Lowrie driven to return

Shortstop Jed Lowrie is so eager to re-join the Red Sox that he will drive hundreds of miles to get at-bats on his Minor League rehab assignment.

When Triple-A Pawtucket’s doubleheader at Scranton-Wilkes Barre was washed out on Monday, Lowrie hopped in a car and drove to Manchester, N.H., where Double-A Portland was playing.

Lowrie’s trek was worthwhile, as the switch-hitter went 3-for-5 with two RBIs.

“He got in a car, went 400 miles, got to Manchester, played today at noon,” said Red Sox manager Terry Francona. “Before he left, they did a lot of simulated stuff in the cages and had a good work day and was 3-for-5 today, swung the bat, ran the bases, had a really good day. He will most likely stay there [with Portland] two more days and then when Pawtucket comes home, he would rejoin them.”

The clock on Lowrie’s rehab assignment runs out on Friday. However, if the Red Sox don’t feel he’s ready to be activated yet, they could essentially extend his rehab assignment by optioning him to the Minor Leagues through the All-Star break.

Lowrie is recovering from left wrist surgery, and was slowed for a few days after being hit in the knee by a pitch in late June.

“The clock is running out on that, so we’ll have to put our heads together and see where he is,” said Francona.


When Lowrie returns, what happens to Lugo? Do the Red Sox eat his contract???

Rocco is another player I don’t think we’ll see in a Red Sox uniform in August and beyond.


Did Lowrie get thru Conn. without getting a speeding ticket??? LOL!!


The question should be is Drew healthy??? LOL!!

The young ( Bard ) to relieve the old ( Smoltz ) Was Bard born when Smoltz made his big league debut? LOL….

dont forget Julia… Drew is out again…..

Is Drew hurt again?

Great throw by Rocco!

Lowrie had to go to Portland because the fields in PA are so bad (thank you Yankees!) that even days after the last rain storm they are still to wet to play on!!!!

Bard is warming up.

The hey with taxes. Now getting back to sex, what do you ladies think of ?????????????????????? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I wonder what I was going to write. LOL!!

Oh good – a double to start the inning……

Maybe we need that discussion on sex and taxes – something to take our mind off of this game!!!!!!

The Yankees lost today – let’s put some more distance between us!!!!

Smoltz was decent for 3 innings, after that he was bad!

I’m not sure about Drew… but I AM SURE that it’s time Julia…..

I don’t think we necessarily have to cover taxes…





Thanks for the info. Smoltz drafted in 1985, I was 13 yrs. of age. Longgggggggggggggggg ago!

Fair enough Mike – we’ll let you start the conversation!πŸ˜‰

Oh yay…..5-0……and Smoltz looking depressed does not help!!!!

Bard was 2 years and 2 months old when Smoltz was drafted by the Tigers….. Wow.. talk about something that’ll make you feel OLD!!!!

Great…final score will be 9-6 and that’ll be my fault…

Much to my surprise, Smoltz won only 20 games once. I would have thought he would have won 20 games 3 times or so. 10 times he went over 200 innings. Durability!

Smoltz looks old tonight…not good….

I already told you my stance on the subject but thats not by choice!! FOTF LMAO


Smoltz will take the hill on Sat. against the Royals.

Mike – why your fault???

If you have a stance, you’re doing it wrong…

Classy move by Wakefield to stand at the top step for Nomar’s 1st at bat.

Bad Mike…..very bad…..

Why wouldn’t it be…

Whenever Smoltz pitches, the Sox stop hitting. Whenever Lugo starts a game, the Sox will (bite my tongue). It will a moral victory if the Sox can avoid “you know what”.
Wonder when will be Smoltz’s next start.

The Sox are looking pathetic! Lifeless is a word to describe them.

not that you know of Mike!! lol

Doing it wrong is better than not doing it at all…


The Royals without Coco Crisp come to Boston. Another team that is going nowhere.

No Mike – not your fault – It is LUGO’S FAULT!!!!

but 007 – the last time Smoltz pitched we scored 10 runs before the pen imploded.

Because he showed up late Julia!!!

