No. 500 at Fenway

Groundskeeper Dave Mellor has struck with his handy lawn mower again. In left field, there is a giant 5. to the right, in shallow center, a giant 0. and another huge 0 in right. Yes, tonight is the 500 consecutive sellout at Friendly Fenway.

The streak started on May 15, 2003, and has included some highly memorable moments.

As for more current affairs, Brad Penny will face Andrew Miller this evening. Penny is throwing mid to upper 90s heat consistently right now. His trade value is going up by the minute. Would you trade him though?


Go Red Sox! Sorry Dave – I couldn’t wait for you to comment first! lol! I will be at a Boy Scout event and will miss much of the game – but I did want the chance to say congrats on #500 and GO RED SOX!!! See you all later!

WOW 500 consecutive sold out games.. I wonder what the record is… When you package and put out a very good product you see the results.. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE REDSOX!!!!

Another former Marlin tonight.. I wonder what’s going through Penny’s mind other than the fact that he’s glad to be out of there!!! lol

The record is 500, the Sox own that and are building on it.

I’d love to see Wake in the all-star game; in fact, if I were Joe Madden, I would start him. Just to honor all the years he has done his job the right way with no drama and a team-first attitude. . Of course, I am seriously biased. LOL

Let’s go Penny!!! Go Sox!!

Game time!! no pre-game cheer again…

I suspected that it was 500.. but wasnt sure. Now I know!!
I agree with you regarding Wake.. It’d be a shame if he didnt get to go. and the bias resides here too!!!

Come on Brad… get em out!!

no way!!!! OMG… I guess we always ASSUME that Ellsbury will get to whatever is hit that way! MY bad…

That was Ellsbury’s FIRST ERROR IN THE BIGS!!!

I wonder why Penny didn’t go right after Manly Ramirez?? Those walks will kill you. He seemed like he didn’t want to pitch to him. But Ellsbury should have had that.

Although I am not really crazy about the Marlins announcers, I will say, that they are very complimentary toward the RedSox Organization, the players and The Nation..

Penny seems to have lost his focus. Cmon Penny!
Also seems like he is getting squeezed a little by the ump.

Where does MLB get these umpires? — he has managed to change the complexion of this game in the 2nd inning, fortunately so far only with pitch count, — that was an inexcusable non-call earlier — umpires should never had bad games — seems like they rarely have good ones.

Marlin’s pitcher is pretty good, low ERA, a clean game will probably be a must.

So much for my prognosis (or however you spell that word)!

Wow, Varitek’s average is all the way down to .228 again.

Hey Ellen, how are ya??

DGN, how are you? Who won the “be nice to Lugo and Drew” contest? Or was it called off?

Way to go Penny!

Okey Dokey Arnie!!! Clear weather again (finally after 13 days of on and off rain). But I swear my body is fighting one heck of a cold!! How’re things in the wild wild west??

Arnie, dgn and I are sharing the title of “least likely to snipe at our least favorite player” and we both ssaid that we were going to continue our “mended” ways!! lol

Come on RedSox… break out the BIGBATS!!!!

Good job Rocco!!! Come on.. NORE MORE MORE!!!

.. and Trixie whistles LOUDLY!!!

Gotta get something out of this!!

A BIG THANKS to Henry and Werner, these owners have been UNREAL!!! A far cry from John Harrington!!! Every game Francona has managed at Fenway with the Red Sox has been a sellout. Certainly a far cry from the manager in the Marlins dugout. The Marlins are a bunch of no names. These guys are playing in the witness protection program, also known as playing baseball in Miami.

Ian asked the question, would you trade Penny??? As of right now I wouldn’t trade Penny!

Thats my PEDEY!!!!

Pedroia with a clutch hit, 2 out R.B.I.’s are back breakers!

Andrew Miller a former Tar Heel, he was in the rotation with Daniel Bard in Chapel Hill and they should have won it all that year! My tid bit of the night. LOL!!

