V. Mart will arrive Saturday

Victor Martinez won’t be available for manager Terry Francona tonight, but should be here for tomorrow’s game. It’s obviously a huge trade that will have a tremendous impact on the lineup and keep Jason Varitek fresh down the stretch.

Everyone will miss Justin Masterson, a class individual and a great competitor.

Your thoughts?


I like the addition of V-Mart. I will miss Masterson and I’m still not sure I get the LaRoche for Kotchman trade.

I think Martinez will have an impact like Bay did last year when he was traded to Boston. Martinzez arrives just in time for the T.B. series and the N.Y.series. I’m still concerned about the starting pitching, Beckett/Lester is a solid duo but after that, the Sox have more questions than answers at the moment. Maybe Buchholz ( I am sure he is relieved he remains in Boston ) will pick it up a notch and pitch up to his capabilities!

Remember Francona…. if Somltz falters a bit, get him out of there. He has been like Wakefield, when he loses it, he loses it quick!

On the previous post..I said that Masterson stabalized that pen last summer when he was called up. I believe he’ll have a long and productive career as a major leaguer. Maybe when he becomes a free agent, he’ll end up back in Boston. LOL!! Good luck in Cleveland!

I’m sure Masterson has mixed emotions, he went to high school in Ohio but I am sure he loved playing for the Red Sox. Everything I have read about him is nothing but positive. I have read where he doesn’t even swear, that is very rare on any professional team. That is usually the language that most players speak.

Last outing for Smoltz he got smoked against these Orioles. The second time around, who has the advantage???

Lineup for the game tonight:

Red Sox
1. Jacoby Ellsbury, CF
2. Dustin Pedroia, 2B
3. Kevin Youkilis, 1B
4. David Ortiz, DH
5. Jason Bay, LF
6. Mike Lowell, 3B
7. Jason Varitek, C
8. Rocco Baldelli, RF
9. Nick Green, SS
SP John Smoltz

1. Brian Roberts, 2B
2. Nolan Reimold, LF
3. Adam Jones, CF
4. Nick Markakis, RF
5. Aubrey Huff, 1B
6. Ty Wigginton, 3B
7. Luke Scott, DH
8. Matt Wieters, C
9. Cesar Izturis, SS
SP — Jeremy Guthrie

Third time that Smoltz will pitch against the O’s – looking for his first win against them. GO RED SOX!!! GO SMOLTZ!!!!

I was a huge Indians fan, but trading Victor was the last straw. Victor, Good Luck in Boston, they are lucky to have you. Thanks for all you’ve done in Cleveland. Go for the ring!!!

I think this might be Smoltz’s third start against the O’s – isn’t it? I saw his pitch last Sunday at Fenway – he needs to keep his emotions in check or he will not be successful.

LaRoche For Kotchman was strictly $$$ I believe the sox sent LaRoche and 1 mil to Atlanta they’re still saving 3.1 mil i think and Kotchman is signed through 2011… Tom

Could be Tom. I’ve also just read a report that Kotchman has the ability to be a late inning, defensive/offensive substitution where that wasn’t a role for LaRoche.

And the stolen bases continue for Ellsbury!!

I knew there was a “3” in there somewhere! lol!! The Red Sox seem to have mastered this season leaving players in scoring position…sigh…. But hey – we got out of the first inning without allowing any runs! Counts for something – right??

Sorry I was wrong according to Cots… Kotchman is signed through 2009 season for 2.885 mil


His 3rd start against the Birds this year. His 1st start was going quite well and then the rains came and in my opinion..the Red Sox had there worst loss of the season. The next day, they had one of there better wins of the year.

Ortiz strands a runner in scor. pos. I have seen that way too many times this year with him and others on this Red Sox team.

Smoltz’s problem so far from what I have seen is location..location…location.

Yes – got a “geeks” opinion on the times – He suspects MLBlogs is using multliple servers and they do not have software on them to sinc the time. And then when the comments are feed to the final server it posts them in time stamp order. He suspects some of them could be Linux servers who need to have the time manually set.

Nice throw!! Good job Green!

The time on this system is 7 minutes off…Again! D.P. is always a nice thing.

I want to see the replay at first!! I think Ellsbury was SAFE!!

A leadoff walk is always a good thing.

The play at first wasn’t even close – ELLSBURY WAS SAFE!!!!

It’s official – I DO NOT LIKE NICK MARKAKIS!!!

Good try Ellsbury!!

Come on Smoltz! Settle in!

Dave Roberts s in the booth tonight – not a good thing for us!!!

NICE DP!!!! Good job Smoltz!

Now my posting times match the times on my computer – different server!!!

Green does get the run in, unlike Rocco B. Bases loaded and nobody out and only 1 run in for the Sox. The Boston bats need to do better than that! They let Guthrie off the hook in the 2nd inning….I have seen this act time and time again. I feel for Francona.

