Extra, extra for Josh and Wake

If Josh Beckett and Tim Wakefield pitch in tonight’s All-Star Game, you know that the game has gone extra innings.

Beckett pitched on Sunday, and after conversations with AL manager Joe Maddon, he has labeled himself an emergency valve.

Wakefield’s situation is different because he is working on five days of rest. What Maddon has in mind for Wake is that he will be the last man standing, and could pitch a bunch of innings if there was an extended game.

Beckett and Wakefield didn’t express any disappointment at all about the possibility — or even likelihood — that they won’t pitch tonight. They’ve both had a great time just absorbing the All-Star atmosphere.

Jonathan Papelbon was informed by Maddon that he will likely pitch the seventh.

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NOT FAIR!!! I want Wakefield to pitch! 😦

From the prebious thread regarding Julias statement that fox xant be as bad as espn :::::
Oh Yes they can be… At least Mc Carver can.. OMG he is insufferable and such an a^s^s clown!!! ( I love that saying!! lol)
Sorry that they probably wont get to pitch, but I’d rather have them rested and ready for the 2nd half… Julia, look at it this way, If Wake were to go out and throw, took one on his pitching hand and landed on the DL…… get my drift?? He got the nod and thats what counts… I think that other than home field advantage, this whole “exhibition game” is a farce… I used to watch it as a kid, but when they made it politically correct to where EVERY team HAD to be represented whether they had any one batting 250 or not, it just took all the shine off of it for me…. Its like a little leage team where everyone gets to bat and everyone gets a trophy!!!

I know Ellen – we don’t want any of our guys to get hurt – but I would love to see him pitch! A lot of the players don’t like that home field advantage is decided at the ASG and I agree. Should be like other sports – the team with best record gets home field.

Thats too hard in MLB.. some years it goes down to the last day and when travel arrangements and hotels need to be booked it creates big problems… I was listening to Peter Gammons and Buster Olney (also Bud Selig) and thats is the best that they can come up with for now… It’s a real pet peeve of Mike Golic’s (Mike and Mike in the Morning) espn…
I still dont like the fact that the fans vote for the guys and then the teams that arent represented, they still have guys going… too bad if their fans didnt take the time to vote, they shouldnt go…

I think it would be nice to guarantee Wakefield at least an inning but it is a very good strategy. With the knuckleball you don’t have to worry about fatigue as much so he could be exactly what the AL needs if it goes to extras.

Can you imagine the security that’s going to be in place for tonights game??? Secret Service FBI Homeland Security… whats that copsting the taxpayers… like you and me!!!!


I also feel that the years that they have the WBC they should not hold the ASG… they should take 3/5 days off…

Hey, all! Just catching up on the postings.
I don’t care much for All-Star games in general (this game, the Pro Bowl, etc.) but I will be interested to see Wake pitch. I do hope he pitches an inning, and I have a hunch he will. Moneyball is right, though–it is good strategy.
As far as ditching the ASG the WBC years, Ellen, that would border on (if not cross the line of) baseball blasphemy! ;)– there is NO WAY they’d do that!! (They can’t have their annual tie game that way! AHEM!) As far as I am concerned, I still wish they would get rid of the WBC altogether! (But what do I know?)😉
I like Morgan well enough, but I don’t like McCarver at all. I also don’t like Rick Sutcliffe (“Drive Me Off a Cliffe”), nor Steve Phillips. I’ll take Morgan over those two clowns any day. Putting Morgan and Phillips together, though, is intolerable! I prefer Hershiser to any of them.

Phil, I hope Tito does put Smoltz in the BP! I’ve favored that (and advocated it) since we acquired him (and with the way Pap has been pitchng on a tightrope…)!!
Julia,at one point when I was “named” King Gregory I, you “referred” to me as “Lord High Mucky-Muck”. Hmmm!… Are you saying, then, that I am the leading candidate for this Yankees Universe position? HEY! If I am, I can just dissolve the Yankees Universe altogether!!😉 (How about that, Bob?) GO SOX!

