Pedroia on the bases

After stealing two bases last night, Dustin Pedroia is on pace to snag 30 bags this season, 10 more than he finished with last year.

The interesting part of this is that Pedroia was in a steals slump earlier in the year. In April, he had three steals and was caught three times.

“You know what, I actually thought early in the season, he got thrown out a couple of times and I thought he was not as aggressive for a while,” said Red Sox manager Terry Francona. “Was trying to tell him, it’s a hard conversation because we don’t like making outs on the bases but he’s such a good baserunner and he’s so conscientious, it’s like, not that he panicked, but he looks in like,’I can’t get thrown out like that.’ I’m like, ‘you’re alright, you’re a good baserunner.'”

“And he’s a very good basestealer. I thought it was more of an anomaly. It just happened a couple of times early in the season. I like when he runs. He’s a very good baserunner. If our guys, like Ellsbury, are good at what they do, we don’t want to stop them. I think that’s a little bit of a misrepresentation. We like the guys to steal but we just want to make sure they’re  safe.”

In May, Pedroia was 5-for-6 and he’s 4-for-4 this month.


and Go Washington!!!!
To draw something positive from Pedroia’s A/B, look how many “looks” he gave the guys behind him..

The new thread is just in time to say…

YOUK!!!! WHOOO HOOO!!! Great way to start the game!

Hi Ellen! I’ll be in and out for a while. GO RED SOX!!!!

daMn Uggla……….

Hey Jules… How are ya?? Now we’re starting from scratch.. 1-1……………


Not the good Lester…..hmmm…

Doing well Ellen. Just very soggy from all the rain.

Hey Julia, hey Ellen,
Not trying to start off with negativity, but how does Lester manage 40 pitches in two innings?

We’ve finally had a couple of days minus the wet stuff….
Jon can still get this back on track… He HAS TO!!!

Lester is now at a 45 pitch count. Oh boy, has he been talking to Dice-k!

Correction 48!

We need to work the bullpen tonight folks!

Thank you for the steal attempt. Lester doesn’t look so good tonight.

Hi Dave! It is pouring now in Boston.

Lester got out of that jam. Time for the bats to get things going.

A pitcher like Nolasco shouldn’t sniff the 5th inning, Boston should hammer him!

They better have someone up in the pen!

Lester’s last outing was blown by the bullpen. It appears that Lester’s sub par performance so far could be saved by the bullpen tonight.
Pap said that he will consider Yankees and other teams if he cannot come to terms with the Red Sox. So be it!

Base runner in every inning. Who is pitching for the Fish? Cy Something?

Yanks are getting shutout by the Nats, I love it!

But the Nats bullpen sucks!

Nolasco has average stuff! Why are the Red Sox making him look so good???


Not only does the Nats bullpen suck, this just in, the entire team SUCKS!

Arnie… you need to cut the phone lines in Arvada when the games start… my brother NEVER fails to call after a game starts… I cant ignore it.. Catholic Guilt instilled at Baptism….

For some reason the Boston hitters look unbalanced at the plate. Alot of defensive swings. Nothing solid, they look lost up there against Nolasco. They don’t have a clue on what Nolasco will throw next.

Buenas noches amigos! Sorry I haven’t been around lately, and actually sorry I can’t stay tonight either.

Just wanted to pop in to let you all know I’ve started my own blog, which will be dedicated entirely to translating Ian’s articles and entries. Of course, I’ll be giving Ian all the credit, and I hope this is ok with him. I think it could help to get his work read by more people, and hopefully increase the Spanish-speaking Red Sox fanbase.

The blog is called “El Casillero de las Medias Rojas”, which means “The Red Sox Locker” and the web address is


By the way, this is carlosgeorge_rsn, the Still Unofficial Self-Proclaimed Red Sox Nation Ambassador to Mexico.

Brian: Our friend Julian Tavarez is pitching to Jeter with bases loaded, 2 outs.


Whew..Jeter grounded out.

YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it’s only a break if its taken advantage of!!! LET’SGOREDSOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!


You gotta love Tavarez, one of the craziest guys to wear a Red Sox uniform.

Senor Ez is with the NAts?? apprpriate!!! now there was a RedSox player you guys could have beat me on with that bet… never liked him, never will.