Top of the 3rd – for Ellen!



I hope I did it right Ellen!

Red Sox have moved Dice-K to the 60 day DL – earliest time back – Aug 18 – don’t think we will see him then.

The cheers are drowning out the boos for Ortiz in Baltimore.

2 run HR for Big Papi. Red Sox up 3-0!

Come on Smoltz!! You can do it – stay focused!

Tito said Big Papi didn’t address the media today because they didn’t get any further info on what Big Papi tested positive for.

The Sox cannot blow this game again. Big Papi let his big bat do the talking. What PEDs!
I think the Halladay deal got showdown because JP wants Buckie , D Bard, +. Theo did the intelligent thing by not giving up on our near future closer.
Masterson should be proud that he is part of the package to acquire the talented V-Mart. Talent for talent, quality for quality. Dave, sorry I have to diagree with you.
Is Masterson available for long relief if Smoltz falters?

Ortiz can silence some of his critics by doing what he just did. Hitting the longball. Of course there will always be some cat calls, those will never go away.


Wait – I’ve seen this before – AND IT IS NOT GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Masterson is GONE 007!

Green only had (1) play but a HORRIBLE throw.


J.P.–Beeston—-wanted the farm and a John Deere tractor. I’m guessing some front office’s around baseball aren’t too happy with the Jays. Did the Jays really want to deal Halladay away??? Strange for sure but then again, there inability to pull a trigger on a trade shows all of us why they are just another team in the big leagues.

And the review – I think they got it right.

Brian: The experiment with Smoltz should end right now before further damage is done. Who is warming up in the bull pen?

007 – I agree – send Smlotz to the pen. they might when Wake comes back – it should be this week.

I said it before Lowrie should be the everyday SS if he is physically able to do it.


When Smoltz struggles a little, it seems bad things will happen. Masterson was a guy that could give the Sox multiple innings out of the pen. McBeth is with the Sox for this game tonight–not sure if Francona would want him in a close game.

I’m still concerned about the Sox starting pitching. It looked like the Sox had depth but all of a sudden it doesn’t look so good anymore. Wakefield will not be back for another week or more. Penny who knows what he’ll give you from one start to another and Smoltz has gotten smoked! I’m not sure what Theo E. could have done today to add a starter, not much out there. Work it within I guess. Here’s hoping.

I’m not sure Lowrie can play everyday yet. Can V-Mart play short also?? How about Kotchman??

Julia, I just was reading about the storm in your area. I hope you are OK, and your neighbors–even if the property isn’t!
I think Andy (007) was being tongue-in-cheek, Julia (he is welcome to correct me, though!) about Masterson pitching, since he was just talking about his being traded. Smoltz needs relief help already, eh?:/
I agree with Andy, though, about Masterson needing to be positive about his being traded, DGN and Dave. I’ll miss him a lot, also. But he needs to look at it as an opportunity to contribute to a team, and be able to earn some bigger money. (Big contracts can work both ways!)
I won’t be on much–my mother just had surgery (knee). I’ll check in from time to time, though.

Smoltz does need to be in the ‘pen, and needed to be from early on!


I think Lowrie should play s.s. everyday as well. Green is the better option when he hits but that hasn’t been the case as of late. Lowrie is more steady with the glove than Green will ever be.

Tom, are you the “nippy419” under another name/ e-mail? Brian’s reappeared again as bjoyce! GO SOX!


I’m not sure why my name changes. This system is off!

Thanks Greg! Thankfully it appears that there were no personal injuries just lots of tree and property damage. In less then 10 minutes all the damage was done. My town had one of the microbursts. I was out driving with my oldest son when it blew through. It was scary driving.

Brian, it’s gotta be someone that doesn’t like the idea that you pull for the Bosox, right?πŸ˜‰

Someone in TSP, perhaps?


Probably a Yankee fan is messing with me. lol.

Greg – I hope your mom is doing okay!!

Maybe you need to tell Steinbrenner to buzz off. Throw a tomato in his direction, maybe!

The Sox need this game and sweep the O’s to gain ground on the Yanks, hopefully pick up 1 or 2 games. The Yanks are playing the White Sox and have to face Mr. Perfect Mark Buehler on Sunday.

Mother is doing OK, just groggy. Dad is next, though–prostate surgery (nice topic :/) next week. I won’t be around quite as much, I suspect! Thanks!

Brian – in the Boston paper today – Wakefield is traveling with the team and he could be activated during the TB series

yes greg its me sorry… nippy419 was old name dont know why it came up yesterday …. ellsbury HR

I sure hope so, Julia! We need Wake right now!

Good luck with everything Greg!!

NICE HR for Jacoby!

Way to go Ellsbury! He jumped on a mistake.

No problem, Tom, I just have to keep them straight, since I have CRS Disease (Can’t Remember S—). Right, Brian and DBen?πŸ˜‰

Action in the O’s bullpen!

