Kottaras survives roster shuffle

I find it interesting that the Red Sox found a way to keep George Kottaras in the organization, even after trading for Victor Martinez.

Obviously they’ve come to truly value Kottaras, both in terms of his defensive skills, and the way he’s handled Tim Wakefield.

Instead of designating him for assignment — Kottaras is out of options — the Red Sox put him on the disabled list with a lower back strain. Kottaras should be back right around the time Wakefield comes off the DL.

Down the stretch, the Red Sox will have three catchers on their roster, so you wonder what happens to Casey Kotchman at that point, since Martinez is also being utilized at first base.

Oh well, I’m sure they will all manuver it in a way that makes sense.

FYI, Jon Lester and Brad Penny were flip-flopped in the rotation. Lester will now pitch Tuesday at the Trop, followed by Penny on Wednesday. This way, Lester is in line to face the Yankees on Sunday night.

It is hot and steamy in Baltimore tonight.

Can you believe Victor Martinez getting a standing ovation in his first at-bat for the Red Sox in a road game? Sox Nation — as Kevin MIllar calls it — is really something.


Kotchman could be traded away but these things usually work itself out.

I have been very impressed with Kottaras behind the dish. He has handled Wakefield’s knuckleball just as good as Mirabelli.

Beckett looking sharp out there tonight. He is pitching as good as anyone in baseball right now.

Wise choice by the Sox to close out the Yankee series next weekend. Lester has pitched some gems in N.Y.

Come on, Jacoby, don’t get picked off! Be smart out there! GO SOX!

Nice SB, Jacoby! Are you going to steal home again? (SHHH!…)😉 GO SOX!

Nice Steal!

Brian – we have no choice but to keep Kottaras. Tek is not that good at catching Wake and V-Mart has never caught a knuckleballer.

Yes, Brian! These posting problems are a pain for everyone, I think!–certainly for me!
Nice hit V-Mart! RBI! GO SOX!
Come on, YOUK! Keep it going!

V-Mart is now part of “the family”!! LOL!!

The postings are out of order again, as if to stress your point, Brian–stress to the breaking point, perhaps! GO SOX!

I meant to write wise choice by the Sox to have Lester close out the N.Y. series.

This system is still having major issues. The times have been off as much as 10 minutes. I wonder when/if it will be fixed, if not I don’t think I can still do this as much as I have. Sometimes it takes what I write on here and other times it doesn’t. I think it is very frustrating! Are you folks having the same issue as me??

Nice job, Youk! This is how to keep rallies going! GO SOX!

Geez, at least avoided the DP! Gotta do better, Papi!
Come on, Rocco! GO SOX!

I’m glad we still have Kot, also.

Good job, Rocco! Get em home, Tek! GO SOX!

Hi everyone only been able to see the games in spurts thanks for the updates … Tom

It sounds like that would explain a lot of the BS on this site, Julia. But I would have thought they would have ironed out that sort of problem before the season started!:/ (But I can wish…) GO SOX!

Looked like he was indeed safe. Drat! OK, Josh, SO or DP! GO SOX!

actually julia i think becket would of had no chance… vmart did a good job knocking it down and keeping it in the infield

Not good. Good thing we have a lead! I hope someone starts warming up in the BP! GO SOX!

Brian – we are all having the problem – as explained to me when I asked my resident geek – MLBlogs must be using multiple servers and the times on the servers must need to be set manually and they have not been set to the same time. The severs would feed to one that did the posting and would post based on time stamps. His guess is that they are using Linux servers – they usually need to be date stamped.

Some other bloggers have used from time to time something called “live blog” or something like that. They put it on their blog and use it during games. It doesn’t use MLBlogs servers so the time stamps don;t matter. It is real time messaging.

If we continue to have problems I can look into hosting it sometimes on my blog.

i hate working game days lol…

Beckett is starting to get hit hard. We need someone for the next inning, if Josh gets through this one (hopefully not sooner!)! GO SOX!

Nice inning! But I wonder why Bay was taken out?

DP! You finally listened, eh Josh?!
I still hope the BP is warming up. GO SOX!

Hey, Tom, how are you tonight? I hope you can follow the order of our postings!😉 GO SOX!

Wow, Baldelli for Bay! Wonder what that’s all about????

