Back comes Buchholz

The talk show caller circuit will have to find a new topic of conversation to complain about, as Clay Buchholz is indeed coming back to the Boston rotation — just not in the way people expected.

Tim Wakefield is down with a lower back injury, so Buchholz is back, and he’ll pitch Wednesday night.

Fans have been salivating to see more of Buchholz, and rightfully so, given the way he has pitched this season. Now they will get a chance, as he will make at least two starts before Wakefield is eligible to return from the DL on Aug. 2.

It’s interesting talking to Buchholz and seeing him interact with teammates. He is a completely different person than he was last year. He is completely self assured and feels like he belongs, where last year he had that deer in the headlights look from start to finish.

One peeve of mine is the knee-jerk fans who think John Smoltz is done because he’s been inconsistent his first five starts. John is still feeling his way back after missing more than a year with surgery. This guy is a Hall of Famer for a reason. I am of strong belief that Smoltz will play a very significant role down the stretch.His first five innings were terrific last night, and one bad inning shouldn’t erase that memory. The jury is still out, but give the guy a chance at least.


When I think of Smoltz, my memories go back to 2007 and Curt Schilling. Remember how bad Schilling was for a stretch??? Then all of a sudden sometime in late Aug. of that season he started to pitch good. Smoltz in 2009 has better stuff than Schilling did in 2007. This just in…Smoltz will figure it out!

I’m glad Buchholz is back, of course I would like too see Wakefield healthy but we all knew Wakefield would eventually get hurt/injured. This break for Wakefield will help him!

Just what the Dr. ordered, Beckett on the hill to snap the losing streak and get this team back on track!

NEW THREAD… Hey Arnie, are you ready.. no need to be nervous!!! No pressure from this crowd!!!
Ian, I am guilty of knee jerking when it comes to John Smoltz.. but I think that more than anything he was just left in too long,, I also think that working him back into shape from the bull pen wouldnt be a bad idea.. He’s going 4-5 effectively but then seems to break down quickly.. what do you feel about that??

Good point Brian… I hadnt taken that train of thought…

I’d like to see Smoltz go into the bullpen – I think he would do a great job there. I think he will be pitching when I go to Fenway on Sunday if I figured it out correctly.

Hey, Brian! I’m also hoping Wake returns quickly, but I’m very pleased Buch is coming back up! YAY!
I still hope Smoltz moves to the BP–I think he will be most effective there. GO SOX!

Thats one thing I love about the blog… You sometimes get locked in looking at something from just one view and then someone brings anew look to the situation…. Thanks BSB

Yeah, that’s right, I saw that! You lucky dog, Julia!😉 Say hi to Fenway for me, will ya?!

Oh and I like Dave Roberts being in the booth with Don Orsillo..
Ian any update on Jerry Remy.. cant wait to hear him say “Pedroi-er” again!!

I will! My sister-in-law is heading over with the tickets tonight! She can’t use them!

Sorry Greg – my boys are looking forward to the game!

Not a good first half of the inning!


And I’m already having trouble posting!!!!

I still remember growing up watching Smoltz almost weekly (it sure seemed that way!), both as a starter, and as a reliever/closer. I have seen his OUTSTANDING work over the years–so I am sure he will be fine. (I am still surprised the Braves let him walk!) I simply believe at this point in his career, and as far as the more pressing needs go (let alone the burden on his arm), Smoltz should be in the BP. I KNOW better than to count Smoltz out! GO SOX!

Great – the times are all messed up AGAIN!!!! At the moment my comments are posting at actual time – not ahead! UGH!!! I hate this!!!

Can I have them, please Julia? I’ll bring Pedey Bear for ya! (Oh, wait, that’s Ellen’s!)😉

But I can wish, Julia!…😉


Come on Beckett! You can get him out!!!

Great – double steel…sigh……


Should I shoot myself now or wait an inning???

We’re posting out of order again, I see! Here goes!
Good job, Drew! Fast start so far for the Rangers, not so much for our O! HMMM!…GO SOX!

Way to go, Josh! One more! GO SOX!