PEDEY!!!!! You are NOT as fast as Ellsbury!! UGH!!

I really hope Wake is back this week – WE NEED HIM!!!

Great job Jacoby! GO SOX!
I’ll be back later!

This young catcher for the O’s has a damn good arm. Pedroia out by a mile. I wonder if Farrell is watching???

greg sorry to hear about your mom & dad hope all works out for you….Tom

BAY!!! ugh! PLEASE find your bat again!!!!

Brian: You must have changed your email address. I thought your old address was bosoxbrian@…I recognize it is you because of your last name Joyce.
Greg: I was referring to Matserson trade only that he should have a positive attitide.
The Sox have 1 run lead. This game reminds me of the ALCS game which Beckett kept giving the lead back.

I need a cheat sheet tonight to keep up with all your names here! Sorry if I mess up – some of your email addresses/user names look different to me.

Thanks Tom!
So was I, Andy. I believe you are exactly right.
See y’all later! GO SOX!

I agree Julia, Bay & Youk need to wake up…I think Vmart will protect Ortiz but if the rest of the order doesnt step up it could be a long 60 games… Tom


The past few days it changes and I don’t know why that is. It goes back and forth. Maybe Brett Favre is in charge of the I.T. Dept. with M.L.B. LOL!!

It just might be a long 60 games Tom. And we have 4 against the Yankees next week! We have got to get our act together before then.

Good inning for Smoltz!

Hi Tom! Nice to meet you! I’m always listed as Julia – I have a blog here and I am the official “ranter” lol!!

And the posting problems begin!! UGH!!!!

sorry Julia I’ve been a long time reader of you guys & girls just never had the opportunity to sit and chat with ya’s… I’m Tom (tec622 or nippy419) which ever mlb logs me in under … Tom

I heard that Youk and JBay’s prolonged slump have to do with the repective marital and contract extenion problems. Just a laugh.

I agree 200% Brian! Smoltz is good for an inning or two – and that’s it!


Bay becomes a U.S. citizen and then all of a sudden he can’t hit anymore.

Pleased to meet you Tom. Why not email your picture to Garry for posting in the…I forgot the site. Ask Garry.

I didn’t tell you to send the picture – 007 did. I know better!! LOL!!!πŸ˜‰

I think Francona should yank Smoltz outta there! When Wakefield returns, Smoltz should go to the pen.

Come on guys – bring Ells home!!!!

Great catch by Ellsbury! He has had some gems out there.

YOUK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES!!!! Love these CRAZY GAMES!!! But can we keep the lead Now!!!

Orioles dealt away there closer the other day, so there pen is short.

Ellsbury swinging the bat well tonight, having an all around game. Time for him to steal second.

Julia do you not like Gary? My mug will crash his site break my cam and cause irreparable harm to everyone elses eyes lol… wtg jacoby

And the Yankees are losing 4-3, Chicago has 1 on and 1out in the bottom of the second!

And the Yankees are losing 4-3, Chicago has 1 on and 1out in the bottom of the second!

Big Papi! Ugh!!

I just hope Ramon is better. He doesn’t leave me with a warm fuzzy feeling.

What it takes for Tito not to start Smoltz in the 6th? The whole RSN knows that Smoltz is a 5 inning pitcher at best.


Time to bring in Ramirez/Oki.

From Ian on Twitter: Combined quality starts for Smoltz and Dice-K this season? The answer is zero.

There goes Youk’s marital problem, LOL If I see Smoltz in the 7th, I will……………………………….

wtg youk sorry julia i read to fast lol

There goes Youk’s marital problem, LOL If I see Smoltz in the 7th, I will……………………………….

Ramon is better WHY???????? He can join Green in the little league THROWING LESSONS!!!!

OMG – Nick Green made an OUT!!!

There is no reason in the world Ortiz should try for doubles… singles or HR’s id prefer the later

go white sox!!!

Bay – we will take a hit from you however! WHOOOHOOOO

GO RED SOX!!! (Sorry – but I knew you were all missing Ellen!:-) )

Bad News Bears hit Baltimore. My oh my. Great play by Ramirez…NOT!

Brian, I’m with you. Starting pitching has to be a huge concern for the Sox right now. The Smoltz experiement is a huge failure. I see zero improvement in him since he came back. Penny is OK and Buchholz is still a question mark although he hasn’t done badly. There has been conspicuously little said about Wakefield. I wonder what’s going on there.

Martinez will help, the question is how and where. Do you sit Tek? Do you sit Lowell and move Youk to third? This whole drug thing seems to have ticked Papi off. He’s swinging better than he has in two years. (Although I still think I’m faster than he is) I’m not exactly sure how all the pieces are going to fit.

This guy behind the plate tonight might be the best ball/strike ump we’ve seen all year, at least so far. Nobody is griping about calls and he’s a non factor in the game. That’s the way it should be.

