Frankie singing Sweet Music

A different kind of Sunday morning in the Red Sox clubhouse today, as Frank Sinatra’s legendary voice replaced the usual mix of country, rap and hip hop. Good stuff, though some players — particularly Kevin Youkilis — seemed perplexed by the choice.

In actual baseball news, not a whole lot going on. Jacoby Ellsbury, who likely didn’t eat much beyond soup and jello this weekend in his rehab from intestinal turmoil, is back in the lineup, batting sixth.

What happened to him?

“I don’t know, but I felt terrible — absolutely terrible,” said Ellsbury. “But I feel better today.”

In lineup news, Kevin Youkilis moved over to third for the day, as Mark Kotsay — the brains behind the Sinatra selection — got the start at first. Mike Lowell and Jed Lowrie got the day off, but you could see one or both off the bench.

Roy Halladay liftime against the Red Sox: 12-12, 4.46 ERA. How is that possible? Don’t all of you feel like we’ve watched this guy throw a ton of gems against Boston?

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Great pitching match-up today in beautiful Toronto. Last time Lester pitched north of the border, he pitched a gem. Halladay has had some rough outings against Boston but he also has pitched some beauties against Boston as well.

Chris Berman’s nickname for Frank Viola was Frank ” Sweet Music” Viola, he had a brief career in Boston.

***Repeat from Previous Thread:***

Hi All – Ellen and I both received this email from Mike/shakenbake early this morning –


Last night the squadron I was previously assigned to lost an aircraft in Afghanistan. Both crew members were killed. I worked closely with those guys just 6 months ago and I knew all of them by name. They haven?t released their names. So, I know I lost 2 friends, I just don?t know which two. It?s a dangerous business we operate. Please raise a glass to my two lost friends, they died doing what we do and I?m going to miss them terribly. I?m telling you first because I know how deeply you appreciate what we do, and that means the world to us!

Mike (a great Red Sox fan – currently stationed in South Korea with the Air Force for those of you who don’t know him) could use all our thoughts and prayers today and please – take a moment today to raise a glass to Mike’s friends and all our men and women in uniform. What they do, they do on our behalf.

God Bless them all!


Ginny probably won’t be able to join us today – there is a service on the base in Canada where her husband serves in the Canadian Air Force to honor those who have recently died. In the middle of the third inning I will raise a glass in honor of Mike’s friends and Ginny’s friends. Anyone who is here then, I invite you to join me.

Remind me Julia and I will join you..


The only reason I can sit here and blog and watch the Red Sox not only today but also tomm. night and so on is because of heroic soldiers! I say Thank You to all of them, amazing sacrafice’s they make every single moment they are breathing!

I wonder what was behind the music choice for Kotsay?? Its got to be something….
Brian, I completely and totally share your sentiment..

This is strange… the blog is posting the time as 1:05. Yesterday I was right on the time with the computer.. today I am 8 minutes behind..

I have to leave soon. But I hope you will all cheer on Lester and the boys while I’m gone. I have to have something happy to come back too. I’ll be raising that glass too, when I get back.


Ellen – it was doing the same last night. Comments were all out of order and some were 15 minutes ahead of the actual time…

I will will remind us all Ellen – and Brian – I could not have said it better. I tried to put my feelings into words today on my blog but I know that they feel short.

Maybe the must change is to keep us focused – WE NEED TO STAY AHEAD OF THE YANKEES!!!!!

Amazing stat….Halladay with 123 innings pitched and he walked only 17. Halladay throws strike after strike, he doesn’t mess around on that mound. He goes right after hitters and has been doing that for years!

The world clock is showing the time as 1:01 pm (eastern)

Drew has no gripe, that was a strike. One thing I don’t like about home plate umpires, they take there mask off very quick when a hitter question’s them. This has been going on for a while now, I don’t like it!

Youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuukkkkkkkkkkkkk! He’ll have a BIG second-half.

Good job by Ortiz. Yesterday Boston didn’t do anything with runners in scor. pos. I like what I am seeing today, good swings at the plate, unlike yesterday. Even the outs are good today.

