Rotation should align by Tuesday

The intrigue continues with the starting rotation, as manager Terry Francona said the Red Sox would get through Sunday’s game and then utilize Monday’s off-day to determine exactly how to get John Smoltz into the mix.

Smoltz said on Saturday one more abbreviated turn in the Minor Leagues was not out of the question. But Francona is clearly keeping all options open.

“We talked to Smoltzy last night,” Francona said. “We just want to get through the off-day and then we’ll … I think we can lay out the whole week. We just want to get through the off-day. Part of it is, we just don’t know how we’re going to get through today. We’ve got Wake again out in the bullpen as a reserve. We don’t want to use him, but we just want to protect ourselves. Until we get through it without using him, there’s no sense saying it and then undoing it.

“We’ll get through today and we’ll kind of map it out. We have mapped out various possibilities. There’s no sense in [doing it ahead of time], especially when it’s going to require a roster move. Those things come at their own pace.”

Wakefield, assuming the Red Sox don’t need him Sunday, will start Tuesday. Brad Penny is lined up for Wednesday, with Jon Lester likely on Thursday. That brings us to Friday, Daisuke Matsuzaka’s next scheduled turn.

Could it be time for Dice-K to take a little break to work out what ails him? Matsuzaka hasn’t gone as many as six innings in any of his seven starts. The overall numbers show a 7.50 ERA and an astounding 51 hits allowed in 31 innings by Matsuzaka. Opponents are hitting .372 against him.

“We’ve been pretty honest in our evaluations of him,” said Francona. “Like when people ask me, ‘What do you think of Dice-K?’ and I’d say ‘well he walked the bases loaded but got himself out of it. We’re not real comfortable with the first part of it but we’re happy with the second part.'”

“You try to get him to pound the zone and a couple of times that he really has, he’s left the ball in the middle,” Francona said. “We’re kind of trying to walk the line of being aggressive and getting him out of his game. There’s constant dialogue back and forth so we can get this as good as we can. It’s still a work in progress. It’s sometimes hard to figure. He can go out there for an inning and look unhittable and go out and it’s inconsistent, I guess is the word. He gave up some hard-hit balls yesterday in the third and fourth inning. Then he can turn around another inning and hits his spots and throws that changeup. I’ll tell you one thing, the cutter has power. It didn’t earlier in the year. He’s starting to get some power behind that cutter, which will really help.”

For those who wonder if Matsuzaka is having health problems, the righty emphatically stated Saturday night that is not the case.

“I feel fine,” Matsuzaka said. “I don’t have any problems with my shoulder or elbow and I think that makes it all the more irritating for me right now and I’d say that’s where my stress is coming from right now, even though I feel good.”


If Ellen nails the door shut and locks Lugnuts in she has to make sure that she does the nailing from the outside. If she makes a mistake she could be nailing herself in with him.I wonder what she would then do!!
Let’s keep it up Sox– get some more runs!!!

haha Good one Phil…
I thought that I’d had my Nation Membership revoked.. I got kicked out of brownie points and couldnt get onto the RS site… WHEW!!! Talk about a relief!!

C’mon Josh– hang in there!!!

ps Phil… I’d start by throwing up!!!!

come on joshua!!!!

Talk about creepy hits!! C’mon Josh–bear down!!!

Thanks for the Heads up Ellen!

BECKETT!! We need more then this out of you!!

Okay DAMNIT!!!! Get out of this inning and do it now!!!!


Let’s get the last out! You can do it boys!!


Wow – this is not good! We need this game guys!

What’s up with Beckett right now???

Hang in Josh– we’ll get the runs back!!! Put them away!!!

Heads in the game guys! Keep your heads in the game!!!

THANK YOU REDSOX GODS… That could have gotten through for another one! oh and Thank You Mikey!!

Thank you Lowell!

Let’s get it back boys!!

Talk about helping your own cause!!!!!


Way to hit Josh. Maybe the rest of the team will wake up!!!

I can’t believe it!!!!

Dave Roberts is calling is an “angry” swing!!

Now I can do it:
GO SAWX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Move him over Ells!!!

Last Red Sox pitcher with a HR? Beckett in 2006 against Phillies! According to Ian on Twitter

Guys! We needed to help Beckett out! Let’s hold them this inning!


C’mon Tito!! Ells is one of your best bunters with a good chance of beating it out. We have to regain that lead!! A double play doesn’t help. C’mon Sox keep it going!!!

