Five years ago today …

There are moments that are frozen in a season, and others that are frozen for an entire era.

Think back to five years ago today. The date was July 24, 2004. The Red Sox had just come off an excruciating loss to the Yankees the night before, despite three home runs from Kevin Millar. Despite all the  hype going into the season, they were entered the day 9 and a half games behind the Yankees in the American League East. And it was a rainy day. For a while, it looked like there would be no baseball game.

One or two Yankees had reportedly started showering, because apparently, the showers were going to wash away the game. But Jason Varitek,  Millar and some other members of the team told ownership, in a manner of speaking, “Get that field ready to play. We want to play baseball today.”

The Red Sox had some fight in them. Bronson Arroyo hit Alex Rodriguez with a breaking pitch in the third inning and the rest, you see in history. A-Rod barked at Arroyo, hollering and taunting expletives. Varitek wasn’t in the mood. He told A-Rod to get the “choice word here” to first base. Next thing you know, the superstar of the Yankees and the captain of the Red Sox were jaw to jaw. Arms flailing toward each other. Varitek literally lifted A-Rod off the ground with his glove, and then, a melee ensued.

Still though, the Yankes took a 9-4 lead on the Sox as the middle innings wore on. But the Red Sox kept chipping away. With two outs in the bottom of the ninth, bam. Bill Mueller hit a walkoff homer off Mariano Rivera. The Red Sox had planted a seed in the minds of the Yankees, their bullies for all those years.

By the end of October, they had turned the tables on the Yankees from 3-0 down in the ALCS and went on to win their first World Series in 86 years.

Varitek’s mitt in A-Rod’s face was simply a sign that the Red Sox weren’t going to take it anymore. It is one of those moments that won’t be forgotten. And now it is five years later, and the Yankees — though they now lead the AL East — are still trying to even the score.


And what a day it was! Let’s hope the Red Sox turn it around again on this 7/24!

The lineups for tonight are:

1. Brian Roberts, 2B
2. Adam Jones, CF
3. Nick Markakis, RF
4. Aubrey Huff, 1B
5. Nolan Reimold, LF
6. Luke Scott, DH
7. Melvin Mora, 3B
8. Matt Wieters, C
9. Cesar Izturis, SS
SP — Brad Bergesen, RHP

Red Sox
1. Jacoby Ellsbury, CF
2. Dustin Pedroia, 2B
3. Kevin Youkilis, 1B
4. David Ortiz, DH
5. Jason Bay, LF
6. J.D. Drew, RF
7. Mike Lowell, 3B
8. Jason Varitek, C
9. Jed Lowrie, SS
SP — Brad Penny, RHP

Ellen says “hello” to everyone! She’ll blog back here the next time the Red Sox win! She left some massages on my blog today!


Rumor had it that Varitek had the picture of his mitt in A-Rod’s face as his screen-saver.

Penny takes the hill, so that means he’ll go no more than 6 innings but the good news is the bullpen is well rested.
The bats need to get cranking and maybe some home cooking will do the trick. Some bad teams hit Fenway, come to think about it the Red Sox are one of those bad teams. Only (1) freaking win since the All Star break! PATHETIC! Here’s hoping they snap out of it!

Sorry to see Kotsay gone, I liked him and I thought he did a decent job with the Red Sox. Kotsay is a very versatile player, he’ll be a good pick-up for someone out there.

Hi Brian,

I too will miss Kotsay. According to the local media, he & his family are flying back to San Diego to their offseason home, so if he clears waivers I don’t think we’ll see with the PawSox.

Chris Duncan is hitting cleanup for the PawSox tonight and he is wearing #32.

Tonight is the night for the Red Sox to turn this around! GO RED SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHOOOO HOOOOO!!!

Ellen – in case you stop in to read – I have faith you’ll be back tomorrow!

Ellen isn’t posting here until the Red Sox win again – but she says “hi” to all and SHEBELIEVES!!!!! WHOO HOOOO!!!

NONONONO!!! No Eck in the booth!!! We need him to turn the team around! I have NO idea who that guy is!!

A guy from Yahoo Sports is in the booth – Gordon Edes

Eck is at Cooperstown.

Okay all – don’t look – it is the “dreaded” red shirts! {shudder}

I think they just said that LaRoche will be in the lineup tomorrow. Not sure.

All is right in the world – we just heard “high cheese” from the booth! LOL!!!

The Orioles manager looks like William Shatner.

Penny is throwing HARD tonight!

sigh…..a stolen base.

Good first inning for Penny. Fastball clocked at 99 mph

I think the boys are happy to be home! Nice hit Jacoby!!!!

Okay – this is starting out well! KEEP IT UP BOYS!!!!!

Big Papi’s restaurant opens tonight. I’ll try to get there tomorrow.

OKAY- Back to back Ks are NOT good when you had 2 on no one out!!!!!!!!!

Thank you Mora! We love mental mistakes!

Bases load for Drew and he swings at the first pitch OUT with bases loaded! grrrrrrrr…

I know – but I like talking to myself – I always listen!!!

Not good. Penny’s pitch count is going up – 37 and there is only on out in the 2nd.

I love TEK BUT That error throwing to second NOT GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Sox have come a long way! About the current state of the team, let’s not forget that just a week ago we were starting a road trip sitting comfortably in first place, three games ahead of the Yanks. What I’m trying to say is that one bad week shouldn’t worry us too much.

In the meantime, let’s beat those O’s! Have a nice time in Cooperstown, Ian!

O’s up 1-0 after 1 and a half.

Can we get it back!!!!!!???????


Good walk Lowell! Patience is a good thing!


Good luck to you Mark Kotsay….I don’t think you’ll be on waivers long….Go Sox

GREAT catch by Jacoby! Middle of the 3rd. And Yankees are up 2-1. Great.

Update – Kotsay was DFA and not waived.

It was just confirmed from Red Sox mgt via WBZ-TV – Kotsay was DFAed and not put on waivers. I hope he gets picked up soon also.

Hi Carlos!

I hope we can get back on track tonight.

Three hits in a row!!! WE HAVE A RUN!!!!

OMG….Boston Scorrrrrrrresssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

The Bullpen band is BACK!!!!! That is a good sign!!!!!

Boston Scoreeeeeeeeeeeeessssssss again!!!!!!


It’s the band! We need the band!!!! The guys are having fun again!!!

I guess the Sox are taking baby steps….wouldn’t want to OD on too many runs at once until they are ready….

