The venerable All-Star

I’m sure Jason Bay, Dustin Pedroia, Josh Beckett, Kevin Youkilis and Jonathan Papelbon don’t mind that they are going to be overshadowed by the team’s sixth All-Star today. This is Tim Wakefield’s day.

At 42 years old, after 188 wins, 2,904 2/3 innings, 1,960 strikeouts and countless anemic swings taken at his knuckler, Wakefield is finally an All-Star.

How rare is this? Wakefield is the oldest pitcher to become an All-Star for the first time since Satchel Paige at 46 years old in 1952. Jamie Moyer (40 in 2003), Connie Marrero (40 in 1951) are the only other first-time All-Stars to be 40 or older. And captain Carl Yastrzemski is the only other Red Sox player to appear in an All-Star Game at 42 or older, doing it in 1982 and 1983.

It was definitely a nice moment for Wake when they announced the first five All-Stars before the top of the third inning, and then finished with Wakefield. The crowd game him a huge hand and Wakefield acknowledged the gesture with a wave of his hand.


I’ll start the new thread again. Ellen thought it might have been a good omen the last time. Pretty feeble effort other than for Jacoby. Have to do better than that! GO SOX.

I was going to suggest that you lead off again!! You did a great job earlier!!!

Thanks Ellen!

I’m glad the fans got to cheer Wakefield’s selecttion!


Great job Masterson! RUNS!!! WE NEED RUNS!!!!

Yankees just took the lead on a two run blast by Jeter….sigh…..WE NEED RUNS!!!!


JD walks! Maybe the bats can come alive against Batista. GO SOX.

Ortiz with the green light and he comes up BIG!

YOUK!!!! UGH!!! Not good!


I was just thinking about the All Star game. this is the 1st time in awhile that Guerrero, Papi, Manny and Arod werent on the roster (starters)… Changing of the guard??


Ortiz with the green light and he comes up BIG!

I think it is Ellen. It is probably time.

Good stuff Papi. Finally we took advantage with RISP. Have to keep it going. GO SOX.

I’m happy for Wakefield for making the All Star team but when it comes to the All Star game….I really don’t care! I’ll watch 2 or 3 innings. I haven’t watched an All Star game from start to finish in years!

I never ever thought I would write this but the Sox are trying to avoid the sweep. WOW!

Four pitch walk! I love it. Maybe Els can reprise his last effort! GO SOX.



No home run but a run nevertheless. Good job by Jacoby.

Hi ellen – yes, “chuffed” does mean pleased. Don’t ask me why, though!! When you’re really pleased, you’re usually “chuffed to bits”…& I’m certainly chuffed to bits for Wake!!

And I’m also pretty chuffed with the quality at-bats of the Sox hitters in the bottom of the 7th – great effort!

YES!! KOTSAY!!! That’s the way to do it!!!!

LOVE the pitching of Seattle!



That was just a great at-bat for Kotsay. Some breathing room now. My son phoned and said that Saturday at Fenway was a moment to remember. The icing on the cake would have been a W for the home team.

A pass ball! Heads up running by Els. GO SOX.

4 run lead now! GO TO LOVE IT!!!


Last sweep – according to Ian via twitter – was just before the Red Sox traded Manny last year.

Too bad for Jon Lester. He pitched well and although the error cost him, he had allowed the baserunners. We have the lead in any case. Just keep it! GO SOX.


And the fans just finishing “Sweet Caroline” – 500,000 sang it last night at the Pops concert with Neil Diamond on stage!

Yes – I did send Seattle a memo that they should bounce the balls to home plate

Hey Ellen. Didn’t you just have a 50 birthday? You qualify as a “young snot”! LOL

It’s too bad Lester can’t qualify for a win if the Sox go on to win this game. He pitched pretty well today and was victimized by an error and a couple of less than stellar hits.

I can’t hardly watch this game……… those freaking red hats are really horrible.

What is with these red hats! Somebody help me out here.

GARRY!! I’l rant a little – those hats are to show MLB’s support of our returning Veterans and their families. Compared to what they go through – we can watch the hats!;-)

OKI – I loved that I was called a young snot! Who knew as the mom of a high schooler I could still be called that!!