Ginny – we will be thinking of you today!

Green, Ellsbury & Kotsay in the lineup; Lowell & Lowrie are out.


Postings – same as for me yesterday – posting 7 minutes ahead of the time on my computer.

I have the l;ittle blue jay doll out and will take drastic measures if need be… I will spray it with catnip and give it to Roofus… she knows what to do withthe Blue Jays!!!!!
Go-ooooo Rooooooofus!!!!!
ps.. memo to RedSox players:

That is an amazing stat Brian. He is going to be tough today – Lester has got to be spot on.


I think as the game gets deeper and players are saying some not so nice words, I don’t mind if they take the mask off. Drew was the 1st batter of the game and wasn’t showing up the home plate umpire but he takes his make off right away and is chirping back at Drew, quick temper by the ump. Most of these guys suck!

That’s the way to start the game!!!!

YES!!!!! Great job PAPI!!!!

The umps are way to quick to take a stance Brian. No one can say anything to them – and it’s not like they’ve been that good this season!!

It’s been a good time lately for older folks in sports, Watson could win the British Open ( I don’t watch golf ) and Wakefield makes his First All Star Game. Perhaps Garry will still get that call from Nolan Ryan and the Texas Rangers. LOL!!

Great catch Green!!!

Is Green wearing down???? He has really struggled lately.

Tom Watson is on the last hole of the British Open and he is in the LEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Great job Lester!!!

No Brian, really? These umps who can make calls suck? I’m really shocked!😉

I’m with you Julia. Here’s to our men and women in uniform serving all over the world. We very seldom hear of those who are lost while serving. Most of the time, it’s from someone like Mike, or it involves someone we know.

For you Mike, my thoughts and prayers are with you and the familites of the crewmen who were killed as you try to deal with the loss of your friends, and they with the loss of their loved ones.


Halladay doesn’t mess around out there. No secret there. He just knows how to pitch!

Wonderfully said Garry.

My view point with the s.s. position is to play match-ups. The Red Sox need to keep Green and Lowrie fresh.

Bummer – I thought with Kotsay’s hit we would get something going.

Halladay pitches FAST!

This home plate umpire ( Eric Cooper ) is looking to toss someone today. We talk about players having ego’s, these umps ego’s might be bigger!

Yes – Green’s numbers have fallen off – might not be ready to be the day to day SS

Sudden death at British Open between Watson & Stewart Cink

I’m going to have to leave for a bit.. gotta finish mowing the lawn before teh afternoon storm starts.. Jules, If I’m not here raise the glass for me… I do it again when I get back to the game….

Good piece of hitting by Barajas. Not a bad pitch by Lester, give credit to Lester.

What is the quest tent that the announcers are talking about at games to rate umps? Jim Kaat just said there wasn’t one at the game today.

Now my husband has found a fuel line probl;em on the mower, I can hang for a little while…

Okay – now the ump is arguing with the Red Sox bench?????

Two walks to lead off the second. Lester is just missing but it looks like it’s getting in his head a little…… Great catch by Tek.

I’m watching the open now and Watson is in a four hole playoff… 1st time since my Dad passd that I have even tuned into see a golf tournament!! GO TOM!!!

Hope he takes a while to fix it Ellen! lol!

Settle in Lester!!!

GREAT CATCH TEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Walks are a killer ……. Barajas hit a good pitch. Not much you can do about that one. Lester almost escaped.

Nice cach by Tek… today will be his 1400th game… thats a long time bent down on your knees!!!! gotta hurt!!!

We can get it back! after this half of the inning – join me in a toast in memory of Mike’s friends.

Direct TV MLB is about 4 minutes ahead of MLB.COM

PEDEY!!!! He is doing great today!!!

Let me know Julia… I have my “glass” at the ready!


I’m on M.L.B.COM

Pedroia with 2 hits, when he is hot, that kid is on FIRE!


Since Kelli was hospitalized, Dustin has been tearing it up!!! Maybe hes more relaxed knowing she is being watched and well taken care of.

How did Youkilis hit that ball???? I couldn’t do that during a whiffle ball game. LOL!!