WE are on a run!! It’s the date 7/24!!! Time to turn the season around again!!!

ELLEN – I know you’re bowling – but KEEP THE FAITH!!! I have the feeling you will be back tomorrow!!!!

Where are you….I have a headache from this position you told me to take on the couch…..the computer looks bad upside down…..I need some Dramanine

it’s okay cf – two each inning will be just fine! lol!!!

Can I offer you a French Martini instead???

I agreee Julia….at this pint the Sox will have to take what they can get……A french martini would be a good start!!!! Where is everybody?????

My spelling sucks….I am rushing before I get kicked off!!!!

Ellen won’t blog until we win.

Mike/shakenbake – it is Saturday morning in South Korea so I suspect he is sleeping off Friday night! He was on duty 13 straight days.

Don’t know about others.

And don’t worry about spelling – if I have one more French martini I won’t be able to tell the difference! And since they are winning I have to!!!

At least this pitcher isn’t wearing out the strike zone like the Texas pitchers did…..allows the Sox to get into their patient mode….


You are right about the pitchers! I like this game SO much better then Texas!!!

I didn’t know that. Mike has had wargames this past week.

GREAT!! It won’t let me post again!!!!!

Great way to run it out Drew!!!! 3-1!!!

Bummer Lowell!

Padilla for the Rangers has tested positive for the Swine flu.

And we are posting out of order again.

MIKEY!!! Great catch!!!

Yeah – I wish Penny’s count was lower. He has pitched VERY well tonight.

Are you still in the Air Force cf?

I acn sympathize with Mike….I was at the same base he was in 1994 and 1995….I know what he’s dealing with. God bless that guy…

This is the BEST I’ve seen Penny all season! Gives me hope that Smoltz will be great when I go to the game on Sunday

Wish Penny’s pitch count was a little lower…..he’s looking good tonight. The Orioles are making him work but he is throwing strikes…

I will. Right now they are having trouble with their servers – he can send out email but he is having trouble receiving emails.

Mike lowell is a grinder…leads by example…

Penny’s velocity tonight is outstanding!!!!

If you don’t mind me asking cf – what’s your first name?

That is true – and it really hasn’t been our pitcher’s faults that we are loosing!

DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!! Ellsbury is out!

Ask Mike about Lee Greenwood. I bet they still play God Bless The USA Over the Base Loudspeaker when the war games are over on Friday…..I could not wait for that song to play come Friday morning….

Hopefully you are right about Schmotlz…if the Sox keep hitting like this the pitchers have a huge load to haul till they break out of this….Jacoby got screwed out of a triple there….

Hopefully you are right about Schmotlz…if the Sox keep hitting like this the pitchers have a huge load to haul till they break out of this….Jacoby got screwed out of a triple there….

It’s Craig….My picture is on Garry’s site…

Thanks Craig – I recognized your username but couldn’t connect it to your name….maybe the French Martinis? lol!

The ground-rule double cost us a run.

Great job Brad Penny…..let’s reward him with a win guys…

Pitching change – Let’s win it for Penny! He deserves the win!

Great minds think alike! lol!

In sync…it has to happen then…

Hey boys and girl! – What, pray tell, is a French Martini? Wendy

Sorry. I’m having “one of those days” at work. We’ll get an easy pose for tomorrow. Hang in there, brother. Gotta run, it’s Friday night!!!!! Busy!!!!!


Wendy – A French Martini is Vodka, Chambord & Pineapple juice. Yummy!

It’s time to put the birds in their cage…..surround them with runs!!!!!

I’m feeling it tonight Craig!!! They needed to come home to break out of their rut!

COME ON YOUK!!!! WE need you to hit!

Boy – posting has just become difficult for me!

Posting is a pain in the butt!!!!!

Hi Arnie! Bye Arnie!

Heck no – if we win tonight – sorry Craig you are in the same position tomorrow night!!!

I’ve got your back brother….nice to hear you are busy in this economy…nothing more important than putting food on the table and a roof over your head. Somehow I think you have the food part covered!!!!!!!!

If we win….I’ll be contorting again…it will be worth it. If the Sox could see me now they wouldn’t let me down!!!!! Arnie had me doing this last year a couple times and it worked!!!!!

Hi Garry – it is Gorden Edes – Yahoo Sports. He use to write for the Boston Globe. Eck is at Cooperstown.

I wish we had kept Kotsay.

Craig – we want pictures!!! LOL!!!

Nice job Okie!!

They keep mentioning VMArt….Are the Sox serious about him?

Here we go with the postings all over the place…

The times on the postings have been crazy this past week or so Craig.

Who is this guy in the booth with Orsillo? Put me to “freaking” sleep, or what!!!! He’s horrible.

Isn’t this like the third time Ellsbury has been thrown out at the plate this year? What a rocket by Markakis. It took a perfect throw to get him, and that’s what that was.

Pretty gutsy outing by Penny. I was surprised he lasted as long as he did.

Kotsay gone!! I’m not sure I like that. He had some versatility in the field. However, he didn’t hit much and was hurt a lot. I don’t think he’s at 100 percent yet. Maybe LaRoche will be an improvement.

Sox should have given some thought to Holliday. I have believed all year, and I still believe that Papi’s best days are behind him. Holliday is going to ask for big bucks after this year, but he won’t get them after this year. He could have been interesting in Fenway.

I heard you guys talking about the crazy posting times….now I see what you are talking about…



Yeah Craig – some times the posting times match what’s on your computer and sometimes they’ve been way off – at times there was 7 minutes difference in the times.

Let’s go Papelbon!!!!


GET IT DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh lord…..pap…..NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Orsillo and his buddy need to refer to the guy they are talking about as ZAZU….

They need NOT to talk about him! We do NOT miss the Manny drama!!!!


Settle down here…..

Security is removing someone from the bleachers.

That was vintage Papelbon….busted bat pop-up..

No it isn’t Brian.

Are we seeing the future of our closures with Bard?



The jeerk whistling isn’t helping!!!




His fastball appears to have pop…..use the darn thing…


JUST GET IT DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Three fastballs……WHIFF!!!!!!!

In season’s past when Papelbon jumped ahead of a hitter, that hitter was done! Certainly not the case in 2009.

Come on Pap! YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Once again, Paps is working on giving me a heart attack.


I’m feeling it tonight Craig!!! They needed to come home to break out of their rut!

COME ON YOUK!!!! WE need you to hit!

Boy – posting has just become difficult for me!

