Smoltz will debut for Sox on June 25

Following one last Minor League rehab start on Wednesday for Pawtucket, John Smoltz will pitch for the Red Sox for the first time on June 25 at Washington D.C.


Well, if you’re going to make your first start of the year after being on the DL, it might as well be against a team that probably couldn’t beat Perkins Institute for the Blind. I’m not all that excited about Smoltz. At this point, he’s an unknown quantity being thrown into a mix that doesn’t need much added to it. For the Sox sake, I hope he does well, but I’m not going to be enthusiastic until I see some results. It’s not like he has been blowing people away in his minor league rehab starts. If he does do well, either Dice-K goes back to the DL, or Penny is gone. However, I think Dice-K pitches before he does so that will go a long way toward making that decision.

I wonder who will be moved to make room for Smoltz on the roster. The only move I can see if it’s not Dice-K, is sending Bard back to Pawtucket, where he probably needs to be anyway. He’s still got some developing to do.

I agree with you 100% Garry. Smoltz is somewhat of a coin flip at this point, and perhaps an unnecessary risk considering the way the Sox’s rotation has pitched the past month or so. Yes, maybe Matsuzaka needs some more DL or Minors time. Yes, maybe Penny loses the domination he has shown of late and returns to what we saw at the beginning of the season. In either case, Smoltz is a better backup than any other team has.

I do also think we could use Smoltz out of the bullpen, perhaps taking Bard’s spot. Bard has been outstanding, but he’ll get many other shots at a permanent spot. As will Clay Bucholz, for example. Smoltz was an above average closer for the Braves a few years back, and could improve an already amazing BP. Not to mention all that his experience can add to the younger hurlers.

I guess it’s better that we have Smoltz in case we need him, rather than needing someone like him and not having him.

Tonight’s lineup

Dustin Pedroia, 2B
J.D. Drew, RF
Kevin Youkilis, 1B
Jason Bay, LF
David Ortiz, DH
Mike Lowell, 3B
Jacoby Ellsbury, CF
Nick Green, SS
George Kottaras, C

Ya no LUGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Bard was brought up too soon and the Sox have a bad habit of dumping people before they are ready.
There was also a confirmed trade with Texas for an infielder getting rid of Saito. That was the whole purpose of Saito to help out Papelbon. I don’t get it!

Lugo ought to be getting the message by now…..Also, The Schmoltz situation is not too bad. If he works out great. If he doesn’t….we are right back where we were… good shape!!!!! Go Sox.

I agree with you Garry, but if Smoltz proves to be more effective than Dice K then I say use him!!! (Even “high cheesy gas” Eckersley could be more effective than Dice K has been so far) lol. I heard on either Fox or ESPN radio this morning, that more than likely Brad Penny will be gone probably before the ASG… I’d rather see Dice K go at this point.
Its getting ready to storm here.. hope I make it through the game on here and with DirecTV

Good Game Sox…. Go have a GOOD GAME!!!
Anybody remember the 1st inning in 2003 against the Fish??? What was it 25-8 or something equally as lopsided?? I could go for that again!!!
Anyway.. no pregame cheer…
Go Sox!!!!


At the beginning of the baseball year I would say dump Penny but now He’s really impressed me. It is the most CONVENIENT move to make but the most damaging. Penny is a monster on the mound now and someone wonderful to work with. We really need to keep him.

I agree Ellen….Go away Dice-K…but even if someone takes his salary, the Sox still have $51 Million they spent to sign him and physcologically….that may be what keeps him around. I think we’ll be dealing with his non-ability to pitch to contact for a while!!!!! Garry, I may send you a ticket to Vegas to pitch on my softball team. I have been pitching for a couple weeks now that our regular pitcher is gone for 6 weeks and I am longing to go back to Left Field!!!!! Go Sox!!!!

I dont get NESN tonight… only the local b-casters, and they SUCK… should be calling “A” ball games…

Wakefield looked GREAT in the first inning!

Evening all!

craig I know they spent a ton, but if we keep him and it ends up costing us the PS, how much does that cost???

I mentioned earlier today that the Marlins pitcher was 6 or 8 when Tim Wakefield took to the mound in 1992!!! Bet that makes Wake feel good about his staying power!!

Hey Julia,
You are like so awesome to comment on my blog. I REALLY appreciate it and it makes my day.

Hmmmm The Red Sox weren’t very effective – maybe the second time through.

Yankees are facing the Washington Nationals. Going to be an easy night for C.C.

You’re welcome Dave! Do you have a new one up today? I was teaching today so I haven’t been online much.

Did I mention Lugo is not playing (LOL)

No – he’s not? I did not know Dave! lol!

Hey – did you all see, Wakefield’s 5 year old son was throwing knuckleballs yesterday at the golf tournament held by Wake & Tek yesterday.

0 – 0 for Yanks. How is that possible. They are facing the Washington Failures.

SHHHH Dave.. don’t tell the Yankees!! maybe they wont notice!! lol

Hey Jules!!!! How are things with you. Thanks for all the nice birthday thoughts!!!

Wasnt it at Wake and Teks last event that Papelbon got sick?? Hope they changed catering services…!!!!

BUMMER!! I thought that one was going out!

Reading your new posts Dave!

You’re welcome Ellen. I thought it was Pap’s event they got sick at.

Dave – LOVED the new posts!

NICE JOB!!! Great running Ellsbury!

Sorry I was fixing dinner..
Come on Nick nick nick nick NICKYYY!!! get on base baby!!!


Jed Who??

Come on Wake!!!! Get em out!!!


Not good base running – but we got a run!

I’ll be in and out, I’m working on some plans for school.

no, not good running at all. But he rarely screws up so, slack will be cut… Got your slack cutters handy???

Let’s Go Papi!!!! Get on base BUBBA!!!

PAPI!!!!! WE LOVE YOU!!!!! He is BACK!!!!


Ellsbury! YES!!!

I’ll ask again: Jed who???

I’m liking it! GREEN! He is on tonight!!!

YO PEDEY!!!!!! Break that slump!!!!

Dave woke the Yankees up!! lol… they figured out they are playing the Nats!!! 2-0 bottom 4

WHOOO HOOOO!!! This is ALL good!


They are giving Wake some nice breathing room!

Action in Marlin’s pen!

DUSTY!!! A HIT!!! YAY!!!


Your time JBAY!!!! GO GET EM…


New Pitcher!


We’ll take it!

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