Pap was, uh, ill on Tuesday night

While NESN had some good-natured zooming in on what appeared to be a sleeping Jonathan Papelbon in the Boston bullpen on Tuesday night, Red Sox manager Terry Francona admits now that the closer probably should have been under the covers.

The righty got food poisoning from Tim Wakefield and Jason Varitek’s charity event on Monday night.

As it turns out, there was a minimal chance Papelbon would have pitched even if a save situation had presented itself.

“We really wanted to stay away from Pap,” Francona said. “I don’t know if before the game, we needed to announce that. But he had gotten food poisoning at Wake and Tek’s thing – to the point where he was really scuffling. He’s a good kid. He tries to be available. There was no way I wanted to [use him]. He was going to have a tough time. We actually did that two years ago against the Yankees [when Papelbon had a migraine] and we ended up bringing him in in the eighth, let alone [with a migraine], and it backfired. The fact that he wanted to be available, we appreciated. I don’t know if he would have pitched. And he’s OK today.”

“The poor guy, I felt bad for him. He had a tough night. To the point where I think [Dr.} Larry Ronan almost took him to the hospital. He was so dehydrated. He’s such a good kid that he’s out there trying to do what he should have done. Maybe I should have said something before the game, but I don’t know if that helps us win.”

Papelbon appeared to be fine today. For what it’s worth, former Red Sox closer Lee Smith was known for taking a nap in the clubhouse during every game.


Yikes, that sucks…hope he gets better.

Poor Pap! Glad he is feeling better though. I wonder how come no one else got food poisoning from the dinner? (note to all: beware that caterer!!!) j/k could have been something totally stupid, no offense intended. Here’s hoping they keep kicking that Bankees butts!!

Oh my! Maybe he was with all the High School seniors in my town! Many of them got sick over the weekend after the prom – some ended up in the hospital; some missed graduation on Monday night. I hope he is better!


Buenos Noches Amigo’s!!! (doesnt do the same as when the Rem-Dawg says it!!!) Hey all!!
I hope that Wake is bring his own brand of “heat” tonight!! lol.. We sure could use another W in the column, especially against these guys.
See you at game time if not before!!!

We should have invited some of the Yanks to Tek’s and Wake’s charity event. Maybe there is some food leftovers that we could send over to them– you know,- to promote good relations.
Let’s hope that Wake can start off on the right foot and hang in as long as he can. More importantly let’s hope the Sox, and Big Papi, continue to get on the board early.
Also, Tito shouldn’t hesitate on pulling Wake if he shows any signs of faltering.

Hi all…again.. Its game time. No pregame cheer again.
Go Sox!!!

Okay Wake! You got out of that! Let’s score some runs and not Wang around!

Nice walk Drew! Let’s go Youk!!!

WHOO HOOO!!!! Nice Start!!!

Good job!!!! Way to go JBAY!!!!

BAY!!!!! Love the Yankee fielding!

LOVE IT!!! Bases loaded! Let’s go Kotsay!!!

Yankees have Robertson up in the pen!

Ugh! Kotsay! that was a waste!


Uh OH!!!! Plan B???

Can they (Tito) ask for an umpires review on something like that??, or is it reserved for close calls on HR’s??



Let’s score some runs boys!!!


I think replay is just for HRs


Nice job Green!

That will need to change, in time, don’t you think??

I don’t know Ellen. Do we really want them to be able to review every call?

Nick Green is limping in….

Maybe that was my imagination..

WHOOO HOOOO!!!! Great running Green and great hit Kottaras!


DUSTY!!!!!! Nice play Swisher!!!

Come on YOUKK!!!! YOU-K CAN DO IT!!!!!

Let’s go Youk!!!

UGH!!! Youk!!!


Deliver Dustin from 3rd base…. AMEN

BAY!!! ugh!

let’s hold them Wake!!!

OK Tito- keep an eye on Wake- he has to do better than the first two innings. Don’t be afraid to pull him. You don’t have to wait for 5 innings to pass.



Hey Julia.. How are you tonight???? Hi Phil!!

man that was a close one for Papi!!! Darn….


I’m doing well Ellen? And you?

Hi Phil!