Well – have to agree with you on that Mike – but can you really ever do it wrong?πŸ˜‰

Smoltz never should have been there in the 4th. His first outing was almost a carbon copy of tonight

Yeah – but Ellen we do have to factor in the time difference for Mike – he is on the other side of the world.

Smoltz is scheduked to pitch Saturday night… They ought to call up ClayBoy!!

Who do we play on Saturday?


I don’t think it’s time for Smoltz to hang up the cleats. Remember how bad Schilling was in 2007 and then in late August he turned it around and the rest is history. Smoltz will show up when it counts, mark my words! Smoltz in 2009 has better stuff than Schilling did in 2007. Smoltz has made (3) starts and (1) was a good one and the other (2) he stunk! Where are the Boston bats?????

Lets see, by the end of tonight we will be 0-3 when Smoltz pitches (all though that is really 0-2 for Smotz, with 1 tank job by the pen on the rain-out) — and 0 for 11 with Smoltz/Dice-K pitches — can that be true?

The point is whenever Smoltz pitches, the Sox L—. I’ll have Masterson pitch on Sat against the Royals.

I understand loyalty.. and compassion… but I wish Eckersley would not make excuses for Smoltz… He’s a freakin profession major league pitcher… Maybe its time to hang up the cleats and make way for the new guard!!

Bottom of the 7th – what do you think – have the Red Sox waited long enough? TIME FOR THE RALLY!!!!!!

I know.. I was just kidding…

that would be professional…(blonde fingers again.. I forgot to dye them along with my hair!!)

Thanks Ellen – you know, maybe if the Red Sox talked about sex in the dugout they would be happier and get more hits…..just a thought……

WHOOOOO HOOOOO!!! I love misplayed balls!


On Sturday. we play Kansas City

On Saturday. we play Kansas City

Okay – not we have the weird posting going on again! the times are all messed up!



Not good boys!!!!

Okay – now we blame Mike – he went AWOL!!! lol!!!

Good job!!!! 1st time in Fenway??

And another hit for Normar….his night is done. Nice hand from the fans as he is taken out for a pinch runner.

Oh good – a stolen base for the A’s…..what else?????

I don’t get it why it is so difficult to score against sub 500 teams Seattle, Oakland. 2 hits through 7 against a pitcher with ERA above 5?

Stolen base, runner on 2d with none outs. See if Oakland score. The Sox probably won’t in similar situation.


Eck is wrong – the ball did not hit the wall before JBay caught it!

Oh great – Saito is up in the pen……

This kid for the A’s is making us look foolish.

The beach ball died at Fenway………..

Okay – either talking to myself again or there is a new thread that I don’t know about……hmmmm…..

Oh good – new Red Sox pithcer, another hit to the A’s. 12 hits for them now…….


Umm….he was safe at second. The umps this season are not good.

Oh – welcome back also Orlando…..sigh….6-0 A’s.

It is lonely here……..

Can we let Lugo try pitching? Maybe he will be good at it. Can’t be any worse!

Okay – bottom of the 9th – we only need 6 runs…..WE CAN DO THIS!!!

Okay – I will do the cheers for everyone!!



Game over… DANG! Nomar makes us look silly in his return…

It is depressing… I agree

The A’s kid could get a shut out??? WE CAN NOT LET THIS HAPPEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DO IT BOYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A rookie threw a complete game shut out against us……WTF?????

Well, not often I’m happy I had a meeting and missed the ending…wasn’t anything to miss…

Okay – I tried my best to cheer the boys on myself! I miss you all….sniff….sniff……

Sorry I left you jules…you did a great job!!!

IDOBELIEVE we stinkπŸ™‚ at least right now, we haven’t been able to hit for weeks unless the opposing pitcher tanks.

At least this one wasn’t the bullpens fault…

The kid tonight was unbelievable dg – sure didn’t act like a rookie.

No Mike – it was not pretty

I shaved and put on a uniform, braved the rain, made a pot of coffee and yelled at three idiots. What else can I do???

Thank you Mike and I mean geesh – I showered and everything today! LOL!!

It is so frustrating to waste the Yankees lose today! Would have rather been 2 up!

No – but it didn’t help that our pen gave up runs. Saito didn’t look so good.

I am at a lose to explain what is happening to our guys right now – nothing seems to be working – it’s like they are just going through the motions.