Josh is getting really pissed now.. I hope he doesnt lose sight here!!! Calm down Josh.. Keep your head together!!

Beckett is seriously laboring out there. Sox bats have to catch fire ONE more time before they rest. Yankees have destroyed the Mets today 13 – 0.


Beckett is helping out his own cause here. Rock on Beckett.

Yes – even with the stumble! Let’s get some runs now boys!!!

Yeah, BaBay!!!!

Ellen-re:Lugnuts- I don’t think throwing up will phase him. He is used to the Sox fans throwing up everytime he is in the game. In fact, it might turn him on!!

All right team let’s get the lead back. Set up Josh for a win!!!

Bard is warming up.

Too bad we couldn’t get something out of that dropped ball!

Bad pitches Kotsay!!!

We are NOT helping Beckett! Do they think he can do it all???

I can’t take it anymore. Signing off for now

HAHA!!!! Well I’ll have to think of something.. maybe I’ll bring a cardboard cut out of Joe Migrane or Jed Lowrie… One will turn him on the other… who knows!!!

Sorry, As much as I hate to say it.. Its past time… Who’s warminng in the pen.?

Josh should be taken out- he has nothing on the ball. Let’s not let the game get too far out of hand. He should have been replaced at the start of the inning. Another case of leaving his starters in too long. I though Tito started to wisen up when he pulled DiceK after four innings when he started to falter. Let’s hold them down and try to get some runs back.

Who put the Hex on RedSox pitching today????

Wow, Ryan Howard sure looks like Papi at the plate!

Well….that isn’t good…..


C’mon Bard– get it over. Put them away!!!

There but for the Grace of God…. that could have been out of here!!

Lugnuts strikes again!!!

As far as Jodh goes.. he cant do it ALL the time.. ( I still think he would have had a better game if Tek had called it). God didnt make pitchers perfect, thats why he made catchers!! lol

that’s Josh

BARD!!! YES!! That’s the way to do it!!!

Keep it up kid!!

sigh……..this is so not good……we need to off day tomorrow badly!

So will Dusty and Big Papi & Drew be pinch hitting?

Time to drink heavily!!!

Bard is showing NOTHING today!!! Get him out of there….

Tito HAS to make the move and put Takashi in…… NOW

They have GOT to take Bard out! the kid is lost!

Happy Birthday to Ellen! Enjoy your heavy drinking!

COME ON GUYS I NEED A BIRTHDAY PRESENT!!! and hitting Rollins was nor what I asked for….

somebody stole the strike zone and didnt tell our pitchers!!

I think that was the last needed nail in the coffin….

Ellen- Enjoy your Birthday. Think positive. We are still in first place and have a well-deserved rest coming up.

Does anyone remember how to throw a strike for the Red Sox?


Thanks Wendy Goofball!!!

Nice one (or 3) George!!!!

I think Saito’s struggles right now is over-use. He has pitched alot lately, he is showing his age. What happened to Beckett today??? He got smoked! Bard had his first rough outing in the big leagues today.

If the Sox don’t comeback here, I’ll take 2 of 3 from Philly any day of the week. Off day tomm. ( bullpen can get rest ) and the Fish come to town. I’m smelling a sweep of the Marlins!

Something tells me Boston will duplicate what the Yankees did with Wang, regarding Dice-K. Trading away Penny right now makes no sense at all. I have said it on here several times, you can never ever have enough starting pitching!

Perhaps Beckett can be the D.H. for the Sox when he isn’t pitching. LOL!!

Happy 21st B-Day to Ellen! I hope the Red Sox can pull off a nice comeback and give you a nice B-Day present! My B-Day present back in 2007 was pretty good, the Red Sox won the World Series!

Its not looking really good right now Bri…
Brian… Is your last name Joyce?? If so is that you that I’m playing in the fantasy league??

Brian I think you are right about every thing you have said.. Saito, Dice-K Penny (my age..LOL) I do see Dice K being used as bait… But what about his salary??

I’m back – had to go & play mom.

Okay – we’re not playing the Yankees so we can’t win every game! BUT we can score five runs now! It is doable!


I did sign up for Fantasy League but haven’t even looked at my roster for a second. Life has been very busy as of late. I don’t even know who is on my team. I might have Kevin Romine, Reid Nichols and Bob Zupcic on my team. Then again maybe John Dopson as one of my starters, LOL!! Perhaops Ed Jurak as my super utility player. HA…HA…Jurak watched alot of Sox games like us. He got paid better though.