Nick Swisher ala Jeter-esque.. Remember a few years back off the third base side?? Gotta give vredit for the effort.

Bummer – Wang is leaving!

It was a nice effort – I think Swish was trying to make up for the missed ball.

Hi Julia, Ellen- Let’s keep rooting for the Sox to keep the inning alive. We are going to need more runs!!

Nice Balk!

Yes we are Phil!

COME ON WAKE!!! We need a good outing!

I tell you what…. Wake can SURE make a grown man look SILLY swinging at that thing, huh??

Great K Wake!!

He can Ellen – but Wake is making me a little nervous tonight!

One more batter to reach base and I would pull Wake and bring in Masterson. Don’t wait–Tito!!!

WAKE!!! HE is making me a LOT nervous! Dusty jumped as hi as he could!

That’s it!!! Don’t blow this one Tito. Don’t wait until it’s too late!!!

I agree Phil – bring in Masterson!

GO WAKE!!! Get Damon out!!

YES!!!!!!!! Thank you George!!!!

Okay Boys – we need some more runs!

No lead is EVER safe with these guys in pinstripes!!!

Anyone notice if Tito has anyone warming up? Girardi didn’t hesitate to pull Wang early on– albeit he hasn’t pitched much this year. Tito seems to keep Wake in too long. You can’t do this against the Yanks. Sooner or later they will be able to time his pitch— when he gets it over.

Yea, if Tito wants a W tonight — its time to replace Wake now — the 5th inning is coming. Masterson for 2 — then the normal pen — else its probably going to be trouble. We need more runs anyway.



No one was warming up during that half of the inning that I saw. I think we need Masterson.

Time for Wake to go – but it was a good pitch that Tex hit

One out! Let’s get two more boys!

Okay – 2 outs but now only up by 3! ugh!!

Time for Wake to go. He is too unreliable and should not even be a starter.

Okay Boys – time to put some more runs up!

Wake gave up another run. He now is on the record for a win–if this was Tito’s requirement. No need to wait any longer.
Let’s get some more runs- we could always use them. We will need them if he leaves Wake in.

We have “bad cheese”!

Nice walk David!!

We have “bad cheese”!

Nice walk David!!

I’d like to see Masterson come in. He needs the work.

Foul ball – let’s do it again! lol!

Let’s get some more runs boys!!

Please make Eck stop…….
…Cheese this, cheese that. AUGH!!!

Bummer! We needed runs there!

Sorry goodball – It’s no “gouda” Eck keeps on going! LOL! Sorry – couldn’t resist!

Come on Wake… HOLD EM!!!

WAKE!! It is time Tito – TAKE HIM OUT!!!

Ramirez is warming up.

NICE!!!!!! K! Okay – a little lucky there!

Hey, Julia, you called me goodball! I like it!!!
I’m just “feta” up with HIM. I miss Remy – wahhhhh……….

Phew! that was a little too close for out #3!

Let’s get some more runs boys!!!

LOL!!! Okay – do I know your name? my mind is like “swiss” tonight – full of holes!lol! Sorry!

Wake is done!

Hey everyone,
Julia thanks again for reading my blog. I do the same to your fine blog!
Finally, will you guys relax. We have a three run lead and you’re all in panic mode with Tim. Do you think Terry says in the dugout “gee I hope Tim blows the lead.” Have a little faith in Tim and Tito. They know what they’re doing. They know the importance of the game. It will be OK…wow look at Mr. Negative himself being pragmatic!

And if I could READ!! It would help also! lol! Damn – I’m not even drinking tonight – perhaps I should be! lol!!!

You are not DAVE!!! Who are you! lol!

You’re welcome! You’re blog was very funny today!

It’s difficult to see what Tito is thinking re: Wake. If he is going to pull him, he might consider doing it at the beginning of the inning. Let his relief pitcher, whoever he decides, come in without too much pressure. Try not to bring him in with the ntying or lead run at the plate. Hopefully our BP will be able to come through- no matter what.Let’s get some more runs!!!!

Julia…can we all say how hard Tim worked. he did what he needed to do. Yankees are a tough team…we know that. I say Thank you Tim! You are NO Dice-K!

