Full Circle with the lineup

Why is tonight’s Red Sox starting lineup — Ellsbury-Pedroia-Youkilis-Ortiz-Bay-Drew-Lowell-Varitek-Lowrie — significant?

The obvious answer is that it marks the return of Jacoby to the leadoff spot, where he has been slotted just once sinceMay 31.

But the true answer is that this is just the third time all season — and first since the third game of the season on April 9 — that the Sox have had this combination of nine players in the lineup.

Obviously the Lowrie injury is the big reason why. But the order is also similar. It’s almost as if Tito has come full circle.

Only differences between today and Opening Day? Ortiz (third on Opening Day) and Youkilis are flip-flopped, as are Drew (fifth on Opening Day) and Bay.

The Red Sox obviously need to get a spark offensively, where they have struggled to have consistency of late.


Ellsbury leading off, it’s about time Francona woke up!

Smoltz and Millwood, former mates in Atlanta. Will we see Steve Avery out of the bullpen tonight? LOL!!


What’s the wind chill in Arlington, Tx. tonight???

well well well….i know trixies answer to this question because i traded him to her in fantasy baseball and hes slumpin a bit…..but…..would you trade bucholz for vmartinez?…. i would do this for a myriad of reasons but the big 4 are these….1)hes a decent catcher 2)he can play 1st and dh 3) he can hit the tar off a ball and for average 4) hes an unbelievable team plr and as peter gammons calls him HUGE CHARACTER GUY…..make this trade happen theo….only if u can get an extension from vmart tho…not a year and half plr like bay will be…..judge

Very funny Brian!

***** From the Previous Thread*******

I received this email from Mike/Shakenbake this afternoon about his friends who died:

This is what I got from The Commander of the 4th Fighter Wing, Seymour
Johnson AFB, N.C…

From: Gresis, James R Maj USAF ACC 4 FW/DS On Behalf Of Kelly, Mark D Col
Sent: Sunday, July 19, 2009 5:34 PM
Subject: Captain Mark R. McDowell and Captain Thomas J. Gramith

4th Fighter Wing Airmen, Leaders, Warriors:

A tough weekend for our Wing and our Goldsboro Family. Friday Night around
1845 we lost two Great Airmen in Afghanistan. Two Officers with Families.
Two National Treasures. While the Search and Rescue efforts were ongoing, 4
FW Maintainers continued working their aircraft for upcoming missions.
Aircrew continued sitting alert and flying tasked missions. SF Defenders
continued protecting the Bagram wire. Task Force Med Airmen continued their
Combat Care.

What our Airmen are doing in Afghanistan is difficult to quantify for the
American public. But I’ll give you a perspective from my travels there that
serves as one of a million data points. Afghan girls now attend school at
an age where they were previously auctioned off. Farmers grow Fruit and
Families where they once harvested Heroin and Hate. Our Airmen are not
there to occupy a nation – they go to liberate a population. They are not
there to kill. They go to Protect our Young Marines from Lejuene and our
Young Soldiers from Fort Bragg with a Blanket of Steel, Technology, Courage
and Skill the world has never seen. They hail from the noblest strata of
our society and they are truly our 21st century Spartans.

They are Our American Airmen. They are True Warriors. They Have Answered
Our Nation’s Call.

Their Mission is to Fly, Fight and Win.

They are Faithful to a Proud Heritage and a Legacy of Valor.

They are Our Guardians of Freedom and Justice. This Nation’s Sword and

It’s Sentry and Avenger.

Never more so than today, They Defend This Country with Their Lives.

They are our Wingmen, Our Leaders, Our Warriors.

They will never leave an Airmen Behind.

I Have Never Seen Them Falter and They Refuse to Fail.

Our Two Officers arrive at Dover AFB Sunday evening. We will welcome them
home to a Grateful Nation with the Dignity and Honor befitting their Service
and Sacrifice. We will honor them, their service and their families here at
Seymour Johnson when the family is ready.

There is probably an AFI that prohibits Commanders from making references to
faith, but I leave you with this:

Isaiah 40:31 “But They That Wait Upon the Lord Shall Renew Their Strength,
They Shall Mount up With Wings of Eagles. They Shall Run and Not be Weary,
and They Shall Walk and Not be Faint.

God Bless Our Great Airmen with His Hand of Protection. God Bless Our
Families with His Hand of Healing. And God Bless our Wing and Community
with His Hand and Strength.

Very Respectfully,

Colonel Mark D. Kelly
4 FW Commander

Not only NO but HELL NO!