Depends – what did the 3 idiots do?

And I’m sure everyone was grateful that you wore a uniform!πŸ˜‰

Though if it is hot I can understand that it might have been tempting to skip the uniform!

Beckett is up tomorrow – can we hope the bleeding will stop??

The Reds just lost 22-1 to the Phillies. Guess we can’t complain……

Let’s see..one took a government vehicle to the dormitory (he didn’t feel like dragging his gear), one went to the club Sat. night, got hammered and got in a fight (which he lost oddly), and the last one broke a piece of equipment that until now I had believed to be unbreakable. I love long weekends…

Sorry I can’t make immediate responses, my phone won’t stop ringing…

Okay – as fascinating as I find myself – I’ll stop chatting with myself – really makes it look like I need more help then I do! LOL!

You can always find me on my blog – http://werbiefitz.mlblogs.com

We’ll get them tomorrow – yeah – that’s it – there is always tomorrow! LOL!

Mike – I think your night (or morning I guess) was worse then the Red Sox – If you’re going to get drunk & fight – at least win!!!

It’s okay – you have a life and are at work! It is 10:15 pm here!

That’s what I said! And it’s not even NOON yet! I ahve a full pot of coffee at least! Hopefully the boys spend some extra time in the cage before the next game. Gotta run…idiot #4 just showed up…

sorry Julia.. I was doing laundry.. I know I didnt miss anything except the wrap up of a 2 hitter by a rookie I kust picked up for my fantasy team, and O.C.’s “hey Boston” I’m baaaaack!!!! ..again! See y’all tomorrow..

Night Ellen! See you tomorrow!

See you tomorrow Mike! Hope you run out of idiots soon! lol!

See you all tomorrow!


I hope I don’t…it makes the day fly by!

Okay – there here’s to a day full of idiots for you! lol! Should we round some up and send them to you??

Mike (shakenbake),
Are you at Osan or Kunsan?

Hi all.
Pitiful game, eh?
Every year the Sox do this. They’ll be playing great: hitting, pitching, defense. Then all of a sudden, they go cold. The pitching blows up, the hitters look befuddled at the plate; and after what seems like an eternity and just as some comments here start to show up as, “This team doesn’t deserve to go to the playoffs!!” like magic, the Sox start to win again and RSN breathes a huge sigh of relief.
The Sox will be back. Don’t worry.

Thank God it’s a long season. One cycle after another…..

I’m at Kunsan. No need to round them up, they seem to migrate towards my office…

Mike – is Shakenbake from Talladega Night: The Legend of Ricky Bobby?

Must be you then Mike! lol! Are these the guys under your command?

You are right Arnie – I always keep the faith – just wish it was easy to do sometimes!

Hey, where’s Grandpa Hill? Shouldn’t we be blaming this game on Tito right about now?

I remember when we used to joke that watching the Red Sox play was great until July…they’re revisiting those days, hopefully only temporarily. After the break, they’ll got on a tear, like they do year in and year out. We’re a game ahead and last time I checked, you only have to win by one!

I think you’re right Arnie! Can’t remember the last time I was called a “Young Snot” – hmmmm….not sure I have ever been called that! lol!!

I was at Kunsan from ’94-’95. I had idiots surrounding me the entire year. I was a Security Forces flight chief in Delta Sector. “Ground Attack Sector Delta”. I still hear that crap in my sleep!!!!!!! When my troops went to “A” Town I cringed the whole weekend. Is “Tatoo Sue” still down in “A” town? She would be looking pretty rough by now but she was an icon. How much time do you have left there?
– Craig

We only have to win by one! So true – and really? The Wild card will also come out of the AL East.

Yea, they work for me. They’re great dudes, they just get a little out of control sometimes…like really big 8 year olds that can drink and operate heavy equipment.

Maybe I’ll start a band: Young Snot and the Snot-ettes. We’ll only play blues, real down dirty, blame-the-world……..er…I mean,,,, blame Tito blues.

Didn’t even consider the wild card race. Nice to have the cushion that we can lose and still win…

Hey Guys

Toronto fans need your help in voting for Adam Lind as the All-Star Designated hitter. His numbers to date in 81 game are: .310ba/.384obp/.560slg., with 25 doubles, 18 hr.’s and 57 rbi’s.

