Sunday in St. Louis

While the Red Sox are completing their first half behind Josh Beckett in a game against the Royals, I have arrived in St. Louis for the Futures Game.

Nice view of the arch from the press box by the way.


Casey Kelly will work in relief today, completing his season as a pitcher. The dynamic athlete will convert back to shortstop later this week and then decide after the season where his future is best suited.

Junichi Tazawa is starting for the World Team, so it’s a pretty compelling day from a Future of the Red Sox standpoing.

Back in Boston, Dustin Pedroia understandably gave up his spot on the All-Star Team due to the situation involving his wife, who is in the hospital after going into premature labor a week ago. Obviously Pedroia’s top priority is to have a healthy baby boy, whenever the boy ends up being delivered, and a healthy wife. Best wishes to the Pedroia family.

Here was Dustin’s statement released by the Red Sox.

 “After consulting with Tito, Theo, Phyllis Merhige of
Major League Baseball and my wife, Kelli, I have decided to withdraw from this
year’s All-Star Game in St. Louis.  I will instead stay in Boston with my
wife as we tend to a family health matter.


This was certainly not an easy decision.  I have a
tremendous amount of respect for the game of baseball and for the All-Star Game
and am incredibly honored that the fans voted me this year’s starting second
baseman for the American League.  I am disappointed that I will not be
able to enjoy the amazing experience with the other All-Stars, especially with
my Red Sox teammates, but it is important that I put my family first at this


I want to thank Major League Baseball as well as Tito and
Theo for supporting me in this decision.  I also want  to thank the
fans for their understanding and the continued support they have shown
throughout my career.”



Wise choice by Pedroia. My wife also went into premature labor last year, and we were able to put off the baby’s birth only a couple of days. Thank God those two days were enough to provide a safe c-section and a healthy 35-week baby, but I learned that what might seem like a minor pregnancy problem could potentially derive in very serious consecuences if not properly treated. I also learned that as a husband, just being there for your wife is very helpful. At he time I didn’t feel like I was being of much help, but in retrospect I see that I helped her feel safe, calm, comfortable and happy in times when these warm feelings were hard to muster, but were vital to the baby’s health. Now we have a perfectly healthy 9 month old boy… who knows? Maybe he and baby Pedey will be Red Sox in 25 years!

My prayers are with baby, Kelli and Dustin. Go Sox!

Carlos – I am so glad everything turned out well for you and your wife! When I was pregnant with our oldest son, I went into labor at 6 months – and it is a very scary thing! Pedey is doing the right thing to stay home with Kelli. We wish them nothing but the best!

Lineup for today’s game:

Red Sox
1. Jacoby Ellsbury, CF
2. Dustin Pedroia, 2B
3. Kevin Youkilis, 3B
4. David Ortiz, DH
5. Jason Bay, LF
6. Jason Varitek, C
7. Rocco Baldelli, RF
8. Nick Green, SS
9. Aaron Bates, 1B
— Josh Beckett, SP

1. David DeJesus, RF
2. Mitch Maier, CF
3. Billy Butler, 1B
4. Mark Teahan, 3B
5. Jose Guillen, LF
6. Brayan Pena, DH
7. Alberto Callaspo, 2B
8. Travis Buck, C
9. Tony Pena Jr., SS
— Bruce Chen, SP

Beckett is going for his 11th win of the season and his 100th career win!


Pedroia, being the mature and responsible young man that he is, showed yet another reason why we here in RedSox Nation respect him so much. He’s not just a great player but a great husband and will be a great Dad!!!!
No pre-game from me…
Just: Go Joshua, pitch GREAT and……………….
GO SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1-2-3 first for Beckett – NICE!!!

That’s our Pedey!!! Yeah, bubba!!!

PEDEY!!! That double was ALMOST an HR

Interesting – just read over on Twitter from Dan Hoard, radio guy of PawSox, there are 2 Blue Jay Scouts at the PawSox game today….hmmm…could Halladay becoming to us??

Great hit by Youk! Red Sox up 1-0!

Bummer Big Papi!

4 Ks for Beckett in the first 2 innings. Nice!

Hey Jules… Hows it going.. Josh looks like he really has his “stuff” today!

Nicehit by Bates!!!!

2nd major`league hit for Bates is a double!

Going great Ellen! Josh is looking great!