Garry, Tek has been a good offensive surprise, but I did not think we’d see a repeat of Tek’s numbers from last year. I just hope he doesn’t tail off!
Julia, as far as whom we may send down, can we DFA Dice-K?! OOPS! Did I just say that? Naughty me!😉 Trade him, maybe? (Maybe we can keep him on perpetual IR!) But we still have not traded or DFAed LugNuts yet! So we still have “options”!

Is it safe for me to turn it on now.. Is Obama the great gone??? I’ll just turn the sound down….. not possible, then I’d have nothing to complain about… Ouch… that must have hurt Jeter…

Maddon better bench those Yankees soon if he wants to win this game.

Emotionally I’d like to see Wake pitch 1 inning. Maddon plays to win the game. I understand why he didn’t pitch Wake in a close game.
Anxiously waiting to see the roster move when Buchholz is recalled.

there are a myriad of rumors that the sox are really makin a push for halladay….now i wonder if this is a block from him goin to the empire or are they just tryin to raise the price or are we serious….personally ill take a proven pitcher over prospects…how would u like to face beckett,halladay,lester…lawdy…….now i hope my instincts are rt here….i think toronto is lookin to dump some salary…i think rios would need to be included….i think he just needs a change of scenery to excell…..platoon rios and nancy….i mean are u worried about hurtin drews feelings?….pffffffft…..not me…..for 15 mill a yr we get what?…..might drive em to play better….been a very sub par yr so far…..papi seems to be back bashin…..aLL is good….mikey is commin back….pedey seems to be on a roll….and if bay can strike out less then maybe we can see the dodgers in the series and whoop zazus butt…..judge

I think Halladay is going to the Yankees. Isn’t it kind of obvious? I dont know, it just seems like the best fit.

Greg – NO NEVER YOU! You are too kind and benevolent to rule over the Evil Empire – but you know – you might be able to get us the inside scoop! lol!!

I have a feeling that Halladay won’t be moved at all. I just don’t think Toronto wants to trade away the face of the franchise to a division rival. If he goes anywhere I think it’s the Angels or Phillies.

the mets would be the one i could see but who knows

Pedey number 1 (pedro martinez) passes a physical yesterday, signs with the Phillies today for 1 million (plus 500 thou in incentives) and goes on the 60 day DL….. WOW…. money well spent??? I want that kind of contract… I know they got him for PS work but WOW… this is REALLY one of those things that makes you go HMMMM>>>

Money ball:: they know that they will not be able to sign Halladay after next year, so they are trying to get the most value they can for him and that is RIGHT NOW… JP Ricciardi is the one who said that… He IS the owner… and he also said they wouldnt hesitate to trade him to a division rival. They just want the best deal that they can get……. IN OTHER WORDS…. YANKEES, REDSOX,PHILLIES, ET AL, OPEN UP YOUR WALLETS AND UNLOCK THE FARM GATES CAUSE HERE COMETHE BLUE JAYS MEAN BUSINESS…..

(and they mean business)

I would have used Beckett and Wakefield exactly like Maddon did. If he had to, Wake could give you 4-5 innings, and Beckett didn’t need to pitch after going 9 on Sunday. He did right by his team, by Wake and Beckett, and by the Sox. Good job!

I don’t think Halladay is going anywhere either. I especially don’t think he’ll wind up in the AL East. I could be wrong, but if I were wanting to compete for Halladay, I’d be trying to get him here as quickly as possible so he could start helping me right away. I don’t see that happening with any team. Why wait until July 31st?

The Commissioner is full of crap. Nobody knows who’s playing in the World Series until the LCS are completed. There is no difference regarding logistics between what happens now and what happens is the home field advantage is awarded to the team with the best record. Every other sport determines home field advantage by record, why should baseball be different. In fact, there is more uncertainty to baseball since it is the only sport affected by weather. You could see how well they were prepared last year when the Rays had to leave town when their game was called to find a place to sleep. This determining the home field advantage for the world series by the ASG winner in nothing more than a part of Selig’s legacy, and that’s the only reason he won’t change it. This logistics consideration is the dumbest thing I ever heard of.

