The return of John Smoltz

John Smoltz, the future Hall of Famer, formally begins his career with the Boston Red Sox tonight, pitching here in the Nation’s Capital. It should be good theater for sure, as evidenced by the sight of several national writers in the press box, including Gordon Edes of Yahoo!, Jack Curry of the New York Times and Ken Rosenthal of Fox and

Meanwhile, Big Papi David Ortiz is back in the cleanup hole for the first time since 2005 on a night Kevin Youkilis is out of the lineup. Just a rest for Youk as manager Terry Francona adapts to National League rules. It will be interesting to see if Ortiz settles into the cleanup spot between Youkilis and Bay, to give them more of a right-left effect in the middle.

Jed Lowrie’s rehab has been set back a couple of days after he got belted in the knee earlier this week. Lowrie should be back in the PawSox lineup by Saturday.


Afternoon all! Here’s to John Smoltz and the start of his career in Boston!! Go get em John!!! We’ve got your back!!!
good Luck Tonight.
Jed Who??

Bob, what if he does not stay in the game? Then it was 2 pinch at bats?

I will say only:

Good evening Arnie!!!!

Hi ALL! GO SMOLTZ!!! I have a glass of wine & a chocolate ba – I am ready for anything! lol!!!

Don Orsillo just mentioned Pedro martinez.. I heard today and didnt realize that he is STILL asking for 5 million a year to pitch… There was one day when he was xcheduled to throw in front of some clubs and HE DIDNT EVEN SHOW UP!!!

Opps! Okay – not good!


Okay – a bit of a shaky start.

It’s crazy that Pedro still wants that much! He ain’t going to get it!

Stay positive Smoltz! You can do this!!

Well – not a the best of a new start. Keep it together John!

When did Dice K get the eye job… He even kind of looks like John Smoltz but throwing like Dice-K!!
Not a very pretty start!!

hmmmm…..I might need more wine and chocolate…….

no Julia.. another choco-tini!!!

Really nice.. kept another run from coming in.

Oh boy…..this is not a good start. Smoltz does not look confident. He needs to stop throwing breaking balls.


I really hate to say this but.. I hope the pen is stretched and ready to roll!!! I was hoping for a good start for John

GREAT throw by Drew!

Well, Lets hope our bats are good and hot tonight… “Hey bat boy… turn the bat warmer up to high.. NOW!!!!

Not yet Ellen – white wine and some chocolate.

Oh boy – 4-0…..maybe I need a chocolate-tini.

And the Yankees are already up 2-0!


I was also Ellen.

Hi Wendy.

Okay – our guys can get this back!


Thank goodness the Nats having fielding issues!! Great job Tek! GO JACOBY!!!

Like I said – THEY CAN”T FIELD!!!

Good job Tek and ‘Coby!!!..


Bummer! Okay Smoltz! YOU CAN DO THIS!!!

Hell If it’ll help I’ll even call him by that name I dont like.. Come on (oh man) Smoltzy…


Good Job Nick!!

It worked Ellen! He had a good inning! Keep calling him “Smoltzy”! lol!!

Oh Man I dont know.. OKAY! But I’ll have to keep it to a minimum!!!

Go Smoltzey…

It was a good at bat for Smoltz. Some nice swings.

Nice running Drew!

Well that wasn’t good……

Nice K!!!

Let’s get the other 2 outs – PLEASE!!!

Come on Smoltzey… ewww.

I guess someone forgot to wake up the RedSox Gods!!!

Double Yikes!!

Hi Gang!

Okay – how long do you think they will leave him in? This is ugly….

This is (and has been) effin UGLY!!!!

Bard is warming up.


Nice throw out at home Dusty!!!

Very heads up play by Pedey!!

that center field is DEEP

Okay – at least only one more run….



{Maybe it will help!}

So I go for the chocolate martini?

The Center Field is HUGE! My husband & I were talking about that last night.

Well, this is what I get for joining late. Rough start (to put it mildly). Maybe they’re planning another 8th inning route and forgot to tell us…


Okay – what do we have to do to get the Nats’ relievers in?

