luck to Smoltz and Glav! Suck it up and move on!

Morning everyone.
First, I know nothing about the Braves so I stay off that subject.
Second, apparently Youk is OK and will play Thursday. Good for him.
Third, Kotsay…we MISSED you and already you’ve saving the tails of the Sox. I hope we see Bailey back as well. If he can get hitting down he will be a force to be reckoned with.
Finally, glad to see Beckett back into form. I missed him and it’s great to be back. I think Francona should have rested Beckett after the 30 minute run derby but I understand the decision — with a day game and then Texas he wanted to save his bullpen. I got that but considering Beckett only got two outs, was there really a point to it?
Lastly, check out
. for humor, insanity and insight. It’s my blog and I work hard on it every day.

Shortstop is a problem but in fairness Green is making great plays at short and while mishandling that ball at play, he recovered quick enough. Let’s not forget that Dustin’s throw and Lowell’s bobbling of the ball at third. They have had their share of errors. I think Green will be fine until Lowrie comes back.
Sox are solidifying right now. Nothing bad I am seeing. They are stressed and exhausted — that shows on their faces. This is one crabby team right now…no question about it. Lowell never loses his temper. When he does it shows exhaustion. They need to be home. The road has worn them out.


JeffreyT,Blake and 57…. I think the issue that Smoltz was speaking to is the way the Braves F.O. treated him personally especially and to the fact that he knows how Glavine feels… i seem to recall an issue that the Braves Organization had in the off season with Rafael Furcal and his agent.. they thought they got the shaft.. Am I right on that?? Well, I guess the learned the move from them because I, from all that I have read regarding the Glavine release, they just gave him the same treatment… I have always thought that the Braves stunk as an organization, now I know it to be true!

Morning Ellen!
How are you? It’s rainy and humid here. Summer in Nashville…ug!

Humidity is our middle name from May til November every year, and it rains at about 1pm and 630pm everyday!!
I’m okay.. at work, so okay is as good as it gets… lol

moanin all….1 more game then hoooooooooome…..i hope papi’s lil burst last night of driving the ball is an omen….we have our ace back,lester seems to be getting his stride,smoltzy on the horizon and he looks hungry,nancy may have another red hot june….hmmmmmm……this homestand will tell alot….im thinkin tonight is gonna be one of those14-10 games but we will see…im still hot for another bat….the sox will prob stay put …but…..i sure would like to see perralta or young at short….i would absolutely cream my shorts if v mart was traded for….the tribe will pack it in soon and i know they will want alot of pitching….why not grab perralta and v mart for a blue chip and a few lesser prosps,throw in lugo for them and eat some of his salary just to dump em,perralta would also solve 3rd base in the future when mikey moves to dh…yes i want mikey as long as he wants to play….and vmart…well he can play catcher and 1st…..rocco,kotsay,green,lugo…does that make u warm and fuzzy?……and we all know nancy will eventually end up on dl….PLS GET A SAFETY BLANKET theo…..judge

Hi All! I was confused for a moment and thought I had stumbled onto the Braves beat writers page! lol!

I won’t be home until around 4ish so I’ll miss most of the game (enough with day games during the week!) I was delighted with what I saw with Beckett last night and I hope that the Wakefield we see today is the one we have seen most of the season. Big Papi – the one that was caught probably would have went out at Fenway. And please guys – can we have a 9th inning today without all the heart wrenching dramatics! You don’t have to let the Tigers get on base before we get outs!

Dave – I’ll check out your blog when I get home from school today.

Can’t fault Francona for winning the game. But it didn’t make sense to bring back Beckett for whatever reason (save bullpen or shutout in mind) after a long top of 8th and close to 100 pitch count. Oh well….

Surprise no Ortiz in the lineup.
Pedroia, Drew (DH), Youkilis, Bay, Lowell, Baldelli (RF), Ellsbury, Lugo, Kottaras.

ur right chow….ive given up on his in game decisions….he seems to be more of clubhouse manager…personally i think hes seriously lacking in the in game decision department…but…with all the talent on that team…that might be all that we need….judge

Green OUT of the lineup. Is Francona punishing him? Like Mr. Lugo can do better. Lugo the WORST SS in the LEAGUE and he thinks Lugo can do BETTER????
I’m already frustrated. David is starting to hit. Let him swing. Give him a chance! I disagree but I have the luxury of NOT having to live with these twenty five people.
Right now the Sox need to get home. Tough series next week against the NY Yankees. Gonna be nasty.