My boys just left for Boy Scout camp so I have a nice quiet house to watch the game in! lol!!

Why did Rocco run then??

A GREAT start to the game!!!

Hey Carlos, how have you been? How has your blog been going? Have you interacted with Antonio from “La Nacio’n Medias Rojas”? I think you and he might enjoy interacting, if you don’t already.
Ellen, I hope Roofus is doing better!🙂
I’m not watching the game (not on a computer of my own yet), but I am following it. Josh has an early lead, and one that I am confident can hold that lead (even a tight lead) is Josh. Get it done, Josh! Get him some run support, guys!
I notcied Papi’s new blog–I hope we on Brownie Points would give him some support! (I saw Phil had found it!) GO PAPI! GO SOX!

hmm – Ortiz struck out for the 2nd time today. Only Ks for KC

Did anyone see John Buck (KC catcher) stand up nect to Papi?? Buck is a BIG boy!!! Taller than Papi! put him next to Dustin for a laugh!!!

I’ve been to Papi’s blog also Greg!

Buck is a big boy Ellen!

Yes, Ellen, I have noticed Buck is a big boy!
Julia, remember when I was back on-line with my new computer, and I referred to my “washington Optimism” regarding how long it would last?:/ Not 3 days later, it crashed, and less than a week after that, the “backup” caputer (the old one) fritzed out also! I hope I am not a prophet again–maybe I’m related to a Murphy?!:/ GO SOX!!

I noticed you had seen it, Julia–but you find all the blogs, so I figured you’d be there!🙂 (Esp. since you have all those clones in India!)😉

Greg – BUMMER!!!!!

Okay – NOT a good start to this inning!!!!!

hehehehe Greg – just don’t know how all those Yankees fans figured that out about me!! LOL!!

MLB Futures Game is in rain delay

Reports that Mike Lowell will be activated on Friday.

Derek Lowe has a blog also.

Let’s get some more runs BOYS!!!

I know Papi hit a HR yesterday against a lefthander (good shot), but I think, especially at Fenway, that he ought to focus on going the other way. He keeps getting curve balls away and he looks bad chasing them. Seems to be regressing. He can certainly pepper the wall as well as clear it. Let’s get some more runs!!

Good–I hope Mike can remain healthy the second half of the year! GO MIKE! WE LOVE YA! GO SOX!

I’ve been able to follow DLowe here in the Atlanta market, He’s still got good stuff, but has been a little inconsistent.

I do too Greg! We are going to need him!

BATES!!!! What a great job he is doing! WHOOO HOOOO!!

YAY!!!!! Way to go Rookie!!!!! Good hjob AAron

Way to go Bates. Keep it going!!!

We’ll see, Phil. He had been regressing, in my opinion, earlier in the year. Perhaps he’s finally straightening that out, and perhaps that will be the next step in the process. Let’s hope! GO SOX!

Early shower for Chen! lol!

Let’s get some more boys!!

Hi all. It looks like Aaron Bates might be the real deal! Another product from the farm system. I am not happy with Big Papi so far today. Guessing again? GO SOX..

Hey guys,
I’m back. It’s Sunday and I’m fairly coherent. Very tiring trip but worth it. Loved seeing Michigan again. Friends that I had not seen in a LONG while.
I see Dice-K is on the ‘disabled list’. Wow, can’t have enough pitching. I also see we are having bench problems. Did Kotsay get hurt?
Can’t believe season is half over. Now it gets serious. Sox have a LOT of holes in their team. Going to have to play as a team to win this one. Everyone will have to step up. September is only a month away (wow, what happened to the summer)?

Hi Paul!

Welcome back Dave!!



BUT only one out – we can (and must!) still score!

Big Papi! PLEASE!!!!

Hate those broken bats! But at least one run!

We have something going here. Good running by Bates. GO SOX.

Little close to Bay!

On Twitter:

Ortiz now with 47 RBI. Trails only Youk(53) and Bay(72) on Sox.

Unbelievable huh?

Come on guys. No squander here. Looking for a clutch hit. GO SOX.

A walk is OK but we really need a clutch hit. Sorry, but I somehow don’t have confidence in Varitek.

That is surprizing Julia. I hope Tek proves me wrong!

Okay – I’ll take that walk! LOL!!!


Posting is horrible again. We still need that big hit! GO SOX.

