Pedroia back in there; Nomar on the bench

Twenty-four hours after a last-minute scratch due to a personal issue, Dustin Pedroia is back in the Sox lineup tonight, batting second.

But Boston’s former favorite son Nomar Garciaparra will be on the bench for Game 2.

Aaron Bates will play his second Major League game tonight, again starting at first base and batting ninth. Against the lefty, J.D. Drew will lead off, David Ortiz will bat fifth and Jacoby Ellsbury is hitting seventh.


Maybe now that Dustin’s back in the line up, the Sox can finally win one!! This game looks good to me!! GO SOX

LET’S GO RED SOX!! Win one on my two-year wedding anniversary!


From previous thread:

Pedey update – His wife went into labor 7 weeks early last night. Doctors were able to stop it and she is resting in the hospital. The expected lineups for tonight are:

Red Sox
1. J.D. Drew, RF
2. Dustin Pedroia, 2B
3. Kevin Youkilis, 3B
4. Jason Bay, LF
5. David Ortiz, DH
6. Jason Varitek, C
7. Jacoby Ellsbury, CF
8. Nick Green, SS
9. Aaron Bates, 1B
SP — Josh Beckett, RHP

1. Adam Kennedy, 3B
2. Orlando Cabrera, SS
3. Scott Hairston, CF
4. Matt Holliday, LF
5. Jason Giambi, 1B
6. Kurt Suzuki, C
7. Jack Cust, DH
8. Ryan Sweeney RF
9. Mark Ellis, 2B
SP — Dana Eveland, LHP

Hey to all, and CARLOSGEORGE… HAPPY ANNIVERSARY.. Youll have a lot more if you remember one 4 word phrase…
Praying for the Pedroias; please keep mom and baby safe… that’ll keep Dustins mind at ease or at least help it..
To the blogger “since1947” stuff it in your sock, buddy.. Ian probably had been told by RedSox personnel that this was the case… so he may have made a mistake… no need to rub it in his face!!! Take your comments somwhere else if all you have to do is point out mistakes!!!
I’m praying to our “other Gods” (the RedSox Gods) that they kick thes eguys in the bats and get em started tonight..
Julia, thanks for the lineup!!! and the Pedey/Ratboy/Dusty update…

Smolz seems to pitch a few good innings and then things happen. Whatever the reason, maybe they could consider Smolz as a reliever- where he would only have to pitch a couple of innings. If it pans out and his arm gets stronger and/or he develops more confidence in his arm being sound, then he can phase back into a starting role. If they pursue this route, then they may possibly consider someone like Masterson to get back into a starting role.

Pre game cheer is called for (I think) tonight::

Julia, Cfarnham and Mike (shake and bake). I have a very timely email that I’d like to send you, if you’ll email me, I’ll reply to you with it.. Its a patriotic themed email….

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, WELCOME TO FENWAY PARK!!!! PLAY BALL!!

Phil, I think you’re right.. either that or they are going to have to have someone up inthe pen right from the start to get him out of trouble!!!
I told the others I have a patriotic/military themed email. I would like to send it to you as well. Is the email shown your correctr email?? If not I posted my email earlier on here, if you email me, I’ll reply to you with it.

ellen sent me an email today that is extremely true and also sickening….todays society is warped and getting worse….mj died and to be brutally honest i didnt care…i dont want to see anyone pass but with his shaded past how can u call this thing an america hero….ball plrs were heros to us when we were kids…then later life i survived two military conflicts where some of my squad members didnt…they were heros also…..the 4th of july,memorial, and veterans day are getting pushed aside by more popular holidays like halloween,v day,and such. memorial day is especially near to my heart….needles to say that day everyear i try to break the guiness book of world record for beer drinking record.helps me remember and forget…i swear if a national mj day is made a holiday i will do the same….not out of respect for a bloody singer but for our country ….we will have finally gone over the edge….go sox…..judge

Hi Ellen – just sent you an email!

Okay – NOT the best start for Beckett – BUT I have faith!!


“since1947” – Saturday & Sunday’s PawSox games were rained out so OMG – Ian might have made a mistake!!! Imagine that! The games were called due to “wet fields” and it was questionable as to whether the Monday games would get in. Lighten up my friend!

That is not the start we were looking for tonight. GO SOX.

hate 1-2-3 innings when we are at bat…….

Nice K – could not have happened to a nicer guy! Bye Giambi!

Thank you very much Julia and Ellen! Will remember those four words, Ellen, I think they are very wise! Fortunately, she’s also a Sox fan, and we’re planning on attending the July 20th game at Texas. It would be our first Red Sox game ever, so we’re pretty excited.

