Sore or not, Varitek in the lineup

The only thing Jason Varitek likes talking about less than his hitting are whatever injuries might be bothering him at a given time. The captain, uncharacteristically, left Nationals Park following Tuesday’s game without speaking to the media. This is probably because he knew the topic of his sore left shoulder would come up.

Multiple times during the game, NESN cameras caught Red Sox trainer Paul Lessard working on Varitek’s shoulder. After the game, once fully showered and dressed, Varitek went back into the trainers room to have additional treatment or consultation.

All manager Terry Francona would reveal on his weekly radio appearance this afternoon on WEEI is that Varitek is, “A little beat up.”

That said, the captain is in the lineup tonight, batting sixth. Though Varitek wouldn’t use it as an excuse, you wonder how much the ailment has had to do with his bat going quiet in June.

After clubbing his ninth and 10th homers in a win over Minnesota on May 28, Varitek hasn’t gone deep since. In June, Varitek is hitting .196 with five RBIs.

I’ll update in a little bit once I get to the clubhouse to see if Tek or Tito has anything else to add on the subject. Because Varitek is intensely private about injuries, my guess is that Francona will have his back and not elaborate all that much.

More later, and be sure to keep following me on Twitter, where the
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Ortiz at 1B tonite, Lowell sits.

Hey all… the Tek is hurting, huh?? I hope they take care of whatever it is.. We still hava a lot of season left.
There were more ex-(former) RedSox players in DC last night than I’ve seen in one place I think ever!!! Harris, Josh Bard, and Senor Ez… and didnt Wily Mo Pena go to the Nats???

I knew Tek’s start couldn’t last… Cmon Jason, snap out of it!

Hi Dave, how are you?? Has anyone seen Dbenj on here lately?? I dont think I’ve seen him on here in a while.. Hope all is well…

Ellen: I vaguely remember Willie Harris. I guess you don’t remember a guy who hits way below the Mendoza line for a team. Wily Mo was traded by the Natzs to the Mets who released him the other day. Wily Mo is still looking for a job and watching the game like us at home.

Hi All! I hope that Tek’s shoulder is okay. Did you know – Big Papi’s BA is higher then A-Rod’s? I will miss the start of the game tonight – we have a Boy Scout cookout, in the drizzle; oh joy! And I am officially the mom of a high school freshman! Yikes!

See you all later and GO RED SOX!! Lester – YOU CAN DO IT!!!!

I hope Mike’s hip will get a rest during this road trip, and that he’ll be good to go on the homestand. I hope Tek’s shoulder will be better off quickly also. Kot has been a good backup in his stead. Go get em tonight, Jon! GO SOX!

Ellen, I saw DBen post last about 2 weeks ago or so, when I was getting caught up on my reading of previous posts. I hope he can rejoin us before long! Craig, also! GO SOX!

Some of the posts I’d done on the previous thread, I thought I was putting on this thread! Oh, well, CRS again!πŸ˜‰
Arnie, regarding your “wild animals” question on the previous thread. Yes, there are quite a few animals (bears and turkeys, mainly) in this area. We are on the outskirts of Asheville (as we were in out previous home), about a mile up a mountain. We do see more animals than you would in some locations, therefore–as Asheville (and Buncombe County, our resident county) continues to build on the mountains, in order to spread out, we will continue to encounter these bears, turkeys, etc. We border a National Forest as it is, and there is still lots of wooded land surrounding Asheville, so there is plenty of wildlife around; the more we encroach on their territory, the more they will come doen the mountains to search for food. It is not uncommon, even in Asheville itself, therefore, for turkeys to show up on a gold course, or for a bear to cross in front of a city bus (both of which have happened more than once, recently)–and it will only increase in frequency!

I think that’s “golf course”, King Gregory. Maybe DBen will play golf here!πŸ˜‰ Tiger Woods is building his first golf course about 5-10 miles away, south of Asheville. More fodder for the turkeys!πŸ˜‰

Well hey guys and Julia (and if Wendy’s here) coming up on game time and I just hope that JOn Lester can be effiicient
and effective. Go Jon Lester!!!
I have only this to say:

GO SOX!!!!!

Whats going on with our wunder-kind??? he’s leaving his head somewhere else when he gets on that mound…
Pull your head out now Jon!!!!