Okie – I don’t feel warm & fuzzy with him either! Can we please have Bard in????

Ramirez is hanging around too much with Nick Green.

I know what you’re saying 007, but if he plays every day, one of those guys is going to be sitting. Martinez doesn’t make the team better if Youk sits, or if Lowell sits. The obvious choice would be Tek. How does that affect morale and chemistry? I don’t envy Tito in having to manage this situation. It’s not going to be easy.

I know what you’re saying 007, but if he plays every day, one of those guys is going to be sitting. Martinez doesn’t make the team better if Youk sits, or if Lowell sits. The obvious choice would be Tek. How does that affect morale and chemistry? I don’t envy Tito in having to manage this situation. It’s not going to be easy.

Okay – I’ll admit – nice K okie!

Garry: You don’t acquire V-Mart for him to sit in the dugout to watch the game like us. V-Mart should play everyday, !B. DH, or catch period.

Okie – walks are not in our game plan!

It is going to be VERY interesting to see how everyone is going to get playing time. Our outfield is where we seem to be short staffed – or can Kotchman play the outfield?

Is it Okie’s turn to try and blow the LEAD!!!!

You are forgiven Okie!

Yankees have tied the game at 5-5

You don’ think we might see Oritz sitting and V-Mart doing some DHing?

Gee, I check back in and we’re leading in the 7th? Who knew? (Don’t let the word get out! Shhh!)
Yes, the Smoltz experiment has not been a success. John, you know I loved to watch you pitch in ATL, but if you are going to help US at all, to the BP you need togo!:/
Tom, our photo site is:


You can check us out there (and see whom you’ve been chatting with/reading, etc.) My mug did not send the site on TILT, so I doubt yours would. You might also see why I am referred to be various “King” names!πŸ˜‰ Garry can give you his e-mail.
DBen, are you going to send a photo in to Garry, or are you enjoying the Shakespeare mug too much?πŸ˜‰
DGN, Paul, if you want to send one in, you can also. Phil (Pangelotti), might you send one in?
Check you all later! GO SOX!

I have to agree with 007, Vmart should play even though tek got them this far he’s played hurt and deserves a rest… Im sure Tito has a plan, he’s probobly the best player manager I’ve seen in years… Tom

Oki? where is Danny?

Who would win??? Lowell or Ortiz in a 50 yd. dash??


I believe it will all work itself out… Finding playing time for everyone. Personally I don’t think Lowell will finish the season, he is hurting for certain. Martinez needs to be in that lineup every game, he can flat out hit. The hitting will be a strength but the starting pitching is another story. I assume most agree and even Theo/Francona has too be very concerned as well. Who knows if Dice-K will throw another pitch this year, then again do we even want him to take the mound this year??? Penny has the tools but he isn’t consisent. The other night against Oakland, he should give his check back.

Good point regarding the home plate umpire, he has been solid all night.

How about the home plate umpire during the Braves–Marlins game, he had a high-five with the Marlins catcher. The Braves were out-raged!


Is it too late to find a short stop who can hit and field??

How can you get a hitter 0-2 and then walk him four straight. Okajima threw two fastballs right by Huff and then throws four breaking balls. What’s up with that?

Will it be Papelbon or Bard????

If Lowell is hurt/injured/banged up he isn’t doing anyone any good. He’ll be the one that sees his playing time reduced. It is very obvious to me he is in pain! The guy is a warrior but………I wouldn’t be surprised to see Lowell go on the D.L. again.

When is Francona gonna learn not pitch Oki against the O’s — he is completely snake bit with this team, especially in Baltimore.

Boston better do something at the plate in the 9th! The Sox need some insurance runs!

I said it before the inning. Danny should be in the 8th.

Papelbon – break out the Tums!!!


Danny Darwin???

So my premature complaint reversed the hexπŸ™‚

If Lowell is hurting, he’s playing through it pretty well. He can’t run, but then he never could. He’s hitting right around .300 and I think he’s hit in every game he’s played since he came back. As long as he’s playing like he is, it’s going to be hard to sit him.


I would love to see Oki’s numbers in Balt. Not pretty I assume.

Breathing room please!

wow talk about a rogues gallery lol just kidding

My apology to Mr. Okajima. Which Pap is going be in the 9th, an easy 123 or walking on a tight rope?


Good job by Francona, give the kid an at bat. Get his feet wet in the big leagues.

YES!!!!! 1 down – and 2 to GOOOOOOO!!!!!

Green’s struggles continue at the plate, he also had a miserable throw that cost the Sox! Memo to Francona, Lowrie at s.s. please. Green has played himself to the bench.

My point is V-Mart should get as much playing time as humanly can. As who to rest, who to play t 1st, catch or DH, Francona is paid to figure that out. That’s not my problem.


We know the good Pap is in there SOMEWHERE!!!