Nick Green has really settled in at SS. Good for him. A nice W for us.


The hats are to honor the military!

1 of 3 will have to do for now… So we just go this week and kick ALOT of A^S^S

Yankees still up 10-8 in the 7th! LET”S GO BLUE JAYS – Beat the Yankees!

Bye Sean Casey!!

Thanks Julia. I wasn’t sure what it signified. Paul

You’re welcome Paul. They wore them on Memorial day also. It is part of MLB’s efforts to support returning Vets and their families. On there is a link to their efforts.

Those returning Vets need all the help they can get. Sometimes they struggle when they come back from overseas. Paul

I also am enjoying the Young Snot !!!! I havent been called that since I was 13…. lol

It takes me 50 years to be called a young snot!!!!!! Certainly I earned it before this!!!!!! So how did Tito do today???? I missed it. He must have made all the right moves if they won because it always his fault when they lose. GOOD JOB TITO!!!!!!! Go Sox!!!!!!

Good comeback win today. We want to come out swinging those bats against the Athletics. GO SOX.

Julia, I was unaware of the significance of the red hats. I love the red hats! Thanks.

I want to add my voice to all of the others who have said “Congratulations” and “Well Deserved” to Tim Wakefield. He has been a constant on a team which has seen its share of ebbs and flows.

I also want to acknowledge the class of Joe Maddon for picking Wake, making it six Sox going to St. Louis. Certainly, there were other deserving pitchers — Kevin Slowey, Jered Weaver, Kevin Millwood, Bobby Jenks, and the Sox’ own, Manny D. But this was Wake’s time, he deserved it, and hopefully, he and his family will enjoy it immensely!!!!!!!

Thanx Joe M.

Go Sox!!!

Hi folks! Ellen and Julia – I’ll be at the game tonight. Third base line seats, had hoped to get a close up of Lowell, but YOUKKKKK will do just fine! I’ll be the one with cotton candy in my hair. I’ll wave to you all! Sooo excited! Stay with us, sunshine, and GO SOX!!! 🙂

Back to the Ted Williams thread….do you guys remember when they had the 100 greatest living players at Fenway Park during that last All Star game at Fenway? I told my dad when they introduced Ted Williams that he would finally tip his cap. My dad said it would never happen. He tipped his cap that day and my dad actually shed a tear. I bet a lot of guys my dad’s age who never saw him tip his cap were in shock. Like a lot of you I never saw Ted Williams play but I did get to see Yaz play alot….and now my kids ask me about Yaz as they get to see the current crop of Sox stars make their moments in history and set their legacies….Go Sox.

Hey! cfarnham!

I did see Williams play at the end of his career. I remember my Dad taking me to a ballgame in 1960, during which Williams hit a home rum. I remember it being against the Orioles, but the only home game against the Orioles that Williams hit a home run in that year was his last HR, on September 28th, which was a Wednesday, and we went to ballgames on the week-end. Whoever it was against, it is a memory I have, along with his long-standing and unfriendly relationship with the press.

I also remember the overwhelming press sentiment that the kid with the unpronouncable last name would never be able to fill Williams’ shoes. Oh well, so much for that speculation.

The history of the players who have stood in front of the Green Monster for the Sox has really been quite remarkable. Let’s hope JBay does it for more than 15 months!!!!

Go Sox!!!

Williams had a disdain for both the press and, at times the fans, who relentlessly criticized him. He refused to tip his cap for those, as well as probably many other reasons- including attacks on his family life- anything that would goad him- and it didn’t take much. He often said that, when he hit a HR, that it is what he is paid for. If I recall when he hit his last HR that he took off his cap and waived it to the fans- technically not tipping it.


Thats nice Bob!!! i’m sure that Wake would love to know that we have such a graceful Yankee fan here on ians Blog..

I take it you are back in the golfing mode now that the winter has passed. A group of us are headed up to St George, Utah for our annual golfing trip this Thursday- Sunday. It’s a combination of golf and survival. My day at Pebble Beach was a memorable one in March!!!!!!!
– Craig

Blue jays winning 7-1 Top of 7… we HAVE TO WIN TONIGHT!!! GO JOHN SMOLTZ

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