My prayers are with the Pedroia’s, hoping mother and baby stay safe.

I’m wondering when the Red Sox last started a game in the midst of the season without a single batter hitting at .300 or over?

Bats are very quiet right now…

Morinin gang…another day, another game. Does anyone have some A/C I can borrow, it’s 91 degrees in my office!

I emailed you Jules!!! It’s a really good one…

It would`appear that the ump got the`call wrong at first!!!!

Cust was out at 1st… HORRIBLE UMPIRING OF LATE….

re the bats — better now than in Sept/Oct! That is about as positive a spin as I can put on thisπŸ™‚

All I had to do was ask….this is more like it!!

Ellen it is`WONDERFUL!!!! I will put him on my blog tomorrow!!

Mike – I’m eating an ice cream cone – will that help??

hey hey jbay!!!!!


JBAY!!!! #20!!!

Can’t wait El! Runners on the corners…nobody out…this is Red Sox baseball!

I sent you an e-mail El, my address got posted out of order but it’s up there…

Mike, what is your email address.. I have a really good email to send you.. Its somethingthat you will like..

BIG PAPI!!!!!!


You’ll really like the email Mike!

And I’m liking this game also!!!!


Yeah Papi, Yeah TEK-ER!!

Perfect….keep it going….

Can’t forget TEK!!!! YES!!!

Didn’t get to see it, but, an RBI is an RBI

Do you think THAT I would forget the CAPTAIN?? NOT!!!!

Spam me all you like, I dig the attention…

So we can all spam you now Mike?? Just kidding!πŸ˜‰

YES!! Bases are loaded! Let’s make it count boys!!!!1

We have something going now. Really need a base hit here. GO SOX.


And the A’s have action in the bullpen!!! YES!!!


Okay – that was a weird DP – BUT we got another run!

Tek never had a chance.

Thanks for the update…hold the lead and pile it on next inning…

NICE steal but a little close if it was a good throw!

Heads up play by Cabrera. Good base running by Els.

Tek was tagged out by Cabrera Mike – he had no chance and that started the DP.

NICE inning boys!!


Oh Mike – you SO did not want to say that! I’ll add you to my list!πŸ˜‰

Not really the result we were looking for after loading the bases! It irks me when runners are left in scoring position.

Nice inning! Let’s get some more runs! The Yankees have the night of – so let’s increase the distance between us!!

Mike, be careful what you wish for !!!!!!! Sometimes we take things VERY literally!!! lol

oh and Mike… I’m raising a bottle to you as we speak (write)!!

Ellen – you and I would NEVER email things to Mike – would we??;-)


I posted on my blog today – we had a WILD storm today – there is a picture of my deck covered with HAIL!! We don’t get that much hail to often here!!

WOOOOOWOOOOOOOO JDDREW!!! (see I’m keeping to my promise for a kinder, gentler Ellen toward JD)


Yes Eck – we must “make him pay!!!” WHOO HOOO!!

oh no Julia never!! (wink wink)

Thanks for that Ell…I sent you something back…same subject…

Youk!! Bummer! Come on boys! WE NOT LEAVE 2 RUNNERS STRANDED!!!

Youk is just way too hot tempered… he needs an ice bath!!! or someone to slap him…,OH WAIT someone did that last year and noe he’s with the Dodgers!!

Hmmmm….I’ll have to look through my list of emails Ellen – and see what I have! lol!!

We need to get at least one here…

Now a single scores 2

Let’s go Capt!

Now we really need a hit here. GO SOX.

Please, please don’ leave these runners stranded! GO SOX.

Thsi is the way it’s done!!

Mike – my computer does NOT like the security on your email! I’ll have to see if I can get around it – I can not reply to your email – it says I need a “digital signature”

Hmmm. Another squander with RISP. 3 for 8 so far.

I’d like to see Bates get a hold of one tonight… He could go back down with REALLY good “at the show” story!!!

NO kidding – I’m working it! Your email works – but the reply to your doesn’t. I can get what you send and you can get what I send – just have to figure out how to make the rest work.

BUMMER! Thought it was going out for Pedey!

Garry – I can view the email – I just can’t reply to it – it says I need an digital signature. It could be the security we have on our firewall.

On no – a beer spilled on Pedey’s foul ball!

That figures jules…love the gov’t…

I didnt have a problem with the address (that I know of yet)..

The second one worked Mike! Don’t worry – I’ll figure out a way to annoy you! lol!!! Trust me – I’m good at it! LOL!!!

It probably is our system – I do not understand all the firewalls and such that we have up.

like the game so far!

3 for 8 with RISP is very good….. that’s .375.