Ellsbury is starting to ignite the front end of the order like we all thought he could.

Beckett seems to be much more compact in his motion recently. He’s also not coming as much over the top as he used to. Maybe he’s getting more movement on his 2 seamer that way. Whatever it is, it’s working.

Yeah, it’s a pain, Brian, but I have had the same problem for that same month-long span! You are not the only one!

Hi Tom! We’ll keep our rambling up.

I think we need to do a better job of covering first MR. BECKETT!!!

True, Julia. Josh usually doesn’t make that mistake though.
Nice hit, Reddick! (Didn’t he used to play for Duke? Hmmm!…Or not…)

Bay is out with a right hamstring cramp.

BECKETT!! Settle in!!!!!

following is tough with the times so screwed up lol … thanks greg

My mother’s doing well, Tom, all things considered. She thought she’d be worse off than she is. Thanks for asking!

OK, Josh, get it done!


The minutes being messed up on here has happened for about a month or so for me. The thing that bothers me the most is sometimes what I write is on here and other times it is not. I don’t understand that at all. Oh well, my gripe of the day! HA..HA..HA..HA…

Nice diving stop by Martinez at first, he looked like Youkilis.

Maybe not Tom. But I would have liked to have seen Beckett hustle a little more to get there.

The DP helped Beckett to get out of that.

I hope so, Brian, but I hope Reddick improves his OF communication in the meantime. He messed up that “triple”.

It is crazy Brian!

Nice job by Reddick!

We have someone warming up, RIGHT??…

greg hows mom btw ??? hope everything went well… thats 2 hits for reddick tonight… Welcome to the bigs kid

I think Josh has run out of fuel. Come on, Josh! GO SOX!


Beckett is Beckett. If the pitcher is someone by name of Smoltz, at least 2 runs would have been scored in this fatal 6th inning.

Ellsbury declined a rbi handed to him by Reddick.

We’ll be watching Reddick take Drew’s spot when Drew’s tenure in Boston is over and who knows maybe before that. Drew is signed thru 2011. Reddick is another prospect by the Red Sox that isn’t fazed and awed in the big leagues.

Also props to Rocco B. for coming up and bringing in a run. Sitting all night and then grabbing a bat, not the easiest thing to do in baseball.

Nice catch, DUSTIN! GO SOX!
Josh indeed survived the inning!
Garry, I think we are all going to miss Justin. He is a great kid, all right!

I think that would be a good BP plan, Garry.

And I hope Beckett gets that Cy Young, Brian! GO SOX!

Nice hit again, Youk! GO SOX!

Justin Masterson had a very nice outing for the Indians tonight. He pitched 3 innings, 2 hits, 4 K’s. Good for him. I hope he does well in Cleveland. He’s a good kid.

Beckett can not get out of putting the first two men on each inning!!!

It helps, Papi, if you are making your way down to 1B while you are at it!

Becket having troubles on the corner?

The DP helped a lot.

I think this will be Beckett’s last inning.


Another DP. With 4 run lead. Is Beckett coming out in the 8th?


When you get a D.P. you can. I agree but it’s Beckett, my confidence in him is sky high. He is one of the guys that is in the running for Cy Young.

If I were managing, I’d have Okajima next inning and Bard in the 9th to finish the game.

I missed Bay leaving did someone say cramps?

I know Brian. Beckett is one of the few who can get out of it – he does NOT get rattled. But it will eventually come back to get you.

Beckett – 107 pitches.

Yes Tom. He has a cramp in his right ham string

That’s Youk’s 4th hit, 5th time on base.


I wish you were the skipper for tonight’s game. I say give Bard the ball in the 9th!

I would let Beckett take the hill to start the 8th though. Buchholz is going tomm. so you want to use the pen as little as possible and the Sox are off on Monday.

Martinez hit that one hard but right at Markakis. A good debut for Martinez. Solid play down at first and he drove in a run. Will we see Martinez behind the plate tomm.???

Youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuk! The most important position player on the Sox!

