Francona defends Buchholz

Red Sox manager Terry Francona is surprised that recent comments by Clay Buchholz in an interview with NECN were perceived as negative.

In short, Buchholz said that he can’t pitch any better than he has been, and he would rather be doing it at the Major League level, be it with the Red Sox or another team. He mentioned that he spoke with his agent about it.

“There was one line in there, out of a really mature interview,” Francona said. “If you go down and ask 25 guys in Pawtucket, which one of them do you think is going to say, ‘I don’t want to go to the big leagues?’ I mean seriously, who do you think would do that? Whoever says that, we don’t want him.

“The kid is pitching his [butt] off. That’s part of what we tell these guys in Spring Training. ‘Do your job, if you can really help us, you’ll help us. It might not be on your timetable.’ That’s just the way the game is.

“I think Buck is maturing rapidly, and handling a situation that maybe he wouldn’t have been able to in the past. But I actually watched that interview, and I thought there was one throwaway line in there that is getting a lot of attention, over a pretty mature kid.”

Is Buchholz stuck in the Minors?
“I don’t know that he’s stuck. We could always have him pitch here. I think, as an organization, we try to do what we think is right, for the organization, for the player. And if it doesn’t always land on the player’s calendar, on the exact date they want, I don’t think we’re always going to apologize for that. I think communicating with these guys is the right thing to do.”

On Buchholz’s overall progress:

“I think he’s doing a great job, I really do. I’m tickled to death, the way he’s pitching.”

Buchholz will piggyback John Smoltz tomorrow in a game that should be a great treat for Pawtucket fans. Buchholz is 4-0 with a 1.75 ERA in 11 starts for Pawtucket this year. Opponents are hitting .167 against him.



By ellenc on June 16, 2009 8:16 PM
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Your time JBAY!!!! GO GET EM…

By ellenc on June 16, 2009 8:18 PM




I is here! Thanks Ellen!

COME ON PAPI!! GO deep again!!


That was a great inning!!

Dew-Drop In Curve Ball! Thank you Eck!

So – a 6 man rotation for a while?

Tough game for the Sox. I’m sure they’re feeling the pressure of the competition. Whew…Tim is doing well and did I mention GREEN!!! GREEN rocks!

I’ll be back.. have to take care of something!!!

Okay Ellen!

Hey Julia,
Whew Sox never get a break. Facing a nasty team like the Marlins who are committed to not losing by more than 10 runs puts a LOT of pressure on the old beantown team!

Hmm…not good guys! Let’s get that last out!


Tim’s doing great. Most pressure free game in a while. Gotta love it!

Interesting – Eck was wondering if Dice-K might have something in his contract that would prevent the Red Sox from putting him in the bullpen.

Ian – do you know anything about this?

Umm…memo to Marlins – not that I care – but you have too RUN it out to first! lol!!

When you’re the Marlins running to first really isn’t going to help their cause (LOL)

There is a lot pf pressure Dave…LOL!!

OMG – The Nats are leading 3-2 over the Yankees!!!!

So – George might have “pushed” the ball fair…..hehehehe!

Dave – the ball was foul – Kottaras pushed it fair! Tito and George are laughing about it in the dugout & the Marlins manager came out to argue!

Error for Ramirez!

Let’s go RED SOX!!!

BAY!!!! WHAT A GREAT THROW!!! You are OUT Hanley!!!

I wish I would have seen that one. Have to watch the game later. That was an hysterical thing!

I;m back….
I saw the Kottaras “cheat”… I’m surprised that Freddie gave up that easily!!

Dave – it was a riot! And Tito “demonstrating” it in the dugout when he was talking to George.

Come on Delcarmen! Great job!

Is it just me or do the Marlins look (physically) like they are in high school??

Washington came back and a re leading the Empire 3-2!!

I am loving it that the Nats are winning! C.C. gave up a HR I think.

The Marlins do not look sharp at all.

Damn – Yankees have tied it the game.

Saito is in

I have limited time tonight. Could you tell me what inning that event was since I want to advance to that inning! Oh, I can’t wait!


OK Julia…they are the the team with 16 wins this season. I wouldn’t be that surprised! (LOL)

I really think that the Sox ought to go “GREEN”


Dave – I think it was the 5th inning.

Thanks Julia. I’ll queue it up either tonight or tomorrow. Going to take the kids canoeing tomorrow. Wish me luck!

Have a great time Dave! My boys don’t get out of school until a week from tomorrow.

I’ll miss most of the game tomorrow – my boys Boy Scout Troop has a Court of Honor and the boys advance ranks.

Hey my daughter is in the girl scouts. She really loves it!

My guys were Cub Scouts when they were younger (my husband & I were Den Leaders) they are now Boys Scouts and my husband is an Assistant Scout Master. He & our oldest son are going to New Mexico for 2 weeks in August with the Boy Scouts for a Wilderness High Adventure trip.

that rocks. Naomi has done wonderful things at the scouts. It really is beyond cookies (thankfully!)
Smart idea to put Bard in there — give him some much needed confidence!

I hope Bard has a better outing today!

My guys love Scouts! They both have goals to make Eagle.

Great game!!

Talk to you all tomorrow!

Wake should be on the All Star team this year if he gets another win. Isn’t he like 9-3 now? There aren’t too many in the league who have pitched better.