I agree Glavine is finished and he did go to the Mets concerned about himself; not that he shouldn’t be, but then don’t complain when you are released. Although I do not approve about the way the Braves went about it after letting him rehab, but neither did he when he switched to New York. Joe Garagiola had an old saying about hangers ons—“There’s a line from here to Toledo filled with guys who don’t know when to quit.” I admire players who announce their intention to retire when they know in their gut it’s time; in other words, Go out when you’re on top & with dignity.

Obviously the reason with sitting Ortiz is that D-Train is a lefty, and with Ortiz just getting back on track, he wants to keep it that way. Not sure I agree with that, but its common baseball logic🙂 — wasn’t David’s double last night (that start the big 6 run inning that it turned out we needed) off a lefty? so much for that logic.

The decision on the SS tonight is also curious. You would think with Wake pitching, and all those possible fluke grounders, you would need the most range in there as possible — i.e. Green. But Green had started 4 games in a row — how much more can you push Lugo down — given his contract, which the SOX just can’t seem to part with. When Lowrie returns, if he has not lost form, we might even have more collective tongues to bite? What wins out in playing rights? best defense, offense, range, contract?

For all you Wake supporters, according to probably pitchers writeup, Wake has given up 5 or more runs in three of his last starts…. hope you guys are right.

With the two starting pitchers today, I predict the game will be on the order of 15-2, 2-15, 15-14, or 2-1 — so that means we will probably wind up with a 5-3 ball game🙂

These men make millions of dollars for doing what they do. In the case of Smoltz and Glavine, they’ve been doing it for a long time. In the days when they could routinely take their turn on the mound every fifth game they earned their millions by winning games and championships. Wll guess what! Neither have done that in a while nor their teams. Their whining about whether or not they like the way they are treated makes them sound like second-grade little girls. They still want their millions even though they demonstrated an inability to earn their money like they used to do. It was the Braves who took a chance on them and paid them handsomely when they performed well. Not the other way around. They diminish their own stature and otherwise due respect when they whine to the press. They should both go home together, have a couple of beers, and smile about the good ole days with the Braves.

I wanted to see if Glavin could come back too. Have been a Braves fan since they moved to Atlanta. I was surprised by the suddeness of the move and was saddened too.
But, we must remember that Tom Glavin up and left the Braves a few years ago for more money. Loyalty works both ways. Let’s keep that in mind before we start slamming the Braves for this decision.

I thought the Braves changed their name from the Boston Braves to the Atlanta Braves some time ago? I could be wrong about that — I am on the right blog?

Actually, its kind of cool that the Atlanta fans are making so much commentary on our blog. For the most part, they are reasonable observations and comments both ways, and well stated. Plus an lot a respect for Smoltz. I have to say, I hope they are wrong about Smoltz anyway, and he still has some gas in the tank.

I do think we should all start blogging on the NY Yankee blogs about what should be done with Damon afer this year.

John Smoltz used to be my favorite Braves player. But, I am now glad he is no longer in a Braves uniform.

Bottom line: the Braves got better!
I may not agree with how they went about it, but I’m not paid to improve the team. They had a glut of pitchers, and made a move.

Papi is sitting and Lugo is in the game…. hmmmm..
No cheer again today.. my changeup seems to be working so if it aint broke… don’t fix it!!!!
Go Sox!

I have the up most respect and admiration for Tom Glavine however the Braves scouts saw something there that concerned them about Glavines performance. The Braves have had their issues with starting pitching and given their situation with the Mets and the Phillies the cannot afford to have Glavine start then go down again. Now refresh my memory wasn’t it Glavine that turned down the Braves offer to stay with the Braves however he chose to go with the Mets because they offered him more money. Let’s face the facts that is the bottom line I don’t care who we are talking about that goes for John Smoltz, Smoltz did what he had to do and I hope he has great success in Boston. If John dose not lay down the hard feelings it will affect his performance, please John you have much more class than to be bad mouthing the Braves after all they did for you while you were there. First round Hall for Glavine and Smoltz. One final thought the Braves are our home team and win or loose you either support them or find another team.

