A flurry of roster moves in Toronto

SS Julio Lugo has been designated for assignment, ending his disappointing two and a half year run with the Red Sox.

Not really a surprise, and the only mystery now is if Lugo will be traded — with the Red Sox picking up most of the $13.5 million left on his contract — or just give him his outright release.

Mike Lowell is expected to be back on the roster tonight, playing third base. Shortstop Jed Lowrie will arrive tomorrow and it will be interesting to see how the playing time gets distributed between he and Green.

And, of course, there is the spectacle tonight of Clay Buchholz making his first start of the season in what is expected to be a one and done assignment.


Is it okay if I start? lol!

Lineup for tonight:


Buchholz pitching.

From afar…feels like time for getting down to business time. Can’t wait for the 2nd half of the season to start, to see how the Red Sox push on!

What if Green is xxxxxxx, who is to play SS tonight?

Question: If the Sox give Lugo his outright release, they still have to pay him the 13 or so million, right??
What happens if say august 10th the Mets want him… He gets paid the appx 13 million plus whatever they sign him to??


Ellen: I don’t want to jinx Green. If Green is hurt, who will play ss tonight?
I think the Sox is responsible for the difference between the signed $$ from another team and the 13 miliion owed to Lugo. I can be wrong.

I can’t wait to see how Buchholz pitches tonight. It’s too bad things didn’t work out with Lugo, but I am a Nick Green fan. I’m not sure what xxxxxxxxx is. It can’t be good!


You are correct 007, no matter what happens to Lugo, he is going to get his money. What would normally happen in a case like Lugo’s, if he gets released and another team signs him, they will sign him for the major league minimum and the Sox would pay the difference. Lugo is taken care of.

I’m gonna give Julio some love here and just say that he has handled this whole thing like a professional. I’ve not heard a single bad thing about his attitude and whenever he was asked to play, he was as ready as he could be. He is a bargain for someone who could pick him up for $400,000 or so. I’m also going to say that while Julio didn’t perform anywhere close to expectations, he didn’t do anything wrong by taking the $36 million that was offered to him. This one has to go squarely on the shoulders of Theo. But with all the good he has done, I’m not going to chastise Theo too much over this one. If Lugo stayed healthy, hit .280 and played reasonable shortstop, it would been a good deal.

well lugo is gone…..to tell you the truth i never liked lugo ….but he was offered the contract…he didnt ever complain..ofcourse he dint produce either….well atleast now the rest of you will see how worthless nancy is to his 15 mill….judge…gl lug nutz wherever u land

007 – continue to use xxxxxxxxx (I got it!) Just read – Theo told reporters in Toronto that there will be no discussions with Bay until after the season. BUMMER!

And yes – we would owe Lugo his money if no one signs him. If he is signed we would need to pay the difference.

Garry – You are right about Lugo’s conduct. Like Coco Crisp last season – he showed up ready to work each day and he never took any beefs to the media. Classy to the end. Ellen raised a great point on my blog – Lugo, when you look at his career, he wasn’t a bad player – just a bad fit for the Red Sox.

Hey I had a friend as me this today and I had never heard it. He said someone told him that Clay Buchholz had a nickname of “Clayboy” for he spent time at the Playboy mansion. Has anyone ever heard that?

On the news tonight – Theo was admitted that signing Lugo was a mistake.

The news keeps coming! (Wonder if I can get my reporter’s pass!) From Ian in Twitter:

@IanMBrowne: Ellsbury (sick) scratched. Baldelli playing center and batting eighth.

Newest member of Red Sox Nation:

Congratulations to Dusty and Jordan Brown on the birth of their son Jude who arrived today at approximately 5:20 pm.

Jude weighed in at 8 lbs, 20 oz and is 20″ long.

guzzman who the sox scouted in wash is out of line up tonight….hmmmmm….i wonder?

ewwww….The Jays have their old “powder blue” uniforms on!


Feel better Jacoby!!

Nice way to start the game – we’ll take baserunners any way we can!


ANd Big Papi! YOU GO!!!!!!!

Come on Clay! You can do this.

Memo to Jays – BURN THE UNIFORMS!!!!!

Good first inning for Clay. Nick Green had an assist on all three outs!

Another leadoff walk! Great job Tek!

Would have been nice if we could have got some more runs in the second.

No so sure that Mike Lowell should have gotten an error on that play, bottom of the second.

Hey guys! Yikes…power blue! That just doesn’t look good on anyone. Looks like Romero is on his game tonight.

