Saturday night slugfest

As I was flying from Boston to St. Louis for All-Star festivities, I see that an all-out slugfest has developed at Fenway.

Before the slugfest, from what I can see, John Smoltz got his groove back.

Youkilis picked a real nice night to break out of his slump. Nice to see Big Papi on such a great run heading into the break.

I’ll keep you updated from the Futures Game tomorrow so you guys can keep me updated with what is going on at Fenway🙂

It looks like the All-Star break couldn’t be coming at a better time for the suddenly beleaguered bullpen.


I get the honors! I hope we won’t need any of those runners left stranded! What a grinder this has turned out to be! It started out to be a laugher. Mom said there would be days like this. GO SOX.

At the rate these games are going, I am hoping for a Beckett CG shutout–leave the BP there! (But I can hope!…) GO SOX!

Good to see Papi’s found his stroke again! We sure have needed it!
Take care, all! GO SOX!

Greg – I think we need to hope for that! And it does make you wonder – how many runs does John Smoltz need to stake the bullpen before we can feel safe?? UGH! I thought teammates were suppose to help each other! Here’s to a less stressful game today and win #11 for Beckett!!

Mornin’ everybody… Nothing is ever easy in the Nation is it?? You would have thought in the early innings of that game that we would have gone on to win 20-0,,, But NOOOOO… Meltdown in the bull pen… I hope someone does a severe butt chewing on Farrell and the BP staff before todays game. We wont be playing defensively inept teams as the Royals were last night.. at least 3 of those runs were due to mishandling of the ball. Without their defensive erors/slipups its a MUCH closer game early….
On to today, early game today which means I have to get my butt in gear and get my “chores” done… so see y’all later.. trixie

Hey! Ellenc!

Just got your greeting from the last strand. I doubt I could withstand the excitement of your “fiddling” with my briefs…but its nice to be welcomed back that way.

I’m really confounded with the Sox struggles on this homestand. At least the Yanks and Rays lost yesterday, providing a bit of breathing room. If I remember correctly, the Sox used to hammer Bruce Chen around pretty good when he was with the O’s. Lets hope that habit continues. Wouldn’t it be great if the Sox end today with the 2 winningest pitchers in the AL, and with 2 of the 3 in the majors!!! Go Josh!!! Go Sox!!

Also great to see a good outing from Smoltzie…lets just hope that’s not only Royals-related. I still hope the Sox promote Buch for a look-see in the second half. This will he be..or won’t he be is starting to wear on my nerves.

Anyone want to hazard a guess as to how the Sox line up their rotation for the second half? My guess is Jon L., Penny, Smoltz, and either Beckett or Wake, depending on who pitches less in the All-Star game.

OMG, what if the Sox stopped scoring after the 7th run? What if D Bard failed to put out the fire created by Oki?
It’s high time for JF to straighten out and re-assess the bp during the AS break as to who stays and who goes. If the Sox are not going to utlize the high priced services of Saito and RR, why waste a roster spot. Perhaps JF is working on their (Saito & RR) problems. Masterson must be hanging around too much with Delcarman.
As for now only Bard and Pap are reliable in the bp and Oki semi reliable.

Congrats to Smoltz for his first win as a Red Sox. Whew!
Smoltz said that he needs 4 or 5 starts to feel comfortable. He is right on target. As I’ve said it before, do not expect too much from Smoltz. He is a little better than Penny at best. Hope I am wrong about Smoltz.

Smoltz was hot last nite. Soon as he came out all hell broke loose. GO SOX

Pedey is going to skip the ASG –

He will be replaced by Carlos Pena from the Rays.

It is the RIGHT choice for Pedey to make. His wife needs him more then we need to see him in the game.

Ok so apparently i didnt make the greatest first impression a few days back. I was born and raised in Woburn and have been a die hard Sox fan since birth. I am not however, blinded by what is going on. The offense is pathetic and i said that last week and what do the Sox do? Go out and get 2 more guys that hit .250 and will have no impact. How frustating is it to have 9 top line starters and then a rightfielder with 38 rbis, or a catcher who people run on at will (i.e. tonight with markakis and reimold who had 5 combined steals coming in both steal bases) and cant catch up to a batting cage 88mph fastball. I LOVE the Sox, it just drives me crazy to see them doing this to themselves. We could have gotten Victor Martinez straight up for Bucholz, please get Theo off of the quaaludes, how do you not do this with all of our pitching depth, guess we dont need a guy hitting 289 14hr 62rbi. Im just frustrated, not bagging on the sox, i love them, just dont get the offensive philosophy.

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