What to do about Dice-K?

The Red Sox are in an extremely tricky spot here, as Dice-K got rocked yet again tonight. Now what do they do?

Smoltz is already slotted in to take Matsuzaka’s normal day, which is Thursday at Washington. Do you skip Matszuaka altogether for one turn in the rotation? Do you put him in the bullpen for a couple of weeks? Do you somehow convince him to waive his no Minor Leagues clause and go down to Triple-A so he can put himself back together?

This is one of the most delicate situations the Red Sox have had during the Terry Francona/Theo Epstein regime. How do they finesse this?

Obviously the organization has made a $103.1 million investment in this man. Though the results weren’t pretty, Matsuzaka seemed like a pretty good investment those first two years.

This season? They can’t even get a decent start out of him. Matsuzaka is now 0-for-8 in the quality starts department.


Hey everyone.
Since I can’t be here for a while, I’d thought I’d take the privilege of taking the first spot.
I love you all and am so grateful to this relationship!

Have fun Dave.
Dice-K’s gotta go. And take Lugo with ya.

Let’s hope Tito and Theo smarten up and unload DiceK any way they can. If we can’t trade him and we are unable to send him down, then we should put him on the DL or, at the very least put him in the bullpen. Maybe he will get used to the idea that, when he comes in, he will be limited to two or three innings and realize that he will not be expected to pace himself so that he can throw 125 to 150 pitches that he may have been used to in Japan. He has to realize that he is MLB and adjust accordingly. In that way he may focus on getting two or three innings (he pitches no mor than 4 or 5 now) and focus on throwing strikes rather than try to fine tune his pitches, as he is trying to do now.

The only other alternative is to let him start, have someone in the ballpen from the outset, and as soon as he loses focus- pull him, even if it is one or two innings. Maybe he will get the message. Maybe he has to be put in a losing-face situation to get him to take direction.

Maybe Theo could send Dice-K to the Continent. Paris, Rome, the Greek Islands. Vienna is nice. Amsterdam, very hip.
The beaches in Thailand are exquisite!!! Does he have a “no vacations” clause? If he’s the adventurous type, and he certainly appears to be judging by his pitching, he could climb Denali. A gold star for getting to the top!
I could think of all kinds of places for him to go.

Hi all. Well, I have never really been a Dice-K fan so I’m happy to say send him down or ship him out (with Lugo) and give Smoltz his slot for the time being. It’s only a matter of time before one of the young guns will step it up.

Life’s good in the Lone Star State, Nation. Who’s coming to Arlington for next month’s 3 game series? It would be nice to meet any one or more of the traveling Sox Nation!

Jim Maynard

Jim, how ya doin’? I like your new moniker! (I hope Bob doesn’t take offense, he’s very sensitive, you know)

Just think how Buckholz must feel, smoking everyone in AAA, been in the majors before, throw a no hitter there, had a bad run last year, but this year, cranking — and he has got two pitchers in front of him, one is really bad, the other a veteran but still untested this year. I sure hope they bring Buckholz up late in the season, and I sure hope he has a season’s worth of hot pitching in — and we don’t waste all in the minors.

Hey all,
Heading out in about 30 minutes. Will miss you guys. Dice-K is sure making things easier for the Red Sox.
Clay will be a killer next year. Going to be great in 2010.

Morning everybody!
Hey will someone tell the guys that just because I dont check in, doesnt mean that they can lose the game???!!!
I was watching in between frames last night at the bowling alley and I was heart sick… There are about 4 other RS fans on the league and we took turns reporting the bad news….

Phil: I TOTALLY agree with you about Dice K… I just dont know what to think about this guy…. You hear that he’s a “me” guy, not much of a team player. He gives his all for Japan (WBC), but not for the team that has invested so much in him. I just dont know. They have to make a decision soon.
I would just as soon see him gone.

Jim: I LOVE your new “handle”. Dont think we’ll be heading out Arlington way anytime soon, but always lloking forward to meeting the “flock”.

At least he was MVP of the World Baseball Classic again!:/

Yeah… Being the MVP of a Series that means nothing in the regular season, that does alot for the RedSox… whoopee!!
Too bad he cant get one win in the regular season.

What to do with Dice-K? If I was the Red Sox I would do what the Yankees did with Wang, send him down to the minors and work on some stuff. The Red Sox will have to convince him somehow someway, I’m guessing he’ll accept. If he doesn’t, that is where it will get very interesting. I have said on here many times, you can never ever have enough starting pitching. This situation with Dice-K is the reason I say that.

Boston’s bats have gone silent the last 2 games. 3 runs against minor league pitching, not acceptable–especially at Fenway Park!!

Arnie & JimM,

That new “handle” makes me smile. And I feel compelled to speak! You’d think West Texans should be more concerned with Diamondbacks………literally!!!

Good one Bob!!! How’s it going????

Hello Ellen,
Pretty good, thanks. But it’s a rainy day here in NJ!

