Big Papi getting his groove back

We finally have more than a very isolated example to think that maybe, just maybe, David Ortiz is finally morphing back into David Ortiz.

Two nights after belting a prodigious homer into the center field seats, Papi just launched a Monster Mash against CC Sabathia. It wasn’t one of those lazy flyballs either. Ortiz crushed it.

And yes, he got his fourth curtain call in as many homers this season. A new tradition has been built here at Fenway.

By the way, Penny’s velocity appears to be the best it’s been all season. What an intriguing situation to see what happens once Smoltz is activated. Oh, by the way, Smoltz got rained out tonight. He’ll be back at it in Syracuse tomorrow.

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Catch you later.


Where is everyone?!!!!?!

Yaz’s grandson? – That is a beautiful thing!!!

Hey Goofball!!!! How’s it going… I’ll go back to the previous thread and bring em hmoe!!!

that’s HOME

Okay time to have someone cross the plate that has REDSOX across the front of their Jersey!!!

Let’s start something!!! Let’s get some runs!!!

Hi, Ellen! Thanks for joining me here! So far, so good… We do need some of those mighty insurance runS, though. Go Sox, GO SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi Phil!! GO SOX!!

Come on Brad.. You can do this!! get him OUT!!!!

Thanks, Penny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Not a good job… GREAT JOB!!!! WAY TO GO BRAD!! Thats his best game yet… maybe he needs to hit someone every game… (just joking)

Go JD GO!!!!! Come on get a hit!! Crank one outta here!!

Hi Ellen— We’ve got to get something going!!! Open up the lead!!! I see where Tito has Manny Del warming up. What has happened to Masterson?? Does anyone know if he is ailing??

I thought for sure that they had been saving him to back up Penny tonight.. I’m sure that we’ll see him tonight (at least to get him some work)… COME ON Dr FeelGood… FEEL GOOD!!! GO MANNY D!!!!

C’mon Manny- let’s hold them–NO WALKS!!!

I’m not sure that Tek is enjpying the curtain calls that Papi is getting.. lol.. eavery time Papi slams one they call for him as Teks 1st pitch is coming across the plate!! lol

I cant print what I said……….. GET MASTERSON UP AND WORKING NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, Tito managed to prevent Penny from getting a well deesrved win.

But Phil… Would it have been a win??.. he seemed to be starting to unravel FAST.. he’d thrown 120 pitches from what they said.


Wow!!elCarmen seems to have NOTHING tonight

Too bad— Penny pitched a great game!!!!!

I think the last two innings Penny pitched they only got one hits.

Good job Saito! Great catch Baldelli. Now let’s come from behind and pull it out!!!

C’mon Pedey– put it over the wall!!!

Good job JDDREW!!!!

OK– Let’s keep it going!! C’mon Youk!!!

Way to go!! Let’s go get them!!!


Keep it going!!!! We need some more runs!!! Paps- stay out of the rain and keep warm!!!

come on tek-er!!!

Tek is going back to being dead wood. OK it’s up to Paps- bring it home!!!

Jon Bon better have the “stare and glare” tonight!!!! GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO JON-BON!!!! GET EM BUBBA!!!!

Good Job NIck!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1 out!!!


We did it!!!! We swept them again!! To quote Mel Allen “How About That” !!!!

I got to see the rally in the 8th and Pap’s one, two, three save!!
How about Nick Green?? He’s really stepping it up lately.
Too bad MDC couldn’t hold the lead for Penny, but he has done so well this year I won’t hold this against him.
All the years the Sox and the fans had to suffer the bad Mojo when playing the Yanks, now it feels pretty good when the tables are turned.
I’m sooo happy!
GO SOX!!!!

2 game lead in the AL East. Gotta love it.

And Papi’s starting to hit. Life is good, very good.

Hi all. Just checking in. It is a beautiful night out here on the West Coast. Great come from behind win. I started to choke when they left the bases loaded but it came out alright in the end. GO SOX.

Two superb fielding plays– Baldelli and Green. Great piitching by Paps. Tmely hitting by the Sox. Put it all together and what do we have ????????????????