Come on, Oki!
I was not so concerned about pitch count, Julia, but Josh’s effectiveness was going down (regardless of pitch count), so taking Beckett out seems to be the best move, in this humble peon’s opinion.

gotta go back to work … keep up the good comments people

Are you sure you want to think like Girardi, Brian?😉

The pitching matchup for the White Sox – Yankees game tomorrow – Buehrle vs. Sabathia

The server I have seems to be off by over 5 minutes compared to most others! HMMM!!…

Orioles have some good young arms but there in the same division as Boston and N.Y. Ask T.B. about that. You might put together a good year but can you be consisent year after year with Boston and N.Y. in the same division? I don’t think so. I doubt it can be sustained.

See you later Tom.

Good job getting out of the way Rocco.

Brian, the only reason I take Beckett out now is because of the number of pitches he has thrown and his last couple of innings have been a bit of a struggle. I think it best to get Okajima in there with a clean start, especially with the top of the order coming up.

SO or DP, Oki! GO SOX!

Beckett has the shutout going. We may see Beckett in the 8th and 9th. A complete game shutout.

But Beckett already has 107 pitches. I don’t know how many more he has in him.


ANd it is Okie.

No kidding, Dave! HMMM!…

I would have Beckett take the hill to start the 8th but I am the minority. Garry your thinking like Francona. Hmmmmmmmmmmm. lol. I’m thinking like Joe Girardi. HA..HA..HA…

Garry: You are right. Oki in the 8th and Bard to close out the game.

I do like the idea of Bard in the 9th, of course if the Sox are holding a 3 or 4 run lead.

BETTER! Do that again, Oki!
It will be interesting to see how Dice-K is received when (if?!) he next pitches at Fenway! HMMM!…

Great battle here with Roberts and Oki.

Okie needs to get this guy OUT!!!

1.45 ERA, eh? That sounds like what the BP was doing at the start of the year! Let’s keep it up–we’ll need it to stay in the race!

With Oki pitching last night and having to throw a bunch of pitches tonight, would he be available tomm. afternoon??? I doubt it.

I don’t think he would be Brian!

OH GREAT!!! Can we bring Bard in NOW!!!!!!

Uh oh!

Oki is having problems. Obviously the US training program is just killing his career. Thank you Dice-K (LOL)

Yeah, Dave, do some research on that “quirk”, and send the results to Dr. Dice-K!

Hi Dave. Yes, American Baseball will be the death to them all! lol!

The Orioles have a pretty decent lineup.

Dave’s being an optimist again!😉

THANK YOU OKIE!!! Can you do it AGAIN???

Agreed Julia. First thing I’d do is stop having the players stretch before games and do weight lifting. Each are ruining these young arms.

3 DP in 3 innings in a row! Who’d a thought! lol!!

Oki walked the tightrope but the Birds couldn’t come up with the big hit. The O’s have had there chances but can’t cash in!

Sox pen post All-Star break…Gary Thorne said 1.45 e.r.a.–I love that number!

Jed got lucky on that checked swing!

Oki got out of it…despite the US training program. This must be a quirk.


What the HELLO was Tek doing there?!

If Boston played Balt. all season they would win 150 games. LOL!! The Sox own them.

With all the struggles of Boston in the month of July and there neighbors to the south ( that team that plays in gotham ) playing solid ball, the Sox are only out by a half-game. Not bad.

OK, Daniel, finish the game! 2 more! GO SOX!

Hey Brian — it aint over yet. Three more outs to go!

Man…you guys sure are not expressing scientific principles here. Jinxes and hexes and so forth. Wow…would Fourier be confused.

Drat! Nice try, Rocco! GO SOX!

NO Jinxing the games gents! Ellen’s not here so I’m saying it for her! lol!!

Sorry Dave. Don’t care.

But we have to be scientific here! Jinx’s are NOT scientific!

Way to finish the game, Bard! GO SOX!

Shrug, Dave.

Bard will be the next papelbon. No question about it.

Okay – that was a strange way to get an out……


It’s over….

What a crazy play! I guess Baez didn’t like the idea of Varitek nudging him. Baez should loosen up a bit.

Ian says Bard is coming out.

Don’t understand why Tek was so upset about getting tagged out?

Bard is a machine! Two out – one to go!!!


1/2 game out!!!!

If I was Baez I would be mad at myself for air-maling it to shallow left.

Another shutout for Bos.

Bard was nasty!