Yes – Romero is playing very well! UGH!!!


Cute baby….
Only one hit for Clay, not too bad. Just need him to close them down again.

Nice catch JBAY!!!! We really need to resign him!!!

Clay looks like he’s 16!

Come on Clay! YOU CAN DO THIS!!!

He does Ginny! He really does look like a little kid.

Does any male look good in that color of blue?
Oh just get Scutaro out already. Fouled right next to where I was last game. Oh come on Clay….NO!

NO male looks good in that color! It really is a girlie color.

Ok..get Aaron…come on…AWESOME DP!

NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!! DP!!! WHOOO HOOOO!!!

They have decided to talk contract with JBay after the season. Why? Just sign him now….what’s so hard about this???

Okay Boys – RUNS!!! WE NEED RUNS!!

Come on Mikey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have no idea Ginny – I guess Bay is still unsure as to what the market will support for him.

C’mon Tek!

Walked him…that’ll work. C’mon Rocco!!!!

Some sad news – Broadcast journalist Walter Cronkite has died at age 92, The New York Times reports.

Rocco – that was not a good time for a DP!!!

That’s too bad. I know he’s had some health problems. The media world has lost an icon.

That might have been a bit of acting on Green’s part…

Good heads up play by Clay to get the lead runner.

Okay – ground rule doubles are good…..

Clay – settle in and get OUTS!!!

Damn – that will score a run

Gotta put Colin back in bed…brb!

Okay Ginny!

RUNS BOYS!!!! WE NEED RUNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tigers up 3-1 over the Yankees!!!!!

That’s good. The need to lose!

That was a pretty hit…bye bye Romero!

BIG PAPI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHOOOO HOOOOO!!!

Almost an HR!! Red Sox up 4-1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Yankees I think already have a pitcher warming up.

BAY!! UGH!! Could have used a hit there!

From Ian on Twitter:

IanMBrowne: Ortiz one RBI from 50. Not a bad clip considering his horrid start.

Wouldn’t that be GREAT Ginny! GET #50!!

Can he make it 50 tonight? Please?

NICE!!!! Good job getting out of that CLAY!!! WHOOO HOOOOO!

I’m greedy – MORE RUNS BOYS!!!!

That came within inches of him too. Like a javelin or something.

That may have been Papi’s best swing of the season. I know he’s hit some balls harder, but he stayed back on a very good pitch and drove it the other way.

Jason Bay still looking very shaky at the plate. Two very bad looking strikeouts tonight. I think it’s best for both sides that the Sox wait to sign him. It’s very difficult to tell what the market is for a Bay-caliber player. I think he’ll get a good deal, but it’s not going to be close to Teixeira money, even though he is pretty close to being equal.

Buchholz looks pretty good tonight. He fell a little to much in love with the changeup in the 4th inning and they whacked him around pretty good. To his credit, he maintained his composure and came back and had a strong 5th inning. He’s got a Santana-like changeup, but I’d like to see him throw his fastball a little more.

I don’t see that Lowell is moving any better or worse than before he went on the DL. Maybe he’s just moving with less or no pain, which is a good thing.

Hi Garry,

I think for Lowell – it is just that he is moving with less pain. Buchholz is looking better – I was happy to see him get out of it in the 5th.

JBay – I don’t know what to make of his struggles right now. I hope he finds his swing soon.

It’s a matter of time before someone gets pierced through the heart with a broken bat. Unbelievable!

Nice…my comment didn’t even go through.
I said that looked like a javelin being thrown at the pitcher!

Never mind…it’s lagging behind, sorry about the repost guys.😦

I know Garry! It really seems like they are waiting for someone to be seriously injured before they do anything!

Bard is warming up for the Red Sox

The thing I like most about Buchholz tonight is that for the most part, he is pitching ahead in the count. Of course as soon as I say that he goes 3-0 on Overbay who hammers one up the middle.

Okay – WAY to close to Clay’s head! YIKES!!

Get the 3rd out boys!!!!

Buchholz has lost the strike zone with his change up.

Buchholz is out and Bard is in.

Bard – WOW!!! Struck him out on a 99mph fastball!

Nice catch Drew – but call it boys!!

Great inning by Bard! The kid is bringing it!

Amen!!! Lugo is finally long gone like a John Wasdin H.R. ball.

It seems like a long time ago when the Jays were atop the division this year. We all knew they were going too fade away and of course they did. Most Jays fans felt that way, assuming they still have baseball fans in Toronto.