Pedro Martinez is on the 15 day DL, not 60. They did that so as not to take a spot on the 25 man roster and to get him into the minors for some starts down there. He’s not injured, or he wouldn’t have passed his physical.

Once the freaking game got started, the ASG was a good one. I’ll bet Pap is kissing Carl Crawford’s glove hand. What a catch. I thought it was a good game.

Come on Friday. Let’s get the second half under way. Sox are on the road for 6 games against two pretty good teams in Toronto and Texas. Yankees start off at home with the Tigers and O’s and the Rays head to KC and Chicago. This first week could set the tone for the second half. Getting through this first week with the same lead they have now would be a great start for the second half. It should be a fun and exciting race.

That’s just a mad story about Pedro & the Phillies, ellen…Like most everyone else here, I’d be more than happy if the only reason for the Red Sox sniffing around Halladay was to drive up his price for another team. He’s not right for us at this moment…

…& talking of/to ellen – I get the impression you & the saviour don’t see eye-to-eye…nevertheless, there’s some cracking pics here: http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/gallery/2009/jul/15/obama-pitch-all-star-game?picture=350319271

2 of the last 3 seem to be taking things a little bit too seriously…me, I’m just loving the technique being shown by #9…though I can’t recall when the US had its first…erm…lady President!!!!

I don’t care for the All Star brouhaahaa – it all feels sort of manufactured, and inauthentic…But I’ve really enjoyed Wake’s demeanour over the last few days. There was a beautiful, long, article in the Boston Globe a few days ago about the man (it’s online), which focuses especially on his work with kids, & how other people think about him. I’m not ashamed to admit that I got a couple of specks of dust in my eyes as I read the article.

The fact that Wake has been an integral part of the red Sox for so long, &, especially, that he has contributed so much to their success, is one of the main reasons that I love this team!

Evening (here) garry. What’s your feeling about how the 2nd half of the season will go?

I posted on here before a pitch was thrown in anger that I thought this would be a stand-out year for the Sox. I just think that we have so much strength in our pitching, & that can only stand us in good stead, especially as summer turns to autumn.

My sense is that we’ve got where we are – apparently, our 5th best start in 50 years (is this right?) – without playing lights-out baseball. I think Pedey, Bay & Youk will all come back stronger in the 2nd half. Hoping, also, that Ortiz & Lowell deliver 2nd half. Tek, as you’ve said, has been a bonus. We’ve got great coverage, in players like Kotsay, Baldelli, Bailley (& now Bates!). Green has been a revelation, & watching how he & Lowrie progress will be fun.

But we’ll stand or fall on our pitching. I think the bull-pen is more accurately reflected by the long-haul than the struggles of the last week. They’re as good as, if not better than, anything else out there in the Majors. Beckett & Lester have got better & better – & will carry on doing so, I suspect. Penny has done a better job than we might have expected – & he & Smoltz, if they deliver 2nd half, could be the ‘wild card’ in the team that makes the difference this season. And even if Wake didn’t win another game, I’d still love ‘im!

You have a more critical eye than me – I respect your concerns about Papi and, especially, Paplebon. So, am I gazing through my rose-tinted, glass half-full, lenses, here?

Sorry Garry, I heard the 60 day number on a sports break on ESPNradio.. my blonde, I guess….

btw I wasnt saying earlier that the Sox are in the hunt for Halladay, nor is it what I would like.. just whats being reported.. I think we need a bat more than a pitcher but they do say” you can never have too much pitching…” I havent ever really thought about that…..

…and I think that Halladay will be somewhere else by a week from Friday!

I was sort of glad to see that both Josh and Wake were held back. Josh- since he had just pitched a complete game and Wake, if he was brought in, who would be able to catch him. It could have been embarassing.