Good job, Tek (and J-Bay) getting on base! Keep it up, guys!
And while we’re on it–Josh, get the CG! NO BP TODAY!:/

I know Paul – the stat is from one of our local sports reporters. I was shocked!

And Jacoby just became the 2nd Red Sox player with consecutive 40 stolen base seasons.

I follow the tweets while the game is on.

I don’t care what sort of spin is put on it, but that was a gigantic squander. There has been far too much of that lately! Time to go for a swim. Later. Paul

Stranding the bases loaded–NOT a good idea! At least we got a couple runs!
Hey Julia, how has Scott responded regarding Dom DiMaggio’s upcoming tribute? Has he commented? (I haven’t been accessing the fan blogs yet!)

1/2 hour wait for Beckett – I hope that wasn’t too long!!!

I should amend that–Dom’s just-completed tribute! (BOY, I am out of touch!)

Greg – Scott knows about the tributes – he has been a little on and off of the blogs at the moment. He moved back to San Jose last weekend – going home! – and started a new job so he has been a little busy!


You’re right Paul, even with the couple of runs scored, it was a HUGE squander!

NICE!!! I guess the wait didn’t bother Josh!

Thanks, Julia! I hope he does better than the Yankees!😉

Julia, Ian said that one reason Toronto scouts are at Fenway is because we play them right after the break….

Another shutout inning by Josh! THAT is what we need! GO SOX!

Sox sure need this break. Hope the breather does us good. Unfortunately they were not able to capitalize much on the softer part of our schedule, winning mostly the games where the opponents pitched very poorly, and losing most of those where the opponent pitched well (even when they were not expected to or had pitched poorly against anyone else save the Sox🙂. Were it not for the other Yankee killers (that Angels) — we’d probably be going into the All Star break tied or with the Yanks in 1st place.

If the bullpen continues to spring leaks in the 2nd half, we may have to bring Dice-K and/or Buckholtz back up and send Smoltz into the bullpen. I suppose he could make a transition in-season, having pitched both roles for years. Will be interesting to see how this plays out.

NO Ellen – the Scouts are at McCoy stadium – the PawSox game! Might be at Fenway but they are looking at our Triple A players

I would hope we’d do that ANYWAY, DG, even before the BP springs more leaks!

I wouldnt mind if DiceK never threw anophter pitch in a RedSox uniform… Except for his contract.. (lottttts of $$) he could be bait!!

that would be > another <

I agree, Ellen! I’d like to see Dice-K be traded, also, but I don’t know that it will happen! Hmmm!…

I like BATES!!! LOL!!

Okay – weird DP but a run!

Another run. A DP, though? SIGH!! GO SOX!

Hey, I know I may seem negative today, but trying to see trends plainly — I really think the NL is going to win the All-Star game this year. The NL line up (offense) just seems stronger to me — we keep voting Jeter in (and he won’t take a seat, and is not playing well). Bay is not out of his slump (yet) — Beckett pitching today (can’t be good for the Al Star game) —- I don’t know — if the NL doesn’t take it this year (when was the last time they won? 1996?) then the baseball gods must be telling Bob Selig to nuke NL rules, and universally accept the DH. But it is plain that Selig is not listening.

I don’t like this rule at all — as tough as it is to come up with a fair rule — divisions being unequal, etc. But best record should win rights to home field advantage. It sure benefited us in 04, could have hurt us in 07 (if the NL won), but its gotta be bummer when you have a better record, and don’t earn home field advantage in the WS.

That Saber-math dude aught to be able to come up with some normalizing formula, that balances wins in your conference, etc….. to identify the team with home-field advantage for the title series.

That said, go AL — but I have my doubts this year.

Beckett looks GREAT!!!!

Maybe so, DG, but with the Dodgers playing as well as they are, it is possible that they will have a better record by the end of the year, simply because they are not playing as tough a league (regardless of how good THEY actually are!). Best record CAN be deceiving, but it can be a good metric.

1 hit, 58 pitches for Beckett so far! 5 Ks

6 IP, only one hit for Beckett (how many walks?)! WAY TO GO! GO SOX!

That one should leave a mark!!

Papi’s on! YAY! Get him home, J-Bay! GO SOX!

Is Papi on, or J-Bay? Get him home, Tek! GO SOX!

Back from a swim. Just in time to see Big Papi strike out yet again! Josh is pitching a great game! Hopefully he will go deep into the game. The BP hasn’t been stellar lately. GO SOX.

