Checking in from … Boston

Sorry guys and gals, I did not make the trip to the land of the crab cakes. I’m home in Boston for some downtime. Figured I’d check in because a little birdie told me a new thread would be helpful for commenting purposes.

It looks from afar like Terry Francona has not lost his touch. A little lineup tweak and J.D. Drew, batting leadoff tonight with Dustin Pedroia to the two-hole, is in the midst of a big night.

Jon Lester putting up zeroes yet again.

I think John Smoltz’s start tomorrow night will be far more telling than the one against the Nats the other night when he had what I’m sure was an overpowering combination of rust, adrenaline and nerves.

As for Mike Lowell, the news seems good. Just the fact that they were able to drain all that fluid before the shot shows you there was cause to all the discomfort he has had of late. Best case scenario, Lowell returns to the lineup on Friday night at Fenway. Worst Case scenario, they put him on the DL and he returns for the first game after the All-Star break.

Anyway, talk to everyone soon.



Thank you Ian! Glad a birdy found you! lol!


Come on Kotsay!


I don’t like Adam Jones! lol!

Man, you talk about seeing-eye base hits. What is Farrell doing out there? Lester made great pitches on both those hits.

I think just to mentally settle him in.

You can do this lester!

Great pitch by Lester, too close to take, but Roberts took it… his displeasure. Go Lester!! Lester looks so nice and relaxed when he is pitching, so smooth, like a well-aged scotch.

Youk looked safe on first – I want to see the replay!

Hey Julia. Someone else found you on the new thread! Lester is doing well. This game could have been out of reach by now. Can’t keep leaving all these runners in scoring position. GO SOX.

No we can’t! And thanks for finding me! I hate talking to myself! LOL

The replay showed that Youk was SAFE!!!

Lester will be out soon! Delcarmen & Okie warming up


Anyone else impressed with Nick Green’s arm? Some strong throws from him this year.

TEK!! He is having a great night!

Garry, I was just reading the posts from the last thread, and I agree that the announcers for the O’s are good. Gary Thorne can really broadcast a hockey game. The action is so fast and some of the names are difficult, but he rarely mis-speaks. I like him. And if anyone knows about pitching and baseball it is Jim Palmer.
And I will take .333, 7 homers a month, from Papi even if it is without authority. Just hope he doesn’t slip backward.

His arm is great! Tito will have a tough time deciding how to use.

COME ON DREW!!! Get a double! He will have the cycle then!

I have faith in Papi!

Drew has been great in right tonight – a double short of the cycle!

I’m glad to see Tito pull DelCarmen after he threw four straight balls- also after the previous batter got good wood on the ball. The O’s have hit some solid balls tonight. Luckily our outfielders were able to catch up with them. OK Oki let’s hold them!!!

One more inning! YOU CAN DO IT BOYS!!!

Our outfielders have done a great job tonight! They have really kept us in the game

I think that a pair of birds found him,,, !!! Good job Jules! See you tomorrow…….

As far as Tito is concerned I have often criticized some of the moves he made, and failed to make, that didn’t make sense to me. I have tried to make “suggestions” while the game was going on. I realize that Tito brought home the flag in “04 and “07. However, had he listened to me , he would have also won in “05, “06, and ’08. It’s too bad that Tito doesn’t click onto this blog when the game is ongoing. I am sure that if he listened to some of our suggestions he woudl have made manager of the year for at least the last 5 years.
Seriuosly, the blog is made for the fans to comment. Many times I have been chastised for some of my criticism of Tito, Zazu and even Papi- when he doesn’t run out every ball that he hits. I also think that Tito, Theo, let Zazu get away with murder.”Zazu being Zazu” would never have been “tolerated” by managers like Billy Martin, Lou Piniella and probably many others.
When I have been chastised by other bloggers- I simply feel that their comments were made in the interest of the Sox- even though they were wrong (this should stir something up).
Let’s keep up the criicism and comments, but let’s keep it impersonal . Let’s save any angst we have for the real enemy- the evil empire of the northeast.

Great catch Jason!!!!

What a catch by Bay!!!!! Breathtaking!!

Great win! Pap is now tied with Stanley for all time saves for Red SOx!

Night all – Smoltz tomorrow!


JBay was hitless but he preserved the shutout with his bat. Sign Bay!
arnie: Gary Thorn is a great baseball & Hockey announcer. Marv Albert is the only sports announcer I can think of that can do football, baseball, basketball, and hockey equally well. Thorn used to announce the games for the Mets and he was the reason I occasionally listen to a Mets game.
Pangelotti: I doubt the Sox could/would win the WS in 05 and 06. But I definitely think they could in 08 despite the injuries. The key was that the Sox failed to win the division. The Sox were likely to beat the Angels than the TB in ALCS. They could if, for example, didn?t stay too long with Buchholz among other things. If the Sox just won 1/3 of the games Buchholz started, the division was theirs. That said, I think Francona is a far better field manager this year. I seriously doubt Francona would yank Delcarmen on a leadoff walk or on 4 pitch walk in 08. Just my 2 cents.

I watched very little of the game last. It looks like Francona made the right call having Drew leadoff, even though I still think Ellsbury should be leading off. Ellsbury is one of the best leadoff hitters in the game!

Another shutout for Boston pitching, not sure how many that is.

I still believe Boston needs to grab another bat from some team. Who knows when it comes to Mike Lowell’s hip! Something tells me Lowell will end up on the D.L. soon.

I will chime in on Gary Thorne here. He does a great job doing all sports, he even does college football. He is one of the most versatile announcers! Sean McDonough and Dick Stockton are very versatile as well. Thorne also is a New Englander, he is a native of Maine. On a side-note, when channel 38 ( long ago ) was looking for an announcer, McDonough beat out Thorne.

Brian: Sean McDonough is another good announcer. Forgot about him. Gary Thorn sometimes can be overly dramatic on a not so difficult play. He is loud. lol
Barring an injury, acquiring another bat means diplacing a player from the roster. Hate to see Baldelli go. I think the Sox will stay put and recall Bailey if Lowell lands on the DL.
JD was a double short of a cycle. What if he hits another triple, does it count? Of course JD could stop at second.

Good post….

I think Francona, like almost anyone else, has matured in his job over time. He does things differently than he did from ’97-2000 with the Phillies because he has learned since then…and of course…he has a better team. The team he had in Philly over that 4 year stretch was bad…I researched that. And like most anyone else….gets the job done his own way. There are times I disagree with some of his moves but I don’t feel the need to throw him under the bus every time he does something that “I” don’t agree with. And as Garry said a few threads ago…sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. It ‘s easy to wait until the following day to criticize…..but as Pangelotti said and as Pangelotti did last year…criticize him during the game at the moment it’s happening and then it’s all good. Then you put yourself on the stage and that takes nads. Anyways…everthing is going good now…it’s during the down times when we need to button down the hatches and stick together. I hope Judge doesn’t wait till October to come back. He is very knowledeable about the game and has good insight. Garry….I haven’t heard the “collective butt kicking” comment since I retired from the USAF. Great memories!!!!!! Go Sox!!!!