Do the Red Sox remember how to win?????????


Big PAPI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Ya have to wait at least an inning, Julia–you know what happens when you “leave” a game early (so to speak!)!:/

OK, Papi, now’s a GREAT time for an RBI!! GO SOX!



First Mike, now Papi, thinking they’re sprinters or something?!…:?

Now that Bay is on, can we PLEASE get him IN???!!

BUMMER! Good catch by Kinsler–wrong team, though!:/

My sister-in-law is here. I’ll be watching but I won’t be on the computer for a bit


Enjoy the tickets, Julia! AND PLEASE!–Bring the team better success when you go–you laid an egg last time!😉
NICE CATCH MIKE! (Turnabouts is fair play!) GO SOX!



Way to go Josh! Nice play, Dustin! GET SOME RUNS NOW! GO SOX!

What was the hang time on that Moon ball of Pedeys?
More posting problems………… Sucks!!

NICE JOB, JED! NOW GET HIM IN, GUYS! (Are you listening, Jacoby??) GO SOX!


Nice 1-2-3 inning, Josh! (Made Hamilton look bad on that SO!) Nice fielding Dustin! FIND SOME OFFENSE, SOX! Let’s GO!!!

Come on YOUK! GO SOX!

Hi all. Not the start that we were looking for. Julia doesn’t need to shoot herself yet. There is lot of time yet! The boys have to get the bats cranked up. They have been scuffling lately. GO SOX.

I just emailed Mark Newman at MLBLOGS regarding the problems we have been having.. let’s see what happens.

Hey, Paul! Sox bats are still slumbering, all right! GO SOX! I’ve got some coffee if you need to WAKE UP!!!

sorry, I tried what I could…

Let’s just say, Ellen, regarding Mark, that I’m not holding my breath!:/

Julia, Youre going to Fenway this weekend right?? Well, if you donate ten dollars or bring ten non perishable items to donate you get an autographed picture of your favorite player!!! Oh now Im REALLY jealous!!! Id get Mikey or Tek!

Very good play by Kinsler AGAIN! SIGH! GO SOX!

Hey Greg. Welcome back. Have you got anything to add to that coffee?

Not my coffee, Paul! Don’t mess with my java!🙂 But if we need to jolt these guys a little more…GO SOX!

Well Pedroia and Kisler might as well be the only players on the field right now. The rest can sleep with their bats…

NICE JOB JOSH! Now, let’s get him some RUNS! (Maybe Josh should hit another HR for his own cause!) GO SOX!

It’s great that you’ve kept after Mark, Ellen. It’s Mark I don’t have much confidence in…

And these comment sequences are REALLY screwed up!:/

If you bring 90 cans/ non-perishables, do you get the entire starting lineup? (BACK UP THE U-HAUL!!!)…;)

GOT THAT RIGHT, DAVE! (Did you catch that, Sox?!) Get Josh some HELP! Get some RUNS! GO SOX! Keep up the good work, Josh!

Another 1-2-3 inning for Josh! Get him some RUNS! GO SOX!

I thought that we had plenty of time to get back in this game but it seems to be slipping away from us again. Have to get the bats going guys. I don’t mess around with my coffee either Greg! GO SOX.


We are on the board! Good stuff guys. GO SOX.

I’m sorry, but Big Papi is just not doing the job. I know that many on this blog just “love” him but it is what have you done for us lately. Sorry. GO SOX.

GOOD! 2-1 now! Nice running to avoid the DP by J-Bay! Now get him HOME! Come on, MIKE! GO SOX!

I agree with the “what have you done lately” thought, Paul. Doesn’t change what I think of what he’s done historically—I just wish he’d do it again, and he isn’t so much.

Good eye, MIKE! GO SOX! Get em HOME!

Come on Tek! Get em over–and AVOID THE DP!!! GO SOX!

We have something going now. Jason has not exactly been knocking the cover off the ball however. Maybe he will come through. GO SOX.


Depressing! Lately the inability to come through with RISP is driving me NUTS! We are running out of time in this game now but can still do it. GO SOX.

