LaRoche on board

Adam LaRoche is now a member of the Red Sox, reuniting him with former teammates Jason Bay, J.D. Drew, Nick Green and John Smoltz.

LaRoche will give the Red Sox pop off the bench and insurance and depth for Mike Lowell. It will also enable manager Terry Francona to keep Youkilis and Ortiz fresher.

I’m wondering if LaRoche could start as many as four days a week under a rotation system.

He has good thump in his bat, and the Sox need it right now.

Plus, he will likely be a Type B free agent this winter, meaning the Red Sox could get a draft pick if he leaves.

All in all, there is nothing not to like about this move by general manager Theo Epstein.


Who’s heading to the DL? Kotsay or Baldelli? I like Kotsay’s glove at 1st and Baldelli is a slightly better hitter. But would Francona keep two lefties (Kotsay & LaRoche) on the bench? Baldelli’s health can be an issue.

With Clay coming back after Wake was placed on the DL, I think getting LaRoche was a smart move on Theo’s part. Now, hopefully the Sox can pull together and win some more games!!

Call me unsold on this trade. The pieces we gave up are no stunner, but Adam LaRoche (to contrast from his brother, Andy LaRoche) strikes me as Brad Wilkerson revisited. LaRoche started out in the Braves system, started his career like gangbusters, his BA went down, and he was traded to the Pirates, where he seems to have further regressed. I HOPE I am wrong on this one, but this move does not impress me–he MAY add some pop as a PH, but I’m not convinced of that either. Hmmm…

Sorry to burst your bubble Greg, but Adam has proved over the years to be a terror the second half the season. I am hoping he will be like Jason Bay, and be aggressive and lead us straight to a 2009 World Series victory. Right now, his BA is around .247 and has 12 home runs, compared to DH David Ortiz, whose BA is around .224 and has 12 home runs as well. Now, I see LaRoche as a back up for 1st base, and maybe sending Kotsay to the DL or something. Just gotta trust Theo. With that, quit worrying!! Everything will be fine. Wow, do I sound confident or what?!

I think LaRoche will be a PH and ocassionally inserted at 1B against RHP to give Lowell a day off. I hope you’re right about LaRoche.
The Yankees won again albeit against Baltimore and the Sox have to keep pace. Need offense, offense. I don’t expect Buchholz to pitch better than Beckett. Need run support.
Thankfully the Sox are playing the lowly Baltimore next series.

This was posted on Twitter by the Boston Globe:

Theo said LaRoche will join club on Fri in Boston. Will make corresponding 25 man move then.

So I guess we won’t know until then who will head to the DL – unless there is another trade before then.

Greg – I share some of your concerns over LaRoche – I am hoping he might be another “Pirate” miracle for us – but I don’t know.

Things that make you go Hmmmmm! I’m trying to understand the logic and purpose of this trade. The problem isn’t manning with the Sox, it’s performance. They are very deep throughout the roster (except starting pitching with the Smoltz/Penny issues). It’s just that players aren’t performing. Nobody’s hitting, period. If the players we have perform to reasonable expectations, the Sox are a very good team. Pitching has been great but without run support. I just don’t see where adding a .247 (even lifetime .269) hitter improves the team. What will improve the team is if Lowell, Drew, Ortiz and Ellsbury start hitting they way they are supposed to.

But since he’s coming, I think it possible for Masterson to be optioned out. He needs work badly and isn’t getting enough of it. The Sox have plenty of strong and underused arms in the bullpen right now.

Yanks won today. Looks like we will be playing catchup ball for a while. Let’s hope Clay does well tonight so that Tito can consider putting Smolz in the BP, where he belongs at this time and where he may flourish. He looks like he can pitch a decent 4 or 5 innings. If he does well in that role and his arm strenghtens he can then be used as a starter if the need arises. Let’s also hope LaRoche also comes through. In any case, the Sox have to get off their a—s and get some runs!! We can’t afford to drop too far behind the Evil Empire. Go Sox!!!

Lineup for tonight’s game:

: Ellsbury,

Buchholz pitching.

Lowell out.

greg: this is from the prior thread..
I googled it and the Post Gazette also confirmed the trade but no mention who we traded. It also said that LaRoche is one the “most notorious 2nd half hitters in the game”

good omen for tonights game: Just sitting here thinking of tonights game and on the radio comes : sweet caroline…

The Sox need you tonight. If you can watch the game while laying on your back with your legs on the side of the couch and your knees bent so that your calves are on the seat of the couch. Basically you are “sitting” at the couch with your back on the floor. My sister and I used to “sit” like that when we watched Flash Gordon on TV, it gave us the feel of being on a space ship.. (the original Flash Gordon, not Tom Gordon) The Sox need all the help they can get right now. Thanks in advance.

Chris Duncan (brother of Yankee Shelley Duncan) coming to Boston in exchange for Lugo according to ESPN.

I think they said however that Duncan will report to AAA. He was a good hitter for the Cardinals a couple years ago, maybe another Bobby Kielty type???

Chris Duncan (brother of Yankee Shelley Duncan) coming to Boston in exchange for Lugo according to ESPN.

I think they said however that Duncan will report to AAA. He was a good hitter for the Cardinals a couple years ago, maybe another Bobby Kielty type???

Arnie… whats your cheer in text for tonight??? Are you a yeller??

I had not heard that about Chris Duncan. Who would Lugo go to?

Also – Padilla is not pitching tonight for the Rangers – flu-like symptoms. Nippert is pitching instead.

I received an email form Mark Newman that he “will refer ‘it’ to the i.t. department”
not that they give a damn!!!

Here’s a link on Duncan – he better go to the minors – hitting 1 for 33!!! With the Cardinals.

Hey everyone,

The Sox, as Garry pointed out, are making a rather confusing trade today. Sacrifice upcoming talent for a somewhat talented power hitter. It this a concern over Mike Lowell and his hip? Is this a statement against Mark Kotsay? Was this influenced by Jason Bay and his relationship with his former teammate? Was this a way to keep Bay happier?
I have no idea. Right now consistency has been abysmal this year. On paper the Sox have a killer team…that is until the players themselves either can’t pitch, can’t hit or both. Everyone is looking like an ER patient struggling to breathe.
The Yanks right now are the better team on the field. They hit, they pitch (that’s greatly improved) and they stay relatively consistent. Frankly, as I always said, the Yanks don’t matter. What matters is the Sox’s ability to play consistently. Until that happens the slide will continue.