FYI. The Yankess acquired Eric Hinske from the Pirates for two minor leaguers and $$$$. Concede the division. lol

Hinske is pretty good coming off the bench but he can’t pitch…

Sox fans remind me of an overachieving parent who looks at their kid’s test score of 98 and asks where the other 3 points are. (2 + 1 for Extra Credit, lol) To be fair, this forum is alot more positive & insightful compared to some other Sox forums where fans are ripping each other a new one while Sox has the best record in AL… o.O Given the Sox’ history, this mentality comes part and parcel, something my GF has already aborbed wholeheartedly. Boy was she mad when the Sox lost 2-1 to Braves, and refused to be consoled that Sox still won the series. xD

BAD NEWS!!! Mike Lowell on the 15 Day DL! Read it here:

UGH!! Get well soon Mikey! We miss you already! Jeff Bailey has been recalled to take his place!

Lineup for Tonight:

1. Julio Lugo, SS
2. Dustin Pedroia, 2B
3. Kevin Youkilis, 3B
4. Jason Bay, LF
5. David Ortiz, DH
6. Jason Varitek, C
7. Jacoby Ellsbury, CF
8. Rocco Baldelli, RF
9. Jeff Bailey, 3B
SP — John Smoltz, RHP

No Green, No Drew? WHY IS LUGO PLAYING????????

Perhaps, they’re showcasing Lugo for some trade prospects? >_>

Who would take Lugo? Maybe the Pirates; they seem to have traded away half their team today.

Man, we must be trying to hanidcap Smoltz.

I don’t think Green did to well last night, but Tito wouldn’t switch that fast because of that…. probably just trying to keep everyone fresh. I assume the pitcher is a lefty tonite. Not sure why you keep pulling Drew when a leftie pitches, what are you going to do in the post season, when Drew hasn’t faced a lefty all year, except in relief? take out a clutch post-season hitter because he hasn’t faced left pitching all year?

This is a tough game to negotiate, if you have no bench, you don’t have these concerns, and you worry about wearing down your players. When you do have a bench nobody wants you to use themπŸ™‚ until someone starts stinking…

Didn’t we just recently manage a 1-0 win off Atlanta with Drew and Green out? It shows what a mighty offensive showing we can put together with this configuration? but then again, its Oriole pitching tonite….

Maybe the Mets? I hear they need any major league player to play for their injury depleted lineup. And he can hang out with Alex Cora ^^.

you know, swap war stories about playing SS for Red Sox…

LOL! Too funny athas!

The native boy Hill is pitching for Baltimore. Tito is putting up a left v. righty lineup. The only lefties in the lineup are Ortiz and Ellsbury. I wonder how Dave would feel seeing Lugo leading off and no Green. lol
The Sox’ve better win tonight or we will hear from Judge and Pangelotti. lol

Maybe offer Lugo half of his remaining contract (9 mill) and an 18 year old bride (with pre-nup) to leave quietly — John Henry might be able to pull that off easier.

You think 007! LOL! It is an interesting lineup for sure.

I like it dg – maybe we could all throw them a lovely bridal shower.

Interesting…. I wonder why Bailey is playing 3rd and Youk 1st and not vice versa?

Why does everything have to be so difficult all the time? Can’t they just bundle Lugo up with the trash some night while cleaning out the dugout? I saw The Departed, they got this kind of thing done. That was in Boston! It would also make a fabulous TV movie with Jimmy Fallon as Lugo; and Henry could print up some “where’s Julio” bumper stickers. Gotta be way less expansive than paying him 9 million a year and/or eating his contract when he is traded. Not to mention saving the trauma a nice 18 year old girl………or whatever it is Lugo prefers…………would suffer in a marriage. Cmon Henry, git ‘er done!!!

Bailey at 1B and Youk at 3B. Playing Lugo is bad eough. Why leading off? I don’t get it. Because Ellsbury is a lefty?

This could be tell-tale sign for Jeff Bailey — seems like he is always hot in the minors, then comes up to majors and goes cold. If it happens again, it may be that major league pitching is just a degree more difficult for him, and that is the difference, whether he can master it or not.

This player shuffle has to be really frustrating to the players. I guess I feel for everyone. If I were Kotsay, I would say — hey let me get some consistency going, I just get my chance to play more, and you bring up another fellow with my exact skill resume. Then again, I think I was thinking exactly the same thing when they brought Kotsay up and had to move guys like Bailey down to make room.

A comment about Lugo — maybe its self preservation, maybe its more… but he sure has acted way more professional than I every had imagined, while enduring his apparent demotion. My respect for him (as a person) has gone up during this test of his temperament. Others have behaved far worse (with much less to loseπŸ™‚ . And he really tries to stay ready and prepares. However, I would imagine its pretty easy to be fairly civil with 36 mill in your pocket, assuming you have not squandered it all. Perhaps he already won the lottery (if you get my drift) — it just happened to be at 36 mill when he won it.

I would just love to know who in Red-Sox management was high on Lugo, and why they went after him. His record at Tampa was too short, and he was already showing signs of falling off with the Dodgers. What formula pointed to him, over many other options? I still hope he can turn it around and prove us all wrong (somewhere) — hate to see anyone fall this short of their hopes and dreams — unless all they care about is money (which doesn’t seem to be the case with Lugo).

Still I don’t think I could stand another WS run (should be so fortunate this year) with probably more than half of RSN worrying about a defensive lapse costing us, which of course, makes it more likely it will happen. Fortunately we had Schilling in 07, who was mentally strong enough, to neutralize this event against Cleveland, which at the time it happened, I was sure, was going to cost us the post season.

You are right about Lugo dg. He has taken the whole thing in stride, much like Coco did last year. Of course, he’s getting paid $9M to be a good boy, so that probably makes it a little easier. I’d say Bailey has roughly the same skill set as Kotsay, except he hits right handed.

I think the Sox are pretty much stuck with Lugo. They are going to eat his salary whether he sits on the bench in Boston or plays for someone else.

I’ll miss Lugo when he’s gone. What did I just say???? For me Lugo is the personification of all my frustration when the Sox do poorly. If Youk strikes out, instead of pulling out one of my three remaining hairs, I just hurl epithets at Lugo. Delcarmen walks two batters?, no problem, I’ve got Lugo to blame. If Dice-K is pitching,,,,,Oy!!! Lugo’s ears have got to be burning!! It’s kind of like having a syringe of smack right by my side at every game. I can stay cool, calm and collected as long as Lugo is there to field my wrath.

dg – you are right about the way Lugo is acting – the same with Coco Crisp last season – they could read the writing on the wall BUT they were still team players and gave it their all when they were called upon. A few more players would do well to follow their actions!

Be back for the game!!!

DGN… Youre not talking about a REAL girl are you?? Do you hate women??? Give Lugo a blow up doll and he wont know the difference!!!! OKay, give him two!

I have faith in Smoltz tonight!


Hey all!!! Go Smoltz!!!!

Arnie,DGN,,, Youare both right… who will become the “whipping boy” if/when Lugo is gone??? and he has performed professionally and stepped up his a/b’s… not the defense, though…

Yay! A Cheer! lol!