That was some A^S^S hauling by Mikey!!!

Youre right JULIA!!!! but its getting late…

I’m playing a team this week with your name on it… Brians Bombers
(brian joyce)

and its in 5th place… which means one of 2 things… either youve got great players or someone else is playing your team with out telling the rest of the league…

Thats the game… I’ll take 2 of 3… My boss wont be happy!!! But oh well thats why he’s the boss, right??


As long as I got your age right. Never ever miss on a female’s age, BIG TROUBLE if you do. I know from past experience’s. LOL!!

I think Dice-K could get shut-down for a bit. Then again this sutff usually works itself out. Wakefield is north of 40 like Smoltz, injuries will happen with pitchers. Boston is in a great position, every team in baseball would love to be in this position. Having some extra starter’s hanging around. Most teams can’t put together a rotation of 5 starters, sad but true! Boston needs to play there cards right in this situation.

ELLEN – they let you down! ;-( I am glad we have tomorrow off – they need to rest!

I hope the rest of your night is a good one! I’m off to bar-b-que!

Hey Its OKAY!! we took 2/3 from the current World Series Champs.. no matter that they have THE worst home record in the Majors!! lol.. We go home now and play the fish…
Maybe I can have a belated B-day present. I love those- ..makes your bday last longer. My husband did get me all sorts of RedSox “stuff”.. one of a kind, he is!!! I’m very lucky!!!

Of all the starting pitching the Sox have including that in the minor leagues…..why don’t they try to trade Dice-K? I would only do that if Schmoltz looks like he is going to pan out. I would trade Dice-K before I traded any of the young arms at Pawtuckett. Maybe his salary doesn’t make him very attractive but Penny has far out pitched Dice-K so far. Like Brian….I consider 2 out of 3 in Philly a good weekend!Go Sox.

Craig, Thats a question I’ve been asking since his 1st start. I keep asking about his contract/salary, would that be a deal breaker?

See y’all later or tomorrow.. GO SOX!!

He makes a lot and the Sox had to pony up 51 million just to sign him so maybe they feel they have to keep him to justify that $$$$$. I guess if they trade him the 51 million is lost so to speak… Who knows but either way he should be the one who is dropped from the rotation if Schmoltz is ready. Go Sox!!!!

I guess if Tito/Theo have to treade someone they would have to figure who would pick them up re: salary, performance, potential etc. Preferably to a National League team so that they cannot come back and bite (excluding playoffs) you. I guess most of us feel that DiceK and Lugnuts may be good choices. Maybe we could work a package deal and perhaps pick up either a capable catcher and/or shortstop, at least one of which would have a good bat as well. I am sure that they have been giving some thought to this and have to find a taker that is as willing to pick them up as we are to give them up.

Hey everyone. This blog entry should cheer you up!

moanin all….well were gonna have an interesting couple of weeks … all begins soon…..major questions to ask…where and how do we fit smolty in….easiest answer….6 man rotation….how do we deal with 2 kids in the minors that are pro ball ready…..much harder answer…probably just leave em there till an injury happens or someone falters….dice k hasnt pitched well but theo spent alot of money on him…..penny is avail also but he shut out the yanks….oh and ya ….papi….what do we do there….im getting the feeling the sox are just gonna stay put with who we have….wait for lowrie to come back….platoon him and lugo till we get closer to the deadline….the 2 hurlers in the minors will just sit there…i just dont think we have enuff offensive punch….but we are in 1st…some how….so i guess patience is the card we will play……judge….OR NOT……WHO KNOWS

I’m not so sure the rotation will align by tomorrow. The huge question is whether to go to a six man rotation, or drop someone. I feel like someone will be dropped and it’s likely to be Wakefield. I just think his being in the bullpen over the weekend is a precursor to that. I’m thinking that the roster move will be to send Bard back to Pawtrucket when Smoltz gets activated. I don’t know who else could be dropped short of designating Lugo for assignment, which isn’t likely to happen, or making a trade for future considerations, whick also isn’t likely to happen.