Hey everyone,

The Sox, as Garry pointed out, are making a rather confusing trade today. Sacrifice upcoming talent for a somewhat talented power hitter. It this a concern over Mike Lowell and his hip? Is this a statement against Mark Kotsay? Was this influenced by Jason Bay and his relationship with his former teammate? Was this a way to keep Bay happier?
I have no idea. Right now consistency has been abysmal this year. On paper the Sox have a killer team…that is until the players themselves either can’t pitch, can’t hit or both. Everyone is looking like an ER patient struggling to breathe.
The Yanks right now are the better team on the field. They hit, they pitch (that’s greatly improved) and they stay relatively consistent. Frankly, as I always said, the Yanks don’t matter. What matters is the Sox’s ability to play consistently. Until that happens the slide will continue.

Hey everyone,

The Sox, as Garry pointed out, are making a rather confusing trade today. Sacrifice upcoming talent for a somewhat talented power hitter. It this a concern over Mike Lowell and his hip? Is this a statement against Mark Kotsay? Was this influenced by Jason Bay and his relationship with his former teammate? Was this a way to keep Bay happier?
I have no idea. Right now consistency has been abysmal this year. On paper the Sox have a killer team…that is until the players themselves either can’t pitch, can’t hit or both. Everyone is looking like an ER patient struggling to breathe.
The Yanks right now are the better team on the field. They hit, they pitch (that’s greatly improved) and they stay relatively consistent. Frankly, as I always said, the Yanks don’t matter. What matters is the Sox’s ability to play consistently. Until that happens the slide will continue.

Hey Ellen,
Thank you. I really needed a welcome back! It means a lot!

Sorry about the multiple posts by the way. This blog can be very frustrating to post a comment amid the “timeout errors”

Hi Dave!!

I’ll take some Extra Strength Tylenol right now so it’ll kick in before I start the “contorted couch” experiment. Good thing I’m a golfer….my swing was like that when I was a kid!!!!!! At this point i’ll try anything!!!!!! Wish me luck. How are you coming along with the John Daly attire? You have to sacrafice too!!!!!!!!!

Now…Is something wrong with Kotsay? LaRoache may be a notorious second half hitter but he won’t be playing every day and sometimes it’s hard to get in a groove when you are in and out of the line-up. That is where I thought Kotsay excelled. I am praying this was a good move but I’ll need some convincing….and you all know I am a rather positive person. If Buchholz is on tonight….may be time to pack his stuff up in Pawtuckett and give him a ticket to “The Show”. This is the first time in a while when this team has me baffled with the direction it’s going….lot’s of pitching…little pitching depending on how you look at it…where do Penny and Schmoltz end up in the rotation. Will Penny still be here after the deadline? I still think he is a decent #4 pitcher. Usually your # 4 is about 13-10 with an ERA around 4. He is at least heading in that direction. A #5 pitcher around .500 or even a little below. Who is our #5 heading down the stretch? We’ll see what happens I guess……. I am soooooooooooooooooo confused…..Go Sox!!!!!

DAVE!!! Welcome back! We missed you!!

More trade news: NESN is reporting that the Rockies might sign Mike Timlin – I miss him!!

Hey Julia,
Thank you SO MUCH! That means a lot. I miss you guys.
That was an interesting story and why not? Heck Oil Can Boyd is pushing for another start, why not Mike Timlin. Tim Wakefield has shown that you can get older and still play the game!
Check out my blog. Three new entries including the “smart Lugo”.

Dave – I will get to your blog during the night. Boston Globe article with details of the Lugo trade:

It’s been a fast & furious day!

Holly, I hope you are right. Sorry to bust your bubble in return, but I remain unsold.

Buenas noches amigos! I’ve been on vacation but got back home at noon today. Went to Austin, Tx from Thursday to Sunday, then Dallas Monday, and then a day and a half drive back home. Yes, I was in Dallas on Monday.. Yes, was at the game.. Had a great time, it’s a very nice ballpark and the crowd was friendly and of course felt and sounded like half were Sox fans. It was my first ever Sox game, so I was happy just to be there and see the players in the flesh. When the game was over I just kept going over the part of “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” that says “root, root, root for the Red Sox, if they don’t win it’s a shame”… yeah, it was too bad we lost, but the memory of my first ever Sox game is a nice one, one I won’t soon forget, one that gives me goosebumps. I don’t think I’ll be able so save up enough money to go to next month’s series at Texas, but I certainly plan to do this every year. Plus, my wife really enjoyed the game and wants to go again because she didn’t get to see Papelbon, so that helps. As Ellen wisely advised me: Happy Wife, Happy Life, right? I’ll post some photos on my blog sometime tonight, and I’ll let you fellow Brownie Pointers know so “y’all” can take a look!

Hey Carlos…I’m back!
I’m happy that Lugo has gone somewhere. Doesn’t surprise me about the trade. Team basically gets the player for free so why not? Will have to see. I never liked Lugo. I never found him a classy player. he complained all the time about the fact it was OK to make mistakes but never acknowledged his own ineptitude. Had he once said “I feel awful for my performance on the team” instead of saying “I make mistakes…I’m human” which I found a bit strained. Consider Mike Lowell admitting he hasn’t been playing well for the team.
I do wish Lugo well and hope he figures it out.

About Adam LaRoche, I think he certainly helps and I don’t think we gave up too much for him at all. That said, I was kind of hoping for a corner infielder of just a bit more caliber… like Padres’ 1B Adrian Gonzalez, whom I had heard Peter Gammons mention as a possibility. But yeah, LaRoche is nice to have around. Hope he has a slammin’ second half!

We missed you Dave!!