Okay – we’ll call him something else when he is batting! LOL!

Mr. Hitter did a good job there!

Nice steal Mr. Hitter!!

OMG a Lugo theft!!!! Good job!

WHOOO HOOOOO!!! Youk got the HR he didn’t get last night!!!

Nice round tripper for Youk!!! It would be the nail in the coffin for the O’s for sure if Adam Jones is hurt. He is an excellent center fielder and has a really nice bat.

I don’t know how he didn’t get hurt Ellen! He hit pretty had. Imagine if he had taken another HR away from Youk!

Bay has cooled off some.

Maybe sure you all vote in the All-Star Balloting! Youk & Dusty are neck & neck and need our help!

Thast a nasty pitch that Hill has when he gets it over.

BIG PAPI!!! YAY!! And he is opening a restaurant about 15 minutes from my house! I blogged about it today! I’ll be sure to do a review when it opens!

Not to be rubbing it in on the Orioles, but when was the last time they were seriously in contention in the AL East??
I cant remember…

YES!!! I like how this game is going so far! Giving Smoltz some good support already!

They’ve ever been in contention? I don’t remember either.

Hill is from Massachusetts – it is the first time he has faced the Red Sox.

Great Beginning for John Smoltz!!!! Coome on Sox!!! Give him more room to breathe!!!

hmm…a lot of fastballs so far for Smoltz.

Nice first inning for Smoltz! Let’s get some more runs!!!

man,,, I was thinking that today is Wednesday… I hate when I do that!! It’ll make the next 2 days go like molasses in January!!!


I just love that li’l thief!!!!

Mr. Hitter got hit #2!!!

DUSTY!!! WHOOO HOOOO!! Mr. Hitter’s speed paid off!

Another steal for Dusty – but no balk this time! LOL!!!

Ellen, if it’s any consolation, it is Wed. here.

If Smoltz wants to punch out 8 straight from the get-go this time, I’m good with that too…

2 runs per inning for the Red Sox is acceptable! LOL!!!

I’m good…having coffee at my desk getting eaten alive by the worst misquitos on the planet. The A/C is out, it’s 82 degrees in my office.

And I’m so far ahead, I answered your question before you asked it…

Mike!! How are you!

Smoltz is looking good so far!

Yankees are still in rain delay

We have extra, I’ll slice a piece off of the flaming ball of death and send it your way. Another 1-2-3 inning!

Not fun Mike! We are into about our 3rd week of rain here in the Boston area – sigh…I am SO ready for the sun

Just checking in on the score. This looks great!!! Lugo’s the good luck charm!! Go Lugo!!!

haha!! Thanks Mike!!!! I was just looking forward too much to my 3 day weekend and the 4th…. and maybe a 5th lol!!

Hey Arni!!! My brother ate at your restaurant the other night and said it was GREAT!!!! They had a good time.

BAY!!! YES!! Can we re-sign this guy??? PLEASE!!!!

Okay… thats all you get tonight O’S!!!!! youre toast now baby!!!!

Ellen, I missed him. Did he come in for lunch on Saturday?? I get here after lunch on Saturdays. Glad he liked it.

Just saw the replay of Youk’s home run. Jones ran straight into the wall; is he OK?

Mike – with the weather we’ve been having – a flaming ball of death actually sounds good!

Mike – with the weather we’ve been having – a flaming ball of death actually sounds good!

Happens to me all the time Els…I have duty this weekend…have a few for me!!!

UGH!! – It isn’t letting me comment!

Okay – Smoltz got hit around a bit – but we are okay!!

I think it was Saturday.. It was late afternoon, he said that there wasnt anyone there matching your description (tall dark and handsome!!) that he could see.. He’s a pretty reserved and shy type, you know just like me!! lol But his sis-in-law had your house specialty (a huge burrito-type thing) and said it was absolutely wonderful!!!) thanks again Arnie!!

Ellsbury!!! You have to work this weekend Mike? Will they do anything special on the base for the 4th?

I saw and I heard that Ellsbury went “DEAD CENTRAL”!!! PLease God Deliver me from Eck-isms!!!!

I was worried about this lineup tonight – BUT I like it so far! Eck? He is priceless!

Its a shame the Lugo didnt show his prowess at the plate prior to the past few games he’s been in!! But I think his errors would still have “un-done” that…

The O’s can not field – gee – what a bummer….NOT!!

YOUK!!!! Love hearing his name being called in Baltimore!

Once again I feel really bad for the O’s pitcher.. Poor Kid.
But on the other hand its time for Papi to crush one!!

3 day weekend…standard fare. Nothing spectacular. Lots of beer and loud music. I think I can go 3 days without a beer. Been a while since I last tried, but, I’m fairly confident. Need 4 runs this inning to make up for skipping the 3rd…

Gee – you think they are happy that they walked Bay to pitch to Big papi!!! LOL!!! What a game!!!!

I will remember to lift one especially for you Mike!!!! and then one for all the others defending the country, and then….

This kid hasn’t made it to the 5th inning in his last 5 stars, what made anybosy think he’d make it this time?

They are working on it Mike! lol!

When my dad was stationed in Alaska – they would play their 4th of July baseball game at mid-night; the sun was still up.

I would not classify him as priceless!!! lol.. Humility-less or ego-blown or head case… and to think I was in love with him for as long as I was… 6-7 minutes… til I saw his 1st interview!!! He loves only his “moss” (hair)

Come on Tek-er!!! Bash one baby!!!!

Well, blowing off my 9 o’clock meeting was a bad idea…they caught me. You guys have fun! Final score will probably be 18-1.

Nasty looking weather moving in over the stadium there!!! WOW… looks like everyday summer day in Fort Lauderdale!!!
Hey, I said Tek bash one,,, not smack Tek!!!

I feel really bad for him Ellen. This was not the team for him to find confidence in.

Okay – his replacement isn’t any better.
Did it actually hit Tek?

That ball DID NOT hit Tek… but I figure that they owe us a couple!!

Hope you’re not in too much trouble Mike! Later!

Hey Ive got a ? for y’all.. Waht do you think the odds are that Chamberlain hits a better tonight??? I’d say better than 80 percent that he DOES hit someone (at least one)

Nah…told them I didn’t have transpo…so they’re on the way to get me. Guess it’s imortant to somebody that I be there…

See ya Mike.. have fun at the meeting!!!

Yes they do Ellen! I hope we can get a full game in before the weather arrives there.

90% Ellen!

We know how important you are Mike! lol!!

I’m lifting one for you now Mike.. Here’s to YOU!!!

Okay – let’s get the inning in before the rain comes!!!

Why is my husband blaring Warren Zevon while I’m trying to watch the game???

Rain delay in Baltimore!

I’ll be back later – depending upon when the game starts.

Thanks El!!! Cheers!! (I have coffee, but, there ya have it). What’s the prognosis on the rain? Tonight’s the last night I can have a drink for a week, so, it’s First of July…WHOOHOO!!

While I would like to see the entire game played out, I would first like to see an offical game i.e., have the O’s complete the bottom of the fifth. I’d hate to see the game called and the Sox 9 runs disappear. Let’s hope the Umps hold off on making any decision to call the game at\ as long as possible.