The real difference on Lind versus the others in the voting, is Lind hits both lefties and righties equally and is a strong clutch hitter who hits to all fields with power.

I had a friend in the Navy and he had them same issues after long weekend.

Young people (heck us old people!) don’t always do the right thing.

I’m in Arnie! I sang for a lot of years – and I love country music! Does that help?

Lowrie played all 9 innings tonight for Portland – went 3 for 5 with a double and 2 RBIs

I’m in too, I can’t sing, but I have extensive experience hanging out at the stage drinking beer…

Cool – then you too can be a “young snot” Mike! You missed the “old guy” calling us all Young snots for disagreeing with him on Tito!

Indeed I did! There’s something I don’t get called every day!

No – I am far past the age where I would be considered a young snot. The “old guy” wanted Theo to come in and clean house and fire Tito. Gee – we are in first place – but I guess that isn’t good enough.

Apparently we have to be ahead by 15 games or people start having flashbacks to ’78

I guess – too many people panicking.

And too many bloggers thinking that Wakefield should not be in the All-Star game. Is driving me crazy!

The only issue I have with Wake being in the All-Star game is that it’s his first trip. The guy has been great for YEARS!

Pedey missed the game to stay with his wife. She did not have the baby but did have to go to the hospital. After the game Tito was going to the hospital it is not known if he will play tomorrow. We’ll keep them in our thoughts and prayers.

I agree Mike! But I spent a lot of the day setting a lot of bloggers “straight” – too many are fixated on ERA and losing sight of the fact that he has 10 wins and could win 20 games this year – which would be the first time for that also!

Tito will give Pedey all the time he wants. It’s the definition of a good boss! Good luck to them both!

I love the first song – maybe we should wear Tito masks – what do you think?? I like having Mike throw beer bottles! Maybe we could brew our own Young Snot beer!

That fits me perfect, and, you’re in luck, I retire soon!

I hope everything works out for them – and ugh – the time get all messed up again and comments post in strange order again!

If I hear anything else about Pedey’s wife I’ll make sure I post it. We might find out more in the morning.

OK, Julia, you’re in! I’m not a big fan of country, but it’s whiny enough, so maybe we can work with it. Maybe we’ll open our shows with that old favorite from Kenny Rogers, “You picked a fine time to leave me, dhill…” We can mix in some Woody Guthrie, Hank Williams Sr, ( gotta have a Williams in a Sox band), Bill Monroe and Kokomo Arnold.
Mike can drink and throw beer bottles at the stage. It’ll be profound!

It’s about time that Wake got the run support he deserves. He has always been plagued by pitching great losses because he’s only get 2 or 3 runs in support. But, he never complains and he eats innings.

You do Mike? When do you retire? Are you coming back to the States?

I hope Pedey’s wife is OK.

I retire in March. I have some resumes out there, but, I’ll be coming back to the USA for good this time. I’ve spent 16 years overseas…

I always hated that! How we would not put runs on the board when Wake would pitch. A guy who consistently only gives up 2 or 3 runs should get more wins. He deserves to be in the ASG not only for his record this year but also for his whole history. He is one consistent guy.

LOVE IT ARNIE!! We need a cool label!

CONGRATS MIKE!! What field are you looking for work in? And we’ll throw you a retirement party with “Young Snots” beer!!!πŸ˜‰

Young Snot Beer!! Gruesome and tantalising at the same time. Brewed with freshly picked ingredients! Drink one if you dare!!!

I would love it if Wake started Arnie! He has always done what the team wanted first and foremost – individual stats do not matter to him!

Personally, I am thrilled that Wake is going to the all-star game! I still say that he should start. That would say a lot about what it still means to be a team first player, one who takes his job with the team more seriously than he takes himself or his stats.

Nothing but the best for your retirement Mike! The Brownie Brigade spares no expense! LOL!

Good luck with the resumes!

Mike, early congrats on your retirement. Hope you find something. Bet it will be nice to come home for good.

I’m an aircraft mechanic by trade. Young-Snot Beer…nice brand! Can’t wait!!

Ugh! I hate when the comments get posted out of order! I don’t know why the times are all off…

What I said Mike is that we would have nothing but the best at your retirement party and good luck with the resumes.