Jim Rice was just laughing on the Post game show about the number of Red Sox fans in Baltimore. He was saying that V-Mart had more fans cheering for him in his first game on the road then he ever had cheer for him in Cleveland!

Great game by Josh! He found ways to get out of trouble in those later innings, and by and large saved the BP. (I do hope Oki is not used tomorrow night, though!) GO SOX!

See you all tomorrow! I like how the team is playing!!!

Let’s be honest…this is Baltimore…not New York. Take that into account.

I hope you mean that (for Bard) in the 07 pitching sense, Dave, and not as Big Mouth!

Take care, all! LATER! GO SOX!

Me confused Greg. What do you mean?

Oh I get it. No, Bard is a humble guy…Papelbon is not. They are both very different characters. Papelbon is growing as a pitcher. Bard will fall many a times as well once they scout him enough and he starts to falter…but Bard is a class act. Papelbon is a class quirk.

I’ll have to catch up in the a.m. see y’all tomorow. good win by both SOX teams.. but while they night be the White Sox.. we are still the RIGHT SOX!!!

I’m likin’ this! Half game out. The Sox are having a good month so far!
Gotta run, it’s busy here! Take care folks!

Do you mean about the Pap comment, Dave? (Comments being out of order, I am not sure). I simply mean there that Pap’s bark has not matched his bite, and he has walked a tightrope all season, whenever he has gotten the saves (much different than in 07). And he wants to be the “highest paid closer ever” going year to year? That will simply get him shipped out sooner rather than later, because he has had a hard time getting the job done.

Gotta run! Night all! GO SOX!

So far Victor Martinez is saying all the right things. It must be both difficult and exciting for him to come to Boston after spending his whole career in Cleveland. It’s gotta be great getting out of Cleveland! Now he can hang out in old historic Boston, take in Cape Cod , maybe a trip to the great state of Maine!! Fun Fun Fun!!!

Morning all!! I just read that Victor Martinez will be catching for Buchholz today (I hope that works out well!) and Bay will be sitting out. Don’t know yet who will be replacing him. I hope to be back for game time.

Morning everyone… Great outcome last night.. Sorry I bailed, but I was getting frustrated withthe posting problems. So rather than gripe about it, which only makes me more mad.. I just watched the game and played backgammon. Early game today, huh?? Well I wont be here for the start but I will join in around the 2nd/3rd. I’m bowling in a tournament this morning… Gotta run… (OOPS, forgot to say I think Martinez will fit in fine, I heard his pregame comments, seems down to earth.)

moanin all….u notice tek isnt catching bucholz today…i thought somethin was weird yesterday with the line up but know i get it…im tellin you that tek and buchy are at odds which isnt anythin new with pitchers and catchers….when the kid hinted that last yrs woes were due to him not shakin off pitches i knew he was in trouble….i think kotchman and maybe saito are gonna be involved in a deal for a back up outfielder or an overpriced veteran…maybe a super utility guy like eckstein…very valuable plr in eck…i really like reddick…maybe he will be a guy like boggs who was ok in minors but excelled on the big stage….u better watch out nancy…the kid can play….who wants to bet me that smoltz has 1 more try at a start then its off to take over masterfuls spot in the BP…..if they stick timmy there and let smoltzy keep his bs up….im gonna protest outside the fens…maybe ill get lucky and see tito….he he….vmart will be callin the fens his house soon…i wonder if he ever had a standing ovation on the rd before?….wait till you walk out on the green in boston buddy….u will forget the losing and half crowds of cleveland….you have entered baseballs heaven on earth….welcome….go soxxxxxxx…..(i had a bad dream buchy blows up in camden,lets hope im wrong)….he should have been dealt….o well…..judge (yell if ya want,i would have rather kept masterson)