Game should start at 9:50.

Your meeting is over Mike? (Oh – having a drink for you also! lol!)

Adjourned the meeting due to lack of relevence. Sometimes we just seem to have meetings just to make sure we actually showed up for work. Knew I could count on you Jules…I’ll be drinking to all you tonight!


Me? How did you ever guess! Okay – drinking and annoying Yankee fans! I love multitasking! lol!

And all I can hear in my house is “Rock Lobster”! LOL!!

And Seattle has tied the Yankees! Life is Good!!

Why do you get to drink tonight? are you off duty or is it something special Mike?

Cool – talking to myself again! At least I have a chance of listening to me! LOL!!!!

Okay a guy and a duck walk into a bar…….

Oh – you’ve heard it!

Hey! I am to do something during commercials when I am the only one here!

The whole infield leaves the field with 2 outs! Ummm…we need 3!!

Memo to Red Sox – just because it is the 6th inning – we still need to get three outs before you can leave the field! LOL!!!

Varitek and the outfield stayed – the whole rest of the team walked off & went to the dugout with 2 outs. Ump had to go over to get them!

Great job Bailey! triple!!

just got my computer back,,, bad weather here!! see y’all tomorrow

Just checking in.
I see Lugo caused a rain delay which caused Schmoltz to be ineligible for the win!!! Give the guy a chance to play and that’s how he acts! Stooopid Lugo!

Yes – and bummer!! they scored a run! NOT GOOD!!!

Let’s go RED SOX!!!

There’s no restriction regularly, there is when on the weekend duty. I start that tomorrow, so tonight, I’m good to go!

OKAY – NOT GOOD!!! 10-5! UGH!!!!


One more baserunner and Tito should pull Masterson.

Somebody go get the kid off the mound before he gets hurt…

Excellent! Can you do something about the game?? I don’t – hold the O’s batters under guard or something???

Time to stop the bleeding and put a lid on this thing!

Masterson is gone! Boy – he went bad quickly

Hmmmm…maybe when the infield left the field they also got confused and thought the game was over!!

OK Del Carmen, let’s put them away!!!

Thank you for foul balls!

Thank you Dusty!!!

1 out

Okay – 2 down!


DAMN!!!! 10-6! UGH!!!! GET THAT LAST OUT!!!!

This is getting ugly VERY quickly! Our pitchers are losing it! Would Smoltz have been worse???

Come on Okie! GET IT DONE!!!!

WHAT!!! BOYS!! Memo to Red Sox – WE WANT TO WIN THE GAME!!!!!

D–n creepy hits!!

DUSTY!!! You were tall enough!! THANK YOU!!!


Nice play Pedey!!! Let’s get some more runs– we may need them!!!

Lord do we need runs!


Talking Tek out – must be saving him for the day game tomorrow!

Nice running George!!

I thought Kotraras was faster than that. Two out- he should have scored!!! OK, let’s try and hold them down!!

At least the offense hasn’t slowed any…

Let’s Go RED SOX is loud and clear in Baltimore!

But they should have held George at third! UGH!!!

We need a great inning from our pitcher NOW!! I think it will be Saito.

What time is it there Mike?

C’mon bullpen–we’re falling apart!!!

It’s almost noon…was the pay at the plate even close, I just have gameday.

NO!!!! Enough with the hits! Do the pitchers WANT to lose this game!!! UGH!!!

SHOOT ME NOW!!!! This is INSANE!!!!

Seriously, 10 runs against this team should be plenty…

No – he was out – the throw was a beauty. Sadly…

10 runs against the O’s should be enough for 2 games!

How many creepy hits can they get??? C’mon Oki- you get two strikes on them–put them down.


Base loaded NO ONE OUT!!!

PAP is warming up!

I’m going to go smoke, make a cup of coffee and find someone to yell at…

Hey Julia. You seem to be holding the fort again! This game is turning into a nightmare! The 10-1 lead has evaporated. GO SOX!

What was Kottaras thinking about. He HAS to make that play.

By Mike!

Yeah – the only one crazy enough to be here! Someone has to yell and rant for the Brownie Brigade!!!

Yes he does! I know why they took Tek out – but Tek would have gotten at least one out!!!

Maybe he should bring Paps in now !! We need K’s.

How do you let the tying run to the plate after leading 10-1? This is ridiculous!!

The is insane! What is happening to our pen? 11 hits in 2 innings for the O’s!

I would out Green in at short. We can’t afford any errors!!

Note on broadcasters…… they were wrong about the the appeal to the first base umpire on the check swing. If the pitcher or catcher asks for the appeal, the home plate umpire must give it to them. The home plate umpire can call the strike on the check swing, and there is no appeal on that call. However, if he does not make the strike call, the appeal can be made, and the plate umpire cannot say no.

The bullpen is certainly in the crapper tonight.

Mike – I am at a lose to explain what is happening in this game!

I have never seen our pen look worse!

Thank you Rocco! You saved some runs!

YES!! One more of those PLEASE!!!

Trading an out for a run is typically a GOOD thing…well, nobody saw this coming so at least it’s….interesting?!?


OK, here’s a chance to see what Pap is made of. This is horrifying. We’re talking Washington Nationals baseball here.

I am not sure that Paps is going to prevent at least a tie in this game. Hopefully he will come out throwing smoke! GO SOX!

Garry – worse then Nats ball!


We need a double play!!!! When you score 10 runs you aren’t supposed to need your closer for 4 outs! This has to stop.


Hard to believe!!! Our vaunted bullpen fell apart!! All we can do is pray that we come back. This is rediculous!!!

My goodness! This is unbelieveable. The bullpen has not looked like this for ages!

YES!!!! That was HUGE!!!!

What else can you do but laugh? Missed play by Kottaras …… Kottaras thrown out at the plate on Ellsbury’s hit. Those plays are huge. However, they should never have been in a position where those plays make a difference.

Tha’s one! Get this guy and get some of those back!


WTF!!! WHat has happened in this game???????

I can not believe it – we were up 9-1!!!

Maybe Drew can come in and pitch.

So much for the best bullpen in the league. This ought to crank up the ERA by a couple of points. See you tomorrow.

Just time you need Lowell to pitch – he goes on the DL!

We were up 10-1 until the bottom of the 7th. This is an epic fail!

Oh why not – WALK A GUY!!!

I guess we can’t blame Tito for this one. Our bullpen deserves all of the credit. I think they have been sitting back and resting on their laurels, reading their press reports etc. They should all be given a loss for this one. Poor Smoltz– if it were not for the weather– who knows??



I was just thinking that….it’s like…Ram the pace car…I want you to be PERFECT!

And the Yankees have just won! GREAT!!!!

Here comes Lugo!!!

This is the craziest thing I have seen in a LONG time!

Lugo has that look in his eyes!!!

YES!!! Baliey!!!

Why isn’t Green hitting for Lugo????

He’s busy running for Bailey..Lugo is 2-5, so I understand letting him bat.

I don’t know Mike – he couldn’t even get the bunt down!

I don’t like this!