Julia, all email from government email addresses have security issues. When you double click on the email you should get a box up in the left corner (if you are using Outlook) that gives you several optiions, one of which is to view the email.

Couple of game notes: Beckett looks very good tonight. That 1st inning HR was a good guess by the hitter………..Bates was off the bag on that throw from Nick Green………. Bonehead baserunning play by Tek on that double play. He should either have completely held up or gone behind Cabrera……….. Eck is an idiot, although he is pretty knowlegeable. Loves to talk about himself.

Some systems don’t like the digital signature…I sent one without it jules..or you can just send rather than reply…

THANK GOD FOR THE REDSOX… Since I have them, I dont have to be subjected to all the Michael Jackson crap!!! I just stay on NESN!!!

gonna grab a smoke between innings, it’s hotter than a whorehouse on dollar night in here….it’s cooler outside in the sun!

You’re right Garry. 3 for 8 is actually pretty good! I also agree with your analysis on Tek’s base running!

please please please OH PLEASE!!!Bring back Sean Casey and kick the “dead central-cheesey-gasboy” out of the booth!!!!!

the Michael Jackson story has gone on enough! How many times on the news can we see his daughter saying how much she loved him! talk about exploiting a kid!

Mike – such a colorful description! lol!


Come on JOSHUA!!!!! Settle down now!!!

That right field corner is getting way to much action recently!

GET THE 3rd OUT!!!

Good job Josh. Got out of that jam with minimal damage. GO SOX.

Um – Josh – WE WANT THE 3rd OUT!!!!!

I thought the description was very colorful and just perfect!!!! We dont have many pg’ers on here. So I don’t mind!! Thats why they have a blog for the RedSox kids nation!!

I’m trying to keep the descriptions PG. Nice to see another quality start from Josh!


OK, minimal damage….time to tack on some more

ellen – I agree with you about Bates – he needs a hit. Defensively, he’s doing a good job, though.

garry – mid way through the last inning, I was going to post about how much I was enjoying watching Beckett go about his business – then he lost out in Sweeney’s long at-bat. I’ve noticed 2 or 3 times this season that Beckett really gets angry with himself, when he doesn’t locate perfectly – & his pitching suffers slightly…

As for Eck – of course you’re right. Thank goodness for the excellent, professional, Orsillo!

Here we go in reverse order again…. It makes us look as if we reading each others thoughts before they are put into words!! We’re all psycho.. oops I mean psychic!! lol

Okay – just one run – LET”S GET IT BACK!!!!


Why are you trying to keep them PG?? LOL!!!

Josh is doing very well tonight and it’s nice to see our bats coming to life – or at least they were in the beginning!


Jason could be getting his stroke back!

Bay’s potential contract gets bigger every game…

I’m with you Ellen! Except for dhill calling us “Young snots” I think we are all “of age”!

Just in case the kids are still up. Hopefully they don’t strand him at 2nd…

My error – the Yankees are playing tonight – up by 3…damn….playing the Twins.

BUMMER!! Nice hit by Papi!

Just in case the kids are still up…hopefully they don’t strand him at 2nd.

Damn…time for my meeting! Be back shortly…depending on what the Chief has to say…

Bays contract is going up the longer we wait. We need to get it done!

Ugh! Not good leaving Bay!!!

So – the Blue Jays have said that they are willing to trade Roy Hallday. Interesting.

Bye Mike!

Nice DP! Love them when we turn them! Let’s get a few more runs boys!

NICE base running Ellsbury!!!

OMG!!!! That could have REALLY hurt Green! Thank GOD it didn’t hit him!!!

Good effort by Bates – he did really well to take the walk

And Ellsbury didn’t have to steal 3rd – just mess with the pitchers head! LOL!!!

And Ellen I’ve joined you in “raising a glass”….night games are nice…..πŸ™‚

Now, I’m not the most brilliant guy in the world, but I probably would have hit Kotsay for Bates in this situation.

I would have to – but a walk is okay!

And Garry – you are “brillant!”πŸ™‚

And Garry – you are “brillant!”πŸ™‚

I heard the Halladay rumors this afternoon. That just doesn’t make any sense to me. I think you keep one of the top two or three pitchers in baseball and pay him to keep you in contention for years to come.

Dependable Pedroia. Go Sox.

Dependable Pedroia. Go Sox.

Quick meeting for a change…looks like I didn’t miss much…

It really is strange Garry – and what does it say about the Jays? Do they want to win? I just don’t get it. Would they trade him to someone in the AL East? Wouldn’t help them.

Julia, the only time I look even remotely brilliant is when the sun is reflecting off my rapidly becoming hairless head.

umm…Drew – NOT GOOD!!