Let’s get some MORE!~!!

Nick Green running HARD right out of the batter’s box on that little nubber! I like it!

I dont think I would trade him either at this point.
Brian.. You cant really put the blame on Freddie for the Marlins.. It absolutely incredible how tied his hands are. Remember how George Steinbrenner “managed” the team from upstairs??? Marlins ownership gives him a run for his money in that category. Freddie is really a good manager, but he is in acorner.

Nice play Nick Green!!

That would have been extra bases if…..

When the sellout streak started only (2) guys started that night and started tonight. Ortiz was at 1b that night and Varitek was behind the dish. Pedro got the win, Sox beat the Rangers 12-3. Old friend Carl Everett lead off for Texas that night. Donnie Sadler got to play that night as well. Another old friend Ugi Uribina pitched for Texas that night. Urbina now in jail for murder.

Green and Lowell helped Penny to his first 1 2 3 inning. Good going guys.
I’m with you Brian and Ellen, why trade Penny when he is doing well?


I’m not blaming Gonzalez. I’m just comparing/contrasting how different it is from baseball hell ( Miami ) to baseball heaven—Boston! The Marlins could have Francona, Torre, Leyland and LaRussa in the same dugout for 3 years and with this cast of players they have it wouldn’t matter! If the Red Sox played in the N.L. East they would win 115 games! Marlins, Nats, Braves 54 games, 40 wins for sure if the Sox played in that division!

Brian, your memory is phenominal!


I don’t understand why people/fans/media think Boston should deal Penny away because Smoltz is coming off the D.L. It isn’t just that easy. I say let it play out and take it from there, it will work itself out. Last time I checked, pitchers will get hurt as the season gets deeper!


That is not my memory, I looked it up on the computer. If my memory was that good, I would be alot smarter! I can’t remember yesterday, never mind May of 2003. LOL!!

LOL Brian!!
Penny in his last two games —11 innings pitched …no earned runs. Trade this guy?? high pitch counts,,,but….you don’t trade a guy who pitches like he has this year.

I remember 2003…. lots of good but just as much bad…. ARRON FREAKIN BOONE

Bobby Orr, my favorite hockey player when I was young, is in the green monster tonight. Probably yelling Canadian insults at Jason Bay, hurling Canadian epithets at our left fielder; all in good fun of course.


I’m with you with your thoughts about Penny. He was brought to Boston to be a 4th or 5th starter, he has pitched very well. In a perfect world you would like to see him pitch deeper into the game but I think that will eventually happen. Why trade him right now???

I dont think you could pay me enough to manage the fish.

2003 Ellen…Cowboy Up!

Of course Theo trading for Jeff Suppan, why???? LOL!!

Nick Green is turning into the anti-Lugo; making the plays at short and getting hits and hustling. When Lowrie comes back do you think he should be Green’s back-up? Or should Tito work Jed into the starting SS position? What to do with Lugo????


I would rotate Green and Lowrie at s.s. Play match-ups and keep both of them fresh. Also have Lugo stay far far far far away from the team!

Arnie, Lugo should be in the green monster managing the score. For many of the games when the Red Sox play away from Fenway, he should get the score correct.
Green has REALLY come a long way. I’m so impressed with him.
I always saw Masterson as a long reliever but he’s being used by the inning. Do we have a long reliever. That’s a heck of a drain on the bullpen going one inning at a time but I’m no pitching expert.

made up for the error.. way to go ‘COBY

Nats are beating the Yanks. The Nats have won 16 games, will they get there 17th win tonight in the Bronx??? I would love it if the Nats won in Gotham.

Ellsbury goes deep into the night.

Well, if the bunt attempt doesn’t work hit one out!! Yes! That pitch was FAT, belt high right over the plate. Nice work Jacoby.
Dave, you think Lugo learned enough cipherin’ to work the scoeboard?

If the relievers have easy innings they can pitch again tomorrow. Keeps ’em sharp.