Hi All – sorry I missed being here for the game – some nights you have to be a mom first. BUT 8 & 0! OMG!!! Papelbon looked like PAP tonight! WHOOO HOOO!!!

I hope to be on for the game tomorrow!


The Sox start out 8-0 against the Yankees. I say start out because all the crap I have talked about them in the past 50 years has always come back to bite me in the rear end. I have learned to shut up and enjoy it while it lasts because the Yankees have a good team and will continue to beat up on a lot of the other teams and the only defense the Sox have against that is to keep winning their games. I will always be weary of the Yankees……I don’t see the Padres giving up Adrian Gonzales anytime soon unless I’ve missed something which is very possible. We have a pretty good first baseman ourselves. I also think Kotsay is as good as Church if all we do is use Church as an occasional starter. I also think Kotsay is more accustomed to coming off the bench than Church. Kotsay plays all 3 OF positions and 1B. Very valuable. Once the deadline nears the Sox will have a clear picture of what they will need for the stretch run. Not sure what SS has ahead for the Sox. We’ll have to wait and see who is out of the race and who is ready to deal. If Papi keeps hitting we may have the big bat we need already. BTW…..I would not hurry up and get rid of Penny until the Sox are sure that Schmoltz is good to go. It would be a big mistake to get rid of the guys who are giving you a chance to win every night. The Sox are in first right now and you have to be careful not to upset the chemistry. Time will tell….but tonight’s a great night to be a Sox fan!!!!!! Go Sox!!!

Hey all!
1: PLEASE give kuddos to Nick Green. He’s saving our butt out there and compared to you know who, I’m not longing for Jed Lowrie anymore. Nick is kicking tail.
2L PLEASE give praise to David Ortiz. If ANYONE deserves it, he does. He was awesome.
3: Brad Penny — what a performance. He worked his tail off.
4: I’m concerned about Dustin. His bat is slipping. I can feel it. I hope he’s OK.
5: The BEST feeling has overcome me. Sox have taken it on the chin but man they beat a VERY tough team three nights in a row. Rock on Sox!

Wellll – catching up with things over here this morning…& it doesn’t get a whole lot better than this during the regular season.

Papi is finally easing his way back into the groove. The Sox are 8-0 against the Yankees, & have completed 3 straight sweeps. And with the exception of Dice-K, our starting roster is really beginning to look strong – which, coupled with the awesome form of the bull-pen, is going to carry on making the Sox a tough, tough, team to beat.

If you have a slow moment, & want to make it all even better, catch Michael Kay’s commentary on the bottom of the 8th on YES. He & his co-commentators start off so puffed up about CC getting the job done, & how important it is for him to have done this at Fenway, & how this is exactly what the Yankees paid $180m for, & on & on…& you can audibly feel all the bravado slowly seeping out of them as Pedey fouls off pitch after pitch. It’s so self-indulgent, but so worth it!!!

(credit where credit’s due – at the end of Pedey’s at bat, Kay says ‘there was an MVP at bat against a pitcher who’s been locked into his game’)

moanin moanin…well well well…..a nice comeback…..sabathia pitched better than i expected but i think it was more the sox didnt hit as well as i expected…until the 8th…..losing 8 in a row?… that has got to burn the yankee faithful….lol…it would burn me…albeit they are only 2 back…..but…..papi is strokin with authority….pedey will find his stroke…..maybe drew has found his nitch….mikey hasnt been on fire….im still not warm and fuzzy about the bench…..maybe a pure veteran hitter is all we need…..rt now we are hangin tuff tho and its a fine day….oh ya…..WE WON 8 STRAIGHT……..haha….ok that s all the gloating lol…..judge

There are too many things to talk about last night’s game. A few notes and observations that stand out:
!. Brad Penny’s stellar performance above pundit’s expectation.
2. Big Papi’s slow and nice turnaround, opposite field HR
3. How can MDC gave up a run scoring 2B to a .200 AA hitter? 3 runs in 2/3 inning?
4.Badelli & Green defensive plays
The Sox’s sweep not only for the psychological edge but a win loss means a difference of 2 games in the standing.