Helllooooooo?? Anyone home??? (home, home, home{it echoes})

Just sat down…have to watch on gameday, but, it’s better than nothing!

Ouch.. game day.. but can you listen on game day audio?? then its not too bad..

No audio, I’m at work. I think it’s better seeing how the first three innings went. This has to get better!

Good job Pedey!!!!

AWWWW man!!!! Youks out!!

thought he got ejected

Did I miss something?


Hopefully they don’t strand everybody

Welcome back Big Papi!!!

Good one by big Papi!

Lester settling down. Things are looking up for the Sox.

The lead should help Lester relax a bit. And I don’t think the bats are going to stop either.

hey Arnie… How are you chef?? You might see my brother this weekend. I told him to make sure he lets you know if he’s there.

I’m doing fine, Ellen. Thanks. How are you? Cooling down a little? If it’s not too busy I’d like to be able to say Hi to your bro. It all depends on if he comes in when we are slammed.

Nieves (catcher for the Nast) is the Yankees former backup catcher.

Yanks are down 1-0, maybe we stretch the division lead while we’re at it.

Having been a server for alot of years, I completely understand and I’m sure he will too. Its been 98 plus here on a daily basis (unless we get the thunderstorms w/60mph winds like yesterday!!) thats summer in So Florida!!

It seems that our young pitcher has settled down!! Come on Sox keep him in this!!!! and hey Jon, you can help your own cause too.. get a hit in your next A/B!!!! GO SAWX!!!

Nothing like striking out the side to help settle him in. Hope the dudes in the bullpen are comfortable and have a good view. They might get to sit and watch this one.

Yeah… Papi!!!

Come on Tek-er!!!

Come on Tek-er!!!

Papi is hitting .308 this month. I guess Tek’s shoulder is feeling better!!

Sore shoulder and ALL!!!!! You go TEK!!!!

Lester looks like the “old” Lester the last two innings. Keep it going, Jon!

98 with all that humidity! Yikes!!!

Speakingof the bull pen… I havent seen the Bull Pen band for a while… have the boys in the band dis-banded???

Tek really got into that pitch, wow!! Nice fat pitch and he got all of it. Atta boy, Tek!!! As Eck would say;, He hit my gas into the upper tank!

Man… Joba Chamberlain will hit you… He just hit the Atlanta pitcher. Only difference this time is Joba was batting!!!! Kowakami had to leave the game… I wonder if Joba was hit with lightening when he was a kid or something, lol!!

Now would be a good time to stike up that band. They’re not going to need to pitch. Els is having a tough night at the plate tonight. That won’t last long though.

Get a hit Nicky!!!

Papi with a 3-R HR! WAY TO GO PAPI! GO SOX!
Good to see Lester is pitching well, also!

Hey Arnie, hey Ellen! How is everyone tonight? Welcome back, Mike Baker! Good to see ya shakenbake-ing again!πŸ˜‰
Are you still in Korea, Mike?

I’m back in Korea. I just got back from a month in Okinawa. I love that island! I’ll be here for the rest of the season! Have to figure out a way to smuggle beer to work so I can have one during the game!

Great, Mike! Keep those Yankee fans in your ranks under control!πŸ˜‰
Hey Arnie, speaking of wildlife, the turkeys are loitering in our yard again!πŸ˜‰

Just what we needed–a 2-R single! NOT GOOD, guys! GO SOX!

Good, no further damage–we still have a lead cushion. GO SOX!

I dont usually say this but… Senor Ez is one ugly man…. I read on one of his pages that he wanted to be a PORN STAR!! HAHAHAHAHA

Yeah, Tavarez is an ugly dude. Oh, well…

No turkeys here Greg, but I’ve got some fox, coyotes, racoons, and skunks. I’ve got a good bear story for you after the game. We get an occasional mountain lion in the foothills, now and again they take someone’s dog.

FINALLY–I got some video, from MASN (NESN isn’t coming in!) GO SOX!

I’m trying, but, I’m surrounded! I do have the “We’re up by 5” thing going for me right now. I use that incessantly!

I have a bear at Gregs house… His name is Pedey.. PEDEY BEAR!!!

Come on JUSTIN!!! Get it done Son!!!!