It seems like most have made the concession that when Lowrie returns, the shortstop job will be his and all will be well in Beantown. I’m not sure that’s the case as Nick Green has been playing well of late. Certainly, Lowrie is the best defender, but hitting is a question with him. Also, his return would mean another roster move and someone would have to go. This is all going to get pretty complicated for Red Sox management. They have some tough decisions to make.

agreed gary….some very very tuff decisions….i personallu love wake out of the pen…i know he eats innings as a starter but rt now thats not what we need….but i think there are some other very difficult decisions….what do we do with the kids in the minors….do we pull the trigger and get a bat?… thinkin no….and i think theo is concrete here… yr buch and bowden will have there shot….maybe this yr if an injury happens….papi…well he will be given this yr to shape up or im thinkin he will be a shadow next yr after a major free agent is signed….unless he really gets hot…and even then i still think his days are numbered….theo wont want to have to endure this slump again….personally a trade involving bucholz wouldnt hurt my feelings….if you can get a proven hitter for him then do it…yes he pitched a no no…but….i just think this guy is fragile in a big market…maybe he needs to be back in texas…id take kinsler for him…boston fans would love this guy….he gets dirty every day….move pedey to SS…he can do it…he can do anything….lots of range…and grit….other than that trade …..who knows… bettin my cash the sox will be quiet for now….judge

btw….sox fans screamed when we finally said goodbye to some beloved plrs….big fat mo,nomah,pedro,and the juicer clemens….so dont thin that theo wouldnt do the same…i love you papi…but this is a what have you done for me lately game….personally i have 3 sox heros i will forever adore…papi is one of em….dewey and burleson….ya the rooster…he is on my list cause i was **** and he was the man when i was a kid…dewey will always be my favorite…but papi brought us a come from behind 4 game in a row beatin to the yanks,ur the man papi….dont go out like mo did….judge

Hi Gary and itwastme777,

I don’t think we can have enough starting pitching at all. We need it. Dice-K right now should be sent to Pawtucket for rehab and tuning him up. That would buy some time for Smotz. Dice-K pitching in the majors right now is brutal for both the Red Sox team and for the bullpen. This weekend series certainly expresses that problem. By Sunday the Sox were exhausted in the pen.
I also think Green has been well played. It would be incredibly nice to dump Lugo. Lowrie has a LOT of pressure on him right now. Green is a power hitter. Unless Lowrie performs we could be seeing Lugo back in their regularly and that would make me sick. Somehow Theo and Tito are in love with him. They see him as an all star. He does even the smallest spark and he’s the regular again no matter how rotten he performs. He’s nothing but wasted space. Yes he’s gotten a couple of hits but also plays shortstop like Homer Simpson. I’ve also noticed a much more bitter attitude from his facial expressions. Gone are his lighthearted attitude. He shouldn’t be bitter for its his fault. He’s a terrible player and always has been on this team. Worst purchase the Sox EVER had.
Finally Tim in the bullpen? I feel he deserves better than that. He may be the team player but that’s not right. He holds his own and saved that team this year. Just my opinion.

Who knows whats going to happen, and in the end even as much as we analyze it here, we have no control over it… We will just have to wait and see… sucks, huh?? I just hope that they make good decisions as they have ( for the most part) been doing…

Hi all. A quick check-in this morning. Hey Ellen. You are dead-on with your post. We will just have to sit back and see what unfolds. One thing for sure, the Sox can’t afford to have starting pitchers only going 4 or 5 innings! The pressure on the bull-pen becomes enormous. Have a great day! Paul

Personally, I don’t like Wake coming out of the bullpen. He’d have to be used in situations where he would exclusively start innings. Relievers need to be able to throw strikes, and Wake can’t always do that. I think he’s much more valuable as a starter because he can eat some innings.

I really feel like keeping Dice-K in the rotation, and adding Smoltz is going to put a huge burden on the bullpen. Dice-K always does and Smoltz is likely to have some serious pitch count limitations that could limit him to four or five innings. In that case, if you know Smoltz is going to give you four or five, a given Smolts/Wake combination wouldn’t be bad. It would be similar to the Dice-K/Masterson combo the Sox used for a few games.

Seems like Buchholz is getting a little impatient in Pawtucket because his name isn’t coming up in all of the rotation conversation. He said he wasn’t looking to be traded, but he wouldn’t mind it if it would give him an opportunity to pitch in the big leagues. There is a pitching logjam in Boston right now, but the logjam will clear quickly with the likely departures of Smoltz and Penny after this season. Buchholz needs to understand that the only reason either of those two guys is here is because he didn’t perform last year when given the chance. I still think it likely Penny will be gone before the trading deadline, especially if Smoltz performs. If Smoltz can’t do it, Penny could still be gone and Buchholz could get his opportunity. While things look very good right now, the age and past physical considerations of some of the antiques we have on the staff could change things very quickly.