WHOOOHOOOO!!! Ortiz beat it out!!!!!!!!!

That was some butt hauling Papi did!!!

That could be it Ellen. He knows she is being taken care of.

BAY – YOU ARE OVERDUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


For those here – raise a glass in memory of Mike’s friends and in honor of all our men & women in uniform. Freedom is not free. We owe them our thanks.

I’m ready

Bay’s 2 outs have traveled but he has nothing to show for it.

To Mike, his friends, Ginny, her husband and all those in the armed forces – God Bless you all and Thank you.

Thank You all Armed Service personnel and your familes… God Bless You… “slainte'”


I raised my glass of water.

I know Brian – we really needed Bays hits to fall in.

And we need Lester to stay focused.

Doesn’t water what you raised Brian.

Lester’s walks are going to kill us.

Walks are going to make Lester’s afternoon difficult. A 4 pitch walk is unexcuseable!

Doesn’t “matter” even – not good at typing today! ugh!

Stay safe Mike!!


Good! Tek had no chance to throw that guy out at 2nd.

Once again Varitek doesn’t have a chance to throw out a runner. That has happened time and time again this year. I don’t know why teams don’t run more.

Maybe Tito is worried about how Ellsbury is feeling?

Okay – now it won’t let me post! Maybe we need to try one of those live chat things that I’ve seen on other blogs during games – you only have to long in once – but Brownie points wouldn’t get all the individual hits.

Lester had two walks in the second inning, but I gotta tell you, he was very close with some of those pitches. I don’t think it’s a command issue today. It looks like he has real good stuff, and the one hit he did give up was on a good pitch.

Much better start to the inning for Lester! Keep it up!!

I still don’t understand why Ellsbury isn’t leading off.

Lester and Tek – can some one call it – please!!!

Tek has to make that play. What was he waiting for?

SHHHHHHHHHHHHH… Brian.. dont let the rest of the League know!!! These posting problems SUCK!!!


Ellsbury should be leading off, that would be a great start.

I think Tito needs to “shake up” the line up again!!!! There is so little run production of late that it scares me….

What is this UMPS PROBLEM!!! That was VERY late time called!!!!


Most of the time Varitek doesn’t have a chance. Johnny Bench or Carlton Fisk in there prime wouldn’t have a chance as well. Red Sox pitchers don’t care about the baserunners, that is on Farrell. That is my only gripe with Farrell.

Well – this isn’t good! GTE THE THIRD OUT!!!!!!

Brian…No I meant about Tek being slow with the throw!!!


Is tomorrow an off/travel day??

I found out.. They play in Texas tomorrow night/….

Sory to say this but I think someone better start warming up in the PEN!!

Texas in July, good luck with that heat. Much worse in Tx. than Florida.

I think you might be right Ellen.

Let’s see if I can post YET!!!

I think Green did strike out.

Green’s struggles continue. I thought Lowrie would have gotten the nod at s.s. today. Lowrie hits better from the left side.

Drew is trying to pull everything today, why????

Tito’s gonna get bounced…


The damn shift! We’ve got to hit to the other side

Drew is too good a hitter to keep grounding out into that ridiculous shift. It’s not like he’s a huge power threat or anything.

Looks as if Tom Watson is not going tohave enoug to win it… he’s +1 (for the playoff) after 2 of the 4 holes… I really wanted him to win. He was one of my Dads top 3: Nicklaus, Palmer and Watson….

Now I can not post at all!

Nice inning for Lester!

I’ll be back later – maybe then I can post!!!!!!!!!!

Hi Garry!

I think the only way the Sox get back into this one is for someone to hit a bomb. I don’t see them getting 3 hits in a row off Halladay. He is rolling now.

Lester needs an easy inning, or his day will be done early……. Hey Ellen, how are you doing?

Better than most!!!

Even though time was called, once again Varitek doesn’t have a chance to throw out a runner.

I would love to see Mc Cartney at Fenway!!!

Ellen, I saw McCartney here in Jacksonville when the Patriots played in the Super Bowl here. He put on a great show. He would be worth the price of admission.