“Your fault” even Mike! LOL!

No, no – I have NOT had too much wine; it’s the chocolate! lol!!

hmmmm…did we send our bats ahead of the team to Atlanta? THIS IS NOT GOOD!

Come on Smoltz! You can do this! GET IT DONE!!!

Good job Smoltz! Let’s do it again! GET HIM OUT!!!

Okay – Smoltz is settling in! GOOD JOB!! We can still win this! And it helps that I can talking to myself! lol!!!


Great job! 1-2-3!!!

Nice JOB!!!


Let’s keep it up boys!!

I think I would have like to see a little more of Smoltz.

Let’s go BARD!!!

Hold then boys!!

Well – this isn’t better then Smoltz. COME ON GUYS! Let’s keep it together!!!

I think that Bard still needs some more minor league time… I know that some don’t hold that line of thinking.. but I do!!!

…and I also think (God am I going to actually say this??) Mikey needs some kind of physical therapy or something. I dont know what they’d do, but it looks as if he can’t bend to oick up the grounders that are being hit at him…

and oh BTW… This SUCKS!!!

He doesn’t look ready tonight Ellen. Buchholz anyone?

Mike… I hope that they are planning a comeback… Your lips to the RedSox Gods ear!!!!

Mikey said that he had some tightness in the hip – it felt like it locked up some times.

And “It SUCKS” is an understatement! UGH!!!

Hi all. I haven’t posted very much lately but I read Brownie Points all the time. I agree with you Ellen. There was a lot of agitating to bring Bard up but I also think he need more time down on the farm! The bats have been kept under control tonight by Zimmerman. We can’t win every night. GO SOX.

I could probably help Mikey out with that hip!….😉

I agree – Mike, let’s hope you have it right! GO RED SOX!!! It will be okay to see the rally start in the 7th!

Come on Nick nick nick nick Nickey!!!!

Maybe Jacoby will steal home on the Nats!!

Okay – since Mike called an 8th inning rally – he better be back for the 8th inning! lol!


Has anyone else seen the Heinelin commercial with the cab driver?? If you have, does the blonde that is next to the
door look like Heidi Watney to you??? She does to me!!!

that would be Heinekin

What Dave Roberts said just now is STUPID… Regarding Smoltz’s start: Its not how you start, its how you finish… My A*S*S.. If he hadnt started as he had, we wouldnt be in this friggin MESS>>> Dave think before you speak!!

Josh Bard is just giving the finger to the RedSox tonight with his bat!!! NOW i can cheer AGAINST him!!!



Another Ex Sox sticking it to us!!!

Come on Kashi!!!!

I know the Commercial Ellen – maybe.

Okay 8th inning – time for the rally!




New pitcher.. lets start piling on the hits!!!
Come on Pedey..

DAMN!!!! UGH!!!! NOT GOOD!!!

MIKE!!!! We need to you to start the rally!

Okay Mike – it says you posted at 9:30 – but my computer says 9:28? You are in the future! LOL!!

I had to leave the office…this is what I get.

Just Great!!! LUGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! grrrrrrrr…..

Smoltz had retired 8 in a row when they pulled him.

Lugo comes in and has an ERROR!!! UGH!!!

Just got off work, a little early tonight………..checking in.
Hey, what’s going on????? This sucks!!!
I think Smoltz will need a couple games to get back into pitching shape. This is why I don’t want Penny to be traded yet, or at all. Let’s see what Smoltz can do first.
If you recall last night’s game the Nats were starting to take some good swings at Lester and Masterson, so it looks like they are dialed in. The Nats have a few guys who can hit.
Not to worry, the Sox have been playing well lately. They won this series, now on to ….to….. um, well, wherever the next games are they will win that series too.

Comn Sox, get some hits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“The Nationals are in complete control of the game.” Thank you for that little tidbit Dave Roberts. I want Eck!!!!

1 play he’s in the game and he’s got an error?? OMG DUMP THE BUTTHEAD STONE HANDED SOB


You can have ECK… I’ll stay with Dave Roberts!!! Dave doesnt like Guys with Gas!!