Home cooking is the best. With that said this may be a Godsend road trip for the Sox. Get away from the media and the fan pressure, with this recent slump. I wont call it a slump as much as they seem to have no life in them. Mid-season blues, that is why 162 games is so tough. Important to get young fresh faces in the line-up. Im sure Theo saw this, as we all did too.
The trades I liked, needed something in the line-up, V-Mart is an All-Star. The second part of the trade impressed me more though, one that goes under the radar, and could help the Sox more. Kotchman, though does not have the power numbers of Teixera, does have something that he matches. Gold Glove caliber First Baseman. Mike Sciosia liked him a lot and said one of the best fielders he’s seen. Plays small ball, occasional HR, but a good average, and young. Keep an eye on this trade.
Josh Reddick, was not traded, Bucholz is still here, Bowden here, and Tazawa was not included. Saw Tazawa, Reddick, and Anderson play last week. Tazawa is better than people think, should be in Triple AAA, by end of season. We saw Reddick play, had slow start at beginning of season, but has torn off the cover last 2 months, great arm. Anderson I am betting is trade bait this off season. Needs more seasoning, than people think.
Have a good day,
Go Sox.

rooster – Tazawa debuted with the PawSox (triple-A) last Tuesday. His line was: 6 IP, 3 H, 2 R, 1 ER, 0 BB, 3 K. The PawSox lost the game 2-1.

Thanks Julia, hard to keep up with everything.

The Sox are still having difficulty in scoring runs with runner on 3d with one out and, argh, bases loaded with one or none out. Ellsbury failed twice to bring the run home from third with one out, the ones that stand out in my mind. Can’t complaint, win is a win.
I think Oki won’t be availble this afternoon. So Delcarman, Ramirez, Bard who had such an easssssy outing will be the reliefers.
Pray that Buckie gives us a quality start and the Sox will take care of the Baltimore pitching.
All eyes will be on the matchup between Mr. Perfect and Donut boy. Go White and Red Sox!

look a sabathias numbers…its exactly what most of us predicted…hes an average pitcher in the east…and his playoff record is horrid…burnett still hasnt hit the dl yet but he seems to be tiring a bit….the way to face him is sit dead red and dont swing at his curve which almost never is a strike….so all that money for cc….lol….aj if not this yr then next is still a dl boy….if this yr doesnt pan out for the yanks they will have to break the bank on another frontline pitcher…cc i think will fade away in the dust and aj will be back to his old ways…the sox still have a pluthera of talent on the way…i woulda spent some on halladay but they still might in the offseason….go sox….judge

August 1, 2009

Hey! to all my friends and fellow bloggers from Oriole Park @ Camden Yards:

Just sat through a completely exhilarating experience that I thought I?d share: tonight?s Red Sox/Oriole?s game in Baltimore. For a Red Sox fan, it was pure nirvana: A 4-0 win, home runs by Pedey and YOOOOUUUKKK, a solid pitching performance by Josh Beckett (the first time this rabid Sox fan has seen him pitch) which allowed him to take the MLB lead (@ 13) in wins and surpass the total number of wins he amassed in 2008 (12). The game also featured Victor Martinez 1st hit as a member of the Red Sox, his first rbi, his first run scored, and his first two Red Sox Nation standing ovations.

I came to DC with the expressed purpose of taking my younger daughter and a couple of her friends to a Sox game in Baltimore. I gave her a chance to choose where I was to take them (the two friends are both former New Englanders and Red Sox crazies) for dinner. My daughter chose a little ?hole in the wall? restaurant named ?Bertha?s Mussels? based upon a bumper sticker she had seen in DC advocating ?Eat Bertha?s Mussels.? While I didn?t eat any of Bertha?s Mussels, I did partake of her heavenly CrabCake platter, renowned Maryland fare. Our dinner check was presented, not with mints or some other candies, but with 4 green ?Eat Bertha?s Mussels? bumper stickers. To those of you who ever find yourselves in Baltimore, I recommend it highly. Food great, prices quite reasonable. With our one daughter and her husband 400 miles away from us, and our younger daughter 350 miles away, it makes it tough on Mom and Dad. As they were relocating, my wife and I committed to at least one of us seeing at least one of them each and every month, an objective we are easily exceeding. We are fiercely proud of our children, what they have achieved, and how committed they are to making circumstances better, notwithstanding that the circumstances are as bad as I have seen in my 57 years on this Earth. I strongly urge each and every one of you to make time to spend with your respective families. To me, there is nothing as significant: not golf, and, dare I say it, not even the Sox! Enough of the sap!!