The sad part about Bobby Orr, he ended his career with the BlackHawks. Boston sports fans have been very lucky over the years. We have seen the elite! Of course Julio Lugo being very high on that elite list. LOL!! No sarcasm!

Lugo plays like he’s high on smack.

The Nats are 3 outs away for there 17th win. Go Washington!

Ramirez has lost the feel for his pitches a little bit, it seems, but he came back nicely to get the job done.

Arnie…you gave me a great idea for a blog entry — Lugo running the scoreboard and mowing the lawns…oh I am going to have fun!

Hi All! Just got home and I like what I see!

GO RED SOX!!! Happy 500th!

Hey Julie — new blog entry so check it out. We love ya Julie!

This is the anniversary of Ted Williams hitting his 500th home run… as Brian says.. the things that make you go HMMMM

The Yankees lost! WHOOO HOOOO!!!

I will Dave! I just got home – it was a long day! And it’s nice to be loved……:-)

This just in; Rockies beating the Rays and David Price 5 to 1.

Cipherin… were going to the Beverly Hillbillies there, huh Arnie?? I dont think he’s gotten to the “gazintos” yet.. you know 4 gazinto 8 two times!! lol


Arnie, sorry for the late response, but to parody an old Billy Idol song, I thought I was “bloggin’ with myself” no one responding for a while– so I settled in away from the laptop — I see Ellen answered you question though, we called it draw — but I also offered to concede ’cause I know she wants her date with Eck! which was going to be her prize if she won!

He tripped Tek!

And the Rays are losing so far as well!

God, could you imagine spending an evening with Eck??? Cheese, hair, dead central, dot the corners, that one has hump on it, jack, bullet, johnson, aaahhhhhh!!!! I can see Ellen stuffing socks in Eck’s cheese hole after about 10 minutes!

I’d rather have some cheese (but NO gas) instead of the date with the Ego king!!!! Soemone needs to tell him that we are in the year 2009 and to update his “moss” style.. (hair for those of you unfamiliar with that Eck-ism)

… and btw, I will concede dave because I hear that Roseann bought a new tent to wear on your date!!!

Great post Dave!


Pap cant make it easy on us can he??? I guess he think that the “older” Nationers need a heart jumpstart.. well he provides that with regularity now…

Memo to Pap – JUST GET IT DONE!!!!!

4 minutes Arnie!!!

Arnie, time to steal your purveyors truck and head to Fenway,,, can you make it???

YES!!! Another game up on the Yankees!!!!

Penny’s 100th win!


Pap looked a little rusty but he got it done. Great game, Sox!!

Ellen, in that case how about we both conceded to Dave — for having the honors of being the first one out of the contest — not even lasting a single night!! In the spirit and in honor of the contest, I will say no more …. its just too tempting.

500 consecutive sellout, that’ good.
Penny’s 100 win, that’s good.
Penny’s 100 pitches in 5 innings, that’s bad
Jacoby’s fielding error, that’s bad.
Jacoby’s HR, that’s good.
Youk’s 0-4, that’s bad.
JBay’s 0-4, that’s bad.
Pedroia’s 3 RBI, that’s good.
Big Papi’s patience AB, that’s good
Green’s defensive play throwing out Ramirez, that’s good
4 scoreless innings relief, that’s good.
Yankees lost to the lowly Nats, that’s good.

moanin all….time to reep the bennies of the schedule…not much has been said about the sox enduring a rough early schedule while dealing with slumps and injuries….now is the time to make hay….imagine what will happen if the sox hit on all cylinders….all star break lead?……7 games!….go sox…..btw thats being kind… may be more than 7……judge

Ellsbury’s first error. Somehow, I think that ball must have been knuckling. It seemed like a relatively easy catch for him otherwise.

Arnie, I agree with you on Wake and the All Star Game. Joe Maddon is a class guy, and it wouldn’t surprise me a bit to see him choose and start Wakefield, just for the very reasons you stated.