Simple question. Why was Tek hitting in that spot? 3 pitches come on

This doesn’t help, either! I hope we have the BP busy!

Tek has to hit somewhere, A86, since he’s catching. What do you want? He isn’t hitting any worse than anyone else.

Pinch hit in that spot it is late in the game.

Not while Beckett is still in there, A86.

Okay – couldn’t Bay have made a better throw??

I agree Greg – as long as the starting pitcher is in, Tek has to stay in.

Doesn’t matter Beckett can pitch to anyone. We needed better in that spot

This is looking EXTREMELY NOT GOOD>>>>>>>>>>>
I think our bats are still in quarentine at customs in Toronto….

Uh, yeah! Oh, and Julia, you saw what I posted to you earlier right? Ya need to bring the Sox some better success than your first outing!😉 GO SOX!

Kottaras hasn’t been as effective with the starting pitchers.

No dice, A86.

Big to only give up one then. Top of the order coming up! Need to score at least one here.

We’ve needed better in EVERY SPOT, A 86. Can’t sub the entire team.

I will SO try Greg!!!! But I have these dead bats & I think Smoltz to work with – it won’t be easy but I’ll work hard. We will be in the bleachers

Big to only give up one then. Top of the order coming up! Need to score at least one here.

O’s are losing 4-6 bottom 8… I’m beginning to see my glass as half full… and I think i’ve misplaced my rose colored glasses…..

Can anyone guess which team studied the films more???

I just think you have to try because the status quo isn’t working. And Tek from the left side is terrible.

Put Smoltz in the BP, and get Buch to pitch the game! How about it, Julia?😉 Oh, wait–the entire team needs to HIT, or it doesn’t matter much who is pitching! Take your bat, Julia!😉

I give::: I’m watching from bed… Gnight all@!!

We DO have to try something, A86. Hitting from the left side is not a good thing for Tek right now. But we NEED him in there–that is not the change to make! GO SOX!

I am not saying replace them all. Tek is a great catcher. But we need hits and he certainly isn’t going to give us that. I think Smoltz may come around but to me Bucholtz is the real trade bait the Sox are showing off. Penny is too iffy for now.

Not much better that time, either! SIGH! GO SOX!

I will Greg! Maybe my boys should bring them too.

86 – we’ve seen in earlier games that Kottaras does not have the maturity yet in these close games – balls get past him and he doesn’t have the ability to call a game like this yet.

A lot more people need to watch up, not just Tek. And as Greg said – we can not replace them all.

Are these dead bats in the belfry, Julia? Hmmm!…

“wake up” even!

I’d like to see Smoltz in the BP – but know with Clay taking Wake’s spot, I don’t know if we will see that soon.

I don’t know if it was SI or another online article – but they had Penny in the top 5 of trades to happen. We’ll see.

Lets get these OUTs boys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You realize how jealous I am, right, Julia???😉 GO SOX! Get em the win, Julia!

I think you are right Greg! lol! They’ve got something and it isn’t hitting smarts!

I know Greg! It was a total surprise to get these tickets! My oldest sister-in-law is a major and a nurse in the Army Reserves and she got them for us. Once in a while they get tickets at the base.

I hope SI is right, Julia. We’re on the right track, after DFAing LugNuts (I saw the comment you made on him, by the way)–maybe that will get the trade mill working! But we can hope…

Which one of my many Lugo comments did you read? The class act one? He is. He handled the situation in a mature way.

We need to do something to shake the team up.

Take the canned goods, like Ellen suggested. Between the three of you, you might get a few John Hancocks! Don’t have too much fun!🙂 GO SOX!

DaveCGS disagrees with you, but I think you’re right on that one.

About Lugo, that is…

NO – I saw that! It is only on Friday & Saturday that they are doing the canned goods! I was hoping that they would on Sunday too! I’ll have to check it online – but I think they said only Friday and Saturday.

Dave won’t be the first – or last! – to disagree with me! lol!

Okay – seriously – did the Red Sox forget how to win?????


