Jacoby from all angles

Getting a couple of days off, ladies and gentleman, which is why there has been no thread since Friday.

At any rate, I did work on an extensive piece on Jacoby Ellsbury that ran on the website last night, looking at this unique player from a variety of angles, looking at his past and examining his future. Here it is.


Hey everyone… Happy Sunday! I week til I become officially a member of the AARP set… I got my card in the mail the other day!! Oh yay lol!
I think that it was pretty evident last week during Vincente Padilla’s last outing that he was DEFINITELY intentionally throwing at Texiera among others. The Rangers put him on waivers the next day and he was not picked up by anyone. Today he is scheduled to throw for the Rangers. Josh Beckett got suspended for that incident awhile back, AJ Burnett got suspended for his last week. Why is this headhunter not suspended? Neither Beckett or Burnett were ejected form their games (as I recall) and Padilla WAS.. NO SUSPENSION?? I ‘d bet the farm that he throws at someone today. If that happens, I see a bench clearer coming… Even Texiera said he does it every game and it is intentional (as if no one in Baseball doesnt know this). I just pray its not Youk that he throws at because he’s been really holding his temper the last couple of times he was plunked, and whoever it is that does set him off will pay the price along with the RedSox when he gets suspended…..


Padilla did throw at Texiera twice but never did he go at his head. I thought Padilla’s actions against the Yankees was bush league! Burnett got himself in trouble because he threw at someone’s head. I think what Burnett did was worse. I do agree with you, Padilla should have been suspended, it was very obvious he was throwing at Texeira. I have always stated on here, if a pitcher throws at someone’s head, that pitcher should be suspended automatically for 10 games! If your going to throw at someone, do what Shields did to Crisp last June, throw at his legs. Never ever at someone’s head!

As of late Lester and Beckett are looking like the pitchers we all thought they would be this season. I hope the light switch goes off in Dice-K’s head today. If Dice-K can get his act together, this team will take off in the month of June. Oh by the way, the Sox schedule is favorable this month. They need to take advantage of it!

The best thing about this game with Dice-K on the mound, the bullpen is well rested and the Sox are off tomm. The pen is well rested because of the great outing by Lester.

I’m expecting the Sox to smack Padilla around Fenway today. He shouldn’t get past the 5th inning!


Why is Youk that far off the bag at second????

So he can give Padilla a pick off!! lol
Sorry… not funny

There’s the new ECK-ISM… “dotting the corner”.. I must have heard that a hundred times last night and again today!!
He finds one and beats the crap out of it..

Matsuzaka seems to be working more quickly today.. sofar so good!!

Bay should have charged that one better and came up throwing. He loafed.

Beautiful hawk flying around the infield and near the dugout.. HIDE RATBOY HIDE!!!! It’ll carry you away..LOL

Dice-K is throwing it right down the middle, the ball says ” Hit Me’. He is fooling nobody. Every hit has been smoked! Even the outs are difficult. W.B.C. is still haunting Dice-K.

Could someone please bring that Hawk back so it can carry Dice K away….??? Here we go again.. Masterson is already up in the pen throwing…

FYI. Padilla actually hit Teixeira twice. I don’t remember the first as more than a graze, the second was a curve that hit Teix in the butt. In obvious retaliation, Burnett threw a fast ball a foot or two directly over slugger Nelson Cruz’s head. It reminded me exactly of the pitch Beckett threw over Abreu’s head in Anaheim and the suspension equals what Beckett first received. Padilla has been a frequent hitter hitter but nothing flagerent! We’ll see if he hits a Sox today.

I dont think that he has ever really lived up to the HUGE contract that he got…


That hawk wants nothing to do with Dice-K. Can Ken “Hawk” Harrelson comeback and take Dice-K to Chicago???? LOL!!

PS. Cruz hit a solo jack, I think it was the same AB.

We need big bats and we need them NOW!!!! Way to Go mark Kotsay… what you SAY??…. KOTSAY!!

While I’m here, an encouraging note from AA. FYI, I check the box score nightly for all Yankee farm teams and when they face a Sox farm team, I look at the Sox results also. Last nights Sea Dogs vs. Thunder was won by a Lars Anderson three run jack in the bottom of the eighth. Lars had his second consecutive two hit night and looks to finally be figuring out AA pitching!!!