In any event, with the traffic jam we faced covering the 40 or so miles from DC to Baltimore (we left DC @ 4:15 and got to Baltimore about 6 pm), the time at dinner and the time we spent finding a parking spot, we missed the first inning and the first ?Martinez? standing ovation when Victor was first announced at the plate. The Baltimore sell-out (first since opening day) attendance was announced @ almost 50,000, at least 35,000 of whom were in full Sox regalia. One might see that as a ?nice gesture? @ Fenway Park, the sort of treatment that left fielder Jason Bay got when he replaced Zazu (which reminds me, I was standing next to a guy in the restroom who was wearing his Red Sox uniform shirt with No. 24 on the back, and the name above the number blocked out in masking tape. I think its time for him to get a new shirt, a new player and a new number!). But this wasn?t at Fenway, this was at a road ballpark, 400 miles from Fenway. This happened again several innings later when I got a chance to participate, in recognition of Victor?s first hit and rbi (which later turned into his first Red Sox run scored).

As a Cleveburger who has watched Victor Martinez over the years, he will be well received and well respected as a member of Red Sox Nation. As he was in Cleveburg, he will find a way to be a positive force in the Red Sox clubhouse. He said some pretty classy things on his way out of Cleveburg and on his way into Red Sox Nation. I?m also thankful that the Sox are managed by someone who is extremely sensitive to, and respected by, his players, Terry Francona. While I never make any apologies for being an ardent supporter of my ?birthday buddie,? finding playing opportunities for a talent as significant as Victor?s, in the face of established Sox team members like Jason Varitek, Mike Lowell and Kevin Youkilis is no small task, but yet it is a task Francona can and will manage. This is the sort of thing which, if mismanaged, can result in a lot of ego damage in a clubhouse. ?Tito? is the right person for this job, and I?m glad the Sox have him.

I suspect the Sox were trying to get the Rockies Garrett Atkins ?straight-up? for Takashi Saito, and while that certainly would have represented less of a sacrifice of Sox talent, I am happier with their having acquired Victor Martinez. He?s young enough to provide a smooth transition from the ?Tek? years, while at the same time allowing the Sox to enjoy the full benefit of Mikey L?s talents and time with Boston. With Martinez, the Sox will likely establish a ?two prime catcher? system, such as exists with the Rangers or the Angels, as opposed to a prime catcher and a back-up, as the Sox have enjoyed for many years. This would allow Tek perhaps one more year behind the plate, with the Sox gaining a little more time to further evaluate the level of the catching talent in their farm system. The disappointing thing for the Indians was the unfortunate timing of Saturday evening?s Victor Martinez Bobblehead Doll Night. Somehow, these sorts of things repeatedly happen in Cleveland seemingly justifying it as ?the mistake on the Lake.? (Think back to former Mayor Perk setting his hair on fire with the blow torch he was handling, his wife declining an invitation to dinner at the White House by then-Pres. Nixon because it conflicted with her bowling league, the Cuyahoga River spontaneously catching on fire!!!, or then-Mayor (now Congressman) Kucinich allowing the City to go into default in the 1970?s because he didn?t want to pay off some of Cleveburg?s financial obligations to businessmen he was angry with).

It appears the Sox made it clear during all of their trade talks that they would not trade Clay Buchholz or Daniel Bard (the young fireballer currently in the Sox bullpen who is threatening to make us forget the name ?Papelbon.? His 9th inning work tonight was little short of magical ? the Orioles hitters went to the plate looking for his heat, got his hook, and sat down after a grand total of 9 pitches, including 2 K?s. Someone should explain to Pap that ?edge of the seat? anxiety in the opponent?s half of the 9th inning is highly over-rated!!!)

While recognizing the Sox had to give up some value to get Martinez, I am saddened at losing Justin Masterson. In early 2008, the Sox plucked him out of their Double AA affiliate to make some spot starts as they had rotational difficulties, tasks which he handled well. So well in fact, that when the Sox sent him back down, they sent him to their Triple AAA affiliate, the Pawtucket Red Sox, rather than the Double AA Portland (Maine) SeaDogs. Later in the season, particularly as long-time Sox reliever Mike Timlin kept stumbling in his role setting up Papelbon, the Sox brought Masterson back, putting him in the bullpen. Once again, Masterson did whatever was asked of him, eventually becoming the Sox main set-up man, and distinguishing himself during the Sox run through the play-offs. He went to Spring Training this year without a defined role: would he start or would he relieve? He never complained a bit, just did what was asked of him. When Dice-K first went down, Justin stepped into the rotation and did an admirable job. Once the Sox filled Dice-K?s rotation spot with John Smoltz, Masterson went back to the bullpen, without so much as a whisper.