Also, fans may remember when Ted Williams broke a collarbone in the ASG when he ran into the wall when he caught a ball while playing in left field. Things do happen.

We must also remember that the ASG is not only a memorable occasion for the fans to enjoy but even more so for the players. Admittedly, years ago, being named to the team was truly an honor, along with the associated prestige. Today, with the money players make, those elements seems to be diminished.

Well, the AL won. Let’s hope it helps the Sox in the WS.

Hey all,
I’ve been gone for a little while….why is Buchholz starting tomorrow night?

Guten Morgen alles. Good news is that L & L will be activated on Friday and/or Saturday. We know for sure that Bates will be sent down to make room for Lowell. The logical answer when Lowrie returns is to release or DFA you know who. But I am not sure Henry will eat $9,000,000.00000000000. When Buchholz is recalled, who the heck will go?

morgan meine sox kumpels….und wie gehts en die sox nationale….alles gut or da vas?…well i can speak it better than i can write it lol…6 yrs in germany chow…und dich?…anyhoo im jonesin for some sox….1 more day…..judge…..i hate to say it but i think masterson has options left….ugh….or bard

Hey Craig, how are things? According to Tito, Buchholz is starting to enable him to set the rotation starting the second half. I’m not exactly sure how much sense that makes since with a 4 day break, everyone will be very well rested. Of course the other thing is that he will pitch against Halladay. How convenient for trade rumors.

Ellen, doesn’t surprise me you got bad info from the 4 letter network. For every scoop they get, they screw up 10.

Jambo, I agree with you 100 percent. As their pitching goes, so go the Sox. With that in mind, the Sox enter the second half looking good. Beckett and Lester are at the top of their games, Wake seems healthy. Penny has been throwing Dice-K like games. Lots of pitches, not many innings. It will be interesting to see if he can hold up. Smoltz is still an unknown. He’s doing OK, but nothing to write home about. Buchholz is standing in the wings and could bring a lot to the table in the second half. I think he’s ready. The thing that concerns me about him is durability. He doesn’t average 6 innings per start, yet his WHIP is .98. That tells me he’s not throwing a lot of pitches. There might be a little bit of a red flag there. I’m not worried at all about the bullpen. Every team goes through a bad stretch and if what we’ve seen over the last couple of weeks is the worst it gets for the Sox, they’ll be in really good shape.

Going into the 2nd half, there are things you just know. You know that Ellsbury, Youk and Pedroia are going to wind up around .300 or maybe a little better. The great unknowns are Papi and Lowell. If both of them have good, and I don’t mean great, second halves, the Sox will be tough to beat. The X factor is Jason Bay. He has been really struggling, looking a lot like Papi did in the first couple of months. He looks hapless at the plate, striking out a ton of times. If he hits .280, 15 HRs, and 50 RBIs for the rest of the season, he’ll anchor the center of the order well. The Sox are deep and Kotsay could be an every day player if needed. If Lowell can’t hack it, Lowery gives the Sox flexibility on the left side of the infield. I think a fast start in the second half, beginning with this first road trip is critical.

Gute, danke. Judge. ich habe deutsche zwei Jaren gelearnt. Aber ich habe alles vergessen. I kan deutsche besser schreiben und lessen, nicht sprichen. Sie sprichen gute deutsche, nicht wahr? 6 Jahren im Deutschland, wow.
I would rather keep Bard and option Masterson to AAA to fine tune his pitches AND trade DC for a bat. Bis spater.