Brian, I disagree with you on Penny. Although I wouldn’t give him away, if I had the opportunity to pick up a super prospect or someone that could really contribute this year, I’d think about doing it. The Sox have plenty of depth in pitching, and while I understand the adage of not having too much starting pitching, I definitely think he is expendable. That being said, it would have to be a good deal for the Sox because Penny would be a good veteran presence heading into the post season.

Red Sox
1. Dustin Pedroia, 2B
2. J.D. Drew, RF
3. Kevin Youkilis, 1B
4. Jason Bay, LF
5. David Ortiz, DH
6. Mike Lowell, 3B
7. Jacoby Ellsbury, CF
8. Jason Varitek, C
9. Nick Green, SS
— Jon Lester, LHP

As of late, Red Sox Theo Epstein has degraded my loyalty to his choices. Julio Lugo and J.D. Drew and Dice-K were very questionable choices with only Drew creating some sort of energy for the team. Dice-K has been more maintenance than he is worth.
It was a shame to lose Coco Crisp. He’s more of a gamer than Drew ever was. Couldn’t Coco play right field?
I say it over and over again, every time Epstein goes for the big guns, he comes up empty. Dice-K, Drew, Lugo, etc. have all been disasters. What Theo is good at is getting the low priced players when everyone else ignores them. Brad Penny is a classic example but let’s not forget Okijima and Ramirez.
Theo does best staying under the radar gun instead of getting the Yankee style players. So far New York will scream a lot of years over Sebastia and Burnett because expectations are too high for reality based on salary.
Finally trading away Penny — bad idea. It sends an expendable message to the team. The Yankees have been very supportive of Wang despite his fiasco of a year. If this were the Sox, Theo would have traded him by now. Damon has one point that I hate to admit — many times the Yanks support their players better than Red Sox management. If you don’t believe me — look at Lowell. Theo was ready to send him on a train out of town with Mark T.
I understand this game is a business but playing in Boston has to have a support mechanism otherwise the talent you do have will look elsewhere.

I can of course always go the other way. You can’t coddle your players either. Lugo, in my opinion was given way too many chances and everyone that comes up looks like a superstar. Lowrie is only treated like a God by staff because they’ve had their expectations so low with Lugo and Green (at first before he became a gold glover).
I really hate to see Penny go. He’s a team player and a worker. He’s not Dice-K “I pitch the way I want to pitch”. I really hate to see him go.
I have two favorite players on the team right now Penny and Green. Both of which can give a lot to this team.

I have a question for everyone:
If you had the choice, would you rather play every day for a team that was virtually guaranteed not to make the playoffs or would you rather be a role player on a team that was virtually guaranteed a spot in the playoffs??

I just finished reading the older posts and I have to agree with you about Dice-K. Anyone who has played the infield will tell you it is easier to play behind a pitcher who gets the ball and throws strikes. These guys who screw around out there taking their time and walking people drive their fielders nuts. I think Dice-K needs to get serious about pitching in the Big Leagues and leave his old style behind. Just my two cents.

Did you see Penny yesterday when he took that liner off the shoulder? He hardly even grimaced. It was like he didn’t feel it. I was impressed by that. That ball was hit hard.
Remember when Don Baylor would get hit by a pitch? He wouldn’t react at all. Just walk down to first, I can’t recall him even rubbing the spot where the pitch hit him. That was awesome!

I do indeed feel impressed when I see Penny. Two games of shutout ball. That’s great. Granted, he had an error to deal with in Ellsbury, but Ellsbury is NO LUGO!

I do indeed feel impressed when I see Penny. Two games of shutout ball. That’s great. Granted, he had an error to deal with in Ellsbury, but Ellsbury is NO LUGO!
I remember Don Baylor. What a player he was. he was no monster on the field but he sure held his own. I always found the 1975 team the All Star team of the Major leagues and found the 1986 team as a patchwork of giants.
Still, my favorite (minus lugnuts LUGO) was 2007. That was one great team.

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