This ump doesn’t seem to like pitches low in the zone!

YES!!! The Slide ends!!!


I’ll take the heart attack if it means a win Craig!!!

Night Wendy!

Great win – heck – it WAS a win!!!!

And they say that LaRoche is suppose to be in the game tomorrow!!

Have a good one Craig!!!

Night all – all is GOOD tonight!!!!


I understand that Craig! lol!!

Brian – Penny did a GREAT job! Talk about throwing gas!!

I hear you Craig! Good night!

The Sox are back….starting pitching was great….middle relief was great….and Papelbon gave us a dang heart attack….just like old days!!!

Good game, but no breathing room, that’s for sure… Way toooo close… But all’s well that ends well!

A French Martini for everyone!!! Cheers!

No couch for me till tomorrow….

Cardinals get Matt Holliday…..

Dice-K in 2008 pitched his best when the bases were loaded, Papelbon is doing the same in 2009. Papelbon was throwing some serious gas!

I didn’t see Penny pitch tonight but he did get into the 7th inning, much too my surprise.

The bullpen seems to be back on track, they had some hiccups before the break.

The bats are still too quiet but a win is a win! AMEN!

I agree Julia….the Sox are about the only thing worth me taking the “dirt nap” for.

Gotta tell ya….Penny was awesome…..and Tito took him out at the exact right time….doubt we’ll hear much about his managing from the Tito bangers tomorrow. Penny had a high pitch count but he was throwing strikes and his fastball was between 96-98 MPH. The orioles were fouling a lot of his pitches off causing the high count. I think the Sox will think twice before they offer him up….he has given them a chance to win in a lot of his starts and he has stayed healthy…..Go Sox!!!

OMG – Lugo hit an HR for the Cardinals tonight. Just figures.

Good for Lugo….it’s ironic though….when Renteria left he quit making errors…..

I hope Kotsay gets picked up by someone also Craig. I always liked him.

Kotsay is a valuable guy to have and could start on some teams…..I think he’ll be fine…

I give Lugo credit – he didn’t go complaining to the media and when asked to he tried his best – in his own way he showed up to play everyday.

The Sox have been fortunate to have a lot of players come in there and do the best that they could without a lot of playing time….Crisp, Casey, Lugo, Kotsay, Kapler….they did not disrupt the team and were true professionals…Good luck to them all and anyone else I’m sure I missed

Cora is another one….I really liked that guy….

Time to be the grease monkey and change the wife’s oil….I thought I subbed well for Ellen tonight…..she should be back tomorrow….like the honorable Sox bench guys…I won’t complain about being a sub!!!!!!!

Sleep well tonight Mike….you earned it…I got your back…

HONEY>>>> I’M HOME!!!!
Well thank God they won… I dont know how much longer I would have been able to stay away!! If anyone saw Julia’s blog today she had the prettiest picture. I liked it soooo much I made it my wallpaper here and at the office. It’s the picture of Tek’s mitt in ARods face… Nothing like that to get the boys going, huh???
How is everyone?? I have to go and catch up on tonights postings since I was bowling.. be back later or in the a.m.
Wow, it’s good to be home..

Best of luck to Padiila with the swine flu. I wouldnt even widh that on the Yankees… nah.. I wouldnt

I hope that the Sox management soes some swine flu testing… I know they didnt kiss Vencente or anything (did they?) but still.. that’s some scary stuff.. 2 people in the south florida area have died in the past month. I’m out for the night.. Glad to be back guys!!
Craig, You did a fantastic job.. and you can be my wing man ANY time!!
I hope that Mike’s doing ok… HI MIKE!!!

I’ve been looking through one of my yoga books and I really like the Shooting Bow pose. You’ll love it, too. For now, stick with the Obverse Couch position until things go south, as per Julia, and then we’ll talk Shooting Bow. You’re gonna luv it, trust me.

Great win for the Sox, even though I missed the game. Dang work!!! GO SOX!!!!

The Sox finally stopped their slide. Even when we win it’s exhausting. Tito pulled Penny at the right time. Papelbon (Cardioman) continues to give everyone palpitations. Fortunately the Sox stayed alive. Let’s keep it going!!!

Please let us not be living only in the past, as glorious as that 2004 memory is.
At some point, we have to recover from the (hard-earned) impending sense of doom and trust to the present, not to mention the future. LaRoche is a canny, inexpensive pickup but Theo alluded to the fact it was an affordable move that could leave salary for another (perhaps more significant) move to come.
The Bosox braintrust know their players, they know who’s out there and they know they’re not happy with the way the boys are playing. They have the assets and the moxie. Nobody is perfect, but I have an enormous faith in Theo at the telephone and Tito in the dugout.
When we look back in 10, 20, 30 years, these will be the good old days.
Rejoice, Bosox fans. After almost 90 years in the wilderness, you’ve got the best management team in baseball.
I loved that Theo said the Bosox goal is to be in a position where they don’t need a free agent. If we ever get to that Holy Grail — and get a free agent, watch out!

Well put Vancouver….

Welcome back Ellen!!!

Actually they said during the game that there are several Rangers players who are on meds for suspected Swine flu. I suspect the Red Sox will get anyone who gets sick tested.

Vancouver – I’m not sure any of us are living in the past – but if there was ever one game, in my opinion, that we can point to and say that it changed the Red Sox forever – I would put that game at the top of the list. It was a break through moment for them; like a child learning to take their first steps it was an “Ah-ha” moment for the team. Since that day there have been game after game where when it was over we find ourselves saying “They use to lose games like that.” I really believe something happened that day that has defined the whole philosophy of the team since then. Yes, Theo et all have done an unbelievable job building our team and the farm system – and we would not have been successful with out them but we have seen other teams that look great on paper but just can’t win – and I think it’s because they don’t know what it means to be a team – to play together, to have fun together – to stick up for each other. During last night’s game I was so happy to see our bullpen band back! You know why? Because that told me the team was back in the “zone” playing and having fun like they have the last few years. I took that as a very good sign that there good days ahead. Heck I’ve lived through too many years of being a Red Sox fan to be overly concerned at losing 5 straight but by the same token I’m a life long fan so of course I’m stressing over a 5 game losing streak! No, we don’t look back – but you’ve got to admit it sure is nice to visit that day in 2004 again. Heck – we could be 20 games a head of the Yankees and seeing that video would still make me smile!!