If he can “hit the tar off theball”.. then the tar guy needs to be putting some more on there cause he’s not hitting his bat weight lately!!!!

and Judge, didnt you have clay on your fantasy team??? How’bout you trade me Buchholz for Martinez now?? lol


You said it Julia. The boys are not exactly facing another Roy Halladay tonight but they didn’t fare too well against a mediocre starter on Saturday either! GO SOX.

Can we get a win tonight boys???

Yankees and O’s are tied 1-1!

Hey – got the news today – I’m going to Fenway on Sunday to see the Red Sox take on the O’s!!

OKay… Milwood’s not THAT good we can win this one!!

Hi Paul.

Well Ellsbury didn’t start well!

I have no idea why we struggle so much against “okay” pitchers.

There are a LOT of empty seats in the ballpark – when you consider that the Rangers have been playing well and the Red Sox are in town.

Thank you sun!πŸ™‚


I thought it was going out!!!!

Ummm….Bay….could you please remember how to hit? Is that asking too much??

It is so great to see Ortiz hitting so well! Maybe he could teach some of the other guys?

Smoltz is in great shape – isn’t he Ellen?πŸ˜‰

Come on Smoltz – let’s get some outs!!!

Boy that was close… another 2 inches and it was gone…

What’s with all the spider webs that Jones has tattooed on his arms?

I’ll even call him that name I hate if it helps…
COME ON smoltzie…. ouch

Mike is going to try and stop over tonight – I was talking him earlier tonight – they have war game exercises on the base this week so he is really busy.

He is doing okay – just a really tough time.

Nice job Mikey!!! My comments are posting before yours Ellen. Tonight my post times so far match the time on my computer…weird…

Julia, I think Mkle will probably be absent from the blog for a couple of days… I hope he’s doing okay and joins us soon!!!
Its gotta be very very difficult doing what he does and then losing 2 friends>..
Hey Mike.. if youre checking in… we love you man!!!!

thats Mike… not MKLE

My comments are posting before yours Ellen – so make sure you check back to find my answers! lol!

lol… I;m jealous I’ll get to Fenway someday…. say hi to the guys for me!!!
as for the spider webs.. maybe he was Peter Parker in a former life!!!

lol… I;m jealous I’ll get to Fenway someday…. say hi to the guys for me!!!
as for the spider webs.. maybe he was Peter Parker in a former life!!!

here we go again with the posting problems.. I’ve got to remember to email Mark Newman tomorrow..
I only hit submit once…. touchy touchy!!!

Well I guess we have scored our 1 run for this game, lol? What is it about the SOX with the first inning, sometimes its the inning we score?

This will be my second trip this season – and it was a surprise! My oldest sister-in-law called today to see if we could use them – I’ll find out tomorrow where the seats are.

And now the times on my post have moved ahead again! TOO WEIRD!!!

Smoltz looks good so far.

Come on Ellsbury! Show us why you should be hitting leadoff!

Or not……damn Jacoby!

Okay – that had to hurt Millwood’s hand!

dg – too bad we can’t convince the Red Sox that every inning was the first!

its ghosts in our machine… (the nameof an album by “the Police… for you younger fans here, the Police was the name of the band that Sting and Stuart Copeland (and 1 other guy who I cant remember) had in the 80’s)

Smoltz is not exactly getting huge run support so far. The bats really have to wake up. Nice catch by JD. GO SOX.

DREW!!!!! At least he fields well!!!

Andy Summers Ellen – the other member of The Police – yes – I know them well.

And no – Smoltz is getting no run support.

So I bring some extra bats with me to the game on Sunday – just in case?

Okay – and now I can’t post AT ALL!!!

BAY!!! UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LOWELL!! He is doing great tonight!!!


Lowell! WHY DID YOU RUN?????????????????????

We’ll settle for half a loaf! Mike doesn’t have the wheels anymore I guess.

i think he’s trying to prove something… not smart though..

With how close this game is – Mikey running was not the best choice.

Ugh! PLEASE do NOT let us have an ugly inning…….

Thank you Lowell!


The Yankees -O’s are stilled tied at 1 in the 9th!

Seriously – where did our bats go???

I like how Smoltz is doing tonight.

nice for tito to play the strengths of his team, we need another power bat though!

The Yankees are not blowing other teams away but they are winning! It shows what clutch hitting can do for you! I wonder how long it will take for this to post?

Crap – Yankees just won in the bottom of the 9th 2-1.

The Yankees are winning way to many games in the bottom of the 9th. Don’t like that at all.


i love ian browne’s coverage of the sox. it makes it enjoyable when i can’t catch my favourite team’s games.


