Wake could provide relief

With the bullpen getting taxed in Friday’s 13-inning win, veteran knuckleballer Tim Wakefield volunteered for relief duty on Saturday.

It is Wakefield’s normal side day, and even if he pitches, it wouldn’t affect his next scheduled turn in the rotation, which is Tuesday night against the Marlins.

Red Sox manager Terry Francona is hoping he won’t have to use Wakefield, but was glad to have the option.

“Wake is going to be available and hopefully it’s just one of those [situations] where we can use the guys we want to, and use them correctly, knowing he’s behind them,” said Francona. “If something happened early, that would be a situation [to use Wakefield] also. He’s aware of it. That helps us a lot. Wakey is pitching on Tuesday. We got pretty deep last night.”

Wakefield last pitched in the bullpen in Game 5 of the 2004 ALCS, pitching three scoreless innings to earn the win in a 14-inning epic. Of course, that performance was most remembered for Jason Varitek having three passed balls in that top of the 13th inning, but somehow clutching strike three as the Red Sox got out of it unscathed.

In other news, shortstop Julio Lugo, who had a key pinch-hit on Friday, was in the starting lineup for the first time in eight days.

“He hasn’t played in a while and I don’t know that’s in anybody’s best interest, even maybe [Nick Green],” Francona said. “Giving him a day helps everybody.”

Ian Browne


Well there’s a option if Dice-K can’t comeback in or if he is a mess. Thank goodness we have Wakefield!

Hopefully the Sox restart this game!!!

Also, just another reason I love Wake!

Ian just posted on Twitter – 9:10 the game should resume!


I like baseball!!!

Game is back on! And the Phillies did not bring back out Bastardo. I wonder if Dice-K will come back out.

We all like baseball!

Bummer – our bats seem to have cooled down.

Bummer! Let’s hold them boys!

Dice-K is back. hmmm….I don’t know if I like this…..

Dice-K……grrrr……can we have Wake now – PLEASE!!!

This is a team that Dice-K should do well against. Very few have seen him before and that is an advantage for Dice-K.

One thing that concerns me with the Red Sox is they really don’t care about the runners on base. I don’t understand why teams don’t run more against Boston, almost a gurantee that they will steal the base.

What – was Howard going to stop so Dusty could tag him out? Howard’s head is NOT in the game tonight!

Dice-K!!! Ugh! Let’s get this last out without giving up any runs!

Hey guys I was stuck in limbo.. had to restart the computer (or kaputer as greg says!! lol).. I was going to say something about Dice K but I dont want to jinx it…..

Thank you Dusty!

Let’s get the bats going!

Welcome back Ellen – have to be nice about Dice-K right now!

How do you measure a player?? Stand him next to Tim Wakefield… If ever there was a player that the phrase “there is no “I” in team” personifies.. It’s
Wake… He gives everything and has little or no ego. I think that if he thought he could play 2nd or 3rd and was needed, he’d step up and volunteer.. We often say that Tek is more than “just” a catcher, well I certainly think that Wake is more than “just” a pitcher. Glad we have him!!!!

Do the Phillies know how to play baseball?? Howard is a mess tonight – we’ll take it!

Couldn’t agree more Ellen! We have got to find some way to get Wakefield to the All-Star game! He has never been selected!

oh it was going to be nice… I will say it in a bit..

Gots to hold ’em!!!! COME ON SOX!!! BIG DE-FENSE!!!!!!

Listen the next time the ump calls a strike… It sounds like he’s saying “DICE-KKKKKKKKKKKK”

Looks like Jacoby used some of his “down” time to get a hair cut!!!

Nice catch Jacoby! Glad you’re back!


I was just thinking about tomorrows game… with the delay tonight and Beckett pitching tomorrow, we’ll need Tek calling tomorrow’s game.. Does anyone else think that we’ll see an early exit for the Captain tonight?? and i’m glad its Josh pitching on my birthday.. Nice present from the RedSox!!!

How does Mikey keep doing that??? WE LOVE YOU MIKEY!!!!