New thread folks!

I have been a Braves fan all my life and I can remember when they were terrible in the 70’s and early 80’s. I Hate what happened to Tommy but it is a business and just like he made his decision to go to the MUTTS a few years ago was for him. AS for Mr. Wren, you all sit around and say what you would do, well you know what?, your going to piss somebody off sooner or later when you are in charge and all of you that are complaining about Wren probably have never been in charge of anything and don’t know nothing about the pressure’s of making a hard decision like this, Heck all all of you that are complaining probably dig ditches for a living never been in charge of nothing. So shut up unless you walked in another man’s shoes. I know this was not easy for the Braves to do and it is done!Okay I am off the soap box now. GO BRAVES and GO SOX KICK THE YANKEE”S BUTT”S!!!!!!!! THEY SUCK!

I’m a braves fan and I like Tom Glavine, but where was his loyalty to the organization a few years ago when he jumped ship to go to a the Mets for more money? It works both ways.

Smoltz said, “It’s just not how you go about it. They’re in control and they made those decisions.” John Smoltz has failed to realize what he says himself, they are in control and he is not. Braves fans would want them to go on paying Smoltz and Glavine until they were 60 and let them keep trying, but it is past time to move on. The timing, well Glavine, went to the rival Mets, so nobody owes him timing. He was nothing more than insurance, he wasnt ready at the beginning of the season as promised and now Hanson is. Move over Glavine, shut up Smoltz, the new Braves are coming through. This Braves fan is excited about it, a few years Chipper will be gone, praise God Frenchy will too, and Brian McCann and Hanson will carry this team into the future!

Several years ago Glavine takes his winning ability to the Braves number one rival – in the division! He didn’t figure it was a loyalty issue then? Did Smoltz? NO. It was “just business.” Fine. Now it’s just business. Glavine laid the ground rules when he jumped ship to the Mets. Things didn’t go the best there? Too bad. No room for him now? Too bad. It’s just business. These guys can’t have it both ways!

I love the braves… and i love Glavine and Smoltz! I know that it is all about money! However why did they let Glavine rehab so much until he felt ready to come back then decide to release him why not release him at the begiining of the season? Are they gonna do the same thing to Tim Hudson when he is ready to come back? Hopefully someone will take a chance on Glavine. I will miss watching him pitch just as much as i continue to miss John Smoltz!!!

Mr. Glavine and Mr. Smoltz have always been the consummate professionals in a sometimes questionable business. It’s not that the Braves released Tom Glavine, it’s how the process was handled. I’ve always thought that franchise was a cut above so many others. However, the way it was done will damage the image of the team, as he is not only a future hall of famer but a beloved icon in Atlanta. Sometimes I think money is tandemount to all other considerations and it’s a sad state of affairs for baseball and the fan. I sincerely hope he lands well as he brought many days of baseball joy to a disenfranchised Brave Fan living in the land of the mets and yankees.

I remember when tom glavine went to the mets to pitch and the real reson why he went to the mets is because they were going to match what he was asking for in money wise. And the braves wasn’t going to give him that much money. As a braves fan i look at it this point of view of things he was probably going to let go anyways because of all the injuries he had. But that still doesn’t make it right for them to let him go not like this. Give him a chance to prove that he can pitch again i believe in my heart that he can still pitch. if the braves so worry about thier pitching ok lets look at the whole picture here not just half of it the whole picture. Lets focus on staffer he just came to the braves and he was batting at first but not now but he is a good out fielder so was andruw jones he was good out fielder but not batting and the braves got rid of andruw. Lets focus on everything not just the pitchers you have to look at every single player because it just not the pitchers fault why we are losing games. The braves in fielders and out fielders does do. needs alot of improvement and. No one is batting 100 percent all of the braves needs to work on batting. I allways like tom glavine i allways rspect him and john smoltz and greg maddux and i allways like steve avery. sometimes life is hard but sometimes people doesn’t make the right decisions either.

smoltz is pissed, flat out. they gotta let him pitch against ATL in both series, no matter whos gotta get skipped or switched. I wanna c smoltz give it 2 em. i dont care if RS lose the other games, i just wanna c smoltz beat teh braves, especially the one @ ATL.

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