Can I say double crap………

Smoltz is doing well so far. OOPS! We didn’t need that from Young. Millwood might be done for the night.

Triple crap anyone??

Oh My GOD!!! Looks like he left him in too long… duh… ya freaking think??? What was Tito thinking,,, after 6 he gives up 1 yank him……….. with as much trouble as he’s gotten into previously??? Come on….. I think that the Smoltz experiment is coming to an end very soon…………..

I may have put a hex on Smoltz with my last post!

Please tell me the Sox are going to win this one! I need to hear it. The Yanks just won. GO SOX!!!

Hey I hear that there is this “ok” pitcher who is for sale… anybody heard of him… think his name is Halladay….

I think we need to get Halladay badly!! looks like he’ll be in Philly or La withthe angels… damn Smoltz…..


No no no…the Rangers aren’t supposed to be ahead…oh come on…this is now a must win game.

Kinsler was Pedeys “competition” in college… Pedey won!!

I meant to say: &&^$&*)_(&$(_+(^$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nice Julia. Need a drink perhaps? Maybe two or three?? LOL!

Garry – can we move Smoltz to the pen? And I agree – Penny & Smoltz have not been working out well – we need Buchholz in the rotation and the boys need a lot more batting practice!

God help us Ellen if Halladay even ends up with the Yankees!

OH this is NOT good. 6-2…. for THEM.

I missed the first couple of innings, but from the time I tuned in I wondered how long it would be before Smoltz got smoked. The only half way effective pitch he had working was a slider. Fast ball had no velocity and he kept leaving his changeup up and over the plate. Essentially, he had nothing. I mean, the Rangers were really having some rips against him, even when he got outs. I don’t see how the Sox can go with him much longer. It might be time to think about Buchholz getting another shot. In the meantime, the offense continues to have it’s issues. The Sox just can’t string together any hits.

I also think the Penny experiment will wind up being a failure. He’s not exactly blowing hitters away, even as hard as he throws.

Something has to work. It can’t all fail on the same night.

Why can’t they just get another younger starter instead of the older guys? I don’t get it.

Oh yay 1-2-3 inning……..

I was wrong about not needing a front end pitcher… I WAS WRONG!!!! and I do hope that Theo and Co admit their mistake and end this love affair with Smoltz…………..

Saito…don’t know if I’m feeling the love here.

What happened? I went for supper and the score was still 2-2! Long odds on this game now. GO SOX.

According to Peter Gammons, Buster Olney amd Ken Rosenthal the teams that can afford the $$’s and the prospects (at least 3 top tier and 1 well projected ) are #1 Phillies, 2 LAA,… We need the pitcher AND a bat.. and if he were to pick up, yes JUDGE I’ll take Vmart……….

So – has the rally begun???

Masterson is warming up

a run……whooo hooo (she says quietly)

Ellsbury steal was HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope no one got hurt by the bat!

that killed that rally

REality check time…. for Tito et al…. Got to do something…

Going to watch the finale from the friendly confines of my bed… night all.. See ya tomorrow Jules!

Night Ellen!

Gee Bay – could you do something original besides strike out!!!!

Great – we’re tied with the Yankees….that was SO not a fun game.

Bay has caught the same malady that is infecting Ortiz! A while back Bay could do not wrong. I haven’t seen a recent post advocating Theo to re-sign him. Anyway, a sub-par performance again tonight. We hope Beckett can bail us out tomorrow. Til then, bye. Paul

Do we give the guys (Penny/Shmoltz) another start or two or de we throw in the towel on them? Let’s not get too hasty. Not a lot of relief in sight. I can’t see the Sox winding up with Halladay and if the Sox keep hitting like they have been it’ll be a waste of $$$$ anyways. The Sox better think long and hard about Buchholz’ status too. I think Buchholz has done well in the past until the presuure of staying up for good gets to him. Hopefully he is over that and the Sox give him a chance. For the first time this year….the pitching and hitting are not off-setting each other. The good news…..it’s only been 4 games since the AS game. OK…yes I am a Tito homer but Schmotlz bears close watching from the 5th inning on and he clearly left him in too long. See Judge, when Tito does something glaring….I’ll call him on it. Let’s hope Beckett can get some run support and set the ship straight. Go Sox!!!!!!

Night Paul – let’s hope that Beckett right the ship – at the moment the Yankees seem unstoppable.

Night all! Until tomorrow!