Anybosy have some salt? I need some for these words I’m eating….

This is NOT good!!

Glad I didn’t see it…this whole thing has me floored.

I have one of those sitting right across from me laughing as I type. He’s going to eat a keyboard in a minute…

Mike – you have no idea how painful this is to watch!

And knowing there will be an email at about 4:30am in my inbox from my Yankee blogger friend giving me total crap about this game!!!

Utter disaster! Night all. I am out of here. Paul

HE HIT YOUK!!!!!!!!


Saw the injury delay…he alright?


AYUP…..not even gonna say it….but im sure you all know what im thinkin…..

He is, I think. It was a hard hit.

Better still we can blame Lugnuts- not only for the rain but the hex he brings with him. That and the mind control he has over Tito for putting him in the game instead of leaving him at the hotel. Let’s blame Lugnuts!!!!!

Yea, Mother Nature 2, Red Sox 0 (Marlins and now the Os).

Also, while we still had a chance, should have never brought in Oki — he is so snake bit by the Os — ofen (perhaps everytime?) he pitches against them, very bad things happen.

Well, that was a fantastic meltdown by the bullpen. It’s only 1 game. We’ll blame….the rain…yea….rain.

As long as Youk is OK. Tomorrow is a new day and we’ll take the series anyway.

I hope Youk is okay! Afternoon game tomorrow! Less then 13 hours from now! Oh yeah! I am SO glad I stayed up for this!

See you all tomorrow!

Indeed…game lost due to presence of Lugo’s Jedi mind tricks and uncanny ability to ensure every silver lining has an accompanying cloud….

Mike – if we ship Lugo to you – could you make him disappear somewhere in Korea?

Let’s hope the Sox try to get over this game and not let it affect their play. If this game affects them like it does us– we’re through!!!

Deep cleansing breathes! LOL!!

Night all! 4:30 will come REALLY early tomorrow/yikes! this morning!

I’ll try and drop by for the day game tomorrow!


Deep cleansing breathes! LOL!!

Night all! 4:30 will come REALLY early tomorrow/yikes! this morning!

I’ll try and drop by for the day game tomorrow!


Nite Jules…Cya tomorrow!

Nite Mike! Take care all!

Who was it that promised Lugnuts an eighteen year old girl??? Was that you Ellen???

Nite Jules…Cya tomorrow!

well managed game

I’ll ship him North…don’t think the Security Counsel has banned Lugo proliferation yet…

“well managed game”… you’re sarcasm is noted and reluctantly accepted…thanks for stopping by.

This is surreal! How did Lugo manage to lose this one? How could he jinx every reliever so that none of them could pitch effectively? This one DOES fall squarely on Tito’s shoulders for putting Lugo in there instead of Green. Go with the hot hand, Tito!!! Lugo helps the team WAY more when he sits on the bench!!!

Tomorrow we take the series. GO SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Arnie, Tito’s lineup was questionable enough. But, the pens performance was just unacceptable. Tito could have made quicker moves when things started to unravel, but, a 9 run lead makes for a pretty soft cushion to rest a false sense of security on. Once he was out of the 5 run 7th, I’m sure he couldn’t fathom that a 5 run 8th was was even possible. This rests on the pen. Well, and on Lugo, he did move his glove and disturb the force.

JK about Lugo, Mike. Well, mostly.
EVERY reliever did poorly tonight. How could you foresee that?
Baseball is such a quirky game sometimes. How is it possible that the whole Sox pen would have a bad night on the exact same night? It’s not like this is a bunch of underachievers. Chalk it up to bad karma, the stars in a rotten alignment, sunspots, planet Clair, gingivitis, Lugo…….take your pick.

We have one of the best pens in baseball. That said, they’re all humans. One game does not a season make and even if the team ERA suffered in the process, over the long haul I can’t think of a better bunch you could put together. Tomorrow Beckett will undoubtedly dominate and right the ship. As long as we win the series, it’s a positive.

Shocking! Unacceptable! Bullpen failed ugly. I have been praising Tito for pulling Delcarman. But in last night’s fiasco Tito yanled DC too quickly and stayed too long with Masterson and Okajima.

Well if its any consolation, in 2007 (which turned out pretty good for usπŸ™‚ , the pen was doing really good the entire first half (despite not being as fully stocked as this year) — then about this same time (a little later) we made the infamous Gagne trade — and the pen took a dive immediately, and took a while to recover as I recall as well. But we prevailed in the end taking top honors. Hopefully this is not a mid-season repeat trend for our pen, or certainly not as long as in the 2007 season.

No Phil… I said to give him a couple of blowup dolls!!!!
I think DGN wanted to harm the psyche of a real girl by exposing her to Lugo (or Lugo exposing himself to her!!!lol)
What is this??? I cant finish the game, I lost satellite signal due to weather and you guys let them lose the game?????
lol hey we are not going to win them all and neither are the yankees or the jays or the rays… we just have to keep a couple of steps ahead of them. I cant see the game today but I’ll try to check in here. If someone is around can you help me stay updated?? Game day doesnt always work on this dinosaur my bosses call a computer.

Ellen, my intent was to (in jest – well sort of in jest) slam John Henry a bit with the Lugo and 18 year old bride comment. I obviously didn’t think my comment through thoroughly from a woman’s perspective, lol — although as I think about it, and have been saying recently, Lugo has been quite the gentlemen in his baseball tribulation — maybe baseball performance and skills and how you treat women or others (for that matter) are two different things? Examples are a plenty. Who knows, might be a win-win all around?

It is a new day! Okay – still raining here in the Boston area – BUT a new day for the Red Sox! Ellen is right – we can’t win them all! And really – how can Tito be blamed for our ENTIRE pen phoning it in last night?? It is over – stuff like this happens!

GO RED SOX!! We’ll get them today!

Ellen – I should be able to see most of the game so I will post updates.

Lineup for Today’s game:

Red Sox
1. J.D. Drew, RF
2. Dustin Pedroia, 2B
3. Kevin Youkilis, 3B
4. Jason Bay, LF
5. David Ortiz, DH
6. Jacoby Ellsbury, CF
7, Mark Kotsay, 1B
8. Jason Varitek, C
9, Nick Green, SS
— Josh Beckett, SP

1. Brian Roberts, 2B
2. Felix Pie, CF
3. Nick Markakis, RF
4. Aubrey Huff, 1B
5. Luke Scott, DH
6. Nolan Reimold, LF
7. Ty Wigginton, 3B
8. Gregg Zaun, C
9. Robert Andino, SS
— Brad Bergesen, SP

Thanks Julia!! I like this line up a lot better than last nights. Did I miss another Lugo Web Gem?? If I did tell me about it please.
dgn, I have no problem with what you said, I just saw an opening for a joke and as per the norm, I ran with it!! (plus I just invested heavily in a company that makes inflatable dolls!!!lol)
I hope that my computer will allow me to have gameday this afternoon! It sure beats looking at a room full of interview-ees… Did I look that bad and scared when I was interviewed??? Probably worse!! lol
There is no pregame cheer today…. I did it last night and look what happened… So it just bares out my thinking… Its MY fault we lost the game!!!! Sorry!!
ps… I wonder if they’ll serve Mrs Henry a beer in Fenway or does John have to purchase it for her and put it in a pepsi cup???