Nice post, I’m definitely awaiting their decision as well, it will be an important one and let’s hope it pays off.

I haven’t been on lately, but during the off-season, I predicted 3 things Bucholz is going to be awesome, Daniel Bard is going to be Great, and Jason Varitek stinks as a Major League hitter. I am hoping by the time this season ends more people who are Baseball knowledge, see that Varitek is going to hurt this team more than helps. His age is catching up.
Trade Dice-K, and hope you can get a major league catcher, a pitcher that cannot throw strikes, is useless. Bring up the kids. Smoltz can do the job, and he will. History proves it.

Hey Rooster.. where were you when Tek was hitting the ball?? didnt notice you then!! BTW… ask the pitchers if he’s going to hurt the team.. and also look at the MAJORITY of all the catchers in both leagues… he looks right about average; who would you go get realistically.. not someone like Mauer who is going to be locked tight for a long time….and was Bard so Great the other night?.. needs some more seasoning if you ask alot of people!!!

Bob— now theres something to look forward to!!!!! I hope that he’s for real and can last. I’d like to have them have Tek work with him!

OKay… I’m here.. it’s game time..no pre-game cheer, again..

G O S O X ! ! !

Come on JOSHUA!!!

OK- 1 K


anybody else here???

So if Kotsays playing 1st, Youks at third… whats up with Mikey???? Hope its just a “rest” night…

That was pretty close to being gone!!! He’s on base.. got ahit.. I;m olay with that.. bring him in Mark!!!

Well, I’m tired of doing a monologue… back later!!

Good news, they are taking Dice-K out of the rotation to “look” at him. Now, if they can get Lugo out of the line-up and stare at him for a few months, all will be well.


Well said about Lugo. What to do with Lugo??? What do the Sox do when Lowrie comes back?

Green is money! A clutch hit, I love 2 out R.B.I.’s. How many does Green have this season?

I’m glad the Yanks signed Burnett instead of D. Lowe. Lowe can flat out pitch, Lowe might be up there in age for a pitcher but he has a rubber arm. He has never been on the D.L.–That is amazing! Great trade by Dan Duquette– Heathcliff Slocumb for Varitek and Lowe. Where is Slocumb now I wonder????

Great piece of hitting by Drew, going the other way!

This time it’s Youk going the other way. That’s the approach you need to take at the plate against Lowe. If you try to pull Lowe, chances are it will be a ground ball.

With the way Beckett is pitching tonight, a 2 run lead is like a 4 run lead. Beckett has brought his “A” game with him tonight!

Wise choice by the Red Sox to pull Dice-K from the rotation. He is stinking it up and he is killing the bullpen everytime he took the ball.

Great Job by the fans and Derek Lowe!!! I’m so glad that the fans gave him a standing O when he came out to take the mound and when he left the game.. And I think it was classy that he tipped his cap at both O’s!! Good job by all!

Hey Brian.. glad to see someone else is home tonight! I keep asking “Jed Who??” It seems that Nick REALLY wants this job and thats nothing but GOOD!!!!
3-0 GO SAWX…

Dice-K has been giving new meaning to the term “long reliever!!!”

Ellen…Green has been solid at the plate and in the field. When Lowrie returns, I say the Sox play the match-up that night. Alternate Lowrie and Green at s.s. and keep both of them fresh. When Lowrie returns he gives them lots of versatility! What will the Sox do with Lugo??? His trade value is ZERO! Lots of $$$$$ sitting in the dugout and doing nothing. Whatever Boston does end up doing with Lugo, it will cost them $$$$$$$$$$.

First Atlanta baserunner to second base. That sums up Beckett tonight. He has been AWESOME!

I say have Beckett start the 9th inning. If a baserunner reaches, take him out—it’s just that simple.

I agree totally re Green/Lowrie.. see who wants it more!!!
as far as Lugo… somebody has to need a ball boy or a cleat cleaner!!

Top o’ the ninth!!! I’m with you about Josh taking the ball…
all I can say is ………………………..
GO JOSHUA.. GET EM SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just got back online. First attempt to post with y’all. Are the kinks in the postings resolved, or is it still slow? (I hope it’s better!) I just turned on the game, so I’ve not seen any until now (I’m watching on the local channel for the Braves here).
Good to see we have Josh pitching deep into the game again! I hope he can finish the inning! DP! That got it done!
Good timing!πŸ˜‰
We’re getting settled in pretty well here. I just gave our stove a trial run for the first time tonight–all things considered, not too bad!
Unpacking is going pretty well, but we’re still figuring out where the movers put some stuff! Not too bad, though! LOVE the new place! We have a wildlife show all to ourselves (sort of)–turkeys aplenty here (as they were where we moved from), and LOTS of bears–including on our back porch! Anyone for hunting?!πŸ˜‰

Hey Freg!! Goos to see you survived the move!!! Welcome Home!!

Thats “good”

… and Greg….

