Bard brings triple digits

Red Sox rookie Daniel Bard  hit 100-mph in college. He did so at just about all of his stops in the Minor Leagues. He was even clocked at 101 for the Sox in Spring Training during an outing against the Marlins.

On Tuesday night, Bard hit triple digits for the first time as a Major Leaguer, working a scoreless ninth inning in the Red Sox’s 7-0 win over the Yankees.

“I’ve peeked at [the radar readings] a couple times,” said Bard. “I kind of use it to get a gauge of
where I’m at that day. I think here is one of the more accurate in
terms of consistency.

Bard’s first 100-mph offering was a ball to Alex Rodriguez, though he wound up getting A-Rod on a grounder to second. In the second to last pitch of the game, Bard again hit 100 against Robinson Cano. The second baseman did get a piece of it, fouling it off.

“I reared back on that one. It was pretty much all I’ve got,so I kind of wanted to see where I was at,” said Bard.

The righty is also enthused by the improvement of his slider, after altering his grip recently. That was the pitch on which he struck Cano out to end the game.

“I was finally able to bury one,” said Bard. “I’ve thrown some good ones, especially since I switched to that new grip. That was the first one I really buried.”

Though Bard has yet to be used in a pressure situation by manager Terry Francona, he continues to dazzle. Over 11 innings, Bard has an 0.82 ERA. This was the first time he’s pitched the ninth inning.

“It’s a good situation to get him in, let him get his feet wet,” Francona said. “He threw the ball well. You can’t always pick the situations but tonight we could and I think it was good for him. He’s done everything we’ve asked. He keeps his eyes open, he listens to [pitching coach] John [Farrell]. He’s trying to learn while he’s competing and he’s done a good job.”

Ian Browne


Okay – does this mean that I have to go out to dinner with 13 people again tonight during the game? GREAT GAME!!! Yes – we were following the updates during dinner! What can I say but GO RED SOX!!!! I’ll be back later today!

Bard’s windup looks effortless. He makes it look easy. Damon signs with the Yankees and the compensation is Bard, I love it! That slider he threw to Cano was nasty, it ate Cano up! Bard has lots of confidence on that mound and is a very mature young man.

Beckett pitched another gem. The Yankees had absolutely no clue what Beckett was going to throw them. I think at one point during the game, Beckett went off-speed 7 pitches in a row and the 8th pitch, he blew a fastball by Posada. Beckett is locked in right now. This is his best stretch as a member of the Red Sox.

Great too see Ortiz belt one last night, oh by the way, Ortiz has a 7 game hitting streak.

It is always fun to watch Burnett struggle. The Yankees signed him to 80 million ( GURANTEED ) for 5 years, this just in….the Yanks are stuck with him!

Wakefield usually gets rocked around by the Yankees. I’m calling a Kottaras H.R. tonight!

Yea, Wake needs to go to Francona today in one of the mind-sets that he is reputed to come up with from time-to-time like “I know what I have to do, and I am going to deliver it”. This may be the rubber game to-night (early). Yanks are likely to score a lot of runs these next two games unless either Wake and/or Penny say no.

I have this airy feeling that Penny has peaked for us already, and may be coming back down a bit, and that his best value now, is to not fall off too far, and be part of trade that is good for all.

Both Wang and CC can come up big or small, especially against us, have struggle mightily this season (especially Wang) — so its anybody’s series over these next two starts.

its hard to complain about a redsox win over yanks but…if any of u remember…tito called a hit and run with mikey and tek…now i know i complain he never does anything to manufacture runs but plsssssss….good lord tito …forget i complain bud….just stick to your non managing style ….u dont hit and run against a guy that is all over the place and with a batter that swings and misses more than he makes contact…hell he dint even swing…..geez…..ok that said….was a great game in many ways….papi got some confidence and fire back….i hope….the yanks had to use the bp early….very good….if we can push that button every game it only has a great outcome for us….tire them out for this series and the ones to come….oh and yes…josh is dealin….oh yaaaaaaaa……great game soxxxxx….lets keep rollin…..judge

I heard them say last night that Lowell misread the sign, hit and run wasnt on…

Judge, I’ve asked a couple people on my “other” fantasy team what an IRA is in baseball fantasy leagues.. No one talks to anyone else on the league (I even sent an email to the entire league telling them I think they talk too much.. no reply, lol) so I cant find out. Its one of the pitching stats on the all American League fantasy team league.
If you can tell me I’d love ya for it!

Danny Bard, another bright spot in an already great organization. The Sox have really gone out and corralled up some serious talent. How great for Tito to put Bard in for the ninth against those great hitters; a real nice piece of grooming. It’s pretty rare to see a guy at 100 mph on radar; couple that with the nice hook and you got something special. Later, he’ll develop an off-speed pitch and forgetaboutit. Yep, he helps us forget about Damon.