Since it is getting awfully close to midnight here – I think I need to call it a night! See you all tomorrow!


I hope the idiots slow down for you Mike!

Arnie – keep working on the songs!

Young Snots Unite! LOL!!

The Red Sox are another example of “they don’t build them like they used to” and I’m loving it. They are built for the long haul more now than they used to be in the past. Don’t get me wrong….I loved the old Sox…..Yaz, Petrocelli, Dewey Evans, Rooster Burleson, Mike Andrews, Jim Lonborg, Rice and Lynn….and on and on….but those teams were usually running the bases station to station and hardly ever threatened to steal bases aside from Luis Aparicio (who was near the end when the Sox had him) and Tommy Harper, and pitching was usually thin. It was usually a matter of time before those teams hit a snag. We are very lucky to have the teams we see now that are built on a balance of speed/power and pitching. I loved the Sox of the old and I really love the new Sox. I really appreciate the fact that they are competitive….I don’t see how the Pittsburgh and Kansas City fans deal with their situations. Both those teams were very good in their “hey day”. Thanks Theo for putting together a “team” and not just players and thanks Tito for being a true manager both on the field and off. No panic here. Go Sox!!!!!!

Go on USAJOBS.COM. You may find something. I know that Nellis AFB out here in Las Vegas was looking for civilian mechanics not long ago. BTW…Congrats on your retirement…I’ll sleep well knowing you have everyone’s back covered over there and over here. God Bless and thanks for serving.

Been there, did that, thanks! Hopefully something pans out. I do love Las Vegas! We typically go once a year. I’ve been a dozen or so times. I was there last Sept. Love it every time. You’re welcome, but, it has always been my pleasure. The last 25 years has been a blast!

Craig, I leave in January..86 days Terminal Leave!! No tattoo sue, she’s probably moved to Pusan! Delta Sector stiill hasn’t changed! And MOPP 4 still SUX!! THIS IS WOLFPACK…ALARM BLUE……MOPP 4…….it’s a nightmare.

shakenbake- are you by any chance in artillery/artillery support in the military?

No, I’m an Air Force aircraft mechanic

shakenbake- disregard my last question. Saw that you had posted it a few comments ago. The reason why I had originally asked if you are artillery is because my roommate at LeJeune had a childhood friend from back home that was stationed with the artillery battalion down the street. They used the nickname shake n’ bake for high explosive artillery rounds that contained White Phosphorus. The explosives would “shake” the ground while the WP would “bake” the enemy.

Awesome! It works, but, unfortunately, I wasn’t that creative. The Chief could never remember my first name, so every time he saw me, he’d just yell..SHAKENBAKE..C’MERE!!! It just stuck after that…

I was researching fighter jets because i can’t think of the name of the one that i really like. I was googleing Iron Eagle and TOPGUN and came across TOPGUN on wikipedia. The actual Navy TOPGUN School was relocated from NAS Miramarn San Diego, CA to NAS Fallon, Nevada in 1996. You could check to see if they have civilian aviator mechanic jobs there. I saw someone else suggested USAjobs.com. You might luck out.

Good drama, but untrue. Pawtucket’s doubleheader was NOT washed out on Monday. In fact, they lost both games to Scranton-WB, and they could have used Lowrie. Brownie should check his sources before printing such false information as this. There is another reason for sending Lowrie to AA, and a good reporter would be trying to find out that reason and not be printing lies like this one to cover it up.

MLB network, was saying Cleveland scouts were watching Bucholz the other night. Maybe for Victor Martinez? If that happens one catcher must go. Your thoughts.

I don’t like it — of course if you had asked me last year, I would say, sign it, close it, do it nowπŸ™‚ . I don’t see why we think our pitching situation is so strong — we don’t know what we have in Dice-K, or Smoltz yet, and who knows how long Penny will stay together or with us? Plus the bullpen is springing leaks lately. Maybe we know we have other pitching prospects just as strong. So far by my count we have lost 11 games between Dice-K and Smoltz (only 1 of which was not the pitchers fault, the O’s 10-1 meltdown). I gotta believe with Buckholtz pitching this year, we would have at least 4 maybe 8 or those in the W column and would have a commanding lead in our division.