HAHA!!! I like that one! hey Robert, how’re you doing?? Hope youre having a good day!

Oh and Ellen, what were you doing ordering a NY Strip?
They must have mistaken your blonde locks for a Tiger! Thus the uncooked prime rib!!!

The haha was for brian and the Harrelson quip!

Good day so far, Yankees being recorded. Won’t be watching until after 10 PM!

Oh FREAKING please!

Nice watch Youk!!!

Well, another bases loaded goes by the boards again. Padilla made a good pitch on the SO pitch to Bay. (If he’d do that instead of throwing AT the hitters, he’d do much better for himself!) Swinging at the first pitch did not help Mike, though–it rarely helps anyone. He needed some patience there. GO SOX!
Dice-K’s being Dice-K as usual!:/

Hey all, how are we doing? Good to hear from you again, Brian. We were wondering if you were on a Red Sox vacation or something!
Good to see you posting again, Bob! I figured you were enjoying Yankeeland too much!

GREAT CATCH BY JACOBY!! Dice-K got a 1-2-3 inning?! Is that the first time this year (let alone in his career!)? GO SOX!

Great GREAT rundown and catch by Jacoby!!!! Way to go Obey Wan Jacoby!!


Brian, Is that you on the fantasy league?? “Brians Bombers”?

I posted that Kotsay comment about 35 minutes ago!!! Its just been hanging out in the ozone til now???

Bad break for Jacoby and the Sox on the ricochet. Let’strand Cruz, Dice-K!

CAn we please bring in Justin?? Dice K is committing Hari-Kiri for the whole team!!!!

Looks like we’re going to need that BP! Go Figure! GO SOX!

I missed that Kotsay HR. Great job, Mark! Get a rally started this inning, now! GO SOX!

Hey, Arnie! I found your program! It was interesting you mentioned that program last night (“Vegetarian Kitchen”, right?), since I was about to mention that I had been keeping an eye out for it, but hadn’t found it. Thanks for the heads-up!
It’s on our local interest channel, URTV. I may not get to check it out this coming week, with the move, but I hope I can catch some of the programs, at least! THANKS!

I hope Jacoby will be OK for tomorrow! That was a great play! I hope he’s just shaken up a bit, like Youk was the other day! GO SOX!

Hopefully Jacoby’s shoulder is going to be okay with just some treatment and whirlpool etc… That catch could turn out to be costly!!

I doubt he’ll miss any time, but it could happen! But we wouldn’t want Jacoby to play any other way! GO SOX!

Right shoulder strain, day-to-day. That’s about what I thought–let’s hope that’s in fact what it is, and nothing more. GO SOX!

Yesterday’s game was what baseball was all about. Solid pitching, clutch hitting. Today’s game feels like little league. Dice-K is a walking disaster out there. The bats are useless against Texas pitching. Jacobe nearly kills himself because of Dice-K’s inability to hold the lead…and now he’s out of the game(s).
Every single time Theo pays a boatload for a player they are crap (Lugo, Drew, Dice-K, etc.). Every time he gets the trade (Beckett, Lowell, etc) or the farm (Youk, Dustin, etc) the Sox win big. When he is going to get that through his head???
OK, enough venting.

Hi All! Well – I turned it on in time to see the throw out at home – but not so good of a game I see.

Good, nice play to get Vizquel! Nice play, Green and Tek!

Hey Julia…you are bright light on a bad game. Sox are struggling and Dice-K becomes the middle reliever burning up the lead and throwing 10 pitches per batter. How did this guy ever get to be an MLP in the World Baseball Classic?

Hey, Julia! Yep, Dice-K being Dice-K. He had his LONGEST OUTING OF THE YEAR–5 2/3, beating his former record of 51/3! WOOOOOOOOOW!:/

OK I promise I’m done. I think what got to me was Jacoby’s injury protecting Dice-K’s pointless pitching.

How, Dave? Because the Japanese hitters and the American hitters are 2 different species in the same genus of “ballpayer”.

Japanese players have taken considerable time to adjust to our game, for the most part, and I think that is why!