Swing and a MISS, eh, Julia? Just like tonight…:/

I hope so, Ellen! SOMEONE needs to do it!

Ellen – how quickly can you get on a plane to Texas? And maybe we should send Arnie in the cheerleader outfit!

NO kidding Greg. This game is painful…

That might scare the nonsense out of these guys! Maybe that would work, Julia! Arnie?…;)

Oh yay – the Yankees have won………………😦

I see Trixie has “enhanced” her cheer!😉 Maybe that will kick em in the ****!

We need something Greg and I think Arnie needs to do it for the team! I mean how can they not be affected by both Ellen and Arnie???

COME ON, JD! Let’s do SOMETHING right! SIGH!:/

I guess I’m not saying anything you guys haven’t already said, but man is it painful to watch David Ortiz.

And I see Bosox’s favorite player Drew isn’t doing as well as Brian kept bragging he would.

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

COME ON BOYS!!! YOU CAN STILL DO THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WHOO HOOO!! Bay got in!

It is painful, you are too right, gsjays!:/





WE LIKE IT!! HEY MIKEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



And the Yankees won…great………..


Well, Josh deserved a better fate tonight. A complete game loss for him. Too bad. Hang in there Julia. It might get worse! Take care. I’m out of here. Paul

Yes he did, Paul! SIGH! Well, take care all! GO SOX!

Oh Paul – I think it will before it gets better. But heck – I’ve lived through MANY, MANY years of this.

Beckett had a good game – to bad NONE of our pitchers can get some run support.

Oh well – what is it they say? Oh yeah –

Always tomorrow! Buchholz on the mound.

Back to the last thread about Tito throwing a tantrum. Had to laugh at that. Thanks for the humnour…..could use some right now as the Sox need to get the bats going. Go Sox……

Buchholz needs to pitch as if he is going to stay…..because he might be staying!!!!!!!! Go Sox…

Take care all! See you tomorrow for the game!

GO RED SOX!!! How about some runs tomorrow to help out Buchholz??? PLEASE!!!!!

OK Arnie,
I’m convinced……Tito “Krusty the Clown” Francona needs to put on a circus act tomorrow night if need be….anything for a win and restoration of the world’s axis…

Yanks are in first…..let them be the pace amn for a while….maybe the Sox needed a push….well now they have someone to look at….

Well, that’s depressing!!

Maybe I overdid it on my first night of cheer leading. Too much of a shock for the boys.

Hey, let me share a story about managers. One time I was watching Eck pitch for the Sox against Baltimore. Eck was mowing down the Birds and at one point he would just get the ball and fire a strike! Get the ball, fire a strike. He was unhittable that day. He was in a zone! Well, wouldn’t you know, out trundles ole Earl Weaver to argue a called strike and he went into a full blown clown act! At one point he was down on the ground at the umps feet carefully pouring infield dirt into the umps shoes! Know what??? After order was restored, Eckersley tried to regain his rhythm but never got it back and the O’s knocked him out of the game and won it. Earl Weaver was one of the great ones.

I didn’t get a chance too see the game last night but it sounds like it was ” Ground Hog Day” ( Bill Murray movie way back when ) same story over and over again. It is more evident that Boston needs to grab a bat. Another young pitcher baffles Boston…… again. On Sunday when Halladay shut them down, that was Halladay being Halladay. I am o.k. with that but when some no names shut them down, I have a problem with that.

The Sox without Lugo are 1-4, I guess Boston should bring him back. Julio Lugo where are you????? LOL!!

Audition for a trade for Buchholz?

We could live with the loss of the Toronto series. But Texas? Don’t get me wrong. Tex is a good hitting team. Smoltz ‘s game fell squarely and fairly on Francona. Last night’s game, the bats went to sleep against a pitcher who was knocked out by the Sox in an inning and a half when they met the last time.
We are counting on Buchholz to stop the bleeding. It is so unfair to Buchhie.
Bats, Bats, Bats…..
I have repeatedly said that for the Sox to win, the hitters have to hit and the pitchers have to pitch. Where is Earl Weaver when you need him?