Why is everyone so panicked. This game is in the bag. If the Sox play the game properly they will win. It’s going to be OK!

Tim did! I love Wake Dave! It is just tough in these games against the Yankees!

Thank God he ISN”T DICE-K!!! Will Dice-K be the odd man out when Smoltz comes back?

Glad he’s out. PLEASE being in Masterson!

No – Ramon Ramirez has been warming up –

I’m Wendy, Julia. Nice to meet ya! We might have to fight over Lowell, though!!! I’m going to Fenway on 7/6, tix on the 3rd base side – watch for me on NESN as I run onto the field and propose marriage to him. PS, Don’t tell his wife, though!

LOL!! I will not stand in your way Wendy! I love him for his baseball skills only! lol!

Ellen might fight you for Mikey!

Surprising. He pitched last night. Haven’t seen Masterson in awhile and he can go longer.

Eck was concerned about Ramon coming back in tonight.

My guess we will only see Ramon for one inning.

Well – that STUNK!!!!!

Then Masterson as bridge to Pap?


Ugh. Was Eck right, Julia?

Oh yeah! Eck does know his pitchers! Cheese and all!

Goofball.. You havent heard ANYTHING yet!!! hang around here a couple of games in arow… ;ast night and tonight his “Eck-ism” has been “central… Dead central, right central.. left central…. and he’s also fond of the pitchers “dotting the corners”… GET WELL SOON JERRY REMY… I vote for bringing WALLY in with Orsillo and give Eck some “central cheese time” to himself…

WHOA. Bad dream, here…

Bye bye Ramon.

Not good…….

Okie is up


One down! GET TWO MORE BOYS!!!!

I feel like we have to win this game tonight because I’m not so confident about tomorrow.

Oh, I read you loud and clear, Ellen! I always lurk here, but do not blog that often. Such an entertaining bunch, you all are!!!!!!

Think Happy thoughts! lol!!!

I wonder what it was that made Papelbon sick… HIGH CHEESE, GOOD CHEESE, oh no… must have been BAD CHEESE!!!!!

YES!!!!!! One more boys!!!

Salad Ellen – it was Salad! lol!!!

I want us to remain in the Skanks heads!!!!

You CANNOT lose this for Wake……. COME ON RAMONE!!!

Coke is warming up for NY


Okie is in! Not sure it is better!

Is Phil Hughes coming back in? We’re not doing well with him, especially Bay. Need to pad the lead!

Donny-O says that Coke is warming up – they haven’t shown him though.

Okay…. Take it away OKI DOKI… GET THEM O-U-T!!!!!!

Yeah, I’m not sure about Okie either. Fingers crossed!

Was checking in on Hoch’s blog (Yanks) and their pretty phyched over there. Think they have us over a barrel now.



Sorry – they’re not their.


Ok, guys….. Let’s get some insurance runs, now. Like 8 or 9, perhaps?

Hughes is back – damn!

*&^%$&* Swisher!

Ugghh. Phil Hughes!

Bye-Bye hughes! YAY!!!!

We’re giving the Skanks confidence.

Hughes is gone!!!!

Anyone notice that Jason seems to be always trying to pull the ball , which is tough if they continue to pitch to the outside corner. When he first came to the Sox he used the entire field and got many hits to the right side. Let’s get some runs guys!!!

Hate to admit it, but I was impressed with Hughes.

Ah… Yeah Wendy.. Youve got to go through the “seniority line” for mIkey…. I can lend him to you for the night but ask Julia… He’s got a Cinderella curfew… got to have him back by midnight or YOU turn into a pumpkin!!!! lol.. and you have to return him in the same condition in which you got him…. hehe….

Bay does not look good tonight Phil.

Coke – have a coke and a smile – for the Red Sox!!!!


Rant & Grant time!

I no Jack about this Coke guy.

Saito up in the ‘pen

Papelbon is up also

Ellen is very strict with Mikey Wendy.

Hmmm…which one will it be?

I no like Swisher……

Goes for me too.

Okie still in

OKIE!!!!! Time to GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m not liking the tone this game is taking.

OKIE!!!!! Time to GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Here we go again – on the edge of our seats.

Well – Swisher is gone…..GOOD!