Garry: What Tito said about Buchholz starting the second half doesn’t make much sense. Perhaps there is some truth to the rumor of showcasing Bucky. Halladay will pitch against Lester on Sunday.

i know alot of ppl disagree with my theory on young pitchers and trades….i believe that if halladay can be had for say bucky and delcarmen its worth it….even maybe bowden and bucky if another toronto plr is included…say rios….toronto has been tryin to dump rios and i think its wearing on him…they have lind and snyder in the wings so rios is basically expendable….i would take both of them for bucky and bowden….the sox have many more prospects and halladay is a proven winner in toronto…which expands to what in boston?….this guy won over 20 games with wells and some other key plrs on dl last yr….in boston he would win prob 20-25 and wouldnt have to throw 8-9 innings a game…hes a horse flat out….bucky to me will never be an ace…halladay is….so having halladay for 4-5 yrs or rolling the dice that bucky or bowden might be good pitchers?……give me halladay pls…..beckett,halladay,lester…good lord….nasty….judge

Oh yes. if just Bucky and DC or Bowden for Doc. Do it please. We know DC and Bowden is at best projected to be a 3rd or 4th starter for the Sox. When Halladay is on the mound you can send the whole bp home and just keep the closer. I know it won’t happen. Just a dream.

Andy, I know absolutely NO German, but tell me, you’re 3rd sentence, are you saying that you write German better than you speak it?? I was just trying to pick out words…. (slow day at the office! lol)

Which other prospects are you throwing in with them, because they are asking for 4 prospects??….. from what I have read and heard…

Ellen: Sure you can read German. Yes, the third sentence reads I can write and read German better than I speak. Just find out two typos, “lesen” not “lessen”, “sprechen”. not “sprichen”. lol
If they are asking for Bucky and 4 prospects. No deal. We don’t want to mortgage the farm for a 32 year old ace.
Would you deal Bucky to Toronto for say BJ Ryan (a lefty reliever) and Scott Rolen (3B)?

Dissolving the Yankee Universe would be fine. I consider it to be a little pretentious anyway. To replace it I would aim a rung or two lower. How about the Yankee Galaxy? Yeah, that has a nice ring to it (whoops, no pun intended!)

Am I the only one hearing rumors that the Jays also want to unload Vernon Wells huge contract? Makes me think of the Lowell with Beckett scenerio. And Lowell was only 2007 WS MVP! Will they take less to dump the bad (for them) contract? Maybe!!!

It looked to me like Ryan has nothing left, I think he has already been released!

what the trade rumor site has is them tryin to dump rios instead of wells…or maybe its either or…..it would behoove toronto to stock some kids cause like the orioles it will be couple yrs for them to compete with the yanks and sox and even then it will be tough….i would hate to be an owner in the al east cause u know the sox and yanks are gonna win 90 + each yr…..the orioles have a very interesting team if ya ask me….personally i would trade either roberts or markakis for a couple prospects in pitching….sox fans all know from yrs of losing that without pitching you are not gonna win a series….the o’s have a dynamic offense tho and i think will be much more dangerous than tampa in the comming yrs due to the fact they have a much better fan base…..the nats might put a ***** in that tho in the next few yrs if they can produce a flambouyant plr to put butts in the stands…..unless a cap is instilled theres gonna be the havs and have nots….and there will still be teams makin more than other due to tv markets and various logo sales…..im just glad im a sox fan and not kc lol…..what ever happens before jul 31 im praying we dont have a yr like 2006 when we were rollin then injuries rocked the team and we dropped out in aug….im still hoping for a security blanket plr….go soooooooooox…..judge

Bob George: The reason I mentioned BJ Ryan is that the Sox desperatlely (maybe not desperately) need a lefty reliever in addition to Okajima. Masterson has proven to be ineffective against lefties as least from his last two outings. Theo probably won’t do nothing until the roster expansion in Sept.
I expect that Bates and Masterson will be sent down and Lugo released on Friday/Saturday.

BJ Ryan was given his outright release last week, its rumored that the Cubs and Marlins may be interested

the jays are said to be asking for PROSPECTS I dont know about any other particulars that they are looking for.. Don’t know if they are looking for only pitching or position players as well

Oh BTW… when referring to Buchholz, can we use something other than “Bucky”??? That name brings back all sorts of bad memories…. Bucky Effing Dent……..arghhhhhh

Hey! Gang!