I think Terry and Mr. Henry should invite Adrian Gonzales out for dinner. If your going to give away the farm in trades, you might as well get your moneys worth. We should be ok with the talent we have. Lets let management make the tough decisions, they have plenty on their plate with the talent pool that has been generated. They still have only the Ortiz and Dice K problem to resolve?????? One option was offered by a friend …”If Lugo is no glove and all stick, why not DH him?” Is’t it nice to have to much talent?

the only pressing question i have is… long will papi have to get it going….soon alot of teams are gonna be grabbin big bats ….i know the 2 out htere that i would love to see….vic martinez and a gonzo….gonzo is probably way to expensive….v mart im sure can be had but also at a steep price….bucholz maybe….to me….vmart is very very valuable…used as a dh,1st baseman or catcher….a dh that canplay 2 other positions if asked….an above average catcher….his bat is very good tho….and gonzo….well i would personally rather have him then texeira….pure clutch,obviously loyal plr….lord hes been mired in sd for yrs…he needs to be on a winning team…..get em theo…we will work out the positioning…honestly…what kind of team would we be with that bat in the middle of our order….lawdy lawdy…..i know we are good the way we are…but it would be nice to throw in an awesome bat like gonzos….or v mart…..judge

Always love to hear your comments. I personally see Penny staying. Tito has been enamored with the player and he helps out Josh Beckett as well as they are old teammates. I do not see him going nor do I see Smotz. Frankly I would like to see Dice-K go more than anyone. Every single ‘dump the money’ player Theo has gotten has been a fiasco (drew, Lugo, Dice-K) all under perform.
I would like Dice-K to be sent down to Pawtucket to make room for Smotz. Dice-K has been a walking headache and he just tears away at the bullpen. In addition he has a serious problem working with others. He demands to pitch the game he wants to pitch and this doesn’t go at all well with the Red Sox attitude of team first.
We’ll see

maybe trade dice k to the dodgers for kemp or eithier….wow…maybe they would take nancy and lugo also…hell they took zazu…lol….judge

Wake can’t go to the pen, because every time he’d come into a game, Tek would have to be taken out, and he’s won 8 games! if anyone goes, it will be Dice-K, either to the pen for now, or back on the DL. He’s not right, whether he admits it or not, and with the damage of the WBC and not having spring training, he have a lost year. If he goes to the pen, Bard goes back down unfortunately. It’s great that Penny is pitching well and Smoltz is back. Pitching will carry this team to the pennant. Shortstop will work itself out.

The Dodgers are a relatively smart team… they aren’t taking JD back!!! did you forget they let him go to free agancy?

lugo too!

You were “spot on” when you said we can analyze all we want but in the end we just have to deal with what the FO does. I’ll be honest with you…..I would not want to be the one dealing these cards. Our pitching situation may be a luxury but it will end up being someone’s nightmare when it is all said and done and someone has to deal with all those egos. Tito will have his hands full as he will be the one who has to juggle what is thrown at him. I guess that’s why they call his position the MANAGER. Better him than me. These next 7 weeks will be a heck of a ride!!!!! Schmoltz still has to prove he can do the job too. I’m not throwing the red carpet out for him….he has to earn it in my book. Penny and Wakefield have given the Sox a chance to win in most of their starts. Who else has #4 and #5 starters like that? Where would the Sox be w/o Wakefield this year? That poor guy does not get the respect that he has earned. A lot of people are quick to throw him under the bus and yet here he is again…..saving our butts. It all starts this week….Go Sox!!!

The main problem is that Dice K has a large contract that no team will look at. Dice K says he isn’t hurt so either the bullpen or Pawtucket to get straighned out with. Smoltz decerves a chance and so does Buckholtz. The sox are loaded with pitchers so make a deal that can assist the tem for October.

Hey Guys!
Been a long time no see. I have been watching the games just not blogging much. anyhow… My Dad and I were wondering if anyone knew what happened to Masterson? Why hasn’t he been getting more innings? Let us know what ya think.
Thanks -Conny

Morning to everyone! I heard an interesting piece of information this morning… When Tim Wakefield was taking the mound in 1992… Chris Volstadt (tonights opp. pitcher)
was SIX YEARS OLD!!!!! ouch!!!!

The Sox will go for a 6 man rotation for a couple of turns. I think it will either be Dice-K or Penny be the odd man out once returns to 5 man rotation.


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