I like it better also Ellen.

Mrs Henry & John are in Africa on their honeymoon – he’s been twittering from the trip.

We all look bad when we interview! lol!

I’m glad that Youk is in the game – he got hit pretty hard by the pitch last night.

They say that part of the reason that Green sat out last night was his ankle was sore from where he hit himself Sunday with a foul tip.

And no – Youk did not make any errors last night. It truly was all bullpen all the time!

It looks like we are going to be having some bad weather come through here in Boston. So I might have to go off-line for awhile. If I do – I’ll get back as soon as I can!

We have an applicant coming in shortly. so all I will say is
GO SOX!!!!
See y’all in a little while.

If John henry is tweeting on his Honeymoon… Something is just really really wrong with that… Maybe she’s out with the “wildlife”!! lol

About 5 minutes til game time! We can bounce back tonight!

Bergesen for the O’s has good numbers – but I like BECKETT!!!

And the Red Sox come home after this game!

The weather is getting a little more intense now – so if I’m absent for a while you’ll know why!

OK folks, desperate times call for desperate measures; so I’ve got my Fenway Park tee shirt on and my 2004 World Series Champs cap and I put my Bob Stanley autographed baseball( a gift from my brother-in-law) on my desk. Doing what I can to get a positive vibe going!

Go Beckett!!!! Go Sox!!!!! Get the Mojo goin’!

Drew grounded out to the pitcher. 1 out.

Base hit for Dusty!

Bummer! Youk’s hit caught by centerfielder. 2 outs

WHAT!!! That was not strike 3! UGH!! Bay called out on strikes!

The umps are NO better then last night!

Mike you better be drinking – it’s a little to early to be drinking here and these umps are making me nervous already!

Great Arnie! We need all the “love” we can get today!!!

The Wally bobblehead it out!!!


WHAT????? a 4 pitch walk to the first batter that Beckett faces??????

Damn. stolen base for the O’s! LET”S GO RED SOX!! YOU CAN DO THIS!!!

Well the stolen base quickly came back to haunt. Roberts scored, Pie is out at second. 1 out FINALLY!!!!

Oh my – on replay – Dusty did NOT have the ball in the glove when he applied the tag! It was in Dusty’s hand! He quickly popped it into the glove after the tag was applied!

2 outs now.

3 outs. O’s up 1-0!



I officially HATE this ump!!!

Nice scoop by Kotsay. Pedey stole one on that play at second. Leadoff walks come back to haunt you. Boston pitchers just don’t hold runners on very well. Go Sox!! Cmon; hits, runs!!!

a 1-2-3 inning will NOT win you games boys!

We have to hold them!!!

re Judges recent postings about the managing of the team. Judge I just have one question and I have no ulterior motive regarding it. Who do you think would manage this team better? As I said it is just a question.

Ah….first pitch homeruns…….WILL KILL YOU!!!! Beckett! Get it together!!!!!

Fair question Ellen.

1 out. Let’s get the next two boys without giving up runs!

GREEN!!!! Great job!

Kotsay! Great job digging it out!

2 outs!

Okay – 3 outs!

memo to Red Sox – you remember how to score runs? RIGHT?????

Tek, Green & Drew up.


The pitch to Scott looked like a pretty good pitch, low and on the outer half of the plate. The O’s are locked in right now at the plate. Sox need some runs here.

TEK!!! 1 out – strikeout

Great! It was a great catch by Reimold.

2 outs…..sigh…..

Nice hit Drew!

Let’s get something going!!!



BUT DAMN!!! Dusty out trying to make it a triple!

Green!!!! grrrr……but there might not have been a play at first.


The game should be tied right now. BAD call by the ump on Green’s hit. The umpiring is horrible this series!

What happened to our Beckett???

first & third no outs!

Yes it is Arnie! All three games it has been bad!!



YES!!!! Mr. Ump – would you like to think about that one????

Beckett had to strike Pie out twice because of these silly umps!

Yes he did Arnie.

2 more runs……..sigh…….

Beckett is throwing ALOT of pitches today!!!

Yeah – and it really is not a good thing right now.

Thank you Drew!!

PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE!!! Remember how to score runs guys! PLEASE!!!!!

Hi all. Just as an observation, all the umpires can’t be bad! I guess it is human nature to blame the ump or the ref when the call doesn’t go the way you would like! That aside, Beckett isn’t fooling the Bird batters so far today. Hope he settles in and we get something going at the plate. GO SOX!

Beckett’s not pitching badly, but the Oriole hitters are hitting the ball well. The at bat by Markaikis was a case in point, he fouled off some good pitches until he got one he could handle.

Youk down. 1 out.

Bay does not look good.

Ugh! Bay!!!

A quiet inning for Sox. Three hits is not going to win too many ball games! GO SOX!

Thanks for keeping us folks in the loop Julia. my work box they call a computer can’t handle Gameday.

Well, even the broadcasters are commenting on the umpiring, and the Oriole manager was on with Palmer and Thorne and HE was complaining. So, it’s not just us.

Not a problem! We are having weather here – so I had to pop off for a few but I am back!

Ugh!! Another strikeout! (legit this time) 2 down for the Sox.

Tek is up!

Can you say 1-2-3….sigh.

Not a good game so far!


The umping in this seasons has been bad and I think overall there have been many more problems with the umping that I have seen.

WELL!!! Beckett gets Pie out at first – they arrived at the same time and he tripped and collided with Pie. Pie’s shoulder looks hurt. He is still down.

Oki – no question Beckett is getting hit – but when you look at the replays – the umps have made a lot of bad calls.

Well that was strange – the O’s batter struck out swinging and then the ball hit him! Not a foul tip – it hit him!

Green – pop up. 1 out.

I’m starting to hate 1-2-3 innings.

Another 1-2-3 inning. I am getting a bad feeling about this game! GO SOX!

2 out for the O’s and NO runs yet! WHOOO HOOOOO!!!!

BUT 1-2-3 innings are good when we are pitching!

NOW!!! Rant and Grant time!!!

The game is NOT out of reach! HITS!!! RUNS!!!! WE NEED THEM!!!

Let’s get it done! WHOOOHOOOOO!!! GO RED SOX!!!

I hate it when the umps decide the game, MLB should be able to get good umpires. Can’t see the game, why is Baltimore pitching not equally affected?

I think the Sox have been stone cold for at least two series now. No one hot, all sputtering — they only beat up on bad pitching (like any team would) like the first half of last night. Decent pitching, we barely muster a run or two, thru the Nats, Braves, and now the Os. We are in a team slump right now, maybe the bullpen has caught it too, we may see later.

DAMN!! Youk out! Next time Beckett needs to hit Pie harder!!!

Bay is slumping! He struck out AGAIN!!! Do they have tomorrow off? I hope so – they need it!!!

YES!!!! PAPI!!!!!

Not good news – Lowrie is coming to Boston to have his knee that he was hit in looked at! Might be longer before he is back.

