Sox lineup subtracts Bay, adds Lugo

Jason Bay is out of the lineup for just the second time this season, with the Red Sox facing a pitcher in Javier Vazquez that he is 2-for-12 against lifetime. But it’s more just a chance to get Bay a day off, then the matchup issue.

Julio Lugo is back in the Boston lineup for the first time since June 13.

“Lugey, when he has been called upon, has actually swung the bat real well,” said Red Sox manager Terry Francona. “He got the bunt down last night. Again, I feel about him like I feel about everyone else. I don’t want to just let him not be sharp enough to help us win games. Greenie has played well, I think everyone knows the background there. I just think it’s a good day for him to play.”


Tito, really knows how to platoon. That is his greatest asset. Let’s Rock Mr. Tim. All-Star if good game today. This club is FANTASTIC!!!

Tito, really knows how to platoon. That is his greatest asset. Let’s Rock Mr. Tim. All-Star if good game today. This club is FANTASTIC!!!

WOW!!! taking out Bay and replacing him w/Lugo… I’ve seen it all now!!
No cheer just:


I am SO not happy with Lugo in the lineup!


Rooster – you like Lugo over Greenie? Have you watched Lugo play??

Well, this is how my luck runs today: Out in the hot sun cleaning my truck and I get ready to take a break and sit in the A/C for a few minutes, Reach the front door and a transformer blows behind my house taking out ALL the power on the block. Well I call the power company and they come out. I thank the power man profusely for restoring the power so quickly and tell him I very glad that I’ll be able to watch the Redsox game at 4… 359 pm?? We lose satellite signal!!!

Julia… Could you keep me updated?? PLEASSSSSE?

Gameday is free!

I’ve got it on and the audio now… thanks!!

Lost the audio!!

I will Ellen – I just got in! It is 0-0, top of the 3rd!

Top of the 3rd is over – no runs

Wake strikes out the first batter bottom of 3rd. it looks to be hotter then Hades in Altanta.

Ellen – it is starting to thunder here – we have a severe weather advisory – so I might have to get off in a while.

Side is out – no runs after 3 innings.

FINALLY!!!!!! I’ce got the signal back… WHEW>>> I was starting to jones for Tim McCarver… You know its bad when that happens!!! lol
Go SOX…..

Okay Papi!!! Lets get something going!!!
Good job!!! Okay guys.. keep knocking!!!

YAY!! Ellen! I want our NESN announcers! lol!

Katsay! Bummer!

Let’s get some runs BOYS!!!

Come on Jacoby! YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!

HATE THOSE DPS!!!! ugh!!!

Come on Wake! You can hold them!

Me too!!!
COME ON WAKE!!!! you can do this!

Well, we lost signal again… and now not a cloud in the sky here!!

I’ll keep you updated Ellen!

1 down, bottom of the 4th – ground out to Dusty

its baaaaa-ack!!!

2 outs – fly out to Kotsay. Has he played left before?

YAY!!! Hold onto it Ellen!!! lol!

I’m not sure, I dont think so for us..But maybe for Atlanta or Oakland….

NOOOOOO Lugo….sigh……..


I didn’t think I had remembered seeing Kotsay in left – right, center & first is what I remember.

Come on… We need BIG HUGE GI-NORMOUS BATS!!!!!

Not much action in the game!

Come on Wake – you can HOLD them!!! WHOOO HOOOO!!!

No, it is a pitchers dual Bob. I think which ever pitcher melts first, the other team will win! lol!!

Gameday says it’s 95 there!!!

Time for some runs boys! YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!


They showed a thermometer on the field and it read 100. It is suppose to be hotter tomorrow.


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