Hi Dave and Greg – just got home – There was an Eagle Honor Court at my boys Boy Scout Troop today!

I am so glad I didn’t have to sit and watch Dice-K again! UGH!! Time to sit him and bring up Buchholz!

DAVID!!!!! okay – he can hit against Texas – can anyone else??

Good point Greg…now how about a good pun to cheer me up! I could use it!

What happened to Jacoby?

PAPI!!! He can not steal!!!! Why did he do that????

What was that? Well, at least Tek will still be at bat next inning!:/

Jacoby banged his shoulder making his great catch–they are initially saying “mild shoulder strain”–probably so. He’s day-to-day. I don’t expect, if that is all it is, that he’ll miss any more than a game–if that.

OK, Papi, let’s not get a Superman Complex going, here!

Hey Dave, ya gotta give me some kudos for remembering my biology class, esp for this “non-scientist”!😉

I’m glad`Jacoby will be`okay. Having tomorrow off will help.

I like this example of the “Japanese pitcher”–he’s not the Dice-K carbon copy like so many of the Japanese pitchers are–starters or relievers!


I love`Wally!


DRAT! NOT HELPFUL! This is the guy that Judge has been high on since before the beginning of the year. He may or may not be ROY or MVP like Judge predicts, but this is what he’s been seeing, I’m sure!

Nice catch by Kotsay! Glad he is back!

Orsillo was just talking about how okajima had the 2nd longest active streak for a reliever not to have given up a run… OOPS>>> that one is OVER and so is the streak!!

Yeah, funny how these co-inkiy-dinkys happen, Ellen. Not unlike my paying Oki a compliment right before he surrenders the HR. HMMM!…

Yep Dave she is.. and I’m just a cloud that hangs over everything!!

Sorry maybe we should only say negative things so they can prove us wrong. Funny – that hasn’t worked with Lugo yet though…

Now you’re thinking like a Wasingtonian, Julia! Welcome to the club!😉

Has Padilla hit anyone today?

No, I don’t think so. He seems to be shooting for a CG instead!:/

Greg – it’s all the years that I worked in government! It’s rubbed off on me.

Oh gee – is Padilla hurt? What a bummer it would be if he had to leave the game……

Nelson Cruz can flat out hit. That ball was crushed!

Sox have had a hard time with Padilla’s fastball today for some strange reason.

Time for Boston to get into this Texas pen.

Ortiz trying to steal second base, what was going on there??? My oh my!

Boston let Padilla off the ropes during that bases loaded situation. They gave him second life. Bay and Lowell went down easy. Also a great call by the home plate umpire, Youk leaned out. Also a missed call by the third base umpire, that ball was fair down the line in left. Replay showed that.

“Close enough for government work”–you relate, eh?

Nothing gets through concrete Julia, well except maybe a jackhammer.. maybe thats what we need to get through to Lugo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh yes Greg – I can relate!😉

Ellen – did you see the article where Lugo is complaining about not getting enough playing time? Unbelievable!

Bay and Lowell did go down too easy. Too impatient, it seemed to me–witness, Lowell swinging at the first pitch!

Well – let’s see if we can score some runs now!

WAY TO GO RAMON! Let’s get some RUNS, now. GO SOX!

Is your poison ivy better, Julia?
Way to go, Youk! Nice play Cruz! GO SOX!


Well – that wasn’t the inning we wanted. Bummer….

It is Greg. But I’ve finished the meds and it is still itchy in some places so I’ll have to wait and see how it is in a few days.

OK, Pap, let’s see if you can get some outs THIS time!:/

OK, reconfirmed…Poison ivy…not on Recommended List…😉

Nice catch Dusty!!!

Nice catch Pedey Boy!!!

Nice job, Dustin! Way to save Pap’s asteroid!

Fielding’s a little rusty, eh? Need to shag a couple grounders again, Pap?

With Lugo inthe game that shot would have been a double for sure.. Nice catch Nick!

Nice job, Nick! OK, guys, you have one more shot at this! GET SOME RUNS! GO SOX!

Hi Julia.. How did the Boy Scout outing go??? Hope you had good weather and didnt venture near ANY poison ivy…. lol

Come on guys! YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!