All I have to say pregame is :

What’s not too like about this trade? A lefty bat that can hit and provide some pop. LaRoche isn’t going to play everyday but will play here and there, I think he is a good fit. I also think playing for a team that has a chance to make the playoffs will energize him as well. Also Boston will get a draft choice if he signs elsewhere during the winter… I like that part of it. Let’s face it, very tough playing in front of friends and family in Pittsburgh! Lots and lots of empty seats at beautiful P.N.C. Park.

I saw whom we traded to get LaRoche. The pieces we gave didn’t surprise me–I figured they’d be traded sooner or later anyway. Argenis Diaz was one of them. With Youk and Kotsay, though, at 1B, it seems a little bit of overkill at 1B. We’ll see how he does–I hope Holly is right.
Chris Duncan was a good hitter, as mentioned, but seems to be a work in progress. I hope he is able to contribute

especially hard Brian when your Dad was a big leaguer too!!!

Carlos! Welcome back also! And I didn’t know you had a blog!

Next Tuesday 7/28 – the Red Sox are going to retire Rice’s number in a pre-game ceremony.

Did I miss Arnie’s cheer?

… and his brother..

I think Arnie missed Arnies cheer!

Welcome back, Dave! I thought you posted multiple times simply because you were so excited to be back–not for a mundane reason like posting problems! (But yes, they are STILL WITH US!…)
I was successfully able to post during the game last night!! The experiment worked! YAY! And now with my new setup (I think you were on vacation, Dave, during my move), I can watch TV and post at the same time! DOUBLE YAY! GO SOX!

Yay Greg!

I can’t remember where I read it – but does anyone know if it’s true that we have a better record when Eck is in the booth then when Dave Roberts is?

ELLSBURY!! Could you not have started the game better???

butterflies, nerves?? pitching in fromt of family and friends???

!BIENVENIDO CARLOS! (Otra vez) How goes it? Oh, and you avoided the Cowboys games in Dallas, right?😉
After tonight, I am going up to DC (my old stomping ground) for a reunion, so I’ll be off until Monday. I hope we don’t recall Loopy from the minors in the meantime, or trade back for LugNuts! AND SIGN BAY, THEO! GO SOX!

Oh, good—thanks for mentioning the date, Julia–I’ll be back by then! WAY TO GO, JIM! GO SOX!

Oh – what a novel way to start the game – a 1-2-3 inning and then we are out…….

SCORE SOME RUNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey everyone,
Thank you for the warm welcome. It means a lot. Hey Greg, congrats on your move! Hope its a nice place. We MAY consider Kansas City MO. Anybody know anything about it? Anybody can say ‘Don’t do it” or “please do it” Let me know.

p.s. Sox feel like the feeling of eating four bags of corn chips followed by day old bread. Wake up Boston. We need you to go on with our lives with some feeling of happiness. (LOL)

P.S. Rice’s number to be retired! Yes, if anyone deserves that it is Jim Rice! Rock on!

You’re welcome Greg.

Oh good – hitting the first batter…..

Can’t these Texas guys pitch in Texas????

You mean we have a novel approach going? We’re writing a book now?

I’ve lost about 10 pounds. I walk now 4 miles a day (with some running but my right knee can’t take extended running and am eating much more salads and fresh foods vs. cooked (which also makes it easier to make a meal since I consume a lot of salads.
Oh…did I mention the slight deviation of my diet with a Hersey crunch bar (but it was SO YUMMY!)

Way to finish the inning, Buch! KEEP IT UP!
Julia, I hope the book is not fiction, like novels are!😉

Taking my walk now. When I come back I EXPECT the Sox to be ahead (LOL)

Dave, are you back??? How ya doin’? We all missed you. Welcome back.

Craig, I have been following the John Daly Turn-Your-Life-Around Plan for 6 months now. It’s great!! I’ve gained 80 pounds, I drink only Bourbon and I have huge issues!! I start on painkillers next week.

Cheer for tonight:
Let’s go Red Sox,
Cmon and win this friggin’ game,
Let’s go Red Sox,
The way you’re playing is quite lame,
Let’s go Red Sox,
All you batters: get some hits!!!
Let’s go Red Sox,
So I don’t have to throw a fit,
Let’s go Red Sox!!!!!!!!!!!

Cmon Sox, win the f—ing game already!

Yes Greg – I’m going to write a book to remind the Red Sox about how winning is important. And so is patience at the plate. You know – small things like that.

Oh yay – another stolen base against us.

Taking my walk. Will talk to you soon. Love you guys!

I’ve wanted to visit KC for a long time, since I want to visit the Negro Leagues Museum!

WOO HOO!! A strike out!!

ARNIE!!! Did I miss your cheer?

Oh, Ellen, who said anything about HAPPY??

Sorry Arnie – didn’t go up high enough in the posts. Great cheer!!!

Papelbon has the flu? Or at least he did at the start of the series.

Kinsler’s good, as are many of the Rangers players. Judge hasn’t been coveting those players for no reason!

Okay – we didn’t give up any runs. Good.

How about if we score some now boys! DO IT!!!!


Oh, and we get to introduce Dave to the “out of sequence” postings!:/


I refuse to get happy about anything until it results in RUNS!!!

Wow… (credit where its due) that was a great catch!! No wonder, he and Pedey were team mates in college

PAPI!!! Even with the shift on he got it.

Okay – that was a good hit by Bay – man can Kinsler jump.

See you soon Dave- have a great walk.

Yes Ellen – Kinsler made a great catch.

You are certainly right about Masterson needing to get work, Garry! Let’s hope it helps Masterson! GO SOX!

Can WE get OUR leadoff guy on, Julia?

Damn! KOTSAY!!!!

I thought the same thing Arnie… I even googled the name.
I’m having problems posting.. not letting me in at all. If y’all get this.. I’ll be in and out
I’m going to start cheering for the rangers.. I’ll screw everybody up!!

I thought the same thing Arnie… I even googled the name.
I’m having problems posting.. not letting me in at all. If y’all get this.. I’ll be in and out
I’m going to start cheering for the rangers.. I’ll screw everybody up!!

UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We can not afford to leave men on base!!!