With Smoltz struggles over the past six (6) weeks, I was wondering whether the Sox would ever consider re-installing Masterson into the rotation and putting Smoltz in the bullpen. Those thoughts ended with the trade announcement on Friday afternoon. This match should work out well for both Masterson and the Indians. As the Indians rotation is not full, I suspect Masterson will be ?stretched out? and inserted into the rotation (his first appearance was a three inning scoreless stint in an Indians’ extra-inning loss to the Tigers.) I think he will demonstrate greater value as a regular member of a big league rotation than he has in the Sox bullpen. Masterson is a 24 year old ?proper? young man who does not curse, has Ohio roots, and will be a positive clubhouse presence in Cleveburg. Regardless of whatever becomes of Nick Hagadone or Bryan Price, the Indians have received value for Victor Martinez? talent which they will enjoy for years to come.

If someone would provide me with the web location to which I need to send my photo, I?ve got a Fenway-based beauty of my wife and me on my birthday (Tito?s birthday) ? April 22nd.

I’m still concerned about how they find playing time for Casey Kotchman, with what now amounts to 4 1stbasemen (counting Papi and Martinez). However, in Tito, I trust. It was a good time for me to see the Sox live, and to have my faith restored. Over the past few weeks, I had found myself creeping out onto the ledge. They have enough talent, and, particularly with the addition of their new, hungry players, enough determination to go deep into the play-offs. Its been nice seeing them crawl back toward the Yanks, but don’t look over your shoulder, the Rays are now keeping pace with the Sox. Its going to be a great August, September and October!!! GO SOX!!!!

db – it sounds like you had a WONDERFUL time! What a great game to see! I’ll be in and out during the game but WHOOO HOOOO!! WHAT A GREAT HIT BY DREW!! And now a 4-0 lead! GO RED SOX!!!

db – send your picture to Garry @ gsm52@comcast.net.

Drew has been taken out of the game after the first – I guess he re-injured himself running home.

And the Red Sox turning the DP continues!!!

You’re not going to get any dispute from me regarding Buch vs. Masterson, Judge. I would rather we’d traded Buch instead of Masterson, but I think Buch was held back to try for the Halladay trade. I would not be surprised to see Buch be traded later on, and in the meantime, continue to let him develop.
DBen, glad you got to Camden Yards, and I’m glad you’re posting again. I wish I could have gotten to Camden while I lived in DC, but no dice–I had to settle (once) for Memorial Stadium.

DBen, the photo should be sent to Garry. The Brownie’s Brigade site is http://www.santoro-law.com/Brownie.html.
Garry put his e-mail address on that site, for those who want to send a photo.

4-0 score again, eh? We seem to like that score lately! GO SOX!

5-0 now Greg! V-Mart looks much more comfortable pitching today. I hope that he & Clay work well. Action in the O’s bullpen!!!

Bases loaded! Get these guys HOME! Enough of the DPs and LOBs! GO SOX!

Rooster7, I like Kotchman just fine, better than I like LaRoche. I saw plenty of both of them in ATL. I liked Kotsay also, but he seemed to ba having injury problems, so if Kotchman can stay healthy, it will be the best outcome for the Sox.
Another BB! 6-0, YES! GO SOX!

Drat, Mike! Come on, Buch! GO SOX!

Can’t post again! I think this is where the times will get screwed up again! SIGH!

Reddick kinda redefined the “Nosebleed Seats”! Hmmm!…GO SOX!

Yep, I was right about the screwed up times!

Reddrick has a bloody nose! I hope he can stay in the game – we are running out of players!!!

And the DP continues!! WHOOO HOOOO!!

Bloody Nose & all and he gets a HR!!!!!

Way to go, Reddick! I hope we don’t need to give him a bloody nose in order to get the HRs, though!😉 GO SOX!

YIKES!!! Can we get out of this?????

Buchholz – settle down! YOU HAVE GOT TO BELIEVE!!!!