I agree with you 100%! Martinez can flat out hit and his bat needs to be in that line-up. If that means less of Varitek, I am o.k. with that. Francona makes the big $$$$$ and he needs to figure it out and I am sure he will.

COME ON PAP!! One more you can DO IT!!!!

Papelbon should blow it by Pie. Easy out!


A WIN!! Thank you Pap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pap is throwing the ball right down the middle. That’s very dangerous in that little ball park

OK, Pap, don’t make this another adventure! We don’t need another Pap Smear like the other night! FINISH the GAME!

Come on White Sox! You can beat the Yankees!!!

Have to run all! My oldest son leaves at 3am for two weeks in New Mexico with the Boy Scouts!

See you all tomorrow for the game!!!

Amazing stat…Righties hitting .329 against him with 3 H.R.’s. in 2009. That wasn’t the case in years past. It has been a struggle for him all season long. I thought he would have figured it by now but obviously not the case.

That last pitch to Pie was a great pitch.

yankees tied it in the 4th 5 to 5

Nice curve by Papelbon, that kid wasn’t expecting it. A very rare 1-2-3 by Papelbon in 2009!

Good! Pap got the job done! Smoltz got the win the hard way.
So you’ve checked out our Brownie’s Brigade, Tom? (Aka, the “Most Wanted List”)? If you (or anyone else!) wants to send in a photo, I’m sure Garry would accomodate!
Good enough for the win tonight. GO SOX!

Julia, I hope your son has a great trip! I hope you post photos on your site when he gets back!πŸ™‚

Yanks tied 5-5 in the 4th? I guess pitching was optional there, also! HMMM!…
Brian and Andy, now that we’ve acquired V-Mart, and we DO need his bat in the line-up, I am perfectly OK with Tek being the odd-man-out. We need Mike in there, as a DH or at 3B. We’ll have to see how Papi does from here on, also–it may give us the opportunity to sit him if goes back to his struggles!

Well, I guess I am happy! We got a win against a cellar-dweller. I think that Lowrie has to be the starting shortstop regardless of his weak hitting. I thought that Green would be the answer but he has tailed off both in hitting and his fielding ability. We have to sweep this series. GO SOX.

Is Vmart coming to us VIA Pony Express??? When Holliday went to St Louis from Oakland he was traded at about 10:00am.. He played for St Louis that night.. I guess its all in the $$ lol.
Julia.. You say you dont like Markaikis,,, but how would you feel about him in a Sox Uniform… ??? Let’s see.. Drew?? Markaikis.. Drew… Markaikis… I’LL TAKE MARKAIKIS!!!!!

Greg, My best to your folks.. prayers coming your way!!! And all appendages are crossed for luck…

Good night all!! See y’all in the dawns early lights… I’m in for tests tomorrow.. Game time or before!!!!

Thanks, Ellen! And I’m with you–Markakis, or Drew? No question. Gimme another Nick!

Hi everybody, just checking in.
Looks like the Sox may be getting warmed up to start winning some games!!
Baseball’s a funny game. After the Sox have played so poorly to start the second half and the Yanks were scorching hot; look at the standings and the Sox are only 1 1/2 games out.
I’ll miss Masterson. I liked that kid! He really came up huge last year. Well, good luck to you Justin.
Victor Martinez does bring a lot of versatility to the Sox. And he can hit!! Well done, Theo.
I hope Smoltz finds his way soon. He is having very poor outings time after time. If he can fine-tune his pitches and not lose too many games for the Sox down the stretch he will pay off big time in the post-season. Here’s hoping!!

Hypothetically speaking……let’s say Lowell breaks down. How is VMart’s glove at first? Is he adequate…..good or great?

moanin all….well theo did somethin….i really thought he would get both doc and vmart but ill take vmart….he can hit ppl….iv e had em in my fantasy BB team for yrs till i traded this year to trix….she doesnt like em cause he hasnt been on fire since she got em but he will be soon….his numbers are still very good and he can spell tek and mikey with a yuke switch…he should also play dh against lefties….u want this guy in there everyday…remember ive been saying they need that guy like millah or swish ….well this guy is him …plus….he is known for being very very loyal and a real fighter…clubhouse leader….i hope theo can sign him longterm in the offseason….if not we still got him next yr too…the so called experts think the halladay sweepstakes will diminish next yr in offseason….i doubt it….the yanks and sox will enter a bidding war just like texeira….one team cant allow the other to nab him….i hope buchy can do what the FO thinks he can….i dont see it but we shall see…i know if i see him keep shakin off tek ill scream…if i was tek i would walk out to the mound and start a conversation like this….listen here BOY….lol….tek i think has been irked with him thats why kottaras had his last start….he even made a comment in an interview that he would shake off a pitch if he dint like it….hinting that was the problem last yr…..im very glad we dint give up bard….this guy is the real deal…if it takes bard,buchy,and tazawa next yr for halladay tho….i do it….if and only if an extension comes with it for DOC….anyhoo lets see if the trade works out….isaw some fire last night….i know theres probably grumblings in the clubhouse but if i was tito i would have said this…look boys,,,we are tryin to win a pennant and then a series…addin a great plr only helps…oh and btw…if all of us had been playin better we wouldnt have had to make a trade…now lets play ball like a boston plr does…with some heart and grit….go sooooooooooox……judge