Come on Justin! We need Masterful tonight! GO SOX!

Josh Bard–familiar guy. Hmmm!…

Mike.. My brother was stationed in Okinawa.. (Utapao Field I think) back in the 60’s early 70’s) other than the work he loved it there too…
Good stop by Kotsay.. wow he’s been a bargain basement find, huh??

Hey Julia! Yeah, but we’re trying to make it hard again! HMMM!!…

Not so Master-ful so far tonight…
Time for your craniectomy Justin… pull hard.. get your head out of your BUTT!!!!!

Hi All! Just got home! I see at least we are still winning!

OK, guys, let’s get those runs right back! GO SOX!

Mike! You’re back from Japan! Did you have a good time?

Boy!!! Does Justin owe Jacoby huge for that one!!!
big bats,,, and i mean REALLY BIG BATS NOW!!!!! They are the knind of team that’ll bite you in the A*S*S….

I didn’t want to leave. I was stationed there 1995-1999 and again 2001-2006. It was like going home. A double, a triple and a run. Not the best outing. How about Ramirez pitches 8th and Pap ends it…

Yeah, I saw that you mentioned that, Julia! My time’s coming– Jacquelyne is entering 8th grade! ACK! As if we need reminders of how old we’re getting–look at the kids!

I hate when we do that Greg! How are you tonight!

I am officially the mom of a high school freshman! It does not seem possible!

Hey Jules!!!! How’re all the Scouts??

Braves are within one run of the Yankees now!

Let’s hold them this inning boys – NO RUNS!!!

Congrats Julia… From what I hear (and when I was that age) YOUR FUN HAS JUST BEGUN!!!!! lol… sorry……

Hi Ellen – we had a great cookout – rain and all!

My youngest will be a 7th grader in the fall Greg. I’ll have a 7th & a 9th grader.

I’m glad you had a good time Mike. Welcome back to the craziness! lol!

It gets better Jules…wait till you’re the parent of a parent!

I’ve had the Braves game on the “regular TV” here. Just as well, as is not behaving well…SIGH! GO SOX!

6-3 Yankees now.

Looks like Tito trusts him for one more…hold on to you’re hats! GO BRAVES lol

Masterson is better so far this inning! Keep it up boys!


Not GOOD!!!! Get this inning DONE Justin… Well Justin is DONE… Come on REDSOX!!!

Come on, OKI! GO SOX!

Times TWO…I wasn’t ready either. But, it is fun to watch! I should have seen it coimng with 4 daughters. Fortunately I have a sense of humor…

UGH!! I am SO not ready for that! Are you a grandparent Mike?


Ouch… Mike… the parent of a parent… that sounds ominus.. No kids here.. so, looks like I’ll live vicariously through my RedSox Brownie points parents!!!


Oki-Doki!!!!! come on Oki-san… get him out!!! we love you man!!!!

I have a couple you can borrow Ellen. What is with our pen tonight??? I think they had the night off thing already planned, they’re pitching like it.

We’ll share Ellen!

Come on Okie – get this DONE!! Don’t walk him!!


Come on Hideki!!! You really can do this!!! We BELIEVE!!!!

earlier mis-spelling “ominous”

Come on Okie – get it DONE!!

Is it supposed to be Brad’s bedtime?πŸ˜‰

Holy crap…that was close. We need an extra run or two

Why is Mike Lowell reading a book out loud to Brad Penny???

Can’t STAND that song, Ellen! I HATED George Michael!

YES!!! FINALLY!!! Let’s get a couple more runs boys!!!

… and you gotta have FAITH.. You gotta have Faith!!!!
lol bad 80’s song reference!!

TOO FUNNY! My computer’s clock is behinnd MLB’s so it lists 9:52 when MLB’s must list 9:54–so it “posts early”. I am reading your comments, posting, and it looks like I am posting before the original comment! HMMM!!!…

Okay – but I have the CD Ellen! lol!

Let’s do it boys! YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!

Pap is warming up. Oh, goody!:/

Come on Obey Wan Jacoby!!!!

Papelbon is warming up.

WOW! On TV they just showed the replay of the bat that went flying out at Green earlier in the game. Thank God it didn’t hit him!