I’m taking a break.. this posting crap is fopr the birds…

It’s the reverse of the problem we talked about last night, Julia! We can’t (without a lot of problems!) send the entire lineup to the minors! HMMM!!!…

last thing before I go for a while..
HEY EVERYBODY..let me hear that YOU DO BELIEVE!!!

Looks like Al Nipper’s kid is pitching for Texas tonight. They mis-spelled his name on the back of his shirt. What’s with the Rangers anyway?

I’m checking out some of the hitting stats on the Sox recently. Wow! They have really been struggling! Drew 1 for 33, Bay one RBI in 10 games. Yikes!!

Hey! The lead off man didn’t get on! Improvement!!!

I don’t know Greg.

Drew 1 for 33? Duncan is hitting that and we are putting him in the minors! Makes you wonder….

Buchholz!!! SETTLE IN!!!!!

So….how many double steals can the Rangers get off of us???

Thank you Nick!!!

Do you really want to find out the answer to that SB question, Julia!:/
Arnie, with Nolan Ryan at the helm, the Rangers should head in the right direction–if he is as good an exec (or even close!) as he was a pitcher!

NICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHOOO HOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

woooooooooooo NICKY!!!! I’m happy for now

Maybe we are on the way to righting the ship!!


Maybe we are on the way to righting the ship!!



What a strange night Big Papi is having! Two strange hits!!!

BAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NONONONONO!!!

ANOTHER HIT? What is with this hitting barrage? Way to GO DUSTIN! GO SOX!

Nick Green hits a low and inside pitch onto the fairway in dead central field. Go Nick!!! Maybe this will be the start of something big. Plus we got Dave back. Things are looking up for the Sox.

Yes, we have Rick Sut “Drive Me Off A Cliffe”. Oh, YAY!


Not again…………………………

Nice bloop, Papi! Keep it up, guys! GO SOX!

Nice bloop 1B, Papi! Keep it up, J-Bay! GO SOX!

Buchholz – SETTLE IN!!!!!!

Oh this is not going well………………..

Don Orsillo is right, they are sitting on Buchholz right now. This could get ugly. I guess we’ll see if the kid has developed any poise.

This will be huge if Buchholz can get out of this without giving up any more runs.

Papi has his short game going well. He chipped that hit right at the flag to get the birdie. I didn’t know he is such a good golfer.
That’s the kind of goofy thing that could get the Sox untracked and they really start hitting. GO SOX!!!!

Someone mentioned retiring Jim Rice’s number. I think that will happen. The Sox take an interesting approach with numbers. When good players, who have done a lot for the franchise leave, it seems like it’s a while before they reissue that number. Nobody has worn Jim Rice’s number since he retired. Nobody has worn Clemens’ 21, Garciaparra’s 5, or Martinez’s 45 since they left.

Interesting to me that Buch has Bronsons Arroyo’s old number.

I know Mike will appreciate that Greg! The blog I put up yesterday – I had the names of Mike’s friends who died – I had an idiot make not so kind comments.

Well, so much for THAT lead!:/

Arnie, as long as Papi doesn’t play as “well” as Tiger did this past tourney!

Great job Clay!!!

RUNS!!!! Let’s score some runs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mike (Shakenbake), (before I forget), if you are reading this, we’re thinking about you guys! Stay strong! GO SOX

Actually, Garry, last I saw, Rocco Baldelli was wearing the Number 5 this year (he wore it in Tampa). Rice’s number will be retired next week.

Memo to Red Sox – 1-2-3 innings when you are at bat will not win games for you. Just so you know….

Garry – they are retiring Rice’s number before the game on Tuesday.

Clay – if you keep letting the leadoff man on it will come back to haunt you!!!!!

Let’s see if I can catch up here.
Greg- I do have faith that what Theo did about getting LaRoche was a good thing. I understand that his past is a factor, but I’m thinking positive.
Julia- I too miss Mikey Timlin. He was a great pitcher when he was in a Sox uniform.
As for the retirement of Rice’s number. I can’t believe that they are having the ceremony when I am at the Academy. How rude.
And the Cards did require Julio Lugo for Christopher Duncan. Probably a great thing for Lugo. More playing time.
Hoping for a win tonight. Score tied 1-1… COME ON CLAY!!

Oh this inning is not going well…..


Can we throttle the organist in Texas???

Terry on phone to pen

By golly, you’re right Greg, Baldelli does wear 5! My bad.

Offense? what is that again Mike?

Just great! Texas up by a run…..

What was Drew thinking about on that throw?

What else?? This is crazy!

We’re trying to win a game, right? OR NOT?! SIGH!
Good to see you, Mike!

Buchholz leaving way to many pitches up in the strike zone. He has a great change, but when he leaves it up, it sits there like a dying quail.

Just popped in…I’m good gary THANKS!!! Been a busy week…where is our offense?

Hey, Holly! No problem, I hope you are right about LaRoche!

Are we sure this isn’t a re-run? I swear I have seen this before!!

I guess Dave being back isn’t our good luck charm.

Even if Buchholz does find a miracle and get out of this inning, he might have one more inning in him if he’s lucky. Run scores on a ground out, Sox may as well be down 7-1.

The problem, Julia, is that Dave decided to take a walk (at least he didn’t “take a hike”…)! Hmmm!…

Clay is better Mike. But the way we have been playing – 2 runs might as well be 20!

DAVE ROBERTS!!! you are not helping by saying we can’t come back!!!!!!!!!!! UGH!!! i want Eck!!!

Geez..this is a rerun of the PAST FOUR GAMES!!! WHAT THE HECK?! DEFENSE PEOPLE DEFENSE!!! 3-1 Texas? Great, let’s just hand it over to the Yankees

You want Eck, eh Julia?! Be careful what you wish for!!😉

Okay = Rant & Grant time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

RUNS!!!!! WE NEED RUNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Greg – we do not play well when Roberts is in the booth!

I like Eck – Ellen doesn’t.

Last 4 games aside, it’s still just a 2 run ball game….this team has it in them to turn this around! Buckholz is not the same kid we say last season. He needs some help though!

Greg – at this point – whatever it takes to get wins!

Great – a wasted hit by Pedey!!!