THAT posted fast! YAY!πŸ™‚
Good to read that Fenway gave Derek Lowe a great Standing O! I hope Josh can finish the game! I saw the game he pitched when we swept the Yankees! YAY!πŸ˜‰ I like the fact that we’re still doing very well against the Yankees! Now, if we can do the same with the RAYS, starting in Aug, when we play them again!…;)
Good to see Josh pitch well tonight after the debacle he had the other night, let alone how we laid an egg last night! Finish the game, Josh, and get the shut out! GO SOX!
Good to be back on-line!!πŸ™‚

I was so happy to see you I got “blonde fingers!!” 2 hours 10 minutes into the game and its over…
Becketts 3 complete game of his career!!!!

Oh, and yes, Dice-K NEEDS to SIT!
Way to finish the CG, Josh! Great to see Lowe pitched well– Josh just pitched better! YES! GO SOX!

Wow, just checking in — looks like I missed a good one — Beckett must have been smokin’ — and good thing we had Green in the game, or it might have been 1-0.

oooooooh!! I want a little bear!!! can i have one, PLEASE?? lol (mention animals and I’m 6 again!!)

Hey, Ellen and Brian! How has everyone been?πŸ™‚ GO SOX!
I’ll be going to the Tourist game on June 27th with a former neighbor (who still lives close by). We’ll be seeing the Tourists play Greenville.πŸ˜‰ It will be good to see what will be coming through the pipeline!

Beckett with a C.G. SHUTOUT! I don’t have to say anything more. His 1st with the Red Sox.

The Braves third base coach was a very lonely man tonight.

You might have to settle for a BIG bear, Ellen! LOTS of them around here! (Not so many CUBS, though–I think they migrate to Chicago on a regular basis!πŸ˜‰

Hey, DGN, I’m back! GO SOX!

Okay.. I’ll take him!!!!

Doing well Greg. Moving is a pain in the a–. I don’t envy you.

One thing we do know there is lots coming thru the pipeline.

Marlins ahead of the Yanks in the 8th, a slim lead for the Fish.

Wakefield goes for win #10 tomm. afternoon, imagine that. Late June and Wakefield could be in double digits in the win column.

About Matsuzaka… I’m thinking that with his Japanese pride.. that he was more hurt than he let on after the WBC.. if thats the case I think it sucks… That should be a breach of contract. They are sending him for the “medical” check and then they will go on from there… SIT BOY, SIT… GOOD DICE-K!!

You’re right, Rooster7–it is time to see what Smoltz can do in Dice-K’s spot! Bringing up the kids would be a good move also!
Good to see Brad Penny has been doing well! He’s not the guy we need to trade right now! Dice-K, though…:/ Good to see we still have a lead on the Yankees!
I have been able to follow, if not always watch, the games during my time off-line. (Can’t survive very well without baseball!) Is J-Bay signed yet, though?

I just got Dave’s posts for Red Sox Humor. I hope he is still doing well. I saw that he’ll be off the site for the wknd. Take care, Dave!

NOT YET!!!! But they dont make a habit of re-signing during the season,, they have done it but they try not to is what I’ve always heard……

Dave will be gone for 3 weeks I think…..

Back later…

The Marlins still have that slim lead—top of the 9th in South Florida. It would be nice if the Sox extend there lead in the division. At the All Star break, I want the Sox ahead by at least 3 games.

I think Beckett was the last Red Sox player signed an extension during the season, back in 2006. Crisp was signed to an extension very early into the season a few years back, Ortiz as well. Few and far between. I’m guessing Bay will not be signed during the season and he’ll be a free agent at season’s end. Good for him, he has earned that right. Boston had there chance to sign him and Theo and the Red Sox didn’t go more than 10 million ( according to reports ) they were a little off on that one. Safe to say!

I’m anxious to see what we do against Jurrjens tomorrow. Jurrjens has been a tough pitcher for the Braves, and I’ll be anxious to see how we do against him! GO SOX!

I think you are right that Beckett was the last to sign a mid-season extension. Partly for that reason, even though it is somewhat an unusual thing for the FO to do, I think there is a CHANCE this will be an exception, a la Beckett. But I can hope!…GO SOX!


Remember when the Sox signed Beckett to that extension ( back in 2006 ) Beckett was really struggling, he was getting smoked that season! They approached Beckett during a bad season. Beckett’s situation and Bay’s situation is different. Right now Bay’s value is very high. I have always stated on here, Bay should have been locked up during the winter. I still think Bay will get signed, it’s going to cost the Sox alot more $$$$$. Theo and the Red Sox misread this one! There is a team in Gotham that would love to have Bay. We’ll see how it all unfolds.

True, Brian, but I see that somewhat from another angle. Josh’s value WAS down, but that meant that there was some inherent risk in signing Josh to that extension. I think the FO would say that risk has paid off. J-Bay’s value is higher than Josh’s was then, but the perceived risk is not as great, either (no greater an injury risk than ordinarily is there). I think J-Bay still will be signed also, but I do think there is reason to think that the FO will see the benefit of signing him mid-season. The economy is also not the same as it was in 06, either–that likely will play into this situation differently that in 06, also. We’ll see!

