Happy Fourth of July!

Along with Memorial Day and Labor Day, this is one of those great baseball holidays where there is always a full slate of games. Hopefully you will see a good one today.

When was the last time Terry Francona spent a Fourth of July doing anything but being at a baseball game? “Probably when I was about three years old,” Francona said.

The sun was nice enough to grace us with its presence today.

No Big Papi in the Boston lineup today. The DH is simply getting the day off. Rocco Baldelli is serving as the DH.

Happy Fourth everyone! Hopefully you can spend some time here on the blog or over on twitter. http://twitter.com/IanMBrowne


Happy Independence Day Ian!!! Have a Fenway Frank for me!!! Penny is looking sharp so far!!! Keep going Brad!!

Way to go Tek!!!! Thank you!!!

Double steal… Good Job!!!

Its getting ready to pour cats,dogs and small farm animals here. I hope that I can keep the connection… :::she said to no one:::

hi Arnie.. hurry back!! and when you can, plsease send me the recipe for the cake… if its chocolate, David will love it!

Hi Ellen!
Happy 4th everybody!!! Remember our troops, past and present!
Go Sox!!!!
Gotta step out and get some ingredients for Palm Beach Chocolate cake. It’s a great summer treat. Hold the fort for us, Ellen. Be back soon.

We need some big bats and we need them now.. Penny needs some run support.


Good Job Tek!!!!! let’s GOSOX!!!! bring him home!

Come on JUSTIN!!!!

Hey all. No game coverage here on the West Coast. Bummer. My son is at the game there in Boston! He phoned from the stands! Great stuff! GO SOX.

Wish we could have known him to look for him!!
Nows as good a time as any to take the lead back, new pitcher, go after him hard!!! Go Get this guy… knock him out!!

Don Orsillo said that Eckersley will be back Monday… damn.. as you might guess I would, I vote to keep Sean Casey in the booth.. he’s just more down to earth and talks to you like a fan, not like a MORONIC fan…. I guess thats why he was voted by the MLB players as THE most friendly player in baseball!!

The bats have to come to life! We won’t win many games with four hits. I am so glad the weather turned out so well for the kid. Nothing like a sunny Saturday at the ballpark. GO SOX.

I’m back. Waiting for the butter to warm up.
What’s up with the Sox? They’ve been in a hitting slump for a while now. We need some runs fellas!!!!!
Ellen, on my computer your response to my post shows up before my post does! Weird.

Good inning from Okajima!! BUT WE NEED RUNS RUNS AND MORE RUNS…

Why are teh relievers only throwing one inning?? Okajima was throwing really good.

Saito is making it hard on himself. Can’t give up any runs here. GO SOX.

Francona has waited too long. He should have given Saito the hook already! Come on Tito. GO SOX.

I agree Ellen. I know it is still early in the season but it seems to me that if a guy is going well, leave him in there.

The worst possible guy to be facing with the bases loaded! Hope we can get out of this.

Man, was that close. Now the bats really have to step up. GO SOX.

No TV coverage anywhere here in Jax, so I’m watching this fiasco on MLB Game Day. How exciting! Hard to believe a major league pitcher walks three batters in a row. Awful, absolutely awful.

David Aardsma is pitching well for Seattle. Sometimes just a change of scenery is all that is needed.

I have a bad feeling about this game. Not a good thing to lose two in a row in your home park.

That’s pathetic!!! A battle of the bullpens against Baltimore and Seattle should ALWAYS go to the Sox! This could be the third game the bullpen coughs up. Saitto should NOT be in there in a tie game in the 9th.

The Sox have a lot of trouble with Seattle for some reason. We have to grab the rubber tomorrow. GO SOX.

the AArdvark is on the mound fro the M’s!! can we hit him??

Well, for those of you who werent here, you didnt miss anything except Teks 12th HR… see ya’ll later…

What we’re seeing here, boys and girls, is an incredible “entire team” meltdown….and Francona would be called in to my office (if I were the GM) to explain why he let a pitcher walk three and give up an infield hit in the NINTH inning. It’s time to clean house…starting with Francona. If I didn’t know better, I’d say he was throwing games! Red Sox fans deserve better than what we’ve seen for the past week…Much better.

Yeah right!!!! You try to manage 162 games a year… Can you point our someone who cando a better job than Terry Francona has since he got here?? If not, see ya!!! Didn’t notice you around here praising the RedSox OR Tito when they had a 5 game lead.. so why not just take your keyboard back to the basement at mommy’s house….