There are rumors flying that the Red Sox have just traded for Adam LaRoche from the Pirates. Ian – can you confirm this?

Julia, yo should email or twitter Ian.. 95 per cent of the time he answers righ away~!!

I’ll twitter him Ellen – don’t have his email.

This is all the Boston Globe has:

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette is reporting that the Red Sox have acquired lefthanded-hitting first baseman Adam LaRoche from the Pittsburgh Pirates. The report, written by Dejan Kovacevic, does not indicate who the Red Sox are sending to Pittsburgh in return.

Thanks Ellen.

I just tweeted Ian.

LaRoche is htting under .200 this month. Oh yay! But maybe like Bay he’ll be so happy to get here that he might heat up.

Let you know if I find anything else out.

Julia, ESPN radio just confirmed it… no word on who we sent to the Bucs…

…and now we speculate as to whats going to happen with Youk/Lowell.. LaRoche is a leftie so maybe youk will platoon with Lowell at 3rd (giving Mike needed rest)?? But what does this do to the bench.. Kotsay??

I googled it and the Post Gazette also confirmed the trade but no mention who we traded. It also said that LaRoche is one the “most notorious 2nd half hitters in the game”

Adam’s father was a rather successful major league pitcher. He had a pitch that was named the “La Lob”… Pitched for the Yankees and the Angels among others

This is what WEEI (Boston Sports Radio station) has to say on their website:

Dejan Kovacevic of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette is reporting that the Red Sox have traded for first baseman Adam LaRoche of the Pittsburgh Pirates. LaRoche is a power-hitting first baseman who has averaged 24.5 homers over the past four seasons with the Braves and Pirates. He is hitting .247 with a .329 OBP and .441 slugging mark for the Pirates this year, down from career totals of .269/.338/.486. As of now, there is no word about who the Sox are sending to the Pirates, though a baseball source has confirmed that Manny Delcarmen IS NOT involved in the deal.

Can not confirm this but:

From WEEI: the Pirates will receive shortstop Argenis Diaz and pitcher Hunter Strickland when the deal is finalized.

This from the WEEI website – and read the last paragraph – talk about WEIRD!!!

Dejan Kovacevic of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette is reporting that the Red Sox and Pirates have agreed in principle to a trade that would send first baseman Adam LaRoche of the Pittsburgh Pirates to Boston. LaRoche is a power-hitting first baseman who has averaged 24.5 homers over the past four seasons with the Braves and Pirates. He is hitting .247 with a .329 OBP and .441 slugging mark for the Pirates this year, down from career totals of .269/.338/.486.

According to multiple baseball sources, the Pirates will receive shortstop Argenis Diaz and pitcher Hunter Strickland when the deal is finalized. Diaz is known as a gifted defensive player, but there are questions about his bat. The 22-year-old Diaz is hitting .253/.309/.310 with Double-A Portland this year. Strickland, an 18th round pick in 2007, is 5-4 with a 3.35 ERA for the Greenville Drive of the Single-A South Atlantic League this year. The 6-foot-5 20-year-old has shown excellent command for the Drive, with a 51-13 strikeout-to-walk ratio in 83.1 innings this year.

LaRoche is eligible for free agency following this season. He is playing on a one-year, $7.05 million deal in 2009, his last as an arbitration-eligible player. His brother, Andy, was part of the three-team deal that sent Jason Bay to Boston and Manny Ramirez to Los Angeles last July 31.

Hunter Strickland (P) and Argenis Diaz (SS) for Adam LaRoche (L). Unless Lowell is back on DL, who is the odd man out? Kotsay (L) or Baldelli(R)?

And why the heck are the Yankees playing another afternoon game in the middle of the week? We’ll know before our game tonight if we might be in a first place tie with them.

The Sox sent 2 prospects.. one is a short stop..

I would say Kotsay? Don’t know though.