No, you didn’t miss much Mike.

LOL Garry! Bald is beautiful!

MIKE – YOU ARE THE LUCKY CHARM TONIGHT!!! You came back & they scored!!

Next time they come back, I’ll score…it’s only fair!

Hey Mike, we need your picture for Brownie’s Brigade. You can email it to me at If you haven’t met the crew at Brownie’s Brigade, you can visit us at

Mike – you did miss Green almost taking a ball square in the face! He squared up to bunt and it was a good thing he has fast reflexes.

YOUK!!! Ugh!!

LOL! Thanks Julia …… that means my best days are sunny days when I’m both beautiful and brilliant. Clutch hit by Pedroia. That is a huge run.

I think they would agree to that deal! It is only fair – and hey – anything for a man in uniform!πŸ˜‰

Garry – I need to send you a better picture.

I’ll catch it tonight, all I have here is Gameday.

I only have one picture of myself here, somebody caught me at the last Hail and Fairwell party, I was SMASHED!

Exactly Garry! πŸ™‚

We want to see that picture Mike!

The Twins announcers (who are playing the Yankees) are talking about how the Yankees CAN NOT beat the Red Sox! LOVE IT!!

Well, at least he’s RIGHT!!!

I think I’m ging to retire… to my comforter!!!! Unless something DRASTIC happens, I’ll see all of of you Nationers tomorrow!!!

I love it! The Yankee fans on Twitter are all pissed about the Twins announcers comments. Poor babies! LOL!!

Sox are 8-0 vs. Yankees. You would think they’d have more than a one game lead.

Night Ellen! We’ll hold down the fort!

See you tomorrow!

Night Ellen!!

I know Garry. Sadly the Yankees can beat other teams.

Beckett out, Okie in.

That ball went up REALLY high. Not a chance.

Sent you that pic jules

You can bet Beckett isn’t happy about that one, nor about being lifted at this point.

Just need one out!

Love it Mike! hehehehe!

He can’t bne too upset…6 2/3 2 ER on 6 hits….not a bad day!

Beckett hates to leave the game! He had a good night!



That was a good day…the next day was painful…but that day was one for the books..

We’ve all had days like that Mike!

Finally – Okie got the OUT!!

Hold em down the stretch and this one;s a wrap…if it only were that easy…

Happens around here alot lol…lead off walk…PERFECT…make em pay!

We do a “Hail and Fairwell” party every month…

I like how this inning is starting! Damn – Yankees up 5-1. We need the win – and WE WILL GET IT!!! WHOOO HOOOO!!

Was the picture from a going away party?

NICE steal Bay!!!!

Damn…stranded him!

Can we PLEASE get Bay HOME!!!!

Just out of the shower and heading in to bed,,,

Okay – thanks Mike. Makes sense – so…..what will you look like after your “Hail and failwell party”? Or will yours be a retirement party?

Mine’s not till December..the next one is the 3rd Saturday of this month?

Where you at jules?

Night Ellen!!

I hate when we do that! Hmmm…it is pouring here again. It will probably head towards Fenway. I’m west of Fenway and that is the way the storms have gone all day.

Masterson is in. Let’s HOLD THEM BOYS!!!

Night Ellen!

Good job Green! One down boys!

So we want pictures after the next one AND after yours most definitely! πŸ˜‰

And it has started to rain in Fenway. PLEASE let us finish the game!!!

I’ll make sure there’s before and after photos…Hail and Farewells are a hoot!



Where I live? Sudbury Massachusetts

You’re originally from Massachusetts aren’t you Mike?

Pap is warming up! PLEASE be the good Pap!!!!

I’ll send em as soon as I see em. Looks like this one’s in the books!

Good! We want to see the pics Mike! They look like they are a lot of fun.

hate those broken bats!

I know a Tom Boudreau…he went to the Seminary about 2 yrs after I enlisted. His dad was a fire fighter, as was mine.

Do you know the Boudreau Family from Weymouth? Son Fred is like 46/47. Dad is Fred also – both parents (and son) all ride Harleys?

Ok, but, brace yourself…

NICE!!! Bye-Bye Giambi!! WHOOOOHOOOOO!!!

One more out!!

Hey – no prescreening pics!

Might be…still raining in Sudbury?

It is raining HARD in Fenway!

That’s a wrap…GO TWINKIES!!!

No – might be related – the family I know the dad does drywall.

I will Mike – I can handle it! lol!


2 starters with 10 wins at the break…can’t complain about that…wish the lead was better than one game, but a lead is a lead…



Thank you Pap for NOT giving us ulcers tonight!

