Lowrie re-enters

Jed Lowrie has cleared customs and will start at shortstop for the Red Sox for the first time since April 11. The switch-hitter is feeling good and eager to show that he is all the way back from left wrist surgery.

In other news, Mike Lowell is back in there for a second straight day, but will get a day off tomorrow, with Lowrie moving to third and Green playing short.

Jason Varitek has the day game after the night game off today. With Wakefield not pitching until the sixth and final day of the trip, Tito didn’t want Varitek to do too much too soon coming out of the All-Star break.

Jacoby Ellsbury is out again with “intestinal turmoil”.

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Hi everyone!! had a GREAT night last night on the lanes… My best this season and since I hadnt bowled on a league in 23 years, my best in 23 years!!! Just as (if not more) important, The GUYS had quite a night too!
Here’s to ClayBoy and a great future (hopefully with the Sox)….
No pre-game from me today… “Dont fix it if it aint broke”….
Go Sox…….

By ellenc on July 18, 2009 12:50 PM
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Good baserunning by Pedroia.. held up the 2nd baseman long enough to get to 2nd safe…. Go Pedey!

By ellenc on July 18, 2009

1-2-3 for Penny.. But he looks a bit shaky today.. SETTLE DOWN BUBBA! GO SOX!

BAY!!! Now that was a nice hit! Hi Ellen!!!

So the Red Sox finally will face Halladay tomorrow.

Nice walk Lowell! Let’s get some runs boys!!!!

Nice Hit Rocco!!!

Are the Mets really interested in Lugo? I’ve read that in a couple of places.

And I’m already having trouble posting!!!!

Great job by Baldelli to go the other way. I have no idea why Lowell was trying to go to 3rd base, Lowell moves very slow. Rolen with a rare mistake at third. Lowell would have been out by a mile.

The Sox in a win win with Penny on the hill today. If he does well, chances are Boston wins today and also he’ll help his trade value. Lots of teams need starting pitching. I’m not saying deal Penny away but if a team gives you a nice offer, the Sox might pull the trigger.

The Sox let this kid off the hook in the 2nd inning.

I didn’t see Buchholz pitch last night but a year ago he would have been done by the 3rd inning. Theo/Tito with a GREAT call having Buchholz take the hill last night. Once again, the Red Sox see the bigger picture. They don’t live in the moment, so many teams do.

Can we bring Buchholz back????????

Boston wasted there threat in the 2nd inning and now the Jays have the momentum. I have seen that many times over the years in baseball. Penny needs a strike-out right now on Rios.

Bring back Nicky!!!!

Millar is a dead pull hitter, we all know that. He also is a very good fastball hitter.

I’m glad to hear about Kitty but sorry to hear about your dog

Brian – Penny is NOT HELPING himself right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay – DP, game tied. Let’s get out of the inning with NO MORE RUNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just what the Dr. ordered, a D.P. Millar has no clue on how to go the other way.

Great job by Penny!

Hey Jules.. how’s everything going??? Kitty is all better now the dog has an ear hematoma.. (she had water in her ear and would shake her head, she shook so hard she broke the blood vessels in her pointy lil ear flaps. now SHE has to be operated on Monday…) They are getting very expensive, but for my “kids” cheap at twice the price….


Penny very rarely helps himself. Penny is a thrower but he did great getting out of that inning. He pitched to contact, that will help get your pitch count down and who knows maybe Penny will see the 7th inning.


This kid with the Jays is a type of pitcher that Boston has trouble with. I don’t know why that is but it seems average or below average pitchers give them issues.

Penny did do a great job to get out of it. And it was an “old friend” Millar who helped with the DP. Just some less drama from him at times would be nice.

I see the times on all our postings are crazy again.


The postings are on some sort of delay, this site has had lots of issues this year. Unlike the last 2 yrs. or so. Tough economic times, perhaps the I.T. dept. at M.L.B. was let go.

Come on Papi!!!! Blast one.. crush it, smack a LOOOONG one!!!

BAY!!! Another hit!! Please!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bay!! UGH!!!! We can NOT leave guys on base today!!!!

More guys left in scor. pos. that usually will come back and bite you in the a–.

Probably Brian – I know some people have complained on other blogs about the time-stamp on the postings being off. My computer & TV both show 1:59 as I type this. Let’s see the posting time.

The posting time is 2:07 – say 7 minutes ahead of the time. weird

Penny has to have those quick reflexes, that has happened to him at least (2) times this year. Then again he is a big boy, he can take it.