You gals can HAVE that CD! UGH!
Speaking of UGH, here goes with Pap! HMMM!!!…

PLEASE PAP!!! Make it easy to night! Maybe I should just get a drink now and get it over with! lol!

Well, it is what it is…get the save!

Jules, make one for me too!!

Will do Mike! Name your poison!πŸ˜‰


What – you don’t like George Michael Greg?

The George Michael I liked was a local DC NBC sportscaster, who later did the “Sports Machine” in syndication.

Great Job Bay! 2 more boys!!

Capt. and Coke…easy on the coke…

Manhattan–or is there a Boston equivalent? A Fenway, perhaps?πŸ˜‰

That I can do Mike! I think it is a good night for a Manhattan. Long day!

GOOD! Pap with a 1-2-3 inning (for a change!!) Good job, Pap (and Jacoby!)! GO SOX!

ELLSBURY!! We love you!

One more boys!!!

I have to add extra coke…I’m at work and if it’s too light, somebody will notice….

NICE!! PAP!! 1-2-3!

GANE OVAH!!!!! Let’s go get some CHOWDAH!!!!

And that’s a wrap…wasn’t perfect..but…it’s a W!!

How about dark rum – they color will look better!πŸ˜‰

And Greg – spent too many nights during college dancing to those songs in clubs!

Now I know why I was wise to avoid the clubs when I was in college, Julia! UGH!

Papelbon looked a lot better tonight. That one pitch to Harris was a little too hittable, but no harm done. Good velocity from Pap. Nice job Sox.

Up to Smoltz tomorrow.

Braves are back to within 2 of the Yankees in the 9th.

Dark Rum…fantastic idea! It’s almost Friday!! GO BRAVES!!!

Braves still trail, 6-4. Good play at the plate to keep the 6-4 score, though! GO BRAVES!πŸ˜‰

Is that JD Drew, Julia? Does he go well with Coke?πŸ˜‰

Scott’s a smart boy, Julia! GO SOX!
Good job by Lester tonight!

True – you are closer to Friday then we are! JD and coke would be the right color also.

Scott just congratulated the Red Sox on figuring out the Nats! lol!

Worst case we maintain the 5 game gap. Work on widening that tomorrow! Can’t wait to see Smoltz pitch!

I also can’t wait to see Smoltz pitch!
8-4 Yankees in the 9th. Not looking good for the Braves!

I am looking forward to seeing Smoltz pitch tomorrow. It should be a great game!

Damn – Yankees just scored another run!

Take care, Julia! Glad the night went well for ya! GO SOX!

Catch you all during the game tomorrow!


Mariano pitched the 8th, he’s not been great after 2 innings this season. The Braves might still have a chance…

Nice job tonight, PAPI! Keep it up! GO SOX!

Night Jules…see ya tomorrow!

We had George michael down here too for a while!! Wasnt very impressed!!!!
G’Night Nationers.. Looking forward to Smoltz’s start tomorrow night… ( I refuse to call him Smoltzy!!!) It sounds like schmaltzy which isnt a good thing…
So see y’all tomorrow night!!!

Sorry – my laptop froze up! See you all tomorrow! I think it will be an interesting game!

Have a great night all!

The Sox pitchers were hit hard last night. Tek’s 2 run shot proves to the difference of the game. It’s been a long time since we last saw a 123 inning from Pap.
Look forward to seeing Smoltz pitch tonight. Hopefully, he will give us at least a solid 5 innings and let Delcarman (oh please), Ramirez, Saito, Bard take over to save the win.

Quiet day on the blog, I see. And of course, I have nothing intelligent to say.
Except——— Go Smoltz!!!!!
Go Sox!!!!!!!!! We need hits, runs, zeroes from the pitchers, stolen bases, accurate throws and favorable calls from the boys in blue!!!!! Mostly, though, we just need a “W”! GO GO GO!!!!!!

Youk out, Big Papi at 1B batting cleanup. Can’t wait for the first pitch. Good luck Mr. Smoltz!

Rules question:
The other night Rocco Baldelli pinch-hit for the pitcher, started a rally and wound up batting twice in the inning. The question is: the second time up, was he batting for himself or would he have been considered to have pinch-hit in 2 at-bats for the pitcher’s spot in the order?

Once he batted in that position he owns it.

As long as he stays in the game.

Thanks. Bob.

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