The ball batted fair by Kottaras was a tough call for the umpire. There are two things about that call. First, if the ball was over any part of the plate when Kottaras touched it, it’s a fair ball. I for one could not tell for sure whether or not that was the case. Second, the umpire was likely blocked and did not see Kottaras touch the ball. He can only call what he sees. And one other little factor, what was the batter doing standing there watching the play? He should have been running immediately. I’m going to give the ump the benefit of the doubt on this one.

About Buchholz, I think Francona is right on. If Buchholz said he was content pitching at AAA, then he’s probably not someone you want in your organization. I don’t think staying in AAA is going to hurt him a bit. Like I said before, it’s likely that neither Smoltz nor Penny will be around next year. There will be plenty of room in the rotation for Buchholz, and he’ll be a star.

Good game… I think that Tito is right about Buchh. I’m exhausted and on my way to la-la land… I had a blast with y’all tonight.. See y’all tomorrow…
Trixie!!! Night Nationers!!

Could Wakefield make his first All Star game???? 6-0 at Fenway, gotta love it!

Ortiz goes deep again, great news for the Red Sox!

Only in Boston a A.A.A. pitcher makes some comments and it is a story. Buchholz will be wearing a Red Sox uniform sometime in 2009 and when he is called up from Pawtucket this season he is there to stay and no more minor leagues for Buchholz. In 2010 Buchholz will start the year in the Red Sox rotation!

moanin….ive always been a lil critical of buck…to me he s never had that eye of the tiger look when pitching to put him in the upper tier of pitchers….excelling in the minors is one thing …but….he should be given another shot….whether it be for us or another team….i know texas would love him….and i would love to have a few of their plrs also lol….who know…..judge….i smell a sweep

Hey Guys and Girls:

I know its been awhile since I’ve shown my face. Sorry about that. Sox are rolling and have most of their pitching on all cylinders, with the exception of Dice-K. I am in the East as I speak, presently in Bethpage, observing this town during a week of the US Open golf tournament. My sister and I are talking about going to the Sox vs. Braves game Friday night.

I really like the Sox position: already 15 games above .500, with 22 games against second level teams between now and the All-Star break. Not to count chickens still in the egg, but they could well go 13-9 or 14-8 and get to 20 games over by the break, putting themselves ahead of “the Benjamin projection.” Nice to see them with the “problem” of figuring out how to handle their abundance of pitching! (lol). I hope Brad Penny has a sterling outing tonight and makes the decisions that much harder. But what on earth are the Sox going to do with Dice-K? Except for one decent 5 inning outing, the man has looked putrid all year!!

Frankly, while it may be the most logical approach, I will be disappointed if the Sox send Daniel Bard down to make “mop-up” room in the bullpen for Dice-K. I really feel that young man has significant “upside potential,” and I sure hope its with the Sox. The Sox have done a marvelous job of sustaining themselves against slow starts by the top of their pitching rotation, their DH and injuries to their ss position and some of their designated role players. Even as these things are just beginning to sort themselves out, the Sox have amassed the best record in the AL, and the 2nd best record in baseball, standing 2 games up on the Yanks and 5 up on the Jays and the Rays. Yes, I know that DP and Youk have hit little barren patches, but does anyone really believe those will be any bigger than a pinhole in the rear view mirror?

Their 3 home games against the Jays and the Rangers in July appear to hold the biggest challenge for them between now and the beginning of August. If they can get continuing great outings from Josh and Jon L., good outings from Wake, Penny and Smoltz, if Papi begins to contribute in a way that seems impending, and if they can continue to get the sorts of contributions they are getting from the remainder of the team, this could be a real fun Summer.

Lets just have this train keep rolling along.

Yes, success at minor league does not necessarily translate into success in the bigs. Buchholz deserves another and last shot with the Red Sox. As it stands and the installation of 6 man rotation for a couple of turns, Dice-K will likely be moved to the pen and Bard (stays if Dice-K is disabled) be sent down to Pawtucket once Smoltz is activated. I look at it as Dice-K and Smoltz are vying for the final spot of the rotation. Smoltz was a great pitcher during the days of dynamic trio of Maddux, Glavine, and Smoltz. I am cautiously optimistic about Smoltz. I think he will be slightly better than Penny at best.

i agree chow….i like smoltzy for his dugout fire,what he can teach all the pitchers we have and his competativeness,ive never been excited about dice k…i played SS in all my yrs of little league,HS, and college and later softball…the worst thing is a pitcher who doesnt throw strikes and pitches a very slow game….it mentally wears u down….his stuff is good enuff to pitch to contact…im thinkin he wants to pitch his game…not a team plr….send em to milwaukee….id like to see a couple of their guys in our clubhouse….i hope papi is out of his funk….if he gets hot….lord help the east div….the rest of the team will be dragged with him… for bay gettin huge money…i love the guy….but…he strikes out alot and remember hitting clean up in fenway for boston anyone is gonna have big numbers …..well almost…..the money he is gonna ask for im thinkin will be spent more wisely….dont yell at me either….i love the guy….but i think hes gonna want 20 mill a yr and i just cant see the worth at that price… thinkin the mets who need a lf will break the bank on him next yr and the sox will say ty but we just cant pay that much like we did with texeira….maybe gonzo will be a target…im thinkin holliday will be cheap also because hes mired in the oakland coffin stadium…..anyhoo…sox look good and we havent hit all cylinders yet…..judge

Pedroia, Ellsbury, Youkilis, Bay, Lowell, Ortiz, Baldelli, Varitek, Green.

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