Julia, I’m trying to think but I don’t think I’ve ever seen that before either. Umpire interference. You see it more when Umpires are hit by batted balls in the infield.

Whenever a runners gets on first, the Red Sox should tell him to take second base. It would be easier, then again that’s what’s happening anyway. LOL!!

Barajas is a R.B.I. machine today, who would have thunk?

OK Julia, how did I respond to your post before you posted it.

That was strange – I’ve never seen a catcher hit an ump before throwing a ball.

Julia, it appears that the posts are sequenced by time. It also appears that the time on the post is taken from our computers, and not from something on the server. For example, Ellen’s post on McCartney says 3:00 PM. It is now 2:57 on my computer. Let’s see if it sneaks in ahead of Ellen’s post.

There you have Julia. I think the mystery of out of sequence posts is solved.

Halladay has been ahead in the count on most hitters today. All he does is throw strike after strike. I hope Lester is watching him. Lester is fighting himself today.

I saw him ( I think it was still Mc Cartney and Wings) about 20 years ago, when Lynda was still alive and he was magnificent!!!

Trailing Halladay by 2 runs is more like 4 runs. Halladay is a rare breed among pitchers today, he wants to be his own closer! When he takes the hill to start he is looking to go 9 innings.

(I figured since I was right with my 1st memo about the 1 run lead not holding up, that a 2nd one would work too!!!!)

Is anyone up in the pen??? Just in case .. well just in case is NOW….
I’m not soing a pregame cheer for A WHILE after this!

Garry – it seems that the times of the posts are strange. My computer right now reads 3:03

And the time of the post is 3:11 – my computer is now 3:04 so posting 7 minutes early which is what it was doing to us yesterday.

Well – this isn’t going well….

I guess Jon Lester needs a complete game for some reason, even if its a loss!!! lol

garry, I checked the world clock earlier and the blog is almost 10 minutes ahead of it.. WEIRD..
Oh finally someone from the pen

Did Boston’s bat clear customs???

I love Jon Lester, don’t get me wrong with me wanting someone from the pen… It’ll probably turn into one of those “be careful what you wish for”scenarios!!

yanks are losing 0-1 in the 4th… GO TIGERS!!!!

Rally cap time! We can still come back!!!

LET”S DO IT BOYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think the bats are being held in quarentine!!!


Lester had a sub-par outing. He was his own worst enemy, he had a hard time throwing strikes…Unlike Halladay.

If Toronto does trade Halladay away, they better get the farm and alot more! Personally I think Halladay will be a Blue Jay come Aug.



And if I had know about the bats I would have been happy to drive them up myself!!!!!

Boy, Halladay throws some nasty stuff!!

Those damn popups!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I dont.. I think he’ll be gone.. Toronto knows they they WONT pay the kind of money that he’s going to want next year and they can get the most for him NOW!!! he’ll be gone by Friday!

Well – I’m glad we we didn’t see Halladay earlier in the season.

On to Texas. GO TIGERS!!!

And here’s to starting a new winning streak tomorrow!

Mike – if you check in – we’re all thinking about you!

Sox are off to Texas, not the easiest place to play in July. Arlington, Tx. will be an oven!

Memo to Francona, Ellsbury at the top. Drew shouldn’t lead off!

Just checking in…how’s the game??

Brian.. maybe if they leave the bats out in the sun during the day they will get hot!!! They sure are cold as ice right now!!!

Ian, if my musical choices were country, rap, and hip-hop I’d slash my wrists.

Sox stumbling out of the gate to start the second half, but they’ll recover and finish in GREAT shape. Go Sox!!!
Gotta run, gotta run!!! Catch ya later folks!!


You might be right about that. The problem is Smoltz is on the hill tomm. night. Is he ready for that Texas heat and that lineup? It is more and more evident to me, Theo must make a deal for a bat. Johnson??? Teahan??? Huff??? Blaylock? Just too name a few.


Actually, Halladay is signed through the end of 2010 at $14.25 this year and $15.75 in 2010 which is one of the things that make him so valuable-he’s under paid.