I’ll be back later – I might miss some of the game – I have some friends from out of state stopping in for dinner as they are driving through. Craig – same position please – sorry but you have to do it for the team!🙂

GO RED SOX!!! Ellen – I’ll make sure I get a WHOOOO HOOOO in before the game! I’m glad your back!!!!!!

I know the real reason we won last night… the guys wanted me back here!! (and I put the picture up as my wallpaper!!) LOL
Vancouver… Well said.. I couldnt have put it any better than you.
Jules.. I’ll be here tonight we can Whooo-Wooooo (combination of yours and mine) together!!! sounds hinky!!!
Hi Arnie… I’m going to test out your Palm Beach Cake recipe tomorrow…. Can’t wait.

Hey everyone,
The fact that the Red Sox won against the worst team in the Eastern division barely scraping away with three runs is an alarm bell. The fact that Penny, who has no life on his fastball was able to keep up one run reflect Baltimore’s struggles vs. the Sox victory.
I’ve been thinking…I wonder how much pressure it is to play in Boston. Tito said it best — we are here to win. Imagine going into a team with that type of attitude — every single day. Imagine the media, the press, the rabid fans, the management and I’m getting a clearer picture of how tough it is to play in Boston. You’re not expected to perform, you’re expected to outperform everyone else and then some. Start to get sloppy and it’s the number one story in the media. Start to struggle and you’re on everyone’s hate list.
The Sox make every game look like Game 1 of the World Series — everyone desperate to outperform. I wonder how much pressure that puts you under.
I’ve seen Zazu, Hanson, David A. all excel with other teams once they leave and Lugo looks like he might also be part of that schema. I wonder how much PRESSURE influences the player and how much of that takes it out of you.
Just a thought.

The streak is over – the Yankees lost!

And you’re right Dave – there is a TON of pressure to play in Boston. And it has to take its toll. Only the strong survive here.

I have out of state friends arriving at 4:30 and they will be here for dinner – don’t know when I’ll be able to pop on here – so……


See you all later – I hope!!! Cheer them on for me!

Thanks for a canny post, Ian.

The Sox are in the middle of a slump. Is it terminal? Or will the bats heat up to support what remains a formidable pitching arsenal?

I suspect it will be the latter. But Ian’s post reminds us of how different this slump is, in the wider scheme of things, from the seeming doldrums of 2004. The ball team is in an incomparably better place than it was, just 5 years ago, and it has many, many, quality components contributing to its ongoing successful development – all, to my eyes, ensuring that, whatever the travails of yesterday or tomorrow, come September, the Red Sox will be fighting hard for the AL East pennant

I hope all is well with you this summer.
I agree…There is lots and lots of pressure playing for the Red Sox. Some guys can handle it ( Beckett, Youkilis, Pedroia, so many others too name ) and other guys can’t deal with it. So many others that couldn’t and I say, I don’t want them in Boston anyway. Renteria comes too my mind that couldn’t handle the pressure of Boston. He was happier playing in Atlanta ( even though the Braves were under .500 ) than he was in Boston, he couldn’t handle the fish-bowl atmosphere that is Boston! His former manager ( Tony LaRussa ) said that when LaRussa was doing his book tour back in 2005. Theo and the Red Sox recognized that and shipped him to Atlanta. Props for the Red Sox on seeing that Renteria wasn’t happy in Boston but one thing they didn’t do was there homework on him, the character/make-up of a player. That goes a long way. Schilling was a guy that thrived playing in Boston, he was the total opposite of Renteria. It takes a special player to play in Boston, I believe it is the toughest place to play baseball. Ask Francona about the pressure of Boston. He has lots and lots on his plate every single day and I think he handles it as good as you can. That is what makes him the perfect manager for this team. Playing and managing in Boston is difficult but I think if your a competitor ( all these guys love too compete ) where else would you rather be??? Certainly not Pittsburgh or Kansas City!

Dave, I agree with you and you made a good point about most of those guys being “relieved”, under less pressure and performing better than they had in Boston, but the only reason that Zazu is doing better out there in Lollywood is that he got his way and was let out of Boston… He QUIT on this team and his teammates said as much!! If he becomes “unhappy” in LA, you can expect to see the same one man “act”(the bad knee(s), the sore back, the slumping bat, the not running out of infield hits and anything else that he doesnt believe will go over the wall) that you and I and everyone else in and out of RedSox Nation saw last season. I am of the opinion that he CAN hit WHENEVER he WANTS to hit and when he doesnt want to he just shuts down. I will never argue that he does not prepare and I wont argue regarding his work ethic ~~its there~~… WHEN HE NEEDS and WANTS IT TO BE… but please, dont ask me to believe that he’s doing better because he has less pressure. UMMM… the female hormone thing?.. no pressure there!!! 50 day suspension?, none…
I am sure that now after all the crap that he’s pulled and what has come to light about him, he’s on a shorter leash in Frank McCourts bark park….. and I think that the pressure is there as well…

Julia, we are going to need a pre game Woooo-Hoooooo…
I’ll be here !!

Without looking this up, who can tell me the name of the winning pitcher inthe infamous 7/24/04 game vs the Yankees.. Brian youre afountain of trivia, so I know you’ll get it, but lets see if anyone else knows…. REMEMBER IN THIS CASE NO GOOGLING…..


The answer…Hint….hint….Not one of Theo’s better signings! HA..HA…Great question….Props to you!

Let’s hope Lester doesn’t battle himself tonight like he did in his last start on Sunday in Toronto. Walks hurt in Toronto, then again they usually do. The bats are still quiet but all they need is (1) big coming out party. Could it be tonight???

More players have presented with “flu-like” symptoms in the Rangers clubhouse… As I said earlier, I hope that the RedSox management gets some swine flu testing going… The guys were just there this week… This could be a SCARY THING…. Get well soon to the Rangers….

I’m all for a “Big Party” of any kind, and if big guys with hot bats are involved all the better!!! lol


If I was a member of the media ( Ian among others ) I would get myself checked out, just too be on the safe side. Scary for sure as you say.


Men sporting wood, I’m guessing Julia will be with you as well. LOL!! Don’t wear them out too much. HA..HA..HA…

Brian, who did we play to get to the ALCS that year?? Was it Oakland?? I seem to remember a day game…

Ellen……..2004 A.L.C.S. was against N.Y.—Sox swept the Angels in the div. series. Those games seem like years ago. Not many left from the 2004 team. 2003 the Sox beat Oak. (5 games ) in the div. series. Cowboy up in 03. That was a fun season!