Smoltz got a chaep win. Smoltz and Francona were bailed out by Big Pai, Ellsbury (both his bat and glove saved a run), and Youk.
Francona, please do not start Smoltz in the 6th even if he has a perefct game going.
The only positive I like Smoltz is his low pitch count for 6 innings pitched. Perhaps that was the reason why we saw him in the 6th, yeah 1 pitch 2 runs scored.

Its not that I dont LIKE Martinez, Judge, its that I gave up Beckett for someone who’s not producing… I know what his value is to the RedSox… and I have Miguel Montero too..
But I am glad to have him aboard here… The Sox need flexibilty and Martinez provides that with his versatilty position wise…
Really glad to have him.

Ellen – in a Sox uniform Markakis would be GREAT – he wouldn’t be hitting against us and taking runs away!!

Found this piece written by Justin Masterson on getting traded yesterday:


Classy guy and he will be missed!

Let’s make it three in a row! Three wins for us and three losses for the Yankees!!! GO RED SOX!!!!

oh… and Judge.. I can spell Tek amd Mikey too…
T-E-K and M-I-K-E-Y!!! LOL

Brian.. What is your email address?? I need to propose a trade to you… please let me know…

Hey, Julia, just read the Masterson piece you linked. We were talking yesterday on here about Justin needing to take this trade as an opportunity, and it sounds like he’s doing just that. Tito expressed what a good guy (and not just a good player) Masterson is. The piece he wrote gives an idea why. I will miss you Justin. Take care and Godspeed!

Jules.. did you post something after that article that you linked re Justin.. If it was you I just want you to know, I thought they were nice thoughts.
I’m out for a while.. going to go and pick up my new “used” bowling ball.. I need to drpo the weight to 14.5-15.0 lbs rather than 15 plus… Then I’m going to visit some friends at the Firemans Benevolent Assoc.’s Bar (Fireplug) where I used to bartend.. I’ll be back b4 game time…

I saw on the previous thread that JD has a hangnail, er, groin strain. I wonder if Injury Season is about to begin for JD. Hmmm…

The loss of Justin Masterson and the bouncing around of players would give me a totally depressing feeling being on this team. Theo is creating a team pin cushion. Johnny Damon was right about one thing — The Red Sox don’t take care of their players.

Thanks Ellen!

Lineup for tonight’s game – it is an interesting one:

Jacoby Ellsbury, CF
Dustin Pedroia, 2B
Victor Martinez, 1B
Kevin Youkilis, 3B
David Ortiz, DH
Jason Bay, LF
Jason Varitek, C
Josh Reddick, RF
Jed Lowrie, SS

Josh Beckett, SP

Yankees are losing 6-2 in the 3rd. Be back for game time!


Interesting lineup. I thought V-Mart would bat behind either Youk or JBay. Well what do I do.
Dave: You have to get over it. It is a good trade that the Sox didn’t give up either Buckie or Bard. Baseball is a business. The owers only care about winning the games and $$$. We fans and the owners likewise care about the players only if they are performing.
The Yanks are losing and theu have to face Mr. Perfect tomorrow, Go Sox.

Greg.. that season doesn’t end… it just has pauses in it…

Craig.. I think that he’s played alot at 1st this year.. Martinez is better than average at 1st….

Dave.. Martinez is not just a catcher.. I will miss Masterson, but what we got in return is a 1st baseman (better than average, I believe) for when Mike Lowell needs a break and Youk moves to 3rd.., a DH for when the opposing pitcher dictates it, or Papi needs a break AND a catcher… he’s young enoughto be around a while.. and we also took a bat away from an American League team…

True enough, Ellen, about Injury Season. If it was on Pause, though, JD just hit Resume.
Dave, Andy is right. Baseball is indeed a business, and we are wise to get over it. Two things on that thought: 1) It is difficult to believe, with the amount of coin that the mgmt gives players on this team, that they don’t “take care of their players”. Sooner or later, that coin adds up to real money. 2) Both we the fans, and even the mgmt., do a FAR better job of remembering, and giving due recognition, to the players who have contributed to this team, from Jim Rice, to Derek Lowe, to Nomar, to Pedro, to Justin Masterson (read Tito’s comments to the Indians about Justin). Damon made his own bed when he went to the Yankees. He was perfectly in his right, business-wise, to do so, but he pays the price for it! GO SOX!