I think that Smoltz will hold up ok in the heat.. (but I forget sometimes he’s not 30 anymore!!) Dont forget he played in Atlanta for years and thats not exactly cool there.. (its not a dome there is it??)
I know about halladay’s contract… I also know what JP Ricciardi has said… that they KNOW they WONT be able to pay the going rate for him after next year(Tthey know that now is the time to get the best deal for him… and that they want 4 prospects (at least) plus cash… only a small # of teams have both.. I’m hoping that the Sox dont sell off the farm and give up a ton o money.. I know he’d be great but…. I think that we need a bat more than another front end rotation guy… We’d be giving up everything that we raised for OUR future and bu-koo (LOL) bucks!!!! Theo is not a huge advocate of cashing in everything for a free agent (Dice K cost him and he’s not living up to his contract… neither is Drew and he’s just now getting the salt, pepper and gravy ready to eat Lugo’s left ove r money!!!!
Anyway.. thanks for the weekend Nationers, I enjoyed spending it with y’all except for the series loss….


I am amazed how much of a joke the Red Sox lineup is, we are wasting Pedroia and Youkilis and to a lesser extent Ellsbury with 6 other bums in the lineup. It seems everyone cant hit over .250 and there is no clutch hitting. How long can you keep running Drew and Ortiz out there. Varitek has trouble keeping up with 85mph fastballs. Nick Green, Kotsay, all of this money and the lineup is a downright embarrasment

It looks as if we have another “I’ll only show up on Brownie Points when I can bash the team” blogger…
Traer21 we invite you to come back to cheer on the RedSox players managers and coaches when things are good and you can produce some positive thoughts… This is a “Glass half full” blog, not half empty!!! Have a good day!!
See ya later guys!

half full comments commin trix…..well our pitchin staff is still doin a fine job and we pld a good team….now to semi bash a lil….drew is the usual worth as much as goat…this time im hopin for one of his aches and pains so we can get a differant plr in there….bay is mired in a slump…a large one….btw j bay,15+ mill plrs dont have 4 week slumps…unless ur drew ofcourse….poor tito has to run out a team slumpin…..i think maybe they slipped into the non aggressive line up slumps tryin to see alot of pitches….either way were headed to the homer capitol of baseball….should be a dinger of a series…..go sox…..judge ….expect theo to atleast stir the pot with an offensive trade soon…may not get done but might help to snatch a knot in someones butt if they hear their name in a rumor….judge

Judge, Believe it or not, I agree with pretty much all you said.. The blog troll that I was speaking to earlier only comes over here when he can bash the Sox… You know, only happy if there’s something to b*i*tch about… Someone needs to put a boot up Jbays butt… Maybe that’ll get him started.. We dont expect that much “O” from Tek, but from Jbay and Drew and Papi, well thats another story entirely.. I just hope that temperature at game time drops a little from those horrible days they have in Arlington…
Hey Jim Maynard… are you going to the games????

oh and I hope the temperature of the bats reaches an all time high!! lol

i still think the sox on paper are the best team in baseball…the problem is that the stats and paper dont play the games….i know yuke and pedey are fire type guys…ive said all along though that a team to stick together needs that one guy that handles the press ,keeps the team loose,and basically cheerleads….ie millah,swisher,damon and so on….i dont see this guy on the sox….maybe theo will add a veteran like this….i know somethin needs to be done….judge

ellenc, get a life, im a bigger Redsox fan they you’ll ever be, born and raised in Mass, family has had season tickets since i was born and i once had the cops in Texas come to my house during a playoff game once because we were so loud that they thought we had gone Jason Voorhees on someone, Im just saying they need some offensive help and they need it bad (see last years playoffs). They beat Tampa last year and probably win it all with a better lineup. (how excruciating was it to see Varitek up in the two biggest at bats of the year, and everyone knew he would K, pop out or ground out to second). Ellenc its just a fact, take a look at how many sub .250 BAs and sub .330 OBPs we have in our line up. its unacceptable when we have the best starting pitching since ive been alive