Do we need any more evidence (esp. regarding Dice-K!) that the WBC was a BAD idea? Bring up Buch, Theo! GO SOX!


I don’t think the economy effects Bay or any other top free agent. I think the economy gets the middle of the road free agent. I’m guessing Bay will get anywhere from 12-15 million per season for 4 or 5 years. If Bay is a free agent at season’s end, the top (2) $$$$$ teams will be all over him. Of course Boston would have the inside track.

There was risk for sure in signing Beckett back in 2006, just like there is any time you sign a pitcher to a long term deal. Boston rolled the dice ( not being funny ) on Beckett and it has paid off. He pitched great in 2007 ( reg. season and playoffs ) was banged up most of last year and the past month or so this year has been the best pitcher in baseball. He pitched a gem tonight!

Hey, Jim Maynard! Good to see you posting! I like the moniker also!πŸ˜‰
Arnie, I’m all for shipping Dice-K (or Dice “Not So Many K’s”) to any of the places you suggested! I can’t believe they haven’t shipped LugNuts out to these suggested locations already! SIGH! Some things haven’t changed in my absence, I guess!:/

I think your numbers are about right, Brian, and I think the FO will be willing, ultimately, to pay it. The length of the contract may be a sticking point–a la Pedro, etc., but I don’t think the salary level will be. I do think the FO will see more upside in signing J-Bay than there was in signing Beckett during his down year. We’ll see! Get it done, Theo! GO SOX!

Greg…Bottom-line the Sox need to get it done. Bay has thrived in Boston, he is CLUTCH!

Good Night all… See y’all tomorrow.. it’s been a very long day!!!! Yard work in the 90 plus degrees and about 85 % hunidity makes it hard to last at night..
Great win by the RedSox!!!!

Wow, awesome game, eh? Sort of like the 6-inning shutout Beckett pitched against the Yankees, although that game was just a bit more awesome (even more so as I was there).
As for Dice-K, reports state that he’s still got a weak shoulder, so expect a DL stint being announced soon. That’s my hypothesis based upon what has been reported. Looks like that whole “issue” about a 6-man rotation will be solved soon.

Very nice effort by Josh Beckett tonight. He was really painting the corners. How clutch was Nick Green tonight? The Sox didn’t get many hits tonight, but they did make them count and gave Beckett all he needed.

Brian, I don’t think the risk was signing Beckett in 2006. I think the risk was trading for him. Everyone new what kind of stuff he had, but he also had a history of those blisters that caused him to miss a lot of time. He was a young stud of a pitcher on 2006, and it only made sense to lock him up. I don’t think value was even an issue.

Bay is a good player, and certainly worth more than what JD Drew is getting. That’s where I see the comparison being made. I think $75M over 5 years is a pretty good estimate.

I think Ellsbury needs to go back to the top of the order. He is a table setter and I think his talents are being wasted in the 7 slot. I’d bat drew behind Ortiz, move Lowell to 7 and leave the rest as it is.

ive never been a dice k fan…hes maddening to watch…i usually flip around when hes pitching until its time to bat…now….hes produced some good numbers in the last 2 yrs…maybe hes hurt….asian players are notoriously fragile ego wise…he knows hes struggling….rather than benching him i would call for a dl stint and have him put in some film time and work with the pitching coach….u hurt that ego more he may never recover and thats 100 mill invested…but if hes traded it wouldnt hurt my feelings,…..like i said …hes maddening……judge

153 million is alot!! they are sending him for a full medical workup… The WBC “strikes” again

No pre-game thingy again… All I have to say is:::
GO WAKE!!!!! GO SOX!!!!



Hey, Ellen! Hey all! How is everyone? GO SOX!
I’m watching on the local channel here. Let’s go WAKE!

JD is getting a workout in right today!! Thats a good thing!

Good, it appears Wake is settling in. GO SOX! Go Wake!

How are the posting problems going since I’ve been off the blog, Ellen? Are things still slow? Or are they better?

Good, they DLed Dice-K. Let’s keep him there for a while. I wish they’d called up a pitcher, though! Oh, well! GO SOX!

I particularly think this would have been a GOLDEN opportunity to call up Buch!

Hi Greg!! Hows my bear today… btw When you talk to him, his name is Pedey!!!! Pedey Bear!

We’ve been doing okay, and Ian has been putting up new threads more often.

Nice DP there! Good D! GO SOX!

Hey, that must mean he’s “smarter than your average bear!”πŸ˜‰

yeah, but a little bit shorter than most!!

Because of the bears around here, we can’t let out our cats. One in particular, who’s older, and accustomed to going outside, is going stir crazy! Hmmm!…

When do you think Youk will wise up and wear a shin gaurd???? Thats 2 he’s hit off the front of his left foot today!!!!

Nice job YOUK! Get him in, J-Bay! GO SOX!