I knew that we played NY in the Alcs but couldnt remember who it was we beat to get there…

Hey everyone,
Ellen, good point on Manny and one I definitely was overlooking in the article. Manny wasn’t a good example of the pressure breaks you. That, in his case, was immaturity.
I also want to add that I will miss Kotsay. Kotsay, like Casey and Doug Mirabelli were well known for their abilities in holding together a team. Maybe Kotsay wasn’t the specialist. Maybe he wasn’t the regular player, but he was a class act and that was a very tough loss. I understand Theo wanted to unload Lugo at all costs, but in this case, I think the removal of Kotsay was a bitter pill.
Finally, Yanks lost a game — didn’t think it was possible. I was very nervous about the 2009 team. If Girardi could manage those egos, I knew they’d be a killer squad and unfortunately, Girardi seems to be doing just that. No question the Yanks are a nasty, tough team and one that will really challenge the Red Sox. Sadly, it couldn’t come at a worse time that the Sox now will face the Yanks very soom with bats that are made of swiss cheese and humus.

Let’s see… Youk (up from Pawtucket) played in the ALDS but not in the ALCS or WS, Papi was there, so was Wake, Tek, … I think that is everyone (except for Tito) that is rill here.. Am I right???

I just checked. That’s everyone we have left over from 04.

I remember crying on the white tile in my living room in ’03.. then in 04 we moved but I once again had white tile, and cried again but for a TOTALLY different reason… these were incredibly HUGE tears of JOY!!!


I really enjoy talking about games in the past, some unknown players had some fine moments with the Red Sox. So many great moments with the Red Sox, some were great and others not so great! Game #3 in the 2004 A.L.C.S. was just miserable too watch and it killed me to sit there and watch that crap! While that misery was happening, I really thought that it would be years for a W.S. title in Boston.

i’M ALL FOR CRANKING THE TEMPERATURE UP ON THE BATS.. !!! I couldnt watch all of last nights game, I was bowling but my favorite bartender always puts the REDSOX on the REALLY BIG SCREEN for me.. I think my not so small tips help that!! lol
I WANT A WIN with me watching!!!!!


Brad Mills ( bench coach ) Francona’s right hand man and former team-mate at U.A. Other than that, I think we have it covered.

Let’s get these bats cranking!

here we go again.. posting out of order.. good thing we are all reasonably intelligent (well ‘cept me of course!!lol) other wise it would be all sxrewed up here with the time “difference.. I’m going to the World Clock to get the correct time and make sure that my computer has it.. if you want to just google “world clock”

6:56 eastern

wow they are 8 minutes off….

LaRoche in the line-up tonight, giving Youk the night off..
BTW.. I wonder how Kelli Pedroia is doing.. Good health to her and the baby to be!!

I’m scared to do the pre-game cheer… So I’ll just give a GREAT.. BIG.. HUGE..

My pre-game tylenol has kicked in… the couch in another one of Arnie’s torcher rack positions….

Someone should tell La Roche that he drooled chewing tobacco all over his chin… Buy a RAZOR…. Youk has the only goat butt on this team…

Strong so far.. keep it going Jon..
Now we need BATS and men crossing the plate!!!

Come on Pedey!! get em RatBoy!!!

Now…. Bring them HOME!!!


That was worth every nerve I’ve pinched already….

That is the coming out party I am talking about. Way to go Ortiz. That should be enough runs for Lester tonight, he’ll pitch a gem tonight.

Craig, I am sending over a masseuse to cure all that ills you!!

The way the Red Sox pitchers ignore base runners…..Johnny Bench would not be able to throw runners out in his prime on this team. Thanks Ellen for the relief!!!!

No we need more runs… (just in case.. you can never be too rich or have too many runs. Isnt that what the Queen of England once said?? LOL

there’s my Tek-er!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

I’m really more than over all the “Ricky” talking in 3rd person stories… Yes, he was a great base thief, but I cant stand his freaking EGO!!!

Hi All! Did Big Papi get the HR??

Don Orsillo said over the years that Victor Martinez has had a difficult time throwing out runners…this just in….Red Sox catchers don’t throw out runners because the pitchers don’t care about those guys running around the diamond. LOL!!

Gordon Edes said any deal for Victor Martinez will start with Clay Buchholz, I’m fine with that. Boston has enough arms in there system. I don’t want too see Bard go, the sky is the limit for him.

Good Job Obey wan Jacoby!!!

Ellsbury drove that one quite well. This Balt. team has no pitching. When I was growing up, the Orioles always had good pitching year after year.

I’m working a deal with Theo to get you a World Series ring for all your efforts on the couch helping the Sox win these games. Hang in there.

Julia….Big Papi hit one to dead center off a 95MPH fastball…..looking good…

I know it’s “just” the O’s.. (no slight intended, I want the O’s to have a good season sometime soon) but Lester sure looks like he’s got everything firing tonight…. Go JonnyL….

Thanks Arnie….Luckily I have decent medical coverage!!!!

I was watching the St Louis game earlier…..when I tuned in to this Lugo was 3 for 4…….


I’m with you about Lester. Spotting his fastball on both sides of the plate. Looking strong.

i like Gordon Edes as a writer, but he needs to stop kissing Henderson’s butt!

That pitch to Ortiz, I wonder about that one. 2 outs and bases empty is a good time for Guthrie too toss one at him. Things that make me go hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.


I am in agreement with you about Edes. Edes was the one who got the scoop on Zazu going to L.A.


I’m guessing your not a fan of Rickey Henderson. Henderson had a brief career in Boston. The scary part about Henderson, he isn’t into the drug scene. lol.

Hey Arnie.. Your cake is for dessert tomorrow night!

I respect his baserunning prowess, but I think eveyone here knows how I feel about overblown egos.. and I despise the way he speaks about himself in the 3rd person…

Actually they just had a commercial on that NESN sopped that story about ZAZU..

that is scooped…

Thats Mikey’s hip not letting him bend all the way down… that tells me……..


Henderson is one of the characters, a bizarre personality.

Why did Drew throw to home? He had no chance, hit the cutt-off man. Drew knows better.

hey guys.. other than Brian, can anyone name (without looking it up)the pitcher who got the win in the infamous July 24, 2004 bout between tek and Arod, I mean the REDSOX and the Yankees???

What time is dessert? I’ll be there.