ellenc i can already imagine you now, the girl at the bar during a sox game that has three miller high lifes, a couple of shots of jack and is loud and obnoxious. Then when someone gets upset the jd drew again tries to pull an outside fastball and turns it over and grounds out to second you are all up in his face trying to start a fight and hoping your boyfriend/girlfriend jumps in. this blog is for objective comments and the truth (ala the red sox have needed a bat for two seasons now, not a kotsay, green, baldelli) not people like you who think Mike Greenwell is a hall of famer

traer… please.. the only thing I ask is that along with your bashing you take the time to praise them as well.. not everything they do sucks .. so I say to you: I have a life.. part of that life for 46 years has been as RedSox fan… and no I dont drink jack, i dont go to bars and I dont get loud and obnoxious.. well, maybe here from time to time.. but for you, who I have seen here ONCE since the blog started some 4 years ago, to come on and do nothing but bash the Soxz just p*i*s*s*es me off.. So you can play nice or not i dont give a darn.. just dont expect me, as a RedSox fan, to sit by while someone bashes them.. thanks and have a good day.
and its just plain Ellen.
everyone is welcome with their opinions but most of the Brownie Points bloggers will tell you that you should be prepared.. We are very serious about the Sox and this blog.

Hey Ellen – do we have someone else who only likes to come here to bash the Red Sox??

traer – why don’t you try being a lot less rude and obnoxious! How dare you make comments about one of the people who visits here when you know NOTHING about her or anyone else. And between us – having the cops called to your house is really NOTHING to be proud of! I have lived in the Boston area my entire life (pushing late 40’s here) and I was introduced to my love of all sports Boston by my dad AND my mom – yes, she was far ahead of her time in loving sports.

We here on Brownie’s Points – as Ellen so correctly pointed out – are not so blind (or ignorance of sports) to think that everything is perfect with the Red Sox BUT if you were the fan that you claim to be – then you would know that we fans ALWAYS have faith and that we have a damn good team this year. I don’t remember you being here cheering with us when we win – why are you only here to bash the team? It makes you seem like a fair-weather fan.

That being said –

Lineup for tonight’s game:

1. Jacoby Ellsbury, CF
2. Dustin Pedroia, 2B
3. Kevin Youkilis, 1B
4. David Ortiz, DH
5. Jason Bay, LF
6. J.D. Drew, RF
7. Mike Lowell, 3B
8. Jason Varitek, C
9. Jed Lowrie, SS
— John Smoltz RHP

We’ve got Jacoby leading off and Mikey and Jed are back in the game. See you all at game time!

Thanks for the back Jules!!!

I like tonight’s lineup and the batting order. Let’s start the winning streak tonight.

Anytime Ellen- we “WHOOO HOOO” sisters stick together!!!

I just received this email from Mike/shakenbake – he appreciates all of our kind words.

This is what I got from The Commander of the 4th Fighter Wing, Seymour
Johnson AFB, N.C…

From: Gresis, James R Maj USAF ACC 4 FW/DS On Behalf Of Kelly, Mark D Col
Sent: Sunday, July 19, 2009 5:34 PM
Subject: Captain Mark R. McDowell and Captain Thomas J. Gramith

4th Fighter Wing Airmen, Leaders, Warriors:

A tough weekend for our Wing and our Goldsboro Family. Friday Night around
1845 we lost two Great Airmen in Afghanistan. Two Officers with Families.
Two National Treasures. While the Search and Rescue efforts were ongoing, 4
FW Maintainers continued working their aircraft for upcoming missions.
Aircrew continued sitting alert and flying tasked missions. SF Defenders
continued protecting the Bagram wire. Task Force Med Airmen continued their
Combat Care.

What our Airmen are doing in Afghanistan is difficult to quantify for the
American public. But I’ll give you a perspective from my travels there that
serves as one of a million data points. Afghan girls now attend school at
an age where they were previously auctioned off. Farmers grow Fruit and
Families where they once harvested Heroin and Hate. Our Airmen are not
there to occupy a nation – they go to liberate a population. They are not
there to kill. They go to Protect our Young Marines from Lejuene and our
Young Soldiers from Fort Bragg with a Blanket of Steel, Technology, Courage
and Skill the world has never seen. They hail from the noblest strata of
our society and they are truly our 21st century Spartans.