Nice job YOUK! Get him in, J-Bay! GO SOX!

Speaking of wising up, what was Youk thinking?? At least J-Bay will start the next inning, though! GO SOX!

Speaking of wising up, what was Youk thinking?? At least J-Bay will start the next inning, though! GO SOX!

This pitcher for the Braves, Jurrjens, is one the Braves have been very high on around here! He’s been fun to watch on our local stations! GO SOX!

Another great inning from Wake! I really wanted to see Wake match up with Jurrjens.

I had him on my fantasy team last season… he’s tough!

Well, so much for that! That’s one way to get on base! Hmmm!…

The way that the wind is blowing in (14ph to the batter) papi got every ounce of the ball he smashed out of there!!!
Luck seems to be running his way today!!

Let’s get Papi in, guys! GO SOX!
Yeah, Papi looked like he did get all of that HR. Good to see! GO PAPI!

This is where Jurrjens has been clutch–getting himself out of trouble. Let’s make him pay! GO SOX!
Nice running, Papi! GO SOX!

Nice 1-2-3 inning, Wake! Great catch, Dustin! GO SOX!

Wake’s gone 6 solid innings again! Way to go! GO SOX!

I understand Mike Lowell’s hip was acting up. I hope he’ll be OK soon! GO SOX!

Come on, Nick! Let’s get on base! GO SOX!

Drat! DP! GO SOX!

Bummer, J-Bay! OK, Wake, get the DP! GO SOX!

We still need the DP, guys! GO SOX!

One more, Wake! GO SOX! Nice job, J-Bay!

Nice job Wake! We need the last out, Ramon! GO SOX!

Nope. Not good. Finish the inning Ramon! GO SOX!


Nice hit Kot! Get him in! GO SOX!

A no decision for Wake is better than leaving him in and getting the loss!

Come on pedey-bear!!! lol

Yep. Wake was in position for the win, though. Ramon didn’t hold it.

Guess I shouldnt call him pedey-bear… Apparently by the beating that his batting helmet took, he REALLY doesnt like the name!! lol

Side note–good to see we had the 500th straight sellout at Fenway! GO SOX!

Come on, JD, get the runner in! GO SOX!

Get on base JD!!! Come on BUBBA!

Nice job, JD! Nice running, Kot! GO SOX!

I’m not sure why Chipper got thrown out NOW, since he is arguing about a 1st inning call! HMMM! That IS rare for Chipper to get tossed!

When did they install this annoying rating star system on this page? As if they needed other things to be annoying on this site!:/

OK, now I get what Chipper was ticked about. They missed that call. Jurrjens got away with one earlier against Dustin, though–we’re even?!

Let’s get JD in, guys! GO SOX!
They’re talking about Pap getting into the game and this series. I hope Pap has begun turning around his pitching! GO SOX!

Good, we’ve regained the lead. Now let’s HOLD it for a change! GO SOX!

That wind must really be making things interesting out there! Hmmm!… GO SOX!

They also missed a call earlier on Pedroia and on Drew,,, so they still owe us 1

We need a SO now, Oki! GO SOX!

The call on Pedroia was the one I noticed–and they did miss it! He should have had a BB! Hmmm!…

and ladies and gentlemen, We’re all tied up!!!!

Tie game again! SIGH! GO SOX!

How have you been, Ellen? How was your birthday? 29th, right?πŸ˜‰


It’s been a strange game since Wake left (especially). HMMM!…

Let’s get the lead again, guys! GO SOX! We can win this game yet!

Yes, my 29th was great!!! Gots lots of neat RedSox-ware… and I got Terry Francona’s baseball card!!!! My husband treated me as he always does, like a Queen…

Great to hear, Ellen! The one bummer with moving so far is that I haven’t found some of my Red Sox stuff! SNARL!:/

Ellen, my mother has a sweatshirt that says, “All I ask is that you treat me no differently than you would the Queen”!πŸ˜‰

OK Pap, let’s get it done, and let’s get the WIN! GO SOX!


Good shirt.. and I know she deserves it..

Thank GOD Piniero did not get the closer job (like they’re discussing here!) I don’t miss Piniero at all!

Happy Father’s Day to all you dads! GO RED SOX!!!!

Come on, Pap! Let’s shut it down here! GO SOX!
That was a GREAT play by Youk!

Papelbon just irks the crap outta me sometimes!!! GET IT DONE.. GET THE HELL OUT OF THE INNING…..

Hey, Julia! THANKS! GO SOX!

Pap is still not making things easy, I see! GOOD! AN OUT! GO SOX!

That baserunner wasnt trying to grab his leg now was he??? OH NO!!! THEY WOULDNT DO THAT!!

Pap has not made anything easy this season!

Can we get this last out!

As I think you may have noticed, Julia, I got caught up on some reading on your blog!πŸ˜‰

Jesus Mary and Joseph!!! GET A FREAKIN STRIKE!!

I say that Greg! I’ll blog again later today! lol!

They are booing Pap in Fenway!

