Youk recovered, back in lineup

BOSTON – After being removed during the past two games with right-leg issues, Red Sox first baseman Kevin Youkilis was back in the lineup Friday night, batting third for manager Terry Francona.

The fact that Youkilis exited in the fourth inning of Thursday’s 6-3 win over the Tigers was purely a precaution.

“You know what, I think he was OK yesterday,” Francona said. “Watching [Miguel] Cabrera [get hurt] runing the bases – and knowing how important Youk is – and having [Mark Kotsay] available, we just thought it made sense. I guess around noon today, he said he was fine, ready to go.”

Youkilis initially had trouble with his leg when Josh Anderson of the Tigers inadvertently kicked him while trying to beat out a double play on Wednesday night.

“Yeah, I feel good,” Youkilis said. “Just had a problem yesterday with my calf tightening up. A little rest – day game after a night game.

In other news, shortstop Jed Lowrie took live batting practice for the first time since left surgery. There is still no precise time-table for his return the the roster.

Why did Julio Lugo start at shortstop for the second straight night with Nick Green on the bench?

“I don’t know,” quipped Francona. “We’re just trying to get the most out of both of them. There’s some things I probably don’t mind sharing and sometimes I just think there’s stuff where I’m trying to make my decision. Millsy and I sit around a lot and talk. There’s certain days I want a certain guy to play for various reasons, whether it’s range or who’s pitching for them. Just looking at it. Just thought, we’ll go with Julio tonight. And, again, we can adjust as we go over the weekend. My point is, it’s not a perfect science.”

Ian Browne


Hey everyone,
Haven’t seem much of the game but apparently, I’m guessing, Lugo made a mess of the game AGAIN.
You know ticks grab onto their host and drain blood. They serve no other purpose but to survive off its host. Sound familiar.

I am glad to see that Youk is back in the lineup. I didn’t think his foot would be seriously hurt, but you never know. Good to see he’s back.
I’m also glad Papi took the time to get his vision checked. Even if that was not the problem, good to cover all bases (and since that vision question has been asked, it’s good to get it answered!).
Penny, stop taking throwing lessons from LugNuts! GO SOX!

Good play by Tek. GO SOX!

Julia, it stinks that Dustin got charged with that error last night (saw your reference to it). That error also should have been charged to Green!:/

Well Francona should learn one of two things (1) don’t pitch Penny past the 4th inning (he has lost in the 5th a lot), or (2) don’t play Lugo when Penny is pitching. From the look on Penny’s face, I think he despises Lugo — and after 5 innings, Lugo is going to not get to ball (that given is rep looks like he should have, or make an error) — and the really seems to make Penny lose his focus. Not an excuse for Penny, but it sure looks like, when he is on the ropes, if anyone makes a mistakes (or in particular his SS does) — he loses it.

We needed to take advantage of this series with NY playing 4 with Tampa. Not a good start so far.

Dave, is that what is meant by getting “ticked off”? Bloody pesky, those ticks are!
WAY TO GO MIKE! Start a rally, guys! GO SOX!

Well Francona should learn one of two things (1) don’t pitch Penny past the 4th inning (he has lost in the 5th too often), or (2) don’t play Lugo when Penny is pitching.

From the look on Penny’s face, I think he despises Lugo — and after 5 innings, Lugo is going to not get to a ball (that given is rep looks like he should have, or make an error) — and the really seems to make Penny lose his focus. Lugo errors have been the catalyst for every Penny melt down I can recall. Not an excuse for Penny, but it sure looks like, when he is on the ropes, if anyone makes a mistakes (or in particular his SS does) — he loses it.

We needed to take advantage of this series with NY playing 4 with Tampa. Not a good start so far.

Big PopUp!:/ Hey, DGN! Who else is there?


Has the TB/NY game started? Last I knew, it was in rain delay.

There have not been too many pitchers, DGN, who have gotten past the 5th successfully. Penny has survived that so far, record-wise. Not this time!

NY/TB has been postponed Greg. They are not playing a doubleheader – it will be made up later.

Julia, are you still sending fruit baskets to Theo and the FO?πŸ˜‰ SIGN J-BAY, THEO!

I thought so, the way it was going, but didn’t know. (Scott has to be SOOOO disappointed!)πŸ˜‰

YES I AM!!!! Should I promise booze and cash if they will dump Lugo??

Oh yeah – his emails are SO thoughtful! NOT!! He is enjoying this too much – “my agony is his glory” grrr….