Greg – I am at a complete lose to explain how ALL our bats (except for Pedey) seem to have cooled off all together.

Delcarmen is in and that doesn’t give me the warm fuzzies

Great Delcarmen – first batter on with a single.

Oh look – another stolen base for the Rangers!!!!!

As long as it doesn’t chase away your cheering sister, Julia!😉
Good job, DUSTIN! Get him home, YOUK! GO SOX!

Not so much! Let’s get the bats out of the belfry! GO SOX!

Not a good start, DelCarmen! Remember Dr. Feelgood? We NEED that guy tonight! GO SOX!

When will they do something about the bats? Someone is going to get hurt!!!

John Farrell should be fired…… Sox pitchers continue to be the worst in baseball in guarding against stolen bases. It’s a joke, it’s embarrassing and it’s across the board for every pitcher on the staff. Tek has abosolutely no shot of ever throwing a runner out. It’s pathetic and it has cost the Sox many runs. It would be one thing if everyone running against them was Carl Crawford or Jacoby Ellsbury, but that’s not the case. Very average runners are stealing bases at will. This is nothing but lack of coaching and attitude on the part of Farrell, and I think you have to hold Francona accountable as well. It’s a travesty for major league players to play that poorly.

Daniel Bard is warming up.

Julia, they won’t do anything about bats until someone is killed or seriously injured. One would think that the players would take it upon themselves to fix this problem. It’s like “Baseball Roulette”.

Hey everyone,
I’m actually scared. The Sox can’t play this badly. They look like a minor league team. I’m thinking Julio Lugo in tights could pitch a no hitter against the Red Sox. What happened to the bats? What happened to a professional attitude. You can’t live on one run per game. Come on this is TEXAS?

You’re right about the stolen bases’s embarrassing how they just let it happen with rarely even a throw.

Sox are baffled by another mediocre pitcher. Both Drew and Ortiz missed on 90 mph fast balls right down the middle. The Sox looked solid and deep when things were going well. They look like a pathetic second division team. Do you remember what a second division team is from the old days?

Garry – that must have been scary for the runner – he had no choice but to get hit by the ball- it was either that or that bat!

Dave – you are sadly right about Lugo. Heck – I could probably do well against them.

Okay – new pitcher – new life for the Red Sox????

Julia, I’m pretty sure that runner never saw the ball. All he saw was a Vampire Killing spike heading his way.

Opps – WRONG!!! New pitcher, same results!!!

Okay – who stole our Red Sox and replaced them with a single A-team? Come on!! Even the Nats beat the Mets AGAIN tonight!!!

2nd division teams were great for 4 dollar admission and dollar beers!

Nite Ellen! don’t go too from the keyboard, this won’t last that long! I hope…

Julia, they really do look like a Single-A team (Maybe they can play our Tourists here!) NOT GOOD! Who are these guys?

You’re probably right Garry. Remember that bat that impaled itself in the ground in front of Green?

Mike – the way the Red Sox are playing – $4 would be too much.

hmmm…think they will win when I go Sunday???

THANK YOU BAY!!! At least you can field!!!!

I’m not blogging til the RedSox are winning again… see y’all …


Have em bring bats, balls and a tape of the ’07 Series. maybe the boys will recognize somebody on the tape…

Night Ellen!!

Bye, Ellen! Hope it won’t be a long hiatus!:/

I KNOW I can do it Greg – seriously – can I be worse then we have? Maybe I should try hitting also! Maybe my boys should bring bats to the game on Sunday!

Bard didn’t give up any runs!!!!

What’s the difference between the Washington Nationals and the Red Sox?

I will Mike ! ANYTHING TO GET A WIN!!!!!

Come on Nick – you want another HR – you know you do!!!!!

If there ever were an occasion for Tito to go ballistic to fire up the team, it was on that steal/ Kinsler interference play. And Tito wouldn’t do it! This isn’t happening, is it?! What was that we were talking about “novels as fiction”? Is this fiction yet? SNARL!

Hey people. Just dropped in and immediately went into a depression mode! What is happening with this team? We aren’t exactly facing a Cy Young here. There is still some time left but those bats have to come to life! I do believe that Texas has the brooms ready. GO SOX.

Actually Julia, and I’m not even joking, there is no difference. The Red Sox are playing just like them!

Okay Dave – what is the difference – oh wait – the Nationals WIN????


hi Paul!

Is that a rhetorical question, Dave?

No Dave – the Nats are on a 2 game winning streak!! They beat the Mets again today!!!

laroche…interesting….well thats somewhat of a safety blanket….not what i would have dialed up …there might be a bigger deal in progress involving someone….i hope so cause offense has been anemic for awhile…is tito watching the same game as me ?….maybe its my fault for bashin him….i think i watch a differant game….i saw interferance with kinsy but i guess his game was diff…..i wonder if this kotsay 2night is his swan song….nancy,bay,yuke,…heck just about whole team is cold as a withes …..sigh…..good night and sleep well all….judge


Is it too much to ask that we WIN a game?????

That is not the way to get back in the game!

Great catch Els. The boys have just been sandbagging! They are going to get it done this inning. Those brooms in the Texas dugout have to give them some incentive! Don’t they?

Oh wait Paul – the Red Sox are suppose to try and get back in the game??? So that’s what they are doing wrong!

My last post disappeared into cyber space.LOL. The losing streak continues. They really do need the day off tomorrow. Bye for now. Paul

One save for Pap in the past 11 days. Pap has barely had the OPPORTUNITY to screw up a game! SIGH!

At least Bard looks pretty good tonight.

Okay – we can DO THIS!!!! WHOOO HOOOO!!


That must be it, Judge–Tito isn’t watching this game! If that wasn’t interference by Kinsler, I don’t know what is!

Maybe Dave can do a write-up on Mr. Obvious and the Sleeping Sox!

Well, I leave for Washington on that note (?!)…I hope I can borrow a computer at least one time there! I’ll do some scouting of the Nationals while I’m there!😉
OK, guys! Winning is not THIS hard! RIGHT???!! GO SOX!

KINSLER!!!! grrrrrrr

That’s a great idea Greg. Dave should write this up!