I don’t want to see Halladay go the the Yanks anymore than any of the rest of you, but think about it for a minute — to get Halladay, the Yanks are going to have to give up real talent…not lower minors talent…recognizable talent (as the Sox or Yanks would have had to give up to get Johan Santana). They’re going to have to give up Phil Hughes…so what do they do to repair that hole in the bullpen…particularly with they way he has been setting up Rivera..to get through the remainder of the season? Or, they’re going to have to give up Joba Chamberlain…leaving the Yanks with another hole in their starting rotation…or the Jays will demand both!!! Then, they’re going to have to give up Robinson Cano, which leaves them with a big hole up the middle…or their going to have to give up the catcher everyone’s so high on (Jesus Montero?) depriving them of a likely replacement for Posada, who more and more looks done as a catcher. To improve themselves by picking up Halladay, they have to hurt themselves currently elsewhere.

With the Sox, they could pick him up with a package of prospects without hurting themselves currently — Buchholz, Bowden, Lars Anderson, even Jed Lowrie (supposedly the Jays are looking for a middle infielder). Now don’t misunderstand, I’m not advocating that the Sox trade these players. I’m just saying that they could to pick up Halladay and not hurt themselves currently. The only way they could create other deficiencies would be to trade either Ellsbury or Lester, and I am confident both of those players are on the Sox untouchable list, along with Pedey and Youk. I recognize this sort of move might well put a dent in their future ability to place homegrown prospects in open positions. The Yanks on the other hand have to create current openings on their major league team in order to obtain Halladay.

Looking ahead to the second half, I am unconcerned about the other teams in the Sox division. If the Yanks are going to continue winning 15 out of every 20 of their remaining games, they may win the division. I don’t think that’s going to happen. I also think the Rays are not the team of destiny that they were last year. Their winningest pitcher, Jeff Niemann was not a factor last year. Shields and Garza have 12 wins between them, and Scott Kazmir and Andy Sonnenstine have had some very rough outings while Iwamura, Percival and Isringhausen are on the injury shelf. David Price has not demonstrated that what he did to the Sox in the ALCS was not as much the result of unfamiliarity as talent.

The Sox have suffered their fair share of injuries and mishaps this year (if I hear once more about the poor Yankees predicament with Chien-Ming Wang, I think I may scream DICE-K!!!), and are still in first, on pace to win more games than they did last year. Obviously, the Sox have to look seriously at covering any long term loss of Mikey L or Kotsay/Baldelli, but other than those possibilities, they seem to be in pretty good shape. The second half of the season will also allow us to determine whether the last ten days’ woes of the bullpen are anything to be concerned about. My sense is, they are not, they are what Tito described recently as a blip on the screen.

With the All-Star pitching Halladay did, he now won’t square off against Buchhie, but rather against Jon L. Interesting match-up.

When it comes to who would the Sox look at trading in the event they feel they need to make a deal or two, I would think Del Carmen, Saito and then Penny would be the most tradeable. I do like Manny D, but I like Daniel Bard more, and I don’t think both are critical with the depth of the bullpen…tho’ if the Sox start trading some of these guys for other pieces, they may make themselves potentially thin and vulnerable if injuries or slumps occur. Over-all, I kind of like the hand they are playing, and I hope the Sox basically stick with it.

I can’t wait for tomorrow night and the start of the second half of the season. GO SOX!!!!!

My sentiments (almost) exactly, counsellor!!! and regarding the start of the 2nd half as well!!!!
go-oooooooooooooooo sox-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx!!!!

Ellen: You’re right. The Cubbies sign BJ Ryan for 1 year deal.

Bob – I heard that the Jays want to get rid of Wells also. I have no idea how – or if – the Halladay trade will take place.

So are we taking wagers as to whether Lugo will still be with the team when the weekend is over? Bates will probably go down to the PawSox tomorrow to make room for Buchholz. The Buchholz will go back down to make room for either Lowell or Lowrie – but who will be moved to make room for the other? I think it has to be Lugo and I think the Red Sox are close to eating his contract.