Nice pitch Bard!

Only if they dump LugNuts on the YANKEES, Julia! (See how well THEY like him!)πŸ˜‰


Think they would be dumb enough to take him Greg?? If there anyone out there crazy enough to take Lugo??

Nice job, JD! Get him IN, guys! Start a rally, guys! GO SOX!

YOUK!!! Ugh!!! We can not buy a run/hit/offensive play tonight!

Okay – people are bringing signs to Fenway for Eck with “cheese” and “salad” on them. He wants to know where the “hair” is.

The Rally Starts! BAY!!! Let’s go boys!!!

I can’t believe you beat me to the “ticked off ” pun. I feel like an idiot. You HAVE to write another article for my blog…PLEASE!
Lugo and Penny are like Curly and Larry in the same room — BAD IDEA.
Don’t beat up on the Sox tonight. This is ONE tired team. They are worn out. It just shows. Waste of energy using Delcarman. Why not use a throwaway in the bullpen (actually do we have anybody that isn’t a star???)

Can’t the Washington Nationals take Lugo. he really would fit right in to their ‘winning’ attitude. As of today they have won a ******** 14 games.

Keep it up! RALLY CAP TIME!!


OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ORTIZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s tied up with the Nationals. They are 1 – 1 with the Mets. Washinton’s last 10 are 2-8 with a two game losing streak.

Dave – the whole bullpen is a star! But the rally has begun!

Greg – the Nats? Maybe Lugo would be an improvement for them!

David IS starting to hit. Let’s be patient. He’s my favorite player on the team (Youk is a VERY close second despite his temper).

Maybe you’re right, Julia. Maybe Scott, Jane, and Jimmy need to get hold of the liquor so they would not recognize LugNuts until it was too late!πŸ˜‰
You think Gary would like LugNuts?

Julia, I believe Lugo will continue to support the obvious philosophy of the ‘Washington’ way of playing a game. What seems to be the Lugo fiasco of the Red Sox will become the comic relief for the Nationals.

Dave, remember, I SPEAK PUN!πŸ˜‰ I have LITERALLY been asked if Pun is my second language! Several guys on my dorm floor and I would get together for HOURS and have “Punversations”! GO SOX

OMG!!! Can you see Gary writing about LugNuts? He cracked the top 50 blogs – we’d all be reading to see Gary LOSE IT more then he already does!

I’ll send Scott some booze!! LOL!!! hmmm.. I’ll take him to Cheers again! LOL!!!

Lugo would fit in well in Washington. At this point in time he could be their starting pitcher continuing their goal to break the record for the least amount of wins in a season.
Can you see the press conference:
“Ya well, I’m tired of the Red Sox. Here in Washington they appreciating my talenting playing ability on the field. When I play on the field, my main goal is to avoid getting credited with the error even though I made the error. That takes a lot of skilling to get that right.”

Come on, guys! Papi did his job, you guys need to do yours! GET THEM IN! GO SOX!

Maybe we should have taken Lugo out EARLIER!

9 men left on base through 7??? UGH!!!

That was a waste!

Mr. LugNuts Goes to Washington. That sounds dangerous.

I’ll see what I can do, Dave. As you may have seen, I’ll be moving shortly (late next week!), so I’ll be “Off-line” for a while. But I’ll see.

Unfortunately, Dave, the Nats won’t need LugNuts’ help to get the “worst record” title. They are doing that all by themselves!

There are those caps again! HMMM!!!…

Saito got the job done. Let’s see if we can, now! GO SOX!

11 LOB? Doesn’t that take more effort than it’s worth?:/

Come on, JD! Get a run home! GO SOX!

Francisco is welcome to stay seated, Eck! We like this guy JUST FINE! GO SOX!

Looked like a good strike pitch to me. Sorry Youk! GO SOX!

Drat, J-Bay! Good advance of the runner, now GET THEM IN! GO SOX!

Slightly fortunate there on the running. Glad no one was covering! COME ON, MIKE! GO SOX!

DRAT! Not so good, tonight, guys! Let’s get back on the beam tomorrow! GO SOX!

Well – that wasn’t fun! ugh!!

Greg – I’m writing you an answer to that question!

See you all tomorrow!

Take care, all. I hope to be here for the START of the game tomorrow! (Packing is almost done! YAY!) GO SOX!