Tien to start someone in the pen… pitch count getting up there and he’s getting a bit wild for my tastes.

Nice snag Mikey… an inning ender!

It will be a great birthday gift for you Ellen! They won on my B-Day I know they will win for you!

I think Tek will stay in as long as Dice-K is in.

LUGO!!!! Another Hit! WOW!!

Nick Nick Nick Nick!!! lol I know its Lugo, but a girl can dream, huh?

LOL Ellen! Nick tomorrow for your B-Day!!

Nice Julio.. 2 hits.. He’s starting a streak!!!!

BUMMER!!! Ugh! Would have been better for Dice-K to get out!

Pinch runner time!!! come on Tito/\/\

DUSTY!!! He needs to work out of his slump!


DAMN!!!! DICE-K needs to GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hi all,
Just tuned into gameday. Slow night here.
Anyway, two questions: How does Dice-K do it? He’s pitched a relatively clean game, it seems, and yet his pitch count is 60-ish after 3 innings???
And this is twice by my count that Lugo has made the first out of the inning at third base. Even my 5 year-old nephew knew not to do that in Little League!
Great game, so far, eh??
Sox need more runs!! These Phillies can hit.
GO SOX!!!!!



SMOLTZ!!!! It is time to bring in Smoltz and sit Dice-K!



Yes Arnie – WE NEED MORE RUNS!!!! UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is a one run game!

Evening Arnie… Sorry its slow for you.. Its slow for Dice K too,, a slow death at the hands of himself!!! Talk about hari kiri!!! But he’s taking the whole team with him… Suicide bomber!!

Chauk this one up to Mother Nature — I think Dice-K would have given up the runs anyway — but perhaps we would have had another inning of the Phillies SP and got 8 runs on the board. That said, often after we score a lot of runs early, we mysteriously go cold the rest of the game.

This is insane! Why is Dice-K still in! UGH!!!!

Waht do the Sox bats have to do?? Spot him a 12 run lead???? THIS IS SICK!!!! PULL HIS A^S^S NOW…..

That may be DGN, but with a Yankees loss to the Mets it is definitley NOT something we can afford!!!
GO SAWX!!!!!!!

How is it that we could all see this coming and Tito didn’t??? Normally I defend him, but this time he screwed up. He should have had someone ready. Dice-K hasn’t shown anything yet this year, it was not worth taking a chance; he doesn’t pitch deep into a game anyway, why even pretend to try and save the BP???!!! AARRGGHHHH!!

They were so much more patient at the plate in th e1st inning…
come on guys practice patience!

I agree Ellen – we need this win!

Come on JBay!

Arnie… Wake volunteered to pitch in relief tonight.. I would rather he be out there than Matsuzaka.. He can at least be efficient..
Good job guys keep it going…

It was a trap – right call.

excellent call by Darryl Cousins..

MIKEY!!!! Let’s go boys!!!


Great running Rocco!



Get on base JULIO!!! Just get on base!!!

He’s got more crap on his arms than a Knight in Armor!!

LUGO!!!! Can you believe it!



No more Dice-K!!!

I don’t think he offered at it! Damn!

DUSTY!! Great time for a hit!!!

He didnt go around Julia… The 3rd base angle showed it.. but what are you going to do?? They can boo him all they want.. were up by 4 with the bags full!!

Wake volunteered to pitch relief!?!? Go Wake. He should be in the all-time teammate hall of fame. Wake and Tek and Papi are my favs on this team. Along with all the other guys of course.

Go Sox!!!!! More runs, we need ’em!!!

Bases loaded! COME ON BOYS!! We need some more runs!!!

I fell the same way about Wake, Arnie.. read my earlier post regarding him..

Ellsbury has walked 3 times and Julio is 3 for 3 – strange!

Arnie you are SO right about Wakefield – We need to get him to the All-Star game!!

Ugh! Nice hit Youk!

Let’s not give back any runs!

Come on Dr… FEELGOOD!!!!

Let’s go Delcarmen! NO RUNS!!!!