He struck out looking……..not good Tek. Not good.

Well at least they have tomorrow night off to regroup/get replaced/reprogrammed!

Good night all!

A rather pathetic effort by the offense.

Dave, the difference between the Washington Nationals and the Red Sox is one win. The Nats have won one more game than the Sox since the All Star break. How bad is that?

Oy vey!!!
Well, I am trying to keep my sense of humor here, but my stupid cheers and silly posts are not helping. No more cheer leading for me. Trixie, I am going to over night your pom poms and skirt or whatever, back to you. I had planned to bungee jump into the next stadium, are the Sox going home?, with a fireworks display strapped to my back that would light up the sky beet red. But I’m too depressed. Even the return of Dave didn’t help the Sox.
I would like to see Tito pick up one of the umps and twirl him around before body slamming him ala Haystack Calhoun, or Gorilla Monsoon. Or maybe pile-drive him. Cmon Tito!!! Do something!!!
Looking at the boxscore I see that the stolen base segment for Texas was two pages long. My grandmother could steal a base off the Sox. Unless she was pitching a no-hitter against them.
Craig, you OK after watching the game in that posture??
Good night everyone.
GO SOX!!!!!!

When was the last time JD Drew got a hit? Has he had a hit since the All Star break? When was the last game in which he didn’t have a weak strike out?

I have a couple of days off from work over the next few days, someone tell Francona I can be on a plane tonight and be in the lineup on Friday. Surely I can’t do any worse than Drew, Bay & Varitek have been doing over the past week. And unlike those 3, I haven given up hope just yet.

Hi all. Jim Maynard here in Arlington. The brooms were out in force, but the Nation WAS represented well during the 3 game set. Too bad the team didn’t represent! Texas is tough. But their pitching won’t carry them into October. Ours will. Now if only the bats would wake up! Typical Texas crowd…. they only show when the team wins or is on national televison. I’d love to blog more this year, but we’re on the road so much I haven’t been near a computer. Hi Ellen and the gang! Go Sox!

Jim, you’re right about the Texas pitching. That said, the best of pitching can’t win if the offense doesn’t put some numbers (note that’s PLURAL). We haven’t seen a 5 game skid in a long time. They happen and I’m not overly concerned about the long term. It’ll come around. The timing is bad. But, we have 7 games at home before we go to Camden to end the month and that should bode well for us. By the time we meet New York in the second week of August the offense should be out of this rut and back in gear. I’m thinking we’ll go 6 for the next 10. 2 of 3 from Baltimore @ home (I wish I was confident enough to say sweep), Split the A’s series and 2 of 3 from Baltimore @ Camden. We could win as many as 8, but, New York is going to fare at least that well over their next 10, so our series with them is critical.

laroche…interesting….well thats somewhat of a safety blanket….not what i would have dialed up …there might be a bigger deal in progress involving someone….i hope so cause offense has been anemic for awhile…is tito watching the same game as me ?….maybe its my fault for bashin him….i think i watch a differant game….i saw interferance with kinsy but i guess his game was diff…..i wonder if this kotsay 2night is his swan song….nancy,bay,yuke,…heck just about whole team is cold as a withes …..sigh…..good night and sleep well all….judge

moanin all….well the stankees offense was in disarray a month ago…..the sox will get it goin soon….i hope….as for the trades…..well we will see….im thinkin kotsay is released….and maybe a bp guy goin down too…duncan can bash but is like dunn also….i think he will maybe start in minors then we shall see….these 2 might be involved in a larger trade that hasnt come to fruition yet…either way bay and nancy are absolutely killin us….with tek and our revolving ss issues we have alot of holes in the line up… much as i hate to admit it….we are punchless….to compete with the yanks somethin will have to happen…maybe a dynamic trade is in order….i think smoltz has 1-2 more attempts at startin and the timmy will take his spot after his take 1 for the team dl designation…..ty timmy ur the man….we all know they needed a spot to showcase buchy or allow him to either run with it or flop….i still think we should trade hime before his value drops….i just dont see him with ACE SWAGGER… now….remember we had 2 top prospect before who were guarenteed aces….ie….rose and pavano….we got pedro for em who was a steal and rose never developed….ill take halladay now pls….and in that deal toronto will want to dump salary like the mikey trade……IE rios or wells…..maybe toronto wants duncan?…..they have snyder in the minors who is like lind….maybe better in the future…rios or wells is expendable….if that happens i think nancy will mysteriously hurt her uteris and wind up on the dl to make room….and hopefully get on track….time for a day off and then come out firin….GO SOXXXXXXXXX…….judge

lord i cant forget this….im not gonna say much….but even little leaguers can see that the fearless leader spot is as pathetic as the players rt now….allowing no hustle,very strange line ups,missing in game calls, and so on….enough said….go soxxx….please…..judge

If the Red Sox pitching was getting lit up during this losing streak, I would be concerned. The bats are the main reason why the Sox are in a funk, they have the talent to get it cranking again. When???? That is the question we have but we don’t know the answer. Will there be more trades??? I think so. John Henry said yesterday on his twitter page, don’t expect a blockbuster, NEVER EVER believe any baseball owner/executive come trade deadline!!

i still wish the sox would pull the trigger on a deal involving adrian gonzalez from SD…..i would take gonzo over texeira…and hes a bargain basement contract….a sure win situation….the problem would be cutting ties with someone on the team already…judge

3 patheetic runs against the Texas pitching the last 2 nights. The team is in collective hitting slump. Since the Yankees sweep, the Sox had done nothing compared to what our arch rival has been accomplishing. The Sox are too good a team to be 2 games off the pace. I am not even sure the Sox can win the series against the lowly Baltimore let alone against Tampa Bay, Det, and oh my lord the Yankees in August. What’s Tito thinking? Being a nice guy doesn’t win games.