There go my fingernails.

One out! 2 more guys!!!

Bring in Saito and then Pap!!!!

Francona waits too long sometimes. Take Okie out!

YES!!!! Sit down Jeter!!!


Hangin’ on every pitch…..


Ok, I was premature. Good job Okes!

WE NEED RUNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We need some offense- at least one more run. C’mon Sox- get it done!!!

Aceves is in

Green – ugh!!

Great hit Kottaras!!!



Get that run in!!!!!!

NO!!! Damn it!


Drive in Green!

Oops, I mean Kottaras.

Chicken Man – get back home!

Good job holding up!


Come on – one more run!

I don’t there are enough Yankees talking on the mound!


PLEASE YOUK!!!!! Bring them home!!!!

Does the ENTIRE infield really need to converge on the mound?

DAMN IT!!!!!

PAP – HOLD THEM!!! GET IT DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who’s up? Pap?

I believe it will be Pap – he was warming up.

Let’s hope Paps is feeling well enough to put them away. Let’s everyone root now!!!

C’mon Paps– put them away. NO WALKS!!!


Don’t give up the big HR Pap! Be on your game!

Can’t watch.


Check the ball why? What is Giradi’s problem????

Yes! And we all know how good A-Roid is in these situations. Hehe.

Are you here for every game?

Touble with slider?????


Pretty much – I miss a few but I usually here.


Don’t play games – GET HIM OUT!



I’m scared.


Phew! One more!

Looks like we’ve been deserted.

I think so!


Throw him the cheese!


7 Straight!!!!

OMG – that was close!

Have a good night Julia.


8 straight tomorrow!!!

WAT TO GO SOX!!! Let’s make it a sweep tomorrow!!!!!

You too! Have to go put my new blog up!!!

Night all!

Good Night!!!

When Wakefield is pitching you need to put yourself in the frame of mind that it’s going to be tough to watch. Then you can actually relax and watch. He throws a knuckleball 80% of the time and even he has little idea where it’s going to go. If you are watching Wakefield looking for one clean inning after another you are not being fair to him or yourself. In fact….you may end up in a coronary clinic. If Beckett or Lester are out there with no command than we are in big touble. Those are the guys who drive me nuts when they are all over the place. I go into Wakefield’s starts expecting turmoil and it’s a lot easier watching him if you know what to expect from him. On the other hand…I can hardly even watch Dice-K. I’ll give my Dad credit….he doesn’t watch the games Wakefield pitches. I actually am more relaxed now on Wakefieldf’s starts than any other pitcher because I don’t expect him to be as commanding as the others so ther seems to be less pressure for me to watch the game. BTW….he had a typical Wakefield start tonight….and the Sox won. He did better than the bullpen tonight too. Who would have expected that. Wakefield…..expect the unexpected and save yourself a heart attack. Now throw some tomatoes…I am wearing a hefty sack!!!!!!!! Go Sox.

After reading some of the comments on the Hoch Yank blog, I think Boston should play nice and let the Yanks win tomorrow or some of their bloggers might shoot someone or themselves or press for trading everyone on the team or a combination of all of the above. lol

Great game Sox; whip them tomorrow as well.

Were the Red Sox Nation nervous when Pap came to the mound with just on run lead? I am not saying Pap would blow the save. The question was whether Pap would do the easy way or the hard way. Lol
It was good thing that one of Tex?s 4 hits didn?t come in the 9th. Giraldi pinch ran for A-Rod and Swisher. I hope Francona was watching. Lol
What?s wrong with Masterful? Haven?t seen him in action for a while. Need run support for Penny. We know Penny will give up 4-5 runs in 6 innings.