I can’t wait for the game tomorrow night!


Judge… WOW what a zero your “vmart” has been since I got him… Peeeeeeeeeeeeee UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!

Thu, Jul 16

With Jed Lowrie slated to return this weekend, the Red Sox are actively looking to move Lugo, Ken Rosenthal of FOXSports.com reports.

Recommendation: Boston is willing to eat most of Lugo’s remaining salary in a trade, but the veteran may ultimately be released. He could see an uptick in value with increased playing time on a new team, but Lugo has been in a steady decline since the end of the 2006 season.

Found that on Yahoo!Sports on my fantasy league page…

Thanks Ellen! Providence Journal is reporting tonight that Lugo is not with the team in Toronto and Tito is being vague about where he is:


What would it take to get Adrian Gonzalez????

I heard that Canada doesn’t want Lugo in there country and that is the reason why he isn’t in Toronto. Lugo couldn’t clear customs. LOL!!


The Jays would love to get rid of Wells but good luck with that ENORMOUS contract. Not gonna happen. How is J.P. Riccardi still the Jays g.m. is beyond my comprehension. If I was the Jays owner, I would fire him and hire someone with a brain and let that g.m. make the call on Halladay.

My fantasy news network has a three-way trade involving the Yankees, Sox and Jays. It breaks down like this: Halladay to the Sox , Toronto gets CC , Yankees take Lugo and Rios. This was supposedly financed by the AARP for the Yankees because they employ so many Senior ballplayers. Cano goes to minors for further “aging”. Lugo takes over at second for Yankees. Rios on the bench until he “matures”. Everybody wins!!

LOL Arnie.. Really Ken Rosenthal reported the Lugo story earlier today.. It would be nice if he would be traded, but… Hey maybe the Nationals need a mascot.. he could be a mosquito who never hits his taget!!!

This just in: Yankees to get senior discount at team hotel on next road trip!! You heard it here first.

Brian, for Adrian Gonzales: to quote the great Warren Zevon, “Lawyers, guns and money”

God, I am in a weird mood! I need a baseball fix!!


If it takes some lawyers in exchange for Gonzalez, I say ” HELL NO”. LOL!! Guns and money, now we are talking. Obviously the Padres would want Buchholz, Lars Andersen and probably a little more.

I would like too see Saito long gone like some of his gopher balls, obviously Lugo and seeing Baldelli go wouldn’t make me cry. HA..HA…When the Sox signed Saito, I said does that mean Mike Timlin in Japanese. You don’t sign relievers Too many innings in that arm, wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy too many appearances over the years.

I remember when every team would start a (4) game series after the All Star break…….I guess I am getting old. Oh well…..the good old days. The days before twitter/tweeting, texting and Kim Kardashian and other stupid reality shows!


The Mike T. I am dissin ( never ever thought I would write the word “dissin” on here ) is the Timlin in the last 2 years. 2003-06 he was just fine. Timlin had a very long career and has some World Series rings on top of it.

Hey now Brian…. Don’t be dissin’ Mikey T.. He gave the Sox alot…

moanin, moanin all…..today is supposed to have like 4-5 day games isnt it?…..i always remember after the break a few day games i thought….o well….so mikey and big jed are back….and lug nutz is seemingly gone….and the sox have traded delcarmen,saito,and bucholz to texas for nelson cruz, and taylor teagarden(ha ha caught your attention,the last part is just a fantasy of mine lol…..cruz if ya dont know him can flat out mash the ball,has a cannon for an arm,can run, and hates his manager in texas lol…..anyhoo…..im lookin forward to the second half….this is money time….every game means somethin and the sox with all their woes,slumps,injuries,and mini slumps….are in 1st ….weeeeeeeee……now if ya glance at the schedule i would prefer to be up by 6-7 but who wouldnt….after a few series we have some really tuff ops comming….time to make hay sox….get it done boys ….i want a sox and dodgers series so zazu can try and come up with some lil quip about why they got swept….oh yeah one other thingy….mikey after time off usually comes back like a demon on a rampage….lets hope he does again….judge