my complaint is not for him to rant and rave because thats not his demeanor ….hes not billy martin,valentine or pinella…but he can bench ppl….i dont care who u are…im losing alot of respect for papi this season and its not for his slump….lack of hustle from a mere dh and supposed team leader….im willing to bet the sox will not hamstring themselves with a dh only plr again…and as for tito…if its possible ….im actually beyond irked and my usual disdain….sorry tito lovers but hes showing his major faults on his own…u dont need me to reiterate it…oh and i wonder if bay thinks he still deserves 15-20 mill ,sorry but that money doesnt go thru 5 week slumps…..judge

ya know….theres been 5-6 situations lately that francona could have marched on the field and absolutely blown a gasket on an umpire to show some fire and desire(im a poet and dint know it) and hopefully get the team goin….i know id send him an email sayin ty u did somethin rt and ill lay off ya for a week bro lol….judge

as for bosox brian…i believe exactly the opposite as u say…if they say dont expect it…then its the preverbial smoke screen….a gonzalez would be my guess or vmart from cleveland…maybe halladay(and a bat from wells or rios)….judge……ok ill hush now lol

What irks me so much is that we gave too much credit to our pitching coach and the manager. The Sox should have won 2/3 against Toronto and Tex pitching. During the doldrums, our coach and manager did nothing to fire up the team except being patient. I hope our best pitching coach and the manager the Sox ever have had a closed door meeting with the pitchers and the position players. The frigging patience cost the Sox the division title in 2008. If the Sox had won the division, the ALCS would likely be against LAA rather against the pesky TB.
I am sure the hitting will turn around and go on rampage and on a winning streak again. Then we will sing hallelujah and praise the Lord for giving us the best pitching coach and manger for their patience. Give me a —— break!
The Tex hitters worked the pitch counts deep and the Sox players didn?t do.

I’m Ok now but it was a lot of contorting for a loss!!!!!!! Let me know what I need to do Friday and I’ll start stertching now!!!!!
Judge, it would be nice to have some of those guys you mention but are they even available? SD would be absolute fools to get rid of Gonzalez and I would not even want to know the asking price….V Mart is hitting like the Red Sox are right now so assuming he is just mired in a slump….that is the same thing some of the Sox players are experiencing…..they’ll snap out of it….just a matter of when. Hopefully they’ll light the Orioles up and have it carry over….Maybe a series against the Yankees will wake the Sox up. Hopefully they don’t wait that long. The pitching has been pretty decent….we need some runs!!!! Go Sox!!!!!

If the other pitchers are throwing strikes….kind of hard to work the count. That is a day by day thing depending on the pitcher….

Arnie – the Red Sox are heading home. The Yankees play today against Oakland so we’ll head into our first game against the O’s either 2 1/2 or 1 1/2 back. The A’s are coming a couple of good games, but they are having a tough season. An article in the Boston Globe morning written by Nick Cafardo – he still thinks the Red Sox are going to trade for someone bigger. I’ll keep reading!

Mike/shakenbake – my emails to you are bouncing back – I know shocking! There appears to be a problem with the computer on your end. I know – Government issue! LOL! I’ll keep trying!

Interesting – the Jays have said today that Halladay has let them know that he isn’t interested in a contract extension – that is why they are looking to trade him:

On Twitter:

Mark Buehrle of the Chicago White Sox has pitched a perfect game against the Tampa Bay Rays.

Mike – if you check in here – apparently the Military thinks that I talk too much also and it won’t deliver my emails!


What you said in reply too me is what I said above. I believe the Sox will pull off something big. Victor Martinez??? Roy Halladay??? Adrian Gonzalez??? I think the guy that will be dealt will be Buchholz and other pieces. As I said above, never ever believe what a owner/baseball executive says this time of year. If I’m the Red Sox I would go after Halladay. I said on here about 2 weeks ago I wouldn’t make a trade for Halladay but I have changed my mind. I think Halladay is one of these guys that will pitch into his late 30’s, this guy still has lots and lots left in the tank.

This team needs to inject some life into it. They have played uninspiring baseball, this series in Texas was very painful too watch! Beckett was the only brightspot during that series. Right before the break they took 3 of 4 from K.C. and barely got by Oakland and almost got swept by the Mariners. In other words this team has played lifeless ball and it has been going on for about 2 weeks or so. A year ago at this time they had Zazu and his CRAZY antics to deal with, this year there are NO EXCUSES!

I watched the game on E.S.P.N. last night and Rick Sutcliffe was talking about how many bases have been swiped against the Red Sox this year. He said it is a 50% split between the pitcher and catcher. Apparently he hasn’t seen many Red Sox games, I would say this year it’s about 90% on the pitcher and 10% on the catcher. Absolutely PATHETIC! Carlton Fisk or Johnny Bench wouldn’t have a chance if they were behind the plate with the Sox this year. I am convinced I could steal second and third off of any Red Sox pitcher! I am no speed demon but against this pitching staff, you could walk and steal a base! LOL!!

Mike!!! I just got the email you sent me – but I am unable to send emails to you!!! I keep getting this weird error message telling me this:

—– Transcript of session follows —–
451 Name server timeout
Warning: message still undelivered after 4 hours
Will keep trying until message is 5 days old

It started last night late in the game – but the first error message did not arrive until like 2 in the morning.

Anyone have any suggestions?


I hope the Sox will pull off a big one as well. Be it V-Mart, Adrian Gonzo, get either, all of them. This team is lifeless, hapless, gutless from top to bottom. Let’s see what they can do against the O’s at home. If the Sox can get Halladay, do it. Halladay is THE best pitcher in this galaxy. Other than D Bard and Tazawa, offer the Jays half the farm. Give them what they want.
If it were not for the 8-0 against the Yanks. the Sox are in third place. If the Sox continue to play like last two weeks, the race is over in August.

Hey Mike – if you check here later, drop me an email (I can get yours!) so I know that you know why you haven’t gotten any emails from me! After all – I know it is Friday there already! Have a great weekend!


It’s Friday! And not a day too soon…I’m ready for a day off! I hope the team meeting today includes some “This is a bat…this is how you hold a bat…”

Hey Mike – No, there appears to be a problem with your server on base that receives your mail. I can get mail from you (the send server works) but anything I send you I get the message that I posted a few above. When they all finally get through – You’ll have a bunch! Though you probably just think that the government thinks I talk too much just like MLBlogs! HAHAHAHA!!! If you don’t get any of my emails before the end of your day – have a great Friday night – you’ve earned it this week and I promise to cheer the Red Sox on when I am at the game Friday! Have a great weekend and I hope to catch up with you soon!