Daisuke has taken posession of Jonathan papelbons body… I compel you OUT!!!!!!

Is that the other Trinity, Ellen?! Hmmm!πŸ˜‰

Ellen the Exorcist! Let’s get it to work for Pap! (Then maybe we can work on Dice-K!):/



Sure, let’s get him on a HIGH strike! GO SOX!



Holy Crap Batman!!!! I thought he threw that one to the bcakstop!!! WOW!!! Never a dull moment!!

Can we go back to making these saves a LITTLE less interesting, Pap? PLEASE?!



NICE JOB NICK GREEN! (And nice job on the prophecy front, Julia!)πŸ˜‰ WAY TO GET IT DONE!! GO SOX!

Well, that’s certainly one way to win a series! HMMM! GO SOX!

It’s the Rant & Grant Greg! lol!!!

I will ask the question again: JED WHO???

Well, it certainly worked, Julia!πŸ˜‰ GO SOX!
Ellen, forget “Jed who”! He can still back Nick up. It’s “LugNuts who?”!!πŸ˜‰

I try my best Greg! Now – GO FISH!!!

I hope that’s what they do..

I’m doing well Ellen! And you? Had my dad & sister and her husband over earlier – we ate & drank too much – my Caramel Peach Pie was delicious!

Wow, Julia, that sounds delicious!!! Could you email me the recipe?? I’d love to try that out!! Happy Fathers day to your Pops!!!

Nick Green was Mr Clutch last night and he comes through again today. He’s making Lugo a forgotten man and the question becomes what happens to Nick Green when Jed Lowrie is ready to come back. Nick Green’s defense has improved significantly since he has been playing every day. In fact. he has made some rather spectacular plays at shortstop. I still don’t think he’s the defender that Lowrie is, but Lowrie is never going to be a .290 hitter. It’s going to be a tough call for Tito. If I’m Tito, I continue with Nick Green until he proves he can’t play every day. I make it his position to lose.

Papelbon isn’t half the pitcher he was. There are too many times he comes out there with 92/93 mph fast ball. He’s supposed to be a “blow them away” closer and what we’re seeing is him pitching around hitters. His WHIP is up around 1.5 after today, and his K to BB ratio is just a little over 2:1. He is not a pitcher you could bring into a tight situation and depend on him to get a critical out. He can no longer routinely throw the ball by people and he frequently throws so many pitches in one inning that he has to be sat down for a day before he can be used again. I know his save stats are good, his ERA is great, and he’s still striking out better than one per inning, but he’s not the Pap we’ve seen before and the trend is definitely downward. I predict he will not be with the Red Sox after next season.

Hi Garry!!! Hows it going up North!! lol

Hey – did you know that Big Papi now has a blog? I just found it! davidortiz.mlblogs.com Derek Lowe has a new one also! dereklowe.mlblogs.com

I will Ellen! I have to type up the recipes – my sister wanted a couple of the others that I had – I should get it to you tomorrow.

Hey Ellen, it’s hotter than “you know where” up here. The heat index is around 107. My a/c isn’t keeping up with it in my apartment.

I like Nick Green… He’s solid, dependable (so far).. I know his resume with us is short, but it looks pretty good. As you said, it will certainly be a tough decision that Tito will make.
BTW… Regarding Chipper Jones.. Last season he was whining about how he hates Inter-League play.. because they ALWAYS have to play the RedSox.. Well he got some time off this afternoon. Now I bet he hates it even more!!!
and yes I do know that the pitch in question was a strike, but he opened up his big whiney mouth and got the hook..
Well he doent have to play the Sox anymore this year.

The A/C here is also having a difficult time keeping up!! and I picked today to cook in the oven. I had to start out at 500 degrees for 25 minutes and then back it down and we have recovered yet!! I’m making sure every closet door and cabinet is closed tight.. No sense in cooling those down!!
I think I’m going to take a swim here shortly before the “skeeters” come out.
Hey today is the LONGEST day of the year. It’ll probably stay light until almost 9 tonight…

Thanks Julia. I’ll let you know how I do with it… Gee I wonder if David will like it? It doent walk does it? Because as longas it soent get up and leave the plate, he’ll eat it.. In other words he loves EVERYTHING!!!

LOL! To funny Ellen! It is raining here again – ugh! Expect for the pie we grilled today so we dodged rain drops!

Happy first day of summer and see you all later!

Day off tomorrow and then…the Nationals!


A 4 game lead? I LIKE IT!!! Yankees lost again to the Marlins!


Paps seems to have lost the fire that he exhibited when he came in against the Yanks. He seems to have settled down to a mediocre role and, even though he may save the game, he makes you sweat. He has to be able to build up that same adrenalin, with that psychotic look, whenever he comes in.
As far as Green is concerned, I agree that the position is his to lose when Lowrie comes back. Lowrie has to be worked in now and again to get back into major league shape/competition. As far as Lugnuts is concerned, maybe he can join DiceK on the DL, join the ground crew, sell peanuts, join the announcers, or whatever.

