Ortiz likely DS — Designated Sitter — in Philly

It became an annual tradition in June. The Red Sox would go to a National League City and Terry Francona would juggle around his lineup, with David Ortiz starting two or three of the games at first base, with the other corner guys splitting days off.

Now, however, with Ortiz — not withstanding tonight’s prodigious two-run homer — mired in a slump of epic proportions, Kevin Youkilis will stay right at first base for the series at Philadelphia this weekend. Don’t rule out Mike Lowell getting one game off, and Youkiis moving to third, and Ortiz getting one start. But I wouldn’t expect it to be much more than that.

“We’re trying to win games,” said Francona. “We want to put our best hitters — and our best defensive players [out there]. What do you do with Youk? We have a guy that’s won the Gold Glove that I would have a hard time saying, ‘we’re not going to play our Gold Glove first baseman because I want to take David’s mind off of his struggles.’ That doesn’t make a lot of sense to me.”

Francona confided Tuesday that even when he used to force Ortiz in at first base in Interleague Play during his time as an elite slugger, it wasn’t the most comfortable move.

“I don’t think that’s our best team,” Francona said. “I think when we’ve done it in World Series and some Interleague, we hoped it didn’t cost us games. I was always very uncomfortable with David out there. I think that’s obvious. Part of it is because he hasn’t been out there. I don’t think that’s fair to him. I hate to put it a player in a position where he can be embarrassed. It’s not because of skill. It’s because he hasn’t been out there.”

As for the pitching matchups in Philly, right-hander Joe Blanton will go Friday night, followed by left-handers Antonio Bastardo and J.A. Happ. You would think Papi plays Friday, with Lowell getting the day off after a late night of travel. Best guess is that Papi serves as pinch-hitter Saturday and Sunday.

Meanwhile, here we go — time for Red Sox-Yankees. Just a light mist.


I certainly hope we get W tonight — if we don’t we put ourselves in jeopardy of return sweep at the hands of the Yanks, especially the way the Yanks are hitting. Winning the series is going to be difficult, assuming we do win tonight. If we get the hot Wake, maybe, but he hasn’t faired so well against the Yanks recently, and I am not counting on Penny holding the flood gates back either — so we will probably need a lot of runs for game number 3 for sure.

Although I know that its an honor that players are selected for the All Star Team, I wish there was a graceful way for our guys to sit and rest… but then again I want our guys on the team.. A conundrum!!
Right now Our Youk is trailing Texeira in the voting, so if you want OUR REDSOX well represented trhen please go to the RedSox home page and vote for Kevin. You can vote up to 25 times I think… and they’ve made it easier this year. You only have to fill out your ballot once and then can go back and resubmit again and again!.
Go Youk!!!

By ellenc on June 9, 2009 7:32 PM

WAY TO GO BIG PAPI!!! To dead center!!! Who better than to hit it off of!!

I guess the Eck-ism of the night is Dead Central (so far)

I will settle your struggle. I could care less if NO Red Sox make the game — why? Because the more Yankees come into the game, the more exhausted they are and the more exhausted they will be in the second half. Meanwhile, our RESTED Red Sox tear apart the league and go into the World Series. Now ain’t that cool!
p.s. Why DO we call it a World Series anyway?

I see Alex Rodriquez went to the Julio Lugo school for defense. Go ARod!

Nice one JD!!!!! Good freaking job!!!

Drew…if there was ever a time to justify your cost….NOW is the time!

Drew…you just made my day. Sox are HOT…referring of course to their talent!

Let’s tear up that billion dollar contract by Burnett…let’s MAKE them PAY. I’m tired of the Sox taking it on the CHIN. It’s the KILL time for the Yankees…
…calm Dave…

Hey Ellen…hey everybody. Yankees…let’s make then RUN back to New York…ha..ha…ha!

YOUK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love YOU!

I smell loaded BASES!!!

4-0.. Good start.. but with them most times no lead is safe… LET’S KEEP GOING SOX!!!!

No biggie Jason…we got four Runs in one inning and sent Burnett’s pitch count high. Rock on Sox!

Ellen…most fun I’ve had in days. That inning ROCKED!!!!

Now…what’s that everyone is saying about David Ortiz????HMMMM

Taking a walk now…see YA!

.. that he’s making progress… We all love him but its wait and see….

All I can say is- keep it up Papi. Stay with them Josh. Let’s get some more runs Sox!!!


Me too Phil! and Go Sox!!

from the previous thread…
You are right Garry… we do ALL need to get together. That would be so GREAT (you stole my word hoot.. Is that a guy thing too??)
I’m hoping for a repeat performance against the Yankees tonight… COME ON SOX… YOU CAN DO THIS.. I KNOW IT AND YOU KNOW IT.
I think I’m going to leave it tonight with no pre-game cheer… I’ll probably let me superstitious nature take over about the 3rd inning and throw it in there.. til then…

ps.. Garry glad you got out of “south” America and back home safely!

I’ve been waiting to say this for a long time — Nick Green — you’re looking VERY good at short. I’m impressed. Nice plays.

I hope Tito doesn’t take Josh out. They have to keep the pressure on. The Yanks are too good a team. They can come from behind.

I thought about it and Don Orsillo made note that a RedSox player has been hit by pitch in each of the 6 games that we’ve played this season… THINGS THAT MAKE YOU GO HMMMM.. (hmmm. I’d like to nail the crap out of a couple of Yankees… )


It looks like Green should have caught that ball. C’mon Manny- NO WALKS!!! Let’s hold them!!!

Way to go Ramon. Now, let’s get some more runs!!!! You can never have enough against the lucky, creepy, sneaky ….etc., Yanks.

Looks as if tonight’s game was great fun.

I noticed Tito had all his hard throwers out there tonight in preparation for Wake tomorrow. He’s thinking!
Which gave me the idea; if I were managing when Wake pitches I would have Bard as the DH and then switch Bard and Wake in the second inning. Bard could flame-throw while Wake rests. I would have Wake pitch one inning while Bard DHs, tell him not to swing and watch out for HBP ;then switch Bard and Wake every other inning. I know that would be illegal or else someone would have done it already. Garry will fill me in I’m sure.

What else could you call it but the World Series?? Players come from all over the world to play in MLB; it could only be called the World Series. Everyone is welcome , even Eskimos or Swedish people, if they could stand the heat of summer. As long as they can hit a fastball or throw a fastball they are welcome to play.

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