I get off in 6 hours, so we’ll see if the server comes back up by then. If not, have a beer for me at the game! I hope you get to watch one of those wins where it’s a 18-3 blowout. I miss those!

I will Mike and from your mouth to the baseball gods ears! I would love to see a 18-3 game. I’m sitting in the bleachers so I don’t know how great any pictures I take will be but I’ll try! And how knows with all the homers that will be hit during the game (!) maybe I’ll catch one! Have a great Friday night! Hope to catch up with you soon!

See you all tomorrow for the game. I think I’ll be calling it a night soon – at 11 already! And Damn – the Yankees just took the lead in their game! ugh!

Night all! 🙂

is there another official red sox place to blog…seems it alot to ask to get a regular new thread here

The rain we’ve had overnight (several inches!) should be over by mid-day so there should be no trouble getting the game in.

ok …ill try and type here without gettin booted 15 times…heres the best case scenario for a blockbuster trade…THE BEST,,,,ADRIAN GONZALEZ….this is a no brainer if ya ask me…u can get a allstar,gold glove clean up and possible triple crown winner for say delcarmen,lars anderson,bowden and buchy….i know it sounds like alot but gonzo is cheap at less than 6 mill a yr and none of those prospects are proven where gonzo is …..oh ya …he plays on one of the worst teams in baseball and still yr after yr puts up huge numbers….we missed texeira….this guy is better…..SECOND BEST DEAL…..VMART….this would cover our catcher spot and gives us a 1st baseman and dh who can play….this deal i wouldnt include both bowden and buchy….just buchy….im sure exsposito,anderson and buchy would get em….maybe delcafrmen also…..3RD BEST DEAL…TEXAS…..i still think theo is tryin to get one of those catchers from texas and maybe a masher like cruz,or **** like young….btw young albeit expensive can play any infield position and played with 2 broken fingers last yr for half the season….nancy goes on the dl for menstral cramps every so often…..btw….shes hitting what now?….any of you think bay deserves 15 + mill ?…..i think holiday will be here next yr but thats just me….im asking all of you to light a candle ,rub buddhas belly,sacrifice a rubber chicken,beg for good juju or whatever it is that u do for good luck and pray for adrian gonzalez to put on a sox uni….hes that friggin good…and we need him….what do we do with mikey,yuke,papi to make room for him?….the same thing that should be done always….play the hot hand or include a plr in the deal…its time for a move….judge

Guten Tag. Judge, wie gehts? I like V-Mart better other than he can play 1b, catch, and of course dh, is that he hits for better average in the AL. Adrian is a power hitter playing in NL. If can trade Buchhie straight up for V-Mart, please do do do it. I don’t mind throw in Delcarman as well for V-mart.

Five years ago today – do you all remember who we played on July 24, 2004 and what happened during the game? It was a turning point in Red Sox history – it is a great day for us to return home and to STOP THE SLIDE!!!

guten morgan chow..alles gutte…und deine laste frage…bestimpt….meine erste frau geboren en stuttgarte….aber yetz est vorbei.. verlicht 3 jahre…i like both vmart and a gonzo….i prefer gonzo but id take vmart also…i think we can get gonzo and either wait on exsposito or wagner to develop or trade in the offseason for a catcher to replace tek when his time is due….ive mentioned before that 2011 is an interesting yr….alot of contracts run out then…and the sox already have yuke and pedey locked up….i still think the sox will blockbuster…but im wrong alot too…theo never ceases to amaze…2006 brings back bad memories tho….this yr is the same pattern…go soxxxxxxxxxxx….judge

San Diego might give up Gonzalez if we give them the world but Texas is not parting with anyone. They are buyers right now…….

Also on July 31st, 2004 Nomah was traded to the Cubs and the Sox exploded after that…..I hope we don’t have to do a trade like that again to get the teams attention!!!!!! Or maybe the Sox do need to make a trade like that. Who would be the big surprise this time?

Ellen you got it and YES I had to blog on it today to inspire our boys!



CF – Maybe we do need a trade like that – would it be Buchholz?

Ellen – I DM Ian on Twitter with your idea that he needs to do a post about that game.

I am not sure Julia… anyone interested in Big Papi? He has a huge contract and I can’t see anyone picking him up. I would hate to see him go but I was astonished when they traded Nomar and now I am kind of glad they did. The only mistake they made that year was when they let Cabrera go….I really thought they should have signed him back then. I am not sure what the plan for Laroche is. I have read about the plan but am not sure how it all fits in….If Laroche has a good week does someone unexpected go away or did trhey gaet Laroche just to send him away again. I hope they don’t make a rash decision depending on one week of Laroche’s performance…..I’ll say it again….I am soooooooooooo confused!!!!! Go Sox!!

Ellen – I heard back from Ian – he is on his way to Copperstown – LUCKY guy! – and he will try to put a new post up later. He said he was talking to his son about “that game” this morning.

Mein Freund Judge:
Für Ihre Informationen. Padres wird Gonzo mit Red Sox nicht diskutieren. So go after my man V-Mart, Theo.

Breaking news email from local TV station:

The Red Sox today placed Mark Kotsay on waivers to make a roster spot for new acquisition Adam LaRoche. If Kotsay is not claimed within 48 hours, the club can either release him or send him to the minors.

I guess we know what the move is for now.

Julia: That’s expected. Once they acquire LaRoche, Kotsay is the odd man out. The Sox don’t need two lefties on bench. Kotsay is adequate defensively. But he hits 00000.
Go after V-Mart please.

LaRoche supposedly has a .322 BA in July, just not this July.

LaRoche is going to wear #23. The reports are that he is as quiet as Drew.

******** NEW THREAD!!!********************

Thanks Ian!!!! Have a great time in Cooperstown

I like the platoon… Especially for the upcoming stretch run… But Youk should sit out some too.. he is really getting banged up as well an d even though he is younger he still could use a day off every now and again…

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