My first cheer didn’t go quite excactly as planned. My leap off the balcony started as a perfect swan dive and went well for the first second or so. But when I started my barrel-roll-to-a-soft-landing the timing was off by a split second and I landed on my newly tattooed Red Sox Logo forehead; right on the junction of 4 kitchen tiles. Now I have a slightly swollen purple “X” across the Logo. Not to worry, though; it didn’t hurt too much since I was unconcsious for quite some time. This morning I had a cracking headache and I am seeing double, but that will pass, I’m sure.
So I have devised a new cheer:
I dyed my leather jacket blood red and fired up my old Vincent Black Shadow for the new cheer. I’m riding across New Mexico right this very second on my way to Texas. The plan is for me to set up my bike with the rear tire right on home plate. I will hold the front brake tight and rev up the throttle to about half, ease off the clutch and let the rear tire free-wheel raising clouds of smoke. As the smoke engulfs the infield area a stage will rise directly over me with the Shondells singing—-IN ADVANCE OF A RED SOX WIN!!!!—- “Love That Dirty Water”. At the end of the song I will come rocketing out from beneath the stage, and, using the pitcher’s mound as a ramp, I’ll launch, ala’ Evil Knievel, myself and the bike into deep center field, where Lugo–recently unemployed– will be standing with a huge glove and will catch the bike and myself. The cheers from the crowd will be deafening!
Wish me luck……………..oh, there’s my exit. I’ll be in Arlington in about 2 hours. See ya.

Arnie – if there is anything that will get us a Red Sox win tonight – I think it will be your cheer!!!!! Good luck and can not wait to see the replays on NESN!!! oh – and make sure Lugo has a REALLY big glove; you know how he can fumble sometimes!😉

Over on Twitter Ian just said he thinks either Kotsay or Baldelli will head to the DL to make room for LaRoche

Ian also said this on Twitter:

LaRoche probably a Type B free agent, which means Sox get a pick if he leaves in the winter.

I would say between kotsay and Baldelli, that “I” would part company with Baldelli.. Each time Kotsay has been in the game, he has shown that he REALLY wants the job… Rocco is still kind of an unproven entity… I’m not sure of the status of his illness that had him out last year, but I would say that he’ll be the odd man out…

Arnie… I really think you ought to wear an Elvis Jumpsuit and scarf!!! White jumpsuit with a red scarf and a blue one… All American All RedSox… and lol get the original Dirty Water by the Standells…. (you were VERY close, must have been the “bump” on your forehead!!).. Arnie watch out for wandering steer on the highway… BE CAREFUL.. See you at 1st pitch…

Standells, got it. Thanks, Ellen.

Can’t wait to see this one, Arnie!😉
I posted my thought on the Adam LaRoche deal on the next post. I’m not exactly thrilled.
I would also agree with Ellen–if we had to choose between Kotsay and Rocco, I’d take Kotsay.

You could wear something from the John Daly collection……sure would brighten up the day!!!!

Can’t believe we got Adam LaRoche!! I wish him luck and maybe he can help us get out of this…whatever you wanna call it. Maybe he can help us win the 2009 WS. That’ll be awesome!! And I agree with Greg, keep Kotsay, and send Rocco to the DL or something. Wait, Rocco is still in Boston?! Kidding, I knew that!!

hey, sure enjoyed the games here in Arlington this week. Looking forward to the sox coming back. Maybe some of our guys will be over the flu and give the sox a better game next time.


You have pies in the skies about smoltz, true, hall of famer but over the hill gang member as well. What pop are you talking about? Now Halladay has pop as a bazooka arm, and we should be dealing the house for him and another bat like Holliday would be great for us Halladay and Holliday–oh joy! Come on Theo use that education you have for some smart dealing this mid season!!! diehardboston fan since 1969 and proud of it! Comments from the peanut gallery welcome!!!!!

You have pies in the skies about smoltz, true, hall of famer but over the hill gang member as well. What pop are you talking about? Now Halladay has pop as a bazooka arm, and we should be dealing the house for him and another bat like Holliday would be great for us Halladay and Holliday–oh joy! Come on Theo use that education you have for some smart dealing this mid season!!! diehardboston fan since 1969 and proud of it! Comments from the peanut gallery welcome!!!!!

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