Sunday subs

Not your average Red Sox lineup out there today.

No Pedroia, no Ortiz, no Varitek and no Drew.

It’s just a day off for Pedroia, who has four hits in his last 38 at-bats. Varitek caught 13 innings Friday and a long night last night, so he gets a rest today. With an off-day Monday and Wake pitching Tuesday, ‘Tek actually will have three days off in a row. J.D. Drew got smoked in the right shoulder by a pitch Saturday, so he’s sore. Rocco only played half the game, so he’s fine to go to today. And Ortiz is simply a product of National League rules and a lefty on the mound.

Here is the lineup.

Lugo SS
Ellsbury CF
Youkilis 1B
Bay LF
Lowell 3B
Baldelli RF
Green 2B
Kottaras C
Beckett P


Lugo leading off?? WOW, I dont know about that!! and I said last night they should have pulled Tek early. I dont know if I like Kottaras catching Beckett.. But I guess I’d rather have him catching Josh than Dice-K putting them in the dier with some regularity.
Lots of changes in the line-up.
No pre-game cheer.. again..
‘Nuff said for now!!!

With the bullpen taxed a bit, Beckett needs to do what he has been doing as of late. Putting up lots of zero’s lately. Beckett has been the best pitcher in baseball in the last month or so. This is the time of year when the contenders start to build there lead in the division.

It sounds like Francona has options late in the game today, if needs it.

I have stated on here the last couple of seasons, if Boston was in the N.L. they would win 100 games for sure and clinch there division in early to mid Sept. I don’t know what the numbers show but Boston has OWNED the N.L. in the last 3 or 4 years! Including 8-0 in October. That all being said, I am not a fan of interleague play, it has lost it’s luster!

I tihink it is good to give Lugo some playing time. Keep him focussed and maybe generate some interest so they can package him in a deal before the All-Star break. If any player on the Redsox is expendable it is Julio Lugo. This will also clear some spending room to get Jason Bay signed long term. If they do not get Bay signed then the Sox are missing and messing with their future. I also feel the current rotation needs some tweaking and perhaps it is time to put Dice K on the disabled list to give hime time to refocus and build strength.

To all of you guys… Thank you very much for the B-Day wishes!!! All I want for my birthday is a RedSox WIN!!!!
Arnie… you forgot one thing.. I will also nail his pants (with him in them) to the chair!!!!
Brian… good to see you here!!!

Another option for the pitching rotation might be to put Wakefield, Dice K and Smoltz in a separate rotation, with one guy odd man out every two weeks. This would allow Dice K extra time to strengthen his obviously tired arm, releive Wakefield of over pitching with his 42+ year old arm and allow Smoltz to be a project in progress and reallly bring some value towards the end of the season when he will be needed most. Otherwise dice K will end up on the disabled list for 15 days.

rade rumors surrounding Penny should remain that…trade Rumors. Penny looks like he is regaining strength and confidence. I don’t think there is anyone else on the Redsox who could have held the Yankees and CC to a 1-0 lead like he did in his last start. Bravo Brad Penny. Penny is still young and I think he can add another 4 years to the Redsox. We need to get him signed long term also.

What a very strange rotation today! But Tito puts together these strange things that work! Ellen – I hope your day is going well so far!


No…….horrible flashbacks…..Lugo!!


Its going fine so far!!! I’m hopeful for the best this afternoon!! So this is how it deels to be the BIG 50!!! I can live with it!! lol

The fielding fun continues! GO ELLSBURY!!!!

I L O V E listening to Dave Roberts… Not a bad baserunner either!! lol

deels=feels .. guess my spelling is going!!

It usually is the first thing Ellen! lol!

I have a great feeling about the Sox with Beckett on the mound.

Bummer! Good catch Youk!

Come on guys! GET THAT LAST OUT!!!!

As Astro the Jetson’s dog would say “ruh roh Reorge”


UGH!!! BECKETT!! We need you to be on!!!