The Red Sox made a wise decision by disabling Dice-K. The way he is pitching, Dice-K will not be effective out of the bullpen unless uncharacteristically used for mop up. It is time for the Mr. Henry to eat Lugo?s salary and it is just a waste of a roster spot. Bring up Gil Velasquez until Lowrire returns.
Some day and some game, Pap will blow a pivotal game for the Sox. He wants to be a Yankee? Let him be.

well here we go….i predicted a 7 game lead by next sunday…might be more by then….we worked our hard schedule now its time to make hay….papi driving the ball….mikey has had some rest….yuke is pissed so time to get out of slump….pedey showing flashes….pitchers healthy…one thing on pitchers….tito needs to use ramirez more….this guy needs work almost daily to stay sharp….im still hoping for a veteran bat or speed off the bench….i expect the stankees to be very active …very soon in the trade market….im curious how the sox will react….mets are gonna be really active…..judge

Regarding our 4 game lead — Yankees are protesting their game last night against the Marlins because of error in substitution by the Marlins (which they were already penalized the Marlins for by removing two players — and all this happened after, get this – 1 pitch for a strike — after a pitching substitution.

Come on, they already got 1 victory off the Mets 2nd basemen dropping a routine pop-up in the bottom of the 9th to lose the game (someone out to look into his gambling debts or payoffs) — and now they want another one, off a technicality, not even a disputed call, so that they get the play the last three innings over again? Does this sound like the mighty Yankees?

I watched the game last night on the computer after work. Too bad Wake didn’t get the win, but that walk-off homer was nice. All 302 feet of it.
Papi is hitting pretty well in the last 15 games, so maybe he will be alright.
Seems like Green has worked very hard to bury Lugo on the bench and that is fantastic.
Judge, I think the Yankees will make some trades but can they trade for an entire bullpen, a bench and some more bats? How about a starter? They are a flawed team and no trades will fix it. They’ll make a run later this year when they win 20 of 25 or some such like every year, but after a while a team built on hitting alone comes back to earth. We all know that. They have too many holes to fill.
I keep waiting for Papelbon to get his velocity and location back but he can’t find it. He’s in a jam of his own making more often than not and he just doesn’t seem right this year. Looks as if Tito is grooming Bard for that job, to be ready when the inevitable comes along and Pap can’t get it done.

Hi, All:

It’s been awhile since I posted here. Been busy with my writing and PR projects, and with Sox and Pinstripes. A couple comments. Garry, I wholeheartedly disagree with you about Jed Lowrie. I think there is no question he can and will hit around .300 in the majors. HE was the 2007 Red Sox Minor League Offensive Player of the Year for a reason, and he produced quite well last year despite playing with the micro fracture in his wrist for most of the season. I like Nick Green, as my post on Sox and Pinstripes today indicates, but the Sox will probably be better with a healthy Lowrie as the starting shortstop and Green as a utility guy who can play shortstop, second, third and right field. I hope that the Sox bring Green back next year as the utility infielder and give Lowrie a full season to prove himself. You gotta give top prospects a chance sooner or later, unless you can trade them for a difference-making young veteran (such as Hanley Ramirez for Beckett and Lowell). I saw some comments on here about Mark Wagner. I wrote a column about Sox catching prospects today. Wagner is the real deal. Tim Federowicz is rapidly ascending the prospect rankings, and Luis Exposito is still highly regarded. As I wrote, I don’t think the Sox should trade for a catcher. They should give the prospects within the organization a chance to develop, and keep the pitchers. Kottaras is doing a nice job as the backup. He could have a long-term future with the Sox as a backup. I think Wagner will be ready after 2010, when the Sox could let Varitek go or keep him as a backup (if at that stage of his career he accepts that role).


The Sox are playing against the Nats, Braves and Baltimore and the Yanks are against the Braves, Mets, and Seattle before the July 4 weekend. It is conceivable that the Sox can pick up at least 2 games on the Yanks now that Dice-K is out of rotation for a while.
This year the wc team can likely come from an AL West team. A second place finish in AL East may not gurantee a playoffs berth.

everything seems warm and fuzzy if you live in the present…the sox have a 4 game lead with some patsies in line for the blood letting….but……this yr has more questions leading into the all star break than i can remember.for yrs…papi is or isnt gonna produce papi numbers,drew has never been worth his contract….lugo is a liability….paps is not paps…..pedey has come down to earth…..yuke has struggled….bay has been stellar albeit in flashes and is in a slump now…..he still strikes out alot….mikey is still hurtin im thinkin…..lowrie might be healed and how long can green shine…or somewhat shine….his defense has come around some…..sound bleak?…………i dont so….the grit and grind of this team will probably win out…..but im really afraid of the ever looming injury to a key or two plrs…..im just not comfy with rocco and kotsay who both have injury looming careers….there has to be a thought for the future and for the playoffs now…we have papi,mikey,lugo,dice k,drew, contracts to consider also for next year…..they all will be getting sox money….it almost resembles an eastern foes woes of last yr looming…ill always love the sox but sitting pat doesnt always work……i just think we need to find some glue for the team….go sooooooooox……judge

Don’t expect many changes in NY. For a while in May we were getting the performances we anticipated. We need more consistancy from the players we have though there may be an addition or two if they make sense.