I only caught the 9th inning of the game – it was a bummer!

dhill – Tito throwing games? How dare you even say such thing! NO ONE HERE WOULD EVER THINK SUCH A THING!!! No real Red Sox fans – and we are that here – WOULD EVER SAY SUCH A THING!! And I am NO bandwagon fan – I have been a fan may entire life and since I’m pushing late 40s that is a very long time.

Time to clean house? Have you watched more then the last 2 weeks of the season? You are so out of line – you truly do not know what you are talking about. I agree with Ellen – who is better in all of the Majors? I’ll answer that for you – NO ONE!!! You can not get away with making accusations like that. It serves no purpose and cheapens any constructive criticism you might have.

I should be here for the game tomorrow – and keeping my fingers crossed that we hear Wakefields name called during the ASG announcement show tomorrow. It starts at 1pm on MLB Network – hope the AL team is announced before the Red Sox game starts!

The Boston Pops Concert is about to come on! Neil Diamond had better sing “Sweet Caroline”! See you all tomorrow!

Have a great evening!

Wait, are the Red Sox in first place …….. by golly, yes they are! Wait, wait, do the Red Sox have the best record in the AL ………. I’ll be darned, they sure do……… and don’t look now, but they have the second best record in all of baseball. I suppose I’d be firing some people too.

The Sox have lost a couple of games they should have won. Saito had a meltdown, Bay has been ice cold, Youk and Pedroia haven’t been hitting like they were, and Papi is still struggling. Still, they just finished a good road trip and have 10 more games at home to look forward to. Lester goes tomorrow and he’s getting better as the season goes on. The Sox haven’t been playing that badly but the Yankees have been red hot and have closed the gap. It’s a long season and way too early to be really concerned.

wow…i guess theres another tito hater….im not quite agreeing with dhill on throwing games though…thats just silly….rt now tho he is showing his managerial skills…um…or non skills….go pull out an old school book tito and read about hit and run…what the signs are of a pitcher not havin it that night….theres a good chapter on pinch hitting too….has tito been thrown out this yr?..prob not….might help a lil to go out and just start yellin…ofcourse it might also help if you bench a plr who doesnt run out a ball once and awhile too….but….we atill are in 1st place…these games badly managed in this division will hurt if they begin to stack up…judge

And apparently you don’t read or comprehend too very well: “If I didn’t know better, I’d say he was throwing games!” It says “If I didn’t know better..”, boys and girls.

And I’ve been a Red Sox fan since 1953; right around 53 years…day in and day out, though a few good times and many bad….I’ve earned the right to express my opinion and WILL. I’ve forgotten more baseball than most of you young snots will ever know.

Awesome post, dhill!!!!!!! Can I call you Grandpa?
That’s fabulous!! It isn’t often that I get to be a “young snot” , and I’m basking in the glow of my new-found youth. Thanks!!
I, for one, will defend your right to be grouchy and critical of our young Mr. Francona.
One thing, though, it’s 2009 now, so that makes you a fan for 56 years! Don’t cheat yourself out of those three years.
Welcome to the blog, dhill.

sigh…sigh….this is the time we are supposed to be makin hay….weak part of the schedule….remember all my whinin about not having that security blanket(ie a plr to fill in when mikey,nancy,or anyone else goes down)…oh yeah and its funny that as soon as supposed talks with bay start up he tanks….i like bay alot….but ive said many times in here that any decent hitter that hits clean up in boston is gonna throw up big numbers….i just dont think hes worth the 15-20 mill hes askin for….but then again nancy isnt worth half her contract either so go figure….i still think the sox will need to find someone to fill the 1st,3rd,occasional dh slot…but im just a fan…oh yeah…mags if your watching or readin this…move lil closer to tito during the game and start “thinkin out loud”….judge

dhill – I’m a young snot? WHOOO HOOOO!!! I guess the “pushing late 40’s” part in my comment makes me young? YES!!! Maybe I’ll start getting carded again when I go to the liquor store! Hey Arnie – maybe you and I can go out and do some of those “wild and crazy things” that all the young kids too! LOL!!! (And Arnie, I don’t think we’re suppose to correct our elders.)

dhill – the problem is, you come only to bash? We here have been living through the preseason games through all the regular season games to date. Is everything perfect? No – BUT let me ask you this – we fire Tito (You want Theo to “clean house”) who do you think would be the FIRST team in line to claim him? Yeah – that team in second place! And that would help us just SOOOO much!

Almost time for the All-Star Selection show! GO WAKEFIELD!!!

Bummer! Tex beat out Youk at first, but Dustin was voted in at second and as expected JBay is starting in left.

And the fans got smart – NO MANNY in the OF for the NL!!

Nice top of the 1st for Red Sox – still have not announced AL Pitchers!

Dusty & Big Papi are starting it right!!!

New thread up people!

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