They are Our American Airmen. They are True Warriors. They Have Answered
Our Nation’s Call.

Their Mission is to Fly, Fight and Win.

They are Faithful to a Proud Heritage and a Legacy of Valor.

They are Our Guardians of Freedom and Justice. This Nation’s Sword and

It’s Sentry and Avenger.

Never more so than today, They Defend This Country with Their Lives.

They are our Wingmen, Our Leaders, Our Warriors.

They will never leave an Airmen Behind.

I Have Never Seen Them Falter and They Refuse to Fail.

Our Two Officers arrive at Dover AFB Sunday evening. We will welcome them
home to a Grateful Nation with the Dignity and Honor befitting their Service
and Sacrifice. We will honor them, their service and their families here at
Seymour Johnson when the family is ready.

There is probably an AFI that prohibits Commanders from making references to
faith, but I leave you with this:

Isaiah 40:31 “But They That Wait Upon the Lord Shall Renew Their Strength,
They Shall Mount up With Wings of Eagles. They Shall Run and Not be Weary,
and They Shall Walk and Not be Faint.

God Bless Our Great Airmen with His Hand of Protection. God Bless Our
Families with His Hand of Healing. And God Bless our Wing and Community
with His Hand and Strength.

Very Respectfully,

Colonel Mark D. Kelly
4 FW Commander


Why would you try to trash someone on here you have never met or know anything about? Other than that your entitled to your opinion, just like me and everyone else on here. Personally I think Mike Greenwell should have been a slam dunk canidate for the Hall Of Fame, not too mention Jeff Russell. LOL!!

It’s about time Francona woke up and put Ellsbury back at the top! AMEN!

Well… 8:00 start tonight. In the meantime just a couple of thoughts: I hope that Lowrie starts getting his “legs” again soon we need for him to 100 percent. And the bats really need to start heating up.. The Yankees are playing the O’s this series. I sure hope that Baltimore’s O-ffense takes flight. They do have some really good bats.. Adam Jones, Luke Scott, Nick Markakis.. If only their pitching was better I’d feel better about their chances of quieting things in the “Universe”
I like the lineup.. I just hope that its productive..
See you at 1st pitch……..

Brian… I think Wily Mo Pena is right up there too!!!

Hey, all. I’ve been trying to post on here for a couple days, without success (I see the blog is still having posting/ time order problems, so I guess I am not alone. Well, here goes…
I am HOPING to post during the game tonight, but we’ll see. GO SOX! GO JOSH! Get Josh some RUNS, guys!
I am posting on this entry, and not the next one, deliberately. I wanted to “join” (after the fact) the salute to Mike and his fallen brethren, and to those (like Judge, Craig, Paul, and Garry) who have served before. My salute also to Ginny, a soldier’s wife.
Thanks for posting the entry from 4 FW Commander Kelly that you did here, Julia. The Isaiah text means a lot to those of us who are, or have been, in the pastoral professions, and the text takes on added meaning in relation to the military. Thanks also for your entry on your blog. If any of you get the opportunity to read it, it is an excellent entry, and well worth the read, esp. for those of us, like Julia said there, for whom “thank you” seem so inadequate an expression!
Mike, thanks for sending the e-mail to Julia and Ellen. I pray for you, your fellow soldiers, and the families of your fallen friends. Godspeed, and stay safe, to all of you.
Judge, I saw your entry about when you were serving, also. We have had our disagreements about Tito, but you will always have my respect and thanks for your service. Thanks for sharing.
Godspeed, and RIP, to Walter Cronkite. I am old enough to remember Cronkite as “the face of the news”. He will be missed.
Finally, a tip of the cap to Tom Watson. So close, and yet so far away. I grew up (with my grandparents being golfers) watching Nicklaus and Watson duke it out. Nicklaus’ words to his former rival were also classy. Great effort, Tom.
OK, I think I am caught up. I hope to join y’all tonight. (If I can navigate my new computer! Here goes!) GO SOX!

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