Greg.. Johnny WHO??? wasnt he that guy who played center for awhile… Glad you mentioned him.. I’ve forgotten all about him (lol) due to the center fielder we have now, who if you look it up, looks alot like that guy who used to play center here, when he was young and with Kansas City

Yeah, Ellen, I heard somewhere that he’s had his name forcibly changed to Johnny Demon! (I have heard tell, anyway!)
It is interesting, Dave, if you want to talk about loyalty, just how many former players have gone “turncoat” and gone to the Yankees for any length of time! Think about that, also. Loyalty (business aside) goes two ways.

By the way, all, my mother sends her thanks for your prayers and well wishes. She is doing well, all things considered.

Hey everyone,
All good points but Masterson was special and I feel he will be a deadly pitcher for the Indians. The Sox squeezed him out with the likes of Penny and Smotz. Theo is always making these ‘big’ deals and they turn out to be disaster. I’ll have to see it to believe it. Right now we lost three good arms for a utility player. We’ll see. I just remember Gagne and Lugo and Drew and Dice-K…all who have proven themselves to be utter disasters for the Sox while Hansen and Aardvark and doing fantastic. Why is that?

Oh, on a lighter note, Burnett got destroyed by the White Sox. Another great big fat cash trade.

I agree, Dave, that Masterson is a prize chip. I believe he will indeed be special. But you have to give something to get something, and we have been clamoring on here (let alone elsewhere) for a bat. You are right to be critical of Dice-K, LugNuts, et al. But we would not have traded Penny or Smoltz to get V-Mart.

Burnett wasnt a cash trade he was a free agent and not what they rhought he would be, but better than Sabathia!!

I do hope that V-Mart is either under contract already, or that we extend him, to avoid the Orlando Cabrera/ SS problem. We have discussed for a while who would replace Tek. V-Mart should be a help there until Kot matures further, and/or Exposito emerges.

To avoid the same problem at catcher that we’ve had at SS, if that was unclear!

nothing but:

Hi All! So George Katarras is on the DL huh?

Why is the current US Flag not flying over Camden Yards? The one they showed on TV did not have 50 stars.

Lefties were clocking Masterson, he needed another year in minors. We get to see our future rightfielder tonight. Josh Reddick, just seen him play last week. Went 3-4 with a HR. Excellent!

is it me or does Izturiz look like our former hands of stone s.s.??

I think he does Ellen! How was your time with the Firefighters?


Thats my Pedey!!!

It was really good to see them.. havent been over in about 4 months… good group of guys.. i used to dispatch to them to!

With the cheer he just got – V-Mart will think he was at Fenway!

Okay – strikeout wasn’t what we had in mind!

Already we’re having posting problems… IAN HELLLLLLLLLLLP

I’m glad you had a good time Ellen!

Ian on Twitter just said he thought the crowd was louder for Pedey’s HR there then they would have been at Fenway. I think that’s WRONG!! Fenway is VERY LOUD!!!

Good inning for Joshua!!! Now as for Reddick.. good job Josh!

make that JBAY!!!

Yankees losing 11-4 in the bottom of the 8th.

Gnow I can say it.. GOOD JOB ROOKIE!!!

I’m sorry, make that 13-4.


YAY!! the White Sox won!! 14-4.. Go REDSOX>>>>

Wait – our short stop didn’t make an error?? WHOOOO HOOOOO!!!

Again, sorry make that 14-4πŸ™‚

Nice job Reddick!! Welcome to the Bigs!!!

I see that Kot is on the DL. All the more reason we can benefit from V-Mart! GO SOX!
Yankees lose? OH GOOD!πŸ˜‰

Bases Loaded! Come on DUSTIN! GO SOX!

Yankees lose 14-4! They are now 0-11 against teams with Sox in their name this season!

That was a bummer! Can NOT leave bases loaded!!!!

Drat! No other runs! SNARL! GO SOX!

Good job, guys! Get Josh some more runs! GO SOX!

Dont look now, but 7 out of 9 starters are from the Farm. Too bad Varitek didn’t bunt or strike out cost us a run.

Beckett is looking pretty good tonight.

BUmmer!!! Luke Scott joins Markakis on my “I do not like list” when they aren’t playing for the Red Sox!!!

The Red Sox need to capitalize on these walks!

Pedey needs to time his home runs better !!!!

And the posting out of order commmenceth!:/

More runners stranded, not good!

Hey, DGN! How is everyone, post-trade deadline? ;0 GO SOX!

Adam LaRoche today for the Braves: had two hits and scored the tying run in the sixth in his return to Atlanta following Friday’s trade from Boston via – ESPN. Braves got the win behind Derek Lowe’s pitching – beat the Dodgers.

Yep, that was the game I had on before dinner. I still don’t get why we obtained LaRoche to begin with.
It was tough for V-Mart to leave Cleveland.

It is V-Mart Bobblehead night in Cleveland today.

D. Benjamin is at the game tonight. I am hoping he brings some good karma to the game. Boston has a golden chance to pick up a game in the standings.