Dave… Let me ask you a question…”IF” I bet you 50 dollars.. could you leave Lugo alone for 2 weeks… lol
Man… you have Lugo-itis REALLY MUCH WORSE thann I ever had Judy-itis… I am really suggesting therapy!! LOL LMAO..

I know he really stinks up Fenway.. But what good does it do to go off on him all the time?? I gave up JD Bashing.. and it kind of feels good..

well….moanin moanin moanin… gonna bash today…ellen said its ok…..tito…well you all know how i feel about him…..lugo….sigh…..and nancy…..3 strikes your out….maybe we can play pedey between second and ss…like a rover….i tell ya what….somethin has to be done cause im sick of watchin MAJOR LEAGUE ss play like that….eat the friggin money and bury him on the bench or somethin….tito is as much to be blame cause he makes the lineup card…nancy….she should be playin girly softball…15 mill….pfffffffffft….even if she lights it up in june like last yr…is 1 month worth 15 mill…..and papi…now he will forever be a hero in my heart….but times change….i watched maybe 5% of the games the yr dewey pld for baltimore….he was my absolute hero as a kid….everything i owned had #24 on it…..19 friggin yrs….and he wasnt allowed to get #20 in the fens…..sad… the way….how many men did the sox leave on last night….against millwood…lol…lol…lol….not 1 bit of in game managing did i see….noooooooooooooone…..noooooooooooooooone……i guess were back to the 80,s……hope for the 3 run dinger….somethin better happen soon or im gonna just cancel my mlb subscription and just read the box score every morning….i have 4 fantasy teams in espn and yahoo….and normally i have a myriad of sox plrs on them …just cause i like rootin for them twice….this yr i have bay and mikey…no one else….oh yeah i picked up bard and buchholz also…maybe its time for some yelling in the clubhouse instead of coddling?…..fat friggin chance….um ah um ah brad,yes tito,u think i should do somethin today buddy,…um ah …ya ok tito….what should we do….um ah ….i dont know… ah…..just make a line up…um ah…someone will do aomethin… ah….ya ya ya….thats the ticket…..ya yayaya ….and theo….what are u waiting for….a nick johnson trade….good lord man…thats the only plr that visits the dl more than nancy….SOMEONE DO SOMETHING… im going fishing….i need a stress relief….ill leave the cheering up to trixie….cause ya know i have a feeling what will happen today….sox will prob win…prob be a 14-12 win….but it will just be a heres my line up….um ah um ah…they know what to do……judge

Wow… the line change sure didnt last that long… It was working too.. Why screw with it??? Papi HAS TO SIT NOW.. and We need a bat….Its time to just tell Lugo.. thats it youre sitting, no longer acceptable for you to be in the lineup and contribute either at plate OR in the field…
Loyalties have to be set aside here and now in these cases. They have both been given chance after chance after chance to step up and deliver.

I think instead of fruit baskets I think Julia needs to send a Bucket of Cheer!! (LOTS OF LIQUOR), especially to Tito!!!

Buster Olney said last night that the Braves want Penny…
3 way trade with the Nats???

you want to pay me $50.00 for not talking about Lugo. Of course Ellen. You want to pay me $100.00 I will have NO problem not talking about Lugo for two days. I love the idea. $230.00 for not talking about Lugo for two hours. No problem. you’re on! (LOL)

I’m glad we’re in agreement about Lugo. He’s what I call a tribble. He eats a paycheck and just gets fat.
Hate to see Penny go. He’s growing on me. He’s got talent. He’s a great fifth starter. You expect him to give up 3 – 4 runs per game (last night was a little weak but he had NO help from SS). Where is Jed Lowrie!

That was a joke.. I said IF.. But you better let it out.. otherwise you’ll blow up into little pieces or you’ll need a gastro-ectomy!!! LOL

As far as him “being a short stop” that term is ambiguos at best!!! I call him an oxygen theif!!

I actually felt MUCH better after entering an entry to my blog. It’s the true story of me going to a Red Sox game in 1975. Very sentimental. Check it out.

we’ll be leaving here in about an hour to go and meet up with GARRY.. I spoke to him on the phone a little while ago…. So I’m looking forward to meeting my second Brownie pointer.. (I met Ian about 3 years ago at the Marlins v RedSox game)… I’ll be back later!!

Hi all! Haven’t been on line much since the laptop crashed. And, I am ashamed to say it (though I am a Texan) but I have spent more time at The Ballpark in Arlington this year than any Sawx fan would appreciate. All is not lost, however, as my son and I have faithfully worn our Boston gear (quizical looks abound!). We have been in Big D helping extended family recover and rebuild after a hailstorm/lightning storm destroyed their home and after 4 weeks here, it’s time to go home.