Judge… dont be so darned optimistic, it scares me!! lol

Ellen, if Dave is more optimistic when he gets back, THAT’S the time to get worried!πŸ˜‰
Hey, Bob, how are you doing? The Yankees have kicked it into gear this year, unlike the previous year–it will be interesting when the Sox and Yanks tee off again (I WAS kidding this offseason when I quipped about the Sox sweeping the Yankees, but hey!…)!πŸ˜‰
Andy, you could be right that the WC will come from the AL West–I’m not as certain though that the Angels AND Rangers will remain in the running (but they COULD!). It should be an interesting race there.
Jeff, I hope you are right about Lowrie. I sure hope you are–it would make getting rid of Lugo a whole lot easier for the FO! I think there are several on here who are not yet sold on that idea (and I’m one of them–but I still want him over Lugo!), so I hope Lowrie proves you right!
Tonight was a good day for an off-day–I’ve been tied up much of the day, so I would have missed much of any game tonight. GO SOX!

Arnie, I suspect the Yankees will not make any big move, either, unless they are wanting to put Pettite on the back burner. If they substitute for Wang, they likely will do so from within, like Hughes. I think Bob is right. But we’ve seen them pull some moves before! Hmmm!…

It’s ssad that the Mets release Bobby Kielty whose pinch hit HR was the difference of the Game 4 of 2007 WS. Was it not?

moanin all…..well im not a yankee fan…and i dont read their sites….but i cant picture them sitting on what they have….they have too many holes(which a few of us have predicted exactly before yr started)….i think they will grab a bp guy,starter,and a bat…..im hoping the sox get a bat but im not holding my breath….personally…and i dont know how anyone feels….but im scared that mikey is fragile,and papi albeit him hitting better…isnt gonna put up stellar numbers….this could be a chance for theo to redeem himself….trade for gonzo in SD….if mikey goes down….yuke to 3rd and gonzo is there….platoon mikey and papi at dh….or dl mikey and let him rest for the playoffs….if we added gonzo….barring 3-4 major injuries….how can u say the sox wouldnt be the favs to win it all…..that is the name of the game……now who would it cost…..i would let buck and lars go ….SD will need pitching…..or maybe delcarmen and buck…..that trade would make me more than warm and fuzzy…..go sooooooooox……btw trix…..i sent you a trade in fantasy…..judge

Judge… I cant trade Beckett… But I did counter your offer.
and Judge, tell me If you are redy to let Buchholz go.. How come he is “NA” and still on YOUR team?? lol

ah buck….ive been holdin onto him for awhile….he will get hs shot sometime…judge

Hi everybody, Hi Greg! How did the move go? Are you out in the woods with all those animals coming around?
Anyway, the Yankees will make one or two trades but they shot their wad in the off-season on three guys. If they had taken the Theo approach of last winter they’d have picked up 3 or 4 relievers, a couple starters and maybe one hitter. Instead they have CC who is more of a small-stage type pitcher and AJ who will be on the DL soon and Tex who will produce. They are in trouble unless and until the whole team plays above expectations for the rest of the year.

Tonight Penny better be on his game. The Sox have never seen this pitcher before and that always gives them fits. Hopefully they can run up his pitch count and get into the bullpen. Or better yet, hopefully I am wrong and they club this guy into submission. Go Sox!!

Greg & Arnie,

That “gear” slipped when June arrived and may be getting a little “stripped” by now! And Sox 18 Yanks 0 is a stark reality, but you’ll need to beat the rest of the AL East too!
Of course the vow to “not add any salary” may be just a smoke screen, but that will depend on who is available and the price. Above expectations is not necessary unless some other team gets really hot!

I think the Yankees need to revise their business plan. George Steinbrenner, for all his faults, was a superb business man, and he knew that the best product was a team that knew how to win. Now in the last few years the team has lost its way; they seem to think that the best product is a team with the highest paid player and some over-paid free agents. Sure, they tried to get a good farm system going but it didn’t pay off instantly. The team seems to have abandoned the farm in favor of splashy free agents. I know that opening the new stadium this year forced their hand, but, good God, they overdid it last winter! They have painted them into a corner with all those silly contracts:Posada, Rivera, Arod, CC, AJ, Tex. What will they do when Milky, Hughes, Joba, Cano, Wang want to be paid for their performance? They need to step back and ask: What would George do? Enough about the Yankees! I can sense Ellen’s hand working its way through the computer lines to reach out and choke me if we keep discussing them.

GO SOX!!!!!!!!! Throw strikes, run fast, hit home runs!!!!!!!Go Go GO !!!!!

New Thread. beat ya there!!

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