I guess you all agree better to go with our pen now — lets see what MannyD has tonight? I hope this is not one of those stressfull games that have been handed to us twice on a platter already — hopefully we will be more stingy this time.

This could be another LOOONNNGGG and very UGLY GAME..

Wait…..is that Dice-K in a Delcarmen suit?????????

BAD call on ump – that ball was a strike!

Shoot me NOW!!!!


Hey guys,
Just came back. Dice-K you are crap! I can’t believe it. Another bullpen night. Thank goodness the Sox are swinging the bat. This is an UGLY game. Three errors by Philly. Man…what a mess. I love baseball and I hate it when it’s played like crap. I really do.
On other fronts, Tim Wakefield is the best guy you want on a team. He can do anything for you. What a guy!

Here are my three choices to go:
1) Lugo
2) Dice-K
3) Delcarman…he’s a great arm that’s terribly inconsistent.

Thank you Dusty! 2 more guys! YOU CAN DO IT!!

I agree with your list Dave. Delcarmen has always scared me.

UGH!!! Just get him out Delcarmen!

That was better!


The nightmare DOES NOT END!!!! UGH!!!!

This could be one of those games where the winner needs 15 runs to get the W. Cmon guys!!! OK, maybe 10 runs.

Make it 15 Arnie – we need to be sure!


Okie is warming up.

That was a strike – he swung even though it hit the ground!

Okay – we got out of that!!

That was close!!! Oy Gevaldt!!!!
MDC is starting to give me indigestion again. He wiggled out of it, though!
How about an 12 out save from Pap!!!

Mikey has been great!!!

Poor Mikey! I hope he is okay!

Mikey is limping! not good!

Oy Gevaldt…Hey Arnie do you have a recipe for Gevaldt-o-fish!!!! lol (sorry, I know that was BAD!!!)

Great stretch Youk!!!

Good inning for Oki-Doki!!! Come on Sox… more bats I think… You cant let your guard down now… theres no “mercy rule” in Major League ball!!!

Good one Ellen. Yes indeed I do!!! Go to the supermarket and get yourself one of those jars with the funny brand name. Voila’!!!! Gevaldt-O-Fish!!! It’s great with scrambled eggs and matzos, YUM!!

Hey, anyone else think the name Shane Victorino would be great stage name for a porn star? Or a private detective?? Another idea for our resident author, Dave!! The Lugo Murders with Private eye Shane Victorino.

4 hits for Lugo?

Boy do they hate Drew in Philly! Get over it people!

Hey y’all.. I was up late last night bowling and watching the game, and then up early to get my hair cut and now I’m TOAST!!!!! May I be excused to watch this from bed???

they hate Drew like the Boston fans hate Damon and Arod.. You know Philly: The City of Brotherly love!!!! lofl

Classy fans cheering Drew getting hit! Nice job Philly! Gee – should we pull a Girardi and ask to have the pitcher suspended??

Ellen you can watch from bed…works for me.

Well, thank you Dave… GOOD NIGHT NATIONERS!!
See y’all before 1st pitch tomorrow!!!

Watch in Bed! Night Ellen – I might head off to bed soon also.

Come on Bay!!! Bases are loaded for you!

It was ugly but it is a RUN!!! WHoOO HOOOO!!

Go Okie!! I guess we want him back next inning!

I think I’m going to follow Ellen and what the rest of the game in bed! Night all and GO RED SOX!!!!

All I can say is these last two games have been a grind on the team. Oh and an afternoon game tomorrow. We surely need a monster of a bullpen.

I’ve been out all day so I had to see the game on MLBTV. Based upon today’s comments it looks like DiceK pitched his usual aggravating game. Initially I was surprised how well Lugo did, but then again since I assume that it was Ellen’s birthday that Lugo must have dedicated this day especially to Ellen. If this be the case, then Ellen must do something special for Lugo. Does anyone have any ideas????
Let’s keep it going tomorrow. Both the Yanks and Toronto lost. Keep that up as well!! GO SOX!!!

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