Also, regarding last night — I wonder how Cabrera felt with all the adulation for Nomar. I suppose he can’t complain, since Nomar left completely involuntarily, and Cabrera (I am assuming) left for the money and his own estimation of himself.

Congrats Mike on your upcoming retirement and on your 25 years of service to our country. I’m guessing that your official date is March 31, 2010 based on your posts. Craig, I guess on that date the Three Stooges of Red Sox Nation will be complete. We can welcome Mike into the wonderful world of retirement with a pie in the face or something. Mike, you need to send me a picture so we can officially add you to our Brownie’s Brigade page. You can send it to gsm52@comcast.net and you can see our page at http://www.santoro-law.com/Brownie.

The Sox have to make a decision by Friday on Jed Lowrie. They can keep him with the team, or option him back to the minors. That’s going to be a tough one for Tito and Theo. If they keep him with the club, someone is going to have to go. I would think they will option him to Pawtucket and let him get some more playing time under his belt. That would give them a little time to see if they can pawn Lugo off to someone for a water cooler or a year’s supply of bubble gum. They are going to have to eat Lugo’s mone. I just don’t see any way around that. It should be interesting.

I think Smolts is a little afraid of his shoulder. He’s throwing a ton of soft pitches and he’s having command issues with them. His fast ball isn’t 95 any more, but he can at least locate it very well. I think he needs to focus more on his fast ball which will also serve to strengthen his arm. This breaking ball crap is getting him nowhere.

indians watching bucholz….personally i love it…..if its for vmart….victor can play 1st,catch and dh….he has a great bat and would prob due tek and himself alot to split time…papi and mikey could split dh spot….with tek takin most of the time off to let vmart play….judge

I just heard that Roy Halliday maybe on the trading blocks — you know where he is going? — where all Jay pitchers go.

Hi all. Personally, not sold on Bucholtz this year… with batting very streaky lately, all he needs is to pitch with little or no run support in a very tight race to pretty much destroy his confidence & major league chance for good (aka Kei Igawa syndrome), especially after his 08 meltdown. I say save him for the long haul, especially since Penny & Smoltz might or might not be around next season anyways. In the meanwhile still too soon to call out a verdict on Smoltz.

Ellsbury is back to his unfamiliar spot batting 7th in the order and JD is leading off and Pedroia is back in the lineup batting 2d.
The Sox need a big bat. Personally VMart is a better choice.

Pedey update – His wife went into labor 7 weeks early last night. Doctors were able to stop it and she is resting in the hospital. The expected lineups for tonight are:

Red Sox
1. J.D. Drew, RF
2. Dustin Pedroia, 2B
3. Kevin Youkilis, 3B
4. Jason Bay, LF
5. David Ortiz, DH
6. Jason Varitek, C
7. Jacoby Ellsbury, CF
8. Nick Green, SS
9. Aaron Bates, 1B
SP — Josh Beckett, RHP

1. Adam Kennedy, 3B
2. Orlando Cabrera, SS
3. Scott Hairston, CF
4. Matt Holliday, LF
5. Jason Giambi, 1B
6. Kurt Suzuki, C
7. Jack Cust, DH
8. Ryan Sweeney RF
9. Mark Ellis, 2B
SP — Dana Eveland, LHP

We’ll all keep Pedey and his wife Kelly in our thoughts and prayers. See you all at game time!


Smoltz will be fine. Except for a couple of mistakes, he actually pitched well in this one. He is the consumate professional competitor. He was superb in the rain-delay game, and in the first one, he was too amped up. I look for great things in September and October from him. Remember, he is just starting his season while the hitters are all in mid-season stride. That was the plan that was announced at the beginning of the season.

As for Jed – we are all awaiting his return.

Sounds like Lowrie has amazing work ethic. Every team needs guys like that. Hope everything goes well with Pedroia and his family.

Hey Mike (Shakenbake)–congrats on your upcoming retirement, and thanks so much (and to all the vets on here!) for serving our country! When you do retire, will there be anyone there who can set those Yankee fans straight?πŸ˜‰ I hope the job market treats you well stateside!
Congrats to Dustin on the upcoming birth of his baby!

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