Smoltz in holding pattern

John Smoltz is Major League ready. Now the Red Sox just need to find a rotation spot for him. The future Hall of Famer expects to pitch Thursday — but he doesn’t know if it will be for the Red Sox or one more outing for Pawtucket.

He couldn’t be any more on board with the program and is actually excited to be on a team so deep that it’s this hard to figure out where he fits in.

“We’re going to leave those options open for the next week and see what happens,” said Smoltz. “There’s a lot of off-days. And I’m tickled to death to be at this point vs. struggling, having to figure out when I was going to return.”

More later.


We can call this a draw and split the title of “most polite and charitable fan toward a “challenged”player!! I can understand how you’ll have to vent tonight. But I’m sure if Lugo makes one mis-step, Tito will pull him and put Nick in the game!!

I’m literally sick to my stomach. Fracona pulled Nick Green who’s on fire and put in the water fountain of a thousand leaks of Julio Lugo. I’m really depressed. Very few times in my life have I had such loathing for a player. That and Dice-K will make this contest a battle of wills to decide what will kill my stomach quicker.
Lugo will make a bunch of errors and sure enough he’s signed in the next ten games. #$#$ Francona. O.K…My vent is done.

Now as for Dice-K,
You make a ton of money and you pitch crappy. I’m tired of Dice-K and I’m tired of his pitching. He burns through a bullpen and is not worth the money. Henry should have let him go to the Mets.
IN fairness we sort of needed him in 2007…I guess and he was the ONLY consistent winner in 2008 but this is 2009 so like I can now hate him.
If Nick Green was playing tonight I’d be OK…but he’s not. I understand that. I have to agree with 007chow. Francona is OK as a manager to the press and a big pitcher manager but the idea of playing Lugo tonight means to me he can be an idiot as well.
OK…my second and FINAL vent is done…promise.

I am now thinking that between Lugo and gold glover Ellsbury, Francona would play Lugo all the time. What is this obsession with this guy…ooop…sorry…my shut up now. Done with Lugo.

I am REALLY hoping that Dice K can pull it all together tonight.. I really don’t understand him… What he has worked in Japan, but it definitely hasnt been here this season!!!
Anyway, I am going to keep skipping the Pre-game cheer, until its time not to skip it!! lol..
Should be an interesting game.
BTW did anybody read how Girardi called the Commisioners office to ask for Penny’s suspension??? AROD probably ran up to him and said.. “if you love your #1 superstar, you’ll call the commissioners office and tell on Brad..if you don’t I’m going to put on more pink lip gloss and pout some more, will you send in the photographers so they can get pictures of that?!!!” When they suspend Chamberlain for all of his “slips/losses of control” they can suspend Penny.. In all but the final game of this last series a Yankee pitcher has hit a REDSOX batter. We’re talking 8 games straight!!! going back to last season…. at least that’s what I read..

I’ll leave it at that and just say:
GO SOX!!!!!

Hi All!

Ellen – I just read your above comment – Girardi is asking for Penny to be suspended? WHAT A JERK!!!

I’m a little worried about Dice-K!! PLEASE be the “good” Dice-K tonight!


Ellsbury! NICE!!!! Let’s bring him home!!!

Okay – is this the strangest start to a game or what???? GO RED SOX!!!!

Heads up base running!! Good Job YOUK!!!!

Howard had a MAJOR brain-fart on first base – ummm – did he think Youk wouldn’t run to third???



Yeah Baby!!!! Mikey!!!!

MIKEY!!!! I thought that was gone also!!!

NO!!! It is raining now in Philly!

Re Lugo — at least on NESN Francona is talking like he is just pacing his players, which means that for now Green is our number 1 short stop.

Tek! Bummer


Good Job by Lugo! Stayed with him and used it…

Lugo broke the guys umbrella in the stands! lol!

And big Papi has an umbrella!

LUGO???? I don’t believe it! Are we playing a little league team?? 3 errors????

Talk about a gift wrap — even Dice-K (one would help) cannot return such a favor — Mother Nature is our biggest threat now.

The Yankees lost!!!

Ellen — ok thanks — its a draw — but I am going to try to keep my better habits🙂

Speaking of Yankees — lets spread this around TO THE MAX if you haven’t heard it already — maybe I am the last to hear — but the new Yankee stadium was named by a sports caster on Around the Horn of ESPN the other night as “The House That Ruth-less-ness Built”. I suppose I don’t need to point out the double entendre there🙂

Did Lugo just make a good play??

This rain is NOT good! We don’t want the game stopped!

I had not heard that dg ! Too funny! I’ll have to find the link to the story and put it on my blog tomorrow!

So far so good for Dice-K.

Rain delay! BUMMER!!! I don’t know if they will get the game in tonight! UGH!!! NOT GOOD!!!

Rain Delay… This could kill Matsuzaka…. and in turn US

Julia — it was said on the Around The Horn telecast Thursday or Friday night — don’t know if it made into print.

Now they are saying this might not last too long – BUT Dice-K was playing well! This will hurt him.

Growl————– MOTHER NATURE!!!!

Both teams have to deal with it — I would say the biggest blow to us is that we had a pitcher on the ropes already — if the delay is long enough, we could have a whole new pitcher — but their bullpen is probably more worked than ours with three extra inning games in a row.

What happens if a game is called in less than 5 innings — do you start over on another date at the same inning and score — or do you play a whole new clean game?

Thanks dg – I’ll search around – it could be some where! Okay kiddies – I’ll be back in a bit! Let’s hope for a SHORT rain delay!

DGN, me too!!! I found it easier than I expected… is reporting 90% chance of rain until 9 pm, then dropping off to 30% change by 10 pm — it might be a 2 hour delay if that report is accurate.

That would make a GREAT bumper sticker Dgn, don’t you think?

Ellen — you’re right — except I wouldn’t put it on my car, as rabid as fans are, maybe just go around and stick on known Yankee fans cars at night🙂 — but we do need the spread the term, and make it stick like Evil Empire.

I’m watching the Ultimate RedSox show. They showed the catcher from Boston College (Sanchez), (from Miami) seems very mature for a college player.. I’ll file that name away for the future.

Unfortunately, Tek is tanking again at the plate — hopefully he is not ahead of schedule in returning to 2008 form for the 2nd half of the season.

I c an start that down here!!! I really like that one..

I’m here!!!

new thread

Guys, GUYS! Stop calling Tito stupid for putting Lugo in for tonight! Yes Lugo is struggling and I would much rather Greeney in tonight but he has started since June 5th every game… He’s not use to that considering this is his first year every to start more than 5 games in a row! He may of needed this rest more than anyone on the field.

As much as I want Lugo to fail tonight and we still win I was happy that he went 4-5… I wanted this game to be the nail in his coffin to show us he needed to be traded but yet, he has his best game ever in a red sox uni haha…

I never knew having too many good players on a team could be such a headache.. I hope this will be our rotation(in order)
Beckett,Lester,Smoltz,Penney,Wake. Send Dice K to Trip A to let him rethink of ever pitching his season away in the World Classic or put him on a 30 day DL to let his arm rest. he showed so much fatigue in that 4th Inning tonight.. Ok I’m done with my rant

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