This was the best Beckett I have ever witnessed. For the last 6-7 outings, do you think Beckett was more effective (better) than Beckett of 2007? I do.
I was baffled by Lowell being embarassingly tagged out by a mile at 2d. It couldn’t be a straight steal. I agree this was not the situation to call for hit and run. Well, that’s Tito’s unconventional way of managing.
What else can say you about D Bard facing the meat of the Yankees’s order. Bard made it look so eeeasy.
I would go with Lester on his regular rest tomorrow. A win or loss means 2 games in the standing either way.

trix….this is a little known stat that is used alot tho by scouts….its inherited runners allowed to score….ofcourse it only affects your relief pitchers and is a very important stat,….just ask loopy lopez…last yr his era wasnt bad…but the buggah always allowed the runners on to score…ramire is one of the best at shuttin the door when comming into games…normally sinker ball pitchers and strike out guys have the best ira….hope that helps

lets hope tonight that if the wheels come off the timmy wagon that tito reacts quick….the bp is rested and needs work anyhoo….i think a breakout night for papi and mikey is on the horizon….go sooooooox…..judge

Game time is umpteen hours away and already talking about Wakefield’s wheels falling off. Hopefully Wakefield has a little more confidence in himself than that before the game starts. You get what you get with Wakefield and it’s hard to figure out when to pull him. One inning may go to the crapper and then he might pitch 4 perfect innings after that. If it’s early in the game and Wakefield does run into difficulties Tito will hope for a turn-around before he starts using up the bullpen. Especially against the Yankees. I guess Tito has to figure out what he wants to do with the bullpen for the rest of the series. That’s always the decision he has to make before he pulls Wakefield. With a regular starter it’s pretty easy to tell when they’ve had enough. It’s never cut and dry with Wakefield. I do know I am in Wakefield’s corner…….Anyways…it was nice to see the Burnett take an $80M dollar shower last night….Go Sox!!!!!!!

I think the Sox are rolling and I will say the SOX hit Wang and his 14 era hard tonight and I think we will see more good things from PAPI. I believe PAPI has the worse behind him and with him beginning to Hit. The Sox has a team should soon go on a tear and put the Jays and Yankees back behind them a little bit. By the way Ortiz his .444 against Wang since ’04.

by the way cfarn…ive always been a staunch timmy supporter…the guy has done everythin….but….when he doesnt have it he does not all of a sudden find it…that is what i meant…and our bp is fully rested ….u arent gonna overwork a bp in 1 night…i think he used the bp last night cause they needed work and it was damp and a big lead..bp guys get rusty if not used a lil and we have a pluthera of nasty guys…no weak link at all…judge

It is good to see Bard in there, He will definately bring some fire into an already hot bull pen! I am also happy to see Papi go yard again… what is that, 3 now??? I would like to see the Sox trade for a good shortstop and DH hitter. I think one good fit is Adam Dunn for DH. And the other would be Ben Zobrist at short. Imagine what kind of results we can get from that line up!

Thanks Judge… Our league is SOOO different from this other one I’m in.. no joking around, like I said NO One chats with anyone else….

Hey Julia,
Check out my latest two entries. They’re GREAT!!!!!
Sox have to catch fire tonight. Gonna be tough.

I am agreeing with Judges comments today regarding Wake strategy and also pitchling Lester for game 3 on regular rest.

Infact here is my plan for tonight – anyone know how I can get it to Tito.

(1) Wake – innings (1-4) if he get’s that far. Do not extend him unless he is lights out, or until the first hit or walk in the 5th, then make the change, period.
(2) Masterson – innings (3 or 4-6)
(3) Decarmen (7)
(4) Ramirez or Oki (8)
(5) Papelpon or Tachio (9) depending upon the situation.

I would also go with Lester on regular days rest as well, especially if we lose tonight. Let Penny pitch in the NL park — in theory he should be more use to batting than Lester anyway — plus we need to move Lester up two spots in the rotation anyway (at some point) to get Josh and Lester in the 1 and 2 spots of our rotation.

Dave – I’ll head over to read them!

I see that Ellsbury won’t be in the game again tonight. I’m confident that Wakefield will do just fine tonight. Wang – I see us knocking him around early & often!

I just listened to 5 minutes of the MLB on a short break — man they take their picks fast, one after one another with no hesitation, not like the NFL draft?

Am I listening to a recording, or do they queue up the picks in advance? Whatever happen to the head scratching and decision making when it actually becomes your turn. Sounded like each team was rattling off their picks immediately, with no hesitation, more like a role call than a draft?

What’s the dah I am missing?

I hate to get rid of Penny because I feel that he can really help us down the road, however you have to give up something good in order to get something good. All this being said before his scheduled start tonight against the Skankees. We sure could use a good shortstop. How about a package deal to Florida for Hamley Ramirez. I heard he would like to come back to Boston. Maybe we should package Dice K along with Lugo. With Smoltz hopefully coming back strong and the strength we have with Bowden and Buck in Pawtucket we are overloaded at starters although there are many who would say you can never be overloaded with starters. I just dont think Lowrie at short is the answer. Can someone tell me what the H beside the pitchers info in the boxscore means. Thanks. Red Sox Fan in Carolina. By the way it is great to see that we drafted THE NEXT YAZ.

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