BB! Good start! Let’s make em pay for walking him! GO SOX!

That doesn’t cut it, Mike!

UGH!!! HATE the DPs!!

The Boy Scout Eagle Honor court went really well. WE had it in doors – only went into my gardens to get flowers for the table.

Dice-K was mediocre? Who would have guessed THAT?!:/

sigh…..and the Yankees won….. The series should be interesting against the Yankees this week

Greg – when do you move?

Probably smart, Julia. Glad your Scouts event went well!😉

Thanks Greg. Hopefully our oldest son will be getting his Eagle in a couple of years.

Our actual moving date will be the 12th. I’ll be off-line, unless I can get an outside hook-up, starting about the 9th or 10th. From there, we’ll see how quickly we get set up! I’ll be back on-line as quickly as I can, but who knows when that will be!
Happy Birthday (on the 12th), Ellen!

Glad you had a good day!!!! You must have a nice garden especially this time of year, What do you grow??


Bluebells, and cockleshells…?😉

Thanks Ellen! Still not going to be on-line by then! Happy Birthday!🙂

Today I was able to pick peonies, spray roses, some irises, and a few other things that I can’t remember the names of. (I’m really bad at that!) I have lots of perennials still to come later in the season – several types of daisies, other roses and such. I love being able to pick flowers to bring in .

I’ll check back in later! Take care all! GO SOX!

Bye Greg! Good luck with the move!

See you all later! Bring on the Yankees!

GOOD LUCK with your move Greg… don’t pull anything lifting!!!

Without reading a post since 2:46 PM (just in case Julia posted the Yankee results) here is some cheer for you:

Trenton 3
Portland (Red Sox) 10
W: Tazawa (7-3, 2.67); L: Horne (0-3, 11.15)
HR: TRN: Malec (2), Hall (1). POR: Bell (5).

Your Lartian had another two hits (BA .262) and Wagner is still coming on! Maybe you can replace Tek from within in a year or two!!!

How many more years left on Dice-K contract? three?

I might have mentioned that the Yankees won Bob….sigh…..

Red Sox Inquired On Cabrera, Aren’t Interested
By Ben Nicholson-Smith [June 8 at 9:05am CST]

Ortiz Taking Sox Out Of Hitter Sweepstakes?
By Howard Megdal [June 7 at 7:05pm CST]

Good links Robert and I read some of the “highly intelligent comments” about them… funny funny moronic stuff!!!

Hey everyone. Ever wonder what would happen if Julio Lugo had a radio show at 4:00 am in the morning. Find out at:
leave comments (just pick a profile, anonymous is fine) and type.

Just caught up on my BP reading. I was right, you posted the Yankee result at 4:28 PM! We have the Rays or the rain again tonight. Already looking forward to coming into Fenway!!! BTW I’m always watching via recorded delay, so if there is a game in progress I’m never here!

Slow night on here… everyone taking advatage of the night off.. See y’all later… Trixie.

Red Sox pass on acquiring Orlando Cabrera, eh? Not the smartest move, if you ask me (But then, who is?…)
Well, as of tomorrow morning, we’ll have everything computer-related packed, so, this is the final time (on a day off, no less!) I’ll sign on until we’re in the new digs. (Whether we’re SETTLED or not!…) I will be watching the games, or following them, in the meantime!
Kick Yankee tail tomorrow, Josh! GO SOX! Take care all, until…;)

Greg.. I’ll do a liottle extra blogging to make up for your absence!.. have a good move and be careful lifing stuff.. We cant afford to have you on the blogging DL!!! Take care and good luck..
Good Night Nationers!!!!! GO SOX!!!!! IDOBELIEVE!!

Red Sox Nation experts: If tomorrow’s game is canceled, is there any way to reliably predict what day they would use as the new game date? I am worried that they would do a double header on Wednesday or Thursday, for which I would then have tickets I was unable to use……

Thanks, Ellen! I’ll return ASAP, don’t worry! Happy Birthday!🙂
One more thing before I go on hiatus: THEO RE-SIGN J-BAY! GET IT DONE!
Pitch another gem, Josh! Shut down the Yankees!GO SOX!