10 wins now for Beckett! He starts on Sunday also

They are down 10-1, so not sure the Twinkies will win.

Is is still raining. Not so bad – and not like we had earlier today. On my blog today I have a picture of the hail we had. It was one of the worse thunder storms I can remember.

You would think that have 2 pitchers with 10 wins we would be farther ahead. That is the problem with the Yankees – you can’t count them out.

Manny got thrown out of the Dodgers game tonight for arguing a called 3rd strike

And Wakefield goes tomorrow! COME ON!!! We need to get him win #11!!!

Wake gets #11 tomorrow for sure. He’ll probably toss a complete game. The Yanks are killing the Twins, the gap will grow when we meet them next.

6-9 August in the Softball Stadium

What is August 6-9th?

And my Yankees blogger friend will have to wear more Red Sox attire!! LOL!!

The next sox-Yanks series

Yes – sorry! You would think I would know that! Must be getting late here! lol!

Trust – as it gets closer I’ll know the date – the trash talking will begin!πŸ˜‰

From JB Bastian’s twitter:

A source indicated over a dozen teams have asked about Halladay. “Serious” interest: NYY, NYM, STL, MIL, LAD, LAA, BOS

Yankees still up 10-1….bummer….

What’s the time…close to 1?

How shocking – the Red Sox and Yankees are interested in Halladay. But why would they trade him to another AL East team? Makes no sense to trade him at all!

What’s the time…close to 1?

No – almost 11pm.

The lead stays at 1…for today…

That’s right, I subtract an hour and flip the’s noon here…

Yes – you still have the day ahead of you.

I don’t see the Twins coming back being down 10-1…..bummer. I was hoping to pick up on. I thought they weren’t playing today. I missed the game on the MLB homepage.

They have a 3 game set with the Twins and then 3 at LAA.

We’ve got KC after the A’s series.

I don’t see the Twins beating them more then one game – but the Angels might be able to do something.

KC – we should beat them BUT teams who should beat we don’t do so good with.

The All-Star break will be good.

Alright – I’m going to call it a night!

Catch you tomorrow! Stay cool Mike!

Let’s get a win for Wakefield tomorrow BOYS!!


Hey, all! I hope all of you had a great July 4th! I’m on a borrowed computer–been without internet and e-mail for about a week now! SNARL! So I won’t be a frequent visitor here until that gets straightened out–and who knows how long that will be!
I have been following the games, while I’ve been watching the Braves here. Great outing by Josh today! YAY! I saw that debacle of a game we lost after leading 9-1, and then salvaged Josh’s outing after trailing in that game. (Good to see the BP rebound after that atrocious outing the game before!) Good to see, also, that Wake is going to the All-Star Game! (I ALMOST would be compelled to watch it for that reason alone! I don’t normally watch All-Star games in any sport!) Glad Josh is going, also! I have mixed reaction to Pap’s being named to the AS squad–good record, deceiving stats! Disappointing outings for Smoltz to this point–we’ll see after the AS Break how he does.
I hope I’ll be on-line to see Jim Rice’s HOF induction, and Fenway retirement of his number! WAY TO GO JIM! GO SOX!

I almost forgot–I was thrilled to see the reaction Nomar got in his return to Fenway!

GSJAYS: According to ESPN the Phillies are VERY much in the hunt for Halladay… It makes sense there.. they desperatley need a top shelf starter and have the prospects and the money that will be needed to get the deal done. It is projected that the asking price will be close to 22 million for this and next year, plus a signed extension. Dont forget that halladay has a full no trade clause so it will ultimatley be up to him as to where he goes.

im actually gonna praise tito…yes u heard me rt…..omg was that arnie fallin off his chair lol….easy ppl…im sure he will do somethin tonight that will irk me so …….lol…….anyways …..eck said last night the reason for ellsbury battin down in the order is his intentional plan….ive always agreed with the philosophy of speed at the bottom….heres why….i think your top 3 spots should be guys who make contact,have high on base percentage,and go to all fields….it just so happens that this usually fits the make up of a speed guy……ive always thought that a speed guy at #1 doesnt really do much…..if he gets on it handicaps the hitter cause he needs to give em a chance to steal….or him dancin around distracts his hittin….u also are taking the bat out of a good plrs hands if u get caught…if u steal sometimes u just get an intentional walk also to ur hitter…i actually wish tito would do this more often….intentional walk i mean to set up the dp or bypass a hitter….anyways a speed guy at the bottom disrupts the pitcher and basically causes havoc….so nice reasoning tito…gawd that hurt lol….judge

Haha judge… complimenting Tito, is the world as we know it coming to an end? What next, the reemergence of Lugo? But yeah I heard Eck’s comment last night and I was very impressed with the reasoning. Plus Elsbury is hitting well down there too, so seems like a win-win to me.