Lugo gets a hit…..great….he got a hit…..

whoop-dee-doooo.. Dog Dooo!!

Donny-O was doing “gas” tonight!

Rock my world… I’m a Baldelli girl!!!

Baldelli!!! WHOOO HOOO!!! The Rally begins!!!


Well that wasn’t a good ending…..

Julia… and the Rally ends.. Wild thing struck him out!!! The pitcher looked like Charlie Sheen from Major League (The movie)…

Way to go Rocco!!!!

He did. Beckett tomorrow night! See you all then!

Well, another series victory….off to Atlanta to take 2 of 3 from them.

Nytol!!! (night all).. Like Miss Scarlett from Atlanta says… “Tomorrow is another day!!!”

…and Julia, as far as it not being a good ending… Ot WASNT a good beginning!!! I hope that Jon gets settled in,, he still got some pitching left in him!!!

I think John will Ellen. He did before he left the game. He retired 8 staight.

Hey Mike – with North Korea “making noise” I hope that all is well with you.

All is well…we’re taking the “You and what Army” approach to the threats they’re making…

moanin all….well well….not too much of a surprise with smolzty… more concerned with mikey….i wonder if theo still wants to stay pat or go get someone….sigh….judge

We better not trade Lowell (unless they know something we don’t, and that wouldn’t be all that straight up to the team they are trading with), especially when the only problems we have right now are really pitching, SPs in particular, and possibly bull-pen, maybe springing some leaks lately.

If we do trade Lowell, I for one, will never complain about player loyalty anymore, cause players know it is obviously not returned — as they all say, its a business (as if business should have no loyalty either).

In no way is Smoltz (in any form or fashion, a Gagne) – but I hope we don’t have a repeat of 2007, bringing in a big name pitcher, and losing five games as a direct result of that, especially when you have Bucholtz firing on all cylinders the minors.

Timing, is important, concerned about Bucholtz losing focus and desire, while we waste his hot pitching waiting. Then again, majors pitchers have to be in it for the long haul anyway, so a long incubation in the minors has its merit. Siill we what are what (0-9 ?) with the Dice-K / Smoltz tandem, whilst Bucholtz sits.

Don’t get me wrong, you have to try Smoltz (I guess) he seems confident, great presence, etc. cooperative, perfect attitudue; post-season, etc. all upside. The only thing that bothered me (just a bit) last night was in his post-game interview, while he said he was very encouraged about his performance, and that he was absolutely certain, he was only a few games away from hitting his stride….. he only weakly and even indirectly seemed concerned about the L he put up for the team. I would have felt better, if he had explicitly said, really felt bad about the L, I put up for the team…. but let me reassure you…etc.

Oh well, most of always wish we had said things better or differently when we look back at our comments, I suppose even more so in an live interview.

Bottom line, the best Smoltz, Dice-K, Buckholtz tactics and strategy doesn’t look easy so far.

Underscoring my point about wishing you could say things differently, I just read the write up on our web about Smotltz, perhaps I should retract the entire 2nd half of my comments above🙂

However,the part about Lowell I still stand behind — and not that we shouldn’t trade him (in the end) — but if we do, we really have no right to expect player loyalty — cause the neither the team management or the fans quite frankly are then returning it.

Should we trade Lowell for instance to get a Young, or make ourselves a stronger team? Sure, we say – we have to — well then, why should we expect player loyalty in return — if its all about the fielding the best possible team you can, then we have no grounds to ask for player loyalty — and even the Yankees are not all that bad — just get the best players you possibly can, at any time, and let money, secure it.

I like to see us stick with Lowell, assuming he is able to play 100%.

The Red Sox need a big bat out of bench and consistent offense. 3 runs against the Nats pitching is inexcusable. I will wait to see how Smoltz performs in his next outing before acquiring or bringing up a SP. How long will the Sox stay with Smoltz if he didn?t live to the expectations? Now that Lowell is not 100% and won?t be able to play everyday?Hm??..

Pedroia, Drew, Youkilis, Bay, Ortiz, Varitek, Kotsay (CF), Green.

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