However, I must say that we will be back here in a month to watch the Sawx give the Rangers hell! At the moment, however, the Rangers are quite fun to watch. Being baseball fans (no matter who is playing) we’ve tried to catch as many local games as possible, in addition to the Sawx on MLB.TV and I really have no answer as to why the Beantowners haven’t put this carefully crafted machine in gear and just flat run over other teams! Papi? Who knows? Is it me, or is he dipping his shoulder too much and swinging under the fastballs? Injuries? At least we have the parts to fit in and make up for the losses, though I still think there’s a gaping hole at short. I like Green, but…… What can you say about J-Bay other than Manny Who? I’m dying to see Smoltz shut some people’s mouths. That ought to be very entertaining.

Anyhow, it’s just about gametime and I don’t think we should take the Rangers lightly. After seeing them play 20+ times in person this year, I have to say that they (even without Hamilton) are FAR better than in past years. And the Sox are NOT (yet).

Well, until the next time I’m lucky enough to be in front of a computer, F*#k the Yankees! Go Sox.

P.S. By the way, it’s me, Jim Maynard, with a new handle!

I’ll send some Cheer to Theo & Tito to GET RID OF LUGO and to get them to resign Bay! Hi All!

Yankees lose so we can retake first place tonight!

Let’s go RED SOX!!!

Let’s go Lester! You can do it!!

NICE first inning for Lester!

Let’s get some runs boys!!

Hey Julia,
Check out my blog. A Great true story of my experience in 1975 with the Red Sox at Fenway. It really happened.
I am hoping for a win tonight. I’ve decided I’m not going to care about the standings or the Yankees. That, to me, is not the point. Getting in first place happens if you play the game right. Sox have a chance with a weaker team and Lester going solid.
I saw a small interview with Penny — who looks like he’s been doing enhancements. Anyway, he’s a fun guy. I kind of like him a lot and would hate to see him go. He’s a funny and laid back guy who admits to his mistakes.

Wow, that was quite an efficient. Lester is dialed in tonight — man the cliche’s are coming out of me tonight.

Nine pitches for Lester. That’s just amazing. It helps that the Rangers tend to be aggressive swingers.

Hey Jim…haven’t heard from you in a while. Welcome BACK! Now switch to Linux. Much more stable and quick for a laptop!

OK this guy has an ERA of over 6. Pound this guy!

I’ll check out the blog Dave! Lester did look great in the first inning.

He also has one hell of a fastball — 96!

Man why isn’t this guy in the bullpen as the Ranger’s closer. He’s got the stuff for it.

Hi everyone!!! Just got back from meeting Garry… REALLY nice serial killer.. I mean guy!! lol He’s very NICE!! and the surprise he had for me was a Naval Ships Cap from the “USS SAMUEL B. ROBERTS: FFG58″… with a RedSox twist… Under caps bill is Jason Variteks Autograph!!!!!!! WOW!! I’m very touched that he gave the that to me! It is already esconced in my little RedSox Shrine… THANK YOU GARRY!!!! We met at Dania Jai Alai. He told me what to bet in the last game and I won 19.00!!!
Then we all went to dinner… Garry and my husband had a good meal… ME?? first they sent me Prime rib that was supposed to be NY Strip.. then they sent it out basically UNCOOKED!! Just my luck lately..
It was a very nice afternoon and GREAT to meet Garry..

Hey Ellen,
Wow what a story. Can you write that for my blog — seriously. I had goosebumps. You let me know!


Lester, if he continues will be unstoppable tonight. Now if the bats can work…we will kill the Rangers tonight.

Great post Dave! I loved it! I have great memories from ’75 also. I was in 6th grade.

Another great inning from Lester!

Hi Ellen! I’m glad you had a great time with Garry! And what a great gift!

Come on boys! Get some runs to support Lester!!

Can we say – review! That looked like a home run!

Two flamethrowers and only one winner. Who will it be!
Thanks a lot. I was also in sixth grade. Long time ago!

It’s being reviewed Julia!

Way to go Mikey!!!! They got that one right!!!

Home run…life is good!

They got the review right! YAY Mikey!!

Come on papi!! You too!!! Get it right… right outta there!!!

I FEEL that David will get a homer. I feel it!