Good one, Judge! Hey, what’s that saying about a blind squirrel….?
Ellsbury’s job is to get on base and score runs. If he hits better in the 7 hole then he has more chances to score. He’s hitting better lower in the order, so that works.
athas, Lugo has to emerge before he can re-emerge. I hope he mostly stays on the bench.
Last night as I was driving home from work I was listening to the Rockies game on the radio and two of our old friends figured in the outcome. Alan Embree came on in the 8th for the Rockies with two outs and a runner on first in a tie game. He promptly picked off the runner, actually tagged him out in a run-down, and got out of the inning without throwing a pitch. Then in the bottom of the 8th Julian Tavarez came on and struck out Chris Ianetta with “three nasty sliders” and then walked the next two batters. The Rockies ended up scoring the winning run without getting a hit. So Embree got the win without throwing a pitch and Tazarez got the loss. Baseball can be a crazy game.

Greg! How are you! It’s good to hear from you!

Judge – are you the reason that the sun dimmed today – agreeing with Tito! lol!

Wake goes for his 11th win tonight – let’s hope the boys do all they can to get it for him! GO RED SOX!!!

See you all later!

There are a lot to agree with Tito lately. Tito has finally matured to be a better field manager. Youk is mired in a mild slump. JBay broke out of it. The Sox won’t win more games if Youk and Bay stop hitting.
It’s not just rooting for Wake for his 11th win. The Sox have to beat and win the series against a doormat team at home.

lineup for tonight’s game!

Wakefield pitching.

Weather here is CRAZY!!!!!! We have tornado warnings in the area, hail, super cells, heavy damage…..we are okay at my home for now – I hope it all clears up for the game tonight. If I’m not back for the game tonight it will be weather/electricity related. Wish us luck! We do NOT have weather like this very often here.

They are putting the tarp on at Fenway. Most of the severe weather, at the moment, is slide off the Cape Cod to the sea. It is raining in Boston – it is not raining at the moment where I am – but it is hard to say what will happen tonight.

Looks like the game will start on time!


Well, It looks like “game on” so far!! Nice to see al the kids are playing nice here!!
pregame cheer time:

That’s great news, I’ll make coffee!

Ice coffee tonight Mike??

Let’s get this game started! GO RED SOX!!!

Let’s get #11 for Wake!!!

Okay – I’m trying here!


I’m having trouble posting tonight! I’ll keep trying!!!

Sorry about the ice machine – should I send you some ice??

Ice machine is broke, so it’s standard black coffee today.

The A’s pitcher looks like a little kid! Yikes! I feel old!!

1-2-3…nicely done! that’s our All-Star.

MIKE!!!! You can be one of the dead bodies in your office also!!! If I wanted this abuse I would go visit Yankees’ blogs and see videos put up that are said to be me ranting!

First inning, Wake threw ONE pitch out of the strikezone. Amazing!

Jules is having trouble posting…apparently it’s telling her she talks to much….”Too many comments….” It told me that same thing yesterday.

It was just too easy lol! Nice to see it’s working now…

Oh gee – I’ll try not to make it so easy for you Mike!πŸ˜‰

Okay Boys! WE NEED OUTS!!!!!!!!!

Wake’s throwing strikes, he’s going to need some defense and some run suppoort

Can we get two more outs – PLEASE!!!! Without any more runs being scored!!!

Let’s GO RED SOX!!!

Wow!! we have ghosts in the machine … again.. posting backward…. I feel like i’m in… THE TWILIGHT ZONE!!!!

WOW!!! That was a CRAZY strike out!!

Come awn…. LET’S GO SAWWWWX…..


Ellen – the posting is a timing issue – my computer’s time is 7:32 as I am typing this but the times are showing up later on the blog – weird!

It’s the international dateline thing…it’s trying to figure out how I’m logged in on 9 July while you’re posting on the 8th…1 run, not a disaster…OFFENSE!!

Nice way to get out of a jam, Wake!!
His knuckler is all over the place tonight. Cmon hitters!!

Let’s go JBay!!!

I’m living proof, Red Sox batters are more patient than Red Sox fans…

I think we may need a new thread… Hey Julia, tweet-heart… Is Ian in a tweeting mood tonight??? If he’s stumped for a story line, he could always write about us!!!!

So once again Mike we can blame you for everything!πŸ™‚

Okay – the wind blew that one all around!

Oh – and Happy Birthday Toby Keith – my favorite “distraction”!!