does anyone else believe that clay is being showcased for someone….i mean i can see no reason for pitchin him other than that….no one needs rest thats for sure….are they just tossin him a bone?…..i think its a showcase for a future trade bait or a present deal in the works…..or maybe one of the other starters is either goin to the pen(ie smoltz) or being traded ie penny,dice k….personally penny has high value now and would probably bring us a medium tier bat…i still believe we need a bat that can play 1st or 3rd….a speedster off the bench would be nice too…ala roberts….i wonder if toronto would give up millah….id rather have him on the bench then rocco myself…..somethin is definately in the works tho…no reason to pitch clay at all….judge

Hey everyone,
Very busy this week returning to normal. Anyway, LUGO IS GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Please tell me we’re keeping Clay. I’m hoping this is not an exhibition but a confidence booster and a way to say to Clay that you matter. We can’t lose Clay for any reason. He is going to be nasty in the majors.
Also LUGO IS GONE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LUGO IS GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Finaly, Lugo is GONE!

Acquring a bat such as Garrett Atkins or Nick Johnson will contingent upon Lowell’s health.

Dave: Lugo has league average bat and below average glove so the Sox decide to keep and demote Green.

Just kidding. haha……

The Red Sox DFA Lugo.

Unless some team pick him up, Julio will be watching Red Sox baseball via satellite in Dominican Republic while collecting $9,000,000. What a lfe! This can only happen in the good old US of A.

Dave, Theo said one thing this morning.. If he gets rid of Lugo by whatever means necessary, you (DAVE) have to never mention his (Julio Lugo, or any alias or variation of his name) name again…. You cannot allude to him in any way… you have to let go……

One thing about Lugo is that he never complains. Didn’t he? Who would if you are making $9M a year. His woes started in 2007 with an assortment of ailments, intestinal, groin, knee, etc. The deal doesn’t work out. That’s about it. Wish Lugo luck with another team!

I know… we’ve had quite a few players like that. If you look at his career record, he looks good. He just never caught fire here like he was expected to do. He wasn’t a good fit. But its true what Julia said to me.. He showed up everyday and never complained about anything, injuries, playing time, being benched.. I wish him good luck.. He’ll hook up with some team and we’ll see him again and though it wont be the reception that Trot Nixon and Nomar got I think that he’ll be received well.

rooster… have you looked at Saltalamacchia’s numbers lately?? He’s not exactly setting the world on fire or even heating it up!!

No more Lugo, Clay pitching tonight, things are looking good going into second half. C’Mon Clay show why you were not traded for Salty.

Anybody from NJ, to see Eastern League All-Stars Wed. night?

It appears there won’t be any roster move regarding pitching. Lugo for Buchholz. Bates for Lowell. When Lowrie is activated tomorrow, Clayboy will be optioned to Pawtucket.

Hi Garry,
Doing well, just busy but in this economy I am not whining about it!!!! I did not understand why Buchholz is pitching tonight either. Seems like a hidden agenda as the Sox starters should be well rested. Seemed like a lame answer but as I have said in the past…..the Sox’ management are the ones behind the scenes and they know what they are doing…..if Clay is nasty tonight it will make things interesting. Now about that guy they call Dice-K…….Go Sox!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It took a while for Tito and Theo to listen to us and unload Lugnuts. Next on the list is DiceK– unless he straightens out and begins to earn his keep. If not, lets unload him and get whatever we can in return. Too bad we couldn’t, or maybe we can, add him to a package deal that would include Lugnuts.
OK Sox let’s start the second half with a win tonight and let’s hope Clay shines. Go Sox!!!

I just saw the news about Lugo. Ian said this on Twitter:

RT: @IanMBrowne Eventful day for the Sox. Lugo DFA’d, Lowell soon to be activated, Buchholz makes 2009 debut. Lowrie here tomorrow.

I’ll be back later to root for Clay!!


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