Since last time they met, the Yanks have outpitched, outhit, and outdefensed the Sox. Simply put, for the Sox to win the series, they cannot afford to leave too many LOB and keep getting struck out, and commit errors. The Sox have to win the series. The Yanks are notoriously a second half team. Can?t fall too many games behind the Yanks.
Why can?t Lester pitch game 3 against Sabbathia on regular rest even if the Sox win the first two games?

So, this rain…let’s hope it doesn’t cause havoc on the game as my friend and I have Pavillion Box Seats for the game and we really have been looking forward to this game! 😦

One thing: all of us Red Sox fans NEED to get Youk in as the starter at 1B for the All-Star Game! It’s utter bunk that Mark Teixeira is leading the way. He was utter crap in the beginning of the season while Youk was ripping the cover off the ball, only coming somewhat down to earth recently.

Bottom line: Youk’s been far more consistent and better.


Hey Brownie Points Nation…

Show Ian a little love by voting him “Best Red Sox Writer”


Let’s not only get Youk in as starting first baseman, but also let’s give Ells a shot. Even if Ells doesn’t make the starting team, a good number of votes may get him in as a backup outfielder, as he can do everything!!!

I also think Lester should pitch the last Yankee game no matter the outcome of the first two games.

Red Sox
1. Dustin Pedroia, 2B
2. J.D. Drew, RF
3. Kevin Youkilis, 1B
4. Jason Bay, LF
5. Mike Lowell, 3B
6. David Ortiz, DH
7. Jason Varitek, C
8. Mark Kotsay, CF
9. Nick Green, SS
— Josh Beckett, RHP

Go Red Sox! I sadly won’t be able to watch the game tonight (or at least not the beginning) but I will be sending lots of good wishes their way! We need to get Youk in the All-Star Game at first along with Bay & Ellsbury!

Bob – You know me – I always like to keep everyone updated! And I usually have the Yankees game on my computer so I can keep an eye on the “enemy” LOL!!


I’ll be back later when I get home!

I cast all of my votes. Youk,Bay,Pedroia and Ells were on all of them. Let’s hope the Sox can get an early lead and then expand upon it. We have to take at least two of the three games– hopefully all three.

I do the same thing! When the Sox play any other team, I have them on Gameday on my Notebook so I know what’s going on. Tonight I’ll have the Scranton Yankees and the Mets/Phillies both on Gameday while my wife and I watch other video.

Well, I took a few days off to head to south Florida to watch a jai-alai tournament, visit some friends, and even managed to get in a round of golf on Sunday morning. Needless to say, I had to come back here so I could get some rest. As Ellen told you on the previous thread, I did get to meet her and husband David. After the end of the matinee performance at Dania Jai-alai, we went to a place called Dockers to have some dinner. David has a giant platter of fried shrimp, I had a very good hunk of blackened prime rib, and poor Ellen had 3 MGD 64’s and half a baked potato. Her NY Strip Sirloin came out disguised as a prime rib and when the real steak finally did show up, I think it was still breathing. It was great to meet a member of the family and I had a very enjoyable time with Ellen and David. You would have thought we had know each other for years. It was great and I’m more convinced now than ever that we need to set up a get together at some point in the future. LOL! Let’s not wait too long, some of us are getting pretty old. No doubt it would be a hoot of a time!

You are right Garry… we do ALL need to get together. That would be so GREAT (you stole my word hoot.. Is that a guy thing too??)
I’m hoping for a repeat performance against the Yankees tonight… COME ON SOX… YOU CAN DO THIS.. I KNOW IT AND YOU KNOW IT.
I think I’m going to leave it tonight with no pre-game cheer… I’ll probably let me superstitious nature take over about the 3rd inning and throw it in there.. til then…

ps.. Garry glad you got out of “south” America and back home safely!

Nice start..

Although I know that its an honor that players are selected for the All Star Team, I wish there was a graceful way for our guys to sit and rest… but then again I want our guys on the team.. A conundrum!!
Right now Our Youk is trailing Texeira in the voting, so if you want OUR REDSOX well represented trhen please go to the RedSox home page and vote for Kevin. You can vote up to 25 times I think… and they’ve made it easier this year. You only have to fill out your ballot once and then can go back and resubmit again and again!.
Go Youk!!!

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