Bay and Youk are both slumping. Papi’s base hit was wasted.

Yes Papi’s hit was wasted.

Beckett is back out there again!

Let’s go boys!!

Nice catch Green. One out.

Great catch Drew.

11 in a row retired by Beckett.

And where was this Beckett at the beginning of the game???? 12 straight outs.



Kotsay on 1st – no outs. Bailey is running for Kotsay.

UGH!! TEK!! Pop up, shallow to 3rd baseman – 1 out

Oh joy – another pop up! thank you green ;-( 2 outs.


Drew Flyed out – 1-2-3!

Bottom of the 8th

5-1 O’s

Blue Jays beat the Rays on Canada Day.

Can I get a “Let’s go Mariners?”

Bard is in for Beckett.


NICE!! 2 Ks for Bard.


3 Ks!


Here we go RED SOX!!!

Walk to Dusty!!


Hush up O fans. He held up.


New pitcher coming in for the O’s!


Sherrril is in for O’s – he hit Youk last night! grrrr….

BAY!!! 4th K today!! NOT GOOD!!!


NO!!! Big Papi strikes out!

2 outs!!

Up to Ellsbury! 0-3 today so far!

Time to swap Bay and bump Papi backup in the order one more spot again, — they are close to trading batting averages — Bay has really fallen off lately.

Single for Jacoby!

Up to Bailey!!!!

I have no idea what is up with Bay. No hits this whole series.

This confirms my reluctant opinion — we can’t hit good pitching at all.

3-1 to Bailey! COME ON!!!

I think someone loaded the bats on the plane early…

Bailey walked!!!!

2 on, 2 outs, TEK IS UP!!!

let’s go my Captain!!!!

YES!!! Bases loaded!!



Lugo running for Tek



Let’s go Drew!!!!!

What a circus — we can thank the lousy umps!! Varitek struck out – imo.

Yahoo! Looked like it was a lost cause but they have come back. GO SOX!

OMG!!! He walked Drew!! Bases loaded again!!!

Dustin coming up!

New pitcher for the O’s!!!

hush dg! lol! We’ve the calls we’ve had today – we’ll take it!

The beauty of the Red Sox – they don’t say die!!


Hey DG. I don’t get it! When calls go against us you complain. When they go our way, you still complain! LOL

DAMN!!!! DUSTY!!! ugh!!!

3 outs!

I am more then willing to accept the calls that go our way! LOL! I’ll take a win however we can today!


WOW what a rush! Keep up the awesome game by game!

Bard back in. Georgie catching (don’t like that) Lugo in at short – like that less!

Lugo – get back where you belong!!! That was Dusty’s ball! But nice catch!

okintheok — I wasn’t complaining — I was saying we finally got a huge gift from the terrible umpiring this game — I haven’t been able to see the game — but I say the top of the 9th, to me it looked like he definitely went around — but seems like the must owe us a few in this game.

Thank God for foul balls!

YES!!! K for Bard!! 2 outs!!

thanks athas! You’re getting my stream of consciousness!


3 outs!


Way to go Bay!! We can still do this but I don’t like to do it the hard way. GO SOX.

Sorry if I ramble too much – it’s how I am when I watch games. I’m worse when it is football!


Break it to me gently… I dont knowif my heart will stand up to this……

Youk wants an HR!!

Bummer! Youk flied out to Pie. 1 out!

ELLEN – top of 10th tied 5-5!!!

julia you are my color commentary of the day! Sox is channeling your energy…Keep it up!

Red Sox are 3-2 in extra innings!!

BAY!!! 5 Ks today!! WHAT IS UP????

DAMN!!! 1-2-3!


Bay must have contract negotiations jitters.

Yuk. Another 1-2-3 inning. Bay is really slumping. I guess it hasn’t affected his defensive play. Big Papi isn’t exactly setting the world on fire either. GO SOX.

Thanks! I’m not kidding athas – you should “read me” during football games!

Had a friend in the Navy and the guys on the base loved reading my football play by plays! LOL!!

I’m a little passionate at times! LOL!!

1 down. Ramon is pitching for the Sox!

2 more boys – you can do it!!

Tampa Bay lost today — someone may have posted it earlier.

Nice catch Dusty – but boys CALL IT!!! That was TOO close!

2 outs! One more!! GET ROBERTS OUT!!!

I did! Jays blanked them 5-0!

i’m not going to say ANYTHING……..



Ramon was GREAT!!!!



no cheer yet ellen?

Good effort by Ramirez. Now we have to get those bats going! GO SOX.

We can not change a thing now!! I’ll keep you updated Ellen!

Let’s go BOYS!!! YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!

Well, I took off my Sox shirt and hat, made lunch, and I come back to a tied up game! Wow! I gotta go put the baseball in the garage so the Sox can win. Be right back.

NO!!! The storms are getting close to me again! NOT GOOD!!!



NO outs!!!

Bailey is up!!

You go Arnie! Wally on my table is working!


Bailey flied out and Ellsbury is on third!!! YES!!!

Haha Julia, I can well imagine, you got me trippin at work ppl glancing at me funny, lol. I only follow baseball, otherwise my girl would leave me… come to think of it, she and I got together during offseason lol, can we say fever pitch?

Way to go Els! Apparently Pap is up in the bullpen. He is making me nervous this season in close games. We’ll see. GO SOX.

LOL!! Athas – yeah – my husband is really not into sports! LOL! but we’ve been married 19 years!

Glad I can provide some entertainment today!πŸ˜‰

OMG!!! LUGO DROVE IN THE GO AHEAD RUN!!!! still only 1 out!!!

Lugo does it !!!! the brides are lining up!!!

Good stuff! Where are all the negative Lugo comments?

OMG!!! LUGO DROVE IN THE GO AHEAD RUN!!!! still only 1 out!!!

Whats Francona going to do in the bottom of the 11th? — I say stick with Ramon, he seems to be on.

2 outs – Lugo still on first. Georgie flied out.

Drew up!!!

Pap warming up!!

Wow!!! Good job Lugo! Atta boy, Lugo.

YES!!!! Hit for Drew!

When Lugo hits well I call him Mr. HItter.



Okay – HOLD THEM!!!!



Cmon Pap!!! Forget last night and get these guys out!!!

Pap is tying his shoes – he has a shoe lace problem. Okay – not a good start!

And thank you Eck for telling us that you would just live with the shoe lace problem!

Francona never listens to meπŸ™‚

YOU CAN DO THIS PAP!! You want the record to yourself! LET”S DO IT BOYS!!!!!

But we do dg – and that is all that matters!πŸ™‚

Hey Arnie. I put my Red Sox hat on when we were behind 5-3. Maybe it did some good! We need to collectively hold out breaths now while we see if Paps has his good stuff. GO SOX.

I think I can do it now, Julia, what do you think?

PAP!!! PLEASE!! No ulcer tonight!!


YES!!!!!! YOUK!!! ONE OUT!!!






Okay – Bay might not be hitting but his fielding is great!!!

2 down – 1 more BOYS!!! YOU CAN DO IT!!!!


YES!!!! LUGO MADE THE 3rd out!!!