i wonder how long it will take for yankees fans to realize that the sox organization is here for a long,long, doesnt matter how much money they spend,the sox will still be here…i know some other ppl in here predicted around the same that i did…at the time i said our number 4-5 starters would have a better record than fat boy and dl boy…well…wake and penny have how many more wins?…and they cost us less …..much much less….we all knew texeira was gonna produce…but ya know…it just wont be enough…so yes i expect the yanks to break the bank soon …..ah gan… long as limp rod is on that team…they just wont win….ask seattle(nasty team and couldnt win) and texas…. im still hoping we can get a big basher…im afraid that mikey,drew,or someone will have an injury and then we are stuck…..what is more perplexing to me…is what in the sam hell are we gonna do with 9 big league starters….u cant keep the kids in the minors forever…is adrian gonzo worth 2 blue chips?….i say no….but he is worth a blue chip and maybe delcarmen….i would take gonzo over tex anyday….better clutch,and as good at 1st..maybe vmart from cleveland….i hate to say it…but papi still doesnt have me convinced…yet…..who will react 1st…..yanks or sox….i expect the yanks to get another top pitcher….lee,peavy,or another….and a big bat… theo….will u stay put….or actually make a deal… breathless with anticipation…..judge

Its great to be spotted a 7-0 lead. Glad to see no one on this blog gloating and boasting — too wise for that…

and especially since the Yanks (for whatever reason) have not brought their complete A-game to any of theses previous 7 games. They have their O back now, but for whatever reason, they have tanked on pitching for virtually all of the games we have played them this year — or at least I am having trouble recalling one.

If we for whatever reason continue to totally dominate them this year, I sure hope they don’t make the playoffs. I hate to meet them in playoffs having something like a 14-4 record or something like that, and set the stage for return of favors for 2004. Even so, I still want to win every game, the law of averages can even out in the next millenium🙂

There is no reason to gloat and boast about 7-0 lead if it is not 7 games lead in the standing. When it comes the playoffs, we can throw the regular season stat out of the window. LAA dominated the Sox in the regular season in 2008. What happens in the ALDS?
The Yanks are tough on the remaining AL teams. If I am not mistaken, the Yanks have winning records againt AL East teams except the Red Sox.

agreed….no matter how much the yanks fans stomp their feet tho….their pitching staff is no wheres near ours….sabathia gets rocked by the sox and has a horrid playoff record….the sox wont swing at burnetts bs so he will always be ineffective….wang is …well…..done im afraid…joba is hittable on his best day….and their bp is hapless….now…im also not warm and fuzzy about our offense…its a long season and when the dog days hit…i hope the much maligned bodies of drew,mikey,papi,and tek can hold up….rocco and kotsay are not gonna carry us if there is an injury….god forbid yuke or pedey get hurt ….this is a distinct possibility just because of the way they play…im praying for a major deal that will provide us with a safety blanket….vmart or gonzo would be an awesome addition….a few others make me salivate also…..pls theo…think on this seriously and dont just hope an injury wont happen….judge

Good morning everyone,
First fantastic couple of games for Nick Green. He’s swinging well and getting contact and holding his own in defense. He’s not a superstar with a tremendous amount of talent but he certainly has a LOT of heart. I’m SURE he’s taking extra batting practice.
Second, Kottaras is hitting well too and has been working hard. Nice to see the guys who don’t get the publicity getting the hits.
I’m a little concerned about Pedroia. For some reason to me he looks off at the plate. He’s still swinging hard but seems to be struggling a bit. Jason Bay as well. It may not show in the numbers all the time but just how they present themselves at the plate. Call it a feeling I have.
Also nice to see Wakefield pitch. Guy knows how to get out of a jam.
Tonight will be Penny but who knows. Sabastia hasn’t quite lived up to his Twinkie/Ding Dong/Slurpies contract. We’ll see.

Its probably Lugo’s turn as well🙂


Speaking of Lugo…I wrote probably his funniest piece in the blog.
You will roar over this one.

dave: Your last piece on Lugo is disgusting. I almost vomit all over the computer. LOL Good thing I read it before lunch.

how many of you would want ryan church on our bench…as long as hes relatively cheap i would….good lefty bat and above average defense….good arm….hmmmm…..nancy’s replacement when dl visits?….judge

Judge: Ryan Church, a career 270 hitter, is cheap but not durable either. As a bench player? I’ll pass. Maybe not. A Baldelli from the left side.
Hope Penny will have a quality start and Masterful pitches in the 7 & 8 and Bard closes out the game.

Tonight’s lineup:
Pedroia, Drew, Youkilis, Bay, Lowell, Ortiz, Varitek, Baldelli, Green.