Much better inning for Penny! Now let’s get some runs!!!


This time issue here seems to be going on for about a month or so. I haven’t been on much this year but it seems too happen almost every single game I am blogging on here. I guess the system is a tad sllllllllllllllllllllllowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.


7 minutes it is. I wrote mine at 2:04 p.m. and it says 2:11 p.m. I wish I could see a glimpse of the future, I would be in Las Vegas and winning lots and lots of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. Like Biff tried to do in “Back To The Future”. LOL!!

So far so good for Penny, he might take the hill in the 7th inning.

I’m with you Brian! And I know we would only use our “powers” for good!😉

Overbay is a guy that should hit .300 or more every season. He can hit to all fields. It seems everytime I see him play, he gets 3 hits. He has such a good swing and a decent eye at the plate.

We really need to score some runs – or at least hit this kid up so we can get him out of the game!

Millar has no beef, that was a strike. Excellent pitch by Penny. Millar thinking fastball all the way and he was fooled.

No!! Come on guys!! WE NEED OUTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


At the start of this inning I said Penny might see the 7th inning. He will see the 7th inning for sure but from the clubhouse and not the mound.

NOT a good inning! And yes Brian – Penny will be sitting with a cold one in the clubhouse! UGH!!!

Okay… We need to have someone working in the pen… Each outing prior to htis one, we had Lugo to blame it on for penny’s bad outing… Not this time…..

Unfortunately we might see Saito on the mound today.

The sox have stranded how many runners in scor. pos. today????

my “real time” says 226 but my prior posts have been off!

For some reason this system this year is pulling a Lugo. LOL!! Perhaps Lugo can work for the I.T. Dept. at M.L.B.

They might have to close the roof – the skies are threatening and the lights are on in the stadium.

Last year someone on here came up with the name of Zazu for a nutty l.f. that played with Boston. What can we call Lugo??? Jimmy from West Texas came up with Zazu didn’t he???

Let’s go Youk!

Youk – you went around.

This kid is walking the tightrope today but so far he hasn’t made many mistakes with guys on base. Usually that will catch up to you but so far not the case.

I don’t know who came up with Zazu Brian.

Talk about a wasted opportunity! UGH!!


I think Jimmy from West Texas did, not too sure about that.

This kid with the Jays throws junk and more junk and he is keeping the Boston hitters off-balance, nothing squared against this kid.

Like the Yankees we seem to have a tough time against these young kids we haven’t seen before. We need to adapt better.

And I think we need to get Penny OUT of there!

I’m done for the day and Penny will be done shortly as well.

Masterson is up for the Red Sox.

Yes – I would say that Penny is done……sigh………

We better start hitting……………….

I’m not going to beat around the bush: THIS SUCKS!@!!!

…and we cant blame this all on Brad Penny… What is our LOB count to this point?… it aint low…

Phil named Zazu…. We can call Him Lugo… he didnt leave on bad terms and he certainly didnt give up like Zazu!!!

6 men lob… not good…

Okay, I’m crackin’ a cold one for the cause…. Cause I want a beer!!! Really I think it will help the RedSox play better!!! lol

Okay, I’m crackin’ a cold one for the cause…. Cause I want a beer!!! Really I think it will help the RedSox play better!!! lol

Okay, I’m crackin’ a cold one for the cause…. Cause I want a beer!!! Really I think it will help the RedSox play better!!! lol

Okay, I’m crackin’ a cold one for the cause…. Cause I want a beer!!! Really I think it will help the RedSox play better!!! lol

Jeez… gottam love these postings….

?Do aya think I should crack a cold one??? lol

Good Job Jed….

The way you posted it looks like you already have had 4 beers. Did it help any???

It’s still early Phil!!!! lol

That was Lowells ball.. Lowrie should get an error for that!!! way to go!!

Great – walking away from the TV when someone stopped in didn’t help the score!! UGH!!!

And the Yankees are winning in the 9th! NOT GOOD!!!

Yankees won.

Tek on deck – pinch hitter for Kottaras

damn. Not a good game! AND I HATE THAT HORN!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lester vs Hallady tomorrow. Should be a good game.

Later all!

Penny with a lackluster effort and the Boston bats didn’t come thru in the clutch. Other than that, the Sox played great today. It’s about winning series and the Sox have a chance to do that tomm. afternoon.