I’ll tweet him ellen – don’t know if I’ve seen him though.

He’s there Ellen and I just told him we need a new thread!!!

Let’s get two more outs boys!

The first day that Jed Lowrie can rejoin the team is July 18th – according to an Ian tweet!

Indeed, entirely my responsibility!

I HATE those balls that are barely fair – there have been too many of them!!!

So glad you accept your responsibility Mike. We’ll send you some ice!πŸ™‚

NICE!!!! Let’s get some runs now!! We have got to support Wake!!!!

Thanks Jules!!

That’d be fantastic…and an air conditioner! And send our boys a stack of bats, the ones they have must be defective…

You’re welcome Ellen.

Okay – one AC – should we have some cheerleaders deliver the AC and the bats?

We see to have trouble with these young kids Arnie!

Bummer!! We need to give Wake support!

Okay Mike – I’ll try to remember that. Cheerleaders directly to your office – do not pass go, do not collect $200.

Let’s get the other 2 outs without letting any runs score!!!!


Sox are not getting good swings off this kid.
Cmon Wake!!!



Cheerleaders for the AC (to my office)..FedEx the bats…

Ginny! Hi! No – it is not raining right now! Wake is doing a good job – down 1-0!


What a nice DP by Youk!
As well as Wake is pitching, he has been in trouble a lot.
How about some hits fellas!!!!

How’s everybody doing tonight. We finally have some 90-plus temps here. It’s 110 on my front porch in the sun!

Okay Mike – cheerleaders with AC – they’re on the way!πŸ˜‰

Got defense…now we need some offense!!!!!

Hey all! Is it raining in Boston?

That is warm Arnie!

Ginny- the comments are all posting in weird orders tonight – have to look around to find comments.

Great heads up play by Youk… YOUUUUUUUKKKK!!!

Alright!! PEDEY!! Great job!!!

Come on Youk!! Bring Pedey home!!!

We need the guys to get some more run and get Wake to keep up the good pitching!!!

This is a great start…

Our bats are a little cool Ginny.

Damn!! That didn’t help! UGH!!!!


a LITTLE cool??? there’s frost on Youks!!!

COME ON JACOBY!! WE NEED RUNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





What the heck is wrong with our hitters!!!!!!

These rookie/new/not super pitchers are making us look like idiots!

How are you Paul?

Mike – are you doing anything we can blame this on?????πŸ™‚

Ah man, bases loaded? What happened to the bats? Geez…this is NOT like the Sox!

A walk works…Jacoby is the only guy in the lineup batting over .300…great timing!

Big Papi is guessing again. Another mediocre pitcher making us look bad so far. Come on Els. GO SOX.

NICE!!! 1-2-3! That’s what we like!!!

Couldda done without that….

Oh man. Bases loaded and nothing to show for it!!

OMG! We actually have updates from the Boston game! YAY!
C’mon guys, get some good ones for the highlight reel!!! GO SOX!

The wind is really effecting the baseballs tonight!

Guys – we only like 1-2-3 innings when we are in the field!!!



Nice inning, Wake.
Get some hits boys! Time to get to this new guy. Show him who’s boss in Fenway! GO SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Donny-O and Eck – this is not the time to be laughing like school boys caught reading Playboy!!! ugh! I want Jerry Remy back!!

I told them you wanted then wind blowing Mike.

Okay – I like Eck – but even I think he was drinking before the game.

“Do-drop-inn” – does it rent by the hour???

8 hits already for the A’s…sigh……

14mph blowing out to right, that knuckleball must be dancing like mad!

I can’t figure it out! We can’t now do well against these guys who everyone else beats up on !!

I’m gonna need a new set of nerves here soon!

YES!!!!! WAKE!!!! He also has 8 Ks!!!


Is it too early for “Rant and Grant” time?????

These one hit games are getting ridiculous…this kid has never faced us and has been hit all over the place everywhere else he’s been….

I’m at a lose to explain why we are not hitting! It makes no sense!


I think it worked just thinking it Mike!!! WHOOOOHOOOO!!!

Come on Dusty! NICE HIT!!!!


Mike – send some heat to warm up Youk’s bat!!!!

Wake is doing a great job…he should have a 2 or 3 run cushion by now…

Nevah too early for that Jules…

wooooooooooowooooooooooooo jddrew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Yes – he is afraid of PAPI!!! WHOOO HOOO!!


“Rant and Grant”!!!

WTG JD!!! About ^%$!@&* time!



WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rant & Grant Baby!!!!!

I love the way they wear out starting pitchers, I hate watching them wear out starting pitchers…..

Papi crushed that pitch!!! Finally they got to Cahill. Way to go Sox!!