I didn’t think Francona had it in him to play Green three starts in a row — good for him. I guess he is finally making a statement. Green will probably have to go through this all over again when Lowrie gets back. Too bad for both of them. I have this funny feeling that Green can get better and better and be really good, given a chance to play consistently.

I still don’t see us going 8-0 against the Yanks tonight — sorry, unless CC makes it a clean sweep with a third straight poor SP performance — but I don’t see that happening. My hunch is the Yanks will score between 5 and 8 runs tonight — and we will have to out slug them to win. If CC is on, we will probably come in at 2 or 3, maybe 4 runs tops. But if he tanks, and the give us another one, we will of course take it🙂

I suppose I am suggesting that for us to win, we will need probably 8 or more runs, maybe get by with 7. For the Yanks to win (if CC is on) they will only need 4 or 5 runs.

The Yanks are doing us a favor by taking Posarda out of the lineup and inserting Cevelli as a catcher. We shall see.

Judge… Church.. maybe… after he passes “how to touch all the basese 101”!!!! LOL

Judge… Church.. maybe… after he passes “how to touch all the bases 101”!!!! LOL

Here we go again…
200 posts seems to be the limit before we start having the lag time…. 5 minutes to post the last one.

Well, I’ll post this now…
Hoping for a really good performance by Penny tonight and thank you Tito for not putting Lugo in!!
No pre-game cheer, probably around the 3rd or 4th tonight!!!
GO SOX!!!!


HI All! Are we ready for some baseball!!

And yes – Ian! NEW THREAD!!!

That was close but UGH!!! NOT A GOOD START!!

Nice getting Tex out!

Warning both benches? Do they really think that Penny hit him on purpose?

Penny probably DID hit him on purpose… In each of the last 8 meetings between the Yankees and the Sox, the Yankees have hit a RedSox batter (ots usually joba plunking YOUK…). Tuesday they hit 2 of our batters….

Hey Jules.. how are ya?? looks like just me and you so far…

good job… NO RUNS SCORED!!!

come on Pedey!!!!


I think Greg is getting ready to move so he won’t be on tonight.

Wooooooooooo JD!!!! Go Sox!!

C.C. is afraid of Youuuuk! LOL!!!

Let’s make them pay for that! COME ON BAY!!! YOU ARE DUE!!!!!!

Good to see JD go the opposite way. As long as they pitch him away he can continue to tatooo that wall. Let’s get him in!!!

Bay! BUMMER!! At least it wasn’t a DP!

Bay is having a tough stretch.

MIKEY!!! I still no like Swisher!

Come on Penny – we need you ON!!!!

OKay… HOLD EM REDSOX!!!!! Be quick Brad 1-2-3!!!! (outs that is)!!!lol

Have I mentioned that I don’t like Nick Swisher??

It looks like while Penny has the velocity it seems that his ball has no movement and he can’t put it past them!!!



Way to go Papi!!! Good to see our hitters are going to the opposite field. Jason may want to consider doing it as well. Let them come back inside to your power. Keep it going!!!!

Hey – did you all see – the Red Sox drafted Yaz’s grandson Michael today!

arghhh!!! Cheese, dotting the corners, jack, gas… Save me from the Eck-isms!!!! I think I’ll stick my head in the oven if I hear them again,,, ooops… Electric oven!!! lol

Penny isn’t looking so bad!

Let’s get some more runs boys!!!

Another Yaz?? How good is that??? Man, if he’s 1/2 as good as Carl than we’ve got a GEM!!!

Let’s get our offense going– open up the lead. Let’s try to keep the Yanks playing catch-up ball.

C’mon Pedey- you look like your just trying to meet the ball to avoid striking out. Take your normal aggressive cut. Nail the ball.

Come on JD!!!

Man… I LOVE dirt dawgs!!!!

I wish these announcers should let us see the game. They can BS between innings!!!

It’ not what the announcers say– as I always watch the game with NO Volume– but I would rather see the palyers on the field rather than them trying to sell books. Save that for between innings!!

Hey – I’ll be back later – I need to go be a mom right now – my 14 year old is having a tough time.

Papi should have been on second base. Everyone has to hustle!!!

new thread

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