We love to get things going with 2 outs don’t we?

8 walks by KC pitching so far today.

JBay is on Greg.

Sorry I mis-read what you wrote.. my almost blonde!!!

More runners stranded. SIGH! GO SOX!

No walks given up by Beckett Greg

KC has given up 8 walks so far.

Depressing! 1 for 12 with RISP! Those walks haven’t translated into a lot of success. GO SOX.

Cool, Julia! Did the runner get to 3B just via others making outs? I noticed the one instance a runner was stranded at 3B.


That’s okay Ellen. It makes sense that the Scouts would be in Fenway – but it is interesting that they are at the PawSox game.

That is one VERY LOUD umpire LOL!!!!

Come on Beckett – settle in – you can do this……..

Depends on what they want to give us for Buch, Julia!

Thats what Ian said..

Yes – I think you can hear him FL even without the TV Ellen!

Good! Nick is on base! Now, LET’S GET HIM HOME!!! GO SOX!

This is getting dicey. 5 runs may not be enough today!

THAT”S the way to get out of it! BECKETT!!!

Good stuff! Josh is the man!

I see we’re back to “posting early” again! I don’t know what the Jays could give us to acquire Buch, but I’d entertain it!

The Jays Scouts are watching Clay Buchholz at the PawSox game:

Don’t know if I like this….

The times are all off on the posts Greg. It is the strangest thing!

I like it when we can get a walk to start the inning.

GREAT heads up base running by Green!

The early posting is hilarious to me, Julia–it makes one look like a prophet!🙂

My last post was at least 5 minutes ago yet it is still showing up as the last entry! Weird.

Absolutely beautiful day here.. I’m headed into the pool… I’ll check back in Later!!!

Of course now it is not! Must be West Coast time. LOL

I have no idea why the times on the post are soooo messed up! The times aren’t even close to the time I have on my PC and we all seem to have different times when we post!

And it does Greg – it makes us all BRILLIANT!! lol!


More runners stranded. SIGH! Good thing we have some runs in, and that Josh is pitching so well! GO JOSH! GO SOX!

I am not happy. 2 more left! 2 for 14 with RISP. Might I dare suggest that Josh could go the distance today!! At least the BP couldn’t blow it for him. Go Josh. GO SOX.

I hope he does, Paul! I suggested that at the beginning of the game, as we don’t have much reason to be confident in the BP lately! Give them an extra day of rest heading into the All-Star Break! GO SOX!

8 solid innings for Josh! YES!!! GO SOX!

Well done. 3 up, 3 down. I like it!!

I think Josh was paying attention the last few games and he is afraid NOT to go the distance. I think he only has around 80 pitches today so far.

Suits me fine, Julia! I hope he does (and I hope Tito listened!)! GO SOX!

OK, guys! 2 on! LET’S GET THEM HOME!!! GO SOX!

BIG PAPI!!! Let’s get the 8th inning party started! WHOOOHOOOO!!

Bay still has NOT seen a strike yet today!

12 balls for 3 walks and hit with a first pitch –

Opps – a strike.

Right now, the best retaliation is to shut them out and finish the game! Get it done, Josh! AND LET’S GET SOMEONE HOME FOR A CHANGE! GO SOX!

Way to go, Rocco! Let’s get some more home! GO SOX!

Well, so much for that! FINISH THE GAME, JOSH! GO SOX!

Do they hate Bay? Three walks and hit twice???

JBay gets hit again? That is unusual. 2 baserunners though. I don’t want to see any of this retaliation stuff break out!

I don’t see Beckett hitting anyone on purpose at this point of the game.


Good stuff Rocco! We finally cash in with RISP!

Okay – poor Bay is so confused today he forgot how to run……


Poor base running by Rocco! Just a DP! Bummer.

CG Shutout! Way to go, JOSH! Great win! GO SOX!

My bad – that was Rocco thrown out at 3rd.

84 pitches for Beckett so far

2 more outs! YOU CAN DO IT BECKETT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Josh can finish this thing off now. Go Josh, GO SOX.

BECKETT!!!!! #11 & #100!!!


I have to run and get changed – heading out to dinner with a friend and her daughter – “girls night out” LOL!!