Why does it take Tito so long to see that Smolz cannot pitch with any effectiveness beyond 4 or 5 innings? Why doesn’t he, as many of us suggested, put Smolz in the bullpen. He has been in this role before and I am sure he can do it again. I realize it that Tito has a certain amount of loyalty– but not at the expense of continuing to lose ballgames. Let’s do some managing.
The Sox have to turn things around. Tito should make some changes even if they have to shake the team up. Complacency is not the answer.

Phil, I would hope (as I have almost from the start) that Smoltz would be moved to the ‘pen. I still believe that is where he would be most effective! I hope Tito makes that move. (If I were to make a move with Smoltz or Penny, Craig, that’s what I’d do).
That said, I hope the bats we have (whether we get another or not!) wake up and get some runs! This dormant offense will not win many games! Moving Jacoby back to the leadoff spot should help! Let’s hope so!
Get the win tonight, Josh! GO SOX! Get him some RUNS!
I hope I can join you tonight, but we’ll see how well this new computer works (the other “new” one didn’t do so well!)

I nearly forgot to mention that I saw the good news that LugNuts has been DFAed! YES, FINALLY! It’s about time! GO SOX!

I didn’t watch the game last night. Maybe I have no right to criticize. The box score tells me what the ^*6* Smoltz was out there pitching in the 6th inning? The moment Smoltz gave up a run, the whole RSN knows it?s time to yank him. I don?t get it why couldn?t Farrell and Francona see what Garry saw about Smoltz pitches. The bull pen is well rested. No excuse. The score should be 3-2 Red Sox even with the Sox pathetic hitting. I have been prematurely praising Francona for becoming a matured game manager. I hate to say it Francona ist ein guter Mann alber ein schlecter Manager.

sorry trix but im gonna bash some….and heres why….the sox really havent had any major injuries…..the core has been pretty much there and every team has to play with bumps and bruises….now the tito backers can say he was the manager that on us 2 WS….well he was the one who made the line up and u can say arguably that he is a good clubhouse manager…but im sick of the pathetic in game management….no he doesnt hit,or pitch….but he can hit and run,bunt,change pitchers sooner,and out right motivate the team somehow….hes had ample opportunity to go out and go nuts on an umpire….do friggin somethin to fire these guys up….i see no heart and soul….now i love papi….but yet again he doesnt hustle out of the box last night on a dbl that he thought was gone….2times earlier this season he dint run out pop ups and ended up with singles….i dont care if hes reggie friggin jackson,in my book u bench the lazy butthead and yell in the dugout so all can hear that you better start playin the game rt(ir martin or valentine)…we are now tied ith the yanks and i dont see any fire….the manager who is supposed to get a team goin somehow isnt doin it…..just rollin out a line up doesnt make him a good manager….and im sick of drews bs,bays swingin at crap pitches,no clutch hittin and no fundamentals being executed like movin a runner with less than 2 outs….so yell at me if ya want…..i know ups and downs ar gonna happen and im not neive enuff to just bash cause we lost a few…its how we are losing….no heart and soul and total complacency…..bench drew,papi,bay,and whoever u need to…iwant some results or atleast get the fundamentals rt…..lower market teams manufacture runs….manage demmit tito…or let someone else do it….now is not the time to pat backs and say its ok boys….i want to see them play like there heart is in it…not just a job….judge

and chow…du hast failer gemacht….ser schlect a chef….ser schlect..bis spater meine fruend…judge

verlicht fehler?…lol well i can speak fluent but not spell lol…

Judge… i know this will scare you but I agree with alot of what you have said… Tito did leave Smoltz”ie” in too long. And you are right about the long double for David.
I guess its not the bashing, but the what is said during the bashing that sometimes p’sses me off… You havent been there in a long time… but that guy yesterday…. He just got my Irish up….

you know its like the old saying.. Its not what they said its how they said it…

Mein Freund: Ja, ihre Rechtschreibung ist schlecht. lol
B/w Haben Sie eine schone deutsche Frau geheiratet?

Ellen; Do not worry about the guy yesterday. He obviously doesn’t know much about you and the regular bloggers here. Last night’s loss was hard to swallow. Tito had no hesitation taking DC and Oki out when in trouble. Why leave Smoltz there so looooooooooooooooooooooong ?


I agree. Sox are sleep-walking and Tito is waiting for them to break out of it instead of trying something, anything, to add a spark. I used to wish Tito would get in an argument with an ump just to stir the pot, but that’s not his style. No amount of me wishing for it ever made it happen. The guys will come around and start to play well again. It’s just aggravating to watch them seemingly go through the motions with no heart. Cmon Sox!!!! Play hard!!
Run fast, hit home runs, throw strikes!!!!!!! Go Go Go!!!!