Edes was on the N.E.S.N. show when Zazu got dealt and Edes confirmed it on the air during there trading deadline show. Edes and Orsillo spoke about that during the game last night while doing a promo for this year’s upcoming trading deadline show. Never dull around July 31 in Boston. Some deals have worked and others have not. Always a fun time.

I call that bizarre personality just plain conceit! Sorry, I am a true fan of humility, I imagine that the 2 Hall of Fame speeches will be as different as night and day… I a little “humble” goes a long way in my book.

oh Okay… now I know!

This team looks vaguely familiar…..

Oh man.. they picked off Ellsbury.. he was still being happy about the double and got distracted……..


I would agree with you about the (2) speeches being different tomm. One of the things I don’t like about Rice, he HATED the media when played in Boston and now he is a member of the media. Also Rice said he had ” associates”—not good!

Interesting stat…Rice 79 tripes in 16 seasons. Henderson had 66 triples in more seasons played. Usually the guys that hit triples are fast guys like Crawford, Ellsbury and Jose Reyes of the Mets. I found that to be intriguing.

Seems like JBay’s bat is re-heating….

It’s been a while since I’ve seen someone pay this kind of respect to Ortiz……I like it…

Just in,
Lugo went 4 for 5 today and no errors and a stolen base. I’m smelling a conspiracy here!

Lugo has been doing well over there so far….he’s playing 2nd base too.

Reinhold is hitting the heck out of our pitching……

hey Hey.. Welcome Adam! you cankeep the goat butt for now

Nice shot Adam…..

Hey All – just a quick check in! Still have company over but I like the score! WHOOO HOOOO!! Go Red Sox!

I’ll be at the game tomorrow – I hope we have the same result!

I am still on the couch Arnie….my brother-in-law wants to use me during bow season….

Red Sox win…..Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Red Sox win….off the couch….YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Craig, did teh masseuse ever get there that I sent… ??

Craig, here’s a link to the Shooting Bow pose. Not too hard, eh?

Papi with another homer. Way to go, big guy! Sox within 1 1/2 games, not too shabby after the way they were playing to start the second half.

Wow.. Arnie, That yoga position… If I could do that… I’d be RICH!!!

what a start Matt Holliday is having in St Louis…

I’m heading out to Fenway in just a bit – so I’ll have to say it now:

GO RED SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I am SO hoping to be back later to talk about a win!!!! And YAY!!! to Jim Rice and Rickey Henderson!!!

well we didnt get holliday….i wonder if we are gfonna get some offense…vmart seems to be best choice,,,a gonzo i guess is too expensive…maybe an outfielder ….but who….judge

The problem with Holliday is that he wants BIG money and he has Boras as his agent. Theo probably didn’t want to deal with that.
The guy who I’d like to see in Boston is Brad Hawpe. Great player and team-first guy. But the Rockies are in the hunt for the wild card, so……

Ellen, if you are worried about your cake not being moist enough, brush it with a little simple syrup: 2 parts sugar to 1 part water, bring to a boil and cool it down and you’ve got simple syrup. It’s something that every baker has on hand all the time. You can flavor it with an extract of your choice, or use it plain. Tip of the day.


. . . . But just as I turned on the ignition, I heard Ken the dispatcher’s plaint over the two-way radio: “Please,” he begged, “Please, I need a cab in the vicinity of Fenway Park right now.” I was going to ignore him since I figured the walk-up I’d get in 30 seconds would be easier, but I also know that when you do the boss a favor, when you need a favor you’re more likely to get it. “I NEED a cab around Fenway NOW,” he sobbed.

“I’m on the cab stand at Fenway,” I radioed back.

“Jack!” he snapped, “Where have you been? I’ve been calling for five minutes!”

“Well, I was at the game and just this second started the cab,” I sheepishly excused.

“Oh. Yeah. Well,” he sighed in relief, tactfully ignoring the fact that I had just admitted I had abandoned my cab unattended for three hours. “Can you get to the Fenway Motel [now the Howard Johnson Boston Fenway Park] pronto?”

I looked over my shoulder and saw I could back up through empty parking spaces to Jersey Street [now Yawkey Way] without making a U-turn into the Brookline Ave gridlock and reported “Yup. A block down Jersey Street, through the back parking lot, I’m there. Two minutes.”

“Swing around to the front entrance and pick up three men and let me know when you got ’em,” he ordered. . . .


Jim Rice: The Cab, The Car, The Cop and Cooperstown

Last time Smoltz took the mound against the Orioles, that was the rain delay disaster game. Smoltz was on a roll that night and then the rains came. The Red Sox bullpen had a melt down that night in Baltimore. There ugliest loss of the season! Of course the next day, Boston had a very exciting win.

Smoltz is like Wakefield. When he loses it, he goes quick! Francona monitor Smoltz close today, please!

Tito has not screwed around with leaving the starters in too long the last 2 games so if Schmotlz happens to be cruising along and even breathes through the wrong nostril after the 5th inning Tito will pull him quick. I’m good with that….. Go Sox

It’s Vermont Day at Fenway….I’m from Vermont…..No way do they lose today!!!!!!!!


25 pitch 1st inning.. I hopw Smoltz settles in quickly.. Come on John, do it… HAVE A GREAT GAME

Hey Ellen,
This win will NOT be easy. Orioles have their best arm on the mound. Ug!

Lousy throw by Ellsbury. What was that all about?

What’s up with all the pop-ups????

Boston needs to work the count against this kid, make him work! This youngster certainly has some potential and the Orioles need to clone him about 5 times over.

What has happened to J.D. Drew??? Along with Bay, major reasons why the Sox have trouble scoring runs.

I predict a shut out or even a no hitter today. ug!

This is getting ugly.

C’mon Julia – work your magic on the boys!!! GO SOX!

If smoltz come out for the 4th inning, francona should be fired.

Schmoltz has been plagued by the one inning disaster almost every start……ought to be interesting when a decision has to made….but it won’t be long….

It should be blatantly obvious to everyone in the Sox organization that the Smoltz gas tank is on “E”. He has nothing. You can’t leave a 90-92 mph fastball in the middle of the plate, even to the most mediocre big league hitters. He’s throwing that “lollypop” breaking pitch that just sits up there with a huge “hit me” sign on it.

I think the Sox will get to Hernandez before this is all said and done. Usually, pop ups are a sign of “just missing” the ball and the Sox have had a bunch of those already today.

wow!!! I think its time to bring someone else in… PLEASE?????

And still more pop-ups…

well, apparently francona wants to let the game get completely out of hand before he does the obvious. stupid.