Reading previous posts — Buckholtz and package for Halliday and others — awful lot of mileage on those tires — not sure I like this unless the package is Bucholtz, Dice-K, and Delcarmen — but why would Toronto trade Halliday within the division unless they were purely looking for money — why make it even harder to succeed unless you know you are selling spoiled goods?

Superb effort by Beckett! Hey Julia. I guess you and I were the only ones in attendance today.

Good to see that Dustin reluctantly pulled out of the All-Star Game. Certainly, it’s for the best. Godspeed and best wishes to Dustin and his wide, Kelli.
I don’t know, DGN, what a pkg. would (or should) look like for Halladay. Toronto has traded within the division before, and a lot of their players seem to end up staying in the AL East anyway. Toronto is hurting for cash, so they very well might do so. I don’t know what we should trade, nor what Toronto would want, if we were to trade for Halladay (let alone the Yankees). We’ll see.

Amazing, 94 pitch complete game shut out by Beckett. Beckett in 2009 despite his slow start is better than Beckett of 2007. Beckett developed a 2 seamer to his arsenal. Powerful.
The tiring bullpen should be well rested for the second half. Or will they?

Someone may have already put this in, but… Tampa Bay LOSES…. yankees are losing 4-2 in the 7th….

Someone may have already put this in, but… Tampa Bay LOSES…. yankees are losing 4-2 in the 7th….

EXCELLENT job by Beckett today… I hope that the ASG doesnt throw off his rythym and break his stride… The rotation line up after the ASG should be interesting…

Buch to be brought up after the Break. GOOD! I hope he does well, and stays up with the Sox for a while, hopefully for good! GO SOX!

So Buchholz will open the 2nd half — interesting that just as this becomes known and also that the Jays scouts are in attendance to watch him pitch, that he has a sub-par game (probably the first all season for him) and loses 5-4, giving up 5 runs.

Sometimes I wonder if whenever trade rumors swirl, the prospective players involved tank either because (a) they don’t want to be traded, so they (consciously or unconsciously) start playing bad to prevent the trade, or (b) want to be traded, and start to tank due to the pressure and desire to perform well while being closely judged — either way they tail off????

I don’t see Roy Halliday coming here at all. Its not going to happen, if he did come, that would almost be unfair — Beckett, Halliday, Lester, to start you rotation, then your choice of Smoltz, Wakefield, Penny, for the 4 and 5 spot, and what to do with Buckholz, Dice-Not-O-K (assuming they are not in the deal). If Halliday is healthy, that would be pitching dominance like the Braves used to have in the 90s — though they only got 1 ws title in 14 div title seasons.

I just got home from dinner – THE YANKEES LOSE AGAIN????? WHOO HOOO!!

And what is this about Buchholz pitching for the Red Sox next week?

Yes Paul – I think you and I were here! WHAT A GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Great effort by Beckett today. Rays and Yankees both lose so the Sox head to the AS break with a 3 game lead. A few thoughts as we take the next four days off:

1. I almost wish Jason Bay wasn’t going to the AS Game. I think he could use a couple of days off. He is really struggling.

2. Here’s wishing the best for the Pedroia family. Dustin has been playing with a lot on his mind and doing well. Good decision not to go to the AS game, both for his family, and for the rest he will get.

3. The Jays have scouts all over the minor leagues right now looking at prospects. No big deal there are a couple watching Pawtucket. I don’t see Halladay in the Sox fufture. My guess is that he winds up in Philly, if he gets traded at all.

4. Eck, in talking about the Royals catcher, said, “If you get 500 at bats, you’re bound to run into some bombs.” I still feel the same way about Ortiz. Too frequently, he can’t catch up with a 90 mph fast ball. The bombs he does hit are good guesses. Lately, he has been guessing well, but it could very easily go back to what it was. He is still striking out a ton, and his BA has stopped climbing around the .220 mark. Hope he proves me wrong.

5. Tek has been a pleasant offensive surprise. He’s getting his fair share of good swings and is a huge improvement over last year.

6. Lester and Beckett get stronger every time out. I’m anxious to watch them both in the second half of the season.

Since both Lowell and Buchholz will be activated after the ASG – who is going back down? Bates will be one of them – but who else??