David is COMING back. I fully support David and I can FEEL him coming back.

ORTIZ!!!!! YAY!!! Okay – maybe my post helped!!

Good Job Papi!! Nice swing! Okay.. now bring HIM in..
Come on Tek-er!!!

Why is this guy pitching around to Varitek. Strange?

Maybe David is getting out of his slump!

TEK!!!! WHOO HOOO!! I like the bats tonight!!

I don’t know Dave – they have been pitching strange to Tek

David IS Julia. He’s looking like the old David. I really believe that Francona’s been the reason for this. He’s FINALLY not beating himself up.

If there is any manager who can help a player through this it is Tito! There are few nicer or smarter then he.

Maybe David is listening to his dad and is just having fun!

Okay – Green didn’t look good there.

I think David is Back. The Sox ARE BACK.
Texas Rangers are one BAD organization. This kid has tons of talent and they’re shoving him up the big time to get pounded. What does that say? He need more time in the minors. He could be their best closer.

NICE Lester! He is smokin’!

That’s what Eck said about the Rangers’ pitcher also. I hope they don’t mess him up by bringing him in too soon.

Another 1-2-3 for Lester!

Eck like’s the Rangers’ pitchers “cheese” – thank you for sharing that Eck.

WOW – I guess he does have good cheese.

And we have “gas” with Lester!

Smoltz threw 6 innings giving up 1 run today for the PawSox – still on target to join the Red Sox on June 16th.

6 Ks for Lester! 11 straight batters!

12 straight batters for Lester! 7 Ks!!

Bummer! We need to get some runs!

Lester is awesome tonight!

I have never seen Lester look this good!

If any of you read david Ortiz’s book, you;ll know how heavily he relies on his dad and how much his mother remains a part of his daily thoughts even though she is gone… I think he could use a nudge from her!!!

Something tells me Ellen she is nudging him!


Good job Rocco!


The balk cost them! 2-0 Red Sox!!

That’s my Pedey Boy!!!!! All 5 foot 6 inches of him!!! he’s got 5’6″ worth of heart too!!

What a great night it would be to be at Fenway! The weather here is perfect and WHAT A GAME!!!

Youk is having a tough time tonight!

come on JBAY BABAY!!!!

I hear the weather is great but the score is a bit too close for my comfort zone!! lol


4-0 Red Sox!!

Keep up the great work, Jon!

Hi Greg! Yes, we must resign Bay!

There is an article on Yahoo Sports – Lugo complaining about not getting enough playing time!

I’ve understood that about Papi and his mother, also, Ellen. I wonder, though, if that is part of what his difficulty is–he also, in addition to himself and the team, might feel he’s letting his mother down! I also am not convinced that the early exit for the Dominicans in the WBC is playing games with his head, either! GET IT GOING, PAPI! GO SOX!

How is everyone tonight? Lester’s pitching a gem, I see! Keep it up Jon!
Glad the HR call went Mike’s (and our!) way! GO SOX!!

It was great to finally have a replay go our way!

Lester is doing great – I hope the long wait doesn’t hurt him.

LugNuts not getting enough playing time? BUMMER! Uh, no.
Hey, if he keeps complaining, maybe we can actually ship out his sorry rear.

YES! 10 K! Keep going, Jon! GO SOX!

Okay – the wait didn’t hurt Lester!

Yeah Greg – can you believe Lugo! What an idiot!

What pitch count, Eck?! One pitch, one out will certainly help! GO SOX!

I hope that someone pointed out to Eck what he did the other night and he’s learned from it.

LugNuts got his name from us for a reason. He is not the brightest bulb in the hardware store.

Yes – I would say that LESTER IS BACK!!!!

Jon is pitching an absolute JEWEL tonight.. Keep it up JON LESTER BUBBA!!!!



Esp. if Lester and BIG PAPI keep going, we’ll be FINE! GO SOX!

Fans cheered and Big Papi came out of the dugout!!

Didn’t I tell you GUYS! Didn’t I tell you. David is NOT DONE. Mr. Pessimistic (me) was the one who held on to David. Hey…he’s got my name!


Great piece on D-Day, Julia! THANKS!πŸ™‚

Ah…Lester’s doing OK (LOL)

Great piece Julia…
Don’t forget my blog. Great true story of myself in 1975.

Excellent job Big Papi… Your mom is sitting right there on your shoulder!!! Si Papi!!!

Eck…please be quiet or Ellen is going to KILL YOU!