This game is lost, i’m off to enjoy the day. Later, losers.

Wow Ron….hope the Sox don’t quit as early as you did….

Ron Kelly,

I agree, the game is over and personally I think the next (3) seasons are over as well. No sarcasm here folks, LOL!!

Time to chip away. Boston can do and will do it! I BELIEVE….I BELIEVE….I BELIEVE….

Pedroia hitting .400 in the last 15 games, he is on FIRE!

I hope Julia can bring some good luck to today’s game. Julia….You can do it!

Also it’s been long time coming for Jim Rice. Imagine if he took some roids. WOW!

I like Ellsbury running down 5 runs. Make things happen. Standing around down 5 runs will not get the job done!

I just watched the Jim Rice induction speech. He was very articulate, and very nervous. He did well. It lasted about ten minutes. Good job Jim Ed.

Poor Julia…..maybe she’ll get lucky and the Sox will start hitting this guy. Well, when the Sox picked up Penny and Schmoltz…it was Penny I was worried about……Penny has been pretty decent…..the Schmoltz experiment I fear is probably close to being over…

I don’t think he has Garry…..he’s been having a tough go of it but I don’t think there has been a lot of runners on lately either…

Garry…. I think Bay has driven himself home after the game.

Hey Brian,
There is one of those chips you were talking about. 5 more to go….

Has Jason Bay driven in a run since the All Star break?


Last R.B.I. for Bay was July 9th against the Royals. Great question, didn’t realize it had been that long. Ever since he became a U.S. citizen his bat has gone silent. I don’t know what that means but………….


The Red Sox must win for you. Vermont day, a very pretty state but it gets awfully cold in the winter.


I looked it up real fast so not too sure if that is the exact date but it goes to show us, it has been a longgggg time. Bay and Drew have gone in a funk. Bay’s slump has been going on for a while.

Boston has prospects that can get a deal done but will Theo give up any of those untested/talented kids??? If Theo was the g.m. of the Sox when the season ended in 2005, Beckett and Lowell wouldn’t be in Boston. No way he would have given up H. Ramirez. I think this time around he’ll give up some of these young kids.

Smart man not going back in the winter. I do go back north in the winter for the holiday’s ( goes to show you how smart I am ) When I arrive, I always so to myself, never would I live back here. The winter’s are cold/wet/snowy, other than that…just great.

Let’s go Red Sox, gets these bats cranking! Maybe LaRoche will have a big hit today.

Yea Brian,
I don’t go home in the winter!!!!!!!! I’m hoping for a Green Mountain Boys comeback here….They were a tanacious bunch…like the Sox!!!

Congrats to Rice. As he said, Hall Of Famer Jim Rice is now what you can call him.


My feeling is like yours, I love when a youngster comes up like Pedroia/Ellsbury/Youkilis/Lester/Papelbon among others but I think dealing Buchholz ( Boston has other solid pitching prospects down in the minors ) and of course some other prospect can get a difference maker for this team not only this season but for future season’s. I am against given up top young talent for a player that can test the free agent waters when the season is over. Victor Martinez can flat out hit and of course Halladay can flat out pitch. I would love too see (1) of those guys wearing a Boston uniform soon. If it means given up Buchholz and some other prospect, so be it. One of the youngsters I don’t want to see go is D. Bard. I loved what I saw in the College World Series and I love what I am seeing on the biggest stage. Will Theo pull the trigger????

I am split on that topic. I like to see a kid like Pedroia come up from AAA but I also get excited when we get a big name player in here. Theo has kept a good balance of that so far….I’m ready for Theo to go either way……..

Wait to go Jim Rice….He Yaz, Lynn and Dewey Evans were my favorites

Well Arnie, All went well withthe mixing of the ingredients for the cake. I tested my spring form pans before hand with water to make sure everything was fit in there tight. and it was… but when I poured the batter into the pans and placed them in he oven, they both leaked a good amount of the batter out… i transferred teh batter into a tube (angel food cake) pan.. we’ll see in about 35 minutes….


So is Theo going to allow Halladay to go to either the Phillies, Angels or Yanks without getting into the fray?

Hey guys.. Another bad game that Julia is enduring in person.. at least here we can drink cheaply!! lol
I know Ian believes that Smoltz still has something left in the tank, but personally I think they should give up the ghost and call it day with him… We need to have stability 1-5. He just cant be depended upon. Cut your losses and move on with this. We still have some time left to turn this around with the right acquisition. Memo to Theo.. Amoltz should go, get another arm please.


I’m sure Boston has made the calls to Toronto and will continue to do so. If I was betting at the moment, I would say Halladay ends up in Philly. If the Yankees included Chamberlain, perhaps Halladay ends up in N.Y. A week ago I thought Halladay would stay in Toronto but he turned down there extension the other day, that punches his ticket to the states somewhere. Also T.B. is trying to get into it as well, offering Kazmir and who knows what else. Time will tell as they say. When it comes to the trading deadline, who is lying??? Who is telling the truth???

I agree Brian….what makes it a good thing for Boston is…they don’t consider a big name player to be a rent-a-player….they have the means to sign a big player long term after they acquire them at the deadline. Buchholz is good but I think they can afford to deal him….they still have plenty of talent in the Farm System….


You might be right. Let’s face it, so far Smoltz can’t get the job done. Penny usually can’t go past the 6th inning and right now Buchholz is in the rotation, alot to ask for a youngster. Only gurantees right now is Lester and Beckett and if they falter, this team’s pen will be burnt out. Halladay with Beckett and Lester, I don’t care if Jeff Sellers or Brian Rose was filling out the rotation, nothing would be better than that trio. Heck for good fun have Casey Fossum return. LOL!!

and RKelly.. stuff it!

Yet more pop-ups….

If the Sox grabbed Halladay that would give them the best three in the majors by far and it would give the Sox room for Smoltz as well. Smoltz’s troubles magnify right now. Greg ( Asheville, N.C. resident ) said it on here from the get go that Smoltz should be in the pen. I have always said on here that Smoltz needs time in the rotation but I think I am dead wrong there, so far the results are TERRIBLE!