Not good…not good at all. Was that infield hit due to Lugnuts and his incompetence. The parasite returns.

Okay…. Make this damage minimal… very minimal..

NIce tracking by Nick.

Thank you Nick!

Let’s get the run back boys!!!!!

OK going to blame it on Lugo anyway…now I feel better.

That’s the way to get it back!!



Oh man Rocko Rocks…and yes it’s a really bad pun so everyone can groan now!

{{{{grrrooooaaaaannnnnn}}}} LOL!!!

GREEN!!!! Man – I like this lineup!!!!!



GREEN hits a HOMER and LUGO strikes out. I REST MY CASE>

NICE hit by Beckett!

Very nice hit Julia…but he wasn’t happy with it. (LOL)

Wow, aggressive baserunning by the Sox.

Lugo gets a MINOR single and GREEN gets a homer…I rest my case!

LUGO!!! Okay – who is that man wearing that Lugo mask?

hey… Who is that guy and what did he do with Lugo??? He fits in his uniform, but he hits way better than Julio!! lol

Nice sack fly by Jacobe!

Lugo looks like he’s got a chip on his shoulder.

Ellen – the guys want you to have a great day!

I know Dave – Beckett wanted a home run also! LOL! Not but perfection for him!

WE MUST RE-SIGN BAY!!! What a great inning!

Hey Julia,
Whew quite the game. Lots of contact hitting, fundamental ball, it’s like a different team. I mean…this is the NEW Red Sox.

Good inning for the Sox. They are playing the game well. Mike needs a day off. He looks tired.
Also glad to see Dustin out of there. He looked wiped last night and we have our gold glover Nick Green out there!

A MUCH better inning! Great job Beckett & Green, nice fielding!

Let’s get some more runs!

No kidding Dave! It is encouraging – even with this “odd” lineup that we are still getting hits and making plays!

Wouldn’t it be great if Beckett gets an HR at his next at bat???

Green! Like those bloop hits also!

Each time they discuss the umpires and mention their Bill Miller I remember how much I like our Bill Mueller… Good guy!!!

Yes he was Ellen! We’ve had a great cast of characters come through Fenway!

Don’t hurt yourself Beckett!

BUMMER!!! It went foul!!!

I remember Theo saying last year that how deep your team is, will determine how well it does.
On top of that the Phillies have definitely gotten the steam taken out of them. They looked as tired as the Sox feel — but the Sox have a bench.

Okay – afraid to pitch to Lugo and walk him…..maybe they are reading the wrong scouting reports!


Beckett should have been swinging. He’s the one guy that CAN hit on the team (as far as pitchers.

Dave – I was reading – the Phillies have a terrible home record this season. But I agree they look tied or something. The number of errors and missteps have been crazy! But I’ll take them! lol! It still bothers me that their fans cheered when Drew got hit last night – grrrrr….

Bummer! Can’t leave the bases loaded like that boys!

Julia — look at it this way. If you don’t get booed it implies you’re not worth booing. I’m sure Drew gets a laugh out of it. I would.

I don’t mind that they boo him Dave – I don’t think it’s right that they cheered when he got hit.

1-2-3! Nice job boys!!!

That I agree Julia. Nobody should cheer on that one but fans can be obsessive. We should know — but we aren’t jerks. We’re cool people who respect our team (maybe not Lugo) That’s the difference!

Great job! 10 out in a row for Beckett!

I agree Dave – there is a huge difference – I would like to think that Red Sox fans wouldn’t boo Damon if he got hit in the game. Some things fans in general are suppose to respect. And the Phillies fans don’t get it. And nothing like hating a guy who NEVER played for you! At his age when he was drafted – I blame The Devil Boras.

The Yankees are beating up on Santana – it is 13-0!

Come on Beckett! You can do this!!

BECKETT!!! Let’s keep it together!!!!!!!!

Okay – let’s keep it to ONE run!!!!!


DAMN!!!!! Let’s not fall apart BOYS!!!!!

BECKETT!!! We need more then this out of you!!!

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