Okay – new pitcher boys – let’s KNOCK him around!!!



Guessing or not, big Papi got the job done! GO SOX.

Nice job Ellsbury – COME ON KOTSAY!!

Delcarmen is warming up in the pen

If that was a guess….what a guess!!!!

hmmm…was he safe??

Pitching Change = smoke break!!

NICE!!!!!! Great job Kotsay! The bats are coming to life!!!

New pitcher for the A’s – AGAIN!!!


Caught a break on that stolen base attempt. Way to go Els!

Yankees up 3-0 over Twins. Can’t say I’m surprised…

Yes!! 4 runs is GOOD!!!

Let’s hold them! Will it be Wake or Delcarmen??

Yes!! 4 runs is GOOD!!!

I asked Ian for one awhile ago

Peter Gammons is reporting that Pedey might skip the ASG to be with his wife. Makes sense.

It seems to be taking an eternity for these posts to go through! Hopefully we wil get a new thread. Got to bring Ellsbury in from third. GO SOX.

The time of the posts is totally off from the time on all our computers. I don’t get it!

I asked Ian at the start of the game – on Twitter -for a new thread but he hasn’t got around to it.

Good job Wake! Here comes Delcarmen! LET”S WIN IT FOR WAKE!!!!

Bummer. The times on these posts are erratic also. My last one says 9:04 yet it is only 9:00 on my clock! Weird.

All day long the Sox have been swinging at those low pitches. Finally Drew made Cahill get one up in the strike zone and Papi got a second chance at the fastball.
Go Wake!!!

Bummer. The times on these posts are erratic also. My last one says 9:04 yet it is only 9:00 on my clock! Weird.

Thank God for foul balls.

Didn’t they have the guy out at second????





Sorry – I’m getting a little excited…..

Green was just charged with an error for not getting the guy out at second.

DAMN IT!!!!!!!!! UGH!!!


Delcarmen is out – Okie is in.

Should have left Wake in the game!!

Getting in trouble here. Wake put the first two runners on there and it certainly puts pressure on Delcarmen.

OKIE – WE NEED AN OUT!!! ONE @&^^$# OUT!!!



Let’s put some more runs up!

MIKE – NO MORE CIGARETTES FOR YOU!!! I blame you for the A’s runs!!!πŸ˜‰

Ugly! Delcarmen certainly wasn’t overpowering! Maybe Okajima can put out the fire here. GO SOX.

Nice job Drew!

“Rant & Grant” – we need more runs boys!!!

we got Dr Strangelove tonight!!! not Dr Feelgood



3 hits for him tonight!!


Nice play Pedey– saved a run!!

Youk…..that is so not good……

Nice! RBI for Big Papi!!!



C’mon Youk- let’s get with the game– no excuses!!

I can’t leave these dudes alone for 10 minutes….what happened….

C’mon Papi- bring them in– Be patient-only good pitches

Mike – I emailed you what happened – the time “stamp thing” here is all messed up.


Remember what you said last night about the Red Sox scoring Mike! lol!!

Good jobPapi- brought the run in. Let’s get some more!!!

Well, I’m back, they’re scoring again…

We need to hold them this inning!!!!


Oh…no…..Ramon is up. He makes me nervous…….

Okie – run to first faster!!

And a nice hand for Nomar!

But I’m glad we got him OUT!!!

Pap is up in the pen!!!!

I I said…can’t leave them alone for 10 minutes…

Good job Oki!!!- Let’s get some more runs. Rodriguez is warming up. Let’s hope he has something tonight!!!

Pap’s on the hill…another save! Wake gets 11!!!

Seriously, is the drama really necessary…walk the first guy…c’mon!!!!!

I’m not too keen on Ramon- hopefully he will come through for us tonight. Go Sox!!!



OK Paps!!! Put them away– no walks!!!

Come on Pap! No ulcers tonight! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



You’ve got to be kidding….it’s called CLOSING….

Is Paps going to give us ulcers again?

okay – hitting the batter would be bad…..

Well, trade the run for the out and get the DP…put this thing in the books already…..

Wake gets the W as long as Pap doesn’t blow the save. Wake can’t take the loss…

Break out the tums………

OK…that’s 2….one more and we can BREATHE

Another ugly scenario! Tums are in order!

Good try Kotsay. Extra points for jumping up on the tarp


Is Wake still up for the win with that run being scored?

2 more outs – PLEASE!!!!

Great play by Els. Kept us in this game.


This has turned into a grinder!


One More!!!

Let’s get the third out! New thread up gang.

Shoot me know…..

Just put me out of my misery…….



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