How many pitches did Smoltz throw after 5? Maybe the low pitch count that kept Smoltz in the game until the roof collapsed.

Arnie.. After reading that empassioned plea, looks like I’m going to have to handoff my Pom-Poms and cheerleading skirt to you!!! maybe you should do the pregame cheer and see what happens, they seem to be immune to mine now…

I still have great legs [if you’ve been drinking heavily] and I can shake my pom-pom like nobodies business, so , for the good of the team, I might have to take you up on that offer. Can you drive the skirt and pom-poms over to my place on your way home from work? In the meantime I’ll learn to do a back-flip and a victory is all but assured!!!

Arnie, I’m leaving the office in 5 minutes… Post office then I’ll be by.. You can alter the uniform in any way needed in time for tonights game. Work on your somersault/split combo!!! the 1st time will leave you hurtin’!!!!

I just read in Ian’s Twitter – Wakefield to the DL with a back strain – Buchholz is being recalled.

Lineup for tonight’s game:


Beckett pitching.

I can tell you right now even though Tito screwed up last night….he will not be at the top of the dugout steps screaming at his players. That’s not his style and I doubt he will change his style thinking it will fire the players up. I think the players will see right through that ploy and he will lose their respectsa. Say what you want but I honestly believe he has the player’s right now and that is important. If these guys need anything right now it’s to know they can expect consistent behavior from their manager. You can have a Lou Pinella type if you want but it doesn’t seem to be working for the Cubs right now either. You never know what you are going to get from that guy and that’s not what the Sox need. I will take Tito and his consistency right now unless there is someone out there who is better and available. If this is the low point of the season so far…..I’ll take it and wait and see what happens. Anyways…..I was not able to watch the Sox much between 1977-2003 but with today’s technology…..I get to watch them almost every night and I will never take that for granted again. I just get enjoyment being able to watch them every night. I’m good with that. Go Sox!!!!!!!!

Julia… we have a new “sister” in the cheerleading ranks.. Arnie will be taking the duties temporarily.. I just know he’ll look better in the skirt than I do damnit!! lol The guys just arent responding to me and Arnie was so convincing with his heartfelt cheer this afternoon, it just seemed like the natural thing to do
Very not good news about Wake… Get better SOONEST!!!..

You have to admit, Craig, how funny it would be if, just once, Tito came barreling out of the dugout after one of the umps’ lame calls and proceeded to jump up and down yelling, roll around on the infield grass, pull all the bases out and toss them into the outfield, reach down and give the home plate ump a wedgie, light a match and carefully drop it into the ump’s pant cuff, and when the ump bends over to put out his pants sprinkle itching powder down his shirt??? (and do you realize that was one looong sentence?) Just once I’d like to see that!

I am self-tattooing the RedSox logo into my forehead. WOW!!! That really hurts! That should render my cheers even more heartfelt tonight. Next I will be using Rit dye on my arms and legs so they will be scorching red! That will get someone’s attention. And I am choreographing a cheer/stunt where I leap off my balcony while screaming: IDOBELIEVE over and over. At the last second I go into a barrel roll and land softly on my derriere yelling LETSGOREDSOX!!!!

Arnie – we want pictures! lol!!! And can you imagine Tito doing all of that? It wouldn’t help the team – they would be too busy rolling on the ground LAUGHING!!!!

Let’s go Red Sox,
Kick the Rangers in the face,
Let’s go Red Sox,
Cuz we don’t want no second place,
Let’s go Red Sox,
Get your stuff together quick,
Let’s go Red Sox,
A grand slam would do the trick,
Let’s go Red Sox!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, I suppose I oughta do some work now. See ya, Sox fans!!!!

Love the cheer! But I think your kicks need a little work Arnie!πŸ˜‰

Arnie, the originality alone for this is ingenious choreography… Paula Abdul LOOK OUT… I cant wait for the cheer…

Hey Ellen – they say that Paula Abdul might not be back in American Idol so maybe Arnie could take her place!

Well, here goes nothing–I’m trying out my new computer with the “blog during the game”! I hope it works! Hmmm! I also am hoping for that Sox slide to END tonight! (I also hope we don’t have too many posting problems!) We’ll see in about 10 minutes! GO SOX!

Arnie might need to be renamed “Arnie Schmodul” if he takes Paula’s AI slot! Whaddaya think, Arnie?πŸ˜‰

So far, so good, Julia! How goes it? Anyone else on? Ellen?

Hey Greg! I hope your computer works!

NEW THREAD… Hey Arnie, are you ready.. no need to be nervous!!! No pressure from this crowd!!!

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