Dave: Don’t worry about MVP Pedroia. His 10 pitch walk started the rally.
I am used to defend Lugo, but not any more. If Lowrie returns, I’ll keep Green as a utility infielder. It time for Mr. Henry to eat Lugo’s $15M contract.

Morning everyone!!! WOW!!!! I remember how I felt a couple of years ago when the Yankees swept us at home 5-0. I think it was 4th of July weekend. I guess that Yankee fans are feeling somewhat the same. As good as it feels for the Sox and RSN right now, You know that we always end up battling it out with them… and if we get into the post season and face them, I dont think it goes like this. Regardless of what we saw this series, they are a TOUGH team. (its sort of like how we cant beat the Rays). I think that they take this loss and build on it, we just need to keep a close watch on them and keep making forwrd strides.
I like the way Brad Penny pitched last night. and I think he made the point with AROD.. I also think that he’s found his niche, and feels very much more settled. he was locked last night. Lots more fast balls. He looked good. Everyone contributed.. I really like that Papi is progressing (and I like that our former centerfielder, you know, Jimmy whats his name dropped a ball that Papi hit…) MDC was WMD (a weapon of mass destruction) almost….. but it was just a hiccup, I think. all in all it was a TEAM EFFORT AND A TEAM WIN/SWEEP… Job Well Done!!!!!

Hey all, what a game last night? Here’s a real challenge moving forward, that I think the SOX are 0 for 3+ on, since the incredible initial trades of 2004 — over-tinkering….. remember Cabrera, Gagne, need I say more?

So with absolutely 0 (no) comparison of Smoltz to Gagne, how do we bring him on? The only thing I can think of is carry one less infielder and bring him into the pen, maybe send Baldili down. Are you really going to trade Penny for to make room for an untested Smoltz? and if so, what will you trade Penny for, a bench player? a short stop, a catcher? …. what would we do with any of these guys, except a bench player? So we trade Penny when we haven’t see how Smoltz will hold up at all, just on his rep?

And we don’t need a new short-stop — well unless you are going to get Michael Young. I really like Lowrie, but reluctantly even more so Green. I see the Youk/Pedey mentality in Green… and clutch hitting, have stated it before, I think this guy is a diamond in the ruff, and can really pay dividends for any team that is wise enough to give him the traction. Still I might do a trade for Young, but probably no one else.

The only thing I can see that will help this team is to cut losses, get the hidden weights off your team, and find ways to release Lugo and Dice-K. You have Buckholtz in the minors, and two pitchers Penny and Smoltz than give you a couple of years, and Dice-K is as good is he is, he just can’t give you more than 5 or 6 innings on his best days — and its walking a tight-rope for most of those innings.

So I know this isn’t feasible, but if there were a way to trade Dice-K and Lugo (and incidentals) for Young, I would sign on the dotted line. Any other trade for Penny, Green… is really rolling the dice and I suspect will put us in the (0-4) category in over tinkering.

Catchers…. we can deal with that next year, plus you can tell Kotaras in a bright kid — intelligence in catchers is key.

dgn… one less infielder works for me… I think Lugo just put his hand up and volunteered to go!!!! lol

dgn… one less infielder works for me… I think Lugo just put his hand up and volunteered to go!!!! lol

The Sox should not let the sweep of the hated Yankees gloss over the ?imperfections? of the team. Do the Sox need another big bat? A shortstop, etc. My concern is that the Sox have stranded far toooo many RISP. Last night?s 8th inning was an exception. We have seen too many occasions where the Sox failed to score with runners on 1& 2 with none outs. The Sox can do better if improved on the RISP problem even w/o a big bat or whatever.

That was maybe the game of the season last night and only 49 posts? Where were all you guys?

I think we were all glued to the game — it was rivoting.

We’re going to be amazing when Papi turns it on again(I never lost my faith nor did Tito or The office that calls the shots. Thank god!). He picked up bad habits trying to hit the ball with his wrist injury and hes now tweaking those bugs out.
I just hope we don’t trade Penney… When Smoltz comes in the rotation Dice-K needs to be opt to Trip A or go to relief until he gets his arm back… We will have the best team in the game if we don’t let Penney go.

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