Sad news that Walter Cronkite passed away, he was a true news man! He spent many summers on Martha’s Vineyard—Edgartown to be exact. Most of these news guys are full of themselves now.

Whenever I see these old Jays uniforms I see Dave Stieb, Jimmy Key, Tom Henke among others.

These Toronto announcers are really boobs! How about Delucci took that Bard curve ball off the top of his foot last inning. These guys don’t know much about baseball.

Bay continues to struggle.


What do you expect from Toronto baseball announcers, there audience is probably around 300-400 people. LOL!

Um……. What’s with OKI DOKIE’s blonde hair?

I know Garry – I do NOT like the blond hair! UGH!!!


I can’t comment on hair because I don’t have any. LOL!

Bard looked very cocky out there tonight. His confidence is growing with every appearance. What a difference in mental attitude between him and a guy whose stuff was almost as good, Craig Hansen. I might be that Pap might have done better to sign a long term deal with the way Bard is coming on.

Delucci’s foot, can I call them or can I call them!

Thank you YOUK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay boys – another run or 2 or 6!! WOuld be good!!!!

Nice to have a Friday night without the Red Shirts! I like these blue shirts with the red underneath.

Papelbon is warming up!

Memo to Pap – GET IT DONE!!!!

I wonder when pitchers starting running in from the bullpen. I remember as a kid, pitchers would walk in, when they reached the infield, there would be a ball boy or somethere there to take his jacket. Sometimes, the would even have some ridiculous looking golf cart go out and pick them up. Some places had cars that would pick them up and drop them off along one of the baselines. I think in Texas, they had a cadillac with big bull horns on the front of it.

Garry – they only have so much time to get to the mound – remember, Pap got fined for being to slow to the mound in relief.

YES!! Picked up where we left off! Great job Clay and thank you Pap! NO ULCERS!!! LOL!!

Craig Lefferts ( lefty for the S.F. Giants ) would sprint from the bullpen to the mound. The Sox had a cart ( big baseball cap looking cart ) back in the day and the Yankees did as well. The Yankees also had a car that would drop the reliever off near the dugout. The slowest pitcher ever from the bullpen to the mound…Lee Smith. He took forever and ever!

I remember the Red Sox cart! As a kid it was SO cool to see!

Tigers-Yankees game in rain delay in he 8th.


I loved that cart as well. I thought it was cool as well. Those were the days. HA…HA…

Hmm, I’ve never heard of the Julia. I wonder how much time they have. I also remember when the pitcher being taken out would always wait for the relief pitcher and hand him the ball. It was a show of support. The outgoing pitcher may also be able pass on information about the umpire’s strike zone. Then the manager and the outgoing pitcher would walk off the field together.

Yes they were Brian! Baseball had a better sense of humor then! Now – got to keep the game moving…sigh….

Let’s hope we can do it again tomorrow! See you all then!


Hi to all!!
I watched alot of the game tonight and was really impressed with Clay Boy!!
Julia… I started calling him that before he dated the Penthouse Pet… He just looked like oneof the kids from the Waltons… you know Jim–Bob, John–Boy… Clay Boy just seemed to fit…
and I’m glad to see that he seems to be settling down… did I hear that he is engaged???

…and for Walter Cronkite..
good Night and May the Good news be yours..(I think that was his sign off tagline)

Actually, it was “And that’s the way it is.”
RIP, Walter Cronkite

Thanks Ellen.

Garry – the pitcher has 2 1/2 minutes – here’s an article from NESN when Papelbon was fined this season:


Be back at game time!

Here’s another one on how fast a pitcher needs to start – it depends on if it is a national game or not or it is a weekend game. Strange!


Hi everyone!! had a GREAT night last night on the lanes… My best this season and since I hadnt bowled on a league in 23 years, my best in 23 years!!! Just as (if not more) important, The GUYS had quite a night too!
Here’s to ClayBoy and a great future (hopefully with the Sox)….
No pre-game from me today… “Dont fix it if it aint broke”….
Go Sox…….

Good baserunning by Pedroia.. held up the 2nd baseman long enough to get to 2nd safe…. Go Pedey!

Hey! Bosoxbrian!

I know I’m dating myself, but I remember when the cart that brought the relievers in didn’t have the baseball cap over it…that came later.

Hope all is well with you. Also hope Penny can give the Sox a good start today and the Sox can jump on this Rook.

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