Thank you Greg. It is important that we remember.


Hey – anyone heard from Mike – from Korea? I know he is was on R & R in Japan, but with the increase in activity in Korea I hope that all is well with him!

and as for my comfort zone?? I”m pretty much there now as far as the score goes lol!!



After the ovation that the fans were giving Papi at Fenway, Papi had BETTER take a curtain call!
I just hope Big Papi keeps the momentum going this time! GO PAPI! GO SOX!

Ellen, did you see that throw to the plate. I felt like it was watching Dwight Evans out there. That was an amazing throw and I’m glad that Tek got in there…barely

I read your blog Dave! And thanks! Got to remember our Vets!

YOUK!!!!! He joined the party! And gee – I thought the Rangers were suppose to have a “good second baseman”!!!!

Boy…yet again some bad base running from the Sox. Youk got very lucky. Dumb play for Youk.

Dave, I did read your piece on the ’75 Sox. I JUST missed that WS, but I remember all those guys, and they were the same guys I loved and admired growing up! (In 1978, I already was requesting to go to Fenway when my Dad took us to Boston for business trip, and vacation to Cape Cod afterward! (My one and only trip to Boston–saw Fenway from the outside!)

I agree Dave – I think the Red Sox need to hold base running drills! WAY to sloppy!

check out the mini-series Band Of Brothers. I never fail to cry buckets on that. It’s about the airborn division that fought in World War II starting on D-Day. It is amazing.

Hope the wait isn’t too much for Lester!

That was a bummer of a baserunning display!

DUSTY!!!! Thank you!!

sorry you didn’t get to go there. Have you ever been to Fenway? I did a total of three times as a kid and one as an adult.
Oh well Jon…you will get more chances.

Bummer! The no hitter is gone – the Red Sox fans are going crazy for Lester!


Dave, in addition to the Red Sox players, I grew up admiring the players of the Big Red Machine. All the more reason, though, that I was bummed out that I JUST MISSED that 75 WS. I began following the Red Sox the following year, and I was already clamoring, in 1978, to see Fenway when we went to Boston for a business trip for my dad, and then to Cape Cod for the first time. Thanks, Dave, for the trip down Memory Lane, Red Sox Style!

Dave, in addition to the Red Sox players, I grew up admiring the players of the Big Red Machine. All the more reason, though, that I was bummed out that I JUST MISSED that 75 WS. I began following the Red Sox the following year, and I was already clamoring, in 1978, to see Fenway when we went to Boston for a business trip for my dad, and then to Cape Cod for the first time. Thanks, Dave, for the trip down Memory Lane, Red Sox Style!

Lester had a tough break. Sox found the bats when they needed to be a bit more silent. Just shows that the no-hitter is SO hard to get.

I only saw Fenway from the outside from a nearby highrise. (The John Hancock Building, I believe it was!)

Nice catch from Baldelli.

I think the two long waits were tough on Lester

Stupid caputer! I will be happy when we have the new computer hooked up for good! SNARL!
Bummer for Jon! GREAT WORK! GO SOX!


Greg switch to Linux. I recommend Ubuntu. I’ve never looked back.

Yankees lost, I see. Are they still going to play the second game?

11 Ks for Lester! What a night!!

Will he be back out in the next inning??

Not going to happen, Dave. I would be just as much a computer dolt with Linux as I am with this! Besides, it’s the HARDWARE that is the main problem right now!

There is no double header planned for NY- Rays. They will make up the game another time. Not this weekend.

Greg what’s the hardware problem? Fill me in!


I need to meet Heidi. I think I’m in love (LOL)

Beckett and Lester have both found their grooves at the same time! Life is good in Boston!!

DARN! You mean the Yankees lost, and we’re winning, and the Yankees will not play? We can actually pull ahead of the Yankees after tonight? HMMMM!…:) Get it done, SOX!

LOL!!! Well maybe Ian can get you an introduction!

David made some bad swings at that AB. I’m not worried though, David is BACK!

With a win here we will go up by 1/2 game. Rivera got the lose today. Blew it in the 9th.

Just an old computer Dave. I have a new laptop that I’m going to use once we move. This is just the computer equivalent of a jalopy. End of story.:/

Heidi Watney Homewrecker???

I saw that about Rivera blowing the save, Julia. Bummer! Uh, no.

That’s been called a strike before…

oh no – I think you’re on your own with Heidi Dave! LOL!!!