Phew — thank Lugo and the umpires!

Yay!!! Lugo makes the catch for the final out! Go Lugo.

Sox take another series!! Go Sox.


Okay – I hope I didn’t drive any of you crazy with my running thoughts! LOL!

I think we all need the day off tomorrow to recover!


Wakefield on Friday!!

Glad to see Pap get Markakis. We have done it!! Great effort. I think Beckett’s strong finish was instrumental in allowing the come back. They can enjoy their day off tomorrow. Now it is back to Fenway. Paul

I’ll check back in when I get home.. on my way to post office ..
see you soon

yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! Thumbs up victory. Raises Hands up in the air. hugs the monitor. Collpases in front of the desk. Fainted…

Bye All! I’ll check back later!

Oh yeah – GO SEATTLE!!! LOL!!

What a game! WHOOO HOOOO!!!

Athas – get some work done now!πŸ˜‰

The baseball gods are really mettlesome — we should have one last night (without question) — the O’s tonite — turned out vice-versa in the end.

I don’t think I’ll pull out my Sox gear for awhile now. I almost lost that game for us. Good thing I put it all away.

Baseball is such a crazy game. Last night it was a true nightmare loss and today the game looked hopeless, the Sox were kind of lethargic, and they pull out an almost miraculous win. Go figure.

Time for a celebration cigar. Here’s to a successful road trip!

Your thoughts are similar to mine. I was typing in my last comments and they mirror yours. Great minds………….

I had to leave after the 9th inning, so I recorded the last two innings and just got finished watching the end of the game. Nobody can ever accuse the Sox of being a team without character. After a late night, heart breaking loss they come back from the dead today to steal one. The bullpen, which last night looked like rejects from the Bad News Bears, comes back and shuts the O’s down. Great comeback job by those guys. Josh Beckett proves to be the consummate professional by hanging tough for 7 innings after having some tough going early on. The other thing I really like about Beckett is that he hangs with the guys until the game is over. Ellsbury with a couple of clutch hits to keep things alive, and then on the key play of the game tags and gets to third on a fly ball I don’t think anyone else in baseball is running on. If he doesn’t tag and the infield isn’t in, Lugo’s ground ball is a routine out and the side is retired on the Kottaras fly ball. HUGE PLAY by Ellsbury. Finally, Pap comes back with a strong outing.

Jason Bay might need to sit for a game or two. He is truly clueless up there right now. His average has dropped some 30 points over the past 10 days or so. Ortiz still can’t get around on a 90 mph fast ball right down the middle unless he cheats and now they are making him look foolish with breaking stuff. At this point, I just don’t believe he’s over the hump, no matter what he did in June.

I agree Gary. I have said in previous posts that I thought Ortiz has seen his best days. I wanted to give let it go until the All-Star break and see where he is at then. I am really perplexed over Jason Bay. He was hitting the cover off the ball until just recently but many good ones go into slumps now and again. 0 for 5 today is not encouraging but he will just have to play through it. Youk has sort of hit a wall as well despite the HR today. On to Fenway and hopefully another sterling performance from Wake. GO SOX. Paul

I think Bay is just a little worn out.. we are coming up on the halfway point and think of how many times he HASNT been in the lineup… JD Drew he isnt… but now here he is leading the voting for all left fielders for the ASG.. I wish that all of our guys would just take the time off, they are going to need to be at their best for the balance of the season. Pedey, Bay, Youk are all on the list of probables…
Let the other teams go, just go home hug your families and enjoy a couple of days off….. THE BEST IS YET COME!!!

I agree with Ellen – I think Bay needs a rest! And he won’t get it! He needs a day or two off! And I think going home and playing in Fenway until the ASG will be a good thing. They – and us! – will all enjoy the day off tomorrow! GO RED SOX!!!

And Seattle? Could you beat the Yankees tonight? PLEASE!!!

I missed the game today and was glad to see the Sox tie it out with two out in the ninth inning and win it in the 11th. In hindsight, I think we have taken the wrong approach with Lugnuts- who drove in the winning run today. Just think– if we voted for him in the All Star balloting and he got the job– everyone not in their right mind would want to trade for him. Imagime- Lugnuts as the AL shorstop!!!!

Julia- I’m surprised at you- knowig that Henry and his bride went to Africa on their honeymoon and you not suggesting that they take Lugnuts with them. I’m sure Ellen would encourage him to take the two blow-up dolls with him. Africa is a big Continent and Lugnuts may have decide to stay there. One of the tribes could have made him Chief. Hail, Chief Lugnuts!!!

I love it! Lugo drives in the winning run in extras and still get dissed here. Gotta love Brownie Points!

Question: Since we’re still on the Tito debate, sort of, If last night’s game was poorly managed because the Sox lost in such ugly fashion, was today’s game well managed since they won in practically the same manner? Logic would say: Yes, good job Tito…………but……..I’m not seeing that here.
Hey, just askin’.

Arnie, I don’t see where Tito managed a bad game last night. The only questionable move he made was taking Tek out. But that’s only questionable in hindsight because who would have thought the Sox would blow a 9 run lead and it enabled Tek to catch the day game today. Sorry, you can’t blame 13 hits in two innings on Tito.

I think what Tito does is get the best from his players. Like I’ve said before, he works hard, so they work hard for him. They didn’t quit today when it would have been easy to do so. It’s a reflection of the attitude of the entire ball club and that attitude begins with Tito.

I think this series was probably the worst display of umpiring I’ve ever seen. Balls and strikes in all three games were horrible but the ultimate coup occurred in the first inning today when Pedroia tagged out Pie sliding into second base with his glove, but the ball was in his right hand. Of course, the very alert umpire called Pie out. LOL! How bad is that. On a tag play, the ball must be in the glove …….which brings me to a little quiz question.

1. Youk (at first base) fields a ground ball, and dives to tag the bag with his glove hand but the ball is in his right hand and beats the runner to the base. Is the runner out or safe.

2. Bonus question…… Jacoby Ellsbury hits a ground ball to short and beats the throw to first base, but does not touch the bag as he crosses it. The umpire calls him safe. If that call correct?

The batter is out. It’s the same thing if Youk catches the ball and his foot is on the base.

In Ell’s case the umpire I believe is wrong.

As far as Lugnuts is concerned , there is a love-hate relationship. When he wins a game he is loved. When he loses a game he is hated. If the Sox lose and he isn’t in the game- it’s still his fault. Next to Tito- Lugnuts receives more coverage in the blog than any other player. As one commented previuosly, if Lugnuts is traded there will be a noticeable void of criticism on the blog. Someone else will ahve to be designated the fall guy.
As far as Tito is concerned- if the Sox win- well that is what he gets paid for. If the Sox lose, that’s not what he gets paid for. How about that reasonong???

It wasn’t ME who said that last night’s game was poorly managed, it was another blogger. I was just making a point that the same blogger is not here to give props when the Sox win. I agree with you, how many times will this Sox bullpen blow a nine run lead??

#1. the batter is out
#2. My instincts tell me this is a trick question. Ellsbury should be out, I would think, but Garry is too tricky to give us a straight-up bonus question……

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