Bosoxbrian — question:
I see so much made of the power pitcher but it’s so hard to be consistent. You have to throw hard, target precisely and mix up pitches and your pitch count is always high. Ground ball/sinker ball type pitchers have much lower counts and can be equally effective if they keep the ball down low. Why aren’t there more Masterson type pitchers out there?

come on TEK-ER!!!!

One thing to like about Taravez is that he’s a team player. He always was. Lugo is for himself and nothing else.

I’ll take boring and solid over crazy anyday… we had another CRAZY guy too!!

You are kidding me. This kid 1 hits the Sox after 5.

I’ll take boring and solid too. Nick Green is that and that’s why I like him!

Sox need some of the obvious to get this game turned around.

They are going to call this game here in a minute.. it’s raining cats and dogs and small farm animals

Joining late — major ouch — 1 hit in 5 innings — and we supposedly missed the Marlin’s top two pitchers this series.

If Mother Nature doesn’t rain all night (so they have to call the game) — maybe she will help us by getting this pitcher out of the game — he must have been on quite a roll.

The Yankees were BLANKED by the Nats 3-0! We have GOT to win this game! Pray for a short rain delay! WHOOO HOOOO!!! GO RED SOX!!!

I’m calling it a night guys… I’ll have the game on in the bedroom and will take a break from inside eye lid checking and check on the status of the game. Everyone have a good one.. talk tomorrow.

I don’t think I’ll see the end of this one – SO GO RED SOX!!!! If I don’t see the end, I hope I wake up to a win!

Night Jules!

moanin all….anyone remember the last time the redsox made a blockbuster pick up around the deadline?…..i dont count gagne because to me he was a juicer and was worthless….excluding him …..i know we have a great team as we are….just once id like to see the nail in the coffin pick up….the sox lost in the texeira sweepstakes….they smartly let the stankees spend on pudgy and burnett….dont u think the yanks are gonna jump in and find a high profile pitcher and outfielder in the next weeks?……they need….absolutely need to make the playoffs….they are gonna spend spend spend…..and soon…..they will get another pitcher or two…..and a thumper…..count on it… theo….are u gonna get someone to make up for your blunders?…..yes feck ups…..i said feck ups…..lugo,nancy,gagne…to be nice ill stop there… buddy….evaluate….and get a winner…..if you dont….i hate to say it….but staying put…might not be enough….unless papi decides he can carry us to the promise land again….go soxxxxxxxxxxxx…….judge

Last nights game may have been somewhat of a blessing. With a rested, albeit bored bullpen, the Sox now have a rested staff to take over for Dice-K in the fifth when he falls apart. That’s a good thing because right now Dice-K is now an automatic loss for the team.
I will see you guys in three weeks. I’ll miss you all!

Lineup is in:
Pedroia, Drew, Youkilis, Bay, Ortiz, Lowell, Ellsbury, Varitek, Green.

Well, That’s our Mr Optimism!! lol
Have a great va-ca Dave, I hope you spend really good quality time with them!!!

007.. what’s your source for the lineup??? I can never find it..

Ellen: Amalie Benjamin of Boston Globe and

Thanks Ellen — I will indeed. South Dakota will be great — and cooler than the sweatbox of Nashville.
Now Dice-K has to win tonight otherwise he’s made it that much easier for the Sox to chose his replacement.

Dave: Have a nice vacation! Hopefully by the time you’re back in Nashville the Sox are running away in the division. B/w Sunday’s game is on TBS.

Time for Dice-K to step up and pitch well. If I were John Farrell I would try to convince him that this is really the WBC not the MLB. If he thinks he’s pitching for the Japan Red Sox he might do better. It’s worth a try.

Have a fun vacation! South Dakota is FANTASTIC! Or so I hear, never been there. Go Dave! Go Sox!!!

Okay – that s*u*c*k*e*d! Why is Dice-K in the rotation?????

Oh – hi all!😉

Dave – have a great vacation! I’ll miss you blogs!

I’ll be in and out tonight – the way this is going? Maybe I’ll go hide my head😦

And the crowd goes wild over a strike!

Masterson is warming up!!!



Dice-K starts out right where he left off. Can we trade him??

Over the last two games the Sox have 2 hits? What’s up with that?

New thread —
Finally, thank you guys. This is my last night before vacation. After seeing Dice-K…uggg…glad I wasn’t there to see it. What a mess. What’s that about having too much starting pitching?

I hope Dustin keeps up that SB pace! GO DUSTIN!
Take care, Dave! See ya when you get back!

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