SIGH! Well good thing (again) that we have a lead, but Buch needs to “Buch-le” down and preserve this lead! GET IT DONE, BUCH! GO SOX!

hi all… I’m back.. settle down ClayBoy!!

Oh boy – is this just another example that Buchholz is not quiet ready for the Bigs? He is pitching against the Yankees.

DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HR!! GET CLAY OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

deer in the headlights now….

Um…What lead?? SIGH!

Delcarmen is warming up

Some pitcher just cannot live in luxury. With 7 run lead, yike. If the Sox blow this game and tomorrow is an off day and even if the Sox don’t score any more, the loss would fall squarely on Francona and the pitching coach. Monitor Buckie.

Hey Dave Roberts.. It may be a learning process.. but he better learn NOW!@

Buchholz is NOT ready to be pitching in the majors no matter how well he is doing in the minors

At this point – I’d take Penny against the Yankees and NOT Clay

I told you. Buckie’s trading value will diminish as time goes by. I am outta here. Talk to you guys later, maybe.

So – does Reddick have to have a bloody nose every game? Will they take turns punching him!!

HEY!! Lowrie got in on the party!!!!!!

The O’s can’t afford to bring in another pitcher already – can they?

I think Theo was banking (right or wrong) on Halladay’s trade value going down also–perhaps it’s why he did not pull the trigger on Halladay. Hmmm…

I love this game!!!

The Yankees seem to be unable to hold a lead either! 4-4 now!
Way to GO, MIKE! 2-RBI 2B! YES!

10-6 now! Nice job, again, ReddicK! (Nancy who?)

True enough, Andy. This was not the first time we’d blown a lead; Buch was just the last to do so!:/
Keep the rally going! Nice job JED! Another RBI! YES!
(Now, can we PLEASE HOLD THIS LEAD, pitching staff?!)

Do we care if the O’s can afford to bring in their entire BP, Julia?😉 GO SOX!

Judge you may be right about the TEk-ClayBoy situation, but Tek NEVER catches a day game after a night game.

Can we do the Reddick “Punch-In-The-Nose” as a RSN promo?😉
Keep hitting those HRs and XBHs, Reddick!

Nice try, Dustin!
We still have bases loaded! Keep it going, V-Mart! GO SOX!

glad that you sent the memo Greg.. they DO SOMETIMES forget, don’t they?

The camera guys have a knack of finding the player or fan who is yawning for their camera shot! Hmmm!… GO SOX!

Nice fielding O’s!!! V-Mart – you are a GREAT fit in Boston!!!!


Oaky – so will doubling the number of runs that we had be enough?

(Uh, memo to BP, you have a lead, now! HOLD IT!)

Dave Roberts just said that Youk has wrapped up the August player of the month contest for the Red Sox!! 12 straight plate appearances that he has gotten on base.

Ortiz is the only Red Sox without a hit.

And that streak continues…:/

WOW! Buch CAN still get an out! HOLD THE LEAD!

Come on Clay! You can DO THIS!!!

Yankees are up 7-4

Bye-Bye Zahn!!

One more, Buch! GET IT DONE! GO SOX!

YOUK!!! Took it himself to make sure we got the out!!

That’s better, Buch! GO SOX!

Okay – a few more runs would be good – with this crowd you can never be sure!

Nice job, MIKE! AGAIN!🙂 GO SOX!

That ball sure carried! Nice try, Reddick! GO SOX!

Reddick is doing a great job proving that he belongs in the majors. Can he play shortstop?

14-6, halfway through. Gotta love these football scores! Hmmm!…GO SOX!

Okay – tell me that didn’t just happen. Is 7 runs enough?

Are they going to wait until its 14-15 to do something about him???

NEW THREAD! Come join the party!

I still think that Buchholz should have been the one traded.. not Masterson

THANK YOU TITO!! Here comes Delcarmen!!!

So we’ve scored 14 runs and Clay won’t get the decision. What is wrong with that picture?

Oh – and did you know that Captain Kirk Manages the O’s?


From Ian on Twitter:

I’m sure Tito was giving Buchholz a little bit of a message by taking him out there

Julia, are you going to migrate to the new thread?

What do our pitchers have against winning? Do they not know it is a good thing???

I think Ian is right in his Tweet. Come on over!🙂

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