Quite true about Zazu quitting but without him, the last title would be 1918. Facts are facts. Believe you me my respect for Zazu is nada…zip….zero!

BSB I do know that..

Julia.. I guess their horn is no better or worse than Seattles train or TB’s freakin cowbells.. no those are THEEEEEEEEE WORST

Did anyone hear Bucholz the other day on NESN. I mean the whole conversation. He said he will shake off Varitek, and pitch the way he thinks he should.
Most good pitchers call the game, they see more things than you think. Thats intelligence.
I still remember, quote of Tim McCarver…
“I did not make Bob Gibson better, Bob Gibson made me better.”

I will be going to see Portland on Tuesday, last time I saw them Lars Anderson was not doing well.
Terrible around the bag with his footwork, slow with his hands with the bat.
Last time saw him he was batting, .198 now he is to .256.
Jorge Jimenez is what I am talking about, great swing, better than scouts give him at 3rd with his defense.
I listen to no one about capabilities I must see it in person.

Last thing seen Jed in AA, he’s going to be alright he’s a fighter.
Nice swing, works hard on defense, and smart.

Hi All – Ellen and I both received this email from Mike/shakenbake early this morning –


Last night the squadron I was previously assigned to lost an aircraft in Afghanistan. Both crew members were killed. I worked closely with those guys just 6 months ago and I knew all of them by name. They haven?t released their names. So, I know I lost 2 friends, I just don?t know which two. It?s a dangerous business we operate. Please raise a glass to my two lost friends, they died doing what we do and I?m going to miss them terribly. I?m telling you first because I know how deeply you appreciate what we do, and that means the world to us!

Mike (a great Red Sox fan – currently stationed in South Korea with the Air Force for those of you who don’t know him) could use all our thoughts and prayers today and please – take a moment today to raise a glass to Mike’s friends and all our men and women in uniform. What they do, they do on our behalf.

God Bless them all!


Yes. please keep all of our Service Personnel and their families in your prayers and hearts…

(this from yesterdays postings….)
No pre-game from me today… “Dont fix it if it aint broke”….
Well it broke, so today there will be a pregame cheer.
Later… going out to breakfast…..

its sad to hear of the loss….alot of ppl who have never been in service will say…why were they there,we shouldnt be ,and so on…its a not a soldiers choice and many times the public doesnt know the entire story….when i was in i was personally in a number of places that the media chastised the US government for us being there….there is almost always a bigger picture….ive been places where in the news it shows the locals protesting the occupation….while everyday i had a backpat from the ppl we were helping or giving aid or protection to….to serve your counrty to me will always be the greatest sacrifice an individual can give….god will remember these soldiers as should we all…god bless your friends and the others still serving…judge

big jed is back….mikey too…im still hoping the sox pick up a power threat somewhere or a safety valve for mikey and lowrie……soon teams will be tryin to dump salary…..gain prospects and so on…..will the sox be plrs?…..i unfortunately think we wont…..the team is great like it is but the ominous injury is always looming…..if nancy would pick it up some we wouldnt think about this….bay is stumblin….im thinkin theo after eating lugnutz’s contract will be very hesitant…..the yr that intrigues me is 2011…alot of plrs contracts run out…high dollar contracts…theo who i think is one of the best might be in question by then if more flops happen….ie dice k,drews ridiculous salary,and possible moves this offseason….offense in the minors isnt there yet….bay has produced well but the money hes talking isnt condusive to extended slumps,his high amount of strikeouts,and low batting average….i love bay but he isnt worth the 15 + mill he is asking for….he may regret not taking the sox’s offer come sept-oct…..he might see the market that bobby abreu and a few others saw….the sox may not be heavy free agent hunters next yr but they will have plenty of bullets for a trade come this offseason if theo stays pat….anyhoo…..go sox….i love the team on the field now and any addition to the bench im sure will be minor…..judge(sd… a gonzalez would be my bet the bank on plr come the trade deadline or offseason….i think a better fit than texeira…more power,as a defensive plr,and is clutch…i mean he puts up great numbers in SD with no one else on team…a sure bet)

would u trade clay b,delcarmen,and lars anderson for gonzo?….hmmmmm……ayup

I dedicated my blog today to Mike’s (shakenbake) friend and all the men and women in the military. I know we have other (former and current) members of the military who visit here – thank you and God Bless to all of you.


I’ll be back for the game.

Looked like a good call, or better “good guess” by the home plate umpire on Green’s foul tip.

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