I think this last start by Schmoltz may warm Theo up to the idea of having Hallady in the rotation

My humble opinion here.
Everyone is screaming arms but the Sox have a boat load of arms and Dice-K is going to come back at some point. Clay should NOT go away. We are losing game because of bats. Pitching won’t help. Everyone was screaming save Bay yet I knew this would happen. Bay is collapsing under his own weight and Drew, as usual is not hitting.
Free agents and Theo. Let’s see (Drew, Lugo, Gagne, Dice-K, etc. We give up talent and get junk on the free agent market. I’m sick of it. I’m sick of getting rid of long term talent for months of junk. I really am. Sox need to think LONG term as well as the next game.
Halliday is a MISTAKE. Then he’ll pitch and lose two run games because the Sox can’t get a run in. This hitting slump isn’t going to go away. It’s going to be with us for a while and the Yankees are coming. I’m sorry but I feel that we have lost the season unless some miracle happens.

Halladay clarified his remarks, which of course wouldn’t have been necessary in the first place if someone had zipped JP’s mouth. Halladay said yesterday, he would wait to see how things looks for 2011. In other words whether the Jays have a chance at winning or not. I do believe Halladay more than JP.

That being said, the deal which right now looks like it might have the inside track is rumored to be with LA and include Joe Saunders and Sean O?Sullivan and infielders Erick Aybar and Brandon Wood. Aybar and Wood are the guys that make the deal as far as I’m concerned.

your lips to Theos money making ears!!!

No more in person games for Julia…unless the Sox come back…..I am a stubborn SOB and will be here till the last out….mostly cuz you guys are still here!!!!!!! Now that’s “group faith” Go Sox!!!!

Anyway, sorry for the vent. I guess I’m sick of overpriced players when we have a farm system that has a boat load of great talent.

This walk needs to blossom in to something BIG!!!!!

Jacoby had absolutely NO IDEA in that A/B!!


One day it’s the Phillies that have the inside track and another day it’s the Angels. Tomm. it will be the Brewers and the Yankees on Tues. What happens if the Yanks had Chamberlain in a package??? The Jays would have to think about that, then again would the Yankees do that???? I don’t have a clue. It’s always fun to discuss to toss around teams and players names this time of year.

My question is, do the Jays have to trade Halladay???? Personally I don’t think so. I think they should dump J.P.–What has he done??? He has had $$$$$$ too spend and when he does, he doesn’t have a clue what to do with it. He gave Wells that insane contract, a classic case of a team bidding against themselves. Over 100 million for Wells, not good spending. What is the word about J.P.’s future??? Does he have one in Toronto????

Is it me or did Jones look like he was taking his time getting to that ball? Keep loafing O’s it will catch up to you….

That will do it for the Sox today, the threat goes by the boards in the 8th.

What about Cliff Lee….is he going anywhere? He’s younger and a lefty at that…

Well in this weekends games there were probably 50-100 signs in the stands from fans each game that said trade JP-keep Halladay (and those were the signs friendly to JP). I expect that to continue. In addition, in all 3 games the crowd started chants of trade JP that go on for about 5 minutes in every other inning. And who said Toronto fans were quiet. LOL

Beeston, the interim president is trying to hold onto JP until the new President is named and let him boot JP out, but the fans might force him out before that.

Trading Halladay, if we get the right return is a good thing. Of course, we should dump Wells as well-insane contract. The question most Toronto fans have is JP the guy you want trading him?

I just hope we don’t trade him to NY. I wouldn’t want to face Halladay, CC and Burnett in a 3 game series.

Craig.. We’ll be here because in the typed words of RKelly, wea re LOSERS!!! lol
We’re here because..

Right on Ellen…..

That has to be Vermont….

It would be SOOOO VERY NICE to have a ninth inning comeback, wouldn’t it??

Game over… man that sucks…… GO OAKLAND!!


If you had to take a guess ( that is all we can do at the moment ) Where do you think he ends up??? I say Philly.



A 9th inning comeback, those are sweet Ellen. I loved it when Bay took Rivera deep to tie the game earlier in the season. Have someone tell Bay that he is facing the Yankees, that will get his bat going!

Smoltz with another poor outing and the Sox have issues with a rookie pitcher. I think we have seen this act before, haven’t we? Deja vu all over again!

Have a good week gang….I’m in San Diego this week….out of the Vegas heat!!!!!


No team will take Wells’ contract, wayyyyyyyyy too much $$$$$$$$$ for a underperforming and over-paid player. I think Halladay is one of these guys that will pitch into his late 30’s and still be very effective. Not only is he a top notch pitcher but everything you here about him is nothing but class. That is a great combo for me and a type of player I like too see do well.


I have read some rumors about Cliff Lee and Boston having interest, we’ll see how it all unfolds.


The Jays just turned down a Phillie offer of Happ, Michael Taylor, pitcher Carlos Carrasco and shortstop Jason Donald.

I expect if Phillie change the offer to Drabek, Michael Taylor, Dominic Brown and Jason Donald, they will get Halladay. If that’s the package, I’d like it as much as the LA offer. I think Phillie seem to be more motivated to get him than anyone else. I suspect that’s Gillick’s influence.

Brian, No one will have to tell Bay he’s playing the Yanks, cause the 6 thru the 09th they ARE>>> IN THE NEW LAUNCHING PAD….

The Phils have said they really dont want to give up Drabeck.. but how badly do they NOT want to give him up… I wouldnt want to be counting on Pedro at this point in his career with him not having pitched in a almost year (in a “real” game)…

Okay – I’ll never go to Fenway again! lol!

Being in the park you can really see that it seems like the outfielders are not hustling to get the ball in to throw runners out and Smoltz did not look good. They showed a little bit of Rice’s speech on the screen at the park – I’m going to have to catch a replay of it.

Have a great trip Craig!

See you all for the game tomorrow!

Jules did you have your pink hat on and a black sweater type jacket?? If so I think I saw you…

Craig, have a safe trip “see” you when you return!!!

Ellen – I had my pink hat on (my hat is a very faded pink), sunglasses and I was wearing a navy blue shirt that said “Go Red Sox” on it in red and white lettering. No jacket today – we had our first hazy, hot & humid day today.

Finally heard Rice’s speech. Kind of strange because I grew up with Jim Rice…now, as an adult, I see him in the Hall. I was touched…I cried a bit. Beautiful speech. Rock on Rice.

Bosox-thought you’d like to know

It’s been reported on the late night sports cast in Toronto that Boston has entered the building and discussions are underway in the Halladay sweepstakes.

I dont think it is for Halladay, might be for someone else. Sox cannot score runs, that is the problem.
Too many .230 hitters up when a clutch situation is on the line to blow the game away.
With Bay struggling, this is not an intimidating line-up.
HOF Jim Ed, seen him Bristol. Great!!

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