Come on, YOUK!
The LaRoche trade still seems to me like tinkering around the edges, instead of addressing needs more directly.


Come on, J-Bay! GO SOX!

Good eye, J-Bay! Come on, Tek! GO SOX!

Greg, there was some speculation in the local media today that Theo isn’t done and that when players clear waivers that Kotchman might go in a trade.


I see our comments are disappearing into the Ether (so maybe I can’t see!) :/! GO SOX!

Relax, V-Mart! We’ll support you! GO SOX!

I hope DBen is doing well. We don’t hear from him much (not like there would be no reason for that)! GO SOX!!

I think Victor is trying too hard!

I don’t think Theo is done yet, either! I hope not! GO SOX!

Come on, DUSTIN! Get Jacoby HOME! GO SOX!
Hernandez is good, Brian. The O’s seem to have more in their farm system, like Wieters.

Hernandez has a very bright future, very impressed from what I have seen in his (2) starts against Boston.

Boston got Kotsay last August but if your looking for a blockbuster in this month, not going to happen. A minor move could happen and that is about it.

He is very good Greg. Would be nice if wasn’t so nice against us!


With McPhail running the show in the front office for the Orioles, they will be respectable soon. That is where it all starts, you need people that can evaluate talent! The Orioles fans haven’t been showing up in recent seasons but that will change when the Birds have something to watch. They still have that fool of an owner, he isn’t going anywhere fast. That is a good thing for the Red Sox. Having the Steinbrenner kids and Angelos in the same division. LOL!!!

Come Beckett! SETTLE IN!!

Hi Brian! No – I don’t expect a big trade this month.

I know about Oriole fans being loyal, Brian! I used to be surrounded by em in DC!

I might get this one through.. but I’m having so much trouble posting that I will try again later… But I will say that Don and Dave just mentioned something that I think we take for granted.. Think about the NFL, the NHL, the NBA… how many of those sports are dominated in one division year in and year out throughout DECADES by just TWO TEAMS like the AL East is in MLB…. We have a lot to be thankful for… ALOT OF GOOD GAMES….

If Mikey has to sit to rest his leg – I think I could be okay with the Youk-V-Mart combo.

Keep it up, Josh! SO or DP! GO SOX!


I am not sure if loyal is a word to describe them as of late. In the last handful of seasons, they are not showing up. That does not translate as “loyal”.

According to Ian on Twitter – The Indians are going to have Masterson be a starter for them. Will take a couple of weeks to transition.

They were when I was there. I can’t speak for them now, but I don’t count them out, either. GO SOX!


There attendance at Camden Yards has gone south in recent years.

Beckett looking solid, no surprise there. Time for these Boston bats to get cranking!

You are right, Brian, Angelos is no help!
I haven’t been there since Camden Yards was built. The only red Sox game I’ve seen was at the old Memorial Stadium. I suspect the Orioles demographics have changed a little since then!


Longggggg ago!

It looks to be another quick game, just like last night.

I will try to get this one through.. BRIAN… I NEED YOUR EMAIL .. I NEED to propose a trade to you… I NEED outfield help, if you can help me… PLEASE!
YO YOUK!!!! You GO BUBBA!!!!


Come on Reddick! Get your first RBI!!!


If Youk played in Baltimore he would at least 35 H.R.’s.

Nice job, PAPI! GO SOX!

Masterson is pitching in Cleveland right now – in relief – and struck out his first batter


I have no idea on how to get my team on here. Sorry to say, your out of luck. Whatever the trade is, I accept, take my entire team. LOL!!

That’s what I understood Cleveland’s plan was, Julia. As long as he doesn’t have success against us!πŸ˜‰ Get some more RUNS SOX!

It would help us, and J-Bay, to get out of that slump sooner, Brian!! Do it, J-Bay!
Are we revisiting the LOB problem again?! SNARL!
Come on, Josh! GO SOX!

When will Bay snap out of his slump??? How about next Thurs. in N.Y. sound??? Of course I would like to see it sooner but not counting on it.

No kidding Greg! We do not need him to come back to haunt us.

Come on guys! Let’s hold them!!

We don’t need the LOB problem to haunt us again, either, Julia!:/ GO SOX!

Nice Pitch Josh!!

Good thing we have only 2 hits and 1 BB against us!
Good job, Josh! One more! GO SOX!

BROTHER! We don’t need to start having OF problems!:/
Get the last out, Josh! GO SOX!

Well that wasn’t good.


Nice catch, J-BAY! Can you start hitting now, please? Way to get it done, Josh! GO SOX!

THANK YOU BAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yankees losing 11-4 in the bottom of the 8th.

Okay – that Yankees comment was from HOURS ago!!!!

One of these times, Julia, the comments that got lost from a week ago will reappear!:/

Close on the bunt by Pedey!

Brian.. if you’ll give me your email I can walk you through it…

New thread folks.

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