Nicely done, Jon! 1-2-3 inning! GO SOX!

Yeah – my thoughts about Rivera exactly! lol! I might have mentioned that to Scott! LOL!!!!

Still 1-2-3 innings from Lester!

Who is this woman, “Heidi Dave”? Is Dave her last name now?πŸ˜‰

hmm… Dusty must have forgotten to have his “turbo” shot tonight! lol!!!!

I’ve been hearing too much Heidi Watney lately. Got her in my head watching these games.

Great – Dice-K tomorrow. Maybe I’m glad I won’t see the game.

Uh. no kidding, Eck. I’m not holdiing my breath for Dice-K to get on track tomorrow, though! Hmmm… GO SOX!

Ellsbury was safe. Umpires are AWFUL. He was SAFE!!!!

LOL!! So Heidi is the “woman of your dreams” Dave??

Come on, JON! Get the CG! GO SOX!

Then again there is Jodie. It’s so hard to choose Julie (LOL)

Then again there is Jodie. It’s so hard to choose Julie (LOL)

Come on Lester! You can do this!

Well day – having choices is a good thing! lol! But why choose? Have both! LOL!!!

I meant to say “Well Dave” – can’t type tonight!

I am sick to death of Eckersley’s platitudes and his opinions… and I’m sure someone put tape over his mouth tonight regarding Lesters no hit bid.

Good point Julia,
Now Lester is starting to labor and I can see it. He’s hungry to end the game. He can do it.

Good point Julia,
Now Lester is starting to labor and I can see it. He’s hungry to end the game. He can do it.
Smart move by Lester going to first. How many times have I seen the idiot — go to second play.

2 more outs! that’s all we need!

Ugh! don’t like that Michael Young!

Bummer. SO or DP, Jon! GO SOX!

Out – 2 outs but no shut out. That’s okay – the win is what matters!

Heidi was the “other woman” in the Tek marriage thing last season… Sure you still want her as the girl of your dreams??

WHOOO HOOO!! WHat a game!

Seriously Ellen. Tek broke up with his wife over Heidi? Is that really true?

Way to finish it JON! Bummer the run scored, but oh, well!
Good job saving the BP tonight. Just over 100 pitches, 2 hits. If only Dice-K would do likewise! (But I can wish!…) I think we’ll need that BP tomorrow! GO SOX!
Take care all!

GREAT JOB JON LESTER!!! And I just LOVE the comeraderie that this team has and the respect shown for a job well done.. In Lesters post game chat with Heidi he gave credit to Michael Young for being a great fast ball hitter and to me, more importantly gave credit to Tek for calling a great game.. For all the Tek non-lovers.. Thats why we need
him!!! GOOD JOB BY ALL!!!! Especially Jon!!!

Night Greg! Night all! I won’t be home for the game tomorrow – we have a Boy Scout event – so cheer the boys on for me!



Way to swing the bat Big Papi. No pressure….the team will pick you up when they need to. You just keep building on the positives and the confidence. We’re behind you all the way….Go Sox!!!!!

Hey, Craig, hey, Jim Maynard! Long time no see/ hear. I don’t know if either of have been able to read the comments until now, but you’ve re-emerged not long before I will be off the blog for a while. I am moving, just a mile or two up the road (still in Asheville, NC), but I’ll be off the blog for time indefinite as a result, starting June 9th or 10th. I hope to be back on before long (with my new computer, in exchange for this piece of crap!). I’ll be moving early next week. I hope to catch up a little with both of you before then. Until tomorrow, then, good night all! GOOD WIN! GO SOX! (I’ll still be watching, somewhere!)πŸ˜‰

Hey Greg,
Good luck with the move. I have a very good friend of mine who is out here now who is from Asheville. He joined the Air Force from there and we were stationed together for a long time. We play golf together all the time. He has great childhood memories from Asheville Must be a great place!!!! Go Sox….

Great game by Lester. Heeeeeee’s back!!!
Papi hitting another homer!?!!??? Could he finally be getting dialed in?? God,I hope so!!! To me he is a HUGE hero, and I really, really really don’t want to see him released. Cmon Papi! You can do it big fella!!!

Greg, on Thursday June 11th my old cooking TV show will be airing in Asheville. 5PM. I’ll find out which channel and let you know. It’s a small world after all, one of the ex-producers of the show settled there and still has all the tapes. “Coming to a station near you!” LOL. Good luck with the move!!

Sox in first. I love it!!

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