The entire AL east lost today, the exception being THE REDSOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Julia, maybe there is a deal in the works that will work that out?? Other than that probably jeff Bailey…

I’m off to ready for the work week.. gNight Nationers!! thanks for a great weekeknd!!!
OMG NO REDSOX FOR 4 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ARGGGGHHHHH!!! Its ok I’ve got my shprt term baseball cessation patch on!!
See you guys tomorrow

Ellen – Bailey is on the DL – Bates would go down to make room for Lowell – but would a pitcher go down for Buchholz?

Night Ellen!

DGN and Garry, I don’t particularly see Halladay coming to Boston, either, nor am I necessarily advocating for it. I would not mind such a deal being made, but I don’t want to empty the farm system to do so, and I think that is what such a deal would require. If something happens, OK. But I don’t see it.
Garry, I am very anxious to see how well Lester and Beckett do this second half, also. Both got off to shaky starts, but both seem to be headed toward excellent second half performances. I hope so!
I am not as hesitant about Bay going to the All-Star Game. I hope it helps Bay get his swing timing back. Maybe it will, maybe not. I think Bay will be fine before long, though. I am looking forward, also, to seeing how Buch does, and to Mike getting healthy again. GO SOX!
Congrats, Josh Beckett, on career victory 100!

Whether the Sox get Halliday or not they should seriously consider putting Smolz in the BP. It seems he can’t really pitch more than 4 innings without struggling. That would be ideal for a BP role. If his arm strengthens up he may dabble as a starter in selected matchups depending on the health of our current starters.

Buchholz is to pitch on Friday for just one game and will be sent down to Pawtucket. Bucky’s era at AAA is around 2.36 which translate into roughly 4.5 in the bigs. We shall see what Bucky can do on Friday.

Hmmm – if this comes through twice – sorry!

Did you all see this? We have Red Sox Nation – the Yankees today are launching “Yankees Universe” – so…instead of a president, will they be ruled by a grand poopa or a high-lord mucky-muck? For a team that is struggling like they are, they are a tad arrogant – a Universe? Oh please.

Do you have a link to what you read? I think Yankee Universe has been around for a couple of years, about as long as RSN.

It started (according to Wikipedia) in 2006.. It started as a charity in association with Sloan Kettering Hospital..
RSN started 2003-4… I think Theo was one of the 1st to say it and it took off.

im still wondering if the sox are gonna pick up an extra bat…the yanks are still in the race and after a few series we have a few tough series….pitchin is lookin good and im wonderin if we are showcasin bucky on friday….rumors on a few other sites have jose reyes coming to boston….i cant see it myself….othe rumors have mark teehan commin too…no upgrade there at all….just keep bates then….either way im thinkin the sox will be very active in the offseason….its tough to see your favorite plrs diminish..but its happening…we dont want to fall into the stankees syndrome…they stocked whole team full of long tooth plrs….now we are far from that…but i think some changes are comming….judge

Bob- here is the link:

Mark Newman of MLB is advertising this as brand new – and that it was bigger and better then Red Sox Nation.

Wondering who will be sent down once Buchholz is recalled. Will it be Masterson to fine tune his pitches in Pawtucket or someone be DFAed?
I’ve head about showcasing Buchholz in Toronto. IMO for the pitching propsects everyone but D Bard and Tazawa is expendable. If Buchholz is as good in the bigs as he is at Pawtucket, I won’t trade a future Cy Young winner for a present Cy Young.

I hear Halladay has been taken off the trading block because of the negative reaction from the fans in Tornto.

Morning everyone..I know that the ASG (littleleague everyone gets to play) is tonight.. but that to me doesnt qualify as baseball!! Okus Joe Buck (dont mind Joe) and McCarver (want to throw up when I hear him) will have Obama in the booth for a time tonight…. No thanks!!


Ellen, shame on you! You’re dissing the All-Star Game, McCarver and The Messiah all in a single post!!!! You rebel you!

yes shame on u ellen….i wont watch anythin myself with mccarver or j morgan….morgan burns my *** more than tito…yankee this yankee that…. hes still pissed from the evans catch and throw from 78 i think…..judge

Scott Rolen (3B), anyone? Judge?

Ian is reporting on Twitter that Victor Martinez will catch for Wakefield tonight. He has NO experience catching knuckleballs.

Ellen – the announcers on Fox can not be worse then the chuckleheads on ESPN last night! They were SOOOOOOOOO bad!

Oh Yes they can be… At last Mc Carver can.. OMG he is